Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, K
Compiled by Don Barrett



K, Bob: KFWB, 1967-68; KABC/KMPC, 1992-96. Bob is director, Content Acquisition for Vialta, Inc. in Fremont, CA.
K, Ellen: KIIS, 1990-2002. Ellen co-hosts mornings with Rick Dees at KIIS/FM.
K, Jeff: KACD, 1996-97. Jeff is doing middays at "Merge 93.3" in Dallas.
KABC, Mr.: KFI, 1992-96; KABC, 1997-2002. Mr. KABC works evenings at KABC.
Kabrich, Jeanine: KABC, 1998-99; KFWB, 2000-02. Jeanine worked as the Southern California Media representative for the U.S. Census Bureau. She now works swing at KFWB.
Kabrich, Randy: KQLZ, 1989-90. Randy is a radio consultant.
Kaelin, Brian Kato: KLSX, 1995-96. The pop icon appears infrequently in the media. He's currently appearing in a recurring role on Showtime's Beggars and Choosers
Kaestner, Anne: KNX, 1976. Unknown.
Kagan, Marilyn: KFI, 1991-96; KMPC/KTZN, 1996-97. Unknown.


(Pictured: Frank Kramer; Marie Kordus; and Harvey Kern )

Kahlen, Brent: KYMS, 1969-73; KROQ, 1976-79; KNAC, 1979-81. Brent owns a company that does "business turnarounds" for small to medium sized businesses..
Kahn, Chaka: KIBB, 1997. Chaka appeared on VH-1's Divas broadcast in April 1999 singing her hit, I Feel For You.
Kahn, Ken: KLSX, 1998. Paired with Gerald Wolfe to host Jerry's Courtroom Deli, Ken's whereabouts are unknown.
Kahn, Larry: KNX, mid 1980s; KFOX, 1991; KORG, 1991; KFI, 1991-92; KMPC, 1992-95; KLSX, 1996-97. Larry broadcasts UNLV football games.
Kalmenson, Howard: KWKW, 1962-97. Howard owned KWKW.
Kalmenson, Jim: KWKW, 1991-97. Jim was general manager of KWKW, his father's station.
Kamer, Steve: KHTZ, 1982-83. Steve lives in New Jersey and does voiceover work.
Kane, Allan: KMET, 1980. Unknown.
Kaplan, Gabe: KLAC, 1990-92. Gabe is playing in the World Series of Poker.


(Pictured: Leo Knott; Rhonda Kramer; Steve Kindred; Kelly Whelihan Kufman)

Kaplan, Leon: KABC, 1979-2002. The old Motorman dispenses automotive information at KABC.
Karnatz, Mia: KPCC, 1996-2002. Mia hosts a roots alternative rock music show and is the membership manager at KPCC.
Karel & Andrew: KFI, 1998-2002. Karel (Charles Karel Bouley) & Andrew (Howard) worked swing at KFI. Andrew died suddenly on May 21, 2001. He was 34. Karel left KFI in April 2002.
Kasem, Casey: KRLA, 1963-69. Casey has an active voiceover career and continues to host a countdown show.
Kat, Killer: SEE El Gato
Katchen, Sharon: KFWB, 1986-2002. Sharon is the Orange County bureau chief for all-News KFWB.
Katz, Burt: KMPC, 1996; KABC, 1996-99. Burt is a retired L.A. Superior Court judge.
Kaufman, Mike: KMPC, 1992; KFWB, 1995-99. Mike reported sports at all-News KFWB.
Kaufmann, Dawna: KMDY, KIEV, KMPC, KTZN. Dawna is a writer and frequent guest on tv.
Kay, Ella: KDAY, 1965. Unknown.
Kay, Karen: KIKF, 2000; KMXN, 2000-02. Karen works evenings at "Cool 94.3fm."
Kaye, Barry: KHJ, 1972-74. Nominated eight times as dj of the year, Barry lives on his 300-acre ranch in Mason, Texas.
Kaye, Barry: KRLA, 1985-93; KRTH, 1993-96. Barry produces the syndicated Dr. Demento Show.
Kaye, Harry: KFWB, 1957. Unknown.


(Pictured: Jackson King; Chris Kelley, [1977]; and Paul Kelly)

Kaye, Jerry: KROQ, 1977; KLOS, 1978. Last heard, Jerry was working Earth News at CBS.
Kaye, Jhani: KUTE, 1972-74; KKDJ, 1974; KGBS, 1975; KROQ, 1973-74; KFI/KOST, 1982-99; KBIG, 1999-2000; KOST/KBIG, 2000-02. Jhani is pd/station manager at KOST and KBIG.
Kaye, Marc: KIIS, 1992-94. Marc is running five stations in Seattle.
Kaye, Tamara: KYMS, 1993-95; KOLA, 1995-98; KFI, 2000-01; KWVE, 1998-2002. Tamara's currently nd at KWVE and is a parttime news anchor at KFI through AirWatch America.
Kazan, Dick: KABC/KMPC, 1993-95. Dick runs his own consulting business and writes a weekly column for R&R.
Kaze, Irv: KIEV/KRLA, 1991-2002. Irv died June 29, 2002 of a massive heart attack. He was 75.
Irv was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and grew up in New York. He joined KIEV in 1991 to host a sports talk show. He is the only Los Angeles area sports broadcaster to have the distinction of wearing both a World Series and a Super Bowl ring. During his eight years with the Los Angeles Raiders as senior administrator, the team won the 1984 Super Bowl. Prior to joining the Raiders, he was media relations director for the New York Yankees in 1981 when they won their last pennant prior to 1996. While attending New York University, he worked for the New York Post. Upon graduation, he began his baseball career with the Hollywood Stars of the Pacific Coast League, moving up to the parent Pittsburgh Pirates when the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn. Irv was the first public relations director of the Los Angeles (now Anaheim) Angels. When Al Davis became commissioner of the AFL, Irv joined his staff and later became business manager and assistant to the president of the San Diego Chargers for seven years. Irv has been recognized on six occasions as the Best Radio Talk Show host by SC Sports Broadcasters.
, Richard: KGIL, 1965. Unknown.
Keena: KXMX, 1999-2000; KROQ. The former "Mix 95.9" weekender works in PR at Premiere Radio Networks. She is also a producer of weekend programming at KROQ.


(Pictured: Krisha; Dave Koz; Kato Kaelin; and John Kobik)

Keene, Bill: KNX, 1957-93. Longtime KNX traffic and weather reporter Bill Keene died April 5, 2000. Bill was the longtime weather/traffic reporter for KNX from 1957 until his retirement in 1993. For many years he did similar duties on KNXT/Channel 2 and was part of the highly successful The Big News with Jerry Dunphy and sports announcer Gil Stratton. Born July 1, 1927, Bill worked in a meteorology firm before joining KNX in 1957. He hosted "The Bill Keene Show," a local variety show, and met his future wife, Louise Vienna, who was appearing as a singer. Bill gave flavor to the traffic reports using words like "cattywampus," "chrome cruncher" and "paint peeler" instead of "accident." He started his professional career in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, winning an audition at his high school. After flying in the United States Air Force during World War II, he became nd at KBOL-Boulder. He went into the weather field after an unruly winter interrupted his private flying lessons. Bill died at a hospital in Tucson, Arizona, following complications from a stroke. He was 73.
Keene, Scott: KBRT, 1983-84; KFI, 1986. Scott owns a mobile dj business and he is a professional umpire.
Keffury, Bill: KRLA, 1961-63. Bill lives in San Rafael and opened the first CD store in Marin County.
Keith: KLOS, 1977. Unknown.
Keith, Bobby: KDAY, 1967. Unknown.


(Pictured: Diana Kirchen (Kelly); Khool-Aid; Don Kelly [1980]; and Bill Kingman)

Kelley, Bob: KMPC, 1946-64; KRKD, 1964-66. Bob was regarded as one of the finest football announcers in the history of radio and television. Bud Furillo was even more effusive, "Ol' Kell was the best football announcer I ever heard." Bob came West with the Rams in 1946, a position he had held since the inception of the pro football team in Cleveland in 1937. He won immediate fame for his vivid broadcasts. Bob announced the PCL's Angel games from 1948 to 1957. He was twice named the LA Times Sportscaster of the Year. He had a nightly controversial sports show on KMPC and was the sports director for the station. Jim Murray wrote: "His dinner-hour sports show made as many people gnash their teeth as cheer. But they listened. His mail was sulfuric. But they wrote." Bob was born in Kalamazoo and attended high school in Elkhart, Indiana and Western Reserve University where he graduated in 1942. After graduation from high school, Bob moved to South Bend and a job announcing the football games of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. He became director of sports for WGAR-Cleveland and began calling Ram games. In 1942 he joined WJR-Detroit where he broadcast the games of the University of Michigan, while commuting back to Cleveland on Sundays to do the Rams. In the mid-1950s Bob became part of the Angels and Hollywood Stars at Wrigley Field and California Angels beginning announcing team in 1961. In 1964 Bob was carried out of the Coliseum during the Pro Bowl with a heart attack. The Voice of the Rams died September 9, 1966, at the age of 49. His son Pat, who was known as Paraquat Kelley, pursued a broadcasting career and was heard in the Southland on KMET and KMPC/FM.


(Pictured: Bob Kelley w/son Tim); Karen Kay; and Gene Knight)

Kelley, Chaz: KRTH, 1991-2002. Chaz works at Westwood One and left "K-Earth" in early 2002.
Kelley, Chris: KFI, 1983. Chris works at KPLN-San Diego as Chuck Jones and "The Joneses" Morning Show.
Kelley, Christina: KCMG, 1998-2001; KRTH, 2002. Christina left "Mega 92.3" in the summer of 2001 when the station flipped to "Hot 92.3" and in early 2002 joined KRTH. She works early evenings.
Kelley, Gary: KIQQ, 1978-79. Gary does weekend weather at KGTV/Channel 10 in San Diego.
Kelley, Pat "Paraquat": KMET, 1977-87, KMPC/FM, 1988. Pat is in Southland real estate and he is a screenwriter.
Kelley, Sandy: KYSR, 1991-92; KXEZ, 1992-96; KLIT, 1997-98; KTWV, 1997-2002. Sandy is part of "the Wave."
Kelly, Ben: KKBT, 1990-99; KCMG, 1999-2000. Ben is part-owner of a production company making spiritual films.
Kelly, Bill: KEZY, 1987. Unknown.
Kelly, Don: KLAC, 1980-83. Don is retired and living in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


(Pictured: Lyle Kilgore; Chaz Kelley; Mr. KABC; and Evelyn Kelly)

Kelly, Evelyn: KFI, 1978-81; KIIS, 1986. Evelyn works on various countdown shows at Premiere Radio Networks.
Kelly, Jeff: KLAC, 1985-88; KYSR, 1993. Since 1994, Jeff has been the weather anchor for KPNX/TV-Phoenix.
Kelly, Jim: KFWB, 1961; KBLA. Jim is a teacher at Fullerton College.
Kelly, Josh: KBIG, 2000. Josh works swing at KBIG.
, Kidd: KFOX, 1982; KWNK, 1985. Brett Nordhoff works at KCDU ("CD93") in Monterey.
Kelly, Kurt: KLOS, 1983-87; KNX/FM/KODJ, 1988-90. Kurt is producing tv shows and working at Westwood One.


(Pictured: Richard Kimball; Keena; and Kurt Kretzschmar)

Kelly, "Machine Gun": KHJ, 1973-78; KTNQ, 1978-79; KFI, 1983; KOST, 1985; KIIS, 1987-88; KODJ/KCBS, 1989-92; KBIG, 1999-2000. MG runs MGK Conmmunications based in Los Angeles. He's producing and hosting two shows: "Machine Gun Kelly's American Hit List" a 60's and 70's - 3 hour weekly show - and M.G. Kelly's "Amazing 80s." The two show are heard on over one hundred stations.
Kelly, Marc: KIQQ, 1972-73. Unknown.
Kelly, Margie: KWIZ, 1976-78; KYMS. Margie lives in Mission Viejo and writes books for single Christians.
Kelly, Merilee:  KSCA 1994-96, KYSR 1996-98. Merilee now uses the last name of Chase and works middays at WSRS-Worcester, Massachusetts.
Kelly, Pat: KHJ; KFI, 1950-68. Unknown.
Kelly, Paul: KWIZ, 1978-82. Paul is a professor in Dublin, Ireland.
Kelly, Steve: KIKF, 1993-97. Steve works for Metro Networks.
Kelly, Tim: KFI, 1998-2001. Tim, part of the Tim & Neil show, left the Talker in the fall of 2001.


(Pictured: Christina Kelley; Steve Kelly; Tim Kelly; "Shotgun Tom" Kelly)

Kelly, Tim: KFI, 1978-81; KIIS, 1983; KKBT, 1989-90. Tim retired his executive vp post at Premiere Radio Network in early 2002.
Kelly, Todd: KKBT, 1989. Unknown.
Kelly, Tom: KNX; KFI. Tom broadcasts USC sports on Fox Sports West.
Kelly, "Shotgun" Tom: KRTH, 1997-2002. "Shotgun" works afternoon drive at "K-Earth."
Kemp, Garth: KLOS, 1997-98. Garth reports weather for KABC/Channel 7 News.
Kemp, Guy: KNAC, 1984-85; KMPC/FM, 1988. Guy hosts "Computer Daze" for the Talk America Radio Network.
Kennedy, Alton, KPSA, 1972. Unknown.
Kennedy, Virgin: KROQ, 1990-91. The former MTV vj works for ComedyWorld.com.
Kenney, June: KMET, 1967. Unknown.
Kenny, Tim: Tim was last heard working for Metro in Denver.
Kent, Tony: KPOL, 1961-69 and 1971-74. Last heard, Tony bought a station in Pismo Beach and has since sold it.
Kerby, Ed: KIIS, 1971; KROQ, 1972-73; KIIS, 1973; KWST, 1973; KDAY, 1974-94; KMAX, 1995. Ed owned Love's Restaurant in North Hollywood.
Kerdoon, Randy: KWNK, 1990; KFWB, 1990-96. Randy left his weekend sports anchor job at KTTV/Fox 11 in late spring 2002.
Kern, Harvey: KNJO/KMDY/Lite 92.7, 1978-98.  Harvey is mostly retired, does some voice/production work for "Phone-on-Hold Marketing Systems," and lives in Ventura County.


(Pictured: Tom Kelly; Steve Knight; Ellen K; Bob Kingsley)

Kerr, Bob: KFI, 1960-76. Unknown.
Kester, Howard: KEZY, 1966. Howard was gm of KYA-San Francisco during the station's success with a CHR format. He was gm at KEZY and went on to be the executive director of the Northern California Broadcasters Association. Howard died in 1989.
Kevin & Bean: KROQ, 1990-2002. The team works morning drive at KROQ.
Kevin, Art: KEZY, 1959-61; KFAC, 1961; KFI, 1961-63; KHJ, 1963-72; KMPC, 1972-78. Art is active in Las Vegas.
Kevoian, Bob: KXTA, 2000-01. Bob and his partner Tom Griswold started their syndicated show at "XTRA Sports 1150" on January 4, 2000 and the show was dropped a year later.
Keyes, Austin: KLOS, 1997-2000. Austin worked swing at KLOS.
Khan, Chaka: KIBB, 1997. Chaka recently sang her hit I Feel For You at the Divas concert on VH-1.
Khool-Aid: KPWR, 2000-02. Khool-Aid works middays at "Power 106."


(Pictured: John Kluge; Kevin "Kozman" Koske; Jeff K; and Bob Koontz)

Kidd, Jr., Paul: KNOB, 1968; KFWB, 1969-87; KGFJ, 1969-87; KDAY, 1984-87; KMAX, 1987-88; KACE, 1988-94. Paul's gospel show on Armed Forces Radio has played for over 20 years. He created Touch of Soul barbecue sauce, later renamed Touch of the South.
Kieley, Dan: KIIS, 1997-2001. Dan left his program director post at KIIS/FM in the early summer of 2001.
Kiernan, Kathy: KNX, 1981-2002. Kathy is an editor/writer at KNXNewsradio. She also reports for 3AW in Melbourne, Australia.
Kiley, Liz: KFI/KOST, 1982-89; KKBT, 1989-90. Liz lives in Nashville.
Kilgore, Lyle: KHJ, 1966-77; KDAY, 1978; KLAC, 1983-90; KFWB, 1990-99. Lyle was a weekend news anchor at KFWB.
Kilgore, Ron: KFWB, 1996-2002. Ron anchors the business hour at all-News KFWB.

(Pictured: Garth Kemp; Todd Kelly; Ben Kelly; Jeff Kelly; and Gary Kelley)

Kilman, Buzz: KLSX, 1999-2000. Buzz worked with Jonathon Brandmeier at the FM Talk station, KLSX.
Kim, Jimmy: KIIS, 1993-2002; KFOX/KREA, 1994-99. Jimmy is one of the most respected sources for dance and hit music and is active at KIIS.
Kim, Steve: KXTA, 1999. Steve is host of a weekend boxing show at "XTRA Sports 1150."
Kimball, Richard: KMET, 1970-74; KWST, 1975-76. Richard owns AASK, Artist Acquisitions Service Kompany, which acquires musical artists for network programming. He's also co-producing The Road series for United Stations.
Kimmel, Jimmy: KROQ, 1994-99. Jimmy won an Emmy as co-host of Win Ben Stein's Money. He co-hosts The Man Show on Comedy Central and he's set to start a late-night ABC show in the fall of 2002.
Kindred, Steve: KMNY, 1987-89; KFWB, 1989-2002. Steve is a field reporter at all-News KFWB.
King, Alan: KBBQ, 1960s. Unknown.
King, Bill: KNX, 1982-83. Considered by many to be the best pro football radio announcer in the country, Bill has broadcast over 500 Raider games. In the 1980s, preparing for retirement, his financial counselor swindled all his money.
King, Dave: XPRS, 1972. Unknown.


(Pictured: Art Kevin w/wife Jodi; Casey Kasem; and Bill Keene)

King, Howard: KHJ, 1972. Unknown.
King, Jackson: KFWB, 1962; KHJ, 1968. Born Jack Colon, the booming Top 40 newsman died April 27, 1969, from complications of cirrhosis of the liver. Jackson was 45.
King, Josh: KLAC, 1965. Unknown.
King, Roy: KGFJ, 1978. KKTT, 1979; KIEV, 1981-97. Unknown.
King, Tom: KUTE, 1981-87; KNOB, 1984-86. Tom and his wife bought KTHO-Lake Tahoe and the success of their own broadcast school, Academy of Radio Broadcasting, has branched out to Phoenix, Walnut Creek and Fremont.
King EMZ: KKBT, 1995-97. Unknown.
Kingman, Bill: KPPC, 1959-60. Since 1961, Bill has been living in Lake Tahoe.
Kingsley, Bob: KGBS, 1961-69; KLAC, 1970-71; KBBQ, 1971-72; KFI, 1973. Bob hosts a syndicated Country show. In 1998, he was inducted into the Country Hall of Fame.
Kingston, Lenore: KFWB, 1959-62. Lenore was the home affairs editor during the colorful days of "Color Radio." Her show "Purely Personal" aired for three years. Lenore was featured on This Is Your Life for her important contributions during World War II. Born Eleanor Bourgeotte in L.A. on October 14, 1913, during the thirties she acted in the radio drama "Ma Perkins" and later starred with McDonald Carey in the Lock Up tv series. But her real interest was being a ham radio operator. After Pearl Harbor she founded radio training courses for the American Womens Voluntary Service. She specialized in phone patches between servicemen overseas and their families. During her time with KFWB she aired over 6,000 programs that dealt with finding missing persons, or trading or selling something. Lenore retired when she left KFWB and has since passed away.
Kirby, Paul: KFI, 1978. Paul has been doing voiceovers in Dallas and Los Angeles for the past 20 years.


(Pictured: Liz Kiley; Ed Krampf; Pat "Paraquat" Kelley; and Sharon Katchen)

Kirchen, Diana Kelly: KWIZ, 1978-80. Diana is a Learning Development Officer at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland.
Kirkland, B.K.: KGFJ/KUTE, 1983. Last heard, B.K. was the regional vp of WIKS-Greenville/New Bern and WXNR-Charlotte.
Kirchen, Diana: KWIZ. Diana is the music director of the Cal State Fullerton college radio station KBPK.
Kitchens, Lauren: KFSH, 2001-02. Lauren joined mornings at Salem's "The Fish" in April 2001.
Klein, Frank: KPPC, 1971. Unknown.
Klein, Michael: KRLA, 1970. Unknown.
Klein, Milt. Milt died July 26, 2001. He served as an officer in the Merchant Marines during World War II, and had a varied career in broadcasting, advertising and finance.
Kluge, John: John was president of Metromedia.
Knight, Chris: KWST, 1982; KMGG, 1982-83. Chris works morning drive at KKMG-Colorado Springs.
Knight, Gene: KHTZ, 1979-80. Gene works afternoons at KyXy-San Diego.
Knight, Michael: KFWB, 1998-99. Michael left KFWB in late 1999 to be the head writer for ReporterTV.com, the first online industy news webcast.
Knight, Michelle: SEE Marina Wilson


(Pictured: Tamara Kaye; Lauren Kitchens; Erin Kotecki; Jeanine Kabrich)

Knight, Steve: KIEV, 1972-98. The longtime restaurant critic fills-in at KIEV.
Knight, Ted: KGIL; KPRZ. The unforgettable Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show has passed away.
Knobler, Cecily: KZLA, 2000-01. Cecily is part of the morning show at Country KZLA.
Knorr, Peter: KJOI, 1989. Unknown.
Knott, Leo: KDAY, 1979-83; KFWB, 1983-84; KABC/KLOS, 1984-85; KJLH, 1984-89; KACE, 1989-90; KGFJ, 1990-93; KTYM, 1995-97. Unknown.
Knutson, Ken: KFOX, 1971. Unknown.
Kobik, John: KOCM, 1987; KWIZ, 1990-91. Since 1994, John has been a news anchor in San Diego. He currently is with KFMB.
Kohl, Ken: KFI, 1987-89. Ken is operations manager at talkers KFBK/KSTE-Sacramento.
Kolodny, Warren: KCRW. Warren hosted "Stay Awake" on KCRW. Rhino Records also employed him where he worked in media relations. Warren was a graduate of Amherst College and held a master’s degree in Spanish from Stanford University. He died August 23, 1996.
Konyski, Hank: KNX, 1938-48; KABC, 1967-83. Hank retired in 1983 and lives in the San Fernando Valley.
Koon, W.L.: KRKD. W.W. is the former general manager at KRKD. Unknown.


(Pictured: Jimmy Kim; Jhani Kaye; and MG Kelly)

Koontz, Bob: KEZY, 1978-82; KRLA, 1982-84; KJOI, 1984-85; KSCA/KMPC/KLITE/KUTE, 1985-97; KCTD, 1997; KABC/KDIS/KLOS, 1997-2000; KABC/KDIS/KLOS/KSPN, 2000-02. Bob is the director of sales for the four ABC/Disney properties.
Kordus, Marie: KMGX, 1985; KPWR, 1985-97; KLAX/KFOX/KREA, 1999-2001. Marie is at Newmark Communications.
Koske, Kevin "KOZMAN": KQLZ, 1989-90; KIIS, 1993. The "Kozman" is the apd/md/creative service director at KALC ("Alice 106")-Denver.

(Pictured: Irv Kaze; Sandy Kelley; and Skip Kelly)

Kotecki, Erin: KFWB, 1999-2002. Erin is a reporter at all-News KFWB.
Koz, Dave: KTWV, 2001-02. The smooth jazz artist hosts the morning show at "the WAVE."
Kozienski, Jack: KKLA, 1993. Jack hosted "Live From LA" on Christian KKLA. He now hosts a local tv show in Ventura.
Kramer, Frank: KYSR, 1998-99; KLSX, 2000-02. In the fall of 2000 Frank joined Frosty Stilwell and Heidi Hamilton at KLSX. They are dubbed The Triplets.
Kramer, Rhonda: KFOX, 1979-80; KHJ, 1980-81; KFWB. The veteran traffic reporter works at Shadow Broadcasting and has been heard at KFWB for years.
Krampf, Ed: KIBB, 1997; KBIG/KLAC, 1997-2000; KBIG/KLAC/KOST, 2000-01. Following the $44-billion Clear Channel-AMFM merger in the late summer of 2000, Ed was appointed gm at KOST, which added to his gm duties at KBIG. He dropped KLAC at the same time.
Krayton, Mitch: KMET, 1969-70. Unknown.

(Pictured: Ron Kilgore; Barry Kaye; Leon Kaplan; Scott Keene; and Randy Kerdoon)

Krazy Kids: KPWR, 1996-97. Joey Boy and Johnny Five work at KCAQ/Oxnard-Ventura.
Kretzschmar, Kurt: KMPC, 2001; KSPN, 2002. Kurt is executive producer at KSPN sports radio.
Krikorian, Doug: KMPC, 1992-93; KMAX, 1995; KABC, 2000; KSPN, 2000-02. Doug started an afternoon drive show with Joe McDonnell in late 2000 on the new ESPN Radio.
Krishna: KEZY, 1981-84; KXMX, 2000. Krishna did overnights at "Mix 95.9" until an ownership change in the summer of 2000.
Kruschen, Steve: KABC. Steve appears with Elmer Dills on KIEV talking about gadgets.
Kube, Michelle: KFI, 1992-2002. Michelle produces the Bill Handel Show.
Kucera, Bill: KJOI, 1974-75. Last heard, Bill was living near Lake Tahoe.
Kufman, Kelly Whelihan: KFWB, 1992-2002. Kelly is a news editor at all-News KFWB.
Kumar, Payal: KLON, 2000-02. Payal hosts weekend overnights at the all-Jazz station.

(Pictured: Chaka Khan; Marilyn Kagan; Virgin Kennedy; and Bill King)

Kunzelman, Christine: KABC, 1986. Christine is an image consultant and author.
Kyker, Bob: KFWB, 1967-84. Bob is in semi-retirement and living in Porterville.


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