Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, S
Compiled by Don Barrett





Saavedra, Neil: KKLA, 1990-92; KFI, 1996-2007. Neil is the marketing director at KFI and is "Jesus" on KFI's Sunday morning.
Sabo, Walter: KHJ, 1983; KRTH 1983-90, KLSX 1994-96. Walter is president of Sabo Media.
Sabol, Bob: KUTE, 1979. Unknown.
Saccacio, Jeff: KFI, 1994-96. Unknown.
Sacks, Glenn: KRLA, 2003; KMPC, 2003-04; KTIE, 2004-06. Glenn is a men's and fathers' issues columnist and a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host. His radio show, His Side with Glenn Sacks, is heard on KTIE-Inland Empire

Safronikas, Vytas: KKAR, 1971-73; KPOL, 1976-79; KNX, 2001-07. Vytas is a news reporter at KNX. He also owns BornAgainRadio.com, an Internet-based contemporary Christian music radio station.
Sahl, Mort: KLAC, 1967-68; KABC, 1968. Mort appears frequently in a one-man political satirist show.
Saint Claire, Claudine: KJOI, 1986-89; KXEZ, 1993-96. Unknown.
Saint John: KBIG, 2007. Saint John joined 104.3MYfm for evenings in early fall 2007.
Sainte, Dick: KRLA, 1969-71; KHJ, 1971-72; KIIS, 1972. Dick died December 10, 2005, after a bout of diabetes and other illnesses. He was 67.
Sakellarides, Mike: KGFJ/KUTE, 1976; KPOL, 1976-78; KZLA, 1979-82; KFI/KOST, 1982-2007. Mike is a dj at KOST.
Sakrison, Paul: KFWB/KNX, 2002-07. Paul is chief engineer at the two all-News stations.
Sala, Bob: KPPC, 1969-73; KROQ, 1978. Bob lives in Santa Rosa.
Salamon, Ed: KGBS/KTNQ, 1978. Ed is executive director of Country Radio Broadcasters.
Salazar, Liz: KWST, 1978-82. Liz works in Northern California with her voiceover/imaging husband Bobby Ocean.
Salgo, Jeff: KRHM; KBIG, 1970; KLAC, 1970; KKDJ, 1971-72; KWST/KMGG, 1982-84; KEZY, 1985-89; KROQ/KCBS/fm, 2002-05. Jeff is the IT manager for KROQ / "Arrow 93."
Salinas, Josefa: KJLH; KPWR, 1993-98; KHHT, 2002-07. Josefa works weekends at "Hot 92.3fm" and airs a "hot" music news feature that runs five times a day. 
Salley, John: KKBT, 2005-06. The NBA star and co-host of the Best Damn Sports Show Period! worked morning drive at the BEAT for almost a year. He's now a motivational speaker and he's writing a book.
Salvatore, Jack: KNX, 1984-2007. Jack is a news anchor at KNX.
Samuel, Brad: KYSR, 2003-05. Brad was made station manager at "Star 98.7" in late 2003 from DOS at KFI/KLAC. He is now the DOS for the Clear Channel stations in San Diego.
Sanchez, Elizabeth: KFI, 1992-93. Elizabeth is a traveling on-camera news reporter, covering national stories for CBS television, based in Dallas. Her reports are frequently seen on the national broadcast of the CBS evening news. 


(Pictured: Chuck Southcott; Joel Siegel; Bill Sommers; and Matt Stevens)

Sanchez, Ernie: KIQQ, 1982-84. Unknown.
Sanchez, Maria: KFI, 1997-98; KCLU, 2003-04; KKZZ; 2006-07. Maria hosts morning drive at KKZZ-Ventura.
Sanchez, Ron: KHTZ, 1980-82 and 1984. Ron is local sales manager at KZZO-Sacramento.
Sancho, Willie: KKHR, 1983; KGFJ, 1984. Unknown.
Sandbloom, Gene: KROQ, 1993-2007. Gene is apd at KROQ.
Sandell, Clayton: KFWB, 1995-2000. In the fall of 2000, Clayton left the all-News station for a tv career in the Washington, DC bureau of ABC News.

(Pictured: Bill Slater, Karen Slade; Kim Serafin; and Andy Stevens)

Sander, Dean: KLAC, 1961-97. Dean lives in Northridge and is retired.
Sanders, Arlen: KXLA/KRLA, 1956-63; KEZY, 1964-65; KIEV, 1967; KFOX, 1972-77. Arlen died of a stroke in 1994. He was 64.
Sanders, Brian: KCRW, 2001-05. Brian is the local host for Morning Edition.
Sanders, Laurie: KOST, 1985-91; KXEZ, 1991-92. Laurie hosts an evening Love Songs-theme show at KOIT-San Francisco.
Sandler, Nicole: KLSX, 1987; KNX/fm, 1988; KODJ, 1988-90; KLOS, 1990-94; KSCA, 1994-97; KACD, 1998-2000. Nicole is working at WINZ-Florida.


(Pictured: Skylord; Wallace Smith; Brent Seltzer; Vytas Safronikas)

Sannes, Cherie: KHJ; KRTH, 1979-82; KMGG, 1982-83. Cherie is currently a pr rep for a chain of hospitals in Northern California.
Santana, John: KFAC, 1977-89; KKGO/KMZT, 1989-2005; KMZT, 2006-07. John is program director K-Mozart 1260 AM.
Santiago, Larry: KZLA, 2002-06. Larry worked weekends at the Country station, KZLA until a format flip in 2006.
Santiago, Ricardo: Ricardo works at Metro Networks.
Santiago, Richard: KKHJ, 1991-92; KLVE, 1992-97. Richard works for CRC, the Heftel Spanish operation.
Santosuosso, Michelle: KKBT, 1997-98; KHHT, 2002-03. Michelle joined KHHT as pd in January 2002 and left her post in late 2003.
Santoyo, Oscar: KOCM/KSRF, 1991-92; KWIZ, 1987-92. Oscar is now out of radio and went on to serve a four-year term on the board of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.
Sargent, Kenny: KQLZ, 1991-93; KLOS, 1994-97; KLSX, 2001-03; KSPN, 2003. Kenny hosts a syndicated car racing show that is heard on KSPN.
Sartori, Maxanne: KLIT, 1994. Maxanne lives in New York and she is in the record business.
Saunders, Art: KZLA, 1983. Unknown.
Saunders, Michael: KKBT, 1998-99. Michael is program director at "Power 105.1"- New York.


(Pictured: Licia Shearer; Dusty Street; Dick Sinclair; and Allin Slate)

Savage, Don: KACE, 1979-83; KNAC, 1984-85. Don works for Spafax Airline Network and he is producer, writer, interviewer and host for Inflight audio entertainment for 25 airlines. He also does voiceover and a lot of theatre.
Savage, Jack: KABC, 2000-07. Jack works for one of the traffic services.
Savage, Michael: KRLA 2004-07; KLAA, 2007. Michael works afternoons at KLAA 830 AM.
Savage, Tracie: KFWB, 2001-07. Tracie works afternoons at all-News KFWB.
Savan, Mark: KFWB, 1968-80. Mark works with Chuck Blore Enterprises.
Saxon, Mike: KRHM, 1965-68. Mike is retired and battling MS. He lives in Northwest Florida.
Saxton, Richard: KFWB, 2000-06. Richard was a business reporter at all-News KFWB.
Scannell, Ed: KNX. Ed went on to work for the Southern California Rapid Transit District.
Scarborough, Ed: KKHR, 1983-86. Ed is pd at KQXT/KSJL-San Antonio.
Scarry, Rick: KEZY, 1968-72; KKDJ, 1972-73; KDAY, 1973-74; KGIL, 1974-79; KMET, 1979-81; KRTH, 1982-83; KHJ, 1984-85; KMET, 1986-87; KMPC/FM/KEDG, 1988; KLIT, 1989-91. Rick was a regular on Arli$$.
Schary, Jill: KLAC, 1966-69. Jill Robinson is a novelist. Her most recent novel is Past Forgotten.
Scheele, Dr. Adele: KABC, 1985. Dr. Scheele is director, Career Center, California State University, Northridge.
Schefrin, Dean: KROQ, 2005-06. Dean started as the morning sports guy with Kevin & Bean in late 2005 and left in early 2006. He's writing screenplays.
Schell, Russ: KFOX, 1979-81. Russ lives in Nashville where he is vp of The Interstate Radio Network and The Road Gang Coast-to-Coast Network.
Schermerhorn, Ted: KLOS; KLYY, 1999. "Anthony" left "Y107" in late 1999 following a format change to Spanish. He's now the showroom manager at the Hollywood IMPROV on Melrose Avenue.
Schlessinger, Dr. Laura: KWIZ, 1976-79; KMPC, 1980-81; KABC; KWNK, 1989; KFI, 1991-2007. Dr. Laura is syndicated on hundreds of radio stations and heard locally at KFI.
Schnabel, Tom: KCRW, 1979-2007. Tom hosts the weekend show, "Cafe L.A."
Schneider, Wolfgang: KCSN, 1977-2007. Wolfgang originated The American Continental Hours, which was broadcast in German and English and heard on KCSN for 30 years. He played music from all over Europe, from polkas and operettas to contemporary German ballads. Wolfgang died May 20, at the age of 81. “Mr. Schneider was a class act and great lover of radio and sports, especially soccer," said Scalla Sheen, host of 'American Mosaic' at KCSN. “He was a great mentor to me, as I was training to be a board operator at KCSN/fm. During my undergrad years at KCSN/fm, Mr. Schneider had great patience and showed tremendous support.”
Schneider, Michael: KCSN, 2004-05. Michael, tv editor at Variety, hosts a weekly Hawaiian music show at KCSN.
Schock, Bryan: KNAC, 1990-91 and 1993-95. Since the Spring of 2004, Bryan has been pd at KJAC (JACK/fm)-Denver.
Schoen, Michael: KFWB, 90s. Michael is a news anchor at WCBS-New York.
Schofield, Dick: KFOX, 1965. Unknown.
Schofield, Susan Mendlin: KFWB and KRLA. Susan broadcasts news and traffic for Metro/Shadow.
Scholl, Michael: KSRF, 1990. Michael commuted from Fresno to work weekends at KSRF. He is living in Fresno.
Schorr, Arnold: KHJ, 1961-64; KGFJ, 1964-79; KUTE, 1973-79. Arnold lives in Orlando and consults radio stations while in semi-retirement.


(Pictured: Wild Bill Scott; Mark Sudock; Carol Sobel; and Paul Secrest)

Schrack, Don: KNX, 1969-72; KFWB, 1974-79. Don was part of the embryonic decade of all-News KFWB and became nd in 1975. A third generation native of the Fresno County community of Selma, he majored in journalism at UCLA. Don has been in general management and/or station ownership since leaving Los Angeles. He is based in Yakima.
Schreiber, Art: KFWB, 1969-77. Art lives in Albuquerque.
Schreiber, Carson: KRLA, 1964; KBBQ, 1965-71; KLAC, 1971-76. Carson is in semi-retirement.
Schroeder, Ric: KFWB and KNX. After 15 years with KFWB and KNX as writer and editor, Ric left the radio business to pursue work on documentary films.
Schrutt, Norm: KZLA, 1980-81. The former KZLA gm and 33-year veteran of ABC radio is now a talent agent and partner in Atlanta-based Schrutt & Katz.
Schubeck, John: KIEV, 1993. John was primarily known as a #1 million-a-year tv anchorman in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. He died penniless at age 61, in early October 1997.

(Pictured: John Salley; Bob Shaw; Lara Scott; and Jack Snyder)

Schubert, Bill: KBIQ/KBIG, 1961-65; KPOL, 1961-65; KKAR, 1965-68; KFWB, 1968-90. Bill retired in 1990 and lives in Covina.
Schulman, Heidi: KFWB. Heidi lives in Washington, DC.
Schultz, Ed: KTLK, 2005-07. Ed's syndicated Progressive show is carried early evenings at KTLK.
Schultz, Edwin: KXLA/KRLA, 1959. Unknown.
Schumacher, Captain Max: KMPC. Capt. Max was killed when two helicopters collided over Dodger Stadium on August 30, 1966. His successor, Jim Hicklin, was slain in his stateroom aboard the cruise ship Princess Italia moments before the ship was to sail on a vacation trip to Mexico on April 2, 1973. Bill Keene stated that, with Schumacher at the helm, "KMPC wrote the book on how to cover L.A. traffic."
Schuon, Andy: KROQ, 1989-92. In early 2004, Andy left his vp/programming post at Infinity.
Schwartz, Edward "Buz": KMNY; KIEV. Buz died October 14, 2006. He was 80.


(Pictured: Buz Schwartz; Frank Sontag; Kathleen Sullivan; Tom Storey; and Jeff Stevens)

Schwartz, Rick: KMPC, 1994; KXTA, 2004. Rick joined XTRA Sports in late Spring 2004 and was gone within a month.
Schwartz, Roy: KGBS, 1970. Unknown.
Schwartz, Stella: KOST, 1991-2007. Stella was promoted to program director in the early fall of 2003. She was listed #4 Best Off-Air LARP of 2004.
Schweinsburg, Mike: KROQ, 1976-78. Unknown.
Scorpio, Robert: KKBT, 2001-04. Robert was appointed pd at "the BEAT" in early 2001 and he left in the fall of 2004.
Scot, Charlotte: KGBS, 1975. Unknown.
Scott, Al: KNOB, 1965; KGFJ, 1965-66; XERB, 1968. Unknown.
Scott, Bill: KROQ, 1984-85; KNAC, 1985-86. "Wild Bill" Scott lives in San Francisco.
Scott, Bob: KNX, 1975-78 and 1984-98. Bob retired in early 1998.
Scott, Dredd: KSCA, 1996; KLSX, 1997-98; KKBT, 2002-03. Dredd works at Westwood One Radio Networks.
Scott, Dr. Gene: KHOF. The flamboyant tv preacher owned KHOF (99.5fm). Gene died February 21, 2005. He was 75.
Scott, Hannah: KFI, 2002-03. The KFI traffic reporter has moved back East.
Scott, Ivan: KABC, 1971-72. Ivan was the tv-radio director for Washington's Environmental Protective Agency.
Scott, Jeff: KIBB, 1996-97. Jeff works on Westwood One's Hot Country format and is
an Emmy-winning producer for ABC/TV.
Scott, Lara: KYSR, 2000-2006; KFSH, 2006-07. Lara joined KFSH, "The FISH," in May 2006.
Scott, Larry: KBBQ, 1967-68 and 1971; KLAC, 1971-82. Larry works at KVOO-Tulsa. He hosts a weekly live radio show from Big Balls of Cowtown in Fort Worth, which is distributed throughout the world.
Scott, Morton: KLAC, 1965-67. Unknown.


(Pictured:  John Sebastian; Dr. Allen Selner; Sheena; and Loyd Sigmon)

Scott, Rick: KRTH/KHJ, 1985-86. Rick is working in the computer industry in Los Angeles.
Scott, Robertson: KPOL, 1952-71. Bob lives in Santa Barbara and runs to radio stations.
Scott, Steve: KHTZ, 1980-85; KRTH, 1985-90. Steve is pd at KBOM/KVSF/KTRC in New Mexico.
Scott, Tony: KLOS, 2001-07. Tony works swing at KLOS.
Schrutt, Norm: KZLA, 1980-81. Norm is a talent agent and partner in Atlanta-based Schrutt & Katz.
Schwartz, Rick: KMPC, 1994. Unknown.
Scroeder, Ric: KFWB, 1988-99. Ric was a newsman at all-News KFWB.
Scruggs, Newy: KXTA, 1998-2000. Newy left all-Sports "XTRA" in the spring of 2000 for a tv sports anchor position in Dallas.
Sculatti, Gene: Gene is director of special issues at Billboard working on the Spotlight section.
Scull, Cindy: KLOS, 1993-94; KNAC, 1994-95. Cindy works middays at KZPS-Dallas.
Scully, Vin: KMPC, 1958; KFI, 1959-72; KABC, 1972-97; KXTA, 1997-2003; KFWB, 2003-07. Vin is the premiere voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Sea, Craig: SEE Craig Carpenter
Seacrest, Ryan: KYSR, 1995-2003; KIIS, 2004-07. Ryan worked afternoon drive at "Star 98.7" until leaving to devote full-time to his syndicated tv show, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, which was cancelled almost 8 months later in the summer of 2004. On February 26, 2004, Ryan took over mornings at KIIS/fm.
Sebastian, Dave: KEZY, 1971-74; KHJ, 1974-77; KFI, 1978; KTNQ, 1978-79; KIIS, 1980; KBRT, 1981-82; KIIS, 1983; KHJ, 1985; KRTH, 1994-96. Dave has an active voiceover career and owns Dave & Dave in Studio City.
Sebastian, Joel: KLAC, 1964-65. The former personality with WXYZ-Detroit and WLS-Chicago died January 17, 1986, after a long bout with pneumonia and prostate cancer.
Sebastian, John: KHJ, 1978-79; KLOS, 1981; KTWV, 1988-89; KXLA/KLAC, 1996-98. John left the JACK/fm station in Chicago for The Wolf in Dallas in March 2007.
Secrest, Paul: KEZY/KXMX, 1998-2000; KIIS/KXTA, 2000; KMXN, 2000-02. Paul worked at "COOL Radio," 94.3fm" until the station was sold in late 2002.
Segal, Karen: KLSX, 1994. Karen is writer, producer, editor and director of television. She directed The Benefactor.
Seiden, Fred: KBIG/KBRT, 1973-80; KOST, 1981-82. Fred ended his life by jumping from a building in 1991.
Sellers, Steven O: KQLZ, 1992-93. Steven works at KONO-San Antonio.


(Pictured: Mike Stark; Larry Scott; Mike Sakellarides; and Ira Sternberg)

Selner, Allen: KABC, 1984-94. Allen is a podiatrist working in the San Fernando Valley.
Seltzer, Brent: KWST, 1975-76; KMET, 1976-78; KZLA, 1979; KNX/FM, 1980. KMPC, 1981-82. Brent works news at KABC and KNX and has an active voiceover career and writing and hosting "Non Profit Profiles" on several cable access stations throughout Los Angeles County.
Sender, Jack: KBIG; KBRT, 1975-79. Jack is retired and lives in Roma, Italy and he spends the hot summers in Huron, Ohio where he was born.
Serafin, Kim: KABC, 2002-06. Kim worked swing at KABC until the summer of 2006.
Seraphin, Charlie: KNX/FM/KODJ, 1989. Charlie is the executive vp for the Tulsa 66ers, NBA Development League.
Serena, Nancy: KJAZ, 2000-02. From Boston, Nancy worked weekends at all-Jazz, KJAZ until a format change in the spring of 2002.
Sergis, Charlie: KFWB, 1971-98. Charlie retired from KFWB on April 4, 1998.
Serr, Jeff: KIIS, 1982; KMGG, 1983-85; KBIG, 1986-88; KODJ/KCBS, 1988-2005; KKGO/XSUR, 2006-07. Jeff is the production/imaging director for KKGO/XSUR and has an active voiceover career.
Servantez, Joe "the Boomer": KPWR, 1986-96; KACD, 1996; KIBB, 1996-98; KACD, 1998; KRTH, 2002; KMVN, 2007. Joe is a California realtor and he works part-time at Movin 93.9/fm.
Sesma, Chico: KOWL, 1949-57; KALI, 1957-67. Chico lectures to disadvantaged kids.
Severn, Jim: KBIG, 2004-05. Jim worked weekends at KBIG until late 2005.
Seward, Bill: KXLU, 1976-80; XPRS, 1980-81; KWNK, 1987-88; KGIL, 1989; KNX, 1990-1997; KFWB, 2001-07. Bill broadcasts sports at KFWB.
Sexton, Miles: KEZY/KORG, 1990-95. Miles is coo of Point Broadcasting, parent company of Gold Coast Broadcasting, and High Desert Broadcasting, licensee of 11 radio stations in Ventura County, Palmdale and Lancaster.


(Pictured: Gil Stratton; Jeff Serr; The Real Don Steele; and Michael Schoen)

Seymour, Ruth: KPFK, 1960s-70s; KCRW, 1980s-2007. Ruth is general manager at KCRW.
Shackelford, Lynn: KLAC. Lynn was Chick Hearn's sidekick during LA Lakers broadcasts. He was on Coach John Wooden's 1968-69 UCLA basketball team that started Lynn with Lew Alcindor, Curtis Rowe and Sidney Wicks.
Shade, Jeff: KMPC, 1992-94; KLIT, 1994; KACD, 1995-96; KABC/KDIS, 1998-2001. Jeff works in production at the Disney stations.
Shafer, Don: KNAC, 1969-70; KYMS, 1971-73. Last heard, Don was working at CHUM-Toronto.
Shalhoub, Martha: KLVE, 1976-2001; KXOL, 2001. Martha works middays at KXOL.
Shalhoub, Shelley: KLVE, 1998-2001; KXOL, 2001. Shelley joined KXOL in the spring of 2001.
Shana: KHJ, 1976-78; KEZY, 1978-80; KROQ, 1980; KLOS, 1980-86; KLSX, 1986-95; KPCC, 1996-99; KCBS, 2001-05. Shana is a free-lance entertainment consultant.
Shane, Ed: KKDJ, 1971. Ed was the pd at Top 40 KKDJ. He lives in Houston and has written several books. In 1977, he founded Shane Media Services to provide management, research and programming consultation to the radio industry.
Shannon, Bob: KWIZ, 1975-76; KFI, 1976-79; KWIZ, 1979; KHJ, 1979-82; KLAC, 1982; KRTH, 2000-2002. Bob joined "K-Earth" for swing in the spring of 2000 and left in the spring of 2002.
Shannon, Bob "Shamrock": KCSN, 1983-85. Bob was a longtime radio and tv announcer working as a CBS network announcer in the late 1940s. His voice was heard on such shows as Lionel Barrymore's "Mayor of the Town" and "The Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore Show." From 1949-54, Bob had a radio quiz show, "The Man Says Yes," which he attempted to revive on KCSN in the mid-1980s. He died August 15, 2000 at the age of 79.
Shannon, Gregg: XTRA/KOST; KDAY, 1971-72; KRLA, 1972-73; KROQ, 1973-74. Unknown.
Shannon, Jim: KTBT, 1967; KREL, 1968; KEZY, 1969-70. Jim is an insurance broker.
Shannon, Scott: KQLZ, 1989-91; XESURF, 2004-05. Scott is doing mornings at WPLJ-New York and did evenings at Oldies 540 AM until early 2005.
Shannon, Steve: KMPC, 1978-80. Steve lives in St. Louis.
Shapiro, Ron: KLIT, 1997; KCMG/KHHT, 1998-2007. Ron is production director at "Hot 92.3."
Shappee, Michael: KMNY, 1988; KFWB, 1996-2007. Michael is a news anchor at KFWB.
Sharise: KACE, 1994; KJLH, 1995-96. Sharise is a teacher in Las Vegas.
Shark: KROQ, 1994. Shark is working in Chicago.

Pictured: (Carson Schreiber, LaRita Shelby, and Michelle Santosuosso)

Sharon, Bob: KFWB, 1960-61; KPOL, 1960-66; KIIS, 1970-71. Bob lives in Sherman Oaks.
Sharp, Bill: KACE, 1997-2000; KJLH. 2000-2001. Bill works swing at KJLH.
Sharp, Colin J.: KDAY, 1966; KFWB. Colin worked at WIND-Chicago before coming to the Southland to work at KDAY and KFWB. He moved to Hawaii and worked for many years at KUMU-Honolulu. Colin retired in 1989 and moved to Kauai. He died August 19, 1998, at the age of 65.
Sharp, Karen: KWIZ, 1987; KOST, 1988-2007. Karen hosts "Love Songs on the KOST."
Sharp, Tawala: KKBT, 2000-06. From behind the scenes at "the BEAT," Tawala hosted the overnight show.
Sharpe, Jim: KYSR, 1993-95. Jim works mornings at all-Talk KTAR-Phoenix.
Sharpe, Melissa: KYSR, 1993-95. Melissa worked mornings at KIFM-San Diego until the summer of 2006.
Shaughnessy, Pat: KIQQ, 1973-79. Pat runs AVI Communications of Dallas.
Shaun, Jackye: KNX, 1976-2000. Jackye is part of KNXNewsradio. In 1999 she won a Golden Mike Award for Best News Writing.
Shaw, Bob: KKLA, 1998-2000; KFSH, 2000-07. Bob co-hosts the Family Friendly Morning Show with Jennifer York.
Shaw, Dave: KFI, 1964. Unknown.
Shaw, Don: KMPC, 1992. Unknown.
Shaw, Rick: KEZY, 1984; KNX/FM, 1986: KIKF, 1998-99. Rick is pd for KEZN-Palm Desert..


(Pictured: Miles Sexton; Sondoobie; John Summers; and Shana)

Shayne, Bob: KPFK, 1959; KVFM, 1959-60; KNOB, 1961-63; KPPC, 1967. Bob teaches screenwriting and the "History of Romantic Comedies" at UCLA.
Shearer, William: KGFJ, 1973-74; KLOS, 1974-77; KACE, 1977-84; KGFJ/KUTE, 1984-85; KGFJ, 1986-96. In the fall of 1997, Bill joined American Urban Radio Networks as vp of west coast operations.
Shearer, Harry: KRLA, 1965-70; KPPC, 1970-71; KMET, 1975; KCRW, 1987-2007. Harry hosts "Le Show" at KCRW and voices many characters on the Simpson's.
Shearer, Licia: KGFJ, 1989-96; KACE, 1996. Licia runs Shearer Energy Productions, a communications/entertainment company.
Shearer, William: KGFJ, 1973-74; KLOS, 1974-77; KACE, 1977-84; KGFJ/KUTE, 1984-85; KGFJ, 1986-96. Bill is vp of West Coast operations of American Urban Radio Networks.
Sheehy, Michael: KNX/fm, 1976-83; KKHR, 1983; KTWV, 1990-2000. Michael left his production job at "the Wave" to operate his own production facility.
Sheen, Lily: KCBS, 1998-2005; KNX, 2005-06. Lily, a British native, worked weekends at "Arrow 93." She works in programming at KNX.
Sheen, Scalla: KCSN, 1997-2007. Scalla hosts "American Mosaic" on the Cal State Northridge radio station. 
Sheff, Stanley: KROQ, 1977-82. Stanley produces theatrical and film projects.
Shelby, LaRita: KGFJ, 1990. LaRita is an independent producer, host and voice-over artist.
Shelden, Thom: KJOI, 1987-89. Thom is teaching.
Sheldon, Harvey: KFOX, 1985. Harvey hosts a hard rock video show on local access cable tv in Orange County.
Sheldon, Mark: KUSC, 1999-2003. Mark died December 8, 2003 of cancer. He was 43.
Shelton, Iris: KRLA, 1981; KFWB, 1988. Unknown.
Sherman, Gene: KABC, 1969. Unknown.

(Pictured: Stella Schwartz; Josefa Salinas; Dale Sommers)

Sherwin, Wally: KABC, 1960-89. Wally is the on-air announcer as a white-haired plumber who pitches Adee Plumbing and Heating.
Sherwood, Lee: KIIS, 1970-71; KHJ, 1980-82. Lee hosts a widely syndicated Country show.
Sherwood, Tom: KRLA, 1989-98. Tom produces the syndicated "Art Laboe Killer Oldies Show."
Shuman, Phil: KABC, 2001-02. The KNBC/Channel 4 reporter/anchor hosted a weekend talk show at KABC.
Shields, Cal: KAGB, 1974-78; KACE, 1978-83. Cal has been working for a local cable company and is an active participant in Too Lunar Productions.
Shields, Del: KAGB, 1974-78. Del is a minister in New York
Shindler, Merrill: KABC/KMPC/KTZN; KLSX, 1998-2007. Merrill hosts the weekend "Dining Out" show at KLSX.


(Pictured: Jim Svejda; Kris Erik Stevens; Karen Sharp; and Lisa Stanley)

Shirk, Larry: KPCC, 1985
Shurian, Scott: XTRA, 1961-63; KMPC, 1963-68 and 1975-79. Scott lives in Salt Lake City, and is a semi-retired voiceover guy and is a travel related writer/producer.
Shust, Billy: KIKF, 1998-2000. Billy the Kid was a Country dj at Orange County's KIKF.
Sidders, Carolyn KOCM, 1986-87. Unknown.
Siegal, Jack: KJOI, 1970-73; KPSA, 1973; KLVE, 1973. Jack is president of Chagal Companies, a multi-media investment/consulting firm dealing in broadcast ownership.
Siegel, Joel: KPPC, 1970-71; KMET, 1971. Joel was best known for his entertaining movie reviews on ABC’s Good Morning America for a quarter of a century. His cheerful personality and trademark wit allowed him to be candid and honest without being hurtful. Joel was also a LARP, working at KPPC and KMET in the early 1970s. He died June 29, 2007 of colon cancer. He was 63. This was not the first time that cancer was in Joel’s life. In 1982, Joel’s wife Jane died from brain cancer when she was 31. Joel broadcast news on KPPC and had a weekly program, “Uncle Noel’s Mystery Theatre” during its “underground” radio period. A native of East Los Angeles, he graduated cum laude from UCLA. He had an eclectic early life. On a 20/20 segment on the evening of his passing, they devoted its final segment to Joel’s life. “I’m really proud that I knew Martin Luther King and even more he knew me,” said Joel from an earlier interview. His friendship with King and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s was an example of “standing up for what’s right.” Jeff Gonzer remembered that Joel had this enormous collection of old radio dramas, comedies and serials. “He started me using ‘Chandu the Magician,’ that I ran every morning on my show at KPPC [1970-71]. Then he began his Uncle Joel's Comedy Hour, a weekend show that featured old radio comedy shows from the 40s and 50s. Also on the weekends he would host Uncle Noel's Mystery Hour and run spookie and mystery shows from the same era. After we all were fired from KPPC I moved to KMET and Joel did too, as the newsman. On August 1, 1972, Joel joined WCBS/TV-New York and four years later became the entertainment critic at WABC/TV-New York. In 1996, Joel found someone else he hoped to grow old with. She got pregnant, he got cancer. In 2004 he wrote a book to his five year-old son called Lessons for Dylan, a "just in case" autobiography and tutorial for his son. At his book publication party he told his friends, “I’m glad to be there and to quote George Burns, I’m glad to be anywhere.” He continued working almost until the end of his life without losing his cheerful personality and trademark wit, wrote a colleague on the network's Web site. The 20/20 tribute piece concluded with: “Joel never complained. He always had a warm smile. He will be an inspiration.”
Siegel, Mike: KABC, 2000. Mike's "Coast to Coast AM" was on KABC from the spring of 2000 until November.
Sietsema, Rick: KNX, 2004-07. Rick is in technical operations at KNX.
Sifuentes, Karla: KRLA, 1996-98. Unknown.

(Pictured: Ed Schultz, Teresa Strasser; Michael Savage; and Wolfgang Schneider)

Sigmon, Loyd: KMPC. Loyd devised a system to make it easy for the police to alert radio stations. The system gave each radio station a special receiver tuned to a specific frequency and attached to a tape recorder. A dispatcher at LAPD headquarters could press one button to activate all the machines and announce the nature of the problem. "What I had in mind was to get more listeners for KMPC, to be honest with you," said Sigmon. When the LAPD broadcast the first SigAlert on Sept. 5, 1955, the announcement caused even more trouble than the accident that had precipitated it. A train en route from Union Station to Long Beach had derailed downtown, rolling onto its side. When the LAPD sent out a plea for doctors and nurses in the area through the new system, so many responded that they created a traffic jam themselves. Born in Stigler, Oklahoma in 1910, Loyd was the son of a cattle rancher, educated at Wentworth Military Academy and got a ham radio license at age 14. He started his radio career at WEEI-Boston and KCMO-Kansas City. Loyd spent three years in Europe during World War II where he was officer in charge of radio communications for the European Theater where Colonel Sigmon directed building of the world's largest mobile transmitter, 60,000 watts. Prior to selling his interest in Golden West, Loyd was it’s corporation's executive vp, with Gene Autry ran a number of radio stations and KTLA/Channel 5, was vp of operations at KMPC and was part of the acquisitions of the California Angels. The California Highway Patrol took over responsibility for the freeways in 1969, and with that the SigAlert system as well. And though most radio stations now get information about SigAlerts from the CHP Web site, the name has remained - striking terror and dread in the hearts of L.A. drivers. Loyd died June 2, 2004, at the age of 95.

(Pictured: Michael Schneider; Chris Stanley; Dr. Gene Scott; and Dean Schefrin)

Signal, Tori. Tori has been the traffic reporter on KFWB, KMPC and KYSR. She's currently directing traffic during morning drive at the WAVE.
Silver, Jack: KLSX, 1997-2007. Jack is program director at KLSX.
Silvius, Jon: KRLA, 1966 and 1969-74. John was killed in a plane crash January 6, 2003. He was 55.
Simers, T.J.: KLAC, 2006-07. T.J., page 2 columnist with the LA Times, launched a new morning show with his daughter Tracy and Fred Roggin on October 30, 2006. The show ended September 27, 2007.
Simers, Tracy: KLAC, 2006-07. Tracy co-hosted a morning show (Roggin & Simers Squared) on all-Sports KLAC until September 27, 2007.
Simmons, Brian: KFWB, 1963-64. Unknown.
Simmons, Bryan: KOST, 1982-2001; KBIG, 2002-04; KOST, 2004-07. Bryan returned to afternoons at KOST in early summer of 2004.
Simms, Greg: KYSR, 1999-2000. Greg is working at KFMB-San Diego.
Simms, Lee "Baby": KRLA, 1971-73; KROQ, 1973; KMET, 1973; KRLA, 1975. Lee "Baby" works afternoon drive at KISQ ("KISS/FM")-San Francisco. 
Simon, Cat: KHJ, 1972-73. Cat is self-employed in Internet sales in Phoenix.
Simon, Chris: KFWB, 1986-87; KNX, 1987-92. The former Southland news reporter/anchor is a consultant living in Vienna, Austria.
Simon, Don: KBIG, 1985-96. Unknown.


(Pictured: Scott St. James; Ken Sparkes; Mort Sahl; and Bryan Schock)

Simon, Jan: KKGO, 1987-89; KFAC, 1989; KKGO/KJQI/KMZT, 1989-2002. Jan left the Saul Levine operation in the Fall of 2002 and now works for the XM Satellite Network.
Simon, Jim: KABC, 1970-76; KFI, 1976; KGIL, 1985-88; KKGO, 1991; XEKAM, 1992. Jim died June 6, 1995, of complications from diabetes, an aneurysm and a stroke. He was 61.
Simon, Lou: KKHR, 1983-86; KNX/fm, 1986; KLAC/Fabulous 690, 2004-06. Lou was apd/evenings at Pop Standards Fabulous 690 until an ownership change and format flip to Spanish in early 2006.
Simon, Perry Michael: KLSX, 1995-96; KLYY/KSYY/KVYY, 1998-99. Perry is a consultant with Allaccess.com and Sabo Media.
Sims, Robert: KABC, 1967-68; KNX, 1968-2002. Bob retired from KNX in April 2002, after 33 years with the all-News station.
Sinbad: KHHT, 2002. Sinbad, the comedian/actor, started in morning drive at "Hot 92.3fm" on February 11, 2002 and left in late summer 2002. He's hosting a syndicated "Sinbad's Top 10 Then and Now," which is heard on "HOT" weekends.
Sinclair, Dick: KIEV, 1950-54; KFI, 1954-68; KIEV, 1968-2000; KRLA, 2001-2002. Dick is with KRLA (870AM).
Siracusa, Tony: KCSN, 1985-87; KNX, 1987. Tony is the national sales manager for Radio Unica/Southern California.
Sirkin, Bob: KNX, 2004-05. Bob is now with Fox News Radio.
Sirmons, Tom: KNX, 1987-94. Tom is living in Florida.
Skaff, Ned: KDAY, 1968-70; KFI, 1970-79; KGIL, 1979-92. Ned is the voice of the traffic and parking conditions at LAX.


(Pictured: Martha Shalhoub; Jeff Shade; Diana Steele; and Michael Sheehy)

Sketch: KACD, 1996-98; KPWR, 1998-2003; KDLE, 2003. Sketch is imaging for Big Boy.
Sky, Bob: KWIZ, 1975-77; KIQQ, 1986; KLIT, 1990. Unknown.
Skyler, Dave: KTNQ; KHTZ, KIIS, 1988-90 and 1991-92; KKBT, 1990-91; KJLH, 1992-93; KRLA, 1993-96; KACE, 1996; KMLT, 1998-99. Dave is a voiceover talent.
Skylord: KLOS, 1990-2007. Skylord reports on traffic from the sky.
Slade, Karen: KJLH, 1990-2007. Karen is the general manager at KJLH.
Slate, Allin: KIEV, 1950-62; KABC, 1963-69; KNX, 1969-78. Allin died, July 21, 2000, at the age of 79. He suffered a stroke in 1990 that slowed him down, "but did not stop him," according to his daughter Lynne Darnell. Allin also had Parkinson's Disease, and it was that to which he finally succumbed. He arrived at KIEV from Honolulu (worked at KULA).In 1964 Allin was sports director of KABC. He joined KABC with the idea of doing an all-night sports show. Instead he captained KABC’s maiden voyage in early evenings. He was told to "talk sports and make it interesting." Guests were hard to come by and it was strictly a raw experiment that developed into "SportsTalk." He worked with Leo Durocher and Jimmy Piersall. Born in Illinois, Allin grew up in L.A. "I was the kid who sat in the bleachers and called the game," said Allin when interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People. He was a radio actor before World War II and worked in radio dramas with Jack Webb. "I was working in the sound and lighting department at the Biltmore Bowl while studying at the Pasadena Playhouse. A waiter suggested that I try radio acting." He became a regular with Keith Jackson on Sports Scoreboard on KABC/Channel 7. Later Allin joined the daily lineup on KNX News radio where he shared his insights and thoughts on the world sports scene. His career had many highlights. He starred as Jason, opposite Dame Judith Anderson, in the Honolulu production of Medea; he was the two-time winner of the Associated Press, Golden Mike Award for excellence in broadcast journalism. He was honored by the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper for showing fairness and consideration in reporting on the treatment of African American athletes in the Mexico City Olympics. He was also past president of Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association and a long time member and supporter of AFTRA. Allin was a poet, artist and writer with a great sense of humor.

(Pictured: Hal Smith; Kari Steele; Dave Styles; and Charley Steiner)

Slater, Bill: KFWB, 1964-65; KRLA, 1965-67; KPPC, 1969-70. Bill died of a heart attack in late October 2002. He was 67.
Slattery, Jack: KLAC, 1959. The long-time announcer on Art Linkletter's House Party has passed away.
Slaughter, Paul: KBCA, 1968. Paul lives in Sante Fe and is a highly respected photographer.
Slavin, Linda: KLSX, 2005. Linda hosted a weekend psychic show, Visions & Solutions, on KLSX.
Slick, Vic: KRLA, 1984-87 and 1992. Vic works mornings at Oldies KOLA in the Inland Empire.
Slim: KKHR, 1985-86. Slim is living in Phoenix.
Sluggo: SEE Doug the Slug.
Smalls, Tommy: KDAY, 1958-59. Unknown.
Smiley, Tavis: KGFJ; KJLH; KKBT, KABC, 1994; KMPC, 1994-95; KCRW and KPCC, 2002-04. Tavis hosted a nightly talk/interview show on PBS until December 2004.


(Pictured: Dan Sorkin; Frazer Smith; Stan Spero; and Stryker)

Smith, Bill: KGIL, 1970-76; KABC, 1980-90; KNJO, 1996. Bill is an on-air reporter at KTLA/Channel 5.
Smith, Billy Ray: KXTA, 1997-2003; XERB, 2003-07. The former San Diego Charger linebacker is co-anchor of morning all-Sports "The Mighty 1090."
Smith, Bobby: KGFJ, 1973. Unknown.
Smith, Calvin: KFAC. Calvin launched his first Los Angeles radio station in 1926 with a $200 investment and introduced KFAC's Classical music format. He and an L.A. High School classmate scraped up $200 and went on the air as station KGFJ. They broadcast only when they had something to say, then went off the air and spent the balance of their time trying to sell commercials so they could resurface the next day. He went to work for KFAC in 1932 as chief engineer and became manager during a difficult Depression-era economy. His first success was the ongoing Southern California Gas Co. two-hour evening concert. The former owner of KFAC died in August 1991. He was 86.
Smith, China: KDAY, 1971-72; KRLA, 1972-73; KROQ, 1973-74; KMET, 1974-75; KLOS, 1979; KWST, 1980-81; KMGG, 1983-84; KUTE, 1984-87; KTWV, 1989-91; KAJZ/KACD, 1992-96. KCBS, 1999-2001. China died August 23, 2005, after suffering a fatal heart attack.

(Pictured: Clayton Sandell, Marco Spoon; Arnie Spanier; and Dr. Laura Schlessinger)

Smith, Dave: KIEV, 1993; KMAX, 1995-96; KWNK, 1996; KIIS/AM/KXTA, 1997-2002; KMPC, 2003-07. Dave worked afternoons at KMPC/1540 The Ticket until the spring of 2007 when the station was sold to Radio Korea.
Smith, Dennis: KBCA, 1969-76. Unknown.
Smith, Frazer: KROQ, 1976-79; KLOS, 1979-84; KMET, 1984-86; KLSX, 1986-97; KLOS, 1997; KRTH, 2002. Frazer joined the morning show at KRTH on April 1 and left two months later.
Smith, Hal: KLAC, 1972-76. Hal is retired and living in Northern California.
Smith, Jack: KLAC, 1957-59. Jack is retired.
Smith, Jan: KWIZ. Unknown.
Smith, JJ: KRLA, 1975; KFI, 1978. JJ broadcast news during his time in the Southland. Unknown.
Smith, Joe: KFWB, 1961. The former president and chief executive of the Capitol-EMI record label produced World Cup USA 1994.
Smith, Ken: KGFJ, 1986. Ken is part of Bayley Productions.
Smith, Matt: KROQ, 1994-2005; KLAC, 2005-07. Known as Money at KROQ, Matt is part of the LA Lakers broadcast team and he co-hosts an afternoon drive show at KLAC.
Smith, Milton: KJLH, 1992. Unknown.
Smith, Pete: KNX; KDAY, 1956-58; KRKD, 1958-61; KNOB; KPOL; KMPC, 1961-88; KJQI/KOJY, 1993-95; KGIL, 1998. Pete was part of "Music of Your Life."
Smith, Steve: KNX. The president of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles died in April 1998 at the age of 38. Steve, who had suffered from AIDS, committed suicide. Until overcome by his illness, he had been editorial director for KNXNewsradio.
Smith, Steven G.: KLOS, 1977-98; KPLS, 1998-2000. Steven is working in Orange County.
Smith, Dr. J. Thomas: KJLH, 1970-72; XPRS, 1972; KDAY, 1975-77. J. Thomas replaced Wolfman Jack at XPRS. He graduated in 2000, earning the Juris Doctor degree, from Texas Southern University - Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He is associated with the law firm of Anderson & Smith, P.C., and operates a mental health consulting practice in which he provides administrative and clinical consultation and training.


(Pictured: Brad Samuel; John Santana; Jan Simon; and Walter Sabo)

Smith, Wallace: KUSC, 1972-96. Wallace is the general manager at WPBX-New York.
Smithers, Ray: KPOL, 1978-79; KMPC, 1980-81. Ray is active in the voiceover world from Florida.
Snakeskin, Freddy: KTNQ, 1977-78; KWST, 1978-79; KROQ, 1980-89; KOCM/KSRF, 1991; KROQ, 1990-93. Freddy works for Sirius Satellite Radio, based in Los Angeles.
Snoop Dogg: KPWR, 1995-2000; KKBT, 2000-01. The hit recording artist aired a syndicated show at "The BEAT" until the spring of 2001.
Snow, Jack: KMPC, 1993. Jack, the former Ram, teamed with Chris Roberts briefly on the all-Sports KMPC. Jack died January 9, 2006, at the age of 62.
Snow, Kat: KNAC, 1986; KWIZ, 1988-95. She is now studying for a Master's in psychology at Cal State Bakersfield. She was married to KRLA's Lee Duncan.
Snow, Tony: KFI 2005. Tony hosted a weekend show at KFI. He went on to be the press secretary to George Bush. After some challenges with cancer, Tony left the White House in the fall of 2007.
Snyder, Jack: KEZY/FM, 1973-77; KMET, 1977-82; KLOS, 1984-85; KMET, 1985-87; KLSX, 1991-92. Jack is working as an artist manager in New Orleans while still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.
Dupre. He still lives in New Orleans and is happily married.
Sobel, Brad: SEE Sandy Beach
Sobel, Carol: KFWB, 1968-74. Carol publishes a monthly 32-page magazine on the law of entertainment.
Sobel, Ted: KFWB, 1995-2006. Ted broadcast sports at all-News KFWB until 2006.
Solari, J.A.: KMET, 1968-69; KLAC, 1969; KYMS, 1970; KPPC, 1970-71. A.J. is in the produce business in the Bay Area.
Sotelo, Eddie ‘Piolin’: KSCA, 2003-07. Piolin started morning drive at Spanish KSCA on February 3, 2002.
Somers, Steve: KMPC, 1981-82. Steve is midday co-host at WFAN-New York.
Sommers, Bill: KHJ, 1970-73; KLOS, 1973-96; KABC/KDIS/KLOS, 1997-2001. Bill retired from his post as general manager of KABC/KDIS/KLOS/KSPN August 24, 2001.
Sommers, Dale: KLAC, 2002-04. Dale hosted the all-night syndicated Trucking Bozo Show until he retired in the Spring of 2004. He's now with XM Satellite Radio.
Sommers, Karen: KFI, 1984. Unknown.
Sommers, Steve: KLAC, 2004. Steve hosted the all-night Truckin' Bozo Show.
Sondoobie: KPWR, 1998-2000. Sondoobie worked at "Power 106" from the group Funkdoobiest until the summer of 2000
Sontag, Frank: KLOS, 1985-2007. Frank hosts a weekend talk show, Impact, at KLOS, as well as being part of the morning Mark & Brian Show.
Sorkin, Dan: KHJ, 1965. Dan works for KABL-San Francisco.
Soto, Henry: KKGO, 1986-91. Unknown.
Soto, Michael: KNAC, 1975-77; KWST, 1977-78; KNAC, 1978-79. Michael is vp/director of national sales and marketing for GST Corporation (parent company is the NYK Steamship Line) based in Los Angeles.
Soul, Johnny: KGFJ, 1968-72; XPRS, 1972; KGIL, 1971-73; KDAY, 1974-76. Born Ron Samuels, he lives in Texas and owns The Samuels Company. He's on the U2 video for Stuck in Time and Ron's got an active voiceover business.
Soul Assassins: KKBT, 1998-2000. Louis (B Real!) Freeze and BoBo hosted a Friday night show at The Beat.
Southcott, Chuck: KGIL, 1962-75; KBRT, 1980; KPRZ, 1983; KMPC, 1988-92; KJQI/KOJY, 1992-95. Chuck was the program director of "Music of Your Life" until the summer of 2007.
Southcott, Karl: KKLA, 1987-94. Karl, as Karl Hampton, works weekends at Saul Levine's Classic Country, 540 AM.
Southern, Jim: KAPP, KOPP, 1964-65. Born Jim Pritchard, he is in semi-retirement living near Portland.
Sovel, Mark: KDLD, 2003-06. Mark is the music director at Indie 103.1.

(Pictured: Stew; Mike Siegel; Bob Scott; Melissa Sharpe; and Greg Stevens)

Spangler, Dick: KFWB, 1964-66; KBBQ, 1966-67; KGIL, 1968-80; KBLA, 1991-92. Dick owns a communication company the produces radio/tv business programming, commercials and informercials.
Spanier, Arnie: KCTD, 1999-2000; KXTA, 2000-2002. Arnie works for Sporting News Radio.
Sparkes, Ken: KGBS, 1969-71. Ken owns a production company and is the voice of news/talk TCN/Channel 9 in Australia.
Spears, Gary: KYSR/KIBB, 1996-97; KIIS, 1997-2004; KBIG, 2004-07. Gary started afternoons at KBIG in early summer of 2004 and left in the spring of 2007.
Spears, Michael: KHJ, 1977. The former pd at KHJ died October 25, 2005, at the age of 58.
Spears, Russ: KHTZ/KRLA/KLSX, 1983-93; KSCA, 1996-97; KKLA/KRLA, 2001-07. Russ works at Shadow Broadcast Services.
Spencer, Raymond: KGBS, 1973. Raymond died May 25, 1987, in San Bernardino after a two-year struggle with kidney cancer.
Spero, Stanley: KFAC, 1951-52; KMPC, 1952-97. Stan died July 15, 2006, from complications of a blood disorder. He was 86.
Spiker, Dave: KYMS, 1976-82. Dave owns Imagination Media in Lynden, WA.
Spinderella: KKBT, 2003-06. Deidra Jones is the sexy dj of the Grammy award winning female trio Salt N' Peppa. She worked afternoons at "the BEAT" with A-1 until early 2006.
Spivak, Joel A.: KLAC, 1965-68. Joel is an Internet consultant.
Spoon, Marco: KJLH, 1980-90. Marco hosts the Quiet Storm at "Majic 102"- Houston.
Springfield, Dan: KHTZ, 1984. Dan has an active voiceover career in San Diego.
Squirle, Julie: KROQ, 1978-79. Julie is a litigation attorney in Northern California.


(Pictured: Bill Stevens; Melissa & Jim Sharpe; Jim Severn; and Matt Smith)

St. Clair, Dick: KFI. 1976. Unknown.
St. Claire, Chuck: KCBH, 1968. Chuck is a project coordinator for Salem Communications and lives in Northern California.
St. James, Scott: KMPC, 1979-82; KMGG, 1984; KMPC, 1991-92 and 1995; KCBS/fm, 1995-2004. Scott left middays at KTRS-St. Louis in late 2005 and is a Hollywood actor and host of a tasty blog.
St. James, Tony: KYMS, 1969-70; KWIZ, 1970-74; KWOW, 1974-78; KIQQ, 1978-85. The native Philadelphian teamed at KIQQ in morning drive with Bruce Chandler for close to five years until the station changed format to "Lite-100," the satellite-delivered Format 41. In 1987, he went to work at Unistar and was the original night jock on AM ONLY. He had a very lucrative voiceover career and his campaign for Coors Extra Gold provided the down payment on his house. Tony died April 22, 1990, at the age of 42 from complications following a perforated ulcer.
St. John, Geoff: KPWR, 1993-95. Last heard, Geoff was working at KYLD-San Francisco.
St. John, Gina: KYSR, 1993-95. Gina co-hosted E! News Daily for many years.
St. John, Jon: KRTH, 2006-07. Jon was working swing at K-EARTH until early 2007.
St. Thomas, Johnny: KRLA, 1979-85; KKLA, 1985-88. Since 1988, Johnny has been a Farmers Insurance agent. He also worked as John Newton.
Stack, Bill: KFWB, 1983; KMDY, 1985-86; KNJO, 1986. Bill is now working for the State of California as Emergency/911/Public Safety Dispatcher.
Stacy, Rick: KYSR, 1995-96. Rick is the program director for XM's '80s at 8' channel.
Staggs, Brad: KGIL/fm, 1987. Brad works on camera on several of the Home and Garden tv shows. He will also host at the end of the month a Home Repair and Remodeling show. Brad lives in Nashville.
Stanfield, Ray: KLAC, 1966-69; KGBS, 1970-74. The former gsm at KLAC in the 1960s and gm of KGBS in the 1970s , Ray grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, and started his radio career in his hometown at age 16. After two years in the Navy, serving in the Pacific after the war, he returned to work in Greenville and eventually joined Metromedia. Before arriving in the Southland, Ray worked at a rep firm and managed KMBC-Kansas City. Bill Ballance’s "Feminine Forum" and the creation of the Hudson & Landry morning team were launched under Ray’s watch. After leaving KGBS in 1974, Ray became a radio station broker in Southern California. He died after a two-year battle with colon cancer. After leaving KGBS, Ray became a radio station broker in Southern California. Ray passed away April 24, 1999, at the age of 71.
Stanley, Chris: KNX, 1998-2007. Chris left all-News KNX in the summer of 2007.
Stanley, Lisa: KRTH, 2002-07. Lisa joined morning drive as the entertainment contributor at "K-Earth" in July 2002.


(Pictured: Kenny Sargent; Ed Salamon; William Shearer; Michael Spears; and T.J. Simers)

Stark, Mike: KNAC, 1990-94. Mike hosts his own Web site: http://members.aol.com/mikeknac and is part of KNAC.com.
Starling, David: KFI, 1940, 1971; KFAC, 1972-88. David, a seasoned broadcast pioneer who began his career in the Southland, died February 22, 2000, of a heart attack in Los Angeles. Born in Middletown, Ohio, David came to the Southland to attend UCLA where he graduated in 1936 with a pre-legal degree. It was accidental that he got into radio. While working in a little theater a fellow actor suggested he join his group doing radio shows. This led David to a three-decade run with KFI as news director, editorial director, program director and production manager. He was the announcer for "Hit the Road," "Ladies Day" and reading the Sunday comics from the LA Times on the air every Sunday morning. Some twenty years later he hosted at KFI and KFAC over 2,000 90-second programs called "A Word on the Presidency," "Energy" and "A Word on Tomorrow." Since retiring he worked quite a few Los Angeles County Fairs and taught in a local radio school. "I have enjoyed the days spent, able to do what I liked, but I haven't forgotten it was tough going when trying to get a start," David told me when researching my book. He was 84.
Starr, Bob: KMPC, 1980-89. Bob was the play-by-play broadcaster for the Rams and the Angels. He was brought in from KMOX-St. Louis where he had been the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals for eight seasons. He had two stints as the announcer for the California Angels. During his first tour he worked with Ron Fairly and then left to broadcast Boston Red Sox games, returning in 1993. Bob started his sports broadcasting career in the mid-1950s. Bob died August 3, 1998, at the age of 65.
Steadman, Bill: KNX, 1957-60. Unknown.
Steal, Jimmy: KPWR, 1999-2007. Jimmy is program director at "Power 106" and in the fall of 2000 he was promoted to regional vp of programming for Emmis Communications.
Steck, Jim: KRLA, 1964-67. Jim died in 1993.

(Pictured: Michael Soto; Phil Shuman; Steven Sellers; and Paul Sunderland)

Steckler, Doug: KLSX, 1997-2005. Doug worked evenings with Tim Conway, Jr. at KLSX until late Spring 2005.
Steele, Dave: KPOL, 1977-78. Dave worked afternoons at KPOL. Unknown.
Steele, Diana: KKBT, 1989-98; KHHT, 2003-07. Diana joined mornings at HOT 92.3 Jamz in the spring of 2003 and left in the summer of 2007.
Steele, Ed: KIEV, 60s. Ed, who was working at KPLM-Palm Springs, died in a gas explosion in his Desert Hot Springs home.
Steele, The Real Don: KHJ, 1965-73; KIQQ, 1973-74; KTNQ, 1976-77; KRLA, 1985-89; KODJ, 1990; KCBS, 1992; KRTH, 1992-97. Born Donald Steele Revert on April Fools Day, 1936, he attended Hollywood High School. Don was the original afternoon drive "Boss Jock" at 93/KHJ. and was voted one of the Top 10 personalities during the second half of the 1900s. The Real Don Steele died of lung cancer on August 5, 1997.
Steele, Gregg: KNAC, 1991-95. Gregg is director of Classic-based Rock programming at Sirius Satellite Radio.
Steele, Kari: KOST, 1999-2001; KBIG, 2001-07. Kari works middays at KBIG.
Steele, Michael: KDLE, 2004-07. The former music director at KIIS/fm was appointed pd at "Indie 103" on January 1, 2004. He left Indie in February 2007.
Steele, Mike: SEE Mike Sakellarides
Steele, Shadow: KQLZ, 1989-91. Last heard he was writing for Hits magazine.
Steele, Sharon: KEZY, 1992-93. Sharon is working evenings at Westwood One's Hot Country format.
Steele, Shaune McNamara: KHJ, 1977-80; KHTZ, 1980-84; KHJ, 1984-86; KRLA, 1987-90; KLSX, 1990-92; KRTH, 1992-93; KCBS, 1993-94. Shaune was music director for many leading rock stations. She is documenting, archiving, presenting and preserving the radio legacy of her late husband, The Real Don Steele.
Stein, Les: SEE Les Crane
Stein, Mike: KRHM, 1959. Unknown.


(Pictured: Bob Shannon; Maria Sanchez; Stanley Sheff; Rick Scarry; and Tracy Simers)

Stein, Alex "Sleepy": KNOB, 1957-66. "Sleepy," the founder of the Southland's first all-Jazz station KNOB, died July 27, 2000. Born in Savannah, the son of a news service executive, he grew up in Miami and Havana and graduated from the University of Havana with a degree in languages. He worked in New York and Chicago radio in the '40s. Stein got the name "Sleepy" when he replaced an all-night dj in Chicago named "Wide-Awake Widoe," according to the obit in the LA Times. He came to the Southland to work at KFOX from Phoenix where he programmed KARV. In 1957, he bought KNOB and began all-Jazz programming. Stan Kenton helped him finance the station by contributing the profits from his band's appearance at the Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa. In the early '60s, Sleepy hosted a radio show three nights a week from Strollers, a club in Long Beach, with live performances by players like Chico Hamilton. He sold the station in 1966 and started a firm called GROUP LA, which sold time on several FM stations in the Southland. He eventually left the broadcasting business and became a stockbroker. "Sleepy" died of cancer at the age of 81.
Steinbrinck, Bob: KMPC 1972-92. Bob lives in the Inland Empire and writes for the local newspaper.

(Pictured: Saint John; Gianna Suter; Tony St. James; and Dick Sainte)

Steiner, Charley: KFWB, 2004-07. Charley joined the Dodger broadcast booth in late 2004.
Stench: SEE Mike Roberts
Stephan, Doug: KRLA, 2002-03; KPLS, 2003. Doug's syndicated show airs on KPLS.
Sterling, Philip: KCSN. Philip hosted "Goldensterling," a weekly two-hour program that aired on KCSN. He died from complications of myelofibrosis, a bone marrow disease, on November 30, 1998. He was 76.
Stern, Heidi: KBIG, 1998-99. Heidi is working in San Diego.
Stern, Howard: KLSX, 1991-2005. Howard joined Sirius Satellite Radio in early 2006.

(Pictured: Tracie Savage; Shadoe Stevens; and Tori Signal)

Stern, Kevin: KUSC, 1969-71; KIQQ, 1974-79; KCSN, 1974-81; KGBS/ KTNQ, 1977-80. Kevin owns California Auto Repair in the San Fernando Valley.
Sternberg, Ira David: KWIZ, 1968-70; KOST, 1971-73. Ira is vice president of communications for the Las Vegas Hilton, owns a PR agency in Las Vegas and hosts a weekly talk show at: www.LVHilton.com.
Sterns, Deloy: KWVE, 2005-07. Deloy works afternoon drive at KWVE.
Stevens, Andy: KEZY, 1988-94. Andy has been the announcer for ESPN's American Muscle Magazine for most of the nineties. He's now working as a computer programmer/analyst consultant for an international consultancy firm based in Atlanta. 
Stevens, Bill: KUTE, 1973-79; KKGO, 1983-86; KRTH, 1991-2005. Bill left K-EARTH in early 2005.
Stevens, Bob: KNX, 1985-88. Unknown.
Stevens, Edwin J.: KFAC. Ed is deceased.
Stevens, Greg: KQLZ, 1992-93. Greg is program director at WHTQ-Orlando.

(Pictured: Charlie Seraphin; Richard Saxton; Johnny Soul; Bryan Simmons; Scalla Sheen)

Stevens, Jay: KRLA, 1969-72; KROQ, 1972; KIIS, 1972; KKDJ, 1973-75; KIIS, 1975-77; KGIL, 1978; KRLA, 1986-87; KMGX, 1990; KRLA, 1992-93; KRTH, 1993-2003. Jay retired in late summer 2003.
Stevens, Jackie: KJLH, 1989-97. Unknown.
Stevens, Jeff: KNX, 1997-98; KABC, 1998-2001. Jeff broadcasts traffic from Metro Networks and is a teacher.
Stevens, Julie: KJOI, 1989. Unknown.
Stevens, Kris Erik: KKDJ, 1973-74; KIQQ, 1974-75; KGBS, 1975; KIIS, 1975; KCBS, 1991-92; KIEV, 1999. Kris is heard as the voice of Movie Tunes, which plays between movies in over 20,000 theatres worldwide. 
Stevens, Les: KKDJ, 1974. Unknown.
Stevens, Matt: KXTA, 1997-2003. The former UCLA quarterback from 1983-86, Matt was part of the Bruin broadcasting team. After a bout with testicular cancer, he now broadcasts UCLA pre-game shows on XTRA Sports. Matt is general manager of the Los Verdes public golf course.
Stevens and Grdnic: KWST, 1979-80. They have a widely syndicated comedy service.


(Pictured: Pete Smith; Greg Simms; Ryan Seacrest; and Frosty Stilwell)

Stevens, Richard: KRTH, 1989-91. Richard is developing a radio show for the Internet with his brother, Shadoe.
Stevens, Shadoe: KHJ, 1970; KRLA, 1970-73; KROQ, 1973; KMET, 1974-75; KROQ, 1977-78; KTWV, 2003-06. Shadoe worked weekends at "The WAVE."
Stevenson, Al: KTYM. Unknown.
Stevenson, Verne: KCBH; KMLA. Unknown.
Stew: KNAC, 1994; KLOS, 1994-2007. Stew is in charge of production at KLOS.

(Pictured: Scott Shannon; Dr. Adele Scheele; and Larry Santiago)

Stewart, Bill: KMPC, 1951-59; KGIL, 1965-66; KRHM, 1966 and 1969; KGIL, 1973-75. He was the Bill of the KMPC jingle..."Ira, Johnny, Bill and Dick!" In 1962, Bill was president of Albums, Inc. For Armed Forces Radio he hosted "A Quarter Century of Swing." In 1969, the 30-year veteran was honored with a concert at the Palladium. For 20 years he did in-flight airline music programming. Bill died in 1993 of congestive heart failure.
Stewart, Guy: KDAY, 1974-75. Unknown.
Stewart, Hank: KBCA. Unknown.
Stewart, Jill: KFI, 2002-03. Jill is an award-winning journalist and she was a fill-in host at KFI. Her columns appear in the LA Daily News, OC Register and SF Chronicle. JillStewart.net
Stewart, John: KKLA, 1988-93; KBRT, 1993. John hosted "Live From LA" on Christian KKLA. He's now a lawyer in Orange County
Stewart, Michael: KKDJ, 1971-72. Unknown.
Stewart, Peg: KFI, 1997-2000 and 2001-07; KBIG, 2002-04. Peg is a weekend news anchor at KFI. She is lead instructor at the radio broadcasting program at Fullerton College and pd at KBPK.
Stewart, Ralph: KTWV, 1991-2003. Ralph is program director at All Comedy Radio.


(Pictured: Dean Sander; Bob Starr; Daron Sutton; Lee "Baby" Simms; and Jack Silver)

Stewart, Rick: KEZY, 1976-78; KODJ, 1989-91; Westwood One, 1991-93. Rick has a successful career in video and film production in Southern California. 
, Suzanne: KLSX, 1989; KLOS. Unknown.
Stewart, Zan: KBCA, 1977-80; KCRW, 1980-82. Zan was a longtime jazz writer for the LA Times.
Stiles, Sue: KFWB, 1978-2001. Sue works at all-News KFWB.
Stilwell, Frosty: KYSR, 1998-99; KLSX, 2000-2007. Frosty joined Frank Kramer and Heidi Hamilton at KLSX in the fall of 2000. Their show covers the midday period.
Stoltze, Frank: KLON; KPFK, 1992-2000; KPCC, 2000-02. Frank is a reporter at KPCC.
Stone, Bob: KGRB, 1965-67 and 1972-73; KWST, 1973-78; KGRB, 1978-89; KKGO, 1989-90; KGRB, 1990-93; KJQI/KOJY, 1993; KGRB, 1994-96.
Stone, Bonnie: KBIG; KACD; KSCA, 1995-97. Bonnie joined Fox Sports.
Stone, C.J.: KYSR, 1992-95. C.J. works all-nights at the Westwood One Oldies channel.
Stone, Cliffie: KFVD, 1940-44; KFI, 1950s; KPAS/KXLA, 1952-59; KFOX, 1959-65; KLAC, 1973-78. Country Music Hall of Fame member, L.A. radio personality, singer, songwriter, bandleader and producer of more than 14,000 tv and radio shows. Cliffie died of heart failure on January 16, 1998. He was 80.
Stone, Dave: KABC / KSPN, 2001-06. Dave was part of the morning drive show at KABC and co-hosted afternoons at KSPN Sports. He left in late summer of 2006.
Stone, Gary: KSCA/KLVE, 2000-07. Gary is ceo at Hispanic Broadcasting Systems.
Stone, Greg: KLOS, 1993-94. Unknown.


(Pictured: Linda Slavin; Perry Simon; Gregg Steele; Ed Shane; and Jill Stewart)

Stone, J.B.: KHJ, 1974-77; KGFJ, 1980-81; KJLH, 1982-84. Last heard, J.B. was working at "Magic 97" in Albany, Georgia.
Stone, Jay: KNX/fm, 1971. Jay, born Jack Spaw, died in a one-car crash October 15, 2001, in Hawai'i Kai. "He was really a total radio nut," said long-time friend and radio consultant Jerry Clifton. "He worked long hours and his mind was in it all the time." Clifton said Stone was a jokester who would find a way to make any situation funny. "He would have probably made a joke out of this," Clifton said. Jay was program director at KNX/FM in the early 1970’s. He was killed when his car flipped and hit a tree on Haha'ione Road. Police say speeding was involved and Stone was not wearing a seat belt. Clifton said Jay, whom he had known for 30 years, was moving to the Las Vegas area to be near his family and was probably late for his flight when the accident happened. "He was excited about moving near his son," Clifton said. "He was real positive about the move and in one of those places in his life where he was moving to a whole new mission. I talked to him the night before and said goodbye, but I didn't think that would be the last time I would ever talk with him." Jay and former KROQ dj Mike Evans went to high school together at North Torrance. “He did mornings at several stations including WNBC in New York,” emailed Mike. “The past 14 years, he’s been in Hawaii - we did mornings together at I-94 and KIKI. He was most recently fired from his gig doing mornings and station manager at the Oldies station, KGMZ, in Honolulu. His father was Jackie McCoy, a world famous boxing trainer [in boxing’s Hall of Fame] who had several championships, including Little Indian Red Lopez. Jay Stone's hero was Soupy Sales and Jerry Lewis and he acted like them both - a very funny guy,” Mike said. He was 55.

(Pictured: Nicole Sandler; Cliffie Stone; Sinbad; and Spinderella)

Stone, Jefferson: KEZY, 1976. Unknown.
Stone, Sebastian: KHJ, 1966. Sebastian was Johnny Mitchell at KGB-San Diego before he joined "Boss Radio." He was at KFOG-San Francisco in 1976 and was pd of KFRC-San Francisco. Sebastian died of a heart attack in 1987.
Storey, Roy: KFI, 1972-73. One of the LA Kings announcers during the 1972 season. He is recovering from a heart attack and living in Desert Hot Springs.
Storey, Tom: KJOI, 1974-81; KOST, 1977; KMPC, 1981-82; KZLA, 1981-87. Tom is an airborne traffic reporter for KFWB and other Southern California stations.
Stradford, Mike: KKBT, 1990. Mike was pd at KKBT. Unknown.
Strasser, Teresa, KLSX, 2006-07. Teresa is part of the Adam Carolla morning show.
Stratton, Gil: KNX, 1967-84 and 1986-97. Gil has retired and lives in Southern California.
Stratton, Ric: KUCI, 1978-79; KOCM, 1980. Ric is vp/sales at Southland Communications in Van Nuys.
Straw, Tom: KMPC, 1981-82. Tom has moved into television. He received two Emmy nominations for Night Court and he was executive producer on Dave's World.

(Pictured: Neil Saavedra; Shirley Strawberry; Tony Scott; and Ted Sobel)

Strawberry, Shirley: KKBT, 1990-2005; KDAY, 2006-07. Shirley was one of the "Angels" on the Steve Harvey morning show. She left the station on May 20, 2005, when Harvey exited the station. She rejoined Harvey when his syndicated show was picked up by KDAY.
Street, Commander Chuck: KIIS, 1983-2007. Chuck has been the pilot for KIIS Yellow Thunder traffic helicopter for over 15 years. He got his job by flying his helicopter past the 11th floor Hollywood studios while Rick Dees was on the air. Sitting next to Chuck was a female companion - a topless female companion. His reports also air on the KTLA/Channel 5 Morning News.
Street, Dusty: KWST, 1977; KLOS, 1978; KROQ, 1979-86; KMET, 1986-87; KROQ, 1987-89; KLSX, 1990-94. Dusty is working for Sirius out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.
Streit, Steve: KBIG, 1997-99. Steve was program director at KBIG until late October 1999. He is involved in a pre-paid credit card business, based in the Southland.
Strobel, John: KRLA, 1960; KMPC; KNX, 1969-75. John retired from broadcasting in 1983.
Strode, Tolly: KBCA, 1962-72; KAJZ. According to one of his co-workers, Tolly became a Black Muslim.
Stryker, Ted: KYSR, 1996-98; KROQ, 1998-2007. Stryker works afternoon drive at KROQ and co-hosts Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky.
Styles, Dave: KIIS, 2003-07. From Northwest radio, Dave was hired for weekends and now works the all-night shift at KIIS/fm.
Stuart, Linda: Linda broadcasts traffic on KABC weekends via Metro Traffic. During the week she does fill-in news and traffic shifts for KABC, KPLS, KOLA, KJLH, and the Highway Stations in Barstow.
Stuart, Rick: KROQ; KNAC, 1986. Rick has been working in San Francisco.
Sturgeon, Wina: KFWB. Wina is a sports reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune.
Sudock, Mark: KLON, 1970-84. Mark is in video production editor at KTTV/Fox 11.


(Pictured: Jill Schary; Mark Savan; Art Schreiber; Charlie Sergis; and Gary Spears)

Sullivan, Alex: KNX, 1968-2004. Alex, a graduate of Harvard University, retired from radio in the Fall of 2004.
Sullivan, Chuck: KFOX, 1969-71; KLAC, 1971-80; KREL, 1971-72. Chuck was living and working in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He died in 1993.
Sullivan, G. Michael: KEZY, 1977-80; KWIZ, 1980-87. Michael is the manager of the Monterey County Fair.
Sullivan, Joe: SEE Joe Collins
Sullivan, Kathleen: KFWB, 1999-2000. Kathleen mysteriously walked out on her morning drive co-anchoring job at all-News KFWB in April 2000 and never returned.
Sullivan, Paul: KNAC, 1976-78. Paul is executive vp for Global Media based in Vancouver, BC.
Sullivan, Pete: KZLA, 1980. Unknown.
Sullivan, Tim: KLAC; KHJ, 1973-79; KWST/KMGG, 1981-82. Tim is owner of KCAL/KOLA in the Inland Empire.
Summers, John: KWOW, 1983; KWDJ, 1983-84; KDIG, 1984-87; KBON, 1986-90; KFRG, 1993-94; KLAC, 1999-2001; KHTS, 2006-07. John is morning host at KHTS-Santa Clarita. He's also a weekend producer at Fox Sports Radio Network and an instructor for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, both Universal Studios & Pomona campuses.
Summers, Karen: KOST/KFI, 1984. Karen lives in Ventura.
Summers, Nick: KTWV, 2004-05. Nick worked weekends at "The WAVE."

(Pictured: Karl Southcott; Bill Schubert; John Swaney; and Lily Sheen)

Summers, Scott: KWST, 1981. Scott arrived in the Southland from KFRC-San Francisco. In the 1990s he worked at Shadow Traffic services. He died in January 1995 of complications resulting from a kidney transplant.
Sumner, Kevin: KYMS, 1995. Unknown.
Sunderland, Paul: KLAC, 2002-05. Paul was the LA Lakers play-by-play announcer.
Suter, Gianna: Gianna is an update anchor for Fox Sports Radio, traffic reporter for Metro Networks, and co-host of Threeway Talk syndicated on CRN.
Sutton, Daron: KLAC, 2000-01. The son of Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton, Daron is now part of the baseball broadcast team in Milwaukee.
Sutton, Ralph: KGFJ, 1984-86. Ralph is with the Urban League of Southern California.
Sutton, Robert P.: KNX, 1953-68. Born in Ogden, Bob started out as a vaudeville writer at the age of 7, performing with his parents. He later wrote for radio comedy shows. After the navy, he worked at WCCO-Minneapolis before joining KNX as pd in 1953. In 1961 Robert was named gm. Following his retirement in 1968 he turned to sculpting and also built a yacht in which he cruised the world. Robert died April 18, 1996, at the age of 87.
Svedja, Jim: KNX; KUSC, 1978-2006. Jim has a classical music show at KUSC and reviews films for KNX.

(Pictured: Soul Assassins; Paul Sakrison; Mark Sheldon; G. Michael Sullivan; and Jen Sweeney)

Swaney, John: KFWB, 1968-78; KGIL, 1987-89. John anchored at KFWB from "day one" of the all-News format until he began the full-time practice of law ten years later. John graduated from Loyola Law School in 1977 and joined the law firm of Girardi, Keese and Crane in downtown L.A. For the next eight years, he was an active trial layer, specializing in plaintiff’s medical malpractice and products liability cases. In 1986, John left the practice of law to return to broadcasting and becoming the host of "The Breakfast Edition" on KGIL and stayed until the station was sold in 1993. John was praised as a first-rate newsman and a friendly, enjoyable, decent person to know and work with. Current KFWB morning co-anchor Dan Avey had high praise for John: "John Swaney may have been the smartest, most insightful man I ever knew. It was a treat to work with him." John died October 2, 1999, at the age of 57.
Sway: KKBT, 1996-2001. Sway hosts a Saturday night hip-hop show with King Tech at "the Beat."
Sweeney, Dave: KEZY, 1965-69; KGBS, 1969; KBBQ; KFOX, 1972-76; KALI, 1996-2006. Dave is vp of the West Coast for the owners of KALI.
Sweeney, Jen: KLYY, 1999; KACD, 2000. Jen worked weekends at KACD until the station was sold and changed format to Spanish in late summer of 2000.
Swenson, Steve: KFWB, 1980-85. Steve is general manager at WCBS-New York.


(Pictured: Vin Scully; Dr. Tommy Smith; Bill Seward; and Harry Shearer)

Sweinsberg, Mike: KROQ, 1976-77. Mike was program director at KROQ.
, Dave: KEZY, 1982-84. David reports from London for various U.S. tv outlets, including the old McNeil/Lehrer Report.


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