Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, R
Compiled by Don Barrett



Rabbitt, Jimmy: KFI; KRLA, 1969-70; KLAC, 1971; KMET, 1971-72; KBBQ, 1972; KROQ, 1972-73; KMET, 1975; KGBS, 1975; KLAC, 1976; KROQ, 1976-78. In 1996, Jimmy is preparing a new album.
Racco, Al: KLAC, 1960-61. Unknown.
Race, Clark: KMPC, 1971-77; KBRT, 1980.
Clark’s radio career dovetailed perfectly with the golden era of pop music in the late '50s and throughout the '60s," was how the obituary in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette opened. Clark had an enormously successful 11-year run at KDKA-Pittsburgh when he joined KMPC in 1971 as an heir apparent to the morning heavyweight Dick Whittinghill and lasted until 1977. In 1972 Clark became the host for ABC/TV's game show The Parent Game. At KMPC he worked mostly overnights and by 1978, Clark had failed to make an impression with Southern California listeners and turned to booze. Clark headed for KYUU-San Francisco and San Diego before returning briefly to the Southland in 1980 to work mornings on the short-lived contemporary Christian music station KBRT. "The Hudson, New York native started his radio career doing baseball broadcasts in Albany. One day, the station manager told him to play some music, so he went out to a record store and simply bought a bunch of music he liked. Listeners liked it, too, and the concept caught on," according to the Post-Gazette story. "A year later, Westinghouse Broadcasting heard what he was doing and offered him a job at KDKA. The 26-year-old came to Pittsburgh in 1959 to host a radio show that lasted until 1970. At its peak, Mr. Race's show captured more than 50 percent of the audience - he simply played what he thought listeners would like. He was one of the first to bring the music of black artists to a wider and more mainstream audience. After meeting Beatles manager Brian Epstein, he was invited to go to London and meet the Beatles. As host of ‘Dance Party,’ he was the Dick Clark of Pittsburgh," from the Post-Gazette. Clark returned to Pittsburgh in 1986. He and his wife opened a bed and breakfast in Sewickley, fulfilling a longtime dream. A few years later he bought another B&B in Amish country. The couple were known to drive tourists unfamiliar with the area around the back roads. Diane Race said one of her husband's last hopes was that he could discourage others from smoking. Mr. Race's throat cancer was attributed to his longtime tobacco use.Clark died July 27, 1999. He was 66 years old.
Rachtman, Riki: KNAC; KROQ, 1993-96; KLSX, 1996-97. Riki has been heard doing weekend overnights at KROQ. For two years he was a commentator for WCW Wrestling. Riki runs his own skateboarding company in Huntington Beach.


(Pictured: Dr. Roadmap; Bill Ratner; and Kevin Ross)

Radke, Walt: KHJ. Robert W. Morgan called his engineer "Failsafe" (Walt) during the "Boss Radio" glory years. Walt has passed away.
Rall, Ted: KFI, 1998-2000. Ted left his weekend talk show in the late summer of 2000.
Ramirez, Al: KROQ; 1976-79; KLOS, 1979-2000. Al has been a mainstay at KLOS.
Ramirez, Leslie: KFI, 1998; KACD; KLOS/KABC.
Ramondo: SEE Raymond Bannister
Ramos, Carol: KFWB, 1994-97; KABC, 1997-2000. Carol left morning drive at KABC in the fall of 2000.
Ramsay, Jon: KWIZ, 1974-76. Jon owns Jon Ramsay Advertising Services in Yorba Linda specializing in radio and tv.
Ramsburg, Jim: KLAC, 1965. Unknown.


(Pictured: Al Ramirez; Hilly Rose; and Neil Ross)

Ramsey, Tom: KMPC, 1991. The four-year QB starter for the UCLA Bruins between 1979 and 1982 went into broadcasting Bruin football. He played for the LA Express and then the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. Following a stint as head of corporate sales for the Denver Broncos, Tom works at Fox Sports Net.
Randal, Ted: KFWB, 1961-62. Unknown.
Randall, Chuck: KMET; KROQ, 1979-80; KLYY, 1999. Chuck lives in Pasadena, manages rock groups and worked weekends at "Y107."
Randall, Dave: KLON, 1981-86; KRTH, 1994-2000. Dave works swing at "K-Earth."
Randall, Jeff: KMGG, 1983. Unknown.
Randolph, Jim: KGFJ, 1965-73. In 1966 and 1967, Billboard voted Jim the #1 personality in the r&b category. He became pd at KGFJ in 1968. Jim died of a heart attack in 1973 and left behind a wife and six children. He grew up in Dallas where his folks owned a drug store.
Rangoonwala, Saaquib: KNNS, 1996; KFWB, 1999-2000. His colleagues call him the "biggest name in radio." He's an editor's assistant at KFWB.
Rantel, Al: KABC, 1998-2000. Al works middays at KABC.
Raphone, Mike: KROQ, 1978-79. Mike runs All Media Advertising in Orange County.
Rapp, Joel: KFI, 1972. Joel billed himself "Mr. Mother Earth" and he hosted a daily interview talk show. He wrote tv scripts for McHale's Navy and Here's Lucy.

Ratner, Bill: KJOI, 1979-80; KBIG, 1980-85. Bill has been the promo voice for ABC.
Raven-Stark, Bruce: KLAC/KZLA, 1996-97. Bruce lives in Phoenix.
Ray, Bob: KSRF, 1967-68; KMPC, 1968-70. Bob runs a full-service ad agency in Saratoga.
Ray, Byron: KIKF, 1984-85. Unknown.
Ray, Doug: KWIZ, 1985-87. Doug is doing mornings in Fresno.
Ray, Steve: KLIT, 1991-93; KMPC, 1993-94; KRCI, 1994; KGRB, 1994-95; KRLA, 1998. Steve recently left KOLA and is working in Washington, DC.
Razor: KNAC, 1994. Born Rey deCarolo, Razor started at KNAC working the request phone lines and being a prize van driver. He's currently working at WZTA-Miami.
Reagan, Maureen: KABC, 1973-74. Maureen, the daughter of the former president and Jane Wyman, worked as a talk show host and her first guest was then-governor Ronald Reagan.
Reagan, Michael: KABC, 1983-85; KIEV, 1998-2000. Michael hosts a syndicated talk show that was heard locally at KIEV until the fall of 2000.
Reagan, Ron: KMET, 1984. The former president's son reviewed movies on "the Mighty Met." He's now part of a tv computer show.


(Pictured: Rosko; Robert Roll; Jack Roth; and Scott Riley)

Rebenstorf, John. In 1991 John became the radio play-by-play voice of UCLA football and basketball. Before the start of his second season (1992) with the Bruins, John died at the age of 41. He started out as the voice of Cal State Fullerton where he was a one-man show. John had a history of heart problems and suffered his first heart attack at 28. In the fall of 1985, at 35, he had triple bypass surgery. He was looking forward to his second season at UCLA when he required another heart bypass procedure. He died shortly after the operation.
Red Rooster: KACD, 2000. Red Rooster hosts a blues show at Channel 103.1."
Reeb, Trip: KROQ, 1988-2000. The KROQ gm said of his station, "We haven't succeeded by compromising or homogenizing the radio station. I believe that KROQ is one of the most challenging stations anywhere in commercial radio."
Reed, B. Mitchel: KFWB, 1957-63 and 1965-67; KPPC, 1967-68; KMET, 1968-71; KRLA, 1971-72; KMET, 1972-78; KLOS, 1979-81. B.M.R. played an important role in two key, distinct format successes: Top 40 and AOR "Underground" radio. Mitch was born Burton Mitchel Goldberg in Brooklyn on June 10, 1926, and entered radio following a decision at the University of Illinois to forgo a career teaching political-science "for the boogie and the glamour of broadcasting." In 1956, after a few months of doing late nights in Baltimore, he landed the all-night "Birdland Jazz Show" at WOR-New York. Mitch was one of the original "Seven Swingin' Gentlemen" at the launch of Color Radio/98 in 1958 at KFWB. Mitch died at his West Los Angeles home on March 16, 1983, at the age of 56, of a lingering heart condition.
Reed, Donn: KABC, 1959-60; KMPC, 1961-81. Donn is retried and bought a boat and heads for fresh water whenever the weather permits. He loves the lakes in the High Sierras.
Reed, Eric "Rico": KJLH, 1974-93; KACE, 1993-97; KOST, 1997-2000. Rico works swing at KOST.
Reed, Larry: KPOL, 1965; KMPC. Unknown.
Reed, Leonard: KDAY. Unknown.
Reed, Phil: KFWB, 1968-73; KNX, 1973-78; KBIG/KBRT, 1978-87; KNX. Phil is an ordained minister at the Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena.
Reed, Tom: KGFJ, 1966-69; KMET, 1969-70; XPRS, 1971-73; KDAY, 1973-76. Tom documented the rich history of black music in Los Angeles with the publication of The Black Music History of Los Angeles - Its Roots.
Reeves, Dave: KGIL, 1968-69. Unknown.


(Pictured: Judd Rose; Chris Roberts; Jose Rizo; and John Rook [1965] )

Regan, Dennis: KGIL, 1975-76. Unknown.
Reid, Gary: SEE Gary Moore.
Reiling, Joe: KLOS, 1977-81; KMET, 1982; KNX/FM, 1983; KLSX, 1988-90. Joe hosts an airline music show.
Reitler, Bill: SEE Bill Wright
Remy: SEE Remy Maxwell
Resnick, Wayne: KFI, 1988-2000. Wayne works weekends at KFI.
Reyes, Meghan: Meghan wroks for Shadow Broadcast Services.
Reynolds, Andy: KFWB, 1983-85. Andy is a deputy DA in the Newhall office.
Reynolds, Bo (Pat): KZLA, 1993-97. Bo hosts the syndicated "Boots Scoot'n Party'n Nights."
Reynolds, Jack: KGIL, 1969. Jack is vp of Capitol Records' special markets division.
Reynolds, Joey: KMPC, 1980-81; KRTH, 1981-82. Joey works at WOR-New York and is syndicated.
Reynolds, Steve: KIBB, 1996-97. Steve works at production at "Viva 107.1.".


(Pictured: Danny Romero; Nicci Ross; and Rod Roddy)

Rhines, Howard: KFAC, 1950s and 1960s. Unknown.
Rhodes, Dusty: KMET; KWST, 1979. Dusty works weekends at KFOG-San Francisco.
Rhone, Paul: KRHM, 1959. Unknown.
Rials, Beau: KSRF, 1988-89; KLSX, 1989-96; KLOS, 1997-2000. Beau works swing at KLOS.
Ricci, Little: SEE Ricci Filiar
Ricco, Paule: KLOS, 1978; KWST, 1979; KHTZ, 1979-80. Paulie became a paralegal working in the San Fernando Valley.
Rice, Bill: KNOB, 1969; KYMS, 1968; KNAC, 1969; KWIZ, 1969-70. Bill is the news director at KJR and KUBE-Seattle. For 8 years he was the stadium announcer for the Seattle Mariners.
Rich, Allan: KRHM, 1959. Unknown.
Rich, Bobby: KHJ, 1973-74; KHTZ, 1979; KFI, 1981-83. Bobby is pd and works mornings at KMXZ-Tucson.
Rich, Debra: KFI, 1997-99. Debra worked weekend at KFI. She is now living in Phoenix.


(Pictured: Rich "Brother" Robbin; Jim Rittenhouse ['70]; B. Mitchel Reed; and Lori Ryan)

Rich, Jai: KBCA, 1969-72. Unknown.
Rich, Merrie: KABC, 1983. Merrie was selected over 2,000 applicants to co-host KABC's "SportsTalk" show. She's now working in England.
Richards, Barry: KGFJ, 1984-85. Unknown.
Richards, Bill: KIIS, 1990-92. Bill is senior vp of programming for Premiere Radio Networks.
Richards, Grahame: KFAC, 1972. Unknown.
Richards, K.M.: KGIL, 1977-78 and 1989-90; KNJO, 1978; KWNK, 1988-89. K.M. works for Pacific Bell in the Residence Service Center.
Richards, Ronni: KWIZ, 1981-87. Ronni is active in the yearly Orange County PBS/TV station pledge drive.
Richards, Stoney: KIIS, 1973-74; KLAC, 1980; KHTZ, 1981; KLAC/KZLA, 1981-94. Stoney is working in Pittsburgh radio.


(Pictured: Antoinette Russell)

Richardson, Burton: KMPC, 1974; KJOI, 1978-89; KBIG, 1991-92. Burton is a voiceover talent and is the announcer on The Family Feud and has a business to upgrade computers.
Richardson, Lisa: KCRW, 1994-2000. Lisa hosts the weekend show, "Brave New World."
Richey, George: KGBS, 1967. George was a singer on Hickory Records and a regular with the Foggy River Boys on the old Red Foley Ozark Jubilee.
Riddle, Sam: KRLA, 1960-63; KFWB, 1963-65; KHJ, 1965-70; KDAY, 1971-72; KROQ, 1972-73; KHJ, 1974. The longtime producer of Star Search produces tv specials.
Riddlemosher, Rob: KCMG, 1998-99. Rob is marketing director at KRBV-Dallas.
Riegle, Barbara: KNX, 1967-69; KFWB, 1969-87. Barbara serves on the board of the Southern California Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.
Riggenbach, Jeff: KFWB, 1972-78 and 1986-87; KFAC, 1988-89. Since 1992 Jeff has been working in San Francisco as a writer and and editor of The Libertarian Review and the Oakland Tribune.
Riggio, Stephanie: KPCC, 1994-1999; KACD, 1999. Stephanie is a partner in Mocombo Records.
Riley, Chuck: KZLA, 1979-80. Chuck lives in Las Vegas.
Riley, Dick: KIKF, 1985-90. Since 1996, Dick has been a voice talent at Dabrow radio in Costa Mesa.
Riley, Pat: KLAC, 1978-79. Pat is coach of the Miami Heat NBA basketball team.
Riley, Scott: KCMG, 1999-2000. Scott hosts the Friday Night Jam and Uptown Saturday Night at Mega 92.3."


(Pictured: Ronni Richards; Ramona Ripston )

Ripston, Ramona: KABC, 1990-91. Ramona runs one of the 53 affiliates and chapters that make up the ACLU's national organization.
Rittenhouse, Jim: KWOW, 1966-72; KLFM, 1967-70. Jim is retired after suffering a stroke. He lives in Southern California.
Rivas, Chris: KPWR, 1995. Chris was part of the evening Ruffnex Show with Mr. Chocolate. He left radio and is working for a record company.
Rivard, Mike:
KWIZ, 1968; KFOX; KDAY; KBIG; KFAC; KGBS; KGFJ/KUTE; KIIS, KFI, 1984-97; KABC, 1997-2000. Mike is part of the sales team at KABC.
Rivers, Mark: KODJ, 1989. Unknown.
Rivers, Steve: KIIS, 1986-89. In early 2000, Steve stepped down as programming chief for AMFM Inc. He is based in Seattle.
Rivers, Tom: KIQQ, 1974-76. Tom is working for an Edmonton, Canada talk station.
Rizo, Jose: KLON, 1990-99. Jose works at the all-Jazz station, KLON.
Roadmap, Dr.: KABC, 1990-95. David Rizzo helped drivers during morning drive at KABC. .
Robbin, Rich "Brother": KIQQ, 1973 and 1975; KKDJ, 1974-75; KGFJ, 1975; KTNQ, 1976-77. Rich is working afternoon drive at KBZT-San Diego.
Robbyns, Linda: KACD, 1994. Unknown.
Roberts, Art: KFWB, 1961. Art lives in Tyler, Texas.
Roberts, Brian: KDAY, 1976-80;KUTE, 1980-83; KMGG, 1984-86; KKHR, 1986; KZLA, 1987-90; KRTH, 1990-93; KCBS, 1993-94; KRLA, 1996; KZLA, 1996; KLTE, 1999-2000. Brian is the pd/operations director at "Lite 92.7fm."
Roberts, Chris: KUTE, 1973-79; KGGI, 1981-83; KFI/KOST, 1981-92; KMPC, 1992-94; XTRA, 1994. Beside a life in sports broadcasting, Chris owns income property and works as a broker for a firm in Glendale. He broadcasts for the Fox Sports Net.


(Pictured: Rodri Rodriguez; Roz; Bob Ray; and Doyle Rose)

Roberts, Craig: KIIS, 1991; KRTH, 1991; KYSR/KXEZ, 1992; KIIS, 1997. Craig has an active voiceover career.
Roberts, Dave: KEZY, 1975; KWIZ, 1975. Since 1985, Dave has owned a research and consultancy firm in Austin.
Roberts, Doug: SEE Doug the Slug
Roberts, Joel: KSRF/KOCM, 1988-90; KMPC, 1990-91; KFI, 1991-92; KABC, 1992-94. Joel operates a training and consultation company for Talk radio.
Roberts, Ken: KROQ, 1972-86; KSRF/KACD, 1991-97. Ken owned the 103.1FM frequency until selling to Jacor, now Clear Channel/Jacor.
Roberts, Nathan: KDAY, 1969-74; KIIS; KDAY. Nathan went on to doing news at Channel 9. In 1987 he moved to Washington DC and is currently with Newschannel 8.
Roberts, Rick "Jo Jo": KJLH, 1984. Unknown.
Roberts, Stephanie: KNX, 1995-2000. Stephanie is part of KNXNewsradio. In 1999 she won a Golden Mike Award for Best Feature Reporting.
Roberts, Tom E.: KYMS, 1972-74. Tom breeds horses and produces films based on the subject.
Robertson, Ron: KRLA, 1971-73. Unknown.
Robins, Jeff: SEE Bruce Chandler
Robinson, Curtis: KACE, 1994; KJLH, 1995-97. Curtis is now out of radio
Robinson, Dave: KBIG, 1971-86. Dave retired to Sacramento and has since gone back to school.
Robinson, Dick: KMPC, 1970. Unknown.
Robinson, Mark: KMGG, 1983-85; KIKF, 1991-99. Mark works all-night at Country KIKF.
Robinson, Marsha: KACE, 1980-89; KGFJ, 1989-95. Marsha is head of promotions at WCIN-Cincinnati.
Robinson, Pamela: KACE, 1979-80; KJLH, 1984-85; KACE, 1985-86; KACD, 1995. Pamela works at "Shadow and Light' video production company.
Robinson, Smokey: KCMG, 2000. Former leader and Hall of Famer Smokey Robinson joined "Mega 92.3" for evenings on July 24, 2000.

(Pictured: Ron Rodrigues; Smokey Robinson; Brian Roberts; and Jeff Rollins)

Rocchio, Mark: KLON, 1983-85; KFWB, 1985-94. Mark is in the news department at KNBC/Channel 4.
Rochon: Lonnie: KDAY. Unknown.
Rocinna, Joe: KAGB, 1975. Unknown.
Rockoff, Neil: KNX/FM, 1972; KGBS/KTNQ, 1976-79; KHJ, 1979-82. Neil is special projects manager at Jones Satellite Network.
Roddy, Rod: KGBS, 1967; KDAY, 1967; KOST, 1972-74. Rod is the announcer on The Price is Right.
Rodrigues, Paul: KKBT, 1989. The former morning man at "the Beat" is a versatile tv and film actor.
Rodrigues, Ron: KMPC, 1979-82; KMGG, 1985. Ron is Editor-In-Chief of Radio & Records.
Rodriguez, Charlie: KMAX, 1990; KFOX, 1993-94; KALI, 1997-2000. Charlie works at KALI.
Rodriguez, Joe: KKBT, 1995-97. Unknown.
Rodriguez, Rodri: KFI, 1996-98. Rodri runs a marketing and promotion business and coordinates Mariachi festivals every year at the Hollywood Bowl.

(Pictured: Bill Richards; Tom Reed (70s); Phil Reed; and Steve Ray)

Roebuck, Jay: KLON, 1985-93. Jay was the pd and on-air personality of the Long Beach Jazz station. He died of a heart attack on March 17, 1993, at the age of 55.
Rogers, Beach: KFWB; KNX, 1971-97. The native Californian who earned a degree in telecommunications from USC, retired from KNXNewsradio in 1997.
Rogers, Dave: KLAC, 1967. Unknown.
Rogers, Joe: KPPC, 1970-71; KMET, 1971-72. "Mississippi Fats" worked at WBCN-Boston before arriving in the Southland where he used the name Mississippi Brian Wilson. Joe is now a restaurant broker in Boston.
Rohde, Barry: KNX 1965-97. Barry retired to Florida in the summer of 1997.
Rolfe, Cary: KZLA, 1994-96. Cary is program director at KUPL-Portland.
Roll, Robert: KROQ, 1981-85; KMET, 1985; KMPC/FM-1989. Robert is in tv production and has an active voiceover career doing spots for the LA Galaxy, LA Zoo and "member, FDIC"-type jobs.
Rollins, Jeff: KLAC, 1997-98; KGIL, 1998-2000. Jeff works mornings at Westwood One's Pop Standards format.
Romay, Lina: KNX. Lina is active in the Southern California Pioneer Broadcasters.
Rome, Jim: KXTA, 1997-2000. Jim satellites his broadcasts from "The Jungle."
Romero, Danny: KCMG, 1998-99. Danny left the morning team at "Mega 100" in late summer of 1999.
Rondeau, Jim: KOST, 1993-94; KCBS, 1994-97; KYSR, 1997-98; KBIG, 1999.
Jim is the pd/md at Hot AC KRUZ-Santa Barbara.


(Pictured: Stephanie Roberts; Chuck Rowe; Red Rooster; and Randy Riddle)

Ronni: KIIS. Unknown.
Rook, John: KFI, 1977-82; KABC, 1988-89. John lives on his Idaho ranch and owns two Spokane radio stations.
Roope, Jim: KWST, 1980; KFOX, KIEV; KRLA; KFI; KNNS, 1995-96; KGIL, 1997-99; KNX, 1999-2000. Jim is part of the news department at KNXNewsradio.
Rose, Diana: KSRF, 1989-91; KLIT, 1991-92; KACD, 1992-95. Diana is with Metro Networks and is a cousin to Hilly and Roger Rose.
Rose, Doyle: KPWR, 1991-96. Doyle is president of Emmis Broadcasting.
Rose, Hilly: KABC, 1970-72; KFI, 1972-79; KMPC, 1979-82; KABC, 1982-84. Hilly has been filling in for syndicated Art Bell.
Rose, "Big J": KODJ, 1989-90. Francis is with C-SPAN Radio 90 in Washington, DC.
Rose, Jim: KZLA, 1985-93. Jim owns a digital on-hold company in Grants Pass, Oregon.
Rose, Judd: KFWB, 1978-79. Judd
, the Emmy award-winning co-anchor of CNN NewsStand, Entertainment Weekly, and former KFWB newsman died June 10, 2000 in New York at age 45. He had been undergoing treatment for a brain tumor. Judd is the son of former Los Angeles Talk show veteran, Hilly Rose. Judd left KFWB in the late 1970s and worked at numerous network operations. "I worked with him when I was an editor at KFWB and enjoyed him," said Rich Buhler. "Judd was very bright." Judd joined CNN in 1998 from ABC News, where he was a correspondent for PrimeTime Live for nine years and contributed a wide range of stories, from political investigations and reports on corruption to newsmaker interviews and celebrity profiles. He contributed reports to Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and Turning Point. Rose investigated charges of sexual harassment in the Los Angeles Police Department, the police beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles and contributed to the award-winning PrimeTime Live investigation of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. "Judd Rose was one of the best radio reporters ever - with a nose for the unusual angle and the unusual interviewee," emailed Dan Avey, KFWB morning co-anchor. "This was highlighted by some of the funniest ‘features’ ever done on network tv, during the 1984 Olympics. Judd was intelligent, unassuming, unflappable and a great friend. He will be missed." During the Gulf War, Judd reported from Saudi Arabia on media restrictions imposed by the military and on the specialized search-and-rescue teams who flew dangerous missions into hostile Iraq. Over the past year he delved into the entertainment business, going behind the scenes in Hollywood to report on a variety of topics related to film, television and music. Recent reports have included a look at the film studio "junket" system, damage control publicity for stars in crisis and profiles of Sir Ian McKellen, Francis Ford Coppola and Frank Sinatra, among others. Earlier in his career Judd reported for KABC/Channel 7 and KNBC/Channel 4 and Associated Press Radio in New York and Washington, D.C. He was also a writer for NBC Radio, New York, and The Associated Press broadcast wire. Judd won four Emmys, including one in 1987 for his contributions to Nightline's coverage of the fall of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and most recently for his coverage of the funeral of Princess Diana. He also received an Associated Press Broadcast Award for his coverage of the murder of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. He is survived by his wife, Sarah Strum, and their twins, Jacob and Rachel.
Rose, Roger: KMGG, 1983; KFI, 1986. Roger was an original VH-1 vj and is an actor.
Rosefsky, Bob: KABC, 1979-88; KBLA, 1988-89. Bob is editor-in-chief of CruiseNet, a bi-monthly travel magazine. Since 1991, Bob has been living in Palm Springs.
Rosen, Sharone: XPRS, KWNK; KLAC. Sharone directs traffic for one of the traffic services and moonlights as a synagogue cantor in the San Fernando Valley.
Rosenberg, Hal: KRTH, 1972-74. Hal was running KFSD-San Diego until his retirement in 1996.
Rosenberg, Leo: KMET, 1972. After radio, Leo became a teacher in Long Beach.
Rosenbloom, Randy: KWNK, 1984-85; KMPC, 2000. Randy was one of the radio announcers for the short-lived L.A. Express football team. He currently is hosting KMPC's Friday night high school football wrap-up.


(Pictured: Al Rantel; Carol Ramos; Joey Reynolds; and Wayne Resnick)

Rosenbloom, Slapsie-Maxie: KLAC. Slapsie-Maxie was a Las Vegas comedian, actor and former professional boxer and was part of KLAC's attempt to resurrect the "Big 5" djs.
Rosko: KGFJ, 1964-65; KBLA, 1965; KMET, 1971.
Bill Mercer, better known as "Rosko," died August 1, 2000 after a long, hard fight with cancer. Rosko worked at KGFL and KBLA in the mid-1960s and went to New York and began the "underground" revolution on WNEW/FM on October 30, 1967. Some saw a streak of arrogance in Rosko, others, particularly younger colleagues, saw a free spirit, a wise and spiritual man. A colleague from WKTU-New York remembered: "He was philosophical and poetic about his illness, life, love, politics, radio and advertising. He always spoke romantically of Jo, his wife." Another colleague said: "He had that great voice, like an Orson Welles. And he'd talk with a guy like me, give me advice. I'll miss him. He knew he was one of the best, and he demanded that excellence from everyone." Rosko took himself out of commercial radio in 1985 when he quit WKTU on the air by accusing management — including Mel Karmazin, who is now head of CBS — of racial bias. He kept busy with voiceover work after that, notably for CBS Sports. He missed radio, he said in 1990, "but only 5% of hosts today understand their potential. And stations wouldn't let them fulfill it." He was 72.
Ross, Brenda: KPWR, 1987-92. Brenda works morning drive at KBLX-San Francisco.
Ross, Don: KHJ; KNX, 1966. Don left Southland radio for KFMB-San Diego and was a tv booth announcer for decades. He retired in San Diego and worked on his art work. Don has passed away.
Ross, Eva: KHJ, 1974 and 1976-77; KIKF, 1980-90. Eva anchored the news at KHJ from 1974 to 1977. She writes for the OC Register and is married to Lyle Kilgore.
Ross, Frankie: KJLH, 1986-90; KKBT, 1990-92; KJLH, 1992-2000. Frankie is part of the on-air team at KJLH.
Ross, Kevin: KGFJ, 1993; KKBT, 1993-94; KACE, 1994-99.
Ross, Kevin: KTZN 1997; KABC, 1997-98. Kevin is judge of the Inglewood Municipal Court District.
Ross, Lee: KFOX, 1962-63. Lee wrote My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You and Heart-to-Heart Talk.
Ross, Maggie: KIQQ, 1977-80; KMPC, 1980; KHTZ, 1980-82; KLAC, 1982-87; KZLA, 1989-94; KCBS, 1994-2000. Maggie reports weekend news at "Arrow 93,"
Ross, Neil: KPOL/FM, 1978; KZLA, 1979-80; KHTZ, 1981; KNX/FM, 1981; KMPC, 1982-85. Neil lives in L.A. and has an active voiceover career.
Ross, Nicci: KOCM/KSRF, 1989-90; KACD, 1994-96; KIBB, 1996-97.
Nicci left L.A. in 1997 for WZGC " ("Classic Roc Z93") in Atlanta. Since 1999, she has been working afternoons at WRAL ("Mix 101.5") in Raleigh, North Carolina. She worked as Teena Marcos at "B-100."
Ross, Phil: KYMS, 1986-94. Phil co-hosts a nationally syndicated, weekly half-hour radio program called Ambassador Express Talk.
Roth, Jack: KRLA, 1976-83. Jack is working voiceovers.
Roth, Michelle: KDAY, 1979-80; KRLA, 1983-85; KBIG, 1992. Michelle lives in Hollywood and is married to a police officer. She has been heard as an announcer on cable game shows.
Rourke, Jack: KABC, 1957-58. Jack publishes a celebrity newspaper in the San Fernando Valley.
Rowe, Bob: KMPC, 1966-94; KMAX, 1995. Bob is living in Glendale and has been writing a book on his experiences at KMPC.
Rowe, Chuck:
KNX, 1996-2000. Chuck is now with Shadow Traffic and is one of the airborne reporters assigned to KNX full time. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he attended La Salle University and worked as an intern at KEGX-FM before moving to Southern California in 1990. While at Metro Traffic, Chuck was heard on a number of LA stations, including KABC, KIIS, KLSX, KGGI, and KFRG. A husband and father of three, he has lived in the Inland Empire since 1993.
Rowe, Red: KFI, 1968-69. Red has retired to Palm Springs.
Roy, Mike: KNX, 1965-76. Mike Roy's Kitchen was a tv and radio fixture for years. Mike died June 26, 1976, at the age of 63. His longtime announcer, Dennis Bracken said: "Mourn Mike, but not his memory."
Roz: KLSX, 1988-90.
Roz Byrne lives in Chicago and is an account executive at WXRT/WSCR.
Rubin, Sam: KNX, 1994-2000; KMPC/KTZN, 1995-97; KLSX, 1999-2000. The entertainment reporter for KTLA/Channel 5 Morning News works late morning at KLSX.


(Pictured: Bill Rice; Sam Rubin; Ted Randal; and Dave Randall)

Rudnik, Lee: KMET, 1971. Lee was the midday jock at "the Mighty Met." Unknown.
Ruiz, Cesar: KMJR, 2000. Cesar works middays at Spanish KMJR.
Rush, Andy: KNX/FM, 1987-88; KMPC/FM, 1988. Ron owns rental property in West Los Angeles, Hollywood and Oregon and he breeds Dachshund pups.
Russell, Antoinette: KJLH, 1987-89; KACE, 1989-97; KOST, 1997-2000. Antoinette works swing at KOST.
Russell, Aundrae: KJLH, 1988-2000. Aundrae is sports director at KJLH as well as being a dj.
Russell, Bill: KABC, 1970-73 and 1982. The former Celtic led Boston to 11 championships in 13 years. There was no mistaking Bill's on-air cackle while doing talk shows at KABC.
Russell, Bobby: KWIZ, 1995-96. Unknown.
Russell, Lew: KGFJ, 1957-58. He was known as Moon Dog. Unknown.
Ryan, Lori: KEZY, 1993-96; KFI, 1996-99; KNX, 1999-2000. Lori does traffic for KNX.
Ryan, Nick: KWIZ, 1977. Nick works in Fresno tv.
Ryder, Max: SEE Chris Leary
Ryder, Turi: KMPC/KTZN, 1996-97; KFI, 1997-98. Turi left KFI in early 1998.
Rydgren, John: KRLA, 1972; KRTH, 1977-82; KRLA, 1985; KRTH, 1986-88. "Brother John" had a unique place in Southern California radio. Born in North Dakota, he grew up in Seattle. In 1958 John graduated with a divinity degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington and became an ordained Lutheran minister. John was one of the first people to use rock music in religious radio programs. He began his radio work in Minneapolis where he taped a Christian rock show called "Silhouettes" from a church basement. He was the voice of ABC's pro-album Love Format in 1968. In 1970, John left WABC/FM to produce religious and socially slanted radio/tv programs. He moved to L.A. in 1972 and eventually hosted a program called "Heaven Is in Your Mind." In 1982, John suffered a debilitating stroke while on the air, which left him with a form of dyslexia, forcing him to relearn reading and speaking from the third-grade level. With therapy he rejoined KRTH in 1986. John died December 26, 1988. He was 56.
Ryker, Malcolm: KNAC, 1994-95. For the past five years, Malcolm has been apd and production/imaging director at "91X" in San Diego.


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