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Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, P
Compiled by Don Barrett


P-Funk: KKBT, 1993-99. P-Funk was part of the morning drive "House Party."
Pace, John: KABC, 1957-58. John was general manager at KABC. John has passed away.
Pacheco, Manny: KRLA, 1980-81; KDAY, 1981-84; KNAC, 1982-85; KRLA, 1985-89; KKBT, 1989; KOCM, 1990-91; KIKF, 1991-92; KMGX, 1991-94; KGIL, 1993; KRLA, 1993-98; KBIG, 1999; KIKF, 1999. Manny is active in the world of karaoke.
Padden, J. Ray: KLAC; KIIS/KPRZ, 1981-82. J. Ray is a Japanese-based exporter.
Paen, Alex: KMPC, 1975-80. Alex currently hosts and produces nationally syndicated shows Animal Rescue, Missing and Dog Tales. Formerly world affairs correspondent for KABC/Channel 7 and KCBS/Channel 2, Alex became the first weekend anchor for KTLA/Channel 5 after leaving KMPC.
Page, Don: KLAC, 1962-63 and 1968-76; KGIL, 1974-75; KFI, 1974-75. Don distinguished himself as the radio critic and tv sports columnist at the LA Times from 1956 to 1973. At KLAC he hosted sports commentary and "Inside Radio," a two-hour Sunday show featuring industry guests. Shortly before his death he commented on the quarter-century from 1950 to 1975 as the Golden Age of Southern California radio. "Radio was long on talent and short on time. Today radio is long on time and short on talent. There are too many chairs and not enough talent." He died July 10, 1998 at the age of 64.
Page, Donna: KNX, 1998-2008. Donna worked for a number of stations in San Diego before joining Shadow Traffic in Los Angeles.


(Pictured: Bill Pearl; Tim Pohlman; Steve Parker; and Jason Pullman)

Page, Patti: KGIL, 1998. The "Singing Rage" worked weekends at MOR KGIL.
Paige, Ashley: "Lite 92.7fm," 2000-02; KZLA, 2003-06. Ashley was part of the morning team with Peter Tilden at KZLA until a format flip in late summer to 2006.
Paige, Molly: KWNK; KABC; KIBB; KRLA, 1999-2000; KCBS/fm, 2001-04; KPFK, 2005-07. Molly is part of the news department at KPFK.
Paige, Natalie: Natalie works for one of the traffic services and is heard on a number of L.A. stations including mornings at V-100.
Painton, Scott: KMPC, 1984-87. The former Transtar "Format 41" announcer is a recording director for Bisk/Total Tape Publishing in Tampa.
Painton, Yvonne: KFI, 1983-84; KFWB, 1984-85; KHJ/KRTH, 1985-87. Yvonne is president/ceo of MaxCommunications in Tampa.
Palant, Gary: KDAY, 1960-62. Gary died of melanoma in October 2002.
Palermi, Luciano: KTYM, 1993-2001. Luciano hosted Buona Domenica on KTYM.
Paley, John: KNX/fm, 1970-71; KWKW, 1971-97. John is vp of Lotus Communications.
Palmer, John: KIIS, 1972-73. John is an investment consultant in New York.
Pam, Leslie, Dr. and Christie, Ann: KMPC, 1994-96; KLSX, 1996-97. Ann and Leslie are in practicing therapists in Los Angeles.
Panattoni, Greg: SEE Sonny West
Papadakis, Petros: KMPC, 2003-06; KLAC, 2007. Petros works afternoons at all-Sports KLAC.
Pardue, Rita: KKLA, 1998-2004; KHTS, 2005. Rita owns Angel Wings Productions.
Parisi, Brandi: KKGO/KMZT, 2006. Brandi works for Mt. Wilson's KKGO/KMZT as a swinger.
Parisi, Michelle: KNAC, 1992-95. Mikki, as she was known at KNAC, is now known as Ally McSqueal at KNAC.Com.She produces and does on-air interviews for Hollywood Hamilton's syndicated Weekend Top 30 countdown show.


(Pictured: Sam Phillips; Manny Pacheco; Craig Powers; Ted Payne; and Jeff Parke)

Park, Andy: KMPC, 1963-68; KFWB, 1968-69. Andy lives in San Rafael.
Parke, Jeffrey: KCAL/KOLA, 1987-2008. Jeffrey is the general manager of the two Inland Empire stations.
Parker, Don: KCMG, 1998-2000. Don is vp of programming at NextMedia.
Parker, Gary: KGIL, 1966-69. Gary is an insurance broker in Omaha.
Parker, Mike: KBBQ, 1967-69; KFI, 1969-77. The former KFI news director is a reporter anchor at WBBM/TV in Chicago.
Parker, Norm: KJOI, 1972-74. Norm was last heard in Round Rock, Texas.
Parker, Ryan: KDAY, 1984. Unknown.
Parker, Star: KMPC, 1996. Star is founder and president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, an educational center and research foundation in Los Angeles.
Parker, Steve: KMPC/KTZN, 1996-97; KIIS/AM/KXTA, 1997-2000. Steve is the "Car Nut" and his syndicated show is based at KDES-Palm Springs.
Parker, Tim: KMPC, 2001-05. Tim left his pd post at all-Sports KMPC 1540/The Ticket at the end of 2005.


(Pictured: Gene Price; Ben Paschall; Pete Parsons; Bob Parlocha; and Jack Popejoy)

Parker, Todd: KKHR, 1983-86; KNX/fm, 1986; KPWR, 1986-93. Todd has moved to Las Vegas and is working in the mortgage industry. He's still doing voiceovers, primarily in the field of audio books. 
Parker, Tom: KOST, 2001. Tom works at "K103"-Portland.
Parker, Wes: KABC, 1987. Wes is on the board of directors at the Braille Institute in L.A., and he runs a sports class at the Braille Institute.
Parlocha, Bob: KKJZ, 2007. Bob works at all-Jazz, KKJZ.
Parr, Russ: KLOS/KABC, 1978-85; KDAY, 1985-89. Russ hosts a national show on SupeRadio.
Parr, Shawn: KIKF, 1988-92; KZLA, 1992-98 and 1999-2006; XSUR/KKGO, 2007. Shawn works morning drive at Country 1260/540.
Parrish, Cathi: KOST, 1992; KTWV, 1994-99; KOST, 2000-07. Cathi works weekends at KOST.
Parrish, Gene: KUSC, 1984-95. Gene is in his 18th season as host and producer of "WorldWide Jazz," heard on more than 300 public radio outlets.
Parsons, Fred: KLAC, 1965-70. Last heard, Fred was living in West Virginia.
Parsons, Pete: KFWB, 1984-98. Pete writes Riverside and San Bernardino County news each weekday morning via email for MetroNetworks.
Paschall, Benton: KWIZ. Ben was 49% co-owner of KWIZ until 1965. Prior to that time he had been executive vp and manager. Ben was born Lisle Benton Paschall in Olney, Texas on September 28, 1913, and he grew up in Fresno. He studied music and business administration at Fresno State where he originally wanted to be a teacher. After sales jobs with Union Oil Co., and Bekins Van & Storage, Ben joined the sales staff of KARM-Fresno. After managing a number of stations, Ben bought Western Radio Sales rep firm. In the early 1950s Ben was the vp of the Western division of Gordon McLendon's Liberty Network. In the mid-1950s Ben, along with Howard Tullis and John Hearne bought KAFY-Bakersfield and KFXM-San Bernardino. A station swap in 1959 gave Ben 49% ownership of KWIZ in exchange for his piece of KAFY and KFXM. Ben died of complications from anemia and pneumonia on April 24, 2001. He was 87. Pastore, Frank: KKLA, 2004-07. The former major league pitcher joined afternoons at Christian KKLA in early 2004.

(Pictured: Dr. Leslie Pam and Ann Christie; Gene Parrish; Lucky Pierre; Brad Pye;
and Abel Perez y Perez)

Pat, Waco: KTYM; KFOX, KABC, 1957-95. Waco died November 15, 2004, of pneumonia. He was 74.
Patrick, Dan: KSPN, 1999-07; KLAC, 2007. Dan left ESPN Radio on August 17, 2007. He launched a new syndicated show and it airs in morning drive at KLAC.
Patrick, Paul: KPSA, 1971-72. Unknown.
Patterson, Bill: KFOX, 1961-72; KLAC, 1972; KFOX, 1973. Bill lives on a farm in Ruston, Louisiana.
Patterson, Jack: KHJ, 1974; KDAY, 1974-76 and 1981-91; KJLH, 1991-98. Jack works for D.M.X.
Patterson, Langley: KAGB; KJLH, KKGO; KLON. Langley played be-bop. Swing. A little blues. He scoured old record stores for vintage records. He was stabbed to death and found in an alley behind a doctor's office about three miles from his home. Langley was going to dental school part-time to try to supplement his earnings and was a lieutenant in the California National Guard on weekends. Langley was murdered February 20, 1985. He was 35.
Patterson, Tim: KEZY, 1988-89, KQLZ, 1989. Tim is working in vascular surgery in Laguna Hills.
Patterson, Tom: KGIL/KGIL-fm/KMGX, 1978-90; KNX/KCBS-fm/KODJ, 1990-99. Tom is currently the Broadcast Supervisor for CBS Television Network in Los Angeles.
Pattiz, Norm: Norm owns Westwood One.
Patton, Jim: KLOS, 1971-73. Jim died of a heroin overdose in 1973.
Paul, Byron: SEE Byron
Paul, Long: KNAC, 1986-94; KLOS, 1994-97. Paul has a daily show on Sirius Satellite Radio. He's also a programming consultant with Additionally, he sells real estate in Phoenix.
Paul, Nick: KLAC, 1958-59. Following almost two years as part of the revised Big 5 at KLAC, Nick went into the oil business. He passed away in 2004.
Paulie: KHTZ, 1979. Unknown.
Paulos, Cindy: KROQ, 1978. Cindy is owner/operator of Bright Light Productions in Maui. She hosts Talk Story, the longest running talk show on Maui, and has done numerous voiceovers for commercials. 
Paulson, Dave: KREL, 1970-74; KEZY, 1972-74; KWIZ, 1972-73; KQLH, 1974. Since 1981, Dave has been involved in radio projects in Northern California
Payerle, Teresa: KKGO, 1989-93; KUSC, 1993-94; KGIL, 1998-99. Teresa is a staff announcer for Deutsche Welle Television in Berlin, Germany.

(Pictured: Brian Perez; Dennis Prager; Cathi Parrish; David Perry; and Nino Perez)

Payne, Bruce: KGIL, 1969. Bruce is semi-retired and living near Sacramento in Folsom.
Payne, Max: KROQ, 2001-02. Max is now working at a "Star" station in Texas.
Payne, Mike: KDAY; XPRS, 1972; Mike died October 23, 2004. He was 59.
Payne, Ted: KABC, 1989-97. Ted retired in the spring of 1997. Ted lives in Jamul, California (just outside San Diego) with his wife Dorothy.
Peabody, Dick: KFI, 1971-72. The former KFI afternoon talk show personality from 1971 and 1972 was the 6-foot-6 actor who portrayed the gentle giant farm boy, Littlejohn, on the 1960s tv series Combat. Dick, whose more than 120 television show credits included Gunsmoke, also appeared in six motion pictures, including Support Your Local Sheriff, starring James Garner. He died of prostate cancer on December 27, 1999. He was 74.
Pearl, Bernie: KLON, 1980-85. Bernie has been a leading figure in the annual Long Beach Blues Festival.
Pearl, Bill: KYMS, 1969; KWIZ/FM, 1969; KLAC/KMET, 1971-73; KKDJ, 1971-72; KIIS, 1972; KKDJ, 1973; KIQQ, 1973-74; KHJ, 1974-75; KRLA, 1976-77; KIQQ, 1977; KMPC, 1981-82; KABC, 1982-84 and 1986-91. Bill has a law practice in Long Beach.
Pendergrass, Bernard: KABC, 1983-2007. Bernard was appointed apd at KABC in the summer of 2003.
Pedroza, Cecilia: KFWB, 1972-84. Cecilia works in the family Pedroza Travel in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.
Pennacchio, George, KABC, 1999-2001. George is the entertainment editor at KABC/Channel 7.
Pennell, Brenda: SEE Brenda Barnes 
Pennington, Liz: KIKF, 1993-94; KEZY/KXMX, 1994-99; KOLA, 1999-2000; KFRG, 2000-06. Liz is working weekends/fill-in/production at "K-FROG" as Julia Ribbitts.
Pepper, Choral: KABC, 1972. The former travel editor at KABC. Unknown.
Perelli, Angela: KYSR, 1995-2001 and 2004-05. Angela left her program director position at "Star 98.7" in late 2001 only to return in early 2004. She left the station in the summer of 2005.
Perez y Perez, Abel: KLAX, 2000. Abel works at "LaLey 97.9fm."
Perez, Brian: KYMS, 1992-1995; KKLA/KLTX/KIEV/KRLA, 1995-05; Premiere Radio Networks, 2001-2003; KWVE, 2004-present. Brian is the program director and morning host at KWVE-San Clemente.


(Pictured: Les Perry; Dr. Drew Pinsky; Bob Pond; Russ Powell; and Mike Powers)

Perez, Gil: KEZY, 1985-89; KFI/KOST, 1989-2001; KEZY, 1994-99. Gil is part of the production team at KFI/KOST. He teaches part-time in the Fullerton College radio program.
Perez, Maclovio: KNX, 1979-96. Mac was a longtime Channel 2 weatherman. He is now the morning weathercaster for WOAI Today in San Antonio. He's also heard every weekday morning on San Antonio's First News on News Radio 1200 WOAI.
Perez, Nino: KCMG, 1999-2001; KMVN, 2008. Nino is doing weekends, Old Skool Friday Nights and fill-in shifts at Movin' 93.9/fm.
Perkins, Elaine: KFWB, 2008. Elaine is a news anchor at all-News KFWB.
Perlich, Martin: KMET, 1972; KFAC, 1987-89; KKGO/KKJZ, 1989-91; KUSC, 1996-97; KCSN, 2003-08. Martin was program/music director at KCSN, the California State University, Northridge radio station, until the spring of 2008.
Perlich, Miles: KKJZ, 2006-08. Miles hosts a weekend show at all-Jazz, KKJZ.
Perrin, Lloyd: KNX, 1972-76. Lloyd died unexpectedly in the 1980s.
Perry, Brandon: KXLU. Brandon is general manager at KXLU.
Perry, David: KWST, 1975-76; KMET, 1976-82; KLOS, 1984; KHTZ, 1985; KMET, 1986-87; KLSX, 1989-92. David became owner of several stations in Santa Barbara, which have recently been sold.
Perry, Ed: KRLA, 1961; KDAY; KIEV, 1969-76; KIKF, 1990. Ed is working part-time at WW1's Soft AC format.


(Ed Pyle; George Putnam; Liz Pennington; and Brandi Parisi)

Perry, Jim: KNX, 1983. Unknown.
Perry, Les: KCRW, 1967-69; KPPC, 1969; KDAY, 1970; KVFM, 1971-74; KIEV, 1972-81; XPRS, 1973; KDAY, 1973; KROQ, 1973-74; KRLA, 1975; KLVE, 1975; XPRS, 1978-81; KRLA, 1983-84; KEZY, 1987-88; KWIZ, 1992-94; KMAX, 1994-95; KLAC, 1999-2000; KCSN, 2001-08. Les is production/operations manager at KCSN, the California State University, Northridge radio station.
Perry, Raechel: KLSX, 2006. Raechel was Adam Carolla's sidekick for the first three months of the KLSX Howard Stern replacement show. She left in April 2006.
Perun, Steve: KIIS, 1994-96. The former program director at KIIS runs a consulting business. KIIS is one of his clients.
Peschuitta, Claudia: KFWB, 2002-07; KNX, 2008. Claudia is a reporter for the all-News stations.
Peters, Arlen: KNX, 1968-75. Arlen wrote and directed for the CBS Radio Network and CBS Dimension shows.
Peters, John: KKDJ, 1973-75; KEZY, 1976; KUTE, 1979-82; KEZY, 1982-83. Last heard, John was working in real estate.
Peters, Keith: KWVE, 1990-97; KKGO, 1994-99. Keith did the Saturday shift at KKGO. His hobby is Lionel trains.


(Pictured: Alex Paen; Gil Perez; Todd Parker; and Rachel Perry)

Peterson, Dale: KGBS, 1968. Dale is a former general manager at KGBS. He has passed away.
Peterson, Gerry: KHJ, 1974-75. In late 2002, Gerry (Cagle) left Network Magazine Group after 10 years and is with
Peterson, Gregg: KABC, 1966-68; KNX, 1978-82; KELT, 1999-2002. Gregg was the gm at "Lite 92.7" in Riverside.
Peterson, Jay: KWVE, 1999-2001. Jay is a school bus driver in San Diego.
Petti, Ralph: KFI, 1972. The former general manager at KFI is living in Oregon.
Pewter, Jim: KMET, 1970-73; KRTH, 1973-75; KRLA, 1983-85. Jim has released CDs of Oldies.
Peyton, Ray: KRLA, 1980-83; KKLA, 1994-95; KCAA, 2003-07. In the early fall of 2007, Ray was convicted of five counts of sexual assault with a minor. He was sentenced to 66 years to life. His case is in the appeal process.
Pflug: Joanne: KMET, 1967. Joanne is the former star of M*A*S*H.
Phelps, Brian: SEE Mark & Brian
Philbin, Regis: KABC, 1972. Regis stars in the tv show Live! With Regis and Kelly.
Phil the Thrill: KKBT, 1994-97. Phil Hernandez was part of the scene at "the Beat."
Phillips, Doc: KMET, 1985. In the late 1980s, Doc moved to Austin. He's the morning man for Smooth Jazz 92.1/106.3, KQJZ/fm.
Phillips, Irving: KDAY, 1960-62. Unknown.
Phillips, John: KBCA, 1978; KKJZ, 2006. John worked all-nights at the all-Jazz station and he left in the fall of 2006.
Phillips, John: KABC, 2007-08. John produces the morning 'McIntyre in the Morning' show and is the sports anchor known as the "Sports Princess." He also hosts a Saturday night talk show.
Phillips, Marshall: KLOS, 1972; KWST, 1978-80; KLSX, 1987. Marshall is at KZZO-Sacramento.


(Pictured: P-Funk; Matt Pinto; Rita Pardue; and Regis Philbin)

Phillips, Mike: KRTH, 1990-2001. Mike retired from his pd slot at "K-Earth" in the fall of 2001. He passed away October 16, 2006, of pancreatic cancer, at the age of 64.
Phillips, Sam: KLSX, 1999-2001 and 2004-08. Sam is co-host of the The Single Life Show.
Phyllipz, Tazy: KCXX/KUCI, 1999-2001. Tazy works for the Inland Empire station.
Pichardo, Diego: KACD, 1996-97. Diego is an account services rep for Cox Communications in San Diego.  
Pickens, Hal: KFWB, 1965; KBLA, 1966-67; KDAY, 1968-69. Hal is living in Tulsa.
Piech, Patti: KCBS, 1998-2005; KFI, 2006-07. Patti is a newswoman at KFI.
Pierce, Brad: Since 1987, Brad has worked at Westwood One's Oldies Channel.
Pierce, David: KPPC, 1963-71. For the past 17 years David has been sales manager at Fox 15/TV in Lafayette.
Pierce, Paul "Panther": KMPC, 1960-80; KRLA, 1980. Paul was the aerospace editor for KMPC and a colorful traffic reporter for 20 years. He was famous for his "odes" to the sunrise each morning as he was driving from the "beach" and it was usually his first traffic report. He won four individual Golden Mike awards. Paul grew up in Detroit and was one of the original scriptwriters for "The Lone Ranger" series. Paul died March 11, 1998, at the age of 87.
Pierre, "Lucky": KHJ, 1961-63; KGFJ, 1968-74; KUTE, 1974-84; KACD, 1996-98. Lucky is active with the Hispanic community and appears at local dance nightclubs and hosts special party nights.
Piersal, Jim: KABC, 1965. KABC was in the second season of experimenting with "SportsTalk" and the author of Fear Strikes Out and a major league baseball player co-hosted the program during the off-season in 1965.


(Pictured: Donna Page; Ashley Paige; Ross Porter; and Tony Potts)

Pigg, Tony: KPPC, 1972. Tony is the announcer on Live With Regis.
Pina, Jaime: XETRA, 2006. Jaime is with XETRA.
Pinckney, John: KLON, 1981-85. John is a loan officer in Victorville and works morning drive at a local station.
Pinedo, Ruth: KLOS, 1973-85. The former md is now living in Washington, DC.
Pinsky, Dr. Drew: KROQ, 1984-2008; KGIL, 2007-08. Dr. Drew hosts "Loveline" with Stryker. He is also heard middays at KGIL.
Pinto, Matt: KFOX, 1983-84; KTLK, 2005-07. Matt was the play-by-play voice of the NBA LA Clippers. He is now with the Seattle SuperSonics.
Piolin, KSCA, 2003-07. SEE Eddie ‘Piolin’ Sotelo
Piombino, Rich: KMET, 1983-86; Westwood One, 1986-87. Rich is cio of RBPInc., which is a concert promotion and event production company. He's based in Atlanta.  
Piotrowski, Casey: KORG, 1979; KWRM, 1980-81; KFOX, 1981; KWIZ, 1981-88. Casey is a Beatles expert and hosts The Beatles Show at
Platt, Jane: KMET, 1977-78; KABC, 1978-79; KLOS, 1979-80; KRLA, 1981-85. Jane is Deputy News Chief for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.
Plum, Nancy: KYMS, 1973-74; KGBS/KTNQ, 1976-79; KHTZ, 1979; KMPC, 1979-80; KFAC, 1984; KFI, 1984-88; KLAC, 1988-91; KRTH, 1991-92; KYSR, 1992-93; KFWB, 1993; KRLA, 1994; KLSX, 1997; KFWB, 2000-04. Nancy lives in Lexington, Kentucky.
Plunkett, Jim: KFI, 1991-94. Jim lives in Atherton in the Bay Area and owns a beer distributorship in Stockton. The former Raider QB is involved in some broadcasting in the Bay area.


(Pictured: Casey Piotrowski; Don Page; Cecilia Pedroza; Andy Park; and John Phillips)

Poetess: KKBT, 1994-2006. Poetess worked at "the Beat."
Pohlman, Tim: KTWV, 1992-2003. Tim is ceo/managing partner of Riviera Broadcast Group, owning stations in Las Vegas and Arizona.
Polak, Frank: KMPC, 1978-80; KLAC, 1980-2004. Frank is in his 21st season as producer of Lakers Basketball. In the summer of 1999 he was appointed Executive Sports Producer, overseeing the Lakers and Anaheim Angels baseball.
Poland, David: KABC, 1999-2001. David left KABC in early 2001. He hosts
Poland, Kay: KYMS, 1988-92; KEZY, 1996-97; KWVE, 1999-2004. Kay is program/music director at KWVE. She used the name Kay Lane prior to KWVE.
Polish, Bill: KPFK; KNX, 2001-04; KFWB, 2004-08. Bill is a news anchor at all-news KFWB.


(Pictured: Maclovio Perez; Poorman; Shawn Parr; and Dan Patrick)

Polk, David: KRKD, 1965; XPRS, 1973. Unknown.
Pollack, Frank: KDAY, 1958; KRLA, 1959-60. Frank worked at KDAY and KRLA in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He died from complications of Alzheimer's disease on October 24, 1999. Frank worked in Phoenix in the early '50s, having started his radio career in Ohio, and he worked for KXIV until leaving for KDAY. He went on to be one of the original "11-10 Men" at KRLA when the station went rock and roll. Frank returned to Phoenix in 1960 to work for KUPD and stayed there for three years. He then returned to KXIV where he stayed until 1984 when owner Ira Lavin sold the station. A one-time member of Woody Herman's band, Frank was an avid golfer and a collector of big band records. He owned "hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands" of 78s, according to longtime friend and former boss Lavin. "He had a marvelous voice. He loved big band music. Frank was a good golfer. Used to lie about his handicap - a lovable old scoundrel." He was 80.
Pomerance, Brad: KPPC, 1998-2004. Brad is the entertainment correspondent and a co-host at KPCC.
Pond, Bob: KGBS, 1968; KPPC, 1972-73; KPOL, 1972-75. Bob sells real estate in the San Fernando Valley from Team One.
Poole, Gary: KQLZ, 1992-93; KLOS, 1995. Gary works at IDJMG and manages a band called "Among Thieves." 


(Pictured: Dave Paulson; Angela Perelli; Gary Francis Powers; George Pennacchio)

Poorman: KROQ, 1982-93; KIIS, 1995; KPWR, 1995; KACD, 1996-97; KIIS, 2001-04; KMPC (1540/The Ticket), 2005. Jim Trenton, aka the Poorman, hosts Poorman's Bikini Beach TV.
Pope, Jeff: KGGI, 2000-08. Jeff works morning drive at KGGI-Riverside.
Popejoy, Jack: KGOE, 1972; KIIS, 1972-75; KPOL/KZLA, 1976-79; KLOS, 1979-80; KFWB, 1986-2008. Jack is a news anchor at all-News KFWB.
Porras, Tony: KLAX, 2000-01. Tony works evenings at Spanish KLAX.
Porter, Ross: KABC, 1976-97; KXTA, 1998-02; KFWB, 2003-04. Ross left the Dodger broadcast booth after 28 seasons in the fall of 2004.
Porter, Scott: KSRF, 1991. Scott's now program director back at the first station that ever let him grace their microphones, WPBZ-Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

(Pictured: Natalie Paige; Joe Pyne; Mary Price; and Cindy Paulos)

Porter, Vivian: KRTH, 1974-77; KHJ, 1978-85; KRTH, 1985-2007. Vivian is public affairs director at "K-Earth."
Porterfield, Russ: KFOX, 1940s-76. Unknown.
Poska, Al: KFI, 1958. Unknown.
Poston, Ken: KLON, 1987-99. Ken heads up the L.A. Jazz Institute and produces and promotes jazz events throughout the year. 
Potter, Peter: KLAC, 1945-50; KFWB, 1951; KLAC, 1951; KMPC; KVFM, 1972. Peter died of a heart attack on April 17, 1983, at the age of 78.
Potts, Tony: KFI, 2004. The entertainment reporter from Access Hollywood joined KFI weekends in early 2004 and left at the end of the year.
Powell, Dave: KJOI, 1976-79 and 1985-87. Dale is living in Seattle.
Powell, Mike: KBCA, 1968. Unknown.
Powell, Russ: KNX, 1961-80. Russ is retired and living in Grass Valley.
Power, Will: KSRF, 1992. Unknown.


(Nick Paul; Long Paul; Nancy Plum; Bob Purcell; and Molly Paige)

Powers, Craig: KUTE, 1976-77; KIIS, 1977-82; KFXM, 1982-85; KKHR, 1983-85; KEZY, 1985-91; KIKF, 1991-95 and 1999-2000; KMXN, 2000-02. Craig is the director of operations of Cameron Broadcasting, a six-station group in Nevada.
Powers, Francis Gary: KGIL. The pilot who was shot down in enemy territory died while covering traffic reports for KNBC/Channel 4.
Powers, Mike: KSWD, 2008. Mike joined Bonneville's 100.3/fm The Sound in late spring of 2008.
Prager, Dennis: KABC, 1983-2000; KIEV/KRLA, 2000-08. Dennis works mid-mornings at KRLA (870 AM).
Pratt, Jim: KROQ, 1997; KYSR, 1997-2004. Jim is imaging director at "Star 98.7."
Prell, Jon: KIKF, 1988-90. Jon is the pd and morning talent at WKDQ-Evansville, Indiana.
Prescott, Bill: KMET, 1981. Bill works at KNRK-Portland.
Presher, Dave: KMEN/KGGI, 1994-95; KPWR, 1996-97; KTWV, 1997. Dave left his post as gm at KRBV-Dallas in the fall of 2001 and now runs the Riviera Broadcast Group in Las Vegas.
Press, Bill: KABC, 1990; KFI, 1991-96. Bill works at WWRC-Washington, DC.

(Brad Pomerance; Star Parker; Steve Propes; and Frank Pastore)

Price, Gary: KHJ/fm, 1971-72; KROQ, 1972-73; KDAY, 1973-83; KNAC, 1984-95. Gary is working as a sales consultant for Fred Sands.
Price, Gene: KDAY, 1966-67; KLAC, 1970-71; KFOX, 1972; KIQQ, 1973-74; KIIS, 1974; KLAC, 1975-84; KIKF, 1985-90; KLAC, 1990-93. Gene works at Western International Media.
Price, John: KRLA, 1968-73; KIEV, 1980-85. John is a freelance engineer with Citadel Broadcasting, Sirius Satellite Radio and the Museum of TV & Radio. 
Price, Mary: KWIZ, 1978-81; KGGI, 1982-84; KZLA, 1984-89; KRTH, 1992; KCBS, 1992-2005; KMZT, 2005-06. Mary's with AirWatch Traffic and weekends at KRTH.
Price, Ron: KXMX, 1999. The former program director at KXMX has similar chores for the "Mix" station in Phoenix.
Price, Tony: KGFJ, 1972. Unknown.
Princi, Carl: KWKW, 1952-53; KFAC, 1953-87; KKGO, 1990-92. Carl passed away in the early 1990s.
Pringle, Oogie: KWIZ, 1985-87. Oogie committed suicide in 1987.
Pritchard, Jeremy: KMXN, 2001-02. Jeremy worked weekends at the Orange County COOL station.
Proctor, Mel: KXTA/KTLK, 2003-05. The former sports broadcaster with the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres and LA Clippers, is now the tv play-by-play voice of the Washington Nationals.


(Pictured: Ray Peyton; Jim Pewter; Vivian Porter; Waco Pat; and Bill Polish)

Proctor, Phil: KROQ. Phil is active in a voiceover career.
Propes, Steve: KLON, 1981-92. Steve does consulting work in the history of rock & roll, record evaluation for the biggest company in the rare record business, Good Rockin' Tonight.
Pugsley, Robert: KPFK, 1979-86 and 1990-93. Since 1978, Robert has been a professor of law at Southwestern University School of Law.
Pullman, Jason: KYSR, 2003-05. Jason worked afternoons at "Star 98.7" until early fall of 2005. He has an active voiceover career.
Purcell, Bob: KFI/KECA, 1942-45; KFWB, 1956-62. While waiting for the curtain to rise on the Civic Light Opera presentation of Man of La Mancha starring Bob Purcell as Cervantes/Quixote, you would be aghast reading in the program about the career of the star. He was known in Southern California as the general manager during the launch of historic "Color Radio" on January 2, 1958. A month after the launch Bob wrote pd Chuck Blore, the djs and newsmen: "Our total broadcast week is composed of 585,000 seconds. Each one of those seconds must be full, alive, bright, and alert. None should pass by un-noticed, each single second shall carry a full complement of colorful programming. In every five minute period you are each responsible for as many as 300 seconds, each one of them is a definite part of the KFWB sound, never let them go by emptily or dully. P.S. Have you tightened up lately." Another phase of Bob's success in Southern California predated KFWB, when the 6 foot, 5 inch broadcaster was named the program director of KTTV/Channel 11 in 1949. Bob started his radio career as a singer at age 14 at WHAM-Rochester where he was born May 11, 1912. In the '30s he spent 8 years with WCFL-Chicago as staff announcer as well as hosting "Make Believe Danceland." While in Chicago he suffered a street accident that canceled his Army 1-A status. When he arrived in the Southland in 1942 he acted in several films, notably Forever Amber and The Bride Wore Boots. In the mid-1960s Bob and his wife Jane moved to Yucca Valley where he made use of his real estate brokers license. For the next 14 years he participated in theater companies all over Southern California. In 1982 he retired to Laguna Hills. Bob was terminally ill for the last two years before his death on August 5, 1987. He was 75. A columnist who knew Bob well wrote: "Purcell was the inherently lazy type of hard worker, ambitious but not ridiculously so. He had humor and a sense of proportion, he was free from swank, inspired confidence and loyalty." His wife remembered, "Bob had an unquenchable curiosity; everything he pursued was a challenge. His hobbies or avocations included Japanese Sumi painting, lectures on Chinese calligraphy, classical guitar, flute, recorder, amateur radio [he ran 5,000 phone patches during the Vietnam crisis for our servicemen] and even piano tuning." Bob died August 5, 1987, at the age of 75.
Putnam, George: KFI; KIEV, 1975-2000; KRLA, 2001; KPLS, 2001-03; KSPA, 2004-05; KCAA, 2005-07. George, a familiar face and voice on tv and radio news and talk radio for over a half century, died September 12, 2008. He was 94 and despite his failing health, he managed to participate in his noon time show heard on CRN Digital Radio, sometimes from his hospital bed right up until his death. George was born in Breckenridge, Minnesota on July 14, 1914. In college he was freshman class president, champion orator, ran on the track squad and played basketball and football. In 1934 George started his broadcasting career at WDGY-Minneapolis and then KSTP-Minneapolis/St. Paul. From there he went to NBC in New York where he did 14 programs a week, concentrating on news and special events. He shared the role of commentator for Fox Movietone News with Lowell Thomas. During World War II as a Marine first lieutenant he won two citations. After the war he was seen and heard on the Mutual Broadcasting System, BBC and the Du Mont Television Network. Walter Winchell once said: "George Putnam's voice is the greatest in radio and television." George moved to Los Angeles in 1951 and soon ruled the Los Angeles airwaves as the city's top newscaster and perhaps its most omnipresent tv personality. His program George Putnam and the News appeared on every local independent broadcast tv station. In those days of early, low-tech tv news there were often flubs and once, Putnam breathlessly introduced "unedited" footage of a brush fire, which proved a mistake, since the footage included a firefighter relieving himself at the edge of the blaze. George eventually became the country's highest-paid newscaster. He starred with Mort Sahl in a nationally syndicated tv show entitled Both Sides Now. Virtually inventing the image of the local tv anchorman, he was a bombastic figure, flamboyant in his stylishly tailored suits who looked straight into the camera as if speaking directly to viewers.  He dated starlets, drove a sports car, owned a yacht and rubbed elbows with actors, Mayor Sam Yorty, Gov. Ronald Reagan and President Nixon. He once cajoled Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir into giving him her recipe for chicken soup and got 200,000 requests for it through on-air promotion. He has been the recipient of over 300 awards and citations including a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His "Talk Back" show was a two-decade institution on KIEV. George lived on his ranch in Chino, where over the years he raised more than 400 thoroughbreds. During the summer of 1996 George appeared in the blockbuster film, Independence Day. His signature line was: "And that's the up-to-the-minute news - Up to the minute, that's all the news! - See you then!"
Putney, Sam: KJLH, 1984-88; KACE, 1988-92. Sam is working morning drive at KKDA-Dallas.
Pye, Jr., Brad: KGFJ, 1955-73; KJLH, 1973-75; KACE, 1975-77; KGFJ, 1977-79; KDAY, 1979-90. Brad is the ADA Coordinator for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. He's also sports editor for Inglewood Today Magazine.
Pyle, Ed: XTRA; KFWB, 1969-71 and 1974-84; KNX, 1985-2006. Ed retired from his KNX news director position in early 2006.


(Pictured: Sam Putney; Mel Proctor; Bill Press; David Poland; and Luciano Palermi)

Pyne, Joe: KABC; KLAC, 1965-69. "No one conducts the straight, hard-hitting interview as well as Joe Pyne, the master showman of the talk realm," according to the LA Times in 1967. Born in Chester, Pennsylvania, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps upon graduation from high school. In World War II he won three battle stars and lost his left leg. Joe started his radio career at WCAM-Camden while studying at a Philadelphia dramatic school. He worked in Canada, Delaware and Arizona. By the time he arrived in the Southland it was estimated that he commanded $2,000 a week for four broadcast days. He could be heard telling a caller he disagreed with to "go gargle with razor blades." At the peak of his career, in 1966, he had a syndicated tv talk show on Metromedia stations and a syndicated radio show on 254 stations. A heavy smoker, he once said that although he realized cigarettes might cause cancer, he would "rather take a chance than be a fat neurotic." When he learned he had cancer, he stopped smoking. For a few months he began broadcasting from his home until he quit radio an tv in 1969 due to illness. Joe died of cancer on March 23, 1970, at the age of 44.


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