Where Are They Now?
Compiled by 
Don Barrett




B, Christian: KSRF, 1991-92; KACD, 1997-98; KIIS, 1999-2004; "Indie 103.1," 2006-09. Christian hosts a Sunday night show called Head Trip on Indie 103.1/fm.
B, Tony: KIIS, 1991-92; KPWR, 1992-96; KACD, 1996-97; KDLE, 2003. Tony worked at Dance format KDL, 103.1fm until a format flip in late 2003.
B, Willie: KTNQ, 1976-78; KIIS, 1980. Willie B. Goode is doing afternoon drive for KQK-Memphis and voice tracking afternoons at WNTR-Indianapolis and WOLX-Madison, Wisconsin.
Babcock, George: KFWB, 1961; KABC, 1973. When George passed away he was 74. Besides radio, he was a building contractor, plumbing contractor and an ordained minister. At the age of 70, he decided to get his pilots license.

BABCOCK, John: KDAY, 1955-57; KFWB, 1957-59; KMPC, 1959-61; KLAC, 1961-63; KABC, 1963-73. In 1970 Don Page of the LA Times named John newscaster of the year saying: "John Babcock is one of radio's premier commentators and a leading documentarian." John was born the day of the 1933 earthquake and started life as an orphan. He was shuffled between foster homes until he was adopted by the Babcock family. While he was in his delinquent teen years, John was sentenced to two years in the Boys Republic of Chino. Many years later, he became the president of Chino's Board of Directors. "I am the first ex-student to be elected president of this risk school." After graduating from the University of Texas, John started out in the newspaper business and WOAI-San Antonio. He came to the Southland and started with KDAY.

For part of his stay with KABC news he hosted a morning talk show. John was the California press director for Vice President Hubert Humphrey in 1968 and 1972. In 1973 John joined KABC television as a writer/producer and eventually went into news management. "When I was at Channel 7's news assignment desk I could get the reporters to do four stories a day. Then it was 3, then 2 and now they think they're doing a favor by covering one story."

John retired in 1995 and was active writing and running the Boys school. His wife of 17 years was principal of the Dubonoff School for "kids at risk." Their daughter attended the Peabody Music Conservatory in Baltimore. John died February 1, 1997, at the age of 63. Former KFWB newsman Al Wiman said unequivocally that John "was the best news person EVER!"

Babcock, Sam: KDAY, 1962. Sam passed away December 11, 1971, of a heart attack. He was 42.
Backus, Jim: KLAC, 1959-60. Jim died July 3, 1989, of pneumonia at the age of 76. He had suffered from Parkinson's disease for many years.
Bad Girls Club: KLSX, 1995-96. A naughty Saturday evening talk show hosted by Kathlyn Kinmont and Kimberly Hooper. Kathleen is acting and seen in 1998 episode of Mortal Kombat. Kimberly is also an actress and appeared in an episode of UPN's Love Boat.


(Neal Boortz; Joel Bellman; Jim Brown; Sheryl Bernstein; and Don Benson)

Bade, Dennis: KUSC, 1982-89 and 1991-95. Dennis works at the Los Angeles Philharmonic and hosts a weekly live concert on KMZT from the Bing Theatre at the L.A. Museum.
Badeaux, Jon: KFXM, 1965-66; KMEN, 1966, KWIZ, 1967; KHJ, 1968-77; KDAY, 1978-92. Jon is works for Entercom as the traffic systems manager in the Northwest.
Bailey, Carl: KBIG, 1952-79.
Bailey, Duane "Doc": KLIT, 1989-94; KEZY, 1996-98; KBIG, 1998-2007. Doc is the production director at KBIG.
Bailey, Steve: KMPC, 1951-95. Steve was director of the Golden West sports operations. Born in Logan, Utah in 1925, he was a color commentator and producer of sports projects at KMPC for decades. He started at KMPC as a record librarian. Steve worked with such popular sportscasters as Bob Kelley and Dick Enberg, and produced game broadcasts of the Pacific Coast League L.A. Angels, California Angels, Rams and UCLA. He was briefly the announcer of the California Angels but his strength was behind the scenes. Steve died November 24, 1995, of complications following treatment for lymphoma. He was 70. Larry Stewart wrote in the LA Times: "Steve was a producer before there were producers. He worked behind the scenes, but he was a real giant in the business."
Bain, Jim: KWIZ, 1965-69 and 1974-79 and 1981-85; KIQQ, 1973; KEZY, 1988; KGIL, 1998-2000. Jim does fill-in at the Adults Standard format at Westwood One.
Baird, Jon: KNX, 2007-12. Jon is a reporter at KNX.
Baisden, Michael: KKBT/KRBV, 2006-07. Michael's syndicated show started at the BEAT in late Spring 2006 and continued to the format change and identity of V-100.


(Jeff Baugh; Jeff Biggs; Eric and Nick Vidal [Baka Boyz]; and Joseph Benti)

Baka Boyz: KPWR, 1993-99; KKBT, 1999-2000; KDAY, 2005-07. Eric and Nick Vidal moved to Miami in early 2003. They work morning drive at XMOR-San Diego.
Baker, Cory: KGBS, 1978-89. Cory worked for the High Desert 98/99 station until late summer 2009.
Baker, Dave: KGIL/KMGX, 1990-92; KTWV, 2010-11. Dave is production director at "91X" in San Diego.
Baker, James: KBIG, 1999-2001. James was pd at "Star 101.3" in San Francisco until November 2006. He is now the FM Supervisor for Saudi Aramco's radio stations in Dhahran.
Baker, Pam: KFWB, 1998-2000 and 2001-2004; KRTH, 2004-05; KKBT, 2005-06; KHHT, 2008-09. Pam is an AE at KTWV and KRTH. 
Baker, Todd: KZLA, 1999; KBIG, 1999-2001; KKGO, 2007. Todd works mornings at WKQC-Charlotte.
Baldwin, Mel: KNX, 1951-66 and 1980-91; KNX/fm, 1971. Mel is living in Florida where he races small remote control boats.
Ballance, Bill: KNX, 1952-55; KFWB, 1955-65; KGIL, 1966; KGBS, 1969-73; KABC, 1974-77; KWIZ, 1977. Bill died September 23, 2004, at the age of 85.
Ballance, Lance: KOST, 1989-98; KBIG, 1998-2002. Lance is pd at WMC-Memphis.
Ballou, Rick: KCTD/KMPC, 2000. Rick worked evenings at "One-on-One" sports.


(Billy Burke; Chris Brodie; and Sam Botta)

Balter, Sam: KLAC, 1940s-61 and 1967. Sam was one of the most popular sports broadcasters in Los Angeles radio history. He was the former captain of the UCLA basketball team and a member of the gold medal-winning U.S. basketball team in 1936 when the sport was introduced to the Olympics for the first time. Sam was the voice of UCLA football and basketball teams and worked at KLAC from 1946 to 1961. He also was a sports columnist for the Los Angeles Herald Express. Sam died August 8, 1998, at the age of 88.
Banana, Rico: KDLE, 2003; KDAY, 2005; KHHT, 2006-07. Rico works at Hot 97-New York.
Banda, Tom: KXEZ, 1993-95; KYSR, 1996; KIBB, 1996-97. Tom represents Latin artists.
Banet, Brenda: KKLA, 1999, 2001-02. Brenda works weekends at KKLA and on Christian Pirate Radio.
Banks, Bill: KNAC, 1976-95. Bill left his post as operations manager at Liberman Broadcasting in the summer of 2002.
Banks, Doug: KDAY; KHJ; KFI, 1978-82. Doug works afternoon drive for ABC Radio Networks.
Banks, Robin: KNX/fm/KODJ/KCBS, 1989-2005. Born in London, Robin worked weekends at "Arrow 93."
Banks, Robin: KKGO, 2006-08. Robin worked morning drive at Go Country 105.1/fm until February 2008. She returned to Metro and lost her job in early fall of 2008 due to downsizing and was rehired in late 2009. She provides traffic for KFMB-San Diego.
Banister, Raymond: KROQ, 1980-2004. Raymond works morning drive for a radio station in Prescott, Arizona.
Banoczi, Jeannette: KNOB, 1966-87. The former owner of KNOB built stations in Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead and Palm Desert.


(Pepe Barreto; Bill Brundige; and Betty Breneman)

Barajas, Larry: KNX, 1998-2012. Before joining the KNX traffic team, Larry was an airborne reporter for Shadow Broadcast Services in San Diego.
Barber, Andy: KROQ, 1974; KTNQ, 1978; KWST, 1981-82. Andy works for COX Radio in Tulsa.
Barber, Jerry: KLOS/KABC, 1972-83. Jerry now works for Disney ABC in Hollywood in the "on air promo department" for the ABC/TV network. 
Bard, Adrienne: KNX, 2007-10. Adrienne was a reporter for KNX and is based in Mexico City
Barkley, Roger: KLAC, 1961-67; KFWB, 1967-68; KFI, 1968-86; KJOI, 1986-89; KABC, 1990-96. Roger grew up in Odebolt, Iowa, and dreamed of being either a radio announcer or preacher. "I guess the ham in me needed to have a stage." After high school he attended the American Institute of the Air in Minnesota and was a page boy at WCCO-Minneapolis. He started his radio career at KYSM-Mankato, Minnesota. Two years later he was pd at KSUM-Fairmont, Minnesota. He moved on to KALL-Salt Lake City. Roger served in the U.S. Army and returned to the microphone at KBOX-Dallas followed by KIMN-Denver. As director of programs at KLAC, Roger hired Al Lohman for the morning show. When the station was sold to Metromedia, the new owners began a search for a two-man morning team. "We figured we were all going to be fired so Al and I thought perhaps we should do the morning show as a team. this way we could buy some time to look for another job." The partnership lasted a quarter of a century. During the 1990s, Roger teamed with Ken Minyard for mornings at KABC. Roger passed away December 21, 1997, after a short battle with cancer. He was 61.
Barker, Bruce: KPLS, 2000-01; KKLA, 2001-02. Bruce left his post as operations director at KPLS in the summer of 2001.
Barnes, Brenda: KUSC, 1997-2007. Brenda was the general manager at KUSC.
Barnes, Clarence: KIIS, 1999-2006; KMVN, 2006-09. Clarence joined the Rick Dees morning show at Movin' 93.9/fm in the fall of 2006 and left in early 2009 with a format flip to Spanish. He's now an in-house consultant with KKUU-Palm Springs.

(Chris Booker; Jodi Becker; Brian Barnhart; and Andy Barber)

Barnes, Jeff: KCXX, 1999-2002. Jeff worked all-night at the Inland Empire station.
Barnes, Hoss: KBBQ, 1968-71. Hoss has his own ministry called Encouragement in Christ.
Barnett, Russ: XTRA, 1960-62; KMPC, 1963-72; KABC, 1972-73. Russ worked at KLIF-Dallas and when Gordon McLendon (owner of KLIF) turned XTRA into the world’s first all-News station in 1960, he tapped Russ as manager for the launch. On New Years Day 1963 Russ joined KMPC as pd and was named Program Director of the Year by Gavin. "From the time I was a young guy, I felt that if I could go on the air and add a few smiles to the lives of my listeners through my rather corny sense of humor and make enough money to support my family, I’d be well pleased with my contribution to life. Know what? I am." At his memorial, the Count Basie band played in honor of Russ. Russ died October 16, 1998, at the age of 69.
Barnhart, Brian: KMPC/KRLA/KLAC, 1998-99. Brian was part of the Anaheim Angels broadcast team. He's now the play-by-play voice of the University of Illinois football and basketball teams.
Barone, Don: KIEV, 1972. Unknown.
Barragan, Jaime: KYMS, 1993-95; KLOS, 1995-96. Last heard, Jaime was working in the Inland Empire.
Barreto, Pepe: KALI, 1977-85; KLVE, 1985-2001; KXOL, 2004-07. Pepe anchored the very successful Spanish morning drive slot on "K-Love." Born in 1947 to Peruvian parents, he and his wife moved to California in 1972 and started as a dj in San Francisco. He came to the Southland in 1985 to work at KLVE and KVEA/Channel 52. Pepe works mornings at KXOL. He received a Star on Hollywood in Spring of 2004.

(Bob Buchmann; Gary Bryan; Barbara Barri; and Guy Black)

Barrett, Dickie: KDLD/KDLE, 2005-06. Dickie, the announcer on the ABC Jimmy Kimmel Show, started doing mornings at "Indie 103.1fm" in late January 2005. He left in the spring of 2006.
Barrett, Don: KIQQ, 1971-73. Don is publisher of LARadio.com.
Barrett, John: KRLA, 1961-69. John is partnered with Norm Epstein in a travel-related marketing firm.
Barrett, Rona: KFWB, 1985. Rona is living in the Santa Ynez Valley and heads the Rona Barrett Foundation.
Barri, Barbara: KZLA, 1979-93. Barbara is constructing a non-commercial radio station in East Hampton, New York.
Barry, Bill: KMPC, KZLA; KOST; KGIL, 1984-92. Bill hosted The Channel 5 Theatre on KTLA from 1971 to 1981 and the weekly Pinbusters show. Bill was a reporter with Shadow Traffic in Los Angeles at the time of his death in October 1993. He was 50.
Barry, Lee: KRLA/KTIE, 2007-09. Lee reports traffic and news from AirWatch for KRLA and KTIE.
Barry, Thom: KLAC, 1987-93. Thom is a successful on-camera commercial actor.

(Rich Boerner; Rona Barrett; Michelle Boros; and Erik Braverman)

Bartel, Dennis: KUSC, 1975-80; KUSC, 2007-12. Dennis, aka James Bartel, works mornings at KUSC, after fourteen years on-air at WGMS-Washington, DC. Previously he was the founding program director and an on-air personality at WJHU-Baltimore (1986-1990), and dj at WQED-Pittsburgh. His book of short stories Voyeurs was published in 2006. It contains two stories set at radio stations.
Barth, Paul: KWIZ, 1971-74. Last heard, Paul owned a station in Redding, California.
Bartholomew, Casey: KFI, 1994-99. Casey and Scott Hasick worked mornings at KTRS-St. Louis until the Spring of 2006. Casey now works with a new partner at New Jersey 101.5.
Bartlett, Christopher: KFI. Unknown.
Bartley, Dick. Dick hosts a number of syndicated Oldies programs.
Bass, Dick: KMPC, 1976-87. Last heard, the former Ram running back was the customer relations executive for a trucking firm, ICX.
Bastida, Don: Don was director of ops at TotalTraffic for Clear Channel until the spring of 2012.
Bastien, Brian: KPOL; KFWB, 1968-77; KBIG/KBRT, 1977-80; KFWB, 1980-83. Brian has an active voiceover career and he teaches karate.


(Jonathon Brandmeier; Foster Brooks; and True Don Bleu)

Batchelor John: KFI, 2008-09; KABC, 2009-10, John's syndicated show was carried on Sunday nights until late 2009. He was heard briefly on weekend nights at KABC.
Bauer, Jacque: KWIZ, 1980-82; KIQQ, 1981-82; KBRT, 1982. Jacque works for a promotion company in South Bend.
Baugh, Jeff: KFWB, 1986-2008; KNX, 2008-12. Jeff is an airborne traffic reporter at all-News KNX.
Baxter, Ed: KROQ: KMPC; KIIS. Ed works morning drive at KGO-San Francisco.
Baxter, Danny: KDAY; KRLA, 1964-65; KHJ, 1968; KGBS, 1969. Danny is retired and lives in Las Vegas.
Baxter, Dennis: KCAA, 2004-09. Dennis left morning drive at the Inland Empire station, KCAA, in 2009. He also worked as news anchor and in his final year was general manager.
Baxter, Frank: KRLA. Frank headed "Oak Knoll Broadcasting," the non-profit group that operated KRLA between licenses. During the 1950s, the professor of English at USC, produced Shakespeare on TV, which won seven Emmy Awards. He starred on a PBS series as "Dr. Science," explaining science to children. He died on January 18, 1982. He was 85.
Baxter, Gene: KROQ, 1990-2012. Gene, as Bean, is part of the Kevin & Bean morning team at KROQ.
Bayley, Lee: KIQQ, 1978-80. Lee was president of the Dallas Golf Association for six years.
Barrazo, Miguel: KPWR, 2006-07. Miguel started evenings at Power 106 in the fall of 2006.
Beach, Sandy: KDAY, 1970-71. When Sandy left radio, he founded Rogers Sound Labs.
Beachfont>, Sandy: KROQ, 1977. Sandy, nee Brad Sobel, died April 19, 2007. He was 54.
Beasing, Dave: KXEZ, 1993-95; KYSR, 1995 and 1996; KRBV/KSWD, 2008-12. Dave was appointed program director of the new Bonneville station (100.3/fm The Sound) in the spring of 2008.

(Dave Benoit; Les Beigel; and Levi Booker)

Beasley, Dave: KGFJ, 1973-74. Unknown.
Beaton, Fred and Bill: KIEV, 1961-98. The Beaton brothers owned KIEV until selling the station to Salem Communications in 1998.
Beck, Glenn: KIIS/AM, 2001-02; KMXE/KLAA, 2006-07; KGIL, 2009; KRLA, 2010-12. The syndicated host joined Orange County's 830AM in late summer of 2006 and went on to KGIL briefly. He now worked morning drive at Salem's KRLA until April 2012.
Beck, Ken: KIQQ, 1976-78; KMPC, 1978-82; KFI, 1982-83; KMPC, 1988-92. Ken is national director of news/talk/sports at Entercom.
Beck, Thom: KRLA, 1966-70; KIIS, 1970-72; KBBQ, 1972; KGFJ, 1972; KRLA, 1974-76; KFI, 1980. Thom was one of the founding members of the nationally acclaimed and highly innovative satirical news group, "The Credibility Gap" in 1968. He narrated the popular "Pop Chronicles" in 1969, a weekly series that chronicled popular music from the mid-1950s to 1969. In the early 1980s, Thom worked evenings at KIIS when it was MOR. He also hosted a midday jock show at KRLA. He returned to his roots in Texas and taught acting. Thom died a few years later of a heart attack.
Becker, Jodi: KFI, 2005-09. Jodi was part of the KFI news department until late spring 2009. She returned to Wisconsin to get married.


(Sam Babcock; Boyd R. Britton; Mike Bell; James Bartel; and Willie B)

Bee, Ron: KRLA, 1980-89; KLAC/KZLA; KBLA. Ron works for the Asian station in L.A., KBLA.
Bee, Tommy: KBLA, 1957-64; KBCA, 1966-84. Tommy has passed away.
Beebe, Richard: KRKD, 1958-59; KRLA, 1959-70; KPPC, 1971-72; KRLA, 1981-85 and 1991-94; KGIL; KMET; KABC; KMNY. Best remembered as a co-founder and member of the nationally acclaimed and highly innovative satirical news group, "The Credibility Gap." Born in Pasadena and raised in Alhambra, Richard had a relationship with KRLA that lasted over five decades. He played Colonel Splendid on "Emperor" Bob Hudson’s daily drama. Richard died August 29, 1998, at the age of 68.
Beigel, Les: KFWB, 1967; KBIG, 1968; KLAC, 1969; XPRS, 1973; KGBS, 1974-78. Les does voiceover work for a tv/radio production facility.
Beiler, Ed: KWIZ, 1973; KABC, 1973-76; KIEV, 1976; KGOE, 1978-79; KGIL, 1986; KABC, 1989-90; KIEV, 1994-96; KWNK, 1996. Ed was known as "Superfan" and was last heard in Kansas City.
Beirne, Brian: KRTH, 1976-2004. Brian left the legendary Oldies station on December 15, 2004. He is a concert promoter of groups from the early Rock era.
Bell, Art: KABC, 1995-2000; KFI, 2001-02 and 2003-07. Art's syndicated show aired from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. nightly on KFI. He retired at the end of 2002 and in early Fall of 2003, Art returned to Premiere for weekend syndicated work.
Bell, Mike: KROQ, 1988-89. Mike live afternoons on '98.5 The Fox' in Bakersfield and voice tracking afternoons at Country KTPI in Lancaster/Palmdale. 
Bell, Tom: KACD, 1997; KSSE, 1997-2005-06. Tom was gsm at KSSE and left in late 2006.
Bellamy, Sam: KMET, 1974-83; KMPC/KEDG, 1987-89. Sam lives in the San Fernando Valley.
Bellman, Joel: KBIG, 1987. Joel is press deputy to LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.
Bemis, John: KFMU, 1964-65; KLFM, 1965; KFOX, 1965-66; XEGM, 1966-68; KGFJ, 1968-73; KWIZ, 1972-74; KUTE, 1973-74. John lives in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and has a career in real estate.
Bender, Aron: KFI, 2007-12. Aron is the evening news anchor at KFI.
Bender, Marty: KROQ. Marty is program director at WFBQ-Indianapolis.


(Casey Bartholomew; Mike Butts; Corbett Brattin; Cindi Burkey; and Bob Borquez)

BENEDICT, Chuck: KLAC, 1963-69. Chuck, a charter member of the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association and a two-time president of the organization, died at his home in Glendale on November 9, 2002. He was 83.  "I never got to be great, but I sure was fortunate to have worked with great people!" That's the way the folksy conversation started in 1997 with the man who was "Joe Pyne on KLAC Fridays." (Joe worked a four-day week for a reported $2,000 a week and Chuck worked the fifth day.)

Born April 17, 1919, in Woodside, Maryland, he grew up in South Carolina, where he played high school baseball. Chuck was the son of a talented family. His mother, Margaret, was active in the early days of network radio and his father was a poet and athlete. Being around some of the greats like Arthur Godfrey sparked his fascination with radio. Chuck started in radio in 1934 while in high school at WIS-Columbia, South Carolina. During and after World War II, he was active in Armed Forces Radio.

"I got fired from more jobs - which was beautiful. I got to travel and meet more interesting people as a result of moving around. I had a ball," Chuck told me while being interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People. Through a varied career, Chuck had been a sports commentator associated with the L.A. Rams, for 40 consecutive years. He wrote 23 sports annuals for Petersen Publishing during the 1970s and free-lanced with the 700 Club and Christian radio. Chuck was in charge of the Heisman Trophy Award voting in the 12 Western states and he worked with Tom Harmon. He was a sports anchor at KTTV/Channel 11 from 1964-70 and was a charter member of the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association and served as its president for four terms. He was the first general chairman of the SCSBA's annual Hall of Fame awards luncheon. Over the years, Chuck has made more than 2,500 speeches on the personal appearance circuit. Since 1990 Chuck has written a twice-weekly column for the Glendale News-Press. He was always a master storyteller who always seems to be in the right place. Chuck was in the underground Summa headquarters the day Howard Hughes died. "Hughes died on an airplane between Acapulco and Houston. A recluse, he never had been in his own underground Summa office." Chuck broke the story.

Chuck Benedict's departure from this planet is everybody's loss,” wrote Jim Hawthorne.” He and I worked together during my early years in broadcasting, and his never failing willingness to contribute to the end result reflected his loyalty and drive to achieve success. In recent years we have had a continuous email correspondence and his attitude was just the way it was in those beginnings - always upbeat and positive. Damn, I will sincerely miss him!”   

Benner, Michael: KNAC, 1975-76; KWST, 1976-77; KLOS/KABC, 1977-87; KLSX, 1990-95; KPFK, 1995-2003; KCBS, 1997-2001; KPFK, 2001-07. Michael hosted a weekly talk show at KPFK. He heads a stress management company based in Maui.


(Irma Blanco; Art Blaske; Brian Bastien; and John Butler)

Bennett, Beau: KIIS/AM/KXTA, 1997-98. Last heard Beau was pd for a station in Boise, Idaho.
Bennett, Chuck: KFI, 1963-69. Unknown.

BENNETT, Frank: KNAC, 1975-78; KWST, 1978-80, KROQ 1980-83. Frank went on to do afternoons and production at KOME-San Jose from 1985-94 and then KFOX-San Jose/San Francisco until 2001. Frank became Frances and is now a multimedia web developer for a Silicon Valley based high-tech multinational corporation, working from her home in the lake/hill country above Austin. Her website is auntfran.com.

Bennett, Matt: KFOX, 1982. Unknown.
Bennett, Mike: KFI, 1984; KIKF, 1985-88 and 1992-93; KYSR, 1993-96; KBIG, 1996-98. SEE Mike Carlucci
Bennett, Myron: KABC, 1960. Unknown.
Benoit, Dave: KMZT, 2011-12. The five-time Grammy nominated composer and pianist, David has had an expansive career as a contemporary jazz pianist that has included over 25 charting solo recordings. He is the on-going conductor of the Asia America Symphony Orchestra. David works afternoons at "K-Mozart."
Benoit, Sharon: KMPC, 1969-74. Sharon was a publicity whiz during the glory years at 710/KMPC in the ‘60s and ’70. She later became a trade publication executive. Sharon died July 20, 2010, at the age 63, from cancer. She was very active in her church and community and spearheaded numerous fundraisers. Friends in her La Canada church loved to hear her tell stories of working at KMPC, which was known as “The Station of the Stars.” They would marvel at what a great storyteller she was. Michael Nash shared memories of Sharon at her Celebration of Life. They both were hired as teens at 710/KMPC and remained lifelong friends. “We had the greatest playground in which to learn and grow,” said Michael. “The thing we remember best about Sharon was that effervescent smile, eyes that served as a welcoming beacon to one and all, and the laughter that echoed throughout the hallways of the radio station. She was genuine, which was a rare quality in Hollywood. It didn’t take long to realize that once embraced by Sharon you would be able to count on her loyalty forever.”
Benoit, Steve: KNNS, 1995-96; KNX. Steve is sales manager of Universal Mail & Courier in Van Nuys and is part of Shadow Traffic.
Benson, Don: KIIS, 1981-82. Don is president of the radio division at Jefferson-Pilot.
Benson, Gordon: KGIL, 1965-66; KEZY, 1966. Unknown.
Benson, Sam: KLAC, 1947-84. Sam is retired and he plays a lot of golf.
Benson, "Uncle" Joe: KLOS, 1981-94; KLSX, 1995-96; KLOS, 1996-97; KCBS/fm, 1997-2005; KLOS, 2005-11. Joe left the Classic Rocker "Arrow 93" in March 2005 following a format flip and started afternoons at KLOS in late spring. Joe was moved from afternoon drive at KLOS to weekends in late summer 2009.
Benti, Joseph: KJOI, 1987. The longtime television broadcaster and newsman, dispensed commentary on "K-Joy." He was seen on KCET. He describes his current vocational status as "retired and extinct."
Bentley, Jason: KCRW, 1991-97; KROQ, 1996-97.
Bentli, Ty: KBIG, 2010-12. Ty worked afternoons at MY/fm until late spring of 2012.

 BENZING, "Big Wave Dave”: KFSH, 2002-12. Dave works afternoons at "The Fish.

He joined 95.9 The Fish in 2002. Prior to Southern California, BWD spent most of his professional career in Nashville as production director of legendary stations WLAC AM &FM and WSIX, as well as 107.5 The River, The Beat, 101.1 The One, The Rock @ 105.9 and the Salem Music Network. He has also worked radio stations in Virginia Beach and Boston. Radio was in his blood at a very young age. His mom has tapes of him reading The Cat In The Hat and other books into an old Radio Shack tape recorder.

Born in Tucson, he was raised in Milford, NH. Dave graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University with a BA in communications and human relations and a BS in theater. Dave earned his MBA from Hope International University in 2006. He and his bride Claire have been married 21 years and have 4 khds: Matt (13), Kylie (11 going on 17), Tyler (9) and Megan (7).


(Chuck Blore; Big Boy; Rodney Bingenheimer; and Dr. Joy Browne)

Berg, Dale: KYMS, 1981-83; KBRT, 1983; KOCM, 1983-84 and 1987-91; KYMS, 1991-92. Dale is working nights at KDES-Palm Springs as Michael Wood.
Berger, Ed: KEZY, 1979; KWIZ, 198
0-85; KFI, 1995-2003. Ed died December 9, 2003, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 44.
Berger, Hal: KMPC; KHJ. The baseball announced died February 6, 1980.
Berger, Stew: KQLH, 1986-88; KWIZ, 1988-91; KHTX, 1992-94; KFRG, 1995-96; KOLA, 1997. Since 1998, he's been with what is now Total Traffic Network/LA, doing news at stations including KFI, and now does the news on KRLA and KTIE.
, Peter: KIKF, 1981-83; KFAC, 1983-86; KPWR, 1986-88; KZLA, 1988-91; KABC, 1991-97; XTRA/fm, 1997-98; KFSD / KCEO /  KSPA, 1998-99. Peter is president of Berk Marketing.
Berman, Averill: KGFJ. Averill was murdered by sportscaster Stan Duke in 1969.
Berman, Dr. Jenn: KYSR, 2004-05. Dr. Jenn hosted an evening therapy show every night on "STAR 98.7." She has a practice in Beverly Hills and will host a new reality celebrity couples therapy tv show in 2012.

BERNADETTE: KRTH AM/FM, 1980-90; KKBT, 1990; KJLH, 1991-94; KKHJ/KBUE, 1994-97. Born Irma Molina in the San Gabriel Valley, Bernadette went to Citrus College and graduated with a degree in communication from Cal State Fullerton. During her senior year she started a ten-year relationship with the RKO/Beasley outlet. She began at KHJ when it was a Country format. She was Bob Hamilton's assistant when he was national music director for RKO.

Bernadette worked under Phil Hall during the KRTH call letter and format change staying with the stations during the RKO-Beasley-Liberman days. Bernadette was programming coordinator for KRTH AM&FM from 1986 to 1990 and was the first and only female on Smokin' Oldies/"K-Earth," when she hosted the "All Request and Dedication Show." She moved on to "the Beat" in 1990 to work as promotion coordinator with Liz Kiley and later to KJLH. After three years as the marketing director for Spanish KKHJ/KBUE/KWIZ, in early 1997 she joined KUPR-San Diego. She is a massage therapist in Gresham, Oregon.

Bernal, Raul: KLAX, 2000-01. Raul works mornings at Spanish KLAX as "Dona Mela."
Bernard, Joe: KFWB, 1965-66. Joe was pd at KFWB. Unknown.
Bernardini, Tony: KROQ, 1987-90. Tony was gm at WBCN-Boston since 1978 and from 1987 to 1990 he was the gm of 'BCN and KROQ. The San Diego native would spend two weeks a month at each station. In late 2003, Tony became vp, Infinity/Boston, a consulting position.
Bernhart, Bruce: KNX, 1981-91. Bruce broadcast the evening news at KNX. He performs with the String Fever Bluegrass Band in Northfield, Minnesota and is an executive headhunter.


(Pat Buttram; Art Bell; Larry Barajas; Todd Baker; and Adrienne Bard)

Bernstein, Bob: KMEN/KGGI, 1995-96. Unknown.
Bernstein, Sheryl: KTWV, 1993-94. Sheryl has a very active voiceover career.
Berry, Chris: KNX 1982-86; KSPN, 2009-10. Chris left KNX and spent the next 10 years at CBS Radio at the Washington News Bureau and WBBM-Chicago. From 1996 to 2002 he was vp/Radio for ABC News New York. He went on to president/gm of ABC-owned WMAL-Washington, DC. He was appointed general manager at KSPN in early 2009 and left in September 2010. Chris is now in Phoenix working with Westwood One’s Metro Source.
Berry, Reed: KIEV; KRLA, 1998-99. "The Traffic Guy" hosted a traffic and general topics weekend talk show on KRLA until the summer of 1999. Reed currently serves as a contributing editor to the Web site LACar.com and he is the driving safety expert for VideoJug.com.
Bertolucci, Robin: KFI/KLAC/KXTA, 2002-12. Robin joined Clear Channel/LA AM stations as director of programming in February 2002. She was voted #1 Best Off-Air LARP of 2006.
Bie, Peter: KIQQ, 1985-88. Peter is assistant operations director for Rincon Broadcasting in Santa Barbara.
Bienne, Simone: KROQ, 2012. Simone, the British sex therapist radio and tv personality, is part of "Loveline" at KROQ with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Pyscho Mike Catherwood.
Big Boy: KPWR, 1994-2012. Big Boy works morning drive at "Power 106."
Bigby, Tom: KFI, 1982. Tom was operations director at Sports WXYT-Detroit and in the spring of 2011 he departed CBS after 23 years. He is now a consultant.
Biggs, Jeff: KXTA/XTRA Sports, 1997-2006; KMPC, 2007; KLAA, 2008-09; KSPN, 2011-12. Jeff works at all-Sports 710/KSPN.
Big Watusi: SEE Mark Mendoza
Bill, Brother: KACE, 1963-69; KUTE, 1973; KGFJ, 1978; KEZY, 1978-79; KIIS, 1979-93; KMLT, (Lite 92.7FM), 2000-01. "Brother Bill" worked at the Riverside "Lite 92.7FM" outlet until early 2001.
Billy the Kid: KIKF, 1994-2002; KSPA, 2006-08. Billy worked at KSPA in the Inland Empire until 2008.
Bingenheimer, Rodney: KROQ, 1976-2012. Rodney has always seemed a step ahead of various trends from the English invasion to glitter to punk rock. He has been dubbed "Mayor of Sunset Strip" and owned the English Disco. He's worked at KROQ weekends for decades.
Bingham, Bob: XTRA, 1960. Bob was managing editor at XTRA News. Unknown.
Bingman, Frank: KLAC. KGIL. Frank has passed away.
Bingo, Mike: KSRF, 1985. Unknown.
Binkowski, Brooke: KNX, 2006-07; KPCC, 2007-08. Brooke is in the news department at KPCC.
Binn, Stacy: KABC, 1986. Stacy works for Metro Traffic in Washington, DC.


(Carl Brazell; Buck Buchanan; Lisa Bowman; and B. Bailey Brown)

Biondi, Dick: KRLA, 1963 and 1965-67. The Wild Itralian billed himself as the "ugliest and skinniest disc jockey in the world." In 1961, Dick won the Gavin Top 40 Disc Jockey of the Year Award. During the KRLA 30-year reunion, host Casey Kasem introduced him: "Dick was one of the most beloved personalities to ever open a mike on KRLA" In 1966, Billboard announced that Dick was the most popular late evening dj. He was let go from the Oldies HD2 station in Chicago in the summer of 2006. In late 2006 he joined Oldies WZZN-Chicago.
Birchum, Mr.: SEE Adam Carolla

BIRD, Bob: KRKD, 1962-70; KIIS; KHOF; KFSG. Bob spent nearly 20 years on-air and engineering stints at KRKD, KIIS-AM, KHOF, KFSG in Los Angeles, and at KSBW in Salinas. He died July 20, 2010, at the age of 77.

“His moniker at KIIS-AM was ‘Bob Bird, the Music Man,’” wrote his son Brian Bird. “My dad also did extensive voiceover and commercial work during that time. He left radio in 1974 to finish his Masters Degree in theology at Azusa Pacific University after which he became a hospital chaplain working for nearly 20 years in that field at Whittier Hospital, Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles and St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange County.”  

Bob’s son Brian has a media career in Hollywood and his grandson, Cameron, is a writer at Wired Magazine.

Bird, Eric: KMNY, 1994-97; KSCA, 1996-97; KKLA, 1997-98; KIEV/KRLA, 1998-2001. Eric is apd at KRLA (formerly KIEV).

BIRDFEATHER, Barbara: KMET, 1969-71; KPPC, 1971-73; KPFK, 1973-74. Barbara, best known as one of the early female voices of Los Angeles “underground” radio, died April 26, 2009 following a long bout with lung cancer. She was 69. 

Born in Mt. Kisco, New York, Birdfeather worked as a professional astrologer, and wrote The Birdfeather Astrological Space Book, published in 1969. She wrote regular astrology columns for Cosmopolitan and Rags.
"Barbara was an extremely kind and understanding human and humane being,” recalls former KMET program director Richard Kimball, “and one hell of a good dj. Birdfeather preceded me on the air every night at KMET, before B. Mitchel Reed took over that slot. We always had a pleasant, on-air chat about the happenings of the day. Even though we were both adamantly opposed to the Vietnam war going on at the time, I never once heard her say anything negative about those responsible for that conflict. She simply made her point known by the music she chose to play.” Later, Barbara continued writing about music for various publications, and served as publicist for acts including Scottish blues rocker Alex Harvey. More recently, Birdfeather had worked as a floral designer. Following a stint as a music reviewer for the LA Times, since 1981 Barbara has been a floral designer.

Birrell, Harry: KFWB, 1968; KNX, 1968-99. Harry retired from KNX in 1993.
Bisheff, Steve: KSPN, 2007. The former newspaper sports columnist for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and Orange County Register acts as an "Insider" at KSPN.
Bishop, Bob: KCSN, KUSC. Bob is now working at KHFM-Albuquerque.
Bishop, Denny: KPOL, 1978. Denny is one of the voiceover talents at KNBC/Channel 4.


(Jon Bruno; Howard Bloom; Chris Berry; and Jerry Bishop)

Bishop, Don: KIQQ, 1975; KMGX, 1994. Don is working the Country format at Westwood One.
Bishop, Jerry: KLAC, 1965; KFI, 1969-74; KKDJ, 1975; KIIS, 1975-79; KGIL, 1983-85. Since the mid-1980s, Jerry has been the voice of the Disney Channel.
Bishop, Pat: KFI, 1934-71. Pat Bishop passed away in the mid-1970s.
Bishop, Robert: KPPC, 1969. Last heard, Robert was living in San Diego.
BJ: KEZY/KXMX, 1994-2000; KIIS, 2000-07. Bjorn "BJ" Dahl is the Director of New Media at CBS/LA.
Bjerre, Miriam: KNX, 1973-77; KFWB, 1979-95. Miriam retired in 1998 and is living in Connecticut.

(Buzz Brainard, Les Brown, Barbara Blake; PJ Butta; and Dr. Jenn Berman)

Blabon, Duffy: KBLA, 1966; KGBS, 1974. Duffy was general manager at KBLA. Unknown.
Black, Guy: KJLH, 2007-09. Guy worked mornings at KJLH until he was replaced by Steve Harvey in late summer of 2009.

BLACK, Tre: KKBT, 1995-96. The former KKBT personality died of a massive heart attack on March 7, 2010, at the age of 41. He was found dead in the shower by a friend.

Tre was praised as an innovator. He was WaxMaster Torey and ruled the airwaves in underground hip-hop back in North Carolina. He went on to work at WJLB-Detroit. In the last year of his life he touched many people through SourceEnergyRadio.com with his team of passionate, loving teachers who supported him through his journey.  

Blackburn, Dan: KNX, 1972-76. Dan is hosting two syndicated television news/interview programs in Los Angeles, a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times, a recognized and widely published outdoor and a wildlife photographer.
Blackburn, Michael: KBCA, 1976. Unknown.
Blackwell, Mr.: KABC, 1972-74; KIEV, 1975-81. Mr. Blackwell dispenses his year list of Top 10 Worst Dressed celebrities.
Blackwell, Richard: KMPC, 1975-76; KJLH, 1976-79; KACE, 1979-82 and 1984-85; KGFJ, 1989-94; KJLH, 2004-06. After eight years with Continental Broadcasting, Richard became the host and co-creator of jazzonmymind.com. He's also promoting, hosting and booking jazz acts.
Blade, Richard: KNAC; KROQ, 1982-2000; KYSR, 2003-07. Richard is on Sirius Satellite Radio and worldwide on Worldspace's Retro Radio.
Blair, Jack: XPRS, 1972. Unknown.
Blair, Rob: KACD, 1998. Rob is a full-time student at Chapman University and doing weekend and fill-in weather on the NBC/TV affiliate in Palm Springs.
Blake, Barbara: KTWV, 1990 and 1997-2010. Barbara produces a smooth jazz brunch show on the Internet.


(Steve Bisheff; Glenn Beck; Brian Beirne; Buddy Baron; and Scotty Brink)

Blake, David: KFI, 1989. David broadcasts morning drive news at WWL-New Orleans.

BLANCHARD, Red: KABC, 1956; KXLA, 1956; KPOP, 1957-58; KFWB, 1959-60; KNX, 1960-65. Richard Bogardus “Red” Blanchard passed away on June 16, 2011, at his home in Escondido. He was 91. Death was attributed to complications in the recovery from recent cancer surgery.

Born in Gardner, Massachusetts, Red (nickname came from his shock of red hair) grew up in Southern California. As a little kid he was fascinated with building crystal sets and he became a ham operator. He loved music and played trombone during the era of “swing music.” Red started his radio career after a stint in the army and he joined KPRO-Riverside in December 1945. He started the “14-40 Club.” In 1950 he went to KCBQ-San Diego and a year later was working at KLS-Las Vegas.

While toiling in the backyard of his Sherman Oaks home and talking on a cellular phone in 1996, Red recalled his stop in Vegas: “I was there during the atomic bomb testing and I recorded the sound of the blast and fed it to the networks. I was called a heroic, brave reporter for taking on this assignment.” With a laugh, Red said, “The fact of the matter, all I did was hang a microphone out the window of the radio station. Hardly brave or heroic, but nonetheless.”

He recounted his early fame: “I had my greatest radio success in San Francisco. I worked at KCBS from 1951 to 1955 and was written up in Life Magazine, Time and other major publications. By 1955 it had run its course and I returned to Los Angeles.” He went to KPOP to do mornings and while he was there, Red recorded Cape Canaveral, Pts 1 & 2 on Pirate Records. A year later on the very day he was let go from KPOP, he was fired from the “graveyard shift on KFWB. In 1960 he became a staff announcer at KNX for five years. “I was fired due to illness. The boss got sick of me.”

Red had always been interested in the technical side of radio and was hired on as an engineer at KHJ/Channel 9, working there for 15 years until his retirement in 1980. Red missed “the contact with the public” from his radio days but enjoyed the way things were. Red’s wife died in 1986 at age 60 after a long illness with breast

Blanco, Irma: KCMG, 1998-2001; KHHT, 2001-02; KLAC, 2002-04; KBIG, 2004-12. Irma works morning drive with Valentine at MY/fm (KBIG) 104.3. 
Blase, Neale: KKDJ, 1972-73; KGBS, 1975-76; KDAY, 1977-78; KWST, 1979-80; KNX/fm, 1983. Neale is marketing an original collection of products based on radio and music.
Blaske, Art: KFWB, 1968-71; KHJ/fm, 1971-72; KLAC/KZLA, 1972-93. Art is doing voiceover work.
Blatt, Steve: KUSC, 2004-05. Steve does weekend work at the Classical music station.

BLATTER, Steve: KLYY, 1997-98. Steve is vp of music programming at Sirius Satellite Network. He named one of the Top 15 major-market radio programmers in America by Radio Ink magazine.

Blatter held the position of Vice President, Programming for Big City Radio, where he was responsible for formatting and branding all of the company's radio properties (located in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago).  

During his six-year tenure at Big City Radio, Blatter conceptualized and implemented the programming strategy for the Country formatted, Y-107 in New York and the Alternative Rock formatted, Y-107 (KLYY). Weekly audience at Y-107 (NY) rose from 150,000 to over 500,000 in only six months, making it the 5th most-listened-to Country music station in America. Weekly audience at Y-107 (LA) rose from 50,000 to over 700,000 in just six months.

Blatter's success in formatting and branding new products in highly competitive marketplaces, as well as his extensive knowledge of traditional and new media, played an instrumental role in the rapid growth of Big City Radio.

Blatter began his career in media in 1986 at WXRK/dm (Infinity-owned) in New York City. That same year he became an air personality and the mds at WVBR/fm-Ithaca, New York.

In 1988 Blatter moved on to become the Music Director at New York City's WYNY-FM (owned by NBC and Westwood One), the most-listened-to Country radio station in America.

After four years at WYNY, Blatter was tapped as director of programming for MJI Broadcasting. There he was responsible for the content and packaging of 12 nationally syndicated programs in a wide variety of radio formats. He also created, in conjunction with E! Entertainment Television, the radio industry's first daily entertainment and music news fax service. Additionally, Blatter produced live backstage coverage of the Grammy Awards, the Country Music Association Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards.

Blatter has a B.S. in Economics-Management from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York.

Blattner, Buddy: KMPC, 1962-68. Buddy was the radio voice of the NBA's St. Louis Hawks in the 1950s and a longtime baseball broadcaster including play-by-play for the Los Angeles/California Angels from 1962-68. He died September 4, 2009, following a long illness. He was 89. Blattner also played parts of five seasons in the major leagues and was a world table tennis champion, according to an obit in a St. Louis publication where he had been living.. He founded the "Buddy Fund" in 1962, an organization that continues to supply athletic equipment to underprivileged children in the St. Louis area. Buddy was a table-tennis whiz in his youth and won the world men's doubles championship in 1936. He made his big-league debut as a Cardinals second baseman in 1942, although he had only 1 hit in 23 at-bats. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1943-45, and returned as the New York Giants regular second baseman in 1946, batting .255 with 11 homers. Blattner played parts of three more seasons for the Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies before retiring. For his career, he appeared in 272 games with a .247 batting average. Blattner turned to broadcasting, teaming with Dizzy Dean on St. Louis Browns' radio broadcasts and then announcing the Game of the Week on ABC television and later on CBS. He joined Harry Caray in the Cardinals' broadcast booth for the 1960 season. After six seasons with the Angels, he became the play-by-play announcer for the Kansas City Royals from 1969-75.
Bleu, "The True" Don: KHJ, 1978-80. Don works mornings at K101-San Francisco.

BLINOFF, Mark: KMPC, 1968-79. Mark died May 19, 2005. He was 70.

Mark started at KMPC in 1968 and was promoted to pd in 1972. After major changes to the format in early 1979 where he had to fire some high profile personalities, he said: “We’re not running a museum here. Radio is a living, breathing organism and we owe it to our listeners to try to reflect a contemporary lifestyle, to let them know what’s going on in the real world.”  

Mark joined Merv Griffin Radio as vp/gm and three years later bought KWIP-Salem, Oregon with Roger Carroll. “We sold the station in 1989 for a lot more than we paid for it.” Before joining KMPC, Mark was pd at KEX-Portland and assistant pd at KSFO-San Francisco.

”In recent years, Mark taught fifth grade in the Alhambra School District. He loved working with children. It was hard for him to be ill, but harder to be away from his students. Mark loved helping young people. I know that first hand,” wrote Sharon Benoit. Mark suffered from a life threatening lung disease.

Block, Alex Ben: KNX, 1999. The former editor of The Hollywood Reporter was the showbiz reporter at KNX. He's now connected with an entertainment website and continues to write for THR.
Block, Susan: KIEV, 1985-87; KFOX, 1987-93; KLSX, 1998. Susan hosted a "singles connection" show. In 2005, she hosted a DVD called 'Squirt Salon,' featuring images of the elusive G-spot.
Bloom, Andy: KLSX, 1991-93. Andy most recently worked at Jacobs Media.


(Robin Bertolucci; Rob Brookler; and Ken Brett)

Bloom, Howard: KLAC/KMET/KTWV, 1977-87. Howard started out as a screener for Arbogast and Margolis at KLAC. He worked part-time after his work at a liquor store. He worked his way up through the sales ranks at Metromedia and was there for the end of the "Mighty Met." Howard died of a heart attack in November 1993. He had been working as gsm at Metro Traffic at the time of his death.
Bloom, Lisa: KABC, 2000-01. Lisa practices law with her mother Gloria Allred and she worked at Court TV.
Blore, Chuck: KFWB, 1958-63; KIIS. Chuck owns an award-winning advertising agency.
Blow, Kurtis: KPWR, 1995-98. Unknown.
Blue, Bobby: KNAC, 1972-76; KMET. Bobby works at the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa.
Blumberg, Loren: KPWR, 1994-95; KACD, 1995-98; KSSE/KSSC/KSSD, 1998-2007. Loren is a senior AE at Hero Broadcasting.
Bo, Jason: KDLD, 2003; KIIS, 2004-05. Jason worked swing at KIIS/fm.
Bodine, Buster: KPWR, 1987-89. Buster has an active voiceover career working from his home studio for such clients as Guitar Center and Warner Bros. Records.
Bodington, Dave: KFI, 1968-69; KIEV, 1977-78; XPRS, 1978-80. Dave works at Voice of America in Washington, DC.
Boerner, Rich: KLSX, 1997-2009. Rich is creative director and voiceover for CBS Interactive and gm/host of HotTalkLA.com.


(Jon Badeux; Lance Ballance; Jim Backus; and Rico Banana)

Bohrman, Stan: KLAC, 1967-68; KHJ; KNX; KGIL, 1985; KFWB, 1990-94. Born November 9, 1930, Stan grew up in Van Nuys. He started as a dj at KFRC-San Francisco and eventually abandoned music to pursue news broadcasting and was part of Voice of America. Stan became a local fixture on local tv news as an investigative reporter and anchor. During his career he hosted talk shows on radio and tv. Stan had a heart attack on October 13, 1994, and died at the Tarzana Medical Center at the age of 63.
Boivin, Paola: KMPC, 1992-93. The Daily News sportswriter co-hosted a sports talk show at KMPC. She writes for the Arizona Republic.
Boland, Katie: KTZN 1997. Unknown.
Bolles, The Real Don: KSRF, 1990-92. Don is a free-lance writer and appears frequently in the LA Weekly.
Bollinger, Russ: KIKF, 1987. Unknown.
Boman, Tommy: KXTA, 1997-99; KFWB 2004-06. Tommy was the producer of the Dodgers Radio Network for KFWB until the fall of 2006. He’s now the Broadcast Manager for Learfield Sports based in Missouri overseeing the broadcast production of 36 college sports networks.
Bonaduce, Danny: KYSR, 1999-2005; KSLX, 2006-09. The former member of the Partridge Family tv series, Danny started mornings at "Star 98.7" with Jamie White on September 15, 1999 and left July 1, 2005. He joined morning drive at KLSX on January 2, 2007 and in early 2008 moved to a one-hour afternoon shift. Danny went on to work morning drive at WYSP in Philadelphia until late summer of 2011. In November 2011, he joined morning drive at KZOK-Seattle.
Bond, Lyle: KHJ, 50s. Lyle died on a San Diego golf course in the 1970s.

BOND, Nancy. Nancy has been directing commuters through the maze of Southern California freeways for over two decades. “When I first began it was AirTraffic Communications. The company was owned by Steve Springer from San Diego. He had a traffic service there and wanted to expand into Orange County and the Inland Empire. Steve hired me in January of 1989.”

Up to that point the only radio experience that Nancy had was doing news on the Saddleback College station, KSBR (88.5/fm). At the time that Air Traffic was launching, there was already LA Network, owned by Rhonda Kramer, and Metro Traffic, which was owned by a group based in Houston. Eventually AirTraffic became a subsidiary of Jacor Communications, then Jacor was taken over by Clear Channel Communications around 2000. 

Eventually Nancy and her young staff took over the news and traffic for a myriad of radio stations and radio companies. Her reports have been heard on KFI, KOST, KGGI and KBIG. But in the beginning, it was just Nancy and John Quinlan doing the drive time reports.

Nancy didn’t get into the world of traffic reporting until she was 40. She and her husband were on the ground floor of the Microwave explosion in the 1970s, and for a decade owned ‘Bond’s Microwave Oven Centers’ all over the Southland They taught the senior citizens at Leisure World how to cook with the microwave oven.

Nancy has twins. Her son, Clint, is the art director for Nickelodeon's SpongeBob. Her daughter Amy taught in the Czech Republic and returned to the states in 2007.

Bonds, John: KMPC, 1988; KNX, 1989. John is the publisher of the Taste of Vegas Restaurant Guide and works at KSFN-Las Vegas.
Bones: KNAC, 1991-92. Last heard, Bones was working in Las Vegas.

BONFIETTI, Jayne: KFI, 1998. The Cooking Babe died February 20, 2009, at the age 49. Jayne had a nationally syndicated daily one-minute radio recipe show called “The Qwik Cook” that was heard on KFI in the late ’90s. She described her show as “brainfood on the half shell, a spicy tidbit to go.” 

She grew up in suburban New England with a mom who could turn out dinner for a dozen defensive linemen from her brother’s college football team with an hour’s notice. Her mother is Czech and Russian and her father is Italian and Finnish. Raised Catholic and culinarily confused, Jayne headed West to date, join a sorority, and find her dining destiny. She attended restaurant school and became a restaurateur/caterer. The experience prompted her to organize a support group called Caterers In Recovery.

Jayne lived in San Diego with her husband and four sons, ten chickens, four dogs, and two sheep.

Bonilla, Tera: KMVN, 2007-09. Tera worked middays at Movin' 93.9/fm until a format flip to Spanish in early 2009.
Bonk, Thomas: KMPC, 1992. Thomas is the golf writer for the Los Angeles Times and is seen frequently on golf telecasts.
Boogerman: KROQ, 1994-95. Unknown.
Bookasta, Gary: KROQ, 1973-78. Last heard, Gary was a lobbyist in Washington, DC.


(Tony Bruno; Tammy Bruce; Terry Bradshaw; Buddy Budnik; and Charlie Brill)

Booker, Chris: KLSX/KAMP, 2009-11. Booker joined AMP Radio for middays from New York on June 1, 2009.
Booker, Levi: KJLH, 1979-84 and 1986 and 1992-2012. Levi hosts a weekend show at KJLH.
Boone, Pat: KPZE, 1988; KJQI, 1993-94. Pat appears at various entertainment events.
Boortz, Neal: KGIL, 2007. Neal's syndicated show begins on KGIL (1260AM) October 29, 2007.
Bordonaro, Bob: KKGO, 1982-86; KCTD, 1998-99; KMZT, 2000-01. Bob left his post as the gsm at Classical "K-Mozart" in the spring of 2001.

BORGERS, Helen: KLON/KKJZ, 1981-2012. Helen has spent 25 years at the all-Jazz station, KKJZ. She works afternoon drive. Helen's love of jazz may have been instilled at birth as she was born in one of the hotbeds of the music, Kansas City. But, more likely, it was engendered by her older brother, Ken, whose playing of John Coltrane, Gerald Wilson, Charlie Byrd, and Buddy Rich - Helen's earliest memories of jazz - came through the walls of his bedroom into hers.  

Her father taught radio and television at USC, Ken graduated from USC with a degree in broadcasting, and her mother, too, had been in radio, back in the '40s in New York. She was a copy writer at WMCA and WOR, and worked with budding jazz journalists Leonard Feather and Barry Ulinov at the studios. So, jazz and radio were in Helen's blood. Helen's intention, however, was a life in the theatre. She majored in theatre at Cal State Long Beach, and her only radio work was doing weekly radio dramas on the student station, KSUL.  

But Ken became program director of KLON a few years before CSULB became the licensee. Ken recruited Helen to help out at the station, even giving her a weekly show featuring vocal music. When the move was made to the university, and Ken streamlined the format to 24-hour jazz and blues, Helen was part of the deal. She became the weekend jazz host, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to five. A year of that and she became the weekday afternoon drive host, eventually moving to the morning drive when Chuck Niles came from KKGO to do afternoons. After her second year as a host, Helen was also made music director, interacting with the record label promoters, building and maintaining the station's jazz library.  

In addition to her drive-time and library duties, Helen began a weekly three-hour interview program called The Artist's Corner. Each week, a different guest artist would come to the studio, choose their favorite recordings from the KLON library or bring them from home and, between their selected tracks, discuss these recordings and their lives with Helen. The guests included local greats as well as out-of-town legends, including Horace Silver, Gerald Wilson, Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln, Steve Allen, Ray Brown, Kenny Burrell, Eddie Harris, Tony Williams, all of the Marsalis family members, and many, many others. Lots of the young giants got early exposure on this program, including Joshua Redman, Nicholas Payton, Mark Whitfield, Brad Mehldau, Terence Blanchard, Harry Connick, Jr., to name only a few. For over ten years Helen hosted this show, building a reputation as the station's number one interviewer. 

From 1991 to 1994, Helen was pd for a European jazz service called Eurojazz, which served the Netherlands via satellite from a special studio built in KLON's facilities. Along with designing and coordinating locally-produced jazz shows and European-produced shows, she would do her local drive-time show each day at KLON, and then go up the hall to broadcast to Europe. Eventually the service relocated to London, and Helen moved to England to set up the studios and reorganize the programming. After a year abroad, she returned to California and KLON, where she has been ever since.  

In her capacity as a jazz broadcaster, Helen has been invited to give pre-concert lectures at various performing arts centers, has served on panels in jazz conventions all over the world, and has lectured about the history of jazz in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. She has also written articles for international jazz publications. She regularly emcees concerts, festivals, and club dates throughout southern California.

Borgers, Ken: KLON, 1978-2000; KCRW, 2005-09. Ken left as the afternoon voice on "All Things Considered" at KCRW in the summer of 2009.
Boros, Michelle: KAMP, 2010-11. Michelle started middays at AMP RADIO on March 1, 2010.
Borquez, Bob: KFSG, 1980-86. For the past nine years, Bob has been growing the syndication of The Dave Ramsey Show.
Botta, Sam: KFI, 2004-05. Sam left the KFI news department in early summer 2005.
Botula, Mike: KNOB, 1966-67; KFWB, 1968-71; KRLA, 1971-72; KMPC, 1972-77. In the spring of 2001, California Governor Gray Davis appointed Mike to the Department of Child Support Services as Assistant Director of Information and Public Affairs in Sacramento.
Bowden, George: KSGV, 1963-65; KGGK, KNOB 1965-67. After a career in tv, George taught in the Los Angeles City College Radio-TV-Film Department from 1975 until his retirement in 1995.
Bower, Jayne: KFWB, 1990-93. Jayne is working at WWJ-Detroit. She and husband Jeff live in Ann Arbor, have two pre-teen boys. Jayne produces a "Labor Pains" feature which is cool.
Bowers, Jason: KIIS, 2001; KYSR, 2004-07. Jason worked swing at STAR 98.7. He's now with the AC outlet at Dial-Global.
Bowker, Bill: KNAC, 1970; KYMS, 1972-74; KWST, 1975-77; KROQ, 1978-79. Bill works at KRSH-Santa Rosa.
Bowman, Don: KBBQ, 1970. Don is living in Branson, Missouri.


(Jim Bain; Bruce Barker; Paul Byron; John Bemis; and Brooke Binkowski)

Bowman, Lisa: KABC, 1983-1987; KMPC, 1987; KLAC, 1990. Lisa is a cabaret singer and publishes TheReligionNetwork.
Bowman, Paul: KFOX, 1986. Unknown.
Boxer, Jack: SEE Joe Terry
Boyd, Donnell: KKTT, 1979; KGFJ, 1980; KLAC/KZLA; KABC. The well-like KFWB sales executive died in late 2001.
Boyd, Ed: KKDJ/KIIS, 1973-79. Ed is a consultant living in Miami Beach. He sells Medicare supplement and health insurance, as well as playing golf in semi-retirement. 
Boyd, Glen: XTRA, 1959. Unknown.
Boyle, John: KLSX, 1998-2009. John was co-host of the syndicated John & Jeff Show that was heard on the third shift at KLSX until a format flip to AMP RADIO in early 2009.
Bozeman, Victor: KFAC, 1969-70. Victor Emmanuel Bozeman grew up in Kansas City. He arrived in Southern California from WNYC-New York to pursue an acting career. When he left KFAC he became an NBC/TV staff announcer with a lifetime contract. Victor appeared in several tv series including: Ironside and Get Smart. He died November 26, 1986 at the age of 57.
Bozzi, Dick: KRTH, 1974. Dick is a former program director at KRTH. Unknown.
Bracken, Dennis: KNX, 1963-77. Dennis collapsed shortly after returning from Santa Anita racetrack in the spring of 1977 where he had done the "color" for the KNX radio broadcast of the Santa Anita Derby.

(Brother Bill; Michael Baisden; Brent; and Jason Bowers)

Bradbury, B.R.: KIQQ, 1974-75; KHJ, 1977; KPOL/KZLA, 1977-79. B.R. Bradbury, best known as the newsman with Robert W. Morgan, died of a massive heart attack January 17, 2001. He had a massive heart attack while driving home from a meeting. A motorist saw his car go off the road into a ditch and called 911. The car had automatic door and window locks, which wouldn't open from the outside so the paramedics had to break in. They tried to revive him for over an hour but to no avail, according to a family member. B.R. was born in Aberdeen, Washington, on September 4, 1942, and he spent several years at Grays Harbor College. His first job was at KHOK-Hoquiam, Washington. In 1965 B.R. moved to KOL-Seattle, then in 1970 to KFRC-San Francisco. It was at KFRC that he changed his on-air name from Bill Munson to his real name Bill Bradbury. (According to Frank Thompson, B.R. grabbed onto his first two initials at the last second when he began his first on-air newscast at KFRC. Apparently there was another Bill on the news staff.) In 1972 B.R. transferred to KHJ, where he was the newsman for Robert W. Morgan. He went with Robert to KIQQ ("K-100"). At the 1973 annual Billboard Radio Programming Forum, B.R. was voted best newsman. In 1980 B.R. returned to Seattle and worked at KJR. In 1985 he joined CKLG-Vancouver, B.C. as news director. He retired from radio in 1995 and opened his own insurance agency in Blaine, Washington. Lan Roberts, a longtime friend and colleague remembered B.R. "He was a true professional and one of the nicest people you would ever meet in radio or tv." B.R. was 58.
Bradley: KROQ, 1997-98; KYSR, 1998-2006. Bradley worked afternoons at "Star 98.7" until 2006. SEE Bradley Wright
Bradley, Bill: KLAC, 1956-57; KDAY, 1958-60; KLAC, 1960. Bill retired to Palm Springs and died July 4, 1997.
Bradley, Tim: KCRW, 1978; KMGG, KIEV. Tim is involved in the world of voiceover and hosts "All Strings Considered" at KCSN.
Bradley, Wayne: KMGX, 1992-94. Wayne is working for Smooth Jazz WGLX in Wilmington, North Carolina. He's also executive director at Triovisions.


(Dick Biondi; Neale Blase; Laura Brodian; and Peter Berk)

Bradshaw, Terry: KXTA, 1999-2000. The former Pittsburgh Steeler QB worked a noon talk show beginning August 23, 1999, at "XTRA Sports 1150." He left following the Super Bowl in 2000.
Brady, Jim: KLAC, 1987-88. Jim, one of Toronto's great morning drive jocks from 1973 until 1987, is working morning drive at WRVF/WCFA-Toledo.
Brager, Stan: KLON, 1997-2001. Stan hosted a Sunday morning jazz show at KLON.

BRAILER, Charlie: KFWB, 1969-93. Charlie, longtime anchor at all-News station KFWB, died November 7, 2007. He had been part of the station’s morning drive for many years until his retirement in 1993. He underwent successful heart transplant surgery in the early 2000s, but continued to battle other medical concerns.

Charlie was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, and was a journalism major at the university of Maryland. After graduation he served as a Voice of America producer for the Far East. Charlie went into the army and was stationed at Fort Huachuca in Tombstone, Arizona and was editor of the post newspaper. After the service, he joined Mutual Broadcasting as an engineer and eventually joined Westinghouse in their Washington, DC bureau. That assignment brought him to Southern California. “Broadcast news changed in 1963. When I got into broadcast journalism it was not entertainment and it was not to titillate. I was standing in Arlington cemetery watching a man dig a hole where they would bury John Kennedy. President Kennedy personified a mood of optimism. With his assassination I knew things would never be quite the same again. Americans became disillusioned.” Charlie and his wife retired to the Antelope Valley where he ran very successful pet-sitting service. “I feel fortunate to have been a reporter on some historic events over a four-decade period.” 

(Billy the Kid; Lee Barry; Buddy Blattner; and Burt Brown)

Brainard, Buzz: KZLA, 2000-05. Buzz left Country KZLA mornings in late 2005.
Brainin, Janet: KZLA/KPWR, 2000-07. Janet was made DOS of the two Emmis/LA stations in early 2004.
Branch, Heather: KNX, 2009-11. Heather broadcasts weekend traffic at KNX.
Brand, Ed: KMPC, 1987; KLAC. Ed works the Adult Standards format at Westwood One.
Brandmeier, Jonathon: KLSX, 1998-2000; KCBS/fm, 2004-05. Jonathon worked middays at the FM talk station, KLSX, and left the station in the fall of 2000. He returned to the Southland for mornings at "Arrow 93" in the Spring of 2004 and in March 2005 the station flipped to jockless JACK/fm. He is set to start mornings at WGN-Chicago in early 2012.
Brandon, Leah: KYSR, 1995-2001; KIIS, 2001-04; KFI, 2004-07. Leah is a free-lance voice imager and works in the South.
Brandt, Gary: KPOL, 1963-70; KIIS, 1970-72. Gary is the director of marketing at WOR-New York.
Brandt, Michael: KROQ, 1983. Michael is gsm for two Clear Channel stations in San Francisco.

(Mike Botula; Amanda Brinkley; Dave Beasing; Steve Bailey; and Frank Bresee)

Branson, Bob: KFI, 1969. Unknown.
Brattin, Corbett: KRTH, 1991-92; KFI; KNX; KXEZ. Corbett is is semi-retired and living in the Palm Springs area.
Braverman, Erik: KFI; KABC, 1996-2008. Erik left his post as the operations manager at KABC in late 2008. He is a consultant to the LA Dodgers and co-owns Braverman Brothers production company.
Brazell, Carl: Carl is president of Metromedia, which owns stations overseas.
Breckow, John: John went to work for Rhino Records.
Breeze, Connie: KRTH, 2002-03. Connie is pd at KPSI-Palm Springs.
Breneman, Betty: KLAC; KFWB, 1954-58; KHJ, 1958-73. Betty is president of Breneman Radio Services and produces The Breneman Review audio magazine.
Breneman, Tom: KBLA, 1958. Tom was ceo of Breneman Radio Services. He died September 9, 2003, at the age of 70, after a lengthy battle with cancer.
Brennen, Tom: KRKD, 1958. Unknown.
Brenner, Carol: KWST, 1976; KZLA, 1977-79; KMPC, 1979-80. Carol left radio to study for an M.B.A. at Pepperdine University in order to prepare for the business side of radio.
Brent: KBIG, 2006-08. Brent is with Virgin Radio, based in Dubai.

(Don Barrett; Sam Bellamy; and Bill Banks)

Bresee, Frank: The radio performer and broadcast archivist wrote Radio's Golden Years.
Breshears, Carol: KPFK; KFWB, 1978-81. The former program director at KFWB is president of the Radio and Television News Association. "I want to preserve journalism the way it used to be!"
Brett, Ken: KMPC, 1987-91. The former Dodger was part of the Angels broadcast team. He died November 18, 2003, at the age of 55.
Brewington, Ron: KLON, 1982-87; KGFJ, 1992-94; KJLH, 1992-97. Ron is a stringer for UPI radio and his movie reviews frequently appear in movie ads.
Brick, J.T.: KLAC, 2009-12. J.T. works evenings at Fox Sports Radio, which is carried on KLAC.
Bridges, Gene: KLAC, 1989-93. Gene went to work for St. Judes Children's Hospital.
Briem, Ray: KGIL, 1953-54; KLAC, 1960-67; KABC, 1967-94; KIEV, 1995-2001; KRLA, 2001-02; KPLS, 2002-03. Ray left KRLA September 29, 2002 and joined KPLS in October. He is now semi-retired.


(Hugh Brundage; Dr. Susan Block; Joe Benson; and George Babcock)

Briggs, Eddie: KBBQ, 1968. Unknown.
Briggs, Lynn: KJLH, 1989-91; KACE, 1991-92. Lynn is at WRKS-New York.

BRILL, Bob: KNX, 1987 and 2006-12. Bob became a UPI correspondent and later West Coast bureau chief for UPI Radio Network based in LA. He owned KC Kings Sportscards in Ventura and works swing at KNX. “I started in radio in 1972. I left L.A. to take my first real job in Prescott, Arizona at KNOT. While there I also wrote a twice weekly column on sports for the local paper.” 

From Prescott, Bob made the nomadic journey to eventually get back home. He worked in Palm Springs, Oklahoma twice, KELP-El Paso, New Mexico for 9 days, and KVFM in LA was his first L.A. gig. He went on to work at KJLH and KGFJ. He did some news and sports for KNX and news on sister stations KHTZ and KNX/fm. “I worked for the LA Times in a project that eventually failed. Finally ended up as a National correspondent joining Mutual/CBS. I became West Coast bureau chief for the UPI Radio Network,” said Bob.  

Brill continued: “I was beaten up in the LA riots at Florence & Normadie while filing a report and ended up in the hospital. I was one of the many who received an LA Press Club Award for riot coverage, although I only covered for the one day due to the injury.” 

A fan of collectibles, Bob wrote the first ever sports collectibles column for the UPI wire. “I had been dealing trading cards part time for years and I am very heavily involved today.” He left UPI to free lance and started his own publication TBR: The Brill Report, which was the first hard news publication in the memorabilia industry. I broke several stories, including one picked up by the New York Times on exposing the dark side of NFL Properties which remains a big story today.”

“I sold TBR and took a position with a trading card manufacturer in 1995 and ‘due to my integrity’ I was let go after less than a year,” Brill continued. “Honestly, that was the reason as told to me by one of the other manufacturers after I left. He had inquired as to why I was fired. I love that. anyway, I became a consultant with smaller trading card companies and eventually moved to Ventura where I opened a sports card and memorabilia store: KC Kings Sportscards [the K stands for Koufax and the C for Clemente].” 

“I patterned the Web site after the wire service, as we take no industry advertising and promote a free and independent press. I've broken several stories already although I don't have an archive system yet. My son and I are working on a book on China. I’m also writing a screenplay.

Bill was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated: Sylmar High School. 

Brill, Charlie: KFI, 1975-76. Charlie was the Captain on USA Network's Silk Stockings.
Brink, Scotty: KHJ, 1965-66 and 1968-70. Scotty lives in Oklahoma City and was voicetracking for an Oldies station in Chicago.
Brinker, Bob: KABC, 2010-12. Bob's syndicated financial show is heard on KABC's weekends.
Brinkley, Amanda: KNX; KYSR, 1997. She is working as Renee Brinkley at KNBR-San Francisco.
Britton, Boyd R.: KKDJ, KIIS, KTNQ; KWST; KHTZ; KNWZ; KROQ, 1987-2012. Boyd, as Doc on the Roq, is the news director at KROQ and works morning drive.
Brodeur, Gene: KMPC, 1971-80; KUTE/KGFJ, 1982-84. Gene produces a bi-monthly series on political and social issues for Montana Public Television.


(Dr. Frank Baxter; Ken Borgers; Stan Brager; and Billy Bush)

Brodian, Laura: KUSC, 1987-88; KFAC, 1989; KKGO/KKJZ, 1990-97; KGIL, 1997-98; KMZT, 2002-07; KCSN, 2008-09; KUSC, 2010. Laura worked at Classical K-Mozart until early fall of 2007. She worked afternoons at KCSN until station automated in late September 2009. Laura is an arts reporter covering the Inland Empire.
Brodie, Christine: KMET, 1984-87; KTWV, 1987-2002. In 1988 she was appointed program director. She resigned from the "Smooth Jazz" station in the Fall of 2002. In early 2007, Chris joined the Smooth Jazz Network at Broadcast Architecture as Vice President of Affiliate Relatons.
Broeske, John: KABC, 1988. John is pd at KMJ-Fresno.
Brookler, Rob: KIQQ, 1982-85. Rob is president of Planetwide Publishing. He also hosts the website, meditations2go.com.
Brooks, Barbara: Barbara has been a longtime traffic reporter for various stations.
Brooks, Foster: KHJ, 1962. Foster died December 21, 2001, of apparent heart trouble.
Brooks, John: KFWB, 1979-2009; KNX, 2009-12. John is a news reporter at all-News KNX.
Brooks, Monica: KPWR, 1987-89; KCMG, 1998-99. Monica works mornings at WMZQ-Washington, DC.
Brooks, Oscar: KPPC, 1981-82; KMPC, 1983-88; KMNY, 1988-89. Oscar works with the Department of Justice as an adjudications officer.
Brown, B. Bailey: KDAY, 1970-72. B. Bailey died suddenly at his San Antonio home October 24, 2003. He was 57.
Brown, Bill: KMPC, 1961-65; KHJ, 1965-74; KRTH, 1974. Bill has designed a custom weather service on the Internet that he is marketing.


(Harry Birrell; Reed Berry; and Roland Bynum)

Brown, Bobby: KGFJ, 1985. Bobby is working for the ABC network.
Brown, Burt: KZLA, 1987-97. Unknown.
Brown, Charlie: KFWB, 1961. Charlie is Chuck Blore.
Brown, Charlie: KGFJ, 1972; KIQQ, 1975. Unknown.
Brown, Don: KHJ. Don has passed away.
Brown, Doug: KROQ; KHJ; KRTH; KMGG; KRLA; KNX/fm. From 1972 to 1991, Doug was a production director/engineer for a number of Southland stations.

(Clarence Barnes; Miguel Barrazo; Sandy Beach; and Tera Bonilla)

Brown, James: KMPC, 2002-06. The quarterback for the NFL Sunday Sports show started in morning drive at all-Sports KMPC/1540 The Ticket for the Sporting News Network in the spring of 2002, which ended in 2006.
Brown, Jim: KPOL, 1962-64. Jim is an entertainment feature reporter for the Today Show on NBC.
Brown, Laura: KFI, 1989-92; KROQ, 1990; KABC, 1993. Laura is living in Newport Beach.
Brown, Les: KFWB, 2011-12. Les began his motivational talk show at KFWB on 1.3.11. He replaced part of Dr. Laura's old slot. He left the News/Talk station in April 2012.
Brown, Stan: KBBQ, 1967; KGIL, 1967-76; KBCA, 1976. Stan "the Animal" Brown has passed away.
Brown, Steve: KRLA, 1972-74. Steve founded American Video Service in Irvine.


(Monica Brooks; Don Burns; Roger Barkley; Ray Briem; and Steve Bisheff)

Brown, Thomas: KGIL, 1970-85; KJOI, 1989; KNX, 1973-98. Born Thomas Brown IV in 1938 in Evanston, Illinois. He attended the University of Washington and graduated from the University of Illinois in 1960 with a degree in journalism. After the Army, Tom worked at KCMO and WDAF-Kansas City, WHN and WNEW-New York and KNBR-San Francisco. The LA Times radio columnist Don Page said of Tom: "He's the biggest new star in the big town. He's witty and has his own style." Tom died January 31, 1999. He was 61.
Browne, Dr. Joy: KGIL, 2007. The syndicated psychologist starts on KGIL on October 29, 2007.
Browning, Bill: KRLA, 1971-72; KFI, 1974-75; KIIS, 1975-77; KOST, 1981-82. Bill passed away April 10, 2003, while retired in Kansas City. He was 72.
Browning, Chuck: KHJ, 1970; KGBS, 1972; KFI, 1980. Chuck died March 3, 1988.
Browning, Reed: KABC, 1960-61. Unknown.
Bruce, Johnny: KLFM, 1965; KFXM, 1967-70; KYMS, 1968; KWOW, 1970; KREL, 1971; KKAR, 1974-75; KROQ, 1976-77. Johnny is working at KDES-Palm Springs.


(Tony B, James Brown; and Bill Browning)

Bruce, Larry: KMET, 1974-75 and 1986. Larry is gm of Nova 969-Sydney, Radio Australia.
Bruce, Tammy: KFI, 1995-98; KABC, 2003-09. Tammy worked swing and fill-in at KABC until the summer of 2009. She now hosts an Internet show on TalkStreamLive.com.
Brundage, Hugh: KDAY, 1957; KMPC, 1965-72. Hugh died in 1972.
Brundige, Bill: KEZY. Chattanooga-born Bill Brundige, a member of the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame and a fixture on Southland radio and television stations for over three decades died in April 2004. He was 89. Born William Wenrich "Bill" Brundige on February 2, 1915, he was in broadcasting for 40 years before retiring in 1975. Bill was the solid, no-frills sports broadcaster. He was the “color man” for Chick Hearn in the very first simulcast after the Lakers moved from Minneapolis. He started his broadcasting career in 1937 at WAVE-Louisville. During World War II, Bill was the West Coast sports director for Armed Forces Radio Services broadcasting to the Pacific Theater. He was discharged in 1946 and moved to Washington, DC, to broadcast for Mutual Broadcasting System. While in DC, he worked with Ted Husing on the “College Game of the Week” for Mutual. In the late 1940s, Bill broadcast sports for Yale, Princeton, Philadelphia Phillies, Detroit Lions, and the Chicago Cubs. In 1952 the Cubs sent him to Southern California to work at KHJ/Channel 9 to cover their Pacific Coast League affiliate, the Los Angeles Angels. In the same year he joined Bob Kelley on the LA Rams broadcast team until 1960. He covered sports for all the local tv stations. When Walter O'Malley expressed an interest in bringing the Dodgers to Los Angeles, Bill hosted TV's "Dodger Talk" in an effort to convince the community that the Dodgers should be invited to locate in L.A. and be headquartered in Chavez Ravine. In 1964 he founded “Bill Brundige Auto Glass,” which grew to a three-store chain. Bill claimed that with his company, people could see right through him. He retired from broadcasting in 1975 upon removal of his left lung. He spent decades hosting a sports report on KEZY, mostly from his home bedroom studio. 
Bruno, Jon: KBIG, 1998-2000; KPLS, 2001-03; KRTH, 2008-12. Jon broadcasts news on several stations in the Southland, including K-EARTH.
Bruno, Tony: KXTA, 2000-04; KMPC, 2005-07; KLAC, 2008-12. Tony joined evenings at KLAC in the fall of 2008 and left in early 2009 when KLAC and Fox Sports Radio merged. He returned for evenings during the summer of 2009.
Bryan, Gary: KRTH, 2002-12. Gary started mornings at K-Earth on June 10, 2002.


(BJ; Brother Bill; Leah Brandon; Janet Brainin; Stan Bohrman)

Bryant, Willie: KDAY; KALI. Known as the "Mayor of Harlem" when he was a New York dj, Willie died in 1964 at the age of 56.
Bubba, the Love Monkey: KQLZ, 1989. Various personalities were Bubba during the early days of "Pirate Radio."

BUCHANAN, Buck: KRLA, 1985-86; KRTH, 1989-93. Buck died August 6, 2005. He was the son of actor Edgar Buchanan, who gained fame on the Petticoat Junction tv series. Buck worked with "Emperor Bob" Hudson as a team in early 1980 in Hawaii. They teamed briefly in 1985 on KRLA in morning drive. He went on to work at K-EARTH for almost five years.

Buck started his radio career in 1965 working in Hawaii, Pennsylvania and East Virginia. He died of advanced colon cancer that had metastasized and spread to every vital organ. “At the end, he was at peace with himself and he was at peace with God. May our friend now rest in peace,” wrote Michael Moore Anglado.  

Buchmann, Bob: KLOS, 2009-11. Bob was appointed pd at KLOS in early 2009. He arrived from WAXQ (Q104.3) in New York. He left KLOS on 10.26.11 when Cumulus took over Citadel/LA. Bob became pd at KGB-San Diego in early summer of 2012.
Buck Head: KYSR, 2001-02. Buck Head arrived from Las Vegas in the Spring of 2001 and left in early 2002. He's now at WVMW (98.7 AMP) in Detroit.
Buckley, Richard: KGIL. Richard is president of Buckley Broadcasting and the company owns WOR-New York and other stations. He is based in Hartford.
Budnik, Buddy: KDAY, 1969; KRLA, 1972-73. Buddy sells real estate in Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley.
Buell, Bruce: KFAC; KUSC; KPOL. Bruce passed away April 23, 1996, of emphysema. He was 77. The veteran announcer specialized in Classical music for more than four decades. He originated the program Crossroads of Music. He was married for 30 years to another radio personality, Ruth Buell, better known as "Uncle Ruthie" of the KPFK children's show.

BUHLER, Rich: KBBI, 1964-69; KFWB, 1968-72; KNX, 1972-74; KFWB, 1974-76; KBRT, 1980-90; KBRT, 2008-12. Rich, part of the embryonic days of the all-News format at KFWB in 1968 and most recently known as "The Dean of Christian Talk Radio," died May 7, 2012, following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 65.

Rich got started on the air at the age of 17 for a local fm station and after graduating from college was “salivating,” as he described it when interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People, with the opportunity to get into broadcast news. He was there when KFWB launched all-news, in various capacities.

“I had a powerful spiritual renewal in the mid-1970s that changed my direction to a career in ministry,” he said. And although Rich continued working in media as a free-lancer and consultant, he became an ordained minister and served on the staffs of several churches, including being the senior pastor of a church in Long Beach for seven years.

In 1980 he was asked to help put together a competitive news department for Christian formatted KBRT (740AM) when they had people like Johnny Magnus and Clark Race spinning Christian records. When the station changed format a year later, Rich proposed doing a commercially aggressive, drive-time talk show and brought “Talk from the Heart” on the air. It is credited with having introduced a new era in Christian Talk radio. Later, the program was “Table Talk” and was heard on KGER and KKLA.

In 1995 Rich stepped down from hosting 15 years of live, daily talk radio and concentrated on his own production company in Orange, Branches Communications. He became a nationally known speaker and author with several best-selling books (No strings Attached and Pain and Pretending, both dealt with emotional injury) and he won numerous awards including an honorary doctorate from

He was a member of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters in Hollywood.

He was also a recognized researcher and writer about myths and urban legends. His articles appeared in newspapers and magazines internationally and he was the creator of TruthOrFiction.com, a popular web site that researches Internet stories, hoaxes, and rumors. Rich appeared on all of the major networks including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, CBC, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, MTV, and had been interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines.

His personal interests included aviation (he was a licensed commercial pilot of more than 30 years), computers, photography, travel, fly-fishing, electronics, and cooking.

Rich leaves behind a combined family of ten children and 12 grandchildren.

(Joe Buttita; Bill Ballance; Lee Bayley; and John Brooks)

Bull, Frank: The former LA Rams public address announcer retired to Palm Springs and has passed away.
Bunch, Don: KNAC, 1967-70. Unknown.
Bunker, Ed: KFI, 1967-73. The former KFI general manager died November 28, 1999, following a long illness. Ed was sales manager at KNXT/Channel 2 and went on to serve as vp of station relations, sales and vp of CBS, Inc. in Washington, DC. Ed had been living in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He was 84.
Burdette, Bob: KBOB/KGRB. As owner and manager of these two stations, he worked for years in the 1970s and 1980s to convince the listeners that KMPC was not the only Big Band format in town.
Burdette, Gloria: KBOB/KGRB. Gloria was pd at the Big Band stations.
Burke, Billy: KIIS, 1996-99; KBIG, 1999-2000; KZLA, 2000-03; KFSH, 2004-06. Billy worked morning drive at KFSH, "the FISH," until the summer of 2006. He's now vp/producer for Fastlane Entertainment in Santa Monica.
Burkey, Cindi: KCRW, 1994-2005; KGIL, 2008. Cindi was the afternoon news voice on KCRW's "All Things Considered" until late spring 2005. She's now with Metro Traffic.
Burnett, Larry: KFWB, 1998; KLAC, 1999-2008. Larry hosted the "Laker Zone" pre-game show at KLAC.
Burns, Dave: KMLT, 2004-06. Dave was operations manager at KMLT ("JILL/fm").
Burns, Don: KVFM, 1963; KNJO, 1964; KRLA, 1970-72; KROQ, 1973; KRLA, 1974-75; KIIS, 1975; KIQQ, 1976-77; KOST, 1978-80; KUTE, 1986-88; KTWV, 1988-2002 and 2003-10. Don left afternoon drive at "the Wave" on April 18, 2002 and returned May 12, 2003. He left the last time in late spring 2010.
Burns, Jennifer: Jennifer was a traffic reporter until the fall of 2008.


(Sam Benson; Russ Barnett; Jeannette Banoczi; and Peter Burton)

Burrell, Larry: KBIG, 1959. Larry went on to tv announcing. He passed away in the early 1990s.
Burson, Jim: KFWB, 1972-2000. Jim retired from the all-News station in early 2000.
Burton, Alan: KLOS, 1972; KFI. Alan worked with Marshall Phillips doing news and talk at KLOS. Unknown.
Burton, Michael: KROQ, 1990-95. Michael "the maintenance man" left the Kevin & Bean morning show in the fall of 1995 and filed a wrongful-termination suit charging the station with racial and religious discrimination. The suite was settled in late 1996 with both parties prohibited from revealing financial details.
Burton, Peter: KRBV/KSWD, 2008-12. Peter was appointed vp/gm of the new Bonneville station (100.3/fm The Sound) in the spring of 2008.
Bush, Billie: KBIG, 2008-12; KLST, 2012. The co-host of Access Hollywood started a syndicated radio show on April 14, 2008. MY/fm carried the evening show until early 2012. He's now afternoons at Playlist 92.7/fm.

(Dennis Baxter, Jon Baird; Sharon Benoit and Richard Blackwell)

Bush, Birdie: KRLA, 1978; KIIS, 1979-86. Birdie is working on a number of production projects and involved with real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Buskett, Larry: KLAC, 1961-62. Last heard Larry was working in Hawaii.
Butler, Jerry: KHJ, 1970-73; KIQQ, 1973-75; KGIL, 1975-76. Born in Cleveland, Jerry arrived at KHJ on October 15, 1970, from WRKO-Boston. Jerry was one of the original jocks at Drake/Chenault KIQQ. He left KGIL in 1976 and committed suicide a few months later.
Butler, John: KHJ, 1978-80. John is national program director, News/Talk, Salem Communications, based in Dallas.
Butta, PJ: KKBT, 1993-2006; KHHT, 2008-09. PJ is teaching at Mt. Sac College and hosting his worldwide syndication show for Radio Express. He also djs in the hot spots in LA.
Butterworth, Gary: KIQQ, 1987; KLIT, 1990. Gary works at KION/TV-Monterey.
Buttitta, Joe: KGIL, 1975-80 and 1984-87; XTRA, 1995. Joe is the teaching golf pro at Westlake Golf Course and he free-lances on UPN/Channel 13.


(Richard Beebe; Robin Banks, Christian B; Michael Benner; and Brenda Barnes)

Buttram, Pat: KNX, 1961-65; KGBS, 1966; KMPC, 1989-93. Pat was sidekick to Gene Autry for almost five decades. Born Maxwell E. Buttram in Alabama, he was the son of a circuit-riding minister and studied theology at Birmingham Southern College. He rode at Melody Ranch with Autry, portrayed a shrewd landowner on tv's Green Acres and was an omnipresent master of ceremonies for many Los Angeles organizations. Pat died January 8, 1994, of kidney failure. He was in his 80s.
Butts, Mike: KIQQ, 1972-73. Mike worked morning radio in Delaware until early fall of 2010.
Bynum, Roland: KGFJ, 1967-74 and 1984-85; KJLH, 1998-2012. Roland is working swing at KJLH.
Byron: KFI, 1980-85; KBIG, 1985-87. Byron Paul is active in voiceover work and lives in Santa Monica.


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