Where Are They Now?
Compiled by 
Don Barrett



E-Man: KPWR, 1999-2008. E-Man, Emmanuel Coquia, is music director and apd at "Power 106."
Eagleton, Joyce: KWIZ. Joyce is a writing teacher in Orange County.
Earl, Bill: KPCS, 1970-72; KFXM/fm, 2007-08. Published author of two radio-oriented trade paperbacks. Currently, Bill is advising the netsite ClassicDJradioscrapbook.blogspot.com.
, Warren: The former gm is retired and living in Ventura.
Easley, Victoria: KFWB, 1986-94 and 1995-99. Victoria worked fill-in at all-News KFWB.


(Brad Edwards; Ron Escarsega; and Rene Engel)

Easy E: KKBT, 1994-95. The N.W.A. founder and Ruthless/Relativity Records owner/president/artist, Eric Wright, hosted a Saturday night hip-hop show on "the Beat" called "Ruthless Radio Show" co-hosted with Jesse Collins. Eric died of AIDS on March 26, 1995. He was 31. Following his death, his former lovers and business associates were haggling in Los Angeles Superior Court. Ruthless Records was the company that helped put Compton gangsta rap on the pop culture map. Shortly after his death, in an April 1995 story in the LA Times, reference was made to Ruthless: "Once a thriving independent firm, (it) has floundered in recent years and is saddled with more than $1.5 million in debts. Even so, former Ruthless employees speculate that the company could be worth as much as $30 million, but competitors doubt whether the firm's assets could generate more than half that. Sources on both sides of the battle believe that the estate could be deluged by a slew of paternity suits as well as litigation seeking funds from disgruntled recording artists and producers."
Ebert, Fred: KFI, 1999-2001. The former chemistry professor hosted a Sunday morning talk show at KFI. He's now with KIRO-Seattle.
Eckstein, Warren: KABC, 1989-2003; KRLA, 2003-06. Warren hosts the weekend pet show at KRLA and appears monthly on LIVE With Regis and Kelly.
Ed, EverReady: KNAC, 1989-95; KLSX, 1996-98. Ed Kelley started at KNAC in an off-air position and worked his way up to jock. He's now with KNAC.COM.
Edelberg, Ken: KCSN, 1994-97, KLTX/KIEV, 1998-2000; KLAC, 1999-2001; KOST/KBIG, 2000-05. Ken left KOST/KBIG in early 2005.
Edell, Dr. Dean: KFI, 2001-09. Dr. Dean's syndicated show is heard weekends at KFI.


(Geoff Edwards; Chip Ehrhardt; Patrick Emory; and Dr. Dean Edell)

Edwards, Brad: KGBS, 1969-71; XPRS, 1971-73; KUTE, 1973; KDAY, 1974; KGBS, 1975-77; KFI, 1983. Brad is living in Grover Beach (between San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria).
Edwards, Chris: KAPP/KKOP, 1964-68. Chris is program director at KGFM/KCOO-Bakersfield.
Edwards, Craig: KRLA/KTIE, 2006-08. Craig left as head of Metro Networks news bureau to join the Salem talk stations in March 2006. In left KRLA/KTIE in late summer of 2008.
Edwards, Dick: KHJ, 1979-80. Dick went on to work at KMJM-St. Louis, KYKY-St. Louis, KKDA-Dallas, WUSL-Philadelphia, three stations in Greensboro. He currently working at WSJS-Winston-Salem.
Edwards, Eddie: KLAC, 1987-88. Eddie works at WNOE-New Orleans.
Edwards, Geoff: KHJ, 1964-65; KFI, 1966-68; KMPC, 1968-79; KFI, 1987-89; KSUR, 2003. Geoff is travel editor KION News/Talk- Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz and part of the Society of American Travel Writers.


(Victoria Easley; Norm Epstein; and Tommy Edwards)

Edwards, George: KKBT, 1989-92; KYSR, 1995-97; KRTH, 2006-08. George is working at Dial-Global and was working swing at K-EARTH until a downsizing by parent CBS Radio in February 2008.
Edwards, Glen: KEZY, 1959-66. Unknown.
Edwards, Greg: KIKF, 1990-91. Greg is working at KUBB Merced/Modesto/Fresno as apd/afternoons. He is in his 5th year as a college professor at Modesto Jr. College teaching radio/tv production to the next generation of broadcasters.       
Edwards, Mike: KIKF, 1984; KOCM, 1990. Mike is on-air at KRZY Country (KRAZ/fm) in Northern Santa Barbara County and he anchors a news program at KUHL-Santa Maria.
Edwards, Pam: KMET, 1983-86; KNAC, 1990-91. Last heard, Pam was in record promotion.
Edwards, Rob: KOST, 1970-77; KBIG, 1978-93. Rob left Westwood One in early 2007.
Edwards, Stephanie: KGIL, 1997-98; KKLA, 1998-99; KIEV, 1999-2000. For four years, Stephanie co-hosted A.M. America. Beginning in 1980 she was the spokesperson for Lucky Supermarkets. Stephanie left middays at KIEV in the spring of 2000.
Edwards, Steve: KABC, 1990-95. Steve hosts Good Day LA at KTTV/Channel 11.
Edwards, Tommy: KCBS, 1992-2002. Tommy left the Real Oldies station in Chicago in late summer. He worked morning drive at WILV-Chicago until the fall of 2008.
Egil, Swedish: KROQ, 1983-90; KOCM/KSRF, 1990-92; KACD, 1996-97. Egil Aalvik has been involved in many radio and tv projects.
Ehrhardt, Chip: Gold Coast Broadcasting, 1998-2006. Chip is the general manager of the Gold Coast cluster in Ventura/Oxnard.
Eichenthal, Gail: KUSC, 1977-88; KNX, 1995-2005; KUSC, 2005-09. Gail was promoted to pd at KUSC in the spring of 2008.
Eig, Natalie: KDIS, 2003-09. Natalie is the station manager for Radio Disney, KDIS.


(Gail Eichenthal; Craig Edwards; and Ron Engelman)

Elder, Bob: KORG, 1991-92. Unknown.
Elder, Larry: KABC, 1994-2008. Larry worked afternoon drive at KABC until late 2008
Eldred, Doug: KMLT, 2004-05. Doug worked weekend evenings at "Lite 92.7fm" until a format flip in the late spring of 2005.
Eldredge, Jason: KCRW, 2009. Jason hosts a weekend show on KCRW.
Eldridge, Sheila: KKTT, 1979; KACE, 1979-80. Sheila lives in New York and runs her own PR firm, "Orchid Promotions."
Elliot, Don: KBLA/KBBQ, 1965-71; KIIS, 1971-72; KROQ, 1972; KEZY, 1973; KIQQ, 1974; KKDJ, 1975; KIIS, 1975-86; KFI/KOST, 1994-2002. Don left KFI in late 2002 to form his own production firm.
Elliot, Steve: KDLE, 2003. Steve worked afternoons at Dance KDL until a format flip to Modern Rock at the end of 2003.
Elliott, Bob: KBLA, 1967. Bob was also known as K.O. Beachin at KEWB-San Francisco. He died in a car accident.


(Steve Elliot; Warren Eckstein; Bill Earl; Fred Ebert, and Eddie Edwards)

Elliott, Don: KIKF, 1995. Unknown.
Elliott, Jack: KIKF, 1985. Unknown.
Elliott, Jeff: KEZY; KNX/fm. Jeff works mornings at KDMX (Mix 102.9) in Dallas.
Elliott, Lee: KLSX/KRLA, 1989-93; KXEZ/KYSR, 1993-96; KLIT/KMLT, 1997-98; KRTH, 2001; KSWD, 2008-09. Lee is working at 100.3/fm The Sound.
Elliott, Mark: KHJ, 1970-73; KWOW, 1974; KIIS, 1974-75; KHJ, 1975-77. Mark is the voice on all Disney trailers.
Elliott, Mark: KMGX, 1991-94. Mark is operations head for Gold Coast Broadcasting in Ventura/Oxnard.
Ellis, Dave: KEZY, 1984. Unknown.
Ellis, Steve: KLSX, 1989-91. Steve is a senior vp at Mercury Records.
Ellison, Melinda: KMGX, 1990-92. Last heard, Melinda was producing the Rick Dees' "Top 40 Countdown Show."
Ellison, Nancy: KBCA, 1978; KKGO, 1979-80. Unknown.
Ellsworth, Scott: KFI, 1969-72; KGBS/fm, 1973. Scott is living in Palm Springs and working nights at KWXY.
Elmer, Terri-Rae: KFI, 1983-2009. Terri-Rae is part of the news team at all-Talk KFI.
Elwell, Roy: KRLA, 1959-63; KLAC, 1967-68; KRLA, 1968 and 1973-76; KGIL, 1976-77. Roy is retired and living in Santa Monica.
Emerson, Bryan: KIKF, 1987. Unknown.
Emory, Patrick: KFWB, 1968-70. Patrick was one of the original newsmen at the launch of the all-News format at KFWB. He went on to a successful tv news career at KNXT (now KCBS)/Channel 2, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and 10 years with CNN. He's retired and living in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Enberg, Dick: KMPC, 1966-78. During the past three decades, Dick has become a premier sports broadcaster.
Engel, Rene: KCSN, 1978-80; KCRW, 1980-88; KPCC, 1988-96; KUSC, 1996; KCSN, 1997-2001; KLON/KKJZ, 2001-02. Rene left his post as program director at KKJZ in the fall of 2002.


(Terri-Rae Elmer; EverReady Ed; Daryl Evans; and Larry Elder)

Engelman, Ron: KRTH, 1979-81; KWST, 1981-83; KMGG, 1983. Ron spent his time in Los Angeles radio teamed with John London. The London & Engelman morning team was enormously popular. Ron died August 29, 2007, following a 3-year battle with lung cancer caused by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam, according to his 19-year old daughter, Krista. He died peacefully in his sleep at home, in the Texas Hill Country. He was 68. Ron was born in Denver. The radio bug bit him in 1961 at Northeastern College in Sterling, Colorado. He started at KGEK-Sterling and moved on to KBOI-Boise, then mornings at KLAK-Denver and KLIF-Dallas in 1973 where he met his eventual partner, John London. Ron became nd at KUPD-Phoenix in 1975 then to KHOW (“96KX”)-Denver. When Ron moved across town to KTLK-Denver, he began as a team with John and stopped doing news. Their journey took them to Portland, back to KLIF, to KULF-Houston, and then K-EARTH in 1979. Within days of their arrival in L.A., they stirred it up with a skit that had Eddie Haskell teaching the Beaver how to snort cocaine. The duo admitted that their Denver act was a bit sicker than what they did on KRTH. After KMGG ("Magic 106,") they did some tv writing before joining WFLA-Tampa and then KMEL-San Francisco in 1986. During their stay in the Bay Area, which would be their last as a team, Ron was in the hospital twice, once for open heart surgery and later for an aorta bypass. The break-up of the London & Engelman partnership was, as Ron related in a 1998 telephone interview from his home in New Mexico, "real ugly." Ron went on to WZOU-Boston in 1990, followed by a return to the Bay Area at KSOL-San Francisco. In early 1993, Ron became a talk host at  KGBS-Dallas. Shortly after his arrival, all hell broke loose. "Waco hit and all of a sudden I and the station became a link with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians,” said Ron. “Tapes of my show were being monitored and obtained by the FBI. I was on virtually every single press outlet. At one stage the Branch Davidians hung a banner from the fortress that said WE WANT RON ENGELMAN." The government would not let Ron approach the compound and controversy swirled. He made an emphatic point that he did not agree with David Koresh, but, as Ron said, "POWs during the war were treated more humanely." After the Waco incident, he lost his job and had "a real, real tough two years." While waiting for his next radio assignment, he restored a 1934 Rolls Royce, which is now in a Houston museum. Ron purchased some land in New Mexico and moved there in 1994. Thanks to Waco, he was unable to keep steady job in radio until he was hired once more in 1999 for Talk Radio Network, doing live late-night national news broadcast from Wichita Falls. After his contract ran out in 2000, he and his family returned to New Mexico where Ron returned to fill-in work for KKOB. Ron was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004, and a tumor was removed from one lung. He was given three to five years to live. When his condition began to worsen post surgery, he needed to move to sea level to breathe easier. He and his family relocated to the Texas Hill Country (between San Antonio and Austin) in January of 2006.
Ensara, Roger: KDAY, 1984. Unknown.
Epps, Warren: KGFJ, 1978; KKTT, 1979. Warren works for Big State Music Distributing in the Carolinas.
Epstein, Bob: KLON, 1981-95. As a USC student, Bob was programming a film series. He later moved to UCLA, where he began to lecture on film history in the late 1960s. The pioneering film archivist and radio jazz personality co-founded the UCLA film archives. Bob was one of the original founders of Filmex, the influential though now-defunct Los Angeles Film Festival. Bob died of an apparent heart attack on April 8, 1995, just hours before he was scheduled to do his radio show. He was 57.
Epstein, Norm: XTRA/KOST, 1968-73; KPSA/KLVE, 1973-75; KMPC, 1975-84; KLAC/KZLA, 1986-93. The former general manager at KLAC/KZLA is a principal in Travel Related Marketing, an advertising/marketing company specializing in the travel industry.
Erdmann, Luz, KAJZ; KIIS, 1993-96; KKGO, 1998-2001; KLON/KKJZ, 2001-06. Luz is gsm at KKJZ.
Erickson, Keith: KLAC, 1979-87. The former Laker broadcaster is president of Sports Fantasies.
Ervin, Dave: KBIG, 1993-97; KZLA, 1997-2000. Dave is head of the CBS Radio cluster in St. Louis.
Ervine, Jeff: KWIZ, 1990-91. Unknown.
Erwin, Ron: KGBS, 1966-68; KROQ, 1969; KPPC, 1970; KGBS, 1970-76; KFWB, 1992; KFI. Ron owns an ad agency in Encino.
Escalante, Joe: KLDE, 2006-08. Joe joined mornings at Indie 103.1/fm in late spring 2006 and left in late 2008.


(Don Elliot; Susan Estrich; Swedish Egil; and Joe Escalante)

Escarsega, Ron: KRLA, 1989-2000; KLSX, 2000-08. A native of Los Angeles, Ron is head of operations at CBS Radio/LA cluster.
Escandon III, Joshua: KIIS, 1991-94; KAGR, 1991-92; Q105, 1992-93; KGGI, 1993-94; KIBB, 1994-95; KCMG, 1994-95; KOST, 1998-2000; KBIG, 2000-05; KRTH, 2006-08. Joshua worked middays at Oldies K-EARTH until the spring of 2008. He hosts Friday nights at the Laugh Factory.
Esensten, Barbara: KFWB, 1979; KABC, 1985-86. Barbara writes for television.
Esquivel, Gilbert: KIBB, 1997-98. Unknown.
Estrich, Susan: KABC, 1991-97. Susan was the national campaign manager for the Michael Dukakis Presidential campaign. She teaches at USC.
Eubanks, Bob: KRLA, 1960-67. The popular host of tv's The Newlywed Game got started at KACY-Oxnard before arriving in Southern California for the all-night shift at KRLA. Following a successful stint promoting the Beatles' performances in L.A., Bob moved into concert promotion and talent management. For over two decades, Bob has co-hosted the Tournament of Roses Parade for KTLA. He hosts the lottery game show, Powerball.
Evans, Daryl: KRLA, 1998-2000; KSPN, 2001-06. Daryl is part of the broadcast team for the LA Kings.
Evans, Darryl: KBLA, 1961-64; KXFV, 1966-67; KGFJ, 1968-69; KUTE, 1973 and 1975; KROQ, 1977 and 1980; XPRS, 1982-84; KIEV, 1992-96; KRLA, 2005-06. Darryl specializes in Oldies music and he is an advocate for disabled rights.
Evans, Don: SEE Darryl Evans
Evans, Frank: KRHM, 1957-64; KHJ, 1965; KDAY; KFI, 1973. "Frankly Jazz" was the title of his radio and tv show and ultimately his signature. He was also known for his radio programs that were a play on his name, his music program being called, "For Evans’ Sake" and his commentary named "Frankly Speaking." Born and raised in New Jersey, Frank studied dramatic arts at New York University. He was an actor on Broadway and played drums in a combo before taking his passion for music to a career in radio. As a Quaker, Frank was exempt from serving in World War II and during the 1940s he worked at WFTM-Ft. Meyers, WDNC-Durham, KYW-Philadelphia and KSBR and KSFO-San Francisco. He brought his family to L.A. in 1951 to pursue radio and an acting career. While in San Francisco he worked with Jack Webb. When Jack started Dragnet, he offered Frank a continuing role on the successful series. Frank was a heavy smoker and he died December 27, 1973, at the age of 56.


(Steve Edwards; Rob Edwards; Joshua Escandon III; and Barbara Esensten)

Evans, Mike: KFWB, 1964-65; KABC, early 70s; KBIG, 1972; KNAC, 1975-79; KABC, 1976-78; KROQ, 1979-89. Mike hosts "Mike Evans On the Go" that is heard on 55 stations daily.
Evans, Monica: KFI. Monica was part of the news organization at KFI.
Evans, Pat: KKDJ, 1974; KEZY, 1976; KHJ, 1979; KHTZ, 1979-80; KRTH, 1982-85. Following a five-year stint as pd at KSMG-San Antonio, Pat is now the in-house voiceover and production guy for WOAI/KTKR San Antonio.
Evans, Scott: XTRA, 1959-61; KDAY, 1966. On his retirement, Scott worked for Albert and James photographers in Santa Ana.
Evans, Scott: KLAC, 1989-90. Scott worked afternoon drive at the Country station and is now a voiceover artist.
Evans, Stan: XTRA, 1959-61; KDAY, 1966; KFOX, 1969-76. Stan was a dj on XTRA in 1959 and one of its first anchormen when the station converted to all-News. He later went to KDAY where he won an award for a Pearl Harbor documentary in 1966. On retirement, he worked for Albert and James photographers in Santa Ana. Stan passed away in 1997.
Evans, Tony: KTNQ, 1976-77. Tony is production director at KESZ-Phoenix.


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