Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, C
Compiled by Don Barrett



C, Mickey: KIKF, 1999-2000. Mickey Czegledy co-hosted the morning show at Country KIKF and she is involved in voiceover projects.
Cabranes, Bill: KWNK, 1996. Bill works for Telemundo in San Jose.
Cadell, Dr. Ava: KLSX, 1995 and 2000. Ava has produced a video called the Power of Seduction and an audio book, Between the Sheets. She currently hosts a weekend talk show at KLSX.
Cadena, Lee: KPWR, 1998-99. Lee hosted the Low Rider show at Power 106. He runs Lee Cadena Management and Teena Marie is one of his artists. 
Cadman, Robert: KWVE, 1986-2005. Robert is in real estate in the San Clemente area.
Cadwell, Clyde: KFVD/KPOP, 1957-58. Clyde passed away in the 1960s, while still in is forties.
Cady, Bob: KWIZ, 1982-85. Since KWIZ, Bob has been New York, Fresno, Palm Springs, Cedar Rapids, Omaha and now Burlington VT where he’s up to his ass in snow doing mornings and loving it.
Cagle, Gerry: KHJ, 1974-75, pd. At the end of 2002, Gerry left Network Magazine Group after 10 years and is now with musicbiz.com.
Calcotte, Gordon: KIEV, 1966. Unknown.
Calder, Bill: KHJ, 1962-64. Bill died of prostate cancer in 1990.
Cala, Joe: KFWB, 1983-2006; KNX, 2006-07. Joe broadcast sports at all-News KNX.
Calamar, Gary: KCRW, 1997-2007. Gary works weekends at KCRW.
Calderone, Tom: KLSX, 1996; KLYY, 1997-98. Tom is general manager of VH1.
Callaghan, Mike: KPPC 1970-73; KWST 1973-74; KKDJ/KIIS/KXTA 1974-2007. Mike is chief engineer at KIIS/KXTA and he recently upgraded KXTA from 5,000 to 50,000 watts.
Calococci, Tom: KKBT, 2005-06. Tom was appointed pd at "The BEAT" in late spring 2005 and left in the summer of 2006. He's now operations manager at WPOW-Miami.
Cameron, Lee: KDIS, 1997-2000; KCMG/KHHT, 2000-02. Lee has a voiceover career.
Cameron, Myles: KHTZ, 1985; KBZT, 1986. Myles is news anchor at KSFO-San Francisco.
Campagna, Vince: KFWB, 1969-97. Vince began his radio career in 1953 in the Army's AFRS in Fairbanks. During his 44 years in broadcasting, Vince accumulated a library filled with awards for meritorious achievements including a dozen years as KFWB's entertainment critic. A few days before his death, Vince fell ill and was hospitalized for tests. He required surgery and died a few hours later on December 6, 1997. He was 64. Vince's co-workers remember him as a man of journalistic integrity, fun and friendship.
Campbell, Gary: KHTZ, 1983; KZLA, 1983-2001; KKGO, 2006-07. Gary hosts a Country show at Westwood One and works part-time at KSON-San Diego and KKGO Country 540 and 1260.


(Rich Capparela; Johnny Chiang; Jim Carson; Ross Crystal; and Tonya Campos)

Campbell, John: KHTZ, 1983-86; KBZT, 1986. John is a part-time actor.
Campbell, Lori: KYMS, 1989-91. Lori has returned to school and is working on a degree in music and archeology.
Campbell, Stan: KLAC, 1989-93. Stan is based in Niagara Falls with his own production company, ZIPSPOTS.com. He owns a travel media consultancy promotions company, Travel Radio Network. He also hosts a two-hour Canadian syndicated Country show, "The Canadian Trucking Radio Show" and in the US, the "American Driver Radio."
Campbell, Wendell: KGBS, 1965. Wendell is deceased.
Campos, Tonya: KNX/fm, 1988; KCBS/fm, 1991-94; KZLA, 1994-2006; KKGO, 2007. Tonya is music director and midday personality at Country KKGO. She was promoted to program director in the early fall of 2007.
Candullo, Steve: KKBT, 2006-07. Steve took over the gm duties at the BEAT in October 2006.
Canning, Lisa: KDAY, 1986-90; KJLH, 1990; KKBT, 1993-97. Lisa was the leggy announcer on ABC's Into the Night Starring Rick Dees. In late 1995 she became an entertainment reporter for Entertainment Tonight. In the spring of 2000, she married Harold Austin. Lisa was part of the debut season of Dancing with the Stars.


(Alan Chlowitz; Vicki Cox; Nancy Cole; and Dave Conley)

Capparela, Rich: KUSC, 1980-83; KFAC, 1987-89; KJOI, 1989-90; KKGO, 1990-91; KUSC, 1993-96; KKGO/KMZT, 1996-2007; KUSC, 2007. Rich worked morning drive at all-Classical "K-Mozart" until a format flip to Country in February 2007. A week later he was working afternoons at KUSC.
Cappucci, Francesca: KIQQ, 1984. Francesca is involved in entertainment projects in the Southland.
Caprita, Dave: KTWV, 2003-05. Dave works weekends at "The WAVE."
Carbone, Steve: KMPC, 2005. Steve is doing sports updates at KMPC 1540/The Ticket.
Carey, Kathleen: KMGX, 1994; KZLA, KNX, 1994-98. Kathleen works at WTKR/TV-Norfolk, Virginia.
Carlisle, Dan: KWST, KROQ, 1979; KLOS, 1981-83 and 2004-05. The founder of Creem magazine worked swing at KLOS until the end of 2005.
Carlson, Bill: KFAC, 1953-83. Born April 2, 1919, he grew up in Plum City, Wisconsin. While earning a journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin, he started his radio career at the campus station. After graduation he went to KMBC-Kansas City. World War II took five years of his life but he returned to the states speaking three languages, which contributed mightily to his hiring at KFAC because he could pronounce the composers and music titles flawlessly. David Bernhart of Burbank remembered Bill Carlson. "In the mid-'50s, my late mother and Mr. Carlson began a pen-pal correspondence based on her interest in the Unity faith and his side duty on KFAC as voice of ‘The Unity Viewpoint.’ Then, on a couple of occasions in the late '60s, Mr. Carlson arranged for my mom, my sister and me to visit the station's Prudential Square studios. Though I was no more than ten and my sister no more than seven, we were ushered right into the booth to sit next to Mr. Carlson and watch him broadcast. And, as was almost bound to happen, I inadvertently said something while the mike was open. Rather than instantly throwing us all out into the parking lot, however, Mr. Carlson was as gracious as he could be and left it to my mother to chew me out in the car on the way home! In the decades since, it's become a source of pride for me to think that, thanks to Mr. Carlson, a ten-year-old boy's unintelligible yammering in the background is a moment probably unique in KFAC history. I will remember Bill Carlson always." Bill died of cancer on December 15, 1999, at the age of 80.
Carlson, Doug: KFWB, 1970-71. Doug has lived in Honolulu since 1973.
Carlton, Russ: KMGG, 1984; KFI, 1984-85. Russ died November 5, 1985, of a brain tumor at the age of 38.


(Carey Curelop; Les Crane; Tom Clay; and Chet Casselman)

Carlucci, Mike: KFI, 1984; KIKF, 1985-88 and 1992-93; KYSR, 1993-96; KBIG, 1996-98; KFWB, 1999-2002; KXTA, 2002-05. Mike was the P.A. announcer at Dodger Stadium for many years.
Carmody, Lyle: KMPC. Lyle was part of the news teams who experimented with doing traffic reporter from a motorcycle.
Carnegie, Jack: KKDJ, 1972. Unknown.
Carolla, Adam: KROQ, 1995-2005; KLSX, 2006-08. Adam replaced Howard Stern at KLSX on January 3, 2006.
Carpenter, Craig: KEZY, 1977-81; KROQ, 1981-82; KNX/fm, 1983; KKHR, 1983-86; KMET, 1986; KEZY, 1987-88; KXMX, 1999-2000; KLAA, 2008. Craig works at KLAA.
Carpenter, Scott: KLAC, 1984-87. Scott lives in Washington, DC and does voiceover work.
Carpenter, Scott: KNX/fm; KABC, 1988-89. Scott lives in Portland and is a stock broker.
Carper, Carol: KGFJ, 1978-84. Carol is editor of Urban Network Magazine.
Carr, Firpo: KTLK, 2005. The spiritual advisor to Michael Jackson started a weekend talk show at Progressive "K-TALK" in the late spring 2005.
Carroll, Larry: KJLH, 1970-71; KIIS, 1971-72; XPRS, 1972; KFWB, 2001-08. Larry worked as an anchor at all-News KFWB until the fall of 2008 when the company went through downsizing.
Carroll, Rick: KKDJ, 1973-75; KEZY, 1975-78; KROQ, 1978-85; KEZY, 1986-88; KROQ, 1988-89. Rick died July 10, 1989.
Carroll, Roger: KABC, 1948-58; KMPC, 1959-79. Roger is in semi-retirement and developing entertainment related projects.
Carroll, Tom: KPPC, 1964-65. Tom went on to work at KTMS-Santa Barbara in the late 1980s.
Carruthers, Mike: KPSA/KLVE, 1972-75; KIQQ, 1979-80; KHTZ, 1981-85; KBIG, 1987-93. Mike is president of Strand Media Group, in Los Angeles, which produces national radio programming.
Carson, Deb: KFI, 2006-07. Deb is an update anchor for Fox Sports Radio, traffic reporter for KFI, and news anchor/traffic reporter for various Southland stations.
Carson, Jim: KBLA, 1965-67; KBBQ, 1967; KIIS, 1973; KHJ, 1973, KIQQ, 1973-89; KEDG/KLIT, 1989-94; KRTH, 1994-2007. Jim works middays at "K-Earth."
Carter, "Big John": KEZY, 1969; KHJ, 1975; KEZY, 1976-79; KHJ, 1984-86. Johnny died August 24, 2005, following a long illness. He was 58.


(Fred Frane; David Courtney; Chuck Cotton; Myles Cameron; and Mike Callaghan)

Carter, Chris: KLYY, 1997-99; KACD, 2000; KLSX, 2001-06; KLOS, 2006-07. Chris hosts America's longest running Beatles show, Breakfast with the Beatles on KLOS.
Carter, Christy: KROQ, 1996-2001; KMXN, 2002; KSPA, 2002. Christy works middays at Pop Standards KSPA-Inland Empire.
Carter, John: KMPC, KYSR; KCBS; KLIT, 1989-94; KFWB. Born John Carter Forshee in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and raised in Irvington, Texas, he lived in Burbank for the past 11 years. He spent 10 years in Dallas radio including KFJZ and six years in Houston. In 1989 he started with Unistar and in 1992 joined Shadow Broadcast services. John had various assignments including "Arrow 93" weekend sports anchor, KRLA news and traffic announcer and all-night KFWB traffic. John died of cancer on December 17, 1999. He was 52 and left a 22-year-old son.
Carter, Les: KBCA, 1963-67; KPPC, 1968-71. Les passed away August 26, 1996.
Cartter, Rich: KTBT, 1969; KUCI, 1969-73; KYMS, 1973-74. Rich is working at KBOX-Lompoc.
Caruso, Maryann: KLSX, 1997-98. Maryann is a public relations consultant in New York.
Caryl, Joni: KHJ, 1984; KMGG, 1984-86; KBZT/KLSX, 1986; KNX/FM, 1987-88; KRTH, 1994-2002; KKJZ, 2003-07. Joni started in morning drive at the all-Jazz station, KKJZ, in late 2003 and left in the spring of 2007 following a management change.
Case, Dwight: KHJ, 1972-81. Dwight is president of Motivational Incentives Group.
Casey, Steve: KHJ, 1977-79. Steve consults radio stations in over 40 countries.


(Bob Crane; Rick Carroll; Mimi Chen; Ira Cook; and Paul Crouch)

Casey, Tom: KZLA, 1980-83. Tom owns Research Partnership in Sunnyvale.
Cashman, Peter: KLON, 1985. Unknown.
Cassandra: KROQ, 1983. Cassandra Peterson acts as the "Mistress of the Night."
Casselman, Chet: KMPC, 1957-60. Chet is retired and living in San Francisco. He is the founder and president of the Broadcast Legends of the Bay Area.
Cassidy, Paul: KFWB, 1968-71; KHJ, 1971-72; KLOS, 1972; KGBS/KTNQ, 1974-79; KWST, 1979-81. Since 1995, Paul has been president of Cordillera Communications headquartered in Plano, Texas. Cordillera is a group of 12 tv stations, primarily in the Western US., and represents 4 different networks.
Cassidy, Thomas: KFAC, 1947-87. Thomas is retired and in the process of writing a book.
Castner, Michael: KFI, 2004-06. Michael is hosting a talk show in Utah.
Castro, Daniel: KPCC, 1984-2000. As Sancho, Daniel hosted an eclectic weekend show until the Minnesota Public Radio Corporation took over KPCC and eliminated music in early 2000.
Cat, The: KNAC. The Cat lives in Bakersfield.
Cate, Ira D.: KMPC, 1955-60. Unknown.
Catena, Mike: KGOE, 1973-76. Mike worked at KCRW under the name Mike McKay. He owns an executive search firm in Phoenix.
Cates, Tim: XTRA/KLAC, 1997-2008. Tim started as intern and worked his way up to producer.
Catron, Bob: KFI, 1960s; KROQ, 1972. Bob was sports director at KFI. Unknown.
Cecil, Chuck: KFI, 1952-73; KGIL, 1973-86; KPRZ, 1986-88; KPCC, 1988-2000; KCSN, 2000-02; KLON/KKJZ, 2002-05. "The Swingin' Years" continues to be the quintessential program of this musical niche.
Cervantez, Terry: KOST, 1999. Terry is working in Palm Springs.
Chachi: KBIG, 2000-08. Dave "Chachi" Denes was made program director of KBIG in early 2004. The station is now MY/fm.

(Firpo Carr; Tom Cross; Kaci Christian; and Anna [Ginger] Chan)

Chase, Eric: KIQQ, 1974-75; KHJ, 1975, KFI, 1975-81; KRTH, 2003. Eric worked swing at the Oldies station. 
Chambers, Brad: KLAC, 2002-05; XTRA, 2005-06. Brad left his post as pd at the Adult Standards station, Fabulous 690, when Spanish owners took over in 2006 and changed format.
, George: KUSC, 1971-74; KLVE, 1974; KABC, 1976-78. George lives in Tulsa.
Chambers, Lee: KWIZ, 1990-91; KEZY, 1991-92; KLAC, 1991-93; KYSR, 1992-98; KABC/KLOS/KSPN/KDIS, 2002-05. Lee is the multimedia services manager for the four ABC O&Os. He also works weekends at Oldies KOLA in the Inland Empire.
Champagne, Robert: KEZY/KXMX, 1999-2000. Robert did all-nights at KXMX, "Mix 95.9" until an ownership and format change in 2000. He's now working overnights and promotions as Corey Roberts at XHCR-San Diego.
Chan, Anna: KLIT, 1997. Anna is working weekends at KOLA. As Ginger Chan, she broadcasts traffic on various stations and from the telecopter at KTLA/Channel 5.
Chance, Jonathan: KABC, 1994-2000; KFWB, 2000-02. Jonathan is a field reporter for KFWB and KGO-San Francisco.
Chandler, Ben: KMPC, 1958-62. Ben has passed away.
Chandler, Bob: The former sports broadcaster died in January 1995.
Chandler, Bruce: KEZY, 1973-76; KIQQ, 1976-85. KRTH, 1985-86 and 1996-98 and 2002-08. Since 1988 Bruce has worked mornings at the Oldies channel at Westwood One. He works weekends at KRTH.
Chandler, Ed: KMGG, 1983-1984. Last heard, Ed was working radio in Texas.
Chandler, Len: KRLA, 1968. The former resident songwriter-musician for the "Credibility Gap," is active in music circles.
Chaney, David: KMET, 1979; KLOS, 1979-81; KEZY, 1981; KNX/FM, 1983; KMET, 1985. David lives in the mountains near Lake Tahoe where he writes articles for outdoor sports publications. Would he return to the Southland? "Nope, I was anxious to get out. I loved the creative buzz, but I just didn't have the temperament. I'm where I belong, in the mountains.
Chanley, Andy: KLYY, 1997-99; KACD, 1999-2000; KSWD, 2008. Andy works afternoon drive at 100.3/fm The Sound.


(Roger Christian; Joe Cala; Trent Cobbs; Don Cox; and Tom Crann)

Chapman, Alan: KUSC, 1996-2007. Alan works at Classical KUSC.
Chappe, Jeanne: KNAC, 1974-75; KROQ, 1977-78; KGAB, 1979-80; KBBQ, 1981-83. Jeanne married LARP Zack Zenore and they live in New Mexico.
Chappel, Bill: KGFJ, 1975-84; KJLH, 1984. Bill left radio for the world of computers.
Charles, Chris: KBLA, 1965; KGBS, 1969-70. The original "Magic Christian" was last seen in Iowa.
Charles, Jared: KCSN, 1990-97. The former pd at KCSN is now an administrator for a Pasadena law firm.
Chase: KLYY, 1997-99. Chase was working at "Y107" until early 1999.
Chase, Eric: KIQQ, 1974-75; KHJ, 1975; KFI, 1975-81; KRTH, 2003. Eric briefly worked swing at "K-Earth" during the summer of 2003. He's now the afternoon personality on Oldies KLDE-Houston.
Chastain, Jane: KBRT; KLTX, 1999-2000. Jane worked afternoon drive on Catholic KLTX.
Chatteron, Larry: KHJ, 1964-65; KFI, 1970s. Unknown.
Chavez, Julia: KFWB, 1980-86. Julia is with MetroNetworks in Las Vegas. On the weekends, she anchors the news for the Talk America Network.
Checkman, Chris: KXLU, 1988-2005. Chris hosts Blues Hotel, each Wednesday night at midnight.
Chen, Mimi: KSCA, 1994-97; KCSN, 2005-07; KSWD, 2008. Mimi works weekends at 100.3/fm/The Sound.
Chenevey, Jim: KKHR/KNX/FM, 1984-88. Jim works at CBS radio news network in New York.

(Pictured: Tim Cates; Bill Carlson; John Clark; and Deb Carson)

Cherry, Hugh: KFOX, 1960-68; KGBS, 1968-73; XPRS, 1974-75; KLAC, 1976. Hugh was elected to the Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame in 1977. When his daily on-air career ended, he became a college instructor and lecturer on country music. In 1977 he joined R&R as the Country editor and also worked for the Long Beach Press-Telegram. During the 1980s, Hugh wrote and narrated many country radio specials, including "Country Report Countdown." He penned over 300 album liner notes. Hugh died October 22, 1998, at the age of 76.
Cherry, Marvin: KBCA, 1976-78. Unknown.
Chester, Lloyd: KFWB, 1968-69. Lloyd teamed with Jerry London in the 1970s to publish an entertainment magazine in Palm Springs. 
Chester the Arrester: KIIS, 1987-2006; KLIT, 1997-98. Chet Hearring works at Dees Entertainment.
Chevalier, "Papa Joe": KMPC, 2000. "Papa Joe" works at KENO-Las Vegas.
Chiang, Johnny: KNX, 1989-91; KFI, 1991-93; KOST, 1994-2000. Johnny is program director at KTHT-Houston and operations manager for the Cox cluster.
Childs, Kevin: KSRF, 1972-73; KLVE, 1973-75. Kevin is station manager at KRCK ("Rock of the 80s") in Palm Desert.


(Bob Collins; Chester the Arrester; Jonathan Chance; and Mac Curtis)

Childs, Randy: KLSX, 1988. Randy works for Mediabase Music Research division of Premiere Radio Networks.
Chin, Julie: KNX, 2006-08. Julie started as news director in early summer of 2006 from KGO-San Francisco.
Chlowitz, Allan: KNX/fm, 1972; KHJ, 1973; KRTH, 1974-85; KTWV, 1987-92; KRLA/KLSX, 1993-95. Allan lives in Palm Desert.
Choc, Mr.: KPWR, 1997-2005. Mr. Choc works the all-night shift at "Power 106."
Chodroff, Amy: KFWB, 1999-2000. Amy is living in Florida.
Christensen, Ken: KFI/KOST/KACE, 1992-95; KYSR/KXEZ/KIBB, 1995-2000; KFI/KOST/KYSR, 1999-2000; KXTA/KLAC/KFI, 2000-01. Ken left his post as head of Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation/LA in early 2003.
Christensen, Todd: KMPC, 1992. The former Raider tight end heads the Athletes for Youth Foundation.
Christian, Kaci: KFI, 2001-02. Kaci is working on-air for a Bakersfield tv station. 
Christian, Magic: KBLA, 1965; KGBS, 1969-70. Last heard, Chuck Charles was in Iowa.
Christian, Mark: KYMS, 1983-88; KPZE/KEZY, 1988-90; KKLA/KFSH, 2000-03; KWVE, 2003-05, KLAA, 2008. Mark is producer/technical director and on-air co-host of Wine Country Talk Radio on KLAA. He's also the engineer for the Academy of Radio & TV in Huntington Beach.
Christian, Roger: KRLA, 1960; KFWB, 1961-65; KBLA, 1965; KHJ, 1965-67; KBLA, 1967; KFWB, 1967-68; KGBS, 1969-71; KDAY, 1971; XPRS, 1971-72; KIQQ, 1973-74; KRTH, 1974-75; XPRS, 1978-79; KRLA, 1983-84; XPRS, 1985-86. There was a gentleness to Roger Christian that conveyed to his listeners an instant ease and a sense of warmth. Some thought he was aloof, but it was his busy schedule that kept him juggling ideas, thoughts and creativity. More often than not, he showed up for his shift after his first record had already been started. Rochester, New York was where Roger started his radio career on WSAY. He worked as Mike Melody for a couple of years in Buffalo. His inspiration was Guy King on WWOL-Buffalo. Guy was actually Tom Clay. During the summer of 1960, Roger started the noon-to-three shift at KRLA. In 1961 he worked the all-night slot as part of the strike breakers at KFWB. Roger was always active in music. In 1964 his Beatles Story album was in the top three on the charts and earned a Gold record in sales. He was one of the original KHJ "Boss Jocks" during the format's debut in April 1965, working the nine-to-noon slot. Roger returned to KFWB and was on the air when the station went all-News in March of 1968. Someone who was present on the last day of KFWB saw Roger "in tears." He was one of the original jocks (noon-3) when "K-100 FM" debuted. He wrote many of the surf songs popularized in the '60s by the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. Many called him the Cole Porter of the teens. He wrote Dead Man's Curve and Little Old Lady From Pasadena. During one particular week while on KFWB, songs that Roger had written were #6, #7 and #8. Because of the payola scandals of the late 1950s and early 1960s, he couldn't play any of his songs until they hit the Top 5. Roger appeared in 17 movies, including The Carpetbaggers. In 1975, Roger and Jim Pewter launched Rock Shoppe with the 6-hour radio special, "The Beach Years." He was also a music consultant to the movie industry and in 1975 worked on Return to Macon County. He produced a Denver group called the Moonrakers that eventually became Sugarloaf. At his funeral in June 1991, Roger's brother told KRLA historian, Bill Earl, that Roger had committed suicide. Roger's show close seems somehow prophetic: "That's all she wrote - sleep warm - later, lover."
Christopher, Brian: KIBB, 1997. Unknown.
Christopher, Jimmy "the Saint": KNAC, 1978-87. Jimmy is the play-by-play voice of the Orem Owlz of the Pioneer League in Utah and does play-by-play for the Ft. Worth Flyers of the NBDL.
Christopher, Mark: SEE Joe Daniels
Christy, Bill: KRTH, 1982. Unknown.
Christy, Bob: KMLT: 2006-07. Bob is the general manager at the Amaturo trimulcast stations.
Chu-Lin, Sam: KFWB, 60s. Sam contributed a weekly report for KTTV/Channel 11. He was a regular contributor to the KQED (San Francisco - NPR) nationally distributed radio program "Pacific Time." He died March 5, 2006. He was 67.  
Chulo, Bobby: KPWR, 1999. Bobby hosted a weekend show at "Power 106."
Church III, George: KFWB, KLAC. George was involved in producing in-flight airline programming for Billboard magazine in the mid and late 1970s. He later joined RKO-General in a similar capacity.


(Pictured: Eric Chase; Dwight Case w/wife Virginia; Michael Clarke; Conway & Steckler; and Alan Colmes)

Ciliano, Paul: KEZY, 1991-92; KLIT, 1992; KYSR, 1992. Paul is operations manager at WSB/fm ("B98.5") and WSRV (97.1 The River) in Atlanta.
Cipriano, Joe: KHTZ, 1980-83; KKHR, 1983-85; KIIS, 1985-90. Joe is the voice of Fox TV and is the co-host of "World Chart Show."
Cisco, Frank: KIKF, 1994-98. Frank works in the admissions office at the Academy of Radio and TV/Video Broadcasting in Huntington Beach.
Clapper, Richard: KFOX, 1981; KWIZ, 1982-89. Since 1994, Rick has been working at KOLA in the Inland Empire.
Clark, Brian: KLAA, 2007-08. Brian is the chief engineer at 830AM, KLAA.
Clark, Carolyn: KBIG, 1989-95. Unknown.
Clark, Don: KGIL, 1973-75. Unknown.
Clark, Gary: KNX, 1978-88. Gary, a 10-year veteran of KNX, died August 12, 2000, following a short but painful bout with cancer. Gary was born in Wewoka, Oklahoma and moved to Texas when he was 10. His father was in the oil business. It was in Bryson, Texas, when Gary contracted polio and was paralyzed from the waist down. "Gary overcame the greatest obstacle," said colleague Jim Williams, "and nothing ever slowed him down. He never let his polio bother him." Gary was affectionately known by his friends as "Stix," because of his crutches. His specialized car license plate sported the same word. He covered major fires, floods and riots, working in Santa Barbara radio at KDB and KTMS. He was a stringer at KNX for many years before starting at the CBS station in the late 1970s. Many of his colleagues were shocked when they learned that he was crippled and covered complicated stories on crutches. Gary was retired and living in Tollhouse, just east of Fresno. He was 61.


(Lynda Clayton; Craig Carpenter; Ken Christensen; and Dan Carlisle)

Clark, Gloria: KFWB, 1959-63. Gloria died suddenly in 1963 of a cerebral hemorrhage.
Clark, Jay: KRLA/KHTZ, 1988-89; KLSX, 1996-97. Jay is vp of non-music program for Sirius Satellite Radio.
Clark, Jerry: Jerry is a past president of the Greater Los Angeles Press Club and is the current executive director of the Southern California Sports Broadcasters.
Clark, John: KBLA, 1967; KNAC, 1972-76; KWST, 1977; KROQ, 1977-1979; KNX, 1988-1991; KFWB, 1999-2000. He was a popular weather personality at KHJ/TV from 1983-1988. John uses his real name, Andrew Amador, and is the host of Best Deals on KTLA/Channel 5.
Clark, Katie: KNX, 2004-08. Katie works at Dial Global's Bright AC format and is a traffic reporter at KNX.
Clark, Mel: KBIG, 1971-74. Unknown.
Clark, Michael: KFI, 1996-2005; KXTA, 2001-03. Michael is assistant news director at KFI and sports director at sister station KXTA (XTRA Sports 690/1150).
Clark, Richard: KBLA, 1966. Richard died in early 1994.
Clark, Steve: KHJ, 1966-67; KEZY, 1981-82; KUTE, 1982-84; KMPC; KTWV, 1988-97. Unknown.
Clark, Wally: KIIS/KPRZ, 1982-86. Wally is living near St. Louis and is consulting on various projects.
Claus, Chris: KFWB, 1988-92; KFWB/KTWV, 1992-96. Chris left his gm post at WHPT/WOGL-Philadelphia in the fall of 2000.
Clay, Tom: KDAY, 1960-62; KBLA, 1965; KDAY, 1966-67; KGBS, 1971; KPPC, 1971-72; KIQQ, 1973; KWIZ, 1975; KZLA, 1979-80; KPRZ, 1980-85; KMPC, 1988-89. Tom died November 26, 1995, at the age of 66.


(Lee Chambers; George Crofford; Ava Cadell; Tony Coles; and Katie Clark)

Clayton, Lynda: KMET, 1984-86; KLOS, 1986-90. Lynda works at KSSJ-Sacramento.
Claypool, Les: KRHM, 1957-65. Les is retired.
Clean, Steven: KPPC, 1971; KMET, 1973-75. Steve is living in Minneapolis.
Cleary, Joseph: KLOS, 1971. Unknown.
Clenard, Val: KRKD, KMPC, 1955-72. Born on Valentines Day, Val hosted Lucky Lager Dance Time, became news director at KMPC and he went on to be a news reporter for KNXT/Channel 2. Val died December 2, 1996, at the age of 68.
Clever, Dick: KFWB, 1968-69. Between 1970 and 1996 Dick worked as investigative reporter, political writer and editor at the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Minneapolis Star and Seattle Times. He now operates a business providing investigative services for complex civil litigation and criminal defense work.
Clewer, Brian: KRHM, 1962; KFAC, 1969-72 and 1974-81. The transplanted Englishman returned to an early love in the travel business. He died April 16, 2008. He was 79.
Clifford, Chuck: KYMS, 1969; KPWR, 1987-88; KLAC, 1988-93. Chuck worked the Country format at Westwood One until early 2006.
Clifton, Charles: KRKD, 1965. Charles was noted for race recreations from Santa Anita Park. Unknown.


(Mike Carlucci; Andy Chanley; Mr. Choc; and Colin Cowherd)

Cloud, David: KPFK; KCRW. David was best remembered as a radio pioneer who raised the level of public awareness of classic music at KPFK (in the early 1970s he was pd) and KCRW. He arrived in the Southland in 1961 after finishing graduate work at the University of Alabama. In 1981 he left radio join the staff at UCLA to train students in audio technology. David died August 27, 1998, at the age of 60.
Clyde, Buddy: KWIZ, 1965-66 and 1967-73 and 1974. Unknown.
Cobbs, Trent, KLON, 1998-2002/KKJZ, 2002-07. Trent hosted an all-night Saturday jazz show at KKJZ (formerly KLON) until the spring of 2007 when there was a management change.
Coburn, Bob: KMET, 1975-77; KLOS, 1980-94; KLSX, 1995; KZLA, 1996; KCBS/fm, 1996-2001; KLOS, 2003-08. Bob owns and hosts "Rockline." He also works weekends at KLOS.
Coburn, Kiris: KDAY, 1989-93; KGER, 1991-97; KKLA, 1997-2003. Kiris worked at Christian KKLA until the summer of 2003. He's now in production at Premiere Radio Networks.
Cocker, Gary: KIQQ, 1975; KTNQ, 1978; KFI, 1978. Gary works in San Diego and is the imaging voice of Channel 6.
Cody, Frank: KLOS, 1977-79; KMET, 1986-87; KTWV, 1987. Frank is consulting Smooth Jazz stations, including KTWV.
Coffey, Jay: KIQQ, 1977-85; KHJ, 1985-86; KRTH, 1986-2005. Jay worked afternoons at KFRC-San Francisco until a late October 2008  format change.
Cohen, Marc: KABC, 1996-2007. Marc hosted a weekend computer show at KABC until the end of 2007. He is a financial advisor with Wachovia. He's the managing director of the Westlake office.


(Larry Carroll; Joni Caryl; Big John Carter; and Steve Candullo)

Cohen, Sherman: KGBS, 1970; XPRS, 1971-72; KRLA, 1976-77; KIIS, 1977-80; KRLA, 1980-82. The former program director at KRLA died of multiple-myeloma cancer on September 8, 2003. He was 53.
Cohen, Stacey: Stacey works for Metro Traffic Networks.
Cole, Bob: KRLA, 1959-60. Bob passed away March 5,1998.
Cole, Bob: KBCA, 1978; KUTE, 1986; KMPC/KLIT, 1988-94. Unknown.
Cole, Nadia: KLAC, 1966. The widow of Nat "King" Cole worked the overnight shift at KLAC.
Cole, Nancy: KNX; KFWB/KTWV; KABC/KMPC; KXTA; KCTD/KMPC, 2000-02. Nancy left her post as gm at all-Sports KMPC in early 2002. She's teaching at UCLA and involved in starting a business, NewsForHire, a publishing business. She also publishes a quarterly newspaper for The Los Angeles Equestrian Center.
Coleman, Jay: KZLA, 1981. Born Jay Fritz, he has been doing weather at KNBC/Channel 4 for years.
Coleman, Pat: KBLA, 1976. Last heard Pat was working in construction in Montana.
Coles, Tony: KXEZ/KIBB, 1996-97; KBIG, 1998-99. Tony is vp/programming and operations for the six-station Clear Channel cluster in Chicago.
Collette, Pat: KNOB, 1961. Unknown.
Collie, Biff: KLAC, 1959; KFOX, 1960-63; KLAC. Biff was R&R's first Nashville editor and was inducted to the Country Hall of Fame in 1978. During his career, he helped establish the Academy of Country Music. Before his death in 1992, Biff earned the Ernest Tubb Humanitarian Award for his contributions.

(Mike Carruthers; Dwight Case; Steve Clark; and Alfredo Cruz)

Collins, Al "Jazzbeaux": KMET, 1968; KFI, 1969-71; KGBS, 1970. Born and raised in Rochester, Al was a high school swimmer from Far Rockaway, New York. He drove to Florida because he heard swimming scholarships were more easily available at Miami University. His big chance came when someone was needed to sign on and sign off for a college professor on the University radio station. He dropped out of college to start his professional career at a bluegrass station in Logan, West Virginia for $18 a week. Later, there was WIND-Chicago where "Jazzbeaux" was created. After a short stint in the military and a stop in Salt Lake City, he was hired for the overnight shift at WIND. In the 1950s, Al originated the "Purple Grotto" (an imaginary candle-lit cave, a hipster’s haven) on WNEW-New York, which stirred the imagination. According to Radio Digest, Al was paid $600 a week at WNEW. One New York columnist said "Al was New York as velvet egg cream." He would speak in his oft-heard beatnik lingo with Harrison, his 176-year-old Tasmanian owl that had been fitted with purple contact lenses to shield his bright orange eyes. (He loved purple, once had a Porsche covered with purple velveteen topped with a faucet.) Al described the "Grotto" as being three mythical stories beneath the studio, portraying all of its accouterments as though they were real, thereby giving the whole idea a semblance of existence. His trademarks became his characteristic mustache, goatee, brightly colored jumpsuits (he owned 150 of them) and gnome hat. He took his nickname from a once-popular brand of necktie called the "Jazz Beau" adding the "x" to the end because he thought it "made for a nice ending." In 1960, he left WINS-New York for KSFO-San Francisco. He hosted a morning show on KGO/TV-San Francisco in the early 1960s. Al was host of tv’s The Tonight Show for a few weeks after Steve Allen abruptly quit the program. On that show he popularized the saying, "I don’t got to show you no stinkin’ badges," which he had borrowed from Treasure of Sierre Madre. In 1968, Al participated in the automated taping of "underground" music for KMET, along with Tom Donahue and B. Mitch Reed. In 1972 he went to WTAE-Pittsburgh and then KMPX-San Francisco. Al gained national attention when Steve Allen recorded his jazzy versions of Aesop’s Fables (Be Bop’s Fables). With Allen playing piano, Al recorded a successful single, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. He also made up Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Hip Kids and jazzy, beatnik nursery rhymes. Mad Magazine once did a cartoon spread on him and his imaginary characters in the 1960s. Al went back to WNEW before returning to the Bay Area on KGO in 1977. In 1981 he was again on WNEW with a show called "Collins on a Cloud." In a Billboard interview, he described his love affair with the after-midnight listener: "I feel we are on a one-to-one basis after midnight. I am talking to them and I like to hear them talk back." He hosted a jazz weekend show on the San Francisco Peninsula, at KCSM-San Mateo until two weeks before his death on September 29, 1997 in Mill Valley following a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 78.
Collins, Jesse: KKBT, 1994-99. Jesse worked at "the Beat."

(Joe Cipriano; Paul Crosswhite; Frankie Crocker; and Sherman Cohen)

Collins, Joe: KMET, 1973-75. Joe lives in Fresno and sells radio/tv time and hosts a jazz show.
Collins, Larry: KOCM, 1987; KJOI, 1987-88. The former gm at KWXY-Palm Springs passed away in 2006.
Collins, Robert L.: KFI, 1969. Bob left KFI and went on to do mornings at legendary station, WGN-Chicago. On Tuesday, February 8, 2000, Bob was killed in a freak private-plane crash. Two small planes collided over Zion, which is about 45 miles north of downtown Chicago, near the Illinois-Wisconsin line. One of the planes was sent into the roof of a hospital. Windows blew out of the top floor of Midwestern Regional Medical Center and crumpled. Besides Collins, two others were killed in the collision. Bob’s gm at WGN, Stephen Carver said that Bob was successful and respected because "he created a one-to-one relationship with each of us. He was a trusted friend and a great communicator, someone who related to us without an ounce of pretension. We will remember Bob as part rebel and part teddy bear - a thoughtful voice who was always involved in his community." He recently signed a new five-year, multimillion-dollar deal with the station. As the city's top morning radio personality after replacing the irreplaceable Wally Phillips in 1986, Collins was the only radio figure in Chicago to have a double-digit share of the radio audience in the highly competitive talk radio scene. With a 10.4 share of the radio audience last fall, he had almost twice the number of listeners as his closest competitors, according to Jim Kirk of the Chicago Tribune. He was 57.
Colmes, Alan: KTLK, 2007-08; KGIL, 2008. The co-host of Hannity & Colmes has a syndicated show carried in the evenings by 1260AM, KGIL.
Collins, Roger: KFI, 1978-83; KUTE, 1983-87; KLIT, 1989-90. Roger is the general manager of KZGL ("Eagle 103.7/fm) in Flagstaff, Arizona. He's working under his birth name, Paul Lancaster.
Comb, Bill: XTRA, 1967; KKDJ, 1971-72. Bill works in real estate in Victorville.
Compton, Chris: KRLA, 1964; KPFK, 1969-72; KTPI, 1991-2005. Chris works morning drive at Antelope Valley's KTPI.
Compton, Paul: KIEV; KHJ, 1962-65; KMPC, 1965-68; KGIL, 1969-71; KFI, 1971-75; KRLA, 1975-76. Frank Sinatra's favorite disc jockey and the host of "Sinatra, Compton and Strings," Paul died April 17, 1996, at the age of 79. During his time on KGIL, Don Page of the LA Times awarded him the 1969 MOR radio dj of the year honor. On June 12, 1971, Paul departed KGIL. At his farewell he said, "I hated to leave that beautiful club. They were so great to me. They gave me complete freedom in the selection and sequencing of my music." Page was an enormous fan of Paul's, describing his style as "the original Mr. Cool, a voice like aged Scotch and the ever-present shades." Don said that Paul was the "acknowledged expert on the musical life and times of Frank Sinatra. Each considers the other the leader of the clan." During Paul's stay at KFI, Page said, "Paul Compton is the best disc jockey in the business. No one has better presence than Compton." Paul was on the air the day before Bill Drake launched "Boss Radio" on KHJ. It is rumored that he had an opportunity to be a "Boss Jock" but declined. Born Paul Compton Abbot in Ontario, he grew up in Long Beach and majored in journalism at Los Angeles City College and San Diego State. Paul had a brief career as a club jazz singer.
Condylis, Paul: KNX, 1960; KHJ, 1963. Unknown.
Confer, Noel: XEAK ("Mighty 690"); 1956-61. Noel retired in 1996 after 50 years on the air. He spent many years raising his sons as a single father. Noel's living in Tulsa.
Coniff, Jim: KKOP; KAPP. Unknown what the son of Ray Coniff is doing.
Conin, Al: KMPC, 1983-92. Al is a former Angel broadcaster who job as voice of the Angels ended October 4, 1992. He has called some San Diego Padres games on radio and tv.
Conlee, Don: KEZY, 1985-86. See Don Allen.


(Doug Cox; Vince Campagna; King Cotton; Jay Coffey, and Brian Clewer)

Conlee, Jim: KTNQ, 1979; KHTZ, 1979-80; KKHR, 1983; KMGG, 1985. Jim is apd/md at KQXT/KSJL-San Antonio.
Conley, Dave: KTNQ, 1976-77; KHJ, 1978-79. Dave died August 28, 2005. He was living in Rosarita Beach.
Connors, Al: KHJ, 1979-80; KORG, 1980; KRTH, 1986-93. Al is programming WOMG/Oldies 103 and NewsTalk 1320 WIS-Columbia, South Carolina.
Conrad, Rod: KOCM/KSRF, 1988. Last heard he was working in Denver.
Conrad, Sean: KHJ, 1973. Sean was sm at KDON-Salinas and last heard he was living in Santa Cruz.
Conway, Jr., Tim: KLSX, 1997-2008. Tim worked evenings with Brian Whitman at FREE/fm, KLSX until the spring of 2008. He now works solo with guest co-hosts.
Cook, Charlie: KHJ, 1981-82; KLAC, 1982-83. Charlie is senior manager of Country Programming at KKGO. He hosts the live music show, The Road
Cook, Del: KGFJ; KLON, 1988-90. Del died in 1991.
Cook, Geri: KRLA, KIEV, KGIL. Geri, L.A.'s original Bargain Lady, died on March 19, 2008. She was 83.

(Adam Carolla; Cassandra (Elvira); Rich Cartter; and Dennis Cruz)

Cook, Ira: KFAC; KABC; KMPC, 1949-71; KVFM, 1972. Ira died May 15, 2007. He was 90.
Cook, Jay: KIIS, 1979-80. Jay was the former KIIS gm from 1979 to 1980. He started his radio career at WHBQ in Memphis and spent 14 years at WFIL-Philadelphia as pd. When he left the Southland, Jay took executive positions with KSD-St. Louis, WIQI-Tampa, and WUSA-Tampa. Jay retired in 1994 and passed away at his home in Palm Harbor, Florida, following a battle with cancer on April 2, 1999. He was 61.
Cook, John: KIIS, 1996-97. John left his Cumulus/Dallas post as operations manager in early 2007.
Cook, Jonathan: KLSX, 1995. Unknown.
Cook, Lonnie: KTYM, 1962-65; KAPP, 1965; KFOX, 1965; KBCA, 1968. Lonnie is the executive director of the Doo Wop Hall of Fame.
Cook, Lou: KABC, 1943-89. Lou was a longtime KABC announcer. He was one of the original hosts of the popular Sunday night program, "Religion on the Line." Lou passed away in 1993.
Cooke, Dave: KHJ, 1977-78; KABC/KMPC/KTZN/KDIS, 1996-98; KFWB, 1998-2000. Dave left his pd post at KPLX in Dallas in early 2007.
Cooley, Brian: KKBT, 1991-94. Brian is director of CNET Radio in San Francisco.
Cooper, Bill: KRLA, KFWB, 1986-2002 and 2006-08. The former news reporter at KFWB was the communications director for Ed Royce, congressman from the 40th district until the end of 2005. Bill rejoined KFWB.
Cooper, Bob: KABC, 1958. Unknown.
Cooper, Brandt: KMPC/fm, 1988. Unknown.
Cooper, Ken: KFI, 1983-84; KZLA/KLAC, 1989-93; KYMS, 1994-95. Ken does a syndicated show for Super Radio called Retro Country USA. He also has a full service production company in Tampa.
, Kim: KIKF; KYMS. Kim is with AirWatch America broadcasting traffic for several stations.


(Jerry Clark; Chris Carter; Joe Collins; Buddy Clyde; Jane Chastain)

Cooper, Sam: KMET, 1972. Unknown.
Coppola, Mark: KLOS, 1977. Mark is at WAXQ-New York.
Copps, John: KCRW, 1971-77; KSRF, 1977-96. John is retired and spends his time fishing and riding motorcycles.
Corbett, Kat: KLYY, 1998-99; KROQ, 1999-2008. Kat is working middays at KROQ.
Cordic, Rege: KNX, 1966; KRLA, 1981-82. Rege was most successful for a long run at KDKA-Pittsburgh (once commanded 85% share of the audience), died of brain cancer and complications including pneumonia on April 16, 1999. Rege came to the Southland to replace Bob Crane at KNX when Crane left radio to star in Hogan’s Heroes. Rege also worked morning drive at KRLA before turning to a successful acting career. He was 72.
Cordier, Dale: KRLA. Dale broadcast traffic for many years in the Southland, heard on KRLA and USA Radio News. Born July 1, 1952, in Pennsylvania, he graduated from Burbank High School in 1970 and served in the U.S. Army. Dale died August 28, 2001, at the age of 49.
Corn Dogg: KKBT; 1540/KMPC; KJLH, 2008. Cornelius "Corn Dogg" Edwards is known as Cornelius Prince on KJLH.
Cornell, Skip: KIQQ, 1975. Unknown.
Corrales, Jay: KRLA, 1994-2000. Jay is on the production staff at KABC.
Cory, Bob: KNOB, 1966; KEZY. Unknown.
Cosgrove, Joe: KPOL, 1957-63. Joe now lives in Lake Forest.

(Mark "the Shark" Christian; Steve Casey; "Chachi"; and Lonnie Cook)

Cotton, Chuck: KMPC, 1967-71. Chuck is gm at KSSK/KIKI/KUCD/KNDD/KHVH-Honolulu.
Cotton, King: KIEV, 1992; KWIZ, 1992-93. He is an actor, a session singer, does commercial voiceovers and compiles CD reissue paks.
Courtney, David: David broadcasts traffic and news from one of the traffic services. He also is an actor.
Coussey, Russell: KJLH, 1995. Unknown.
Cowan, Brian: KIKF, 1995. Unknown.
Cowgill, Jim: KNOB, 1956. Unknown.
Cowherd, Colin, KSPN, 2006-08. Colin leads the Herd in morning drive at KSPN.
Cox, Chris: KEZY, 1991-99. Chris is the director of operations for Liberman's Broadcasting's "Jammin Hits 98.5" in Houston. Chris continues to run Sports Video Productions in Orange County (by remote).
Cox, Courtland: KLYY, 1998. Courtland is a writer, "WebRIOT," MTV.
Cox, Daryl: KGFJ, 1990. Unknown.
Cox, Don: KHJ, 1977-78. Don died in his sleep on September 14, 2003. He was 55.

(Val Clenard; Kathleen Carey; Ray Crockett; and Michael Castner)

Cox, Doug: KRLA, 1968-69; KPPC, 1970-71. Doug is vp of Nioxin, the first non-drug to eliminate excessive hair loss. He's based in Atlanta.
Cox, Kelly: KLOS, 1994-2008. Kelly is living n Austin.
Cox, Tony: KFWB, 1969-84. Tony has hosted entertainment tv shows.
Cox, Vicki: KFWB, 1989-2005; KNX, 2005-08. Vicki joined KNX as an afternoon news anchor in early 2005 and left in the fall of 2008 following a company downsizing.
Coyle, Jim: KWKW, 1956-58; KALI, 1958-68. Jim was gm at KALI and left the station in 1968 in a contract dispute, which he won. He then bought the Spanish language station KCTY-Salinas and owned it until 1984. Jim was also part owner of KRAY-Fremont. He died February 19, 1991, in Salinas.
Craig, Steve: KEZY, 1978; KGGI, 1986-90; KROQ, 1988-89.  Since the early 1990s, Steve has been doing middays at Atlanta’s Modern Rock “99X.”
Cramer, Doug: KGIL, 1949-53; KFI, 1953-76; KHOF, 1961-85; KKLA, 1994-2005. Doug works behind the scenes at Salem Communications/LA.
Cramer, Jim: KLAC, 2002; KFI, 2004-05; KNX, 2006. Jim's syndicated financial talk show aired for only a few months in 2006 at KNX.

Crandall, Brad: KFI, 1974. Brad passed away in the early 1990s.
Crane, Bob: KNX, 1956-65; KMPC, 1972-73. Bob is best known for his starring role as Col. Robert Hogan in Hogan's Heroes. He worked morning drive at KNX against legendary KMPC morning dj Dick Whittinghill. On June 29, 1978, Bob was beaten to death as he slept in a Scottsdale, Arizona apartment. According to a coroner's report, his face, bloodied and swollen from beatings, was unrecognizable. He had an electric cord tied around his neck in a bow. In 1997, Bob Crane, Jr., donated a sizeable collection of his father's airchecks to the Museum of TV & Radio.
Crane, Charlie: KLAC, 1970. Unknown.

(Hugh Cherry; Alan Chapman; Tony Cox; Jay Curtis; and Les Carter)

Crane, David: KLAC, 1965-69. David bought a radio station in St. Augustine, Florida. Unknown.
Crane, Frank: The advertising and radio executive was the former president of the Southern California Broadcasters Association and a campaign manager for the March of Dimes. A colleague remarked: "Frank was always promoting." He died of cancer in July 1992, at the age of 77.
Crane, Fred: KFAC, 1947-87. Fred, a veteran personality at Classical KFAC over four decades, died August 21, 2008. He was 90. Born March 22, 1918, Fred came to Los Angeles in the late 1930s from New Orleans to become an actor. He auditioned for and won the role of one of the Tarleton boys in the classic film, Gone With the Wind. In fact, Fred give the opening line in the first scene of the film. After his cinematic debut, Fred became a radio announcer for KFAC, where he held forth for well over 40 years as the morning drive time announcer until being dismissed on New Year's Day 1987. Fred successfully sued the station for $1 million for punitive damages and reinstatement of his job when he was replaced by younger announcers. Occasionally Fred continued to be hired as an actor.  He was cast in soap operas like General Hospital and other tv shows including Peyton Place, 77 Sunset Strip and he was the voice of Alpha Control on Lost in Space. In his later years, Fred ran a bed and breakfast inn in Atlanta with a Gone With the Wind motif.
Crane, Les: KLAC, 1969-70. Les was a talk show host at KLAC. In his early jocking days in San Francisco he was known as Johnny Raven at KYA. Les hosted an late night talk show on ABC/TV, and recorded the hit single, Desiderata. He married Tina Louise of Gilligan's Island. He went on to a successful career in computer software. He died July 13, 2008, at the age of 74.
Crann, Tom: KUSC, 1991-92 and 1994-95. Tom is with Minnesota Public Radio and is a regional host for "All Things Considered."
Crawford, Dick: KFAC, 1948-83. Dick passed away in the early 1990s.
Crawford, Jean: KCBH. Jean owned KMGM (later KCBH) in Beverly Hills. The station was sold in the mid-1960s and turned into KJOI. Jean died in September 1991 at the age of 84.
Creagh, David: KLON, 1981-85. David is programming a public radio station in Baltimore.
Cridland, Diane: KABC, 1992-94. Diane is station manager at KSRO-Santa Rosa.

(Stan Campbell; Bruce Chandler; Lee Cameron; Lisa Canning)

Crocker, Frankie: KGFJ, 1968-72; KUTE, 1979-80. Frankie died October 21, 2000. He had his major success in New York, returning to WBLS three times. Frankie came to the Southland to duplicate his success with the "New York disco sound." For many years he was vp of entertainment and programming of Inner City Broadcasting. In the mid-1980s, Frankie was hosting NBC/TV's Friday Night Videos and was one of the original VH-1 veejays. In 1987, Frankie became a consultant to WRXR-Chicago and also programmed WGCI-Chicago. He was on-air at WWRL-New York and WMCA-New York. In early 1994 he was hosting the "Quiet Storm" show via satellite to WBLS from his home in Coldwater Canyon. In late 1995 Frankie rode back to New York as "the Sheriff" and rejoined WBLS for the fourth time. One of America's premiere radio personalities, Frankie exuded a cool combination of charm and style, intellect and humor, making him one of the top rated djs of our time. Honored in the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Also an actor, he has appeared in the films: Cleopatra Jones, Death Drug, 5 On The Blackhand Side, Darktown Strutters and Behind Closed Walls. Frankie got his start on WUFO in Buffalo while attending The University of Buffalo as a pre-law student. He did everything from jazz, his first love, to r&b, gospel, hosted several different ethnic community programs. Frankie also served as the stations news director while holding down a part-time dj shift. He also worked at KGCI and WNUA-Chicago, and WKKS-St. Louis. Frankie was one of the all-time favorite Masters of Ceremonies and promoters at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York City where he is ensconced on their "Wall of Fame," along with other great stars. One of the fabulous stories about Frankie was, upon returning to the Big Apple, he entered New York City's hottest nightclub, "Studio 54," wearing a tuxedo and riding on a white horse. That night he reclaimed the New York "radio crown." The crowd went wild, and the press loved it! It was stunts like these that added to his legendary status. Billboard Magazine has given Frankie numerous awards for "Program Director of the Year," and "Air Personality of the Year." educated. Frankie died of cancer, at the age of 63.
Crockett, Ray: KXTA, 2004-05. The 15-year NFL cornerback who won two Super Bowl rings with the Denver Broncos joined XTRA Sports for a Talk show in late Spring 2004 and left a year later.
Crofford, George: KPOL, 1957-72. When George left KPOL he became a tennis instructor. He died October 31, 1994.
Cronan, Stu: KBCA, 1968. Unknown.


(Corn Dogg)

Cross, Lee: KGFJ, 1968. Lee is Roland Bynum. It was the name Arnold Schorr selected for him when he came to L.A. from Montgomery. After a stint in Charlotte, he returned to L.A. and used his birth name.
Cross, Tom: KGFJ, 1968-74. Tom is a motivational speaker, consultant, counselor and business coach.
Crosswhite, Paul: KJOI; KNX/fm; KWST, 1970s; KFWB; KEZY, 1980; KNX; KRTH, 1985-88; KFI, KTWV, 1990-2001. Paul worked morning drive at "the Wave" until the Fall of 2001. He is now active with a voiceover career.
Crouch, Paul: KREL, 1965-71; KHOF, 1972-73. Paul is the founder and one of the leaders of Trinity Broadcasting Network since 1973.
Crowe, Deanna: KFI; KLAC, 1982; KMPC, 1982-83; KHTZ, 1985; KTWV, 1987. Deanna briefly hosted one of the tv home shopping networks.
Crowe, Jim: KLSX, 1990. Since 1991, Jim has worked as a promotion manager for Mercury/Polygram Records.
Crowell, George: KHJ, 1959; KPOL, 1960s. George has passed away.
Crowley, Mort: KHJ, 1963. The funny morning man arrived in Southern California from WKNR-Detroit, WLS-Chicago and KXOK-St. Louis. Mort has passed away.
Crozier, Michael: KFI, 2002-08. Michael Crozier is part of the news operation at KFI.
Crummey, Joe: KFI, 1988; KMPC, 1994; KFI, 1994-95; KMPC, 1995-96; KLSX, 1996; KMPC/KTZN, 1996-97; KABC, 1997-2000 and 2002-04. Joe left KFYI-Phoenix in the spring of 2007. He's now providing commentary and the Crummey Minute to KTAR-Phoenix.
Cruz, Alfredo: KLON, 1995-2002/KKJZ, 2002-03. Alfredo left the Long Beach all-Jazz station in late 2003. He's living in the Inland Empire.


(Wally Clark; Rick Cummings; R.J. Curtis; Joe Crummey; and Michael Crozier)

Cruz, Dennis: KKBT, 1991-99; KCMG, 1999-2000. Dennis worked at KIFR-San Francisco with John London until the spring of 2006.
Cruz, Kristin: KOST, 2008. Kristin is co-host of the KOST morning show. She started in October 2008.
Cruz, Rick: KKTR, 1998. Rick is with AirWatch Traffic Services.
Cruz, Suzy: SEE Suzanne Ansilio
Crystal, Ross: KFWB, 2001-08. Ross is the entertainment reporter for all-News KFWB.
Cuervo, Dan: KIIS, 1996-97. Sean Lynch, aka, Dan Cuervo works at Priority Records.
Cuett, Peter: KJOI, 1987-88. Unknown.
Culver, Howard: KLAC, 1965-69; KGIL, 1969-74. The former newsman started as a radio actor acting in the drama, "Straight Arrow." He had a recurring role as "Howie" on CBS/TV's Gunsmoke. Howard traveled to Hong Kong and contracted spinal meningitis. He died August 4, 1984, at the age of 66.
Cummings, Brian: KIIS, 1975-76. Brian went on to a voiceover career.
Cummings, Rick: KPWR, 1991-96. Rick is executive vp of programming for 25-station Emmis chain, concentrated in seven markets, including New York, Chicago, L.A., Phoenix, Denver, St. Louis and Indianapolis.
Cunningham, Darby: KPPC, 1986. Unknown.
Cunningham, Keith: KACD, 1999-2000. Keith is head of his own consultancy company called Media Positioning. 


(Magic Christian; Bill Cooper; Chuck Cecil; Chuck Clifford; and Roger Collins)

Curelop, Carey: KLOS, 1989-91; KQLZ, 1991-92; KLOS, 1992-97. Carey is program director at KZOK-Seattle.
Curran, Jim: KIIS/AM, 1978; KGOE, 1978-81; KSBR, 1997-2005. Jim worked at AirWatch traffic service until November 30, 2007 when there was a restructuring at the traffic/news facility.
Currier, Cam: KRLA, 1970-72; KROQ, 1972-74; KGIL, 1979-81; KIEV/KRLA, 1981-2005. Cam is doing occasional engineering at the ABC Radio Networks and freelancing at GreenStone Media. He's also doing media consulting for the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments.
Curtis, Benson: KRHM, 1957-65; KBCA, 1973-76. Unknown.
Curtis, Craig: KPCC, 2005-08. Craig is the pd at KPCC and commutes to Minnesota on weekends.
Curtis, Jay: KBIG, 1999-2000. Jay worked swing at KBIG.
Curtis, Mac: KLAC, 1971; KBBQ, 1971; KFI, 1973-74. Mac takes his rockabilly act on tour. He lives in Dallas.
Curtis, RJ.: KDUO, 1978-80; KLAC/KZLA, 1980-87 and 1993-96 and 2000-06. RJ rejoined KZLA as program director February 7, 2000 and left following a format flip in late summer of 2006. He's president of Country Radio Broadcasters and Country editor at R&R.
Curtis, Fred: KPOL, 1955-65. Fred is retired and living in Glendale.
Cutting, Dick: KFWB, 1968-70. Dick has passed away.


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