Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, W
Compiled by Don Barrett



W, Jeffrey: KEZY, 1986. Unknown.
Wachs, Larry: KLSX, 1995-97. As part of the "Regular Guys" talk team, Larry is working at WKLS-Atlanta.
Wade, Bill: KHJ, 1963 and 1968-74; KBRT, 1980-81. Bill is teaching at Lampson Business College in Mesa, Arizona.
Wagner, Gary: KLON, 1992-2000. Gary hosts "Nothing but the Blues," a weekend jazz show at KLON.
Wagner, Jack: KNX, 1947; KGIL, 1951-52; KHJ, 1952-57; KBIQ, 1957-58; KHJ, 1958-62; KHJ/FM, 1967-68; KNX, 1968. Jack died June 16, 1995. He was 69.
Wagner, Mike: KEZY, 1974; KIIS, 1976-82; KRLA, 1984-94. Mike is director of adult formats for Group NRJ in Paris.
Wagner, Shelly: KABC, 1979-99. Shelly is the marketing head at KABC.
Wailin, Jon R.W.: KZLA, 1979-80. Jon lives in San Leandro and is doing airborne traffic reports for KGO-San Francisco.
Waite, Charles: KNX, 1968-69. Unknown.
Walcoff, Rich: KIKF, 1983. Rich has been heard on KGO-San Francisco for the past 15 years.
Wald, Ronnie: Unknown.
Walden, Mike: KNX, 1966-69; KFI, 1970-73. Mike lives in Tarzana with his wife Nancy and has four grown children.
Waldow, Mitch: KFWB, 1984. Mitch works at UPN/Channel 13.
Walker, Adrienne: KOST, 1993-95. Adrienne is co-host of the syndicated "World Chart Show."
Walker, Glynnis: KFI, 1998-99. Glynnis is writing books and doing fill-in at KFI.
Walker, John Lee: KIIS, 1977. Unknown.
Walker, Rhett: KRLA, 1967. Last heard, Rhett was working in Memphis.
Walker, Sky: KTNQ; KHTZ; KIIS, 1988-90 and 1991-92; KKBT, 1990-91; KJLH, 1992-93; KRLA, 1993-96; KACE, 1996; KMLT, 1998-99. Sky works mornings at KDND, ("The End") in Sacramento as Dave Skyler.
Wallace, Gerry: KFI, 1990-93. Gerry is married to KFI's Terri-Rae Elmer.
Wallace, Rick: KPOL, 1978. Rick was news director at KPOL. Unknown


(Pictured: Bill Weaver; Glynnis Walker; Geoff Witcher; and Bill Ward)

Wallach, Paul, KIEV, 1976-93. Unknown.
Wallengren, Mark: KOST, 1985-99. Mark is co-host with Kim Amidon of mornings at KOST.
Wallin, Fred: KIEV, 1976; KGOE, 1978-79; KPRZ, 1981-82; KWNK, 1985; KFOX, 1982-87; KABC, 1988-89; KMPC, 1992-93; KIEV, 1995; KWNK, 1996; KIIS/AM, 1997. Fred hosts a sports talk show in Ventura.
Walrond, Zoe: KPCC, 1991-94; KABC, 1996; KFWB, 1998-2000. Zoe is a news anchor at KFWB.
Walsh, Chuck: KFWB, 1968-79; KABC, 1979-93. Unknown.
Walsh, George: KNX, 1952-86. George retired to Monterey Park in 1986 and continues to phone stories into KNX.
Walton, Cynthia: KNOB; KFOX. Cynthia is a part-time actress and is married to former KWIZ dj Johnny Lewis (Reeder).
Wamsley, Bill: KLAC, 1971; KFOX, 1971-72. Unknown.
Waples, Alvin John: KGFJ, 1972-77; KJLH, 1984; KGFJ/KKTT, 1984; KACE. Alvin is working at WMMJ ("Magic 102.3")-Washington, DC.
Ward, Bill: KBLA/KBBQ, 1967-70; KLAC, 1972-79; KMPC, 1982-93; KLIT/KSCA, 1993-97. Bill consults for radio stations all over the world.
Ward, Cameron: KALI, 1996-2000; KLOS, 1998-2000. Cameron works in the promotions department at KLOS.
Ward, Mike: KMPC. Mike is an anchor/reporter at news/talk KFBK-Sacramento.
Ward, Paul: KGBS, 1967-69; KFI, 1969-70; KOST, 1970-71; KBIG, 1971-72; KOST, 1973. Paul is president/ceo of Far West Communications, Inc.
Ward, Rick: KDAY, 1962; KBLA, 1965; KIEV, 1973; XPRS/XERB, 1973-75; KALI. Unknown.
Ward, William: KNX, 1958-62. William died December 13, 1996, at the age of 76.
Ware, Ciji: KABC, 1977-93. Ciji has written two historical novels, one titled Island of the Swans. She also does voiceover work.
Warlin, Jim: KPSA, 1972;KEZM, 1973; KJOI, 1975-79; KNOB, 1980; KMPC, 1980-81. Jim owns an insurance brokerage firm and is the "Love Doctor" on KEZN-Palm Springs.


(Pictured: Charlie Weir; Dave Williams; Jo Jo Wright; and Donald West)

Warne, Steve: KLAC, 1993. Unknown.
Warren, Bob: KGBS, 1970-74. The former announcer for the Lawrence Welk Show and This Is Your Life. Unknown.
Warwick, Stan: KXLA, 1957; KMPC, 1957; KLAC, 1957-64; KGIL, 1964-92. Stan has suffered two strokes in 1995 and is living Morrow Bay. "I am thankful that the stroke was not worse and that I am able to get around."
Washburne, Jim: KRLA, 1961-63. In 1966, Jim fell asleep at the wheel of his car coming home from a weekend in Big Sur and died in the automobile accident.
Wassil, Aly: KABC, 1972. Unknown.
Waters, Lou: KFWB, 1968. Lou is a news anchor at CNN.
Watkins, Chick: KMPC, 1987-88; KGIL, 1998-2000. Chick works at the Adult Standards format at Westwood One.
Watson, Bill: KHJ, 1972-73; KIQQ, 1973-74; KMPC, 1975-78 and 1982-87. The former Drake-Chenault national pd splits his time between Carlsbad and Rosarita Beach. "If you're looking for me, I'll be in the first row, dead center shady side at the Tijuana bullring every season Sunday at 4."
Watson, Rich: KUTE, 1982-87; KOCM, 1988-89; KJOI, 1989; KLIT, 1989-90; KIKF, 1990; KACD, 1992-98. Rich is the entertainment director at Knotts Berry Farm..
Watson, Tom: KKDJ, 1972. Unknown.
Wayman, Ric: KUCI, 1978-79; KOCM, 1978. Ric, also known as Ric Stratton, is sales manager at KBCB/TV-Bellingham, Washington.
Wayman, Tom: KMPC, 1962-81. Unknown.
Wayne, Bill: KZLA, 1983. Unknown
Wayne, Bruce: KFI/KOST, 1968-86. Bruce died in a plane crash on June 4, 1986.


(Pictured: Scott Willis; Bill Watson, Jim Washburn; and Jack Wagner)

Wayne, Darrell: KEZY, 1972-74; KAGB, 1975; KHNY, 1975; KROQ, 1976-81. "Insane Darrell Wayne" Wampler buried disco albums at the beach as part of a disco funeral. Darrell lives in Ventura and he is vp of sales and marketing for an Aerospace manufacturer in Ventura County.
Wayne, David: KGER, KWVE. Dave hosts and produces the Saturday Morning Kids Show using the on-air name of 'K-Dave'.
Wayne, Sid: KBLA, 1965. Unknown.
Weatherly, Kevin: KROQ, 1993-99. Kevin is the program director at KROQ.
Weaver, Beau: KHJ, 1975-76; KRTH, 1990-94. Beau is the voice of Entertainment Tonight.
Weaver, Bill: KWIZ, 1964-90. The general manager of KWIZ passed away in January 1990.
Weaver, Bill: KPOL, 1967-70. Bill was the second CapCities general manager at KPOL. Unknown.
Webb, Larry: KRLA, 1965-75. When Larry left his general manager post at KRLA, he joined the staff of FCC Commissioner Robert T. Lee.
Weber, George: KMPC, 1995. Unknown.
Weber, Pete: KRLA/KIIS/KPRZ, 1978-81. The former color commentator for the Los Angeles Kings is the play-by-play voice of NHL's Nashville Predators on Fox Sports Net South and WWTN.
Weed, Gene: KFWB, 1958-68; KLAC, 1971. Born in 1935, Gene started in Texas radio when he was 17 years old and attended North Texas State University. He went on to work in Dallas, Omaha and Miami before joining KFWB. The "Weedy One" worked weekends at KFWB at the age of 23 while assigned to Armed Forces Radio and Television Service in Hollywood. In early 1961, Gene was made assistant pd to Jim Hawthorne. He moved to afternoon drive in 1961. Except for a month during the infamous personality strike in 1961, Gene stayed with the station until the very end, on March 10, 1968, having worked every shift. In 1966, he was voted top all-night dj in Billboard magazine's Radio Response Ratings. He created the nationally syndicated Shivaree tv rock show, which ran for three years and aired in more than 150 markets and seven countries overseas. He produced and directed over 200 of the mini-movies for recording artists such as Glen Campbell, The Fifth Dimension, Creedence Clearwater and Debbie Boone. He has produced and directed over 300 tv commercials and numerous industrial and sales presentations. As senior vp of television at dick clark productions (dcp), Gene developed, produced and directed major television series, specials and annual events. Each year he produced and/or directed the Golden Globe Awards, The Academy of Country Music Awards, The Soap Opera Digest Awards and the Sea World/Busch Gardens Party. In the early 1990s, Gene produced and directed the Hot Country Nights series for NBC, which continues to air on The Nashville Network. His other specials include Farm Aid III and IV, The Golden Globes 50th Anniversary Special, The Lou Rawls Parade of Stars and Prime Time Country nightly on TNN. He also directed the three-hour LiveAid concert for ABC. His work as a producer/director earned him two first place awards for creative excellence at the International Film Festival in Chicago. A spokesman at dcp said, "Gene was one of the foundational posts here." Fellow KFWB dj Jimmy O'Neill was "shocked" to learn of Gene's death. "I hadn't seen Gene for 30 years when we ran into each other about five years ago. I was struck by his kindness. He could not have been nicer." Gene died of lung cancer on August 5, 1999, at the age of 64.


(Pictured: Gabriel Wisdom; Cynthia Walton; and Brian Whitman)

Weed, Steve: KIIS, 1977-80; KHTZ, 1980. Steve is station manager at KDND-Sacramento.
Weintraub, Roberta: KMPC, 1981-82. Roberta is the controversial Los Angeles school board member.
Weir, Charlie: KUSC, 1999-2000. Charlie works all-night at Classical KUSC.
Weiss, Dave: KEZY, 1990-98; KXTA, 1998-99. Dave, on-air known as DC Williams, is the promotions and marketing director at "XTRA Sports 1150."
Weissman, Sharon: KLON, 1982-94. Sharon runs the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach.
Welch, Clarence: KDAY, 1965. Unknown.
Welch, Cliff: KMPC. The fill-in pilot/reporter for KMPC died in 1999.
Weldon, Steve: KLAC, 1985-87. Steve works at WSM-Nashville.
Welles, Dara: KNX/FM, 1976-79; KRTH, 1979-80. Dara is editorial director for Cablevision, based in New York.
Wells, Don: KMPC, 1961-72; KFWB, 1972-87. Don was part of the original broadcast team for the Angels. Don owns a three-family chalet and lives in the Swiss Alps.
Wells, Jack: KABC, 1963-67. Jack was a talk show host at KABC. Unknown.
Wells, Pam: KACE, 1987-89. Pam works at "Majic 102"-Houston.
Wells, Paul: KMET, 1986; KNAC, 1986-88. In the mid-1990s, Paul joined a San Francisco-based digital production facility.
Wells, Sandy: KABC, 1998-2000. Sandy reports news and traffic for KABC.
Wells, Scott: KLON, 1983-2000. Scott left KLON in early 2000. Scott teaches foreign language and has been nominated for Disney's "Teacher of the Year" award.
Welsh, Pat: KROQ, 1979-84; KACD, 1995-96. Pat is a professional golfer.
Wendell, Bruce: KDAY, 1960; KBLA, 1967. The longtime Capitol Records executive and baseball fanatic in the mid-1990s joined Rotations promotion and marketing firm.
Wendi: KIIS, 1990-96; KZLA, 1998-2000. The former Miller Genuine Draft poster girl moved to mornings at KZLA in the fall of 1999 and to middays in the Spring of 2000.
Wennersten, Robert: KFAC, 1985-90; KKGO, 1991-96 and 1998-99. Robert is program director at Classical KKGO.
Werndl, Bill: Unknown.
Werth, Paul: KRHM; KVFM; KNOB, KNAC, KFAC. Paul was a knowledgeable, creative musical documentarian. On the KNOB his program was called "Werth Listening To." He brought Bing Crosby back to live performances with a concert at the Music Center. His career began in the 1950s in New York, where he produced concert performances for Harry Belafonte, the Weavers, Woody Guthrie, the Modern Jazz Quartet and Stan Getz. He moved in 1957 to the Southland where he produced concerts and theater shows for Dinah Washington, Herbie Mann and others. Paul produced many radio specials including "This Is Steve Allen" and "Johnny Green's World of Music." In 1972 Paul received a Billboard Air Personality award while working at KFAC. He wrote and directed the Leukemia Society radiothons for many years. Paul created an audio history of Harry Truman titled "A Journey to Independence." In 1992 he adapted and produced Neil Simon's Sunshine Boys as the first in a series of Mark Taper Forum Theater of the Air radio programs. Paul died on December 20, 1996, of cancer. He was 69.


(Pictured: Chick Watkins; Chuck Walsh; and Cameron Ward)

Weshner, Skip: KRHM, 1957-64 and 1966-71; KNAC, 1972-74; KFAC, 1971-72 and 1973-79 and 1983-84; KPFK, 1981. Skip was married to Lynne Taylor of the Rooftop Singers and introduced so many people to the music of Latin America, as well as people like Bud & Travis, Hoyt Axton, Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell. Skip passed away in 1997.
Wesley, Jim: KFI, 1973-80. Jim is president/ceo of Patterson Broadcasting and he is living in Atlanta.
West, Andy: KHJ. Unknown.
West, Bert: KNX, late 1950s; KRLA, 1980-84. Bert is retired and living in Palm Springs.
West, Charlie: KLOS, 1987-89. Charlie is pd at KSEG-Sacramento.
West, Donald: KROQ, 1975-78. Donald has been practicing law in Orlando since the early 1980s.
West, Gene: KIQQ, 1972-73; KGFJ, 1975-76. Gene is a teacher.
West, Joe: KNX; KMPC/KTZN/KABC. Joe is heard throughout the Southland delievering on-hold messages.
West, Mark: KIIS, 1979. Unknown.
West, Phyllis: KBZT, 1986; KNAC, 1986-87. Unknown.
West, Randy: KMGG, 1983-87. Randy is the announcer for Hollywood Showdown on PAX, Hollywood and Crime on CourtTV, 3's a Crowd on Game Show Network and the annual Kids' Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. He's also the announcer on PAX/TV's Supermarket Sweep.
West, Rod: KZLA, 1981. In the mid-1990s, Rod became ceo of AfterMidNite Entertainment.
West, Roland: KNAC, 1983-85; KROQ, 1986. Roland now works in San Francisco for the Island Def Jam Music Group.
West, Scott: KIKF, 1984; KCRW 1996-99; KOLA, 1998-2000. Scott works all-nights at the Inland Empire Oldies station, KOLA.
Westgate, Murray: KPOL, 1963-69. Murray is an independent entrepreneur with business interests in the Far East.
Westheimer, Dr. Ruth: KFI, 1983-84. Dr. Ruth lectures on sexual issues.
Westman, Dick: KLAC, 1959-60. Unknown.
Westwood, Denise: KNAC, 1977-80; KROQ, 1980-82; KMET, 1982-86; KNX/FM, 1986-89; KEDG, 1989; KLIT, 1990; KLOS, 2000. Denise spent a decade on air in San Diego Rock radio before returning to her L.A. roots in 2000 to work at KLOS.
Wexler, Paul: KOST; KWST. Paul was the voice of God in the movie Ten Commandments. He died of leukemia in the mid-1980s.
Whatley, Susanne: KHJ, 1981-85; KFI, 1986-2000. Susanne is part of the news operation at KFI.
Wheatley, Bill: KRLA, 1959; KFWB, 1965-66. Unknown.
Wheeler, Mark: KMDY, 1986-89; KNJO, 1989-96; KSCA, 1996-97; KRTH, 1997-99. Mark reports traffic for a number of Southland radio stations including morning drive at KRTH and KIEV.
White, Brian: KDAY, 1976-77; KIIS, 1977. Brian is the operations manager for the five Cumulus stations (WSYN, WDAI, WJXY, WSEA and a satellite Standards AM station) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
White, Dave: KCBS, 1993-96. Dave is working in Detroit radio.
White, Jack: KJLH, 1965-67. Last hear, Jack was living in Colorado.
White, Jamie: KYSR, 1998-2000. Jamie was part of the morning team of "Jamie, Frosty and Frank" at "Star 98.7" until September 15, 1999, when Danny Bonaduce joined her for a two-person team.
White, Wood: KDAY, 1987. Unknown.
Whitesides, Barbara: KPOL, 1978; KNNS; KFI, 1980-93; KFWB, 1996. Barbara is out of radio and living in San Diego.
Whitlock, Mark: KFI, 1990. The African American talk show host whereabouts is unknown.
Whitman, Brian: KIIS, 1994-2000. Brian is one of the characters on the morning Rick Dees show. He also hosts an Internet show, Comedy World.
Whitman, Don: KXLA, 1957. Unknown.
Whitney, April: KROQ, 1980-92; KEZY, 1993-97. Unknown.
Whittaker, Debii: KGFJ, 1993-94. Debii works at KHYL-Sacramento.
Whittaker, Gary: KBBQ. Gary works at KHMO-Hannibal, Missouri.
Whittinghill, Dick: KIEV, KGFJ, KMPC, 1950-79. Dick is retired and living in Toluca Lake.
Whittington, Dick: KNOB, 1960-62; KLAC, 1960-63; KGIL, 1965-79 and 1985; KABC, 1966-68; KFI, 1975-77; KIEV, 1982 and 1988; KHJ, 1983; KABC, 1989-90; KMPC 1990-91; KNJO, 1994-95. Dick is living on the Central California Coast and writing a novel.


(Pictured: Jamie White; and William F. Williams)

Wickstrom, John: KWOW, 1974. Unknown.
Wiener, Len: KMPC, 1992. Len arrived in the Southland to launch an all-Sports format at KMPC. He is now the assistant gm at ESPN radio in Bristol, Connecticut.
Wiggins, E.Z.: KACE, 1977-99. E.Z. works evenings at Cox-owned KACE.
Wilabraham, Craig: KKBT, 1991-99. Craig left his post as general manager at "the Beat" in the summer of 1999.
Wilcox, Brent: KCRW, 1980s. Unknown.
Wilde, Rita: KEZY, 1978-82; KLOS, 1983-99. Rita is program director at KLOS.
Wilder, Chuck: XTRA, 1971; KIEV, 1971-2000. Chuck is the technical director at KIEV.
Wildman, Diane: KMET, 1973. Unknown.
Willes, Ray: KGIL, 1966; KBIG/KBRT, 1968-77. Unknown.
Williams, Brad LaRay: KACE, 1981-87; KKGO/KKJZ/KJQI/KNNS, 1989-97. Unknown.
Williams, Charlie: KFOX, 1960-72. Charlie moved to Nashville and built a home on a lake. He managed Bobby Bare and hosted a talk show on WSIX. Charlie passed away in 1995.
Williams, Dave: KRTH, 1973; KABC, 2000. Dave will join KABC's morning drive on November 13.
Williams, DC: KEZY, 1994. SEE Dave Weiss.
Williams, Dudley: KGIL, 1966-70. Unknown.
Williams, Eric: KFWB, 1972-2000. Eric works for all-News KFWB.
Williams, Gary: KKGO, 1994-97. Unknown.
Williams, Hamilton: KCBH, 1966. Unknown.
Williams, Jeff: KABC, 1974-76; KTNQ, 1978-79; KFWB, 1982-84; KIIS, 1984-87; KTNQ/KLVE, 1993-99. Jeff is head of research at the Spanish stations.
Williams, Johnny: KRLA, 1965; KHJ, 1965-74. Johnny lives in Hawaii and hosts premiere radio Web site, 440int.com.


(Pictured: Darrell Wayne; Mike Wagner; and Pam Wells)

Williams, Keith: KLSX, 1998. Unknown.
Williams, Larry: KUTE, 1973-76. Unknown.
Williams, Laurie: KSCA, 1994-97. Laurie is looking for her next radio assignment.
Williams, Morgan: KGFJ; KBCA; KRLA; KFI/KOST; KBIG, 1984-98. Morgan worked at KBIG for 13 years and passed away in her Mid-Wilshire home after a short but difficult battle with lung cancer on July 17, 1999. Born Morgan Hendricks on February 29, she was first heard in the 1950s as Margi, sidekick to Hunter Hancock at KGFJ. "Hunter thought his name was so unusual and not many women were named Morgan, so I became Margi," Morgan told me when I interviewed her for my book, Los Angeles Radio People. A graduate of William and Mary University, Morgan worked in media across the country. In the 1960s, she was a news reporter at KABC/Channel 7, and KHJ/Channel 9 (now called KCAL-TV). In the '70s she had a long stint with KFI radio covering news and public affairs. In the '80s and '90s, she was public affairs director at KBIG, where she was known for her unique and intimately styled weekly long-form interviews on "The Big Picture." Morgan married the lead singer of the Platters, Tony Williams. Her love affair with radio began with a love for her grandfather. "When I was three or four I would sit at my grandfather’s feet and listen to the radio news with him. I would say ‘Papa Charlie what does the man mean?’ And he would answer me like a grownup. He said if I was old enough to ask the questions, I was entitled to an answer. He never told me to hush." Morgan ended my interview with the following that seems somewhat appropriate: "I have truly been blessed in this life." She was 67.


(Pictured: Ian Whitcomb; Stan Warwick; Dick Whittinghill; and Gary Wagner)

Williams, Rick: KACE, 1970-71; KNAC, 1977, KSCA, 1994. Rick is the A&R supervisor at DCC Compact Discs in L.A.
Williams, Verne: KABC, KFWB, KFI. Verne was one of the original anchors when KFWB went all-News. Born in New York, he grew up in Texas and Massachusetts. He started out on WESX-Salem, Massachusetts and later spent two decades with WBZ-Boston. Verne’s son Eric has been with KFWB for 25 years. When Verne left the Southland in 1971 he moved to Sacramento and San Francisco. While he was in the Bay Area Verne was the executive assistant to the mayor of San Francisco. Verne passed away in 1992.
Williams, Vince: KFWB, 1968-70. Unknown.
Williams, Warren: KNX/FM, 1987-88; KLSX, 1991-96. Warren has an active production company that is responsible for the writing and producing of all radio advertising for Fox Sports.
Williams, William F.: KDAY, 1960; KBLA, 1965-67; KBBQ, 1966-67; KRLA, 1968-69; KPPC, 1971-72. Since 1984 William has been living and writing in the mountains.
Willis, Scott: KLON, 1992-2000. Scott hosts "Mostly Bop" weekend show at the Jazz station.
Wills, Maury: KABC. Maury, a former star with the LA Dodgers and host of SportsTalk at KABC, lives in the South Bay.


(Pictured: Al Wiman; Beau Weaver; and "Sweet Dick" Whittington)

Wilson, Andy: KRHM, 1966; KPPC, 1966-68. Unknown.
Wilson, Bob: KDAY, 1969-72. The former owner of R&R is involved with Internet companies.
Wilson, George: KIQQ, 1980-85. George is living in Albuquerque.
Wilson, Marina: KOCM, 1988; KIKF, 1990-92; KEZY, 1992-96; KLIT, 1992-94; KOST, 1995-96; KACD, 1996; KZLA, 1996-2000; KFSH, 2000. Marina works weekends at all-Country KZLA and co-hosts "Real Country" with Mac Davis. She also hosts the midday show at Salem's "The Fish."
Wilson, Mark: KLYY, 1999. Mark started mornings at "Y107" in the spring of 1999 and left in late 1999 following a format switch to Spanish.
Wilson, Nancy: KTWV, 1987-95; KLON, 1997. Unknown.
Wilson, Scotty: KNAC, 1984-88; KIIS, 1993-94. Scotty has been working for Hard Radio.
Wilson, Warren: KFWB, 1968-70. Warren has been a longtime reporter for KTLA/Channel 5.
Wiman, Al: KFWB, 1959-66; KLAC, 1966-69. Al has been the medicine and science editor for KMOV/TV-St. Louis for over two decades.
Windsor, Natalie: KMGX, 1990. Natalie covers the country music beat for AP Radio Network.
Winesett, Barry: KRLA, 1984-92. Barry is doing post-production for several syndicated radio shows
including The Dr. Demento Show.
Wingert, Wally: KTWV, 1987-2000. Wally works weekends at "the Wave."
Winnaman, John: KLOS, 1974-79. The gm of the AOR station died on the baseball field during a KLOS promotional game.


(Pictured: Bob Wilson; Denise Westwood; and Chuck Wilder)

Winrich, Darrell: KABC, 1979. Unknown.
Winslow, Harlan: KMET, 1975-76; KMPC/FM/KEDG, 1988-89. Last heard, Harlan has been working at KSEG-Sacramento.
Winslow, Michael: KODJ, 1989. Michael is sound effects actor in the Police Academy series.
Winston, Cliff: KJLH, 1986-90; KKBT, 1990-93; KJLH, 1993-99. Cliff works mornings at KJLH.
Winston, Kari Johnson: KBIG, 1978-82 and 1985-95. Kari is president of Bonneville's Washington, DC radio division.
Wisdom, Gabriel: XHIS/XHRS, 1972; KLSX, 1999-2000. Gabriel broadcasts a financial show at KLSX, 97.1FM.
Wisk, Al: KMPC, 1978-79. The former LA Ram broadcaster is an attorney practicing in Dallas.
Witcher, Geoff: KGIL, 1969-70; KABC, 1975-83; KMPC, 1992-94; KABC, 1995-97; KIIS/KXTA, 1998-99; KFWB, 2000. Geoff is a longtime radio sports figure.
Witherspoon, Jimmy: KMET. The blues singer died of natural causes on September 18, 1997. He was 74.
Wittenberg, Dave: KLYY, 1999. Dave worked evenings at "Y107" with Harrison until late 1999 when the station changed to Spanish.
Wolf, Janine: KHJ, 1980-84; KHTZ, 1985; KNX/FM, 1988-89; KODJ, 1989-90; KBIG, 1993-97; KZLA, 1998-99; KBIG, 2000. Janine worked the Westwood One Soft AC format from 1990-2000. Janine rejoined KBIG June 1, 2000.
Wolfe, Gerald: KLSX, 1998-99. Gerald was part of the weekend "Ken and Jerry's Countdown Deli" show.
Wolfson, George: KXEZ, 1995. The former general manager at KXEZ. Unknown.
Wolt, Ken: KTNQ/KLVE, 1985-92. Ken is president of Radio/TV travel, an incentive travel company specializing in sales incentive plans for the broadcast industry, and is headquartered in Incline Village, Nevada (Lake Tahoe).
Wong, Al: KYPA, 1996. The former general manager of KYPA. Unknown.


(Pictured: Darrell Wayne and April Whitney; and Marina Wilson)

Wood, Jim: KBLA, 1965; KGFJ, 1966-67; KRLA, 1967-68; KGFJ, 1970-72; KROQ, 1972; KGFJ, 1978-79; XPRS, 1982-83. "Big Jim" Wood died at the age of 58 in 1990. At the time of his death he was a security guard and was suffering from emphysema. One of his friends remembered, "Jim was in the hospital and got a cough drop stuck in his throat and he choked to death."
Wood, Jim: KPOL/KZLA, 1979-80. In 1995, Jim created Fan Club Management Services, a company that manages the fan clubs of recording artists and other "fan sensitive" groups.
Woods, David: KPOL, 1965-70. Unknown.
Woods, George: KJOI, 1973. George is no longer in radio. Unknown.
Woods, J. Thomas: KWIZ, 1972. Unknown.
Woods, Steve: KDAY, 1974-85; KJLH, 1985-89; KACE, 1989-90; KBIG, 1993-96. Steve is working at KDKA-Dallas.
Woods, Tom: KPOL, 1965-69; KFWB, 1969-86. Tom edits the quarterly business journal - Business Forum. He lives in San Bernardino.
Woodman, Steve: KFWB, 1965; KDAY, 1968. Unknown.
Woodruf, Fred: KLON, 1975-78. Unknown.


(Pictured: John Williams; Charleye Wright; and EZ Wiggins)

Woodside, Larry: KROQ, 1980-81; KLOS. Larry is a car salesman.
Woodson, Valerie: KRLA, 1975-76; KTNQ, 1977-79. Unknown.
Woolery, Chuck: KLSX, 1996. Chuck hosted tv's Love Connection for 11 years.
Workman, Martin: KFAC, 1976-87. Martin hosted "Luncheon at the Music Center." He has performed as a professional violinist, a singer of light opera and oratorio and as an actor. Martin holds degrees in economics, sociology and a doctorate in abnormal psychology. In 1979 he suffered a heart attack but was back on the air after two months of rest. Martin died in 1990.
Worlds, Jamie: KOST, 1990; KACE, 1990-91; KKBT, 1992-93; KTWV, 1994-2000. Jamie is a weekender at "the Wave."
Worthington, Cal: KXLA, 1950-59. Cal lives in Northern California and looks after his vast car dealerships.
Worthington, Diane: KABC, 1989-95. Unknown.


(Pictured: Dara Welles; Mark Wheeler; Wendi; and Fred Wallin)

Worthington, Rod: KDAY. In the early 1970s Rod broadcast traffic conditions from a Cesna 150. His plane was dubbed "The KDAY Sky Potato."
Wright, Bill: KPFK, 1976-78; KWIZ, 1978-89; KYMS, 1990-91; KBIG, 1992-96; KWVE, 1998-99. Bill worked at San Clemente's KWVE.
Wright, Charleye: KLAC, 1969-70; KIIS, 1970-75; KPOL, 1975-76; KIIS, 1981-90; KKBT, 1990-93; KNX, 1995-98. Known as "The Coach," he had been a sports broadcaster at KNX since 1995. Charleye was born in Inglewood in 1937 and he graduated from Lynwood High and Compton College. He graduated with an M.A. from Baylor University with plans to enter the ministry, but while in college Charleye got into broadcasting. For most of the 1980s, Charleye was one of Rick Dees' sidekicks at KIIS. In the early 1990s he worked the mornings at KKBT for "John London's House Party." Charleye died October 27, 1998. He was 61.
Wright, Jo Jo: KEZY, 1988; KIIS, 1997-2000. Jo Jo works evenings at KIIS/FM.
Wyatt, Jeff: KPWR, 1986-91; KIIS, 1991-94; KACD, 1996-97; KCMG, 1998. Jeff is pd of the Jammin' Oldies stations WJMO/WMZQ in Washington, DC.
Wyatt, Marques: KKBT, 1994-95. Unknown.


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