Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, F
Compiled by Don Barrett



Fabrice: KIIS, 1998-99. One half of the Milli Vanilli team, Fabrice hosted a noon request hour at KIIS until the summer of 1999.
Fain, Mary: KFAC, 1987-89. Unknown.
Fair, Don: KFWB, 1996-98. Don freelances for ABC Radio and Fox News Channel.
Fair, George: KCSN, 1990-2000. George hosts a weekend Country music show at KCSN.
Fairchild, Johnny: KEZY, 1959. Johnny has passed away.
Fairly, Ron: KMPC, 1982-86. The former California Angels broadcast announcer has been broadcasting the Seattle Mariners games since 1992.
Falkenstein, Glenn: KGBS, 1974. Glenn is active at the Magic Castle.
Fantabulous, Fuzzy: KPWR, 1998-2000. The Compton native is part of the morning show at "Power 106."
Farrell, Rod: KPOL; KBIG, 1967. Unknown.
Fast, Greg: KYMS, 1985. Unknown.
Faulk, Marshall: KOCM, 1987. Unknown.
Faust, Lou: KPOL, 1965-67; KIIS, 1970. Lou is regional sales manager at Jones Radio Network.
Feather, Leonard: KBCA, 1972-74; KUSC, 1979; KKGO, 1982. Leonard was a noted jazz critic for the LA Times. He has passed away.
Fedderman, Steve: KMPC, 1996; KNX, 1999. Steve is a free-lancer for KNX.
Fedderson, Jerry: KFWB, 70s. Unknown.
Federoff, Nick: KFI. Nick is the gardening expert at KFI.
Feinstein, Steve: KLOS, 1984. The AOR editor for R&R magazine between 1983 and 1987 had an oldies show on KLOS called "Rock and Roll Roots." He started his radio career doing overnights at WIOQ-Philadelphia. Steve arrived in the Southland in 1983 from a pd slot at WYSP-Philadelphia. In 1987 Steve went to program KKSF-San Francisco. On September 26, 1996, Steve jumped to his death from the 30th floor of the Westin St. Francis Hotel. He was 40.
Fel, Felli: KPWR, 2000. Felli works evenings at KPWR.
Felde, Kitty: KLON; KCRW; KPCC. Kitty hosts "Talk of the City" on KPCC.
Felz, John: KMPC, 1971-94; KMAX, 1995-96; KIEV, 1999. John is a noted sports producer in Los Angeles radio.
Femino, Tony: KMPC, 1992-94. Tony broadcasts sports on the Phoenix CBS/TV station.
Fennell, George: KJOI, 1962. Unknown.


(Pictured: Kevin Fleming; Nick Fedderoff; Ricci Filiar; and Gary Franklin)

Fennoy, Dave: KACE, 1992; KAJZ/KACD, 1992-94. Dave has an active voiceover career.
Ferguson, Gene: KPOL; KFWB; KPOL, 1973-86. Unknown.
Ferguson, Joe: KFOX, 1971-74. Unknown.
Ferguson, Ted: KWST, 1980-81. Ted is the general manager at KTAL-Shreveport.
Ferrar, Sim: KIEV, KDAY, KROQ, 1997. Sim has been nominated to a post at the United Nations.
Ferreri, Carmy: KKBT, 1989-90; KRLA, 1995-96; KIBB, 1996-97. Carmy left as program director at KRBV-Dallas in the summer of 2000.
Ferris, Bob: KMPC; KNX, 1957-67. Unknown.
Ferro, Pio: KTNQ/KLVE, 1995-97. Pio is the national pd for Spanish Broadcasting System.
Field, Elliot: KFWB, 1958-64. Elliot runs an PR/Ad agency in Palm Springs.
Fields, Lady Fay: KAGB, 1975. Unknown.
Fields, Rich: KNX/FMKKHR/KODJ/KCBS, 1983-92.
Rich is the assistant pd and works afternoon drive at WFJO-Tampa Bay.
Fields, Sam: KBCA, 1972-80; KROQ; KMET; KLAC; KKGO, 1980-89; KKJZ, 1990; KLON, 1990-2000. Sam works afternoons at the Jazz station, KLON.
Fields, Tony: KACE/KEAV, 1992-93. Tony is programming chief at WGZB/WLSY-Louisville and WIZF-Cincinnati.


(Pictured: Norm Fox; Cynthia Fox; and John Fox)

Filiar, Ricci: KIKF, 1991-92; KLSX, 1993-94; KMGX, 1994; KRLA, 1991-97; KIBB/KCMG, 1997-2000. Little Ricci is the music director at "Mega 92.3" and works weekends.
Fineman, Ron: KMPC, 1973-76; KNX, 1997-2000. Ron works at KNXNewsradio.
Fink, Bill: KZLA, 1996-99. Bill left his post as program director at Country KZLA in the summer of 1999.
Finley, Larry: KFWB, 1957; KGIL, 1966.
Larry, who had a long on-air career in Southern California radio in the 1940s and 1950s, passed away April 3, 2000, in a Long Island hospice. He was a leader in the audiotape and videotape business. In 1968 he president of ITCC and the company became a pioneer in the tape field. He founded the International Tape Association trade group, now the International Recording Media Association and was instrumental in standardizing the various types of audiotape. For many years he worked for Dot, Tops and MGM Records. A native of Syracuse, he began his career at 18 as manager of a Syracuse nightclub and moved to Los Angeles in the 1930s and opened Finley’s Credit Jewelers in Burbank and other locations. Larry worked with Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey in the Casino Gardens Ballroom and owned KSDJ in San Diego. His tv production company created The Larry Finley Show, which broadcast nightly from the restaurant he bought on the Sunset Strip. Other shows included Strictly Informal, Dinner at Eight and Music Is My Beat. Larry was inducted into the Video Hall of Fame in 1984, and in 1998 received the lifetime achievement award of the Vision Fund of America. He was 89.
Fischler, Alan: KBIG, 1966-72. The former general manager at KBIG has passed away. Alan ran KNJO for several years.
Fisher, Steve: KFWB, 1986-90. Steve was general manager at KFWB and now he is CFO at Entercom.
Fistell, Ira: KABC, 1977-95; KKGO/KNNS, 1996-98; KRLA, 1999-2000 . Ira works late night at Talk KRLA.
Fitzgerald, Don: KNX. Unknown.
Fitzrandolph, Chris: KNX, 1987-88. Unknown.
Flaherty, Bob: KGIL, 1980; KMGG; KMPC.
Bob Flaherty started flying in 1962 and went to work at KGIL in 1980. Over the years he worked with Robert W. Morgan at "Magic 106," and KMPC. Bob was born in Oakridge, Tennessee, and his father was involved in the "Manhattan Project" where they built the A-bomb. He went to high school and college in L.A. "My last year of high school I broke my back skydiving, decided those planes were fun prior to jumping. Pamela McInnes asked if I would be interested in radio, being I had the face for it. Ten years was enough." He also worked at KNX to help Bill Keene. "I have two kids, Sean, 17 and Meghan, 15. I have flown most of my life, 15,000 hours, and I have flown a lot of great aircraft," wrote Bob.
Flanagan, John Mack: KHJ, 1975. John works in San Francisco.
Flanary, Alicia: KIEV, 1997-2000. Alicia hosts "AM/FM Live" at KIEV.
Flavio, Silva: KTNQ, 1993-94. Silva is doing voiceover work.
Fleming, Jack: KGIL, 1964. Jack lives in Eugene, Oregon, working for KWAX.
Fleming, Kevin: KGFJ, 1984-89; KACE, 1994-2000. Kevin left his position as program director of KACE following an ownership and format change. He is now the Urban Editor at Gavin.
Fletcher, Gary: KJOI, 1987. Gary is living in Oklahoma City.
Flo and Eddie: KROQ, 1973-74; KMET, 1974-75. Members of the Turtles were part of the Fireside Show.


(Pictured: Laurie Free; Gary Floyd; Paul Freeman; and Ron Foster)

Flores, Julio: KWIZ, 1984-89; KLSX, 1989-90; KGIL/KMGX, 1989-92; KTWV, 1990-94; KRLA, 1994-95; KSCA, 1994-96; KLSX, 1997-98; KOST, 2000. Julio is music director of musicplex.com and he works weekends at KOST.
Floyd, Gary: KNOB, 1949; KGER, 1950-60; KGGK, 1960-65; KLFM, 1966-70; KBOB/KGRB, 1975-88. Gary loved radio all his life. He was born in Paterson, New Jersey and grew up in Utica. As a boy he put together crystal sets and as a young man in high school he was the one everyone counted on to set up the P.A. system to broadcast music for lunch time and special events. He and his wife came to the Southland in 1947 where he pursued his radio career. He graduated from Frederick H. Speare's broadcast school. Gary fulfilled his dream of being a radio announcer working Jazz, Gospel and Big Band formats. At KGRB, where he worked until his retirement in 1988, his big band listeners as "The Beachcomber" knew him. Even after his retirement, Gary was active in big band events and wrote articles for music publications and was a member of several industry groups. Gary passed away in May 1995 at the age of 72.

Flynn, Howard: KGFJ; KMPC, 1946-77. Howard delivered a half-hour newscast in morning drive for Harris & Frank clothiers for a quarter century. He is retired and living in the Southland.
Fondo, Denise: Denise guided commuters through the freeway system for 15 years. She is working on tv and film projects.
Forbes, Ross: KORJ, mid-1970s. Ross was program director at KORJ. Unknown
Ford, Ed: KEZY, 1985-97. Ed is an instructor at Fullerton College's radio station, KBPK.
Ford, John Anson: KRHM, 1959. John became a Los Angeles city councilman. Unknown.
Ford, Judy: KFWB, 1985-2000. Judy is a news anchor at all-News KFWB.


(Pictured: Fuzzy Fantabulous; Kitty Felde; and Mike Fright)

Forgione, Pete: KJOI, 1989. Pete works mornings at KWXY-Palm Springs.
Forman, Dave: KYMS, 1974; KWIZ, 1975; KEZY, 1976-82; KFWB, 1986-88. Since 1988, Dave has been the executive producer and host of On Scene: Emergency Response, that is syndicated in 160 cities and 30 countries worldwide.
Forte, Chet: XTRA, 1991-96. Chet spent 25 years at ABC/TV and helped launch Monday Night Football. After he was forced out of his job by a gambling addiction, he joined all-Sports XTRA. He and Steve Hartman billed themselves as "The Loose Cannons." Chet was an All-American basketball star at Columbia University who beat out Wilt Chamberlain as NCAA player of the year in 1957. He won 11 Emmy Awards during his quarter century with ABC as a producer and director. His work also included the network's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 and the 1968 and 1984 Summer Olympics. When he left ABC in 1987 he had gambled away nearly $4 million and lost a million-dollar home in Saddle River, New Jersey, because he couldn't pay the mortgage. Chet told the LA Times shortly after taking the XTRA job, which paid $57,800 a year. "This is the most fun I've had in my entire life. I mean that. I had a lot of wonderful years at ABC, but this seems more fulfilling than anything I've ever done." Born Fulvio Chester Forte Jr., Chet died May 18, 1996, of a heart attack. He was 60.
Forzonn, Pam: KRLA, 1963-65. Pam was the husky voiced sidekick heard during Emperor Bob Hudson's morning drive show.]
Foster, Bill: SEE Ron Shapiro
Foster, John: KACE, 1970. John was pd at KACE. Unknown.
Foster, Reb: KRLA, 1962-65; KFWB, 1965-66; KRLA, 1967-69 and 1973 and 1982-83 and 1985-87. Rebel is living in Amarillo.
Foster, Rod: KPCC, 1986-98. Rod was gm at KPCC and now teaches communications at Pasadena City College.
Foster, Ron: KIIS, 1977-80; KPRZ, 1980-85. Since 1986, Ron has been working in Fresno. "Working in Los Angeles was the best part of my radio career. I loved the people I worked with during that time."
Foster, Sean: SEE Don Murray
Foster, Terry: SEE Pat Evans
Fox, Al: KNOB, KTYM. The Jazz format at KTYM was pioneered by Al.
Fox, Charlie: KWIZ, 1975-77; KFI, 1977-79; KHJ, 1979-80; KUTE, 1982-84; KMGG, 1985; KRLA, 1992-93. Unknown.


(Pictured: Howard Flynn; and Larry Finley)

Fox, Cynthia: KMET, 1977-87; KMPC/FM/KEDG, 1987-89; KLSX, 1993-95. Cynthia participates in the PBS telethons.
Fox, Jim: Jim is the L.A. Kings announcer with Bob Miller.
Fox, Jimi: KTNQ, 1976-77. When Jimi got out of his daily involvement with radio, he followed his hobby and second love - orchids. He grows world class highly awarded orchids and has been responsible in setting new trends in hybridizing.
Fox, John: KEZY, 1993-99; KFWB, 1999-2000. John worksat KFWB and weekends at KOLA.
Fox, Michael: KABC, 1981-91. The former pd at KABC is operations director for Shadow Traffic.
Fox, Mike: KNAC, 1972. Unknown.
Fox, Norm: KMPC, 1994; KABC/KMPC/KTZN, 1995-97; KLSX, 1998-99. Norm hosts travel shows.
Fox, Rosalie: KZLA/KLAC, 1988-94; KFI, 1996. Rosalie is a news writer and video editor at KNBC/Channel 4.
Fox, Sonny: KHJ, 1972-73. When Sonny left "Boss Radio," the Grand Rapids native wrote a weekly column for the Bob Hamilton Report. He's working at WMXJ-Miami.
Foxx, Holly: KSCA, 1996. Born Terri Alexander in Los Angeles on February 25, 1965, she grew up in Tulsa. Holly worked swing at KSCA.
Foxx, Lisa: KYSR, 1997-2000. Lisa was born and raised in Fremont and started as an intern at KWSS-San Jose. In the late 1980s she was a research assistant for the syndicated "Countdown USA with Dave Sholin." She arrived in the Southland from KMEL-San Francisco to work afternoons with Ryan Seacrest at "Star."
Frail, Matthew (Doc): KRLA, 1974-76. Matthew had two runs on KRLA: one as Lee Simms and another as "Doc" Frail on mornings.
Francis, Rob: KOCM/KSRF, 1991-92. Rob was part of the launch of the "techno-Rock" format at "MARSfm" on May 24, 1991. He has returned to the Bay Area.
Francois, Dean: KCRW. Unknown.
Frank, Joe: KCRW, 1982-2000. The LA Times called Joe "the most innovative radio dramatist in Los Angeles.
Frankel, Geroge: KFWB, 1995. Unknown.
Franklin, Brenda: KIKF, 1992-93; KACD, 1993; KEZY, 1993-99. Unknown.
Franklin, Gary: KFWB, 1972-80; KABC, 1985-90. Gary hosts his own Web site, GaryFranklin.Com.
Franklin, Peter: KYMS, 1969; KPPC, 1970-73. Unknown.
Franklin, Robert: KFOX, 1972. Bob died in the fall of 1996.


(Pictured: Elliot Field; Ted Ferguson; and Jimi Fox)

Franklin, Tom: KFAC, 1970-87. Tom is retired and living in Seattle, Washington.
Fraud, Art: KPFK, 1979-80; KCRW, 1984-88. Unknown.
Freberg, Stan: Stan recently released The United States of America Vol. 2 on Rhino Records.
Frederick, Miranda: KIQQ, 1980-81. Unknown.
Fredericks, Paul: KMPC, 1979-81. Paul (Fred Chenevey) is working at WZKL-Canton, Ohio.
Fredericks, Steve: KPOL; KIIS, 1970-71; KDAY, 1971-76; KRTH, 1976-77. Unknown.
Free, Laurie: KNAC, 1989-94; KIIS, 1994-95. Last heard, Laurie worked at KSJO-San Jose.
Free, Scott: KEZY, 1992-99. Scott works at Westwood One.
Freebairn-Smith, Ian: KFAC, 1987-89; KKGO, 1992-97; KGIL, 1997-98. Ian won a Grammy for arranging Evergreen for Barbra Streisand.
Freed, Alan: KDAY, 1960-61; KNOB, 1964-65. Born in Ohio on January 20, 1922, he is credited with coining the term "rock 'n' roll." Alan grew up in Salem, Ohio, where his father was a clothing store clerk and a composer and band leader specializing in swing music. During the two years he spent at Ohio State University, Alan played the trombone and led the Sultans of Swing, a band named after the one in Harlem. After two years in the Army he started his radio career in New Castle, Pennsylvania at a station that featured classical music. Alan was a musician and started working at WINS-New York in the summer of 1954. On WINS he called himself "King of the Moon Doggers" and stayed there until 1958. He also worked at WABC and WNEW/TV in New York. His abuses and notoriety were ultimately his downfall in the wake of a national payola scandal. Alan took the brunt of punishment for hundreds of gift - and money-accepting djs. He was charged with having taken bribes totaling $30,650 from six record companies for playing and plugging their releases on his radio program. In 1959 Alan pleaded guilty to part of the charge and received a six-month sentence, which was suspended, and a $300 fine. At the height of his career he made as much as $200,000 a year, according to Time Magazine. His popularity over the air was matched on stage during school holidays, when he took over large New York’s Paramount Theater and presented rock 'n roll performers to mobs of youngsters. A critic once said that attending an Alan Freed stage show was "like having an aisle seat for the San Francisco earthquake. When he entered the stage in his checkered sport jacket, he was accorded the same shrieking welcome as the performers." In the wake of the payola probe, Alan arrived at KDAY on May 16, 1960, from WABC-New York. His contract, which became public, was for exclusive radio services and guaranteed him $25,000 per year. A clause in his contract was about the selection of disks. On his hiring, KDAY gm Irving Phillips said, "We feel he's a dynamic radio personality and any problems he may have had are a thing of the past. We did not do this to flaunt the Commission. Freed has full knowledge of the way we operate and will abide by our restrictions." Eventually he was let go from KDAY for plugging local concerts, which was in conflict with station policy. He had roles in several motion pictures with such titles as Don't Knock the Rock and composed two extremely successful songs, Sincerely and Maybeline. Alan died January 20, 1965, of uremia at the age of 43. Alan was elected to the Emerson Radio Hall of Fame in 1988.

(Pictured: Ron Fineman; Ira Fistell; Judy Ford; and Felli Fel)

Freedman, Howard: KLSX. Unknown.
Freeman, Dave: KNNS, 1995-96. Unknown.
Freeman, J.D.: KNOB, 1987; KZLA/KLAC, 1993-96. J.D. is living in Phoenix.
Freeman, Jim: KHTZ/KLSX/KRLA, 1979-83. Jim went on to San Diego to work for a radio promotion company.
Freeman, Paul: KEZY, 1970-76; KHJ, 1976; KIIS, 1976-89; KODJ/KCBS, 1989-92; KZLA/KLAC, 1992-93; KYSR, 1993-96; KBIG, 1996-97; KZLA, 1998; KLIT, 1998-2000. Paul works afternoons at "Lite 92.7."
Fregosa, Teddy: KALI, 1950-53; KWKW, 1953-75; XPRS, 1975-98, president. It would not be wrong to call Teddy the "godfather" of Spanish radio. So many owe their beginnings in Los Angeles to him. The former bullfighter, who was born on Christmas day in the Mexican state of Jalisco, has been on the ground floor of three Spanish-speaking stations beginning in 1950 at KALI where he was an announcer and account executive. Over the decades he helped launch the U.S. careers of major personalities such as Jaime Jarrin, Humberto Luna, Pepe Barreto, Amalia Gonzalez, Pepe Rolon, Antonio Gonzalez and most recently, Carlos Magana. In 1975, Teddy bought the broadcast rights to XPRS and today the station plays mostly Mexican regional music and broadcasts the Anaheim Angels games. Teddy enjoys songwriting and one of his songs is performed by Placido Domingo on his latest album.
Freeze, Sam: KROQ, 1979-85; KNAC, 1986-94; KACD, 1995. Sam manages the band, El Centro.
French, Don: KFWB, 1961-65. Don was working at KTSA-San Antonio in the late 1950s. In 1961 he left programming chores at KDWB-Minneapolis for sister Crowell-Collier station KFWB, working the nine-to-noon shift during the infamous strike that affected newsmen and the personalities. Don became the pd in 1964. Bobby Dale described Don as "the nicest guy." When he left Southern California, Don went to KJOY-Stockton, KNEW-San Francisco and to program WGR-Buffalo. In 1971 he was the manager of the San Antonio Columbia School of Broadcasting. By 1975, Don was in Anchorage radio. He died on November 28, 1982, in Minneapolis, after a prolonged illness. During his career he worked for Gordon McLendon, Crowell-Collier, WNBC-New York, WDAF-Kansas City and WTAE-Pittsburgh.
Fricke, Jonathan: KFOX, 1973.
While at KFOX, Jonathan worked for Bob Wilson as R&R's first Country Editor, including doing the Country Charts. He was hired by Warner Bros. to open the country division in Nashville. Jonathan now owns a publishing company in Nashville, MusicWorks International.
Friedman, Andy: KFI, 1989-95. Andy is working in Chicago.
Friedman, Sonya: KABC, 1986-87. Unknown.


(Pictured: Sam Fields; Reb Foster; and Paul Fredericks)

Fright, Mike: KOCM/KSRF, 1992; KWIZ, 1993; KACD, 1996-97. Born Mike Ivankay, he hosted "Renegade Radio KWIZ featuring rave, techno and alternative music and at "Groove Radio" under his real name.
Fritz, John: KGBS, KBIG, KRKD. Unknown.
Fritzinger, George. KFAC. George owned and ran Classical KFAC.
Fromson, Murray: KABC, 1986. Murray is a full-time journalism professor at USC.
Frost, John: KROQ, 1987-2000. John is responsible for the multi-award-winning jingles, promos and i.d.'s that image KROQ.
Fry, Donald: KRLA, 1979. Donald is a CPA who was an interim gm during the Bob Hope licensing dispute at KRLA.
Fry, Greg: KYSR, 1999. Greg worked weekends at "Star 98.7."
Fuentes, Ricky: KPWR, 1998. Unknown.
Fuhr, Paul: KNAC, 1981. Unknown.
Fuller, Randy: Randy is traffic reporter Brent Wood at KABC.
Fuller, Shelly: KCBS, 1997. Unknown.
Fuller, Sid: KFI, 1964. Unknown.
Fulton, Liz: KIIS, 1979-84 and 1987-90; KOST/KFI, 1990. Last heard, Liz was working in Santa Barbara.
Furillo, Bud: KABC, 1973-75; KIIS, 1975-79; KABC, 1979-87; KFOX, 1988-90. Bud is working at KPSI-Palm Springs.
Fusion, Ken:
KPCR, 1983-84; KROQ, 1984-1990; KRVM, 1994-1997. Ken hosted the KROQ Kalendar from 1985-90 and he was md for three years. He now lives in Oregon and is a Systems Engineer at a large software company.
Futterman, Steve: KNX. In 1999, Steve won two Golden Globe Awards, one for Best Sports News Reporting and another for Best Feature News Series.


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