Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, J
Compiled by Don Barrett



Jack, Cadillac: KQLZ, 1990-91. Unknown.
Jack, Wolfman: XERB, 1966-71; XPRS, 1971-72; KDAY, 1972-73; KRTH, 1976; KRLA, 1984-87; XTRA, 1987. Wolfman died July 1, 1995. From his book, Have Mercy: The True Story of Wolfman Jack, The Original Rock 'n' Roll Animal: "I'm Wolfman Jack, the guy who used to wash cars in Brooklyn and got lucky."
Jack the Ripper: SEE Michael Davis
Jackson, Andrea: KYSR, 1999-2000. Andrea hosts a national television morning news show called The Daily Buzz, carried in 140 markets. The show is based in Orlando.
Jackson, Bill: Bill is the announcer who steers motorists through the maze at Los Angeles International Airport.

(Pictured: Jason Jeffries; Ken Jeffries; Bill Jones; Jill Jillson)

Jackson, Bob: KBBQ, 1967-70; KLAC, 1971-73. Bob is writing songs, singing and playing the sax.
Jackson, Bubba: KLON, 1984-92; KCSN, 2007; KKJZ, 2007. Bubba works at all-Jazz, KKJZ.
Jackson, Dion: KNAC, 1972; KLOS, 1976-77; KLSX, 1988-95; KLOS, 1999-2007. Dion works swing at KLOS.
Jackson, J.J.: KLOS, 1971-79; KWST, 1980; KROQ, 1987; KMPC/FM/KEDG, 1987-89; KLOS, 2000-02; KTWV, 2002-03. JJ died of an apparent heart attack on March 17, 2004. He was 62.
Jackson, Keith: KABC. Keith is the premier college football announcer.
Jackson, Michael: KHJ, 1963-65; KNX, 1965; KABC, 1966-98; KRLA, 1999-2000; KLAC, 2001-02; KNX, 2004-05. Michael conducted a series of high-profile interviews with newsmakers at KNX Newsradio.
Jackson, Paul "Action": KROQ, 1999-2000. Paul joined the morning team with Kevin & Bean in the summer of 1999. Unknown.

(Pictured: Kevin "Slow Jammin'" James; Ron Jacobs; and Bill Jenkins)

Jackson, Pervis: KGFJ, 1973. Unknown.
Jackson, Sammy: KBBQ, 1968; KLAC, 1969-72; KGIL, 1973-75; KLAC, 1976-79; KMPC, 1982-83. The one-time star of television's No Time for Sergeants was born and raised in Henderson, North Carolina. Sammy was on ABC/TV in the early 1960s. A string of unsold series pilots followed, and he was dropped by Warner Bros. Sammy had roles in several 1960s movies including Disney's Boatniks. He commented on his move to radio: "TV is a great avocation. I still do four or five guest shots a year. I'd be dishonest if I told you that if someone offered me a regular spot in a series, I wouldn't take it." He described his radio talent: "I don't do voices or one-liners. What I do is emphasize the music - the writers of a particular song or the story behind it. I'm a friendly on-air companion." While at KLAC he featured mid-morning interviews with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Sammy was voted Best Country Jock of the Year at the 6th Annual Billboard Radio Programming Forum in 1973. In 1980 he was voted the CMA Country personality of the year. An LA Times critic noted in 1981 that Sammy "has quietly and efficiently established a reputation as one of the finest radio personalities in the country." He went to Las Vegas in the late 1980s to work for KUDA. Sammy died of heart failure April 24, 1995. He was 58.

(Pictured: Jamie & Danny; Linda Jean; Andrea Jackson; and Revin John)

Jackson, Tommy: KPWR, 1996; KBIG, 1997. Tommy works at Shadow Broadcast Services and production at Westwood One.
Jackson, Walt: KFI, 2003-05. Walt broadcasts traffic at KFI.
Jacobs, Jake: KNX, 1976-91. Jake has passed away.
Jacobs, Josh: KKLA, 1994-99; KFSH, 2001-04. In addition to hosting a show at Christian Pirate Radio, Josh does overnights at KFSH, "the Fish."
Jacobs, Larry: KLOS, 1977-82. Since 1984, Larry has been a news correspondent with ABC Network Radio.
Jacobs, Ron: KHJ, 1965-69. Ron lives in Hawaii.
Jacobs, Vic "the Brick": KIIS, 1990-97; KXTA, 1997-2005; KLAC, 2005-07. Vic works at KLAC and is part of the afternoon Loose Cannon Show.
Jacobson, Julie: KZLA, 2000. SEE Gene & Julie
Jacques, Truman: KABC, 1995-97. Truman serves as director of communications for the City of Inglewood.


(Pictured: Don Jeffrey; Al Jarvis; Truman Jacques; John & Jeff)

Jager, Rick: KHJ, 1975-80; KWST, 1981-82; KNWZ, 1983-84. Rick is the senior media relations executive for the Los Angeles Metropolitan County Transportation Authority.
Jahad, Shirley: KPCC, 2003-07. Shirley worked as afternoon host of “All Things Considered."
James, Chris: KYSR, 1999-2000. Chris worked swing at "Star 98.7" Unknown.
James, Chuck: KGIL, 1964; KDAY, 1965. Unknown.
James, Daphne: KJLH, 1994-96. Unknown.
James, Doug: KGIL, 1965-68. Doug lives in Las Vegas and owns Dispensary, a cocktail lounge.
James, Keith: KMAX, 1994-95. Unknown.
James, Kevin: KABC, 2003-07; KRLA, 2007. Attorney Kevin hosted the all-night Red Eye Radio until leaving in March 2007. He joined KRLA for late nights two months later.
James, Kevin: KKBT, 1991-92 and 1994-98 and 1999-2003; KHHT, 2007. Kevin "Slow Jammin'" James works overnights at HOT 92.3DC.
James, Peter: KROQ, 1979-80; KWST, 1980-81. Unknown.
James, Rollye: KPOL, 1979; KMPC, 1980; KHTZ, 1980; KGIL; KLAC; KMPC, 1990; KFI, 1990-91. Rollye is syndicating her own Talk show out of Philadelphia.
James, Ryan: KFSH, 2004-07. Ryan works the all-night shift at Christian "FISH."
James, Scott: KZLA, 1999-2001. Scott died February 6, 2005. He was 39 years old.
James, Summer: KCAL, 2006-07; KYSR, 2007. Summer works evenings at KYSR.
James, Victoria: KMET, 1967. Unknown.
Jamie & Danny: KYSR, 1999-2005. Jamie White and Danny Bonaduce hosted mornings at "Star 98.7" until Danny left in the summer of 2005.


(Pictured: Billy Juggs; JJ Johnson; Jorge Jarrin; and Helen Jones)

Jamison, Bob: KMPC, 1991-92. Unknown.
Janisse, James: KLON, 1992-2002/KKJZ, 2002-06. James is producing and hosting an Internet program called "The Wonderful World of Jazz at KCLAFM.com on Friday mornings.
Jankowski, Judy: KLON, 1994-2002/KKJZ, 2002-05. In late 2005, Judy stepped down from her general manager post at all-Jazz KKJZ (formerly KLON).
Janssen, Dick: KLAC/KMET, 1968-70. The former president of Scripps-Howard Broadcasting ran KLAC and KMET in the late 1960s. Dick was gm for the launch of the legendary Cleveland AOR station, "the Buzzard," WMMS. In late 1970 he became vp of operations for Nationwide Broadcasting. Dick retired to Scottsdale in late 1992. "I get to improve my golf game living in Arizona."
Jaramillo, Fernando: KLAX/KMJR/KNJR, 2000. Fernando joined the three Spanish Broadcasting System stations as pd in late summer 2000.
Jarrett, Hugh: KBBQ, 1968-70. The former member of the Jordanaires was last heard backing up Country singers.
Jarrin, Jaime: KTNQ/KLVE, 1979-86; KWKW, 1955-79 and 1986-2007. Enshrined broadcaster Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, Jaime has been the Spanish broadcast voice of the LA Dodgers for close to a half century. Jaime left the station in early 2004.
Jarrin, Jorge: KABC, 1985-2007. KSKQ. Jorge is the helicopter reporter in "Jet Copter 790" on KABC since 1985 and also broadcasts traffic reports on Spanish KSKQ.


(Pictured: Jessie Jessup; Dion Jackson; Bob Jimenez; and Jake Jacobs)

Jarvis, Al: KELW/KFWB, 1932-60; KLAC, 1960-62; KHJ, 1962; KFWB, 1962; KEZY, 1962-63; KNOB, 1967. Al died in 1970.
Jaxson, Tommy: KFI, 1984-85; KOST, 1985-91; KYSR, 1992-93; KXEZ, 1993-96; KBIG, 1997; KMLT, 1999-2002. Tommy works weekends at the Country format at Westwood One and for one of the traffic services.
Jay, George: KHJ; KFWB. George died December 7, 2003, at the age of 85.
Jay, Lyman: KGRB, 1983; KORG, 1993. Lyman died in late 2003.
Jay, Steve: SEE Jay Stevens
Jaye, Don: KCBH, 1966-69; KDAY, 1969-71. Don was gm at KCBH (later KJOI) and operations director at KDAY. Before leaving the Southland, Don hosted a variety show at KCOP/Channel 13. Don attended the University of Notre Dame before starting his radio career at WHOT-South Bend and then on to WSAI-Cincinnati and WJJD-Chicago. For more than a quarter century, Don raised thousands of dollars for Southern Nevada charities, but he lived his last decade, and died, near poverty and battling ill health. "Don had the biggest heart and would work hard to help anyone, even to the detriment of his own health and well-being," said longtime friend Ira David Sternberg, a journalist and fellow broadcaster. "He was always out in the community doing good work for good causes." Donald Jaye Illes, a leading lay member of the Catholic Church and a member of the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame, died July 21, 2001, of respiratory problems. He was 63. A survivor of several heart attacks and two open-heart surgeries, Don was forbidden by his doctors from working at a regular job, so he threw himself into charity work full time, friends said. Since 1993 he lived on $670 a month from Social Security, $50 a month from the Department of Veterans Affairs and $10 a month in food stamps, all the while serving on the boards of three nonprofit organizations. He rarely complained nor sought praise, friends said. Born November 25, 1937, in South Bend, Indiana, Don was an altar boy at a church at the nearby University of Notre Dame. He studied for the priesthood before serving in the Air Force and going into broadcasting.
Jean, Linda: KIKF, 1995-98; KXMX, 2000; KMXN, 2000-01. Linda worked middays at KMXN in the Inland Empire. She's now teaching.
Jed the Fish: KORG; KROQ, 1978-84 and 1985-2007. Jed works afternoons at KROQ.
Jeffrey, Don: KIKF, 1985-90; KFRG, 1990-2004. Don, aka, Hopalong Cassidy, is the md at "K-FROG" and he works afternoon drive. 
Jeffrey, Scott: KHJ, 1980. See Lon Helton.
Jeffreys, Dave: KHJ/FM, 1970-72; KRTH, 1972. It is believed that Dave has passed away.


(Pictured: Frank Jolle; Robin Johnson; Scott James; and Steve Jay)

Jeffries, Jan: KFRG/KHTX, 1995. Jan is program director at KRAK-Sacramento.
Jeffries, Jason: KLSX, 1992-94; KKLA, 1994-97; KLTX, 1997-98; KIEV, 1998-2001; KRLA, 2000-07. Jason is director of long-form programming for the Salem properties in L.A. 
Jeffries, Ken: KFWB, 1989-2004. Ken is a news anchor at all-News KFWB.
Jenkins, Bill: KGBS, 1967-68; KFWB, 1968-73; KFI, 1974; KGBS, 1974-76; KFI, 1976-77; KABC, 1978-91; KTLK, 2005. Bill hosts "Need to Know" on "K-TALK" weekends.
Jennrich, Phil: KLAC/KZLA. Unknown.
Jensen, Jeff: KQLZ, 1991-92. Jeff returned to Tampa.
Jeremiah, David: KMPC, 1994. David is a voiceover actor.
Jessup, Jessie: KLYY, 1999. Jessie worked middays at "Y107" until late 1999 when the station changed to Spanish-speaking. She is now at KDGE-Dallas.
Jeter, Cindie: KMPC, 1982-83. Cindie works at KZIM-Cape Girardeau, Missouri, doing news and talk.
Jillson, Joyce: KABC, 1979-89. Joyce is a world famous astrologer.
Jimenez, Bob: KFWB, 1998-2002. Former KFWB senior correspondent, Bob Jimenez, is an adjunct professor in the Annenberg School of Communications at USC. In addition, he is president of Icon Imaging, a public relations firm founded with his wife, former tv political reporter, Sharon Jimenez. Bob consulted on the Hollywood and Valley Independence campaigns.   


(Pictured: Summer James; John & Ken; and Dick Joy)

Jobson, Wayne: KROQ, 1992-2003; KDLE, 2004. Wayne hosts a reggae program at Indie 103.1.
John, Captain: SEE John Lodge
John & Jeff, KLSX, 1998-2007 The syndicated pair work late night at KLSX.
John & Ken: KFI, 1992-99; KABC, 1999-2000; KFI, 2001-05. John Kobylt and Ken Champiou returned to afternoon drive at KFI on April 30, 2001.
, Revin: KBIG, 2007.
Johns, George: KMLT, 2005. George is pd at KMLT (JILL/fm).
Johnson, Ben Patrick: KABC, 1992-94. Ben is the image voice at KABC, Entertainment Tonight and Judge Joe Brown.
Johnson, Bruce: KFAC, 1969-71; KLAC, 1971-72; KHJ, 1972-75. Bruce owns stations in Palm Springs and Idaho.


(Pictured: Shirley Jahad; Judy Jankowski; Michael Josephson; Sammy Jackson; and Josh Jacobs)

Johnson, Charlie: KMPC, 1967-69. Charlie has passed away.
Johnson, Chuck: KTYM, 1962. The former general manager at KTYM died July, 27, 2004, at the age of 66.
Johnson, Fred: KCSN, 2000-07. Fred is the gm at the Cal State Northridge station.
Johnson, Harry: KOST, 1977-82; KBIG, 1983-88. Since 1985 Harry has been teaching broadcasting at Santa Monica City College and has a voiceover career.
Johnson, JJ: KDAY, 1974-91; KMPC; KJLH, 1992; KKBT, 1993-94; KACE, 1994-2000; KMLT, 2002-05; KKBT, 2006; KRBV, 2007. JJ works weekends and fill-in at KRBV, "V-100."
Johnson, Mike: KLON, 1986-88; KMNY, 1988-91; KMPC, 1991-93; KKGO/KMZT/KGIL/KSUR, 1990-2007. Mike is operations director for the Saul Levine stations and all-nights at KKGO.
Johnson, Richard: KKLA, 2001-02. Richard reported the news at KKLA.
Johnson, Robin: Robin worked at Shadow Traffic.
Johnson, Ron: KPPC, 1971-73; KROQ, 1973. Ron runs Dr. Sounds Audio Prescriptions, a service provided to those who need to locate songs for film tv and commercials.
Johnson, Van: KROQ, 1986-91. Van is the manager of the Mosquito Abatement Department of the LA County Department of Works.
, Wayne: KEZY, 1964-65; KBIG. 1965-66. Wayne is retired and living in in Port Angeles, Washington.


(Pictured: James Janisse; Rollye James; Keith Jackson; and Bubba Jackson)

Joliffe, John: KTZN, 1997. Unknown.
Jolle, Frank: KNAC, 1970-71 and 1972-74; KHJ; KKDJ, 1971-72; KROQ; KYMS, 1972. Frank owns and operates an independent film company that produces movies for tv and theatrically released films. He's based in Citrus Heights where he hosts shboom.com..
Jonathan, Peter: KHJ, 1963-65. Peter was last heard to be living in Buffalo.
Jones, Bill: KLIT, 1990-93. Bill works at Westwood One and has an active voiceover career.
Jones, Bob: KHJ/fm: 1966. Unknown.
Jones, Brooke: KUTE, 1986; KACE, 1990-92; KAJZ/KBJZ, 1992-94. Brooke worked morning drive at KUTE. Unknown.
Jones, Buster: KGFJ, 1971-76; KMPC, 1976; KUTE, 1977-85. Buster is working on a book.
Jones, Chuck: KDAY, 1965. Unknown.
Jones, Dana: KPPC/KROQ, 1973. Dana is a professional photographer, based in Palos Verdes Pennisula.
Jones, David K: KOST, 1982-85. David left mornings at WBBY-Tampa. in February 2003.
Jones, Geno: KJLH, 1990-92. Geno is working in Florida radio.


(Pictured: Julie Jacobson; Ben Patrick Johnson; Jed the Fish; and Kevin James)

Jones, Helen: KWRP. The long-time gm at KWRP is now working on FCC tests to establish the second FM station in Temecula, KFXM (103.3fm).
Jones, Johnny: KDAY, 1974. Unknown.
Jones, Ken: KGFJ; KIIS, 1976; KIEV. Ken died in the early 1990s.
Jones, Phil: KLAX, 1999-2000. Phil left his pd slot at Spanish KLAX in the summer of 2000.
Jones, Sam: KPSA, 1971-72; KLAC; KJLH. Unknown.
Jones, Steve: KDLD, 2004-07. Steve, guitarist with the Sex Pistols, hosts Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1.
Jones, Tony: KTYM, 1974; KAGB, 1975; KACE, 1976, KJLH, 1972-84. Tony is retired from Northwest Airlines and government service.
Jordan, JJ: KHJ, 1975. In the mid-1990s JJ was hosting the syndicated show, "Lone Star Fishing."
Jordan, Steve: KTNQ, 1978. Steve is working in San Francisco radio.
Jordan, T. Michael: KMEN, 1967-68; KKDJ, 1973-74; KEZY, 1976-77. Tom is active in MIS work and lives in Illinois.


(Pictured: JJ Jackson; Ron Johnson; Michael Jackson; Ryan James)

Josephson, Michael: KNX, 1997-2007. The former law professor airs a daily commentary on all-News KNX dealing with passionate and inspirational essays on ethics in everyday life.
Joy, Bob: KWIZ, 1969-72; KDAY, 1972. Bob passed the bar examination and is practicing in Susanville.
Joy, Dick: KNX, late 40s-early 50s; KFAC, 1950s-70s. Dick died in 1996. He was living in Talent, Oregon.
, Tom: KMAX, 1999; KKBT, 2006. Tom brought his syndicated show to KKBT, the BEAT, on June 19, 2006 and the show was dropped December 15, 2006.
Juggs, Billy: KLOS, 1977; KMET, 1977-85; KLSX, 1989-91. Billy works for NBC Asia.
Julian, Steve: KPCC, 2000-07. In the fall of 2000, Steve started hosting the "Morning Edition" at KPCC from five years at AirWatch America. He left KPCC in early 2004 and returned in the spring.
Julius, Myke: KKBT, 2006; KRVB, 2006-07. Mike joined evenings at KKBT, the BEAT, in the fall of 2006. KKBT changed calls to KRVB (V100) in late 2006.


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