Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, H
Compiled by Don Barrett



Habeck, Ted: KWST, 1979-81; KMET, 1981. Unknown.
Haddad, Edmonde: KUSC, 1956-58; KNX, 1957-58; KPOL, 1961-73. Ed went on to become an executive of the World Affairs Council. He's chair of the editorial board of the Episcopal News, the Diocesan newspaper of the Episcopal Church in Southern California.
Haden, Mark: KIQQ, 1988; KLAC, 1993-98; KGIL, 1998-2000. Mark works evenings at Westwood One's Adult Standards format.
Hadges, Tommy: KLOS, 1980-85. Tommy is a radio consultant.

(Pictured: Patti Hanson; Mark Haden)

Haessler, Eric: KLSX, 1995-97. Eric worked as one of the Regular Guys for a station in Atlanta.
Hafen, Steve: KKBQ, 1969-70; KGOE, 1972. Since 1996, Steve has managed KVIP AM/FM in Redding.
Hagen, Don: KLSX, 1986. Unknown.
Haggler, Mike: KPPC, 1971. Unknown.
Haim, Joey: KMAX, 1995-96; KWNK, 1996-97; KIIS/AM/KXTA, 1997-98. Joey left "XTRA Sports 1150" last year.
Hainey, Chandler: KYMS, 1993. Chandler is working at the Christian Research Institute.
Halburn, Mark: KTSJ, 1984-86; KKLA, 1985-86; KYMS, 1986; KMNY, 1989. Mark is anchoring morning news, traffic and weather for WMXE "Mix 100.9" in Charleston, West Virginia.
Haley, Bud: KPOP, 1959; KRKD, 1960-63; KLAC, 1968-79; KABC, 1979. Unkn
Halison, Frank "Hot Dog": XPRS, 1971-72. Unknown.
Hall, David: KORG, 1977; KNX/fm, 1979-83; KKHR, 1983. Dave lost both legs when a drunken truck driver with two loads of cement crashed into his car, and the gas tank exploded trapping him in his car. Within six months he was walking on artificial legs. David plays the coroner on CSI.
Hall, David G.: KFI, 1989-2000; KFI/KXTA/KLAC, 2000-01; KNX/KFWB, 2003-04. David was made vp of AM programming at Infinity's L.A. news stations in early Fall of 2003.
Hall, Derrick: KXTA, 1998-99. Derrick left his post as communications vp for the LA Dodger organization when new owners arrived in 2004.
Hall, Don: KPPC, 1968-71; KMET, 1972-73. Don was last sighted in Santa Barbara as a projectionist for a drive-in theatre.
Hall, John: KMPC, 1977-78; KIKF, 1994. John was a sports writer for four decades at the LA Times and OC Register.
Hall, Mel: KLAC, 1957-59; KRLA, 1965-67. Since 1968, Mel has been president/ceo of Cinira Corporation, a film/video production company and broadcast creative service in San Diego.
Hall, Mort: KLAC, 1958-63. Last heard, Mort was living in New York.


(Pictured: Phil Hulett; Michael Harrison; Charlie Huero; and Chick Hearn)

Hall, Phil: KLAC, 1982-83; KHJ/KRTH, 1985-90. Phil is vp of programming for ABC Radio Networks based in Dallas.
Hall, Tom: KABC, 1978-97. After receiving a B.A. degree in humanities, Tom started with KABC "TalkRadio" in early 1978 with a program featuring a wide potpourri of topics. He also worked for KNBC/Channel 4 as a public affairs reporter and appeared in the Marlon Brando movie, The Formula. Tom was part of a documentary team as an interviewer/writer/segment producer traveling to most continents and had credits in over 40 documentaries. Tom was a weekend and utility talk host at KABC and he ran a consulting group. Tom died April 12, 1997, of lymphoma and leukemia at the age of 57. He left behind a wife and four children.
Halloran, Michael: KROQ, 1988; KLYY, 1999; KMXN, 2002. Halloran is pd at KBZT-San Diego. 


(Pictured: Jim Hicklin; Jim Hilliker; Phil Hall; and Ric Hammond)

Halloran, Tricia: KCRW, 1994-2004. Tricia hosts "Brave New World" at KCRW.
Hamblen, Stuart: KLAC, 1976. Stu was one of the first singing cowboys. He was born on October 26, 1908, to a Methodist minister in Kellyville, Texas. His singing career started at age 18, and for the next two decades he was unparalleled as a singer and writer (he wrote Rosemary Clooney's million selling song, This Old House). His colorful past includes movies with John Wayne, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers; arrests for speeding and drunk driving; and running for President on the Prohibition Party platform against Dwight Eisenhower. His personal revival came when attending a Billy Graham revival in 1949. He stopped drinking and began to travel the country speaking to youth organizations and prison inmates. KLAC gm, Bill Ward, was the lightning rod behind getting him in radio during the 1970s. The country jock got the 1,168th Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in 1976. At the ceremony, as reported in the LA Times, Stuart said: "I've accepted Lord Jesus Christ, and what a difference Christianity can make in a man's life." Stuart died March 8, 1989, at the age of 90. He had lapsed into a coma after surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor.
Hamblin, Jim: KRLA. A native of Southern California, Jim began his radio career at KRLA, where he was a general assignment reporter. He later covered San Francisco City Hall for KCBS and the state Capitol beat for KCBS, KFBK-Sacramento and AP Radio. He worked briefly as a television newsman for KPIX-San Francisco. Jim died May 10, 1996, at his home in Roseville, where he had been confined to a wheelchair since 1995 suffering from diabetes. He was 59.
Hamilton, Bob: KHJ/FM, 1977-79; KRTH, 1979-86; KHJ, 1983-85. Bob works for an Oldies station in Florida.
Hamilton, Gary: KMGG, 1984-85. Gary is working for WASH/WBIG-Washington, DC and WLIF-Baltimore.

(Pictured: Bob Hudson w/child; Hugh Hewitt; Steve Harvey; and Rick Hull)

Hamilton, Heide: KYSR, 1998-1999; KLSX, 2000-04. Heidi is now teamed with Frosty Stilwell and Frank Kramer at KLSX called The Triplets.
Hamilton, Jim: KORG/KIKF, 1980-82. Jim hosts the morning show at WLTM-Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Hamilton, Sean "Hollywood": KIIS, 1986-92; KGGI, 1993-95. Sean left WKTU-New York to pursue his nationally syndicated radio show, The Weekend Top30 Countdown, which is heard in over 150 markets.
Hamilton, Lee: KXTA, 1987-2004. Lee works afternoon drive at "XTRA Sports."
Hammond, Ric: KABC, 2000-02. Ric reports traffic from Metro Networks for KABC.
Hancock, Bill: KBCA, 1968. Unknown.
Hancock, Hunter: KFVD, 1947-51; KFOX, 1951-54; KFVD/KPOP, 1954-57; KGFJ, 1957-66. Hunter, the pioneering r&b jock, died August 4, 2004, at the age of 88.
Handel, Bill: KFI, 1993-2004. Bill works morning drive at all-Talk KFI.
Hanley, Jeff: KLOS, 1990. In the mid-1990s, Jeff was working at KTYD-Santa Barbara.
Haning, Evan: KRLA, 1973-74. Unknown.
Hansen, Bruce: KMPC, late 1960s. Unknown.
Hanson, Mark: KKHR, 1983-86; KEZY, 1988. Last heard, Mark was working in San Diego as Mark Jagger.
Hanson, Patti: KBIG, 1995-96; KOST, 1996. Patti is working at Cumulus Santa Barbara KMGQ,
Smooth Jazz and KKSB Oldies 106.3 doing the morning news.


(Pictured: Mike Horn; Larry Huffman; Nic Harcourt; and Tom Hatten)

Harcourt, Nic: KCRW, 1998-2004. Nic hosts "Morning Becomes Eclectic" at KCRW.
Harden, James: KNAC, 1972. Unknown.
Harding, Mitchell: KCRW, 1978-1995. Unknown.
Hardison, Greg: KSRF, 1984-85; KABC, 1983-1998; KCRW, 1999; KFI, 1999-2001. Greg is out of radio.
Hardwick, Chris: KROQ, 1994-98; KLYY, 1998. Chris left radio to star in UPN's Guys Like Us.
Harmon, Jim: KWIZ, 1965; KDAY, 1966. Unknown.
Harmon, Pete: KEZY, 1982-83; KNX/FM, 1983; KRTH, 1984-85; KNX/FM, 1986; KBIG, 1994. Last heard, Pete was a dealer in Las Vegas.
Harmon, Steve: Steve has been the voice of the UCLA football broadcasts.
Harmon, Tom: KABC, 1968-69. Tom died in 1990.
Harms, Jerry: KEZY, 1966. Jerry served briefly as pd at KEZY.
Harris, Bob: KPOL, 1957-72. Bob has died.
Harris, Doug: KMET, 1976. Unknown.
Harris, "Frosty" Bruce: KRLA, 1959; KIEV, 1971-88. For many years "Frosty" was an administrator at the El Monte Adult School and retired in 1992.
Harris, Gene: KGFJ, 1988. As president/ceo of QSN Network, Inc. (QSN.CC) in Las Vegas, Gene produces syndicated content for over 500 stations worldwide.


(Pictured: Paul Hill; Huggy Boy; Amy Hiatt; and Gene Harris)

Harris, George: KMET, 1985. George is a consultant based in Philadelphia.
Harris, Michael: KNOB, 1982-87. SEE Michael Moore.
Harris, Rahn, KGRB, 1975-77. Unknown.
Harrison: KLYY, 1999. Harrison worked evenings at "Y107" with Dave Wittenberg until late 1999 when the station went Spanish.
Harrison and Tyler: KGBS, 1972. Unknown.
Harrison, Jeff: KACD, 1994-95. Jeff is working for an Urban station in Houston.
Harrison, Jim: KLAC; XTRA; KWOW; KFI, 1971. Jim was last heard at KOGO-San Diego.
Harrison, Mike: KMET, 1975-85. Mike is the editor and publisher of TALKERS Magazine.
Hart, Ed: KHJ, 1959; KFWB, 1978-86; KNX, 1988-94. Ed died in the mid-1990s.

(Pictured: John Hart; Hunter Hancock; Al Herskovitz; and Bruce Hayes)

Hart, John: KPOL, 1959-61. John was a newsman at KPOL who went on to the NBC network. Unknown.
Hart, John: KKOP, 1972-73; KEZY, 1973-75. John is a sound engineer for hit tv sitcoms and he teaches communication and business at area colleges.
Hart, Tanya: KACE, 1996-2000. Tanya was the entertainment reporter for KACE. She is seen reporting for E! Entertainment.
Hart, Tony: KGFJ, 1989-96. Tony left the Southland for an Atlanta jazz station.
Hartman, Steve: KFOX, 1990; XTRA, 1990-2004. Steve is part of the Loose Cannons on XTRA Sports. 
Hartman, Tim: KDAY, 1973. Tim is now Judge Hartman, a justice of the peace in El Paso.
Hartz, Evan: KLYY, 1997-99; KXMX, 2000. Evan worked at 95.1-Ventura until early 2001.
Harve, "Humble": KBLA, 1965-67; KHJ, 1967-71; KIQQ, 1973; KKDJ, 1974; KIIS, 1975-76; KUTE, 1980; KRLA, 1981-82 and 1985-86 and 1988-91; KRTH, 1991-92; KCBS, 1992-93; KZLA, 1996-97; KIEV, 1999. Harve works the Oldies format at Westwood One.


(Pictured: Tom Haule; Beverly Hyken; and Mel Hall)

Harvey, Alan: KNOB, 1959-61; KPOL, 1961-70; KIIS, 1970-72; KPOL, 1973-76; KDAY, 1978-81; KPOL, 1981-84; KLON, 1982-89; KMNY, 1987-88; KPFK, 1991-95. A newsman and political commentator, Alan visited KPOL three times. Born Albert Hoefeld II in Chicago, October 8, 1927, he graduated from Northwestern with a speech major in 1948. He started out in Evanston and was a staff announcer for a Chicago tv station until he was blacklisted for helping organize the talent union. Alan left the cold for sunny Southern California and stayed for the long haul. Alan remembered a line from John Chancellor when talking about his radio career, "I have outlived my culture." Alan died September 21, 1998, at the age of 70.
Harvey, Bob: KFWB, 1984-96; KIKF, 1995-96; KZLA, 1996-2000; KFWB, 2000-02. Bob is a casual anchor and sports reporter at KFWB.
Harvey, Boyd: KNX, 1966-96. Boyd retired from KNX after almost 30 years.
Harvey, Phil: KMPC/fm, 1988; KSRF, 1991. Phil reports traffic and news for one of the traffic services. He's also an actor.
Harvey, Rudy: KDAY, 1965; KGFJ. Rudy had his own record labels, Dynamic and Titanic. He had one major hit, Moments To Remember by Jennell Hawkins. Rudy has passed away.
Harvey, Steve: KKBT, 2000-04. Steve, star of The Steve Harvey Show on the WB Network, started mornings at "the BEAT" on September 11, 2000.


(Pictured: Dick Haynes; Fred Hessler; Cleve Hermann; and Pat Haslam)

Harwell, Ernie: KMPC, 1992. Ernie is the voice of the Detroit Tigers.
Hasick, Scott: KFI, 1994-99. Scott co-hosted a talk show with Casey Bartholomew at WKRK-Detroit until late 2003.
Haslam, Pat: KNX, 1999-2004. Pat works at all-News KNX.
Hass, Karl: KUSC; KMZT. Karl hosts a syndicated show out of Cleveland that runs early mornings on "K-Mozart."
Hatten, Tom: KNX, 1986-2004. Tom broadcasts entertainment reports at KNXNewsradio.
Haule, Tom: KNX, 1982-2004. Tom is co-anchor of the midday news at KNX.
Haven, Patty: KEZY, 1975. Unknown.
Hawkins, Tommy: KGFJ, 1965; KABC/KLOS, 1970-85; KKGO. Tommy is vp communications with the L.A. Dodgers.
Hawthorne, Darr: KPFK, 1968-72. Darr, the son of Jim, is in the tv production business.
Hawthorne, Jim: KXLA, 1943-48; KECA, 1948-49; KDAY, 1959; KFWB, 1960-63; KHJ, 1962-63; KIEV, 1991. Jim contributes to the Archives at LARadio.com.
Haydel, Janine: KJLH, 1995-2004. See Janine Zenon
Hayden, Zirn: KVFM; KMET, 1975. Zirn does voiceover work.
Hayes, Bruce: KFWB, 1958-61; KDAY, 1962; KHJ, 1963-64; KFWB, 1965-67; KFI, 1969. Bruce died November 20, 1994, of cancer.


(Pictured: Laurie Howell; Lon Helton; Bob Howard; and Jim Hawthorne)

Hayes, Casey: KWIZ, 1978-79; KUTE, 1979-80; KJOI, 1983-86; KWVE, 1989-90; KLIT, 1992. Casey is a stage actor in local theatre.
Hayes, Drew: KABC, 1998-2000. Drew is currently operations director at WBBM (Newsradio 780) and WSCR (The Score, Sportsradio 670)-Chicago.
Hayes, Jack: KFWB, 1964-65. Jack lives in Southern California and he does voiceover work.
Hayes, Johnny: KRLA, 1965-68 and 1969-71; KDAY, 1971; KRLA, 1971-92; KRTH, 1992-2002. Johnny left afternoons at "K-Earth" on May 3, 2002. 
Hayes, Kate: KLSX, 1989-90. Kate works for a station in Santa Rosa.
Hayes, Larry: KPPC, 1971. Unknown.
Hayes, Lauren: KLSX, 2003-04. The Playboy host has a weekend show at 97.1, the FM Talk Station.
Haymore, David: KSSE/KSSC/KSSD, 1999-2003. David left his post as gm at the Spanish Estrella stations in late 2003 and joined SBS.
Haynes, Dick: KLAC, 1945-58; KXLA, 1958; KLAC, 1959-66; KFOX, 1966-71; KLAC, 1971-80. Dick "Haynes at the Reins" died November 24, 1980, of cancer at the age of 69 at the Motion Picture Television Country Home and Hospital in Woodland Hills.
Healy, Jerry: KMPC, 1987. Jerry works at the Pop Standards format at Westwood One.
Healy, Jim: KBIG, KMPC, 50s; KLAC, 1961-65; KFWB, 1969; KABC, 1969-84; KLAC, 1973-82; KMPC, 1984-94. A one-of-a-kind sportscaster in Los Angeles for 43 years, Jim died July 22, 1994, at age 70 from complications of liver cancer. He began at KMPC in 1950, fresh out of UCLA, writing for broadcaster Bob Kelley. Jim wrote for Bob for 11 years. He hosted "Here's Healy" on KBIG and also worked at KFWB, KABC and KLAC. Jim was the nightly sports reporter on KABC/Channel 7 with a team that featured former County Supervisor Baxter Ward and Rona Barrett. He returned to KMPC in 1984. The veteran sports commentator left the air May 1, 1994, when KMPC switched from Sports to Talk. His illness was a well-kept secret. His son Patrick is a field reporter for KNBC/Channel 4. "Is it true?" became one of his trademark lines. His headstone at Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn reads: "Jim Healy, 1923-94, IT IS TRUE.” KMPC gm remembered the day that Jim came to work and was so happy to have found a plot next to a sidewalk. He wanted people to see it! In 1997 he was inducted into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
Hearn, Chick: KLAC. The Los Angeles Lakers announcer died August 5, 2002, from complications after a fall in his home three nights earlier. He never recovered after two brain surgeries. Chick had shown remarkable resiliency in the eight months prior to his death. On December 20 he underwent heart-valve replacement surgery. In mid-March he fell getting out of his car at a gas station breaking his hip. He returned to the Laker broadcast booth in time to call their games through the playoffs to their 3rd consecutive championship. Since 1960, Chick has been the voice of the L.A. Lakers on radio and tv. The former host of Bowling for Dollars, he was inducted into the American Sportscasters Hall of Fame, was the third broadcaster elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, and he received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "Put a game in the refrigerator," signifying when the game outcome was locked, came from his 83-year-old grandfather who misplaced things around the house and later discovered them in the refrigerator. In the midst of the glory of announcing for an enormously successful sports franchise, there have been some tough times. Their son, Gary, died at 27 in 1972. Their daughter, Samantha, died at 41 in 1991. Born Francis Hearn on November 27, 1916, Chick graduated from Bradley University. In the early 1950s he worked in Peoria alongside veteran tv anchor Jerry Dunphy. Chick called an unprecedented 3,338 NBA games before he underwent open-heart surgery in late 2001. During that broadcast streak, the Lakers scored 364,148 points winning 2, 092 games. Eight U.S. Presidents served during the streak. Chick was a college and high school referee for about eight years before becoming a broadcaster. Who will ever forget his one sentence: "Wraparounddribbledrivefallawayprayer!" In 1997 the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association named him top radio play-by-play announcer. 
Hearring, Chet: KLIT, 1997; KIIS, 1987-2004. SEE Chester the Arrester


(Pictured: Tommy Hawkins; Gary Hollis; Luther Hughes; and Marv Howard)

Heatherton, Dick: KFI, 1986; KMPC, 1987; KJOI, 1989; KOCM, 1989-90; KXEZ, 1991; KCBS, 1992; KACD. Dick is working in Rochester, New York.
Heckler, Bob: KABC, 1995-96; KMPC, 1996. Bob builds industry specific webcasting radio stations. He's based in Las Vegas.
Hefner, Jim: Jim provides radio analysis of USC basketball radio games.
Heftel, Richard: KTNQ/KLVE/KSCA, 1994-99. In late 1999, Richard stepped down from his post as general manager of the Spanish-language stations. He is now vp of music relations for Hispanic Broadcasting.
Hehmann, Debbie: 1999-2004, KKLA. Debbie hosts a weekend show at KKLA.
Heide, Tami: KROQ, 1991-2004. Tami works middays at KROQ.
Heifetz, Louise: KFAC, 1986. Louise is a consultant in Southern California.
Heitkemper, Sean: KLON/KKJZ, 1998-2004. Sean hosts the Atomic Lounge at all-Jazz KKJZ and he is the station manager.
Helmer, Mark: KNNS, 1996; KFI, 2002-04. Mark was the Clippers P.A. announcer at L.A. Clipper games for several years as well as the Anaheim Piranhas. He now works at AirWatch America doing both news and traffic for KFI and other Southland stations.
Heller, David: KLOS; KWST, 1980-81; KMPC, 1984. Unknown.
Hellman, Bob: KLSX, 1995. Bob teamed with Kato Kaelin for the launch of KLSX's "Real Radio." Unknown.
Helton, Dick: KNX, 1999-2004. Dick is midday co-anchor at all-News KNX.
Helton, Lon: KHJ, 1980-83. Lon has been the R&R Country editor based in Nashville for over a decade. He also hosts the syndicated Country Countdown USA and Country's Inside Trak.
Hemingway, Carole: KABC, 1974-82; KGIL, 1986-93. Carole owns a media consulting firm in Beverly Hills.
Hemingway, Frank: KABC. Frank passed away in the early 1990s.
Henderson, Brother: KPOP, 1950s; XERB, 1968; XPRS, 1972; KGFJ, 1972. Brother Henderson died in 1972, leaving a formidable gospel legacy behind him.
Henderson, Florence: KGIL, 1997-98. The mother on The Brady Bunch began as co-host of Later Today in the fall of 1999.


(Pictured: Heide Hamilton; Hot Rod Hundley; Michael Halloran; and Evan Hartz)

Henderson, Steve: KKGO, 1989; KKJZ, 1990; KACE, 1992; KJQI, 1993; KKGO, 1993-99. Steve works in production and overnight news on the Classical station, KKGO.
Hendrie, Phil: KWST, 1978-80; KNX/fm, 1982-83; KLSX, 1987-88; KFI, 1989-90 and 1996-2004. Phil works early evenings at all-Talk KFI.
Henry, Alan: KLAC, 1964-65. Alan was the first gm when Metromedia purchased the station. Unknown.
Henry, Gil: KNX, 1955-59; KLAC, 1965-69; KGBS, 1972-73. Unknown.
Henry, Mike: KFWB, 1960-63. Mike now lives in Texas.
Hensel, Dr. Bruce: KFWB, 1993. Bruce is an assistant clinical professor of medicine at UCLA.
Herbert, Don: KFWB, 1968-98. Don is retired and lives in the San Fernando Valley.
Herbert, Phil: KBIG, 1997-99. Phil broadcast news in morning drive at KBIG.
Hergonson, Bill: KYMS, 1971; KRLA, 1972. Bill is working at the Palomar College radio station in Carlsbad.
Herman, Shelley: KMPC/KTZN, 1995-97; KLSX, 1999. Shelley is diversified working on freelance writing assignments, voiceovers and the occasional infomercial hosting job.
Hermann, Cleve: KFWB, 1952-89; KGFJ, 1972. Cleve passed away December 31, 1998. He was 80.
Hermosillo, Xavier: KMPC, 1995-97. Xavier is working on a syndicated radio project and he is a free-lance reporter for KFWB.
Hernandez, Joe: KMPC. Joe was the voice of Santa Anita thoroughbred racing heard on KMPC.
Hernandez, Liz: KPWR, 2001-04. Liz is part of  Big Boy's Neighborhood at "Power 106" broadcasting the news.
Hernandez, Phil: KKBT, 1992-98. Phil works production at Westwood One Radio Network and freelances for Creative Imaging.
Herrera, Rich: KMAX, 1995-96; KWNK, 1996; KXTA, 2001. Rich is hosting a sports show in Arizona.
Herrin, Jim: KBCA, 1965-72. Unknown.
Herschensohn, Bruce: KABC, 1986. In early 1986, Bruce resigned from KABC radio and tv to unsuccessfully challenge Democratic Senator Alan Cranston.


(Pictured: Don Herbert; Sean Heitkempter; Brad Holland; and Gerry House)

Herskovitz, Al: KPOL, 1970-79. Al is president and ceo of H&H Communications. From 1998 to 2000, Al served as media consultant to the Steve Forbes Presidential Campaign.
Hess, Leigh: KNNS, 1995-96. Leigh is a college/university instructor of communications at Cal State University Dominguez Hills and CSU Fullerton.
Hessler, Fred: KMPC, 1953-83. Fred retired from radio on December 31, 1983. He passed away in 1993.
Hewitt, Hugh: KFI, 1990-95; KIEV/KRLA, 2000-04. Hugh contributes to the KCET/Channel 28 nightly PBS show Life & Times. On July 10, 2000, Hugh took over mornings at KRLA and now works afternoons. His show is syndicated on close to 100 stations.
Hewlitt, Bill: KBIG, 1998. Unknown.
Hiam, Joey: KMAX, 1995; KWNK, 1996-97; KIIS/AM, 1997. Unknown.
Hiatt, Amy: KEZY, 1982-84; KTWV, 1988-2000. Amy left Smooth Jazz, "the Wave" in December 2000.
Hicklin, Jim: KMPC, 1966-73. Jim was the traffic helicopter pilot who replaced Capt. Max Schumacher, who was killed when two helicopters collided over Dodger Stadium on August 30, 1966. On April 2, 1973, Jim was killed in his stateroom aboard the cruise ship Princess Italia moments before the ship was to sail on a vacation trip to Mexico. He was killed by a crazed listener who told Jim he would kill him. Jim made the mistake of telling on the air where he was going on vacation. KMPC aired his funeral services live.
Hider, Ed: KDAY, 1969-70; KFI, 1974-77. Unknown.

(Pictured: Hettie Lynn Hurtes; Jack Hayes; and James Hill)

Higgins, Haagan: KMGG, 1985-86; KLAC, 1989-90; KZLA, 1990-97. Haagen is out of radio and living in West Hollywood.
Hilburn, Lincoln: KPOL, 1965-68; KLAC, 1968-69. Lincoln is deceased.
Hildreth, Howard: KGIL, 1967-75; KNJO, 1968-69. Howard's retired, playing lots of tennis, and living in Arroyo Grande.
Hill, Austin: KYMS, 1987-93; KKLA, 1990; KZLA, 1993-2001. Austin hosts a talk show at KFYI-Phoenix and a weekly public affairs show at KZLA.
Hill, James: KZLA, 1986-91; KYSR, 1992-94; KFWB, 1995-96. The former morning sports anchor on all-News KFWB worked as Jim Bridges at KZLA and KYSR. James spent eight years as the co-host for the motor sports-oriented Truckin USA on the Nashville Network.
Hill, Paul: KNOB, 1955-57; KLFM, 1961-62. Paul is plant manager for Knurr USA in South Carolina.
Hill, Richard: KABC, 1997. Richard is working at KLIF-Dallas.
Hillery, Jeff: KDAY, 1973; KFWB, 1973-75; KIIS, 1981; KABC, 1981; KRLA, 1982; KHJ, 1982-85. Jeff is pd at KLIF-Dallas.
Hilliker, Jim: KNOB, 1979-80; KYMS, 1979-85. Jim is a Los Angeles radio historian. He works in Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz radio.
Hines, Craig: KIQQ, 1973; KGIL, 1976-77; KBIG, 1988-90. Craig is a computer consultant and voiceover actor in the Los Angeles area.
Hinkle, John J.: KTYM, 1969-99. The Reverend passed away June 4, 1999.
Hinson, Don: KDAY, 1969-70; KFOX, 1972; KLAC, 1979-84; KBBQ, 1991; KLAC, 1991-93. Don lives in Nashville and is part of the Country entertainment community.


(Pictured: Bob Hughes; Bill Handel; Phil Hendrie; and Austin Hill)

Hirsch, David: KEZY, 1980-83; KMET, 1984-87; KTWV, 1987-91; KBLA, 1991-92. Since 1992 David has been the owner and editor of The Lifestyle Information Service - a radio prep service with over 100 subscribers and over 1,600 continuous daily issues.
Hobbs, Tally: KIKF, 1986. Unknown.
Hoberman, Ben: KABC. The former gm at KABC and ABC Radio president is retired.
Hodson, Jim: KYMS, 1982-85. Jim went on to host Real Videos on TBN and then became a music video jock on the Family Channel.
Hodel, Terry: KPFK, 1969-99. The 30-year veteran with Pacifica station KPFK, lost her courageous battle with cancer. She was best known for being the "voice" of the KPFK calendar of events for many years, as well as being the producer of the science fiction radio show she started with her husband, Mike Hodel. Now in its 27th year on the air, the show is called "Mike Hodel’s Hour 25" in honor of Mike who passed away in 1986. Terry was passionate about many things, said her longtime friend Suzanne Gibson of South Pasadena, but two of the things that meant the most to her were the continuation of her KPFK show "Hour 25," and the subject of literacy. Terry was born July 15, 1937, in Milwaukee. Terry died March 17, 1999 at the age of 61.
Hoehn, Arthur: XERB, 1966-67. Arthur worked with Wolfman Jack at the "X" as "Fat Daddy" Washington. Since 1967, he has been with Minnesota Public Radio.
Hoffman, Gary: KFI, 2004. Gary is a reporter/anchor at KFI.
Hoffman, Steve: KLOS, 1985-88; KQLZ, 1989-90. Steve works at KCAL-Riverside.
Hoffman, Walt: KNX, 1966-85. Walt is doing commercials and voiceover industrial work.
Hofmann, Don: KDAY, 1968. Don has retired and is living in Monterey.


(Pictured: Tricia Halloran; Sie Holliday; Carole Hemingway; and Lee Holloway)

Hogan, Rich: KIIS, 1980-81; KWST/KMGG, 1981-85; KBZT/KLSX, 1986. Rich owns a photography studio in Hollywood.
Hogenraad, Carolyn: KOST, 1994-96; KSBR, 1994-96; KEZY/KXMX, 1996-99. Carolyn works middays at KTMK ("T94.5fm")-Temecula.
Hokum, John: KABC. John retired from the KABC sales department in the early 1990s.
Holiday, Dolly: KMET, 1967. Dolly was part of the all-female format at KMET. Unknown.
Holland, Brad: KFOX, 1982. Brad is the head basketball coach at the University of San Diego.
Holliday, Sie: KRLA, 1962-76; KMPC, 1976-78. Considered by many the first female voice in contemporary radio in Southern California, in 1978 she returned to the Lone Star State and lives as Shirley Schneider in Wichita Falls, where she does acting and directing on the local live theater scene.
Hollier, Vincent: KMPC, 1995-96. Vincent did a weekend computer show at KMPC. Unknown.
Hollis, Gary: KJQI/KOJY, 1993-94; KKGO, 1990-2000; KMZT, 2000-02. The versatile actor who has appeared in Kindergarten Cop, Columbo and Hill Street Blues, works middays Classical KMZT.
Hollister, Jim: KABC. Unknown.


(Pictured: Mike Henry; Tom Hall; Tanya Hart; Clark Howard; and Bob Harvey)

Holloway, Lee: KGIL, 1987-88; KABC, 1992-97. Lee is an internationally published author and currently at work on books to be published by Harper Collins.
Holmes, Rick: KBCA, 1967-76. Last heard, Rick went on to work at Mutt & Jeff Records.
Holston, Jim: KPSA, 1972-75; KPOL, 1986. Unknown.
Holt, Jim: KFI, 1969; KLAC, 1969-70; KGIL, 1971-73. Jim worked all-nights at KLAC. Unknown.
Holt, Lynn: KFAC, 1985-88. Lynn hosted "Luncheon at the Met." She is now with Minnesota Public Radio.
Holt, Tony: KFAC, 1985-89. Tony hosted the "Evening Concert" at KFAC.
Hood, Dave: KRTH, 1993-94. Unknown.
Horn, Mike: KBBQ, 1971-72; KROQ, 1972; KFOX, 1973; KFI, 1973-76; KRLA, 1976-80; KIEV, 1985-93; KFI, 1994-95; KIKF, 1996. Mike owns Cable Radio Network, servicing over 14 million listeners in 29 states.
Horowitz, Sandy: KLYY, 1997-98. Sandy is getting a CPA at Cal State Long Beach.
Hotlen, Allan: KJOI/KXEZ; KYSR. Allan left his pd post at KKDV (“The Drive”) in San Francisco in early 2003.
House, Gerry: KLAC/KZLA, 1986-87. Gerry works at WSIX-Nashville.
Howard, Andrew: SEE Karel & Andrew

(Pictured: Alan Harvey; Liz Hernandez; Chris Hardwick)

Howard, Bob: KGFJ; KFWB, 1981-2004. Bob works at all-News KFWB.
Howard, Clark: KFI, 1998-2001; KLAC, 2001. Clark's syndicated consumer affairs show from Atlanta is heard in afternoon drive at KLAC.
Howard, David: KLYY, 1997-2000; KTWV, 2000-04. Dave was promoted to gsm at "the WAVE" in  February 2000. He became station manager in the summer of 2003.
Howard, Greg: KGFJ/KUTE, 1980. The graduate of Princeton was gm at KGFJ/KUTE. Unknown.
Howard, Marv: KDAY, 1956-62; KBBQ, 1963; KHJ, 1963-77; KFI, 1977-82; KMPC, 1982-94. Marv was one of the premier news voices covering four decades in Southern California radio. He died of a massive brain hemorrhage on June 26, 2004. He was 72.
Howell, Laurie: KNX, 1991-95; KLOS, 1995-97. Laurie hosts a syndicated show called "The Green Scene."


(Pictured: Xavier Hermosillo; Harrison and Dave Wittenberg; Tami Heide; Shelley Herman)

Hubbs, Kraig: KOST, 1983. Kraig works for the Loma Linda Hospital in the Inland Empire.
Huddleston, J. Paul: KFWB, 1961-65; KHJ, 1965-72; KROQ, 1972. J. Paul died of complications of liver disease while working in the world of financial business in San Antonio. He was 62.
Hudson, Bob: KHJ, 1979-80; KRLA and KABC, 1980-81. Bob is part of the morning team at KPLN ("The Planet")- San Diego and he does Web site design.
Hudson, "Emperor" Bob: KRLA, 1963-66; KBLA, 1966-67; KFWB, 1967-68; KEZY, 1968; KGBS, 1969-74; KRLA, 1974; KFI, 1974-76; KIEV; XPRS, 1981-82; KRLA, 1985-86 and 1988. "The Emperor" was voted one of the Top 10 djs in Southern California between 1957 and 1997. Born Robert Howard Holmes, he led his commandos to mornings on KRLA in 1963. He designed missions for, by his account, 40,000 commandos. One mission was to take over San Francisco, cover it with water and make it the world's largest ice skating rink. Another project was to straighten Sunset Boulevard and create the world's largest bowling alley. Bob regularly signed off his programs by warning the "peasants" to clear the freeway because "His highness is coming." In 1966, Billboard ranked "Emperor" Hudson #1 in morning drive. Partnered with Ron Landry at KGBS, Bob and Ron recorded a Grammy winning album titled, Ajax Liquor Store. Bob died September 20, 1997, at the age of 66.
Hudson, Lord Tim: KFWB, 1965-66; KFOX, 1979-80; KGOE; KWIZ, 1976. Tim is a stand-in for actors on major tv and movie productions.

(Pictured: Phil Harvey; Don Hinson; Tommy Hadges; and Stuart Hamblen)

Hudson, Richard: KCBS, 1998-99. Richard works swing at "Arrow 93" from KXGL-San Diego.
Huero, Charlie: KPWR, 1993-96. Charlie is at KKFR-Phoenix.
Huffman, Larry: KWIZ, 1966-69; KEZY, 1969-70. Larry has an active voiceover career and he is a speedway PA announcer.
Huffsteder, Paul: KROQ, 1976-78. Unknown.
Hugg, (Huggy Boy) Dick: KRKD, 1951-55; KWKW, 1954; KALI; KGFJ, 1955; KBLA, 1965; KRKD, 1965-66; KRTH, 1975; XPRS, 1981-82; KRLA, 1983-98; KRTH, 1998-2002. Huggy Boy left  "K-Earth" in early 2002.
Hughes, Bob: KWST, 1972-75; KSRF, 1975; KNJO, 1977-80; KZLA, 1982-85. Bob is a movie stand-in.
Hughes, Chris: KYSR, 2001-04. Chris is with Airwatch America and broadcasts traffic for the "Star 98.7" morning show.


(Pictured: Dick Helton; Florence Henderson; and David Haymore)

Hughes, Luther: KLON 1990. Luther is a premier double bassist.
Hulett, Phil: KSUL, 1981; KLOS, 1981; KABC, 1981-85; KHTZ, 1984; KEZY, 1984; KNAC, 1985-94; KJAZ, 1994-96; KBIG, 1997; KFWB, 1997-99 and 2002-04. Phil a casual anchor at all-News KFWB. 
Hull, Dave: KRLA, 1963-69; KFI, 1969-71; KGBS, 1971-73; KIQQ, 1973; KRLA, 1974; KFI, 1974-76; KMPC, 1978-81; KRLA, 1981-85; KHJ, 1985-86; KRLA, 1992-93; KRTH, 1994; KIKF, 1996. Dave was voted one the Top 10 djs in Southern California between 1957 and 1997. The "Hullabalooer" works at KWXY-Palm Springs.
Hull, Rick: KNAC, 1969-70. Rick owns a voiceover business based in Dallas.
Hulston, Rich: SEE Rich Cartter.  
Hume, Dave: KTNQ/KGBS, 1976-78. Unknown.
Hummer, Rick: KIBB, 1996-97. Rick works at WBYT-South Bend.
Humphries, Herb: KFWB, 1967-71 and 1972-74; KABC, 19971-72. Herb,the architect for the launch of all-News KFWB on March 11, 1968, died August 24, 2003 of congestive heart failure and diabetes. "It's indisputable the launching of the all-News format on KFWB was among the most historic events in Los Angeles radio," commented Don Schrack who later became news director of the station. "The ratings and the industry nationwide could not have been accomplished without the vision, direction and motivation of Herb Humphries," said Schrack. Born February 13, 1932, Herb was in the ninth grade when he got his first peek at journalism through the Gladewater, Texas High School newspaper. From that point in 1944 and for the next 50 years, Herb was working for a newspaper or broadcasting news. His first radio job was at KGVL-Greenville, Texas, and he worked in Texas radio for the next ten years picking up several AP awards. He was one of the original newsmen at Westinghouse's all-News WINS-New York. When Westinghouse bought KFWB, Herb was named news director and was heavily involved in the conversion. Herb left radio in 1974 and spent his next 20 years at KMOX/TV-St. Louis. In 1995, a year after retiring to a fishing hole in East Texas, a newspaper poll still found him to be the sixth most popular reporter among those St. Louisans polled. In early 2003, Herb was nominated for the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. He was 71. 
Humphries, Steven: KLAX/KXMG, 1996-97. Unknown.


(Pictured: Drew Hayes; Dave Hull; David Hall; and Herb Humphries)

Hundley, Hot Rod: KLAC. Hot Rod is the play-by-play voice of the NBA Utah Jazz.
Hunter, Ben: KFVD, KFI, 1946-50s. Ben died in the mid-1970s.
Hunter, Gregg: KIEV. Gregg hosts a restaurant show on CRN and writes a weekly column for The Tolucan.
Hunter, Max: KMET, 1985. Max co-anchors the morning news at Newsradio 1460-KTX (KTXX-Salinas-Monterey-Santa Cruz), and he goes by the name Rick Anderson.
Hunter, Mikel: KFI, 1969; KLAC, 1970; KRLA, 1971-72; KMET, 1972-74; KGBS, 1975-76. The North Carolina native was born Mikel Herrington in 1938. He arrived in Southern California from KLIV-San Jose. He was at KLAC during the "chicken rock" format. When he got to KRLA for the "underground" format, he worked late evenings and called himself "Hot Rocks Hunter" and "Motorcycle Mikel." During his stint as pd of "the Mighty Met," the environment was as irreverent as the music. The jocks had a wall full of "nude" pictures of listeners, and the ceiling of the studio was a mural with the moon and stars on it. The 1978 film FM was loosely based on his times at KMET. Mikel hosted several talk shows in Northern California before retiring to become a full-time win connoisseur. Mikel left KOME-San Jose in 1982. His voiceover career includes being the national voice for Sears. He died November 16, 1997, of complication due to leukemia. He was 57. Scott St. James remembered: "I worked for Mikel at KLIV-San Jose. I was hired off a fake aircheck. I saw a memo Mikel received from the gm telling him what a terrible mistake he had made and I should be gotten rid of. Mikel said that he was not going to fire me but he told me to get as good as that tape. And in a hurry."


(Pictured: Johnny Hayes; Bob Hamilton; Rich Herrara; and David G. Hall)

Hunter, Rick: KLAC, 1989-93. Rick works at WOMC-Detroit.
Hurtes, Hettie Lynne: KRTH, 1979-81; KRLA, 1985-86; KFWB, 1999-2004. Hettie has an active voiceover career and works swing at KFWB.
Hurst, Wilson: KRLA, 1959. Unknown.
Huser, Joe: KKGO, 1980-89; KKJZ, 1990; KLIT, 1991-92; KAJZ/KACD, 1992-95. Joe is the operations director for H. Hawaii Media in Maui. He also does mornings at KONI-Maui. 
Huto, Harald: KQLZ. Harald worked afternoon drive at RTL (Radio-Television-Luxembourg), Europe's largest broadcaster.
Hutton, Rose: KOST. The long-time associate of Gordon McLendon's, Rose died January 24, 1997.
Hyde, Alan: KIEV, 1971; KLVE. Unknown.
Hyken, Beverly: KXMX, 1999; KFWB, 2001. Beverly is working at CNN Radio in Atlanta.
Hyman, Herb: KRLA, KRLA, 1959-61. Unknown.


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