Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, T-Z
Compiled by Don Barrett



T, Ice: KPWR, 1997-98. He is an actor and recording artist.
T, Simon: KQLZ, 1989-90. Simon is retired and living in San Diego.
Taber, Jim: KROQ, 1973-75. Jim started in radio at KOSI-Denver. From there he joined WSGN-Birmingham and WABB-Mobile. Jim returned to his hometown of Dallas and had a long stay at KLIF. Jim came to Southern California to program KROQ. In 1974 he purchased KINT AM&FM-El Paso which he retained until the early 80s. He then purchased a station in Roswell, New Mexico. Following that sale, Jim went to work for Century/TM Productions Dallas selling jingle packages. A tumor developed on his lungs which eventually resulted in a brain tumor. Jim died March 15, 1993.
Taggart, Jill: KGBS, 1972-73; KABC, 1973-74. Unknown.
Talbot, Bud: KOCM, 1964-65; KHJ/fm, 1966. Bud is engaged in many entrepreneurial activities in Orange County.


(Pictured: Charlie Tuna; Richard Turnage; Eric Tracy; and Karen Tyndall)

Talley, Rick: KABC, 1980-82; KGIL, 1985-86. Rick was host of KABC's "SportsTalk," a program that went through many hosts. No matter who his partner was, Rick was always the calm host. In addition to his radio work, Rick was a columnist for the Daily News. He also wrote the Jay Johnstone book, Temporary Insanity and Over the Edge. Rick was a commanding figure at 6'2" tall. He later went to work for a Las Vegas sports radio network. He died in 1995 after suffering with dementia.
Tanaka, T.N.: KFI, 1981. Tanaka works with the family business in Port Hueneme supervising two strawberry ranches.
Tanner, Bill: Bill is a broadcast consultant for Spanish and English stations.

(Pictured: Daisy Torme, Tom Turner; and Keri Tombazian)

Tanner, Mike: KMGX, 1994. Mike works at Westwood One's Hot AC format.
Tanter, Kirk: KGFJ, 1988-92; KJLH, 1994-95; KYPA, 1995-96; KACD, 1993-94. Kirk is on Smooth Jazz at WJZW-Washington, DC. He continues to do imaging for many stations across the country.
Tanter, Lawrence: KJLH, 1972-84; KUTE, 1984-87; KSRF, 1987-88; KLIT, 1988-89; KACE, 1990-92; KAJZ, 1992-93; KJAZ, 2000-02; KTWV, 2003-08. Lawrence works swing at The WAVE. For 21 years he has been the PA announcer for the LA Lakers.
Tantum, Greg: KFWB, 1992-98. Greg was program director/executive editor at KFWB. He left the Washington, DC Bonneville news operation in the spring of 2008 and joined WTNT and WWRC-Washington, DC as program director.
Tate, Leed: KRKD, 1965. Unknown.
Tavares, Kim: KPWR, 1998-99. Kim worked with morning driver Big Boy for about seven months. The sassy Latina left "Power" in early 1999.
Tavares, Suzy: KIIS, 2004-07. Suzy joined KIIS for weekends in early summer 2004 and by the fall she joined middays. She arrived from Q100-Atlanta and Y100-Miami. She plans to return to Miami in the summer of 2007.

(Pictured: Chuck Tyler; Ted Terry; and Scott Thrower)

Taylor, Al, KDAY, 1966. Unknown.
Taylor, Alvin: KLAC, 1965-69. Alvin is retired and living in Phoenix.
Taylor, Bill: KFWB, 1966-69; KLAC, 1969-70; KGBS, 1970-74; XPRS, 1973; KFOX, 1975-78. Bill is living in Wisconsin.
Taylor, Bob: KPPC, 1970-75; KROQ, 1975; KWST, 1976-80; KGIL AM/FM, 1980-89. For five years Bob was the general operations manager for five radio stations in Roswell, New Mexico until his retirement in early 2007.
Taylor, Chris: KNX/fm/KODJ/KCBS, 1988-2005. Chris worked evenings at "Arrow 93" until a format flip in March 2005.
Taylor, Darren "Bo": KRBV, 2007-08. Bo died August 11, 2008, of cancer at the age of 42. He was a former gang member who became a peacekeeper respected by both the gangs and law enforcement. In early 2008 he was diagnosed with a rare cancer that attacks the tissues of the mouth, according to the Los Angeles Times obit. "It spread to his neck and head, but he insisted on fighting it in his own way, resisting traditional medicine to seek treatment in Tijuana. He died en route to a clinic there."
Taylor, Doug: KEZY, 1972. Doug is raising orchids in Perris.
Taylor, Frank: KCBS, 1993. Unknown.
Taylor, Henry: KMPC; KHJ. Unknown.
Taylor, Mark: KIQQ, 1976-77; KFI, 1977-88; KBIG, 1988-97; KABC, 1998-2002; KMLT, 2002-05: Mark left "Lite 92.7/fm" following a format flip to JILL/fm.

(Pictured: Jesse Torrero; Reba Toney; Jim Thornton; and Bill Tanner)

Taylor, Mike: KKTR, 1998; KIKF, 1999-2000. Mike Baez used the name Skywalker on Country KIKF. He had been doing traffic reports for AirWatch until November 30, 2007.
Taylor, Renee: KHHT, 2001-08. Renee started middays at "Hot 92.3" in the summer of 2001. She now works afternoons at HOT 92 Jamz.
Taylor, Rick: KSRF/KOCM, 1988-90. Unknown.
Taylor, Stacy: KABC, 1998-2000. Stacy worked morning drive at KLSD-San Diego.
Taylor, Steve: KNX, 1997. Steve works for ABC Radio News.
Taylor, Tony: KLAC, 1970. Unknown.
Taylor, Zack: KIBB, 1996-97; KKGO, 2008. Zack works evenings at "Go Country 105," KKGO.
Taz: KIKF, 1997-2000; KMXN, 2000-02. Taz, known as Mark Allen Graves, worked morning drive at the Orange County "Mix" station. KIKF changed call letters to KMXN in the fall of 2000 with a format change.
Tennis, Brie: KELT, 2001-02; KOST, 2002-08. Brie works weekends at KOST.
Terrell, Leo: KMPC, 1996; KABC, 1996-2008. Leo is a weekend talk host at KABC.
Terry, Frank: KHJ, 1965-68; KFI, 1969; KGIL. Frank died June 20, 2007 of colon cancer. He was 68.
Terry, Joe: KDAY, 1968; KGFJ, 1971-75; KHJ, 1980-81; KNX; KWNK, 1985-86. Joe works the Country format at Westwood One.
Terry, Ted: KJLH, 1975-82 and 1995-96. Ted is part of the Internet revolution, owning over 40 functional Web sites. He is ceo of Theodore Myles Publishing and author and publisher of the American Black History Reference Manual.
Tesh, John: KFSH, 2005-07. John's syndicated show started on the "Fish" in late 2005.
Thacker, Tom: KEZY, 1966. Unknown.
Thaxton, Lloyd: KABC, 1973-74. Lloyd was host of a long-running zany syndicated tv dance party show on KCOP/Channel 13 in 1960s. He died of multiple myeloma on October 5, at the age of 81. His popularity was so huge that when Tiger Beat magazine debuted in the fall of 1965, there was a photo of Lloyd on the cover, which the publishers kept there throughout the first year of the magazine, thinking the relationship between the two was a good one. He spent many years as producer of the Emmy-winning Fight Back with David Horowitz.

(Pictured: Ed Tyll; Garth Trinidad; Mike Thompson; Frank Thompson; and Doug Taylor)

Thayer, Gene: KRLA, 1971-72. Gene has retired to cattle ranching near Sonoita, Arizona.
Thayer, Jack: KLAC. Jack died over New Year's weekend 1995.
Theo: KKBT, 1994-99; KCMG/KHHT, 2001-03; KDAY, 2006-07. Theo worked afternoons at "Hot 92.3fm" until late 2003. He joined KDAY in early fall of 2006 and was made program director in the summer of 2007.
Thomas, Audie: KFI, 2001. Audie was a news reporter at KFI.
Thomas, Daniel: KLYY, 1997; KLTX/KLTH/KIEV, 1997-2001; KROQ, 2001; KIIS/KACD, 2003-05. Daniel is a board operator at Premiere Radio Networks.
Thomas, Ellen: SEE Ellen K
Thomas, Jay: KPWR, 1986-92. Jay is an actor. He left mornings at WTJM ("Jammin' 105")-New York in the fall of 2001.
Thomas, John: KHJ, 1978-79. Unknown.
Thomas, John: KOCM, 1987. Unknown.
Thomas, Lon: KUTE, 1973-79; KIIS, 1979-81. In the 1990s he worked as WWMX-Baltimore as Mike McCarthy.
Thomas, Mark Austin: KNX, 1988-89; KFI, 1988-2001; KFI/KLAC, 2001-02; KPCC, 2003-07; KNX, 2007-08. Mark is a newsman at KNX.
Thomas, Marshall: KNAC, 1980-82; KNX/fm, 1982-84; KEZY, 1984-85; KIKF, 1997-2000; KTDD, 2002-05. Marshall worked afternoon drive at "The Toad."


(Donn Tyler; Luis Torres; and Darren "Bo" Taylor)

Thomas, Randy: KMET, 1986-87; KMPC/FM/KEDG/KLIT, 1988-91; KTWV, 1991-93. Randy has a successful voiceover career.
Thomas, Rolle: KFI, 1963. Unknown.
Thomas, Scott: KWIZ, 1975. Since 1995, Scott has been working swing at KOIT-San Francisco.
Thomas, Steve: KIKF; KHJ, 1982. Steve is working at WMC-Memphis. He was the first pd and afternoon dj at KIKfm.
Thomason, Mark: KABC, 1991-96; KSPN, 2003-05. Mark works at ESPN Sports KSPN.
Thomlinson, Larry: KKGO/KKJZ, 1986-90; KJOI, 1988. Larry is in the mortuary business.
Thompsan, Tracy: KMGX, 1994; KRLA, 1998-99. Tracy works for one of the traffic services.
Thompson, Bill: KGBS, 1965-68; KLAC, 1970; KBBQ, 1972. Bill went on to join the Smothers Brothers Show Featuring Glen Campbell. Unknown.
Thompson, Bob: KIQQ, 1984. Unknown.


(Daniel Thomas; Max Tolkoff; Nick Tyler; Alex Tostado; and Suzy Tavarez)

Thompson, Delores: KGFJ, 1994-95; KJLH, 1996-2007. Delores works all-nights at KJLH.
Thompson, Diane: KHJ, 1980-85; KNX, 1985-2008. Diane is afternoon drive news anchor at KNXNewsradio.
Thompson, Eric: KYSR, 1993. Unknown.
Thompson, Erik: XTRA, 1983-88. Erik is the promo voice for the National Geographic network (and various other networks) and narrator of The Universe on the History Channel.
Thompson, Frank: KDAY, 1967-69. Frank lives in White Rock, British Columbia, where he does voiceover work and raises champion roses for which he has won many national trophies.
Thompson, Gary: KLIT, 1992; KYSR, 1993-98; KLAC, 1999. Gary left afternoons at KLAC in the summer of 1999.
Thompson, Mike: KXTA, 1998-2000. Mike is pd at WEPN, the ESPN station in New York.
Thompson, Mycal: KXTA, 2003-05; KLAC, 2005-08. The former Lakers star joined XTRA Sports 690/1150 in June 2003. XTRA Sports moved to KLAC in 2005.
Thompson, Ron: KHJ/KRTH, 1984-86; KBLA, 1991-2004; KKJZ, 1990-08. Ron is the chief engineer at K-Jazz.
Thornbury, Will: KNOB, 1961-65; KCRW; KLON. Will has been described as the "djs' dj." One of his admirers said, "He was the most brilliant human being and one of the most gracious. Will should have been Orson Welles." Will wrote liner notes for albums by jazz greats. Even though he toiled over each one for extended periods, often his work brought him $75 an assignment. Jazz lover Kirk Silsbee wrote: "For a time in New York, Will made his livng in tv commercials as the Camel Cigarettes Man and the Kent Man. It was easy work with travel and good money (a habit he began at thirteen in the backyard of his best friend, David Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet fame, would eventually take the form of the cancer that killed him." Over the years he worked at KCRW. Will was married to vocalist Ruth Price. Will wrote Aloha, Bobby and Rose, Dusty and Sweets McGee and The Christian Licorice Store. LA Free Reader Silsbee said, "He was a great interviewer whose easy manner and vast knowledge of his subjects assuaged many an uneasy musician - he made them comfortable and let them tell their stories." Will died of cancer on April 8, 1992. He was 57.
Thornhill, Larry: KAWL, 1990-2000. Larry is gm at the Lancaster station.
Thornton, Jim: KMGX, 1988-91; KNX, 1993-2008. Jim anchors afternoon drive at all-News KNX.
Thrasher: KLOS, 1987-89; KQLZ, 1989; KNAC, 1989-95. Ted worked at the Internet's KNAC.Com until the summer of 2000.
Thrower, Scott: KBIG, 1998-99. Scott worked mornings at KURB-Little Rock for six years until late summer of 2006.
Thurrell, Lindy: KHTZ, 1982-83; KWIZ, 1984-86; KNOB, 1984-86. Lindy and her husband Tom King own the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach.

(Pictured: Tammy Trujillo; Marshall Thomas; Tonya; Taz; and Theo)

Thurston, Carolos: KPWR, 1995. Unknown.
Thyne, Dick: KNAC, 1976. Dick hosts The Morning Krush on KRSH-Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) and voicetrack middays on KTOL ("The Tool")-Santa Rosa.
Tiger: KFWB, 1958-61. Bea Shaw, the wife of the late Bruce Hayes, lives in Toluca Lake.
Tilden, Peter: KLSX, 1988-89; KABC, 1989 and 1991-94; KMPC, 1994-95; KABC 1996-98; KZLA, 2001-06; KABC, 2007-08. Peter worked late evenings at KABC until a major downsizing in February 2008 and he left the station.
Tirico, Mike: KSPN, 2007-08. Mike syndicated ESPN midday sports show is carried locally on KSPN.
Tobin, Joe: KMGX, 1992. Unknown.
Todd, Jim: KFI, 1964-74. Unknown.
Tolkoff, Max: KLYY, 1999; KLDE, 2007-08. Max is pd at Indie 103.
Tombazian, Keri: KORG, 1976-77; KGIL, 1977-81; KRTH, 1982-84; KTWV, 1988-94 and 1999-2008. Keri has a very successful voiceover career and is married to screenwriter-actor Thom Babbes. Keri was among the original radio personalities at KTWV. She returned to KTWV in late 1999 to host "The WAVE After Dark."
Tomei, Mel: KLYY, 1997. Chuck Dowd went to work for Greater Media's Philadelphia cluster for production and on-air.
Tomlin, Todd: KIKF, 1996-97. Unknown.
Toney, Reba: KFSH, 2001; KRLA, 2002; KFSH, 2003-05; KKLA, 2005-07. Reba works middays at KKLA.
Tonione, Val: KCSN, 1980-86. Val hosted Offbeat Notes on Music and was the Classical music director at KCSN
Tonya: KNX/fm, 1988; KCBS/fm, 1991-94; KZLA, 1994-2005; KKGO, 2007-08. Tonya Campos is the music director/midday host at Country KKGO.
Torme, Daisy: KLAC, 2003-05; XETRA, 2005-06. Daisy, daughter of Mel Torme, worked afternoon drive at Adult Standards, Fabulous 690 until a format flip and ownership change in early 2006.
Torre, Joe: KMPC, 1989-91. Joe was the co-winner of the 1996 American League Manager of the Year award. He now is the coach of the LA Dodgers.


(Pictured: Mark Austin Thomas; Leo Terrell; Thrasher; and Bill Taylor)

Torrero, Jesse: KPRZ/KIIS, 1979-81; KDAY, 1984-91; KJLH, 1993-96; KMPC, 1995-96; KCMG, 2000-02. Jesse owns Wik'd Artist Management. Over the years he has represented artists at Motown, Mac Daddy, Sunshine Records, and Arista. He also is ceo/broker of WINWINWIN, a corporation with dba's The Home Loan Professionals and The Home Selling Pros.
Torres, Luis: KNX, 1981-2006. The Golden Mike award winning newsman worked at all-News KNX. In 1999, he won a Golden Mike Award for Best News Special. Luis left KNX in the late summer of 2006.
Tostado, Alex: KSRF/KACD, 1989-96; KGGI, 1994; KOST, 1997. Alex is launching a movie producing career and is married to KOST's Karen Sharp.
Tow, Harvey: KPPC, 1970-71; KCSN, 1976-83. Harvey was "Cousin Zino" at KPPC. He occasionally sits in for at KPPC and KCSN during the Old-Time radio broadcasts.
Townsend, Ken: KEZY, 1976. Ken left radio and is doing computer work.
Toy, Terrence: KKBT, 1994-95. Unknown.
Toyota, Tritia: KNX, 1970-72. Tritia was a news anchor at KCBS/Channel 2 for many years.
Tracey, Jill: KKJZ, 2006. Jill works weekends at the all-Jazz station.
Tracy, Don: KGFJ, 1969-74; KDAY, 1976-90; KGFJ, 1993-94; KMBY, 1995; KABC, 1995-97. Following a stint in sales at KABC, Don has opened Malloy & Associates, an ad agency in the San Fernando Valley.

(Pictured: Zack Taylor; Fran Tunno; and Delores Thompson)

Tracy, Eric: KMPC, 1981-82; KABC, 1982-96; KCTD, 1998; KFWB, 1997-2007. Eric broadcasts sports at all-News KFWB and is heard on a number of commercials.
Trammel, Charles: KGFJ, 1954-60. Charles died in 1983.
Treff, Adam: KSRF, 1991. Adam is working Country radio in Texas.
Tremaine, Larry: KBLA, 1960s. Larry owns the Carol Lawrence Gallery in LA/Beverly Hills.
Trigueros, Talaya: KUTE, 1984-87; KNX/fm, 1988; KOCM/KSRF, 1988; KTWV, 1988-2008. Talaya is a dj at "the Wave."
Trinidad, Garth: KCRW, 1996-2005. Garth hosts "Chocolate City" at KCRW.


(Pictured: John Tesh; Talaya; Mark Taylor; Diane Thompson; and Mike Tirico)

Tripp, Bobby: KHJ, 1967-68. Bobby died July 19, 1968.
Trotter, John: KABC, 1959-60. John died May 21, 1976.
Troupe, Curtis: KDAY, 1965; XPRS, 1971-73; KGFJ; XERB; KDAY, 1981-82. Unknown.
Trout, Dick: KTNQ, 1977. Unknown.
Trout, Earl: KDAY, 1969-70; KWIZ, 1970; KBRT, 1970-1986; KIEV, 1999-2000; KRLA, 2001. In early 2005, Earl exited as the Pacific Northwest cluster manager for Crawford Broadcasting. 
Trout, Mike: KBRT. Mike left as vp of broadcasting at "Focus on the Family" in the fall of 2000.
Trowbridge, Jerry: KUSC, 1973; KLVE, 1975; KPOL/KZLA, 1976-79. Jerry and Ray Smithers own "Flying Pig Ranch," an independent video production company, based in Florida.
Truitt, Steve: KMPC, 1995-96. Steve is hosting Dream Decoders on the Discovery Health Channel. He's also a spokesman for AOL.

(Pictured: Brie Tennis; Lawrence Tanter and Mycal Thompson)

Trujillo, Tammy: KFI, 1993; KEZY, 1991-94; KXEZ, 1994-95; KFWB, 1997-2008. Tammy is a news anchor at all-News KFWB.
Tuck, Cecil: KRLA, 1963-68. Unknown.
Tucker, Bud: KABC, 1975-76; KWIZ, 1977-81; KMPC, 1981-86. Bud was a long-time sports columnist for a number of L.A. newspapers. He hosted a number of sports oriented talk shows in the 1970s and 80s. Bud, a native of Saskatoon, Alberta, Canada, started his career in 1967 with “Press Box” on KTLA/Channel 5 with Dick Enberg, Bud Furillo and Tom Harmon. Bud died August 24, 2005, at the age of 80.
Tucker, Skip: KNX, 1991-94. Skip is working as a negotiation consultant and teaching negotiation seminars for Karrass.
Tummillo, Jude: KRTH 2003-05. Jude reports traffic for Shadow/Metro.
Tuna, Charlie: KHJ, 1967-72; KROQ, 1972-73; KKDJ, 1973-75; KIIS, 1975-77; KHJ, 1977; KTNQ, 1978-80; KHTZ, 1980-85; KBZT, 1985-86; KRLA, 1986-90; KODJ/KCBS, 1990-93; KMPC/KABC, 1993-94; KIKF, 1994-98; KLAC, 1998-2000; KBIG, 2000-07; KRTH, 2008. Charlie's last at KBIG was September 17, 2007, following a format flip. He now works weekends and permanent fill-in at K-EARTH.
Tunno, Fran: KABC, 1994; KLAC, 1998-2000. Fran left Metro Networks in 2001 and is working in the world of voiceovers. She is active recording audio books.
Turkington, Bill: KJOI, 1983-89; KNX. Bill left KWXY-Palm Springs in spring 2005.


(Pictured: Jay Thomas; Don Tracy; Byron & Tanaka; and Peter Tilden with Tracey Miller)

Turnage, Richard: KMPC, 1991; KRTH, 1992-97. Richard left Metro/Shadow Traffic in February 2007 after 22 years, but returned later in the year.
Turnbull, Barry: KFWB, 1999-2001; KNX, 2002-06. Barry worked weekend sports at KNX and he is now a weekday news anchor at KVTA-Ventura.
Turnbull, Bob & Yvonne: KORG; KYMS. KKLA. Bob and Yvonne are authors and speakers throughout the USA and Canada on relationships, primarily marriage and family.
Turner, Ken: KPPC, 1971; KYMS, 1973-74; KNAC, 1974-75. Ken is the pd/md at JAZZIZ Radio in Burbank.
Turner, Mary: KMET, 1972-82; KLSX, 1993. Mary works a volunteer drug and alcohol counselor.
Turner, Michael: KMET, 1971-72. Michael passed away in the early 2000's of prostate cancer.
Turner, Thomas: KFOX, 1983-84; KGFJ, 1984-85; KJLH, 1986-87; KDAY, 1987-89; KACE, 1985-86 and 1989-91. Thomas is teaching broadcasting and has a voiceover career.
Turpel, Pete: KAAP; KNJO/KMDY, 1986-87. Pete is president/ceo of Phone-On-Hold Messaging Systems.
Turr, Bob: KNX, 1987-97. Bob flies over the Southland freeways reporting traffic and breaking stories for a variety of tv and radio stations.
Tusher, William: KABC, 1960. Unknown.


(Pictured: Bobby Tripp; Tritia Toyota; Barry Turnbull; and Steve Truitt)

Tyler, Chuck: KFI, 1985-89; KFSH, 2000-08. Chuck is program director for the Salem/LA cluster.
Tyler, Dean: KHJ, 1965. Dean is gm at WPEN-Philadelphia.
Tyler, Donn: KHJ, 1965. Donn was the original Boss Radio weekender who worked with Ron Jacobs at KMEN.
Tyler, Joy: KEZY, 1995-97. Joy did weekends at KEZY and reported traffic for KFI from Airwatch Communications. In 1997 she left radio and went to law school.
Tyler, Larry: KBLA, 1965. Unknown.
Tyler, Nick: KKGO, 1983-98; KJAZ, 2000-02; KSRF, 2002-06; KMZT, 2002-07; KKJZ, 2007-08. Nick works weekends and relief on All-Jazz, KKJZ 88.1. Nick has been with Mt. Wilson FM Broadcasters & Global Jazz, Inc.
for over two decades.
Tyler, Pat: KWIZ. Pat lives in the Midwest.

(Pictured: Ice T; Lloyd Thaxton; Joe Torre; and Chris Taylor)

Tyll, Ed: KABC, 1997-98; KLSX, 1998-99. Ed is working at WLIE/AM 540 on Long Island, New York
Tyndall, Karen: KPZE, 1989; KORG, 1993. Karen DiPiazza is a journalist for a national "aviation/business"  newspaper. She lives in Northern California.


Unknown Disc Jockey: SEE Pat Garrett
Unruh, Jess: KGIL. The former Speaker of the State Assembly in California has passed away.
Unruh, Stan: KWIZ; KYMS, 1987-93; KNX, 1993-94. Stan is working in broadcast management and public relations in Hays, Kansas.
Urias, Natalie: KPCC, 1996-97; KFI/KOST, 1996-2001; KLTX/KKLA, 1997-2000. Natalie produces "Love Songs on the Coast."
Utley, Reginald: KKTT, 1979; KGFJ, 1980; KMAX, 1995; KACE, 1996-2000. Reginald hosted a gospel music show at KACE.


Vacar, Tom: KNX, 1992-93. Tom is a reporter for KTVU/Channel 2 in Oakland.
Valdez, Tony: KAGB, 1975; KJLH, 1975-83; KGFJ, 1983-85; KNJO/KMDY, 1985. Tony lives in Puerto Rico where he plays and teaches golf.
Valentine, Mike: KHJ, 1973. Unknown.
Valentine, Sean: KIIS, 1996-2006; KYSR, 2007; KBIG, 2007-08. Sean moved from STAR 98.7 to "104.3MYfm" in September 2007.
Valentine, Shaun: KOST, 1997-2005; KBIG, 2005. Shaun left KBIG's 'Angels in Waiting' show in late spring 2005. He has a weekly weekend show on the After Life, which airs on CRN Net Radio.
Valentine, Val: KIIS, 1977-82; KRLA/KBZT, 1984-93. Val is no longer in radio.
Valot, Susan: KLON/KKJZ, 1997-2005; KPCC, 2006-07. Susan is the Orange County reporter for KPCC.
Van, Carolyn: KOCM, 1990-91. Carolyn is an actress and voiceover actress.
Vance, Tommy: KHJ, 1965-66. Tommy, long-time VH-1 personality in London, died March 6, 2005. He was 63.
Vanderhurst, Fred: KPOL, 1965-72. Unknown.
Van deWalker, Dave: Dave produced the LA Dodger radio broadcasts from 1968 until 1994. He died November 30, 1995, after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.


(Dave Van Dyke; Rod Van Hook; Billy Vera; and Yvonne Velazquez)

Van Dyke, Charlie: KHJ, 1972-77; KRTH, 1998-2000. Charlie has an active voiceover career, including the imaging voice of KRTH. He lives in Phoenix.
Van Dyke, Dave: KHTZ/KCBS, 1991-2001. Dave is vp/affiliate relations for the ABC Radio Networks. He's based in Dallas.
Van Hook, Rod: KMPC, 1972-78; KFWB, 1979-2000; KSPN, 2000-06. Rod joined the new ESPN Radio, KSPN at 1110AM in late 2000.
Van Horne, Chuck: KUTE, 1979-80. Chuck is working on a Master's degree at Cal State Long Beach.
Van Nuys, Larry: KBCA, 1959;KBLA, 1960; KNOB, 1961-62; KGFJ, 1963-65; KGIL, 1964-66; KFI, 1969-70; KGIL, 1970-75; KFI, 1976-77; KABC, 1977-81; KMPC, 1981-84; KNX, 2005-07. Larry is a news anchor at KNX Newsradio.


(Tommy Vance; Charlie Van Dyke; Shaun Valentine; Peter Van De Graaff)

Van Zandt, Steve: KLSX, 2002-05; KLOS, 2005-08. Bruce Springsteen's guitarist hosts the syndicated "Little Steven's Underground Garage," which is heard Sunday nights on KLOS.
Van De Graaff, Peter: KMZT, 2001-02. Peter worked overnights at "K-Mozart."
Vargas, Gustavo: XETRA, 2006. Gustavo is with XETRA.
Vasgerian, Matt: XPRS, 2003-04. Matt is doing San Diego Padres television play-by-play.
Velaquez, Yvonne: KYSR, 2007. Yvonne works middays at STAR 98.7.
Veling, Pat: KORG/KWIZ, 1982-86. Pat is a real estate analyst and a regular contributor to KNX in real estate-related news and features.
Venable, Josh: KYSR, 2007. Josh joined STAR 98.7/fm in late 2007 from 'The Edge' in Dallas.
Vent, Peter: KPZE, 1987; KFOX, 1988. Peter is hosting a sports show in Ventura.
Vera, Billy: KCRW, 1986-92. Billy has a very successful voiceover career.
Vercelli, Gary: KBCA, 1978. Gary is with public radio KXJZ-Sacramento.
Vischer, Monika: KUSC, 1999-2005. Monika works middays at Classical KUSC.
Vidal, Bruce: KIIS, 1982-96; KNJO, 1997; KELT, 2000-02. Bruce worked morning drive at KELT ("92.7 Lite FM")- Riverside until the spring of 2002. He died December 13, 2002. Bruce was 54.
Vilencia, Nicole: KATY, 2001-05; KCXX, 2004-05. Nicole is working in the mortgage industry and doing voiceover work.
Villani, Mike: KWIZ; KNOB, 1986-87. Mike has an active voiceover career (voice of DiTec Finance) and is an actor. He is the on-camera game show host on digital tv "Sports Trivia." He lives in Costa Mesa.
Vinyl, Joe: KBIG, 2000-07. Joe was a mixer at KBIG and is now behind the scenes at MYfm 104.3.


(Richard "Humpty" Vission; Monika Vischer; Stuart Von; and Michelle Visage)

Violette, Todd: KKBT, 1989-90; KIIS, 1994-96. Todd is pd at KBBY-Oxnard.
Virgin, Tim: KROQ, 1995. Tim is the apd/md at KEDJ-Phoenix.
Visage, Michelle: KHHT, 2002-05. Michelle joined Sinbad for the "Hot 92.3fm" morning show beginning February 11 and then became part of morning show with Diana Steele and Mario Lopez. She left MIX 102.7/fm in New York in late 2006. She continues her voiceover career.
Vischer, Monika: KUSC, 2001-07. Monica conducts a report on the Arts for Classical KUSC.
Viscott, David: KABC, 1980-93; KIEV, 1994-95; KMPC, 1995-96. David started as a substitute for radio psychologist Toni Grant and eventually got his own full-time shift. Born in Boston in 1939, the psychiatrist became a mini-empire unto himself. He wrote over 13 books, ran the David Viscott Center for Natural Therapy and created a line of greeting cards. He went to medical school at Tufts University after graduating from Dartmouth in 1959. David taught at University Hospital in Boston, set up private practice in 1968 and moved to Los Angeles in 1979 where he was a professor psychiatry at UCLA. Later in the 1980s he had his own tv show. David died October 12, 1996, at the age of 58. A friend of David's said: "He died of a broken heart."


(Pictured: Joe Vinyl; Matt Vasgerian; Josh Venable)

Vission, Richard "Humpty": KDAY, 1989; KPWR, 1990-2004. Richard hosted a weekend show at "Power 106."
Visotcky, Bob: KIBB/KCMG, 1997-98; KXOL/KLAX, 2001-02; KBLA, 2004. Bob is president of a real estate company.
Vlasic, Dominic: KNOB, 1982-87. Dominic runs a video production company in Long Beach.
Vlasic, Madelaine: KNOB, 1981-85. Madelaine lives in Maui and is doing voiceover work in the Islands.
Vogel, Dick: KJOI, 1972-76. Dick died on January 7, 2001 in Des Moines from heart failure. He was 72.
Volpe, Paul: KIEV, 1996-99; KALI, 1999-2001. Paul hosts "Subterranean Music Show" at KALI.
Von, Arterberry: KRHM, 1965. Unknown.
Von, Stuart: KBMS, 1961-63; KLAC, 1965-68; KABC, 1968-70. Stuart lives in Pomona and is the voice image for a number of stations in the Midwest.
Vostaw, Jim: KIKF, 1985. Jim is vp/gm for Citadel cluster in Spokane. 
Voxx: KLSX, 1995-96. The Rock 'n Roll Psychic has a Web site.


X, Doctor: KLSX, 1997. Unknown.
X, Eddie: KROQ, 1985. Eddie Williams owns a recording studio business, HoboMobile, in Seattle.


(Pictured: Xavier the X-Man)

X-Man, Xavier: KIBB/KCMG, 1998-99. The "X-Man" works afternoons and is apd at "Magic 92.5" in San Diego.


Yamanaka, Kellen: KKJZ, 2006-07. Kellen worked evenings at the all-Jazz station until the spring of 2007 when there was a management change.
Yarnell, Bruce: KCBH. Bruce worked afternoons at KCBH and then moved to San Diego. He had a starring role in the 1963 film, Irma La Douce. Bruce was Deputy Marshal Chalk Breeson in the tv series The Outlaws in the early 1960s. Bruce died in a plane crash in 1973.
Yates, Tom: KLOS, 1971-77; KLSX, 1986-89. Tom owns KOZT-Santa Rosa/Mendocino County.
Yeager, Bill: KFWB, 1987-92. Bill is vp of news/sports/weather for MetroNetworks, based in Philadelphia.
Yeager, Steve: KMPC, 1992. The former L.A. Dodger catcher hosted a baseball show during the launch of KMPC's all-Sports format. He now helms the Long Beach Breakers professional baseball club.

(Pictured: Cindy Young; Jennifer York; and Jeff Young)

Yocam, Joe: KVOE, 1942; KFWB, 1942-68; KLAC, 1969. Joe was one of the original "Seven Swingin' Gentlemen" for the launch of Color Radio. Born and raised in South Bend, Joe came to the Southland to attend Santa Ana City College and worked at KVOE (later KWIZ). He spent a quarter of a century with KFWB. Joe devoted much of his time as a volunteer with Rancho Los Amigoes Home for disadvantaged children. He retired to Balboa Island and died of cancer on March 3, 1974, at the age of 55.
York, Jennifer: KFWB, 1980-91; KFSH, 2005-07. Jennifer is co-host of the morning show at Salem's "Fish," KFSH.
Yorty, Sam: KGBS, 1974. The former mayor for 12 tumultuous years hosted a morning drive show during KGBS's brief move into an all-Talk format. Sam died June 5, 1998, at the age of 88. Mike Downey of the LA Times said the teaming of Yorty with Wally George made Rush Limbaugh seem like a "meek little mouse."
Young, Ace: KMET, 1971-83 and 1985-87. Ace works in marketing for RENEW in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Young, Billy: KACE. Billy is living and working in Milwaukee.
Young, Cindy: KLON, 1988-93; KPCC, 1998-2002. Cindy is the assistant Dean of External Relations USC School of Theatre.


(Pictured: Steve Yeager; Joe Yocam; Clara Young; Sam Yorty; and Steve Young)

Young, Clara: KFI, 1996-97. Clara is a practicing therapist.
Young, David L.: KHOF, 1963-65; KUTE, 1965; KGLA, 1965; KPPC, 1965-66; KFMU, 1966; KGLA, 1966; KDAY, 1967; KPPC, 1967, KHOF, 1968-71; KPSA, 1971-72; KWST, 1972-75; KBCA, 1975-78; KHOF, 1978-80; KKGO, 1980-86, KJOI, 1981-84. David is a voiceover talent. 
Young, Jonathan: KBLA, 1963-64; KHOF, 1967-69; KUSC, 1969-72. Jonathan is a psychologist in Santa Barbara.
Young, Dexter. Dexter was a sound engineer for Humble Harve, Sam Riddle and Johnny Williams.
Young, Jeff: KFI, 1978-79. Jeff works at Westwood One.
Young, Steve: KTLK, 2005. Steve joined the Progressive talker for weekends in the spring of 2005.
Youngblood, Jack: KMPC, 1987-91. Jack, the former LA Ram, is the radio announcer for the St. Louis Rams.
Youngblood, Rob: KIQQ. Unknown.
Yurdin, Larry: KMET, 1971-73. Larry did satirical news at KMET under the name "Kapusta Kid." Larry lives in Seattle and designs computer networks.


Zaillian, Jim: KNX, 1955-66 and 1967-78, nd. KABC, 1966-67. Jim died December 2, 1978 of a heart attack at the age of 51.
Zander, Mark: KLKX, 2006-08; KKZQ, 2007-08. Mark is pd at Classic Rock KLKX and Active Rock KKZQ in Palmdale/Lancaster. He also works afternoons at KLKX.
Zapoleon, Guy: KRTH, 1973-75 and 1976-77; KRLA, 1977-78; KRTH, 1978-81. Guy is a radio consultant.

(Pictured:  Larry Ziff; Dave Zorn; Ted Ziegenbusch; and Janine Zenon)

Zaragoza, Victor: KHHT, 2007-08. Victor joined HOT 92.3/fm mornings in mid-August of 2007.
Zarian, Larry: KIEV, 1985-99. Larry is an executive with the MTA.
Zeke: KROQ, 1996-97. Zeke hosts "The Daily Mix," a live New York tv program.
Zenon, Janine: KJLH, 1995-2007. Janine co-hosts afternoon drive at KJLH.
Zenor, Zachary: KPPC, 1968-71; KMET, 1972; KROQ, 1976-77. Zachary lives in New Mexico.
Zhelutka, Mara: KCRW, 1995-2000. Mara broadcasts a Sunday morning show called "Music for the Spheres."
Ziegenbusch, Ted: KMGG, 1982; KOST, 1982-2000; KFSH, 2001-04; KFSH/KKLA, 2004-06; KOST, 2006-08. Ted left KFSH in late Spring 2006 and rejoined KOST for weekends and fill-in in the spring of 2006.
Ziegler, John: KFI, 2004-07. John left his early evening Talk show at KFI on November 13, 2007.


(Pictured: Victor Zaragosa; Guy Zapoleon; John Ziegler; and Larry Zarian)

Ziel, Ed: KLAC, 1965-71; KRLA, 1971-72; KROQ, 1973; KFI, 1973-76; KGIL, 1976-92; KMGX. Ed works with the Ventura County Correction Services Agency working with juvenile offenders.
Ziff, Larry: KHTZ; KACE; KABC/KMPC, 1993-98. Larry has an active voiceover career.
Ziff, Sid: KFWB; KRKD. Unknown.
Zino, Cousin: SEE Harvey Tow.
Zorn, Dave: KNX, 1981-2006. Except for a brief stint in Detroit, Dave has been a news anchor/reporter at KNXNewsradio since 1981. He served as a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps between 1964 and 1967 and was in Vietnam for two years. Dave has won 7 Gold Mikes including three consecutive best newscast awards. He has retired to Phoenix.


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