Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, I
Compiled by Don Barrett



Ibarra, Roberto: KLYY/KSYY/KVYY, 1999-2000. Roberto left his programming duties at "Viva 107.1" at the Big City trimulcast in the summer of 2000.
Ickes, Larry: KXEZ/KJOI, 1989-96. Last heard, Larry was working at KKSF-San Francisco.
Impemba, Mario: KMPC/KRLA/KLAC. Mario was the color commentator for the Anaheim Angels. He's now with the Detroit Tigers.
Imus, Don: KGBS, 1972; KLAC, 1996-98; KRLA, 1998-2000; KPLS, 2001-03; KCAA, 2003-06. Don's syndicated show aired on KCAA-Riverside (1050 AM) until CBS Radio dropped his show on April 12, 2007.
Ingels, Marty: KIEV, 1998-99. Marty worked weekends at KIEV.
Ingle, Laura: KFI, 2002-05. Laura is a reporter for Fox News.
Inglis, Sheri: KRTH, 1987-89; KFWB, 1990-98. Sheri lives in South Africa. She and her husband operate a safari business near Kruger National Park.
Ingraham, Laura: KPLS, 2002-03; KRLA, 2003-07. Laura's syndicated show is heard in morning drive at KRLA.
Inor, Ron: KPPC, 1970-71; KMET, 1972. SEE Ron Middag


(Pictured: Sheri Inglis; John Ireland; Irv Ivers; and Mario Impemba)

Insalaco, Jason: KFI, 1993-95; KLSX, 1996-2005. Jason owns and operates The Kelton Agency, a talent agency for radio personalities. He is based in Los Angeles.
Ireland, John: XTRA, 1994-99; KSPN, 2005-07. John partners with Steve Mason on KSPN. He can be seen at KCAL/Channel 9.
Irey, Thomas: KLFM, 1963-65. Thomas worked at "All Rock, Little Talk" KLFM in the early days of Southern California fm radio.
Irvine, Jeff: KWIZ, 1988. Jeff is working in South Carolina.
Irwin, Lew: KPOL, 1955-62; KRLA, 1964-69; KLAC/KMET, 1969; KDAY, 1970-72; KNX/fm, 1987 and 1989-90. Since 1992, Lew has published Studio Briefing, a daily digest of entertainment industry news.
Irwin, Ron: KGBS, 1965-68. Unknown.
Isler, Mark: KABC, 2006-07. Mark joined weekends at all-Talk KABC in late Spring of 2006. He had done fill-in in 2005.
Ismael, Rob: KFI, 1996-97; KABC, 1997-2001; KRLA, 2001-05. Rob is staff coordinator for KRLA and provides imaging for KRLA and KTIE.
Ivenk, Mike: SEE Mike Fright


(Pictured: Don Imus; Lew Irwin; Laura Ingle; and John Ivey)

Ivers, Irv: KHJ, 1969-72; KIQQ, 1972-73. Born in Montreal, Irv started his radio career in Quebec and Bermuda. He came to the U.S. to work in sales at KFRC-San Francisco and KHJ where he was appointed station manager in 1971. In 1974, following the successful launch of "K-100," Irv joined Columbia Pictures as head of advertising. He spent the next 20 years in senior executive marketing jobs at MGM/UA, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. In the early 1990s Irv decided to return to his native Canada and moved to Toronto to head up Astral Communications. He died in November 1996 at the age of 57. His death was due to complications following surgery to remove his spleen 10 days prior. The executive editor of LARADIO.com hired Irv to run KIQQ and when Irv joined the motion picture business, he offered a unique opportunity to follow him. There wasn’t a sweeter, more decent human being than Irv. God bless him!

(Pictured: Laura Ingraham)

Ivey, John: KIIS/KYSR, 2001-04; KIIS, 2004-07. John joined KIIS as pd on July 9, 2001 from "KISS 108"-Boston. He is the regional vp of programming for Clear Channel.


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