Where Are They Now?
Los Angeles Radio People, M
Compiled by Don Barrett



Machado, Kevin: KCBS, 1993-96; KOLA, 1999-2000. Kevin works the evening shift at KOLA-Riverside.
MacDonell, Bruce: KFWB, 1968. "Bruce began his broadcasting career as a gopher, then a writer for Soupy Sales in Detroit while he was still a teenager," according to Herb Humphries. "He went from there to writing for International Showtime. When that show was dropped, he went to work at all-News WINS as an editor. Three years later he was transferred to KFWB when it went all news. He later became News Director when I became Managing Editor. Bruce left KFWB and went to KDKA/TV-Pittsburgh, another Westinghouse property. Later he returned to Los Angeles and KNBC. Later he was transferred to WRC/TV in Washington DC, then he became the Far East Bureau Chief for NBC stationed in Tokyo. He left NBC and formed his own news gathering operation called Globenet. Failing health caused him to return to Los Angeles about five years ago. Bruce was one hell of a journalist, one hell of a man. I've known him since we worked together at WINS and I feel my long time friendship with Bruce was one of the highlights of my life." Greg Tantum, former KFWB Executive Editor and Program Director remembered Bruce. "He loved talking about KFWB and his love for the team during those early years of the format burned brightly. While it made me feel proud to be part of such a legacy it also served as an incredible challenge to create [re-create] the tight family environment in which the early team worked and played." Bruce died of kidney failure on March 19, 1999. He was 60.


(Pictured: Rabbi Chaim Mentz; Mario Martinoli and Amy Strong; Chuck Madden; and Tim Miner)

Machado, Mario: KRLA, 1981-83 and 1985-87; KABC, 1994-96. Mario is frequently seen on tv hosting various productions.
Mac, Don: KDAY, 1974-75; KKTT, 1977-78. Don is a minister in Oklahoma City.
Mack, David: KNAC, 1981. Unknown.
Mack, Gary: KRLA, 1964-65; KHJ, 1965-67; KLAC, 1970. Gary retired July 1, 1997, and lives in Atlanta.
Mack, Greg: KDAY, 1986-90; KJLH, 1990-92. Greg owns a radio station in Oakland.
Mack, Terry: KYMS, 1990; KWVE. Terry works at KWVE.
MacKay, Allie: KXTA, 1999. Allie is part of the morning show at all-Sports, "XTRA 1150."
Mackay, Ed: KWVE, 1982-83; KNOB, 1983-84; KWIZ, 1984-90; KEZY, 1992-93; KNX, 1988-2000. Ed is the all-night news anchor at KNXNewsradio.
MacKinnon, Don: KABC, 1960; KLAC, 1963-64; KFWB, 1964-65. Don died in an automobile crash in June of 1965.
MacKrell, Jim: KFI, 1974. Jim is a tv news anchor in Dallas.
MacLean, Spider: KWIZ, 1957-89. Spiker died in 1990.
Madden, Chuck: KMPC/KABC/KTZN, 1993-98; KNX, 1998-2000. Chuck reports sports at KNXNewsradio.
Maddox, Jim: KRLA, 1971; XPRS, 1972; KIQQ, 1973-74; KDAY, 1974-77; KJLH, 1984-85. Jim is president of Jim Maddox - Broadcast Consultants.
Maddox, Tony: KHJ, 1979-80. Tony works at KZST-Santa Rosa.
Madrid, Charles: KIQQ/KLIT, 1977-86. Charles worked as om at KBIG until late 1999.
Madrigal, Edgar: XPRS. Unknown.
Magic, Bobby: KUTE, 1972-80. Bobby works for Chancellor Media in San Francisco.
Magnus, Johnny: KGFJ, 1957-63; KMPC, 1963-73; KAGB, 1973-75; KRLA, 1975-76; KGIL, 1976; KBRT, 1980; KIQQ, 1981; KPRZ, 1981-84; KMPC, 1984-94; KJQY, 1994-95; KLAC, 1999-2000. Johnny works swing at KLAC.


(Pictured: Kenny Morse; Tracey Miller; and Manon)

Mahler, Curt: KLVE/XEGM, 1975-76; KGBS/KTNQ, 1976-78; KROQ, 1979-80. Curt is senior examiner for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. He and his family live in Valencia.
Maier, Bill: KFI, 1985-87; KBIG, 1987-92. Bill left KBIG to enter graduate school. He earned a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a registered child and family psychologist in Long Beach. The former co-host of the KBIG "Bill & Sylvia Show" continues to do voiceover work.
Majhor, John: KLAC, 1989-90; KZLA, 1991; KCBS, 1991. John is working mornings at KSFQ-Santa Fe.
Maki, Val: KPWR, 1998-2000; KZLA/KPWR, 2000. Val is general manager at "Power 106." In the summer of 2000, she was promoted to sr vp/market manager at Emmis Los Angeles taking on gm duties at KZLA.
Malay, H.K.: KNNS, 1995-96. Unknown.
Maller, Ben: KXTA, 1997-2000. Ben co-hosts with Dave Smith a talk show at "XTRA Sports 1150."
Malone, Karl: KXTA, 1998. Karl briefly hosted a talk show at "XTRA Sports 1150" during the NBA strike.
Malone, Sunny: KWIZ, 1976. Unknown.
Malorus, Farley: KFOX, 1984-93. Unknown.
Mandis, Dan: Dan is Dr. Laura Schlessinger's engineer.
Mann, Ed: KUTE, 1982-83; KIIS, 1983-87; KEZY, 1988-89; KBIG, 1993-95. Ed left Premiere Radio Networks after 11 years in late 1996 and formed a new syndication company called MannGroup Radio Services distributing music imaging and production library services to stations across the country.
Mann, Mike: KJLH, 1984-89; KACE, 1989-92; KKBT, 1992-97. Mike is the leader of America's premier Black Cowboy band, "Mike Mann and the Night Riders."
Mann, Tony: KHJ, 1974-75. Tony is doing fill-in for "KJ97" (Country) and "KQ102" (Soft AC) in San Antonio.
Manners, Zeke: KECA, 1949-54; KFWB, 1956; KDAY, 1959-61; XEG, 1975. Zeke died October 14, 2000, at the age of 89.
Manning, Bruce: KFI, 1996-2000. Bruce works at AirWatch America.
Manning, Knox: KDAY, 1959-61. Knox was living in Port Hueneme and died of a heart attack on August 26, 1980. He was 76..
Manning, Phil: KLYY, 1996-97. Phil is the station manager at KNDD-Seattle.
Manny, Rob: KBIG, 2000. Rob works the Friday Night Dance Party show at KBIG.
Manon: KCRW, 1982-83; KSRF, 1984-91; KSRF/KOCM, 1991 and 1992; KBIG, 1993. KLSX, 1994-95; KAJZ, 1992-95; KACD, 1995-98. Manon is a voiceover artist and owns Manomedia.
Manor, Katie: KROQ, 1983-89; KQLZ, 1989-91. Katie is no longer in radio.
Mantle, Larry: KPCC, 1983-2000. Larry's "AirTalk" is on the Pasadena City College station in afternoon drive.
Manzo, Jim: KLSX, 1995-97. Unknown.


(Pictured: Duff Murphy; Chuck Moshontz; Kevin Machado; and Cyndee Maxwell)

Maranz, Randy: KNAC, 1991; KQLZ, 1991-92; KLOS, 1993-97. Randy is working at KATS-Yakima, Washington..
March, Jeff: KVFM, 1969; KIEV, 1970; KBBQ, 1970. Jeff is a partner in EditPros, a marketing and communications firm in Davis, California.
Marcos, Teena: KIBB, 1996-97. SEE Nicci Ross.
Marcus, Dave: KWNK, 1987. David has been practicing law for 18 years and since 1997 has served as a California workers' compensation judge. He also has been heard broadcasting sports.
Marena, Robert: KKBT, 1993. Unknown.
Marer, Carl: KIQQ, 1984-85. Unknown.
Margolis, Jack: KMPC, 1962-67; KLAC, 1967; KMET, 1970-71; KGBS, 1973. Unknown.
Mariano, Carolyn: KIQQ/KLIT, 1981-89; KQLZ, 1989-93. Carolyn is affiliate relations director at Westwood One.
Marie, Jan: KWIZ, 1977-78; KEZY, 1979-81; KUTE, 1982; KRTH, 1982; KOST, 1982-85; KYMS, 1993-94. Jan Marie recently married and is living in Huntington Beach.
Marie, Jan: KMGX, 1990-92; KMAX, 1995. Unknown.
Marie, Radene: Since 1997, Radene has been one of Southern California's airborne traffic reporters.
Marin, Lina: KLVE, 1975. Unknown.
Marinko, Rob: Rob broadcasts news/traffic in the Southland following 15 years at Hughes Aircraft Company.
Marino, Greg: KCMG, 1999-2000. Greg worked afternoon drive at "Mega 92.3" until the fall of 2000.
Marino, Larry: KPCC, 1996-98; KIEV, 1998-2000. Larry hosts afternoon drive at KIEV.
Marino, Mike: KCMG, 2000. Mike joined "Mega" as operations manager in the summer of 2000.
Mark the Whiffle Boy: KROQ, 1991. Unknown.
Mark & Brian: KLOS, 1987-2000. Mark & Brian work morning drive at KLOS.
Mark & Kim: KOST, 1985-2000. See Kim Amidon and Mark Wallengren.
Markas, Rory: KNX, 1987-2000. Rory broadcasts sports at KNX and for KTTV/Channel 11 and is on the USC basketball broadcast team.


(Pictured: Gary Marshall; Larry McCormick; Fontaine J. Marsi; and Ron Martin)

Markham, Steve: KFAC, 1958-77. Unknown.
Markoe, Merrill: KTZN/KABC, 1997-98. Merrill is writer living in Southern California.
Marotta, Rich: KNX, 1981-82; KRLA/KBZT, 1983-90; KFOX; KFI, 1990-2000. Rich is active in boxing announcing as well as sports at KFI.
Marquez, Al: KSRF, 1991; KXEZ, 1995-96; KIBB, 1996-97. Unknown.
Marquez, Sue: KFWB, 1992-93 and 1995-97. Sue covers stories for the Whittier Daily News.
Marquis, Young: KROQ. Doc Nemeth hosted a Sunday night show at KROQ with Stanley Sheff. After hiss radio days, Doc starred in Lobster Man from Mars and he appeared in Robo Cop 1 & 3. Doc now stars in the stage play, Queen of Outer Space.
Marr, Bruce: KABC, 1973-81. Bruce runs Lone Wolf TV Productions in Reno.
Mars, Andy: KNX/FM/KKHR, 1983-87; KWIZ, 1990-97. In the spring of 1998, Andy was elected chairman of the Southern California Broadcasters Association.


(Pictured: John Marshall; Frank Murphy; Radene Marie; and Dave Morales)

Marsh, Roger: KYMS, 1985-92. Roger hosts the nationally syndicated program "Ambassador Express Talk" that airs in over 100 markets.
Marsh, Tobie: KFWB, 1997. Unknown.
Marshall, Andi, KFWB, 1997-2000. Andi is part of the all-News team at KFWB.
Marshall, Chuck: KPPC, 1973; KWST, 1976. Chuck is living in Pasadena and managing recording artists.
Marshall, Claudia: KFWB, 1984-86; KRTH, 1986-91. Claudia recently left CBS radio news.
Marshall, Gary: KRLA, 1969-70; KEZY, 1970-75; KWIZ, 1975-83; KUTE, 1984-85; KSRF, 1985-86; KRLA, 1985-92; KRTH, 1992-2000. Gary works swing at "K-Earth."
Marshall, John: KFWB, 1968-69. John was a news reporter at KNBC/Channel 4, KTLA/Channel 5 and KTTV/Channel 11. He also hosted Encounters for Fox. John is "smelling the roses," dabbling on the Internet and flying his old biplane.
Marshall, Lee: KHJ, 1970-71; KDAY, 1976-78; KHJ, 1979-80; KABC, 1980-90; KDAY, 1990-91; KBLA, 1991. Lee retired from Turner/TimeWarner in January 1999 and is active with commercials, tv and movie voiceover work. He's working morning drive at KVEN-Ventura.
Marshall, Steve: KUTE, 1966; KBIG, 1966-67; KOST, 1967-70; KNX/FM, 1971-79. Steve is writing for tv and film. He has written a joke book called, LOL: The Humor of the Internet.
Marshall, Toby: KFWB, 1993-96. Unknown.
Marshall, Tom: KNAC, 1987-89. Tom is program director at KLSK-Albuquerque.
Marsi, Fontaine J.: KABC, 1998-2000. Fontaine is operations manager for the Traffic Station.


(Pictured: Lisa May; Mike Mann; Rory Markas; and Brad Messer)

Martin, A.J.: KIQQ, 1976-77; KIIS, 1977-1984; KNOB, 1980-86; "92.7 Lite FM," 2000. A.J. started at Transtar in 1984, which became Unistar and now Westwood One until 1998. His son is in the band Lit. A.J. has an active voiceover career.
Martin, Alex: KGFJ, 1965-68; XPRS, 1971. Unknown.
Martin, Chet: KROQ, 1972. Unknown.
Martin, Chuck: KHJ, 1977-80; KWST, 1981-82. Chuck lives in Diamond Bar and owns a full service advertising agency and production/recording studio.
Martin, Elise: KNOB, 1986. Unknown.
Martin, George: KNX, 1968-86. George passed away September 15, 1999. He was one of the early pioneers of modern broadcast journalism, and died of complications arising from a stroke and kidney failure. George was 82. He was born on May 2, 1917, in Pasadena. One of his later colleagues, George Putnam, said of Martin that "he was one of the real legends of television news reporting...George Martin laid the very foundation for TV reporting in this community (Los Angeles)." He developed the "traffic and weather together" concept. At KNX he received numerous Golden Mike and other awards for broadcast journalism. KNX pd Robert Sims said that "George always dazzled people with his versatility. There's not a job or assignment he couldn't do. And we have hallways of trophies here at KNX with his name on them that show that he didn't do just a competent job, but an exceptional one." In 1991, he received a lifetime achievement award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Mr. Martin served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.
Martin, Jim: KGBS; KGIL, 1964-75. Jim passed away in 1975 of cancer at the age of 47.
Martin, Pat: KMET, 1986-87. Pat works at KRXQ-Sacramento.
Martin, Roger: KCBH, 1968. Unknown.
Martin, Ron: KLAC, 1969-71; KGBS/KTNQ, 1972-79. Ron had a heart attack and died playing golf, a sport he cherished, in the late 1980s.

(Pictured: Sonny Melendrez; Robert W. Morgan; Johnny Magnus; and Enrique Medina)

Martindale, Christine: KIKF, 1985-87; KBIG, 2000. Christine works at Westwood One and swing at KBIG.
Martindale, Wink: KHJ, 1959-60; KRLA, 1960-61; KFWB, 1962-67; KGIL, 1968-79; KMPC, 1983-86; KJQI/KOJY, 1993; KGIL, 1998-99. When Johnny Carson wanted to get a laugh at the expense of game shows in general - game-show hosts in particular - more often than not Wink was the target. The "Winker" hosted many tv games shows including Gambit, High Rollers and Tic Tac Dough. Born Winston Conrad Martindale in 1935 in Jackson, Tennessee, his first radio job was at WBLI in his hometown at age 17. Wink went to KFWB to replace Gary Owens in morning drive. In 1966, Billboard voted Wink the #1 midday personality. He voiced one of the most popular "talk" records, a million-seller called Deck of Cards, which he performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Wink hosts a show on Music of Your Life.
Martinez, A: KXTA, 1998-2000. George Martinez has been an active part of "XTRA Sports 1150."
Martinez, Benny: KDAY and KIIS in the 1970s; KUTE, 1980; KFI, 1981; KWST, 1981-82; KHTZ, 1984-85; KIIS, 1985-86; KCBS, 1992; KRTH, 1993-94; KIBB/KCMG, 1997-2000. Benny works swing at "Mega 92.3" and at Westwood One.
Martinez, Bill: KWIZ, 1970-72; KDAY, 1972-74; KIIS, 1975-80; KRLA, 1980-81; KIKF, 1996-98; KWIZ, 1998-2000; KKGO, 2000. Bill is general sales manager at KKGO.
Martinez, Cherry: KPWR, 1997-98. She left "Power 106" in the spring of 1998. Unknown
Martinez, Danny: KHJ, 1973-75; KKDJ, 1975; KIIS, 1975-76; KFI, 1977-78; KWIZ, 1979; KHJ, 1980-85; KBZT, 1986; KRLA, 1986; KTWV, 1988; KRTH, 1990-92; KCBS, 1992-93; KYSR, 1993-95; KCBS, 1996-2000. Danny works evenings at "Arrow 93."
Martinez, Dennis: KCMG, 1998-99. Dennis works at KDON-Monterey.
Martinez, JL: KMDY, 1986; KGFJ, 1993-94. JL has a mobile dj business in Valencia.
Martinez, Mike: KXTA, 1997. Unknown.
Martinez, Patty: KWIZ, 1973-88; KOCM, 1988. Patty owns her an advertising agency in Orange County.
Martinoli, Mario: KABC, 1998-2000. Mario and Amy Strong host a weekend food show at KABC.
Marvin, Ken: KFI, 1963. Unknown.
Maryon, Bob: KVFM, 1959; KMPC, 1964-80. After 14 years as Dick Whittinghill's engineer, Bob worked as a production engineer on game shows and soap operas.


(Pictured: Holly McClure; Mucho Morales; Remy Maxwell; and Steve Morris)

Mason, Gordon: KNX, 1952-62; KBIG, 1968-74; KJOI, 1974-84. Gordon recently retired from the presidency of the Southern California Broadcasters Association.
Mason, Greg: KRLA, 1959. Greg was one of the 11-10 Men at KRLA and left a few months after the launch of rock and roll. Unknown.
Mason, Jerry: KNAC, 1968-70; KIIS, 1970-76; KPRZ, 1980-85. Jerry retired in 1994 and is living on Camano Island in the state of Washington.
Mason, Pamela: KABC, 1960-67. The former wife of James Mason died June 29, 1996, at the age of 80.
Mason, Scott: KKDJ, 1974-75; KIQQ, 1975-76; KGBS/KTNQ, 1976-79; KROQ, 1979-2000. Scott is the operations director at KROQ. He is responsible for 45 stations managing their capital requests and dealing with engineering issues.
Masters, Roy: KGIL; KIEV. For decades, Roy has hosted "Your Mind Can Make You Well."
Mastrey, Tawn: KNAC, 1986-89; KQLZ, 1989-92; KLSX, 1994. Tawn recently left KUFO-Portland.
Mathers, Jerry: KEZY, 1980-81. The Beaver appears at Leave It To Beaver nostalgic shows.
Mathews, Hal: KRLA, 1973-76. Hal was general manager at KRLA in the mid-1970s and one colleague said, "Hal was jovial and had a good sense of humor." Hal also worked in Cleveland and New York. He broke his hip shortly before his death. Hal died May 1, 1999, from complications of lung cancer. He was 79.
Mathews, Pat: KWIZ, 1988-89. Pat is a news anchor at KDOC/Channel 56.
Matthews, George: KRTH, 1987-90; KEZY, 1993-95; KRLA, 1994-95. George works at Classic Rock KSAN-San Francisco.
Matthews, Paula: KIQQ, 1980-85. Paula is living in Albuquerque.
Matty: KXMX, 1999-2000. Matty worked evenings at "Mix 95.9" until an ownership change in the summer of 2000. He continues working weekends at "91X"-San Diego.
Maule, Tom: KHJ, 1967; KDAY, 1969-71. Tom passed away of pancreatitis in early 1993.
Maver, Mark: KKBT, 1989; KMGX, 1992. Unknown.
Maxey, Deedee: KGFJ, 1985. Unknown.
Maxwell, Cyndee: KLOS, 1991-92; KQLZ, 1992-93. Cyndee is editor of the Rock section at Radio & Records.
Maxwell, Remy: KSRF, 1991; KLIT, 1991; KNAC, 1992-94; KLOS, 1994-97. Remy works at KXXR-Minneapolis.
May, Brian: KPFK; KXLU; KPCC. On July 5, 1995, Don died at his Malibu home of complications of polio and paralysis.
May, Don: KSRF, 1988-92. Don owns Signal Core Studios.
May, Fred: KPOL, 1965-68. Unknown.
May, Lisa: KLAC, 1993; KROQ, 1991-2000. Lisa is part of the Kevin & Bean morning show.
Mayberry, Carleton "Corky": KBBQ, 1969-71; KGBS, 1974-75; KLAC, 1974 and 1976; KFOX, 1975-77; KLAC, 1977-83. Corky is living in the San Fernando Valley.
Mayberry, Jami: KYMS, 1983-88. The daughter of Corky Mayberry works at WSIX-Nashville.
Mayer, Larry: KUSC, 1975-99. Larry is operations manager at KUSC.
Mayhem, Peter: KEZY, 1975-77; KROQ, 1979-80. Unknown.
Mayne, Bill: KZLA, 1983-85. Bill is senior vp of Reprise Records in Nashville.
Mazariego, Sandro Erick: KSCA; KTNQ; KLAX, 2000. Eric is a weekender at "La Ley 97.9FM."
Mayo, Butch: KACE, 1979-80. Last heard, Butch was program director at WKRS-New York.
McAdams, John: KBBQ, 1971; KLAC, 1975. Unknown.


(Pictured: Doug McIntyre; Kiki Melendez; and Mark & Brian)

McArtor, Gene: KIKF, 1990-92. Unknown.
McBride, Norm: KYMS, 1973-79; KNAC, 1979-81; KWIZ, 1988. "Zany Norm" does voiceover work in the Southland and a video news magazine for Boeing.
McCall, Don: KPOL, 1961-63. Unknown.
McCall, Mitzi: KFI, 1975-76. Mitzi works with her husband Charlie Brill on Silk Stalkings.
McCartie, Gary: KBRT, 1973-79; KZLA; KBIG. Gary is now in San Diego.
McClatchey, Arnie: KWIZ, 1966; KEZY, 1967-75; KYMS, 1975-83. Arnie lives in El Paso and voices "The Word for Today," a national radio ministry heard on 200 radio stations daily and Horizon Radio.
McClelland, Dave: KLAC, 1975-85; KFWB, 1975-79. Dave is the announcer for all NHRA racing events and their commercials.
McCloud, Doug: KLON, 1997. Unknown.
McCloud, Jim: KLAC, 1984. Jim does mornings at KHOZ-Harrison, Arkansas.
McClure, Holly: KBRT, 1992-94; KKLA, 1995-98. Holly is the Orange County Register's family films reviewer.


(Pictured: Ken Miller; Jan Marie; Wink Martindale; and Lee Mirabal)

McConnell, Matt: Matt is the radio voice of the Mighty Ducks hockey team.
McCormick, Bob, 1997-2000. Bob is a news anchor at KNXNewsradio. He hosts the Business Hour and broadcasts business news every morning on KTLA's Morning Show.
McCormick, Larry: KGFJ, 1958-63; KDAY, 1963-64; KFWB, 1964-68; KGFJ, 1968; KLAC, 1969-70; KMPC. Larry broadcasts news at KTLA/Channel 5.
McCoy, G.W.: KIQQ, 1980-85. Unknown.
McCoy, Hugh: KNX. Hugh died in the mid-1960s.
McCoy, Ron: KLAC, 1958-60; KFI, 1961-79; KGIL, 1979-80; KPRZ/KIIS, 1981-84; KGIL, 1984; KIEV, 1986. Ron worked at KLAC, KFI (longtime host of "The Night Owl Show"), KGIL, KPRZ/KIIS, KGIL and KIEV and spent 40 years in broadcasting. In the 1970s he made a significant change in careers. "I had done everything I wanted to do and I wanted to get into another field of consciousness," Ron told me when I interviewed him for my book. He became interested in religious science in the late 1970s. By 1987, he was given the pastorship at a Sherman Oaks congregation and went on to be a pastor for the Santa Clarita Church of Religious Science. Ron was born January 29, 1928. He died of pancreatic cancer on December 10, 1999, at the age of 71.
McCulloch, Don: KMPC, 1982-93. Don lives in Portland and syndicates "Radio Deluxe," a show prep service.
McCulloch, Tom: KFOX, 1992. Unknown.
McDaniel, Earl: KFVD/KPOP, 1953-58; KLAC, 1958; KDAY, 1958-61; KFWB, 1961-63. Earl is retired and splits his time between traveling and his homes in Phoenix and Gig Harbor, Washington.
McDonald, Jiggs: The former original broadcast voice for the NHL Kings has joined the Florida Panthers hockey club, serving as their radio voice on WQAM-Miami.


(Pictured: Earl McDaniel w/Elvis; Dick McGarvin; and Pat Martin)

McDonnell, Joe: KGIL, 1975-82; KFI, 1988-91; KMPC, 1992-94; KMAX, 1994-96; KWNK, 1996-97; KABC, 1997; KIIS/AM/KXTA, 1997-98; KFWB, 1999-2000; KABC, 2000. Joe broadcasts sports on all-News KFWB and a Sunday night show at KABC.
McEldowney, Kate: KGIL, 1986-87. Unknown.
McElhinney, John: KMPC, 1973-82 and 1987-92. John and his wife Doris live in Bakersfield.
McElroy, Leo: KNX, 1960-63; KFI, 1963-69; KRLA, 1969-71; KFWB, 1971-72; KABC, 1972; KROQ, 1972-74. Leo runs a PR and political consultancy firm in Sacramento.
McEntire, Bill: KLAC, 1981-91. Bill is doing weekends at KOLA, Westwood One Country Channel and working in PR for a distributor of Purina.
McEntyre, Debbie: KNX, 1992-93. Unknown.
McEwan, Douglas: KEZY, 1968-69; KGIL, 1970-74. Douglas was Dick Whittington's resident critic, Cincinnati Armory. Douglas is writing a book, a tongue-in-cheek ersatz celebrity autobiography, as well as writing humorous articles, and acting.
McEwen, Bob: KDAY, 1966. Unknown.
McFly, George: KPWR, 1992-93. Last heard, George was working in the Northwest.
McGarvin, Dick: KKGO, 1980-89; KLON, 1999-2000. Dick lives in the Southland doing voiceovers, composing and appearing with his jazz group. In late summer of 1999, he joined midday weekends at Jazz KLON.
McGeary, Richard: KWKW, 1950-52; KHJ, 1952-57; KNX, 1961-67; KHJ, 1973-80; KGIL, 1983-93. Richard retired in 1991, lives in Vista and plays much golf.


(Pictured: Geno Michellini; Mario Machado; Billy Moore; and Joe Montione)

McGlaughlin, Tom: KNOB, 1965. Unknown.
McGovern, Terry: KWST, 1980; KRLA, 1982-83. Terry is active in Northern California tv and lives in Marin County with his wife, Molly, and their sons, Brendan and Anthony.
McGovern, Tim: KRLA, 1982. Tim is the younger brother of Terry. Unknown.
McGowen, Jewel: KACD, 1994-95. Unknown.
McGrew, Rod: KJLH, 1973-78. Rod is a music consultant.
McIlvaine, Red: KLAC; KHJ, 1964-65; KFI, 1968. Red died of cancer on January 11, 1993, at the age of 64.
McInnes, Linda:  KLOS 1980-84.  Linda was last heard working nights at KFOG in San Francisco.
McInnes, Pamela: KGIL, 1978-79; KMPC, 1979; KMPC/KEDG, 1987. Unknown.


(Pictured: Edgar Madrigal; and Frank Mottek)

McIntyre, Doug: KABC, 1997; KRLA, 1998-2000. Doug is a tv writer/producer and appears frequently on local radio. He's currently working on The River of Doubt, a film about Theodore Roosevelt starring Stacy Keach.
McKahan, Dawn: KXMX, 1999-2000; KIKfm, 2000. Dawn is general manager at Orange County's KIKfm, "Cool 94.3."
McKay, JJ: KIIS, 1984. His company JJ Productions produces local and national commercials.
McKay, Larry: KHJ, 1974-75; KKDJ, 1975; KIIS, 1975-81; KFI, 1981-82; KMPC, 1982-92; KRLA, 1992-96; KFWB, 1996-97; KRTH, 1997-2000; KFWB, 1998-2000. Larry has been filling-in at all-News KFWB and swing at "K-Earth."
McKay, Maggie: KSRF, 1987-89; KMGX, 1992; KXEZ, 1993-96; KIBB, 1996; KCBS, 1997-2000. Maggie works all-nights at "Arrow 93."
McKay, Mark: KEZY, 1986; KIKF, 1993-95; KZLA, 1997-2000. Mark the Shark works at Country KZLA.
McKay, Tom: KDAY, 1972-73; KNX/FM, 1973; KWST; KNX/FM, 1979-82. Tom is a writer and lives in Maine.


(Pictured: Jim Melendez; and John Mellen )

McKaye, Verna: KCBS, 1992-95. Verna works at Westwood One.
McKean, Michael: KPPC, 1970-71. Michael, who played Lenny in Laverne & Shirley, is an actor.
McKean, Rod: KRKD, 1955-70; KIIS, 1970-75. Rod acquired Arabian Horses for his ranch near Yosemite and worked in law enforcement. He is writing a book.
McKenzie, Gary: KIIS, 1977-79. Gary lives in the Washington, DC area and runs an Internet company specializing in banner advertising.
McKeon, Jim: KWST, 1974-76. Jim is president of M3 and lives in the Southland.
McKeown, Kevin: KROQ, 1976-78. Kevin is in politics and serves on the Santa Monica City Council.
McKinney, Jeff: KNX, 1992-94. Jeff works news at WCCO-Minneapolis.
McLaughlin, Bob: KFWB; KLAC. The former "Big Five" dj at KLAC died in 1977 at the age of 63.
McLaughlin, John: KOCM, 1991. Unknown.
McLean, Hal: KFOX, 1973. Unknown.
McLeod, Reid: KWIZ. Reid retired from KWIZ in 1990 and is living in Anaheim. For the past 10 years he has traveled over 11,000 miles in his motor home, and been to Europe and Hawaii. Reid is a part-time airport limo driver for executive firms in Orange County.
McMillan, Bill: KRLA, 1959-66; KABC, 1966; KNX, 1967. Bill runs an ad agency in Orange County.
McMurray, Jeff: KLOS. Jeff is program director at KYYS-Kansas City.


(Pictured: George Moore; Larry Mantle; Patty Martinez; and Chuck Martin)

McNamara, Shaune: KHJ, 1977-80; KHTZ, 1980-84; KHJ, 1984-86; KRLA, 1987-90; KLSX, 1990-92; KRTH, 1992-93; KCBS, 1993-94. Shaune is working on various projects to preserve the memory of her late husband, The Real Don Steele.
McNeal, Jeff: KUTE, 1979; KHTZ, 1979; KIIS, 1979-82; KGGI, 1981-82; KRTH, 1991. Jeff is editor & publisher of The BIG Picture: DVD Ratings, News, Forum and Reviews. http://www.TheBIGPictureDVD.com
McNeal, Pete: KHJ, 1970-72. Unknown.
McQ, Lon: KJLH, 1990-2000. Lon is a dj at KJLH.
McRoberts, Earl: KDAY, 1958-60; XTRA, 1961-66; KFWB, 1967-72. Earl is retired and living in San Diego.
McShane, John: KMPC, 1954-59. John passed away in the late 1970s.
McVay, Mike: KTNQ, 1978. Mike is president of McKay Media.
McWhirter, Robert: KBLA, 1967. Unknown.
Means, Michael: KIKF, 1985-95; KLOS, 1995-97; KABC/KTZN, 1997-2000. Michael is part of the sales team at KABC.
Means, Pat: KACE. Since leaving the public affairs show, "The Turning Point," she has returned to publishing her magazine of the same name.
Medina, Enrique Gonzalez: KUSC, 1992-98; KCSN, 1998-2000. Enrique is a composer and is writing an opera. He lives in Sierra Madre.
Medina, Oz: KQLZ, 1993; KROQ, 1993; KACD, 1999. Oz briefly worked evenings at KACD.
Medriano, Joel: KEZY, 1985-95. Unknown.


(Pictured: Rod McKean; Carl McIntire; Red McIlvaine; and Mark Miller)

Meeker, Jim: KWIZ, 1967; KEZY, 1968-70; KRLA, 1970-71; KEZY, 1975-76. Jim is a real estate appraiser in Seattle.
Melendez, "Slim" Jim: KYMS, 1989-95. Jim does fill-in at KOLA.
Melendez, Kiki: KRLA, 1996-97; KACD, 1997-98. Kiki hosted Kiki Desde Hollywood on Galavision. In the fall of 2001 she is scheduled to host a one-hour daily syndicated talk show.
Melendrez, Sonny: KIIS, 1972-73; KMPC, 1973-80; KFI, 1981; KRLA, 1983; KMGG, 1984-85. Sonny works in San Antonio at KSMG.
Mellen, Johnny: KNOB, 1954-57; KGLA, 1957-60; KLFM, 1961-63; KEZY, 1963. John lives in Hawaii.
Melton, Jeff: KEZY, 1987. Unknown.
Mendelson, Alan: KFWB, 1999-2000. The KCAL/Channel 9 money reporter is the business reporter at KFWB.
Mendelson, Barry: KFI, 1973. Barry co-hosted "Sports Phone" with Jerry Bishop prior to Dodger games. Unknown.
Mendoza, Mark: KKHR, 1984; KUTE; KMGG; KQLZ, 1989-92; KIIS, 1993-94; KLOS, 1996-97. Mark broadcasts on the Internet, KNAC "Live on the Net."
Mentz, Rabbi: KFI, 1999-2000. Chaim Mentz works a weekend shift at all-Talk, KFI.
Mercer, Gary: KSRF; KALI, 1985-2000; KMNY, 1999-2000. Gary hosts a morning drive Adult Standards format at Multicultural's KMNY.
Mercer, Michelle: KPWR, 1993-98. Michelle left "Power 106" in the spring of 1998.
Mergen, Jim: KLAC, 1959-71; KGIL, 1971-83. Jim is a radio station broker.
Meris, Alan: KLSX, 1994. Unknown.
Merkelson, Lew: KJOI, 1973-74. Unknown.
Merrill, Adrienne: KHTZ, 1985-86; KGIL/KMGX, 1989-90. Adrienne worked at Metro Traffic until 1996.
Messer, Brad: KMET, 1975-77. Brad works at all-Talk KTSA-San Antonio.
Metal, Sheena: KLSX, 1999-2000. Sheena works weekends and swing at the "FM Talk" station.
Meyer, Dave: KBCA, 1978-80; KOST, 1980; KJOI, 1980; KBIG, 1980-83; KZLA, 1983-89; KKGO/KKJZ, 1980-90; KLIT/KMPC, 1992-94. Dave is a free-lance voiceover talent living in Santa Barbara.
Meyers, Jack: KABC, 1960-80. In the early 1980s Jack was involved in a serious automobile accident. Some time after the accident he died suddenly.


(Pictured: Bob Myers; Larry Marino; Michael Medved; and Roy Masters)

Meyers, Joel: KMPC, 1983-87. Joel appears on tv sports broadcasts.
Michaels, Billy: KIKF, 1997-99; KPLS, 1999-2000. The former swing jock at KIKfm is now with KPLS.
Michael, Justin: KBBY, 1998. Unknown.
Michaels, Al: KLAC, 1967. Since 1976, Al has been part of ABC's Monday Night Football.
Michaels, Bill: KFI, 1985; KBIG, 1999. Bill left K101-San Francisco in the spring of 2000.
Michaels, Blair: KIIS, 1992-93. Blair hosts "After MidNite Show" under the name Blair Garner.
Michaels, Dave: KEZY, 1974; KDAY, 1974 and 1977-82; KUTE, 1983-84; KLAC, 1983-84; KRTH, 1986-88; KIQQ, 1988-89; KIIS, 1989. Dave is program director at KLOU-St. Louis.
Michaels, David: KACE/KEAV, 1992-93. David is with Cox radio in Louisville.
Michaels, Ford: KIKF, 1985-86. Ford Mullins is an ae with a cable company in Desert Hot Springs.
Michaels, Lee: KDAY; KJLH, 1994-95. Lee programs WBLS-New York.
Michaels, Pat: KWIZ, 1952-56; KFOX, 1956-57; KLAC, 1957-58; KFWB, 1958-59; KABC, 1960-61; KWIZ, 1971-81; KQLH/KWRM, 1981-88.. Pat lectures on the subject of broadcast journalism at California State Universities at Fullerton and San Bernardino and he writes for the OC Register and the Desert Sun in Palm Springs.
Michellini, Geno: KLOS, 1984-94; KFI, 1995-96; KLOS, 1999-2000. Gene works afternoons at KLOS.
Mickey & Teddy: KGBS, 1973. Unknown.
Middag, Ron: KPPC, 1970-71; KMET, 1972. Ron worked on-air as Ron Inor. For over 25 years, he has been an audio specialist for KRON/TV in San Francisco.
Middleton, Burr: KPOL, 1974-78. Burr has an active voiceover career and owns a production company.
Mikki: KNAC, 1992-95. SEE Michelle Parisi.
Miles, Bob: KBBQ, 1972; KKDJ, 1972-73. Unknown.
Miller, Alonzo: KAGB/KACE, 1975-86. Last heard, Alonzo was working at MCA Records and living in Riverside.
Miller, Arlen: KIEV, 1972; KBBQ; KEZY, XPRS; KWOW; KGIL. Arlen is a voiceover coach in Hollywood.
Miller, Bob: KPCC, 1984. Bob was the former general manager at the Pasadena City College station. Unknown.


(Pictured: Earl McRoberts; Rick Minyard & Ken Minyard; Jeff McNeal; and Stephanie Miller)

Miller, Bruce Phillip: KWIZ, 1973-75; KKDJ, 1975; KIIS, 1975-80. Bruce co-founded the now-defunct Los Angeles Broadcasters School with Earl Trout III.
Miller, Ken: KMPC/KTZN/KABC, 1978-97; KIIS/AM/KXTA, 1997-98. Ken is a member of the advisory committee for National Baseball Radio Network.
Miller, Larry: KLOS. Unknown.
Miller, Mark: KQLZ, 1991-93; KLOS, 1997-2000. Mark works part-time at KLOS and has an active voiceover and acting career.
Miller, Stephanie: KFI, 1994-95; KTZN, 1997; KABC, 1997-2000. The daughter of Barry Goldwater's running mate in 1964, William Miller, Stephanie left KABC March 3, 2000.
Miller, Tracey: KFI, 1982-93; KABC, 1994-95; KMPC/KTZN, 1995-97; KLSX, 1997-2000. Tracey works middays with Jonathon Brandmeier at the FM Talk station, KLSX.


(Pictured: Gary Moore; Bob Maryon; and Michael Means)

Mills, Jim: KLAC, late 1960s. Unknown.
Milner, Cal: KHJ, 1962-63; KGFJ, 1965-76; KKTT, 1977; KACE, 1973-84; KKGO/KKJZ, 1984-92. Cal lives in Fresno and he does voiceover work.
Milner, Tom: KLFM; KNAC, 1963-64; KEZY, 1970-75. Tom works for MPO Videotronics and lives in Ojai.
Minckler, Bill: KNX/FM, 1986-87. Bill is program director at KKCW-Portland.
Mincucci, John: KPPC. Unknown.
Mineo, Sal: KABC, 1973. Sal was slain in the parking garage of his apartment complex on Holloway Drive in Hollywood.
Miner, Tim: KUSC, 1999-2000. Tim works all-nights at Classical KUSC.
Mink, Sue: KNAC, 1981-85. Last heard, "Marie the Minx" was working in Las Vegas.
Minnick, Jim: Jim was one of the sidekicks in the broadcast booth early in the L.A. Kings history.
Mintz, Elliot: KPFK, 1966-68; KLAC, 1968-69; KMET, 1969; KPPC, 1970; KLOS, 1970-71; KABC, 1973-74. Elliot is a media consultant representing the Lennon Estate, Bob Dylan and Diana Ross, among others.
Minyard, Ken: KABC, 1969-98; KRLA, 1999-2000. Ken hosted an afternoon drive show with his son Rick at KRLA until July 6, 2000. Their show continues in syndication.
Minyard, Rick: KRLA, 1999-2000. Rick works with his father Ken in a syndicated talk show.
Mirabal, Lee: KMPC, 1996-97. Lee left her evening talk show at KMPC in early 1997. She owns a recording studio in Burbank called "Voicemarketing.Com."
Miranda, Reuben: KALI, 1986-87. Unknown.


(Pictured: Tom Mosher; Terry McGovern; and John Majhor)

Missman, Fred: KBIG, 1988-97. Unknown.
Mitchell, Bernie: KPPC, 1970-71. Unknown.
Mitchell, Dan: KEZY, 1964-83. The former gm at KEZY sells commercial real estate in San Juan Capistrano.
Mitchell, Ed: KPPC, 1967-68. Ed has passed away.
Mitchell, Jim: KFWB, 1972-78. Jim is an attorney and journalism professor of First Amendment law at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
Mitchell, Johnny: KHJ, 1965-67. Born Ed Phillips, one of his goofy stunts early in his career was setting a world record of 195 "stay-awake" hours while on WYDE-Birmingham. He worked for four years in the early 1960s as Johnny Holiday at KCBQ-San Diego before becoming a "Boss Jock." He was also known as Sebastian Stone. In Billboard's 1966 polling of djs, Johnny was one of the leading early evening Top 40 personalities. He left for KFRC-San Francisco to be pd in February 1967. Mitchell worked with the Dave Clark Five during his Northern California stay. He went on to work in New York. He died in his sleep on November 11, 1987.
Mitchell, Lenny: KWIZ, 1968; KEZY, 1969. Lenny works for the bus company in San Diego.
Mitchell, Matt: KFSH, 2000. Matt works afternoon's at Salem's "The Fish."
Mitchell, Steve: KIQQ, 1973-74 and 1979; KHTZ, 1980; KFI, 1981-82. Steve is program director of WYAY-Atlanta.
Mobley, Candida: KJLH, 1986. Candida owns a production company.
Moll, Allan: KLAC, 1957-60; KHJ, 1960-68. Allan is retired and living in Salt Lake City.
Mollicone, Cheryl: KUSC, 1984. Unknown.
Monday, Rick: KABC, 1993-98; KXTA, 1998-2000. The former baseball player is part of the LA Dodgers broadcast team.
Monds, John: KKBT, 1990-93. John is doing mornings at WAVZ-Chicago.
Monreal, Jane: Jane is a traffic reporter for KFWB and other stations from Shadow Broadcast Services.
Monroe, Rick: KUTE, 1979-86. Rick is writing, acting, working in nightclubs and writing jokes.


(Pictured: George Martin; Motley Fool Tom Gardner; Motley Fool David Gardner)

Montague, Magnificent: KGFJ, 1965-67; XERB, 1968; XPRS, 1972. Monty has recently finished a book on his life.
Montana, Haz: KSSE, 1999-2000. Haz is pd at Spanish Super Estrella.
Montione, Joe: KHJ, 1979-80; KUTE, 1980-81; KIIS, 1992-93. Banana Joe recently left morning drive at KTXQ-Dallas.
Montoya, Dave: SEE Sky Walker
Moor, Doug: KTYM. Unknown.
Moore, B. Harold: KGIL, 1976. Unknown.
Moore, Billy: KKDJ, 1972; KRTH, 1972-73; KGIL, 1974-75; KIQQ, 1974; KUTE, 1975-76. Billy lives in Zionsville, Indiana, and owns a production facility.
Moore, Bob: KEZY, 1972; KKDJ, 1973; KFWB, 1974; KHTZ, 1980-86; KLSX/KRLA, 1986-93 and 1994-2000. Bob is general manager of the talk stations KLSX and KRLA.
Moore, Del: KLAC, 1956. The tv and film actor died of a heart attack in August 1970.
Moore, Gary: KFI, 1986-88; KNX/FM/KODJ/KCBS, 1988-97; KLOS, 1997-2000. Gary works early evenings at KLOS.

(Pictured: Douglas McEwan; Young Marquis; Rich Marotta w/Mike Tyson; Greg Marino; and Maggie McKay)

Moore, George: KKTT/KGFJ, 1978-85; KPWR, 1986-88; KSRF, 1988-89; KJLH, 1989-93; KMPC, 1992-94; KACE, 1994-2000. George is an AirWatch/KFI news anchor.
Moore, Michael: KHJ, 1982; KNOB, 1982-87; KHTZ, 1982-85; KHJ, 1985-86; KRTH, 1986-90; KBIG, 1990-93; KFI, 1995-97. At KNOB he voice tracked his show as Michael Harris. Michael has an active voiceover career and is a MultiMedia Specialist at Earthlink in Pasadena.
Moore, Michael "Mixin'": KJLH, 1990-91; KCRW, 1991-94; KKBT, 1993-94. Since 1995, Michael has been a multimedia producer for Mico Tech Design in Los Angeles.
Moore, Pat: KRLA, 1966-69. Pat heads the State department of Fish and Game's Southern California public information office.
Moore, Rex: KGRB/KBOB, 1973-83. Since 1983, Rex has been in the banking industry.
Moore, Rick: KUTE, 1980.


(Pictured: Gary McCartie; Bob McCormick; Mark & Kim; and Michael Moore)

Moore, Robert: KPOL, 1967-73. Robert died in 1995.
Moore, Vicki: KFI, 1996-2000. Vicki is a news reporter for KFI.
Moorhead, L. David: KFI, 1968; KLAC, 1969; KFI, 1969; KMET, 1969-79; KIIS, 1981. L. David Moorhead was affiliated long-time with Metromedia Broadcasting. Before he arrived in the Southland, David's on-air name was Guy Williams. In Phoenix he was known as Johnny Wallace. One of his early assignments was working at WMMS-Cleveland. At one time David produced the Arthur Godfrey Show. In fact, he started his career in 1952 on WSRS-Cleveland. He also was pd of WOKY-Milwaukee and was national pd of Bartell Broadcasting. David was gm of KMET in the mid-1970s and hosted the Sunday night forum "Mangle the Manager." He was also senior vp of Metromedia radio and vp of CBS radio. In the 1990s David moved to Las Vegas and consulted radio stations. He died July 7, 1996, at the age of 62.
Moraga, Pete: KNX, 1969-72 and 1988-92. Pete retired in late 1992 and returned to Arizona where he now lives in Mesa.
Morales, Dave: KPWR, 1993-97. Dave works middays and he is md at KHKS-Dallas.
Morales, Diane: KKHR, 1984; KLOS, 1984-87; KROQ, 1988. Diane is doing promotion work.
Morales, Freddy: KACD, 1998. Freddy was part of Poorman's morning Groove Show. He is in a band affiliated with Sony Latin.
Morales, Mucho: KHJ, 1977-80; KRLA, 1980; KGFJ, 1981-82; KRLA, 1983-85; KMGG, 1985; KPWR, 1986-90; KKBT, 1990; KRTH, 1991-92; KGFJ, 1993; KRLA, 1993-96; KIBB, 1997; KTLT, 1998-2000. Mucho works at Westwood One's Oldies Channel.
Moran, Bill: KABC, 1975-78; KIIS, 1979; KABC, 1980; KIIS, 1981-82; KGIL, 1986-88. KFI, 1988-90. Bill hosts a syndicated entertainment show.
Moran, Gussie: KFAC, 1972. Unknown.
Monreal, Jane: KFWB. Jane broadcasts traffic for all-News KFWB.
Moreau, Catherine: KGMX/KHJJ, 1983-97; KMLT, 1997-2000. Catherine is general manager at "Lite 92.7FM."
Moree, Lisa: KRTH, 1986-91. Lisa is out of radio and travels the country representing a pharmaceutical company.


(Pictured: Benny Martinez; Mike McVay; and Mark Mendoza)

Moreland, Dick: KRLA, 1961-69. Dick died of cancer in the summer of 1988.
Moreno, Raul: KHJ, 1980; KIIS/KPRZ, 1981-86; KFAC, 1987-89; KKBT, 1989; KQLZ, 1989-90; KKGO/KKJZ, 1989-91; KMPC, 1990-93; KUSC, 1991-93; KEZY, 1994-95; KNX, 1995-2000. Raul works at all-News KNX.
Moreno, Terry: SEE Pat Evans
Moretta, Mohamed: KACD, 1996-98. Mohamed works for Shuki International and he writes for Hits magazine.
Morgan, Bob: KHOF, 1960-63; KGBS, 1968-79; KHTZ, 1979; KRLA, 1986. Bob is a locomotive engineer with Amtrak and works weekends at KDES-Palm Springs.
Morgan, Charles: KABC, KPFK. Charles died August 7, 1991, at the age of 78.
Morgan, Chet: KLIT, 1997; KIIS, 1987-2000. SEE Chester the Arrester
Morgan, Dirck: KFWB, 1982-2000. Dirck is a news reporter at KFWB.
Morgan, Dusty: Unknown.
Morgan, Larry: KIIS, 1984-86; KSCA, 1994-96; KYSR, 1996-2000. Larry works at comedy division of Premiere Radio Networks and swing at "Star 98.7."


(Pictured: Jami Mayberry; Pat Moore; Jane Monreal; and Joe McDonnell and Doug Krikorian)

Morgan, Mark: KDAY, 1983-90. Mark works in video editing.
Morgan, Melody: KMGX, 1994. Melody is morning co-host on KSFO.
Morgan, Ray: KDAY. Unknown.
Morgan, Robert W.: KHJ, 1965-71 and 1972-73; KIQQ, 1973-75; KMPC, 1975-84; KMGG, 1984-86; KMPC, 1986-92; KRTH, 1992-98. Robert W. has burrowed his way into a magical place as the quintessential morning man over the decades in Los Angeles radio, beginning in the mid-1960s. It wasn't always that way. "I decided that being a disc jockey was a lot more fun than spending the rest of my life in a courtroom." The world may have lost a lawyer, but it gained arguably one of the top three morning jocks during the second half of this century. Robert, born in Mansfield, Ohio on July 23, 1942, was the original morning "Boss Jock" at the Drake/Chenault-consulted "93/KHJ." "I knew I was destined to be in radio when I realized my parents’ initials were AM and FM (Arthur and Florence Morgan)." He arrived in Southern California from KEWB-San Francisco. In 1967, Billboard published that Robert was voted 5th most popular disc jockey and the best in morning drive. During this time, he and his fellow jocks were surprised by a poll taken at one of the Teenage Fairs. "They asked the kids who they were most influenced by. Disc jockeys came in third behind parents and teachers. It stunned all of us. My job had always been a question of just having fun. After that, I became more responsible. I think it placed subconscious pressure on us." Robert hosted ABC's In Concert series, the Helen Reddy Show and KHJ/Channel 9's Groovy program. His morning signature at KHJ was "Zap, You're Morganized," which meant that one belonged to a very exclusive club. Even adults found it exhilarating to be "Morganized" as some kind of rite of passage. He made a personality out of his engineer "Fail Safe," manipulating him to the cover of a weekly "Boss 30" survey. In 1970, Robert left KHJ for an opportunity at WIND-Chicago. Wolfman Jack, who was hotter than a pistol at the time, was a guest on his last show. Robert called Wolfman Dick Whittinghill in obvious tribute to the long-running KMPC morning man. The irony of his reference to Whittinghill wouldn't be felt immediately. When he signed off he thanked Bill Drake, the Big Kahuna, and played Frank Sinatra's recording of the Rod McKuen song A Few More Cities. After the Windy City experience, Morgan returned to KHJ in 1972. In October of 1975, a once-in-a-generation job opened at KMPC, and Robert took it. His first assignment was a split shift on Sundays, as well as back-stopping KMPC sports events and filling in for the weekday staff. His move to KMPC seemed strange on the surface. There must have been a hidden agenda or a promise of a shift in order for the superstar morning man to settle for a Sunday split shift. Robert told James Brown of the LA Times that there were no promises when he joined KMPC. A few people did wonder how he'd handle the situation, but he said that he adjusted before he got there. To signal the new era, after 30 years of "Whittinghill in the Morning," Robert became the new morning drive personality on August 6, 1979. He started his first morning with Gene Autry blasting out Back in the Saddle Again. "I've worked every shift known to radio at KMPC but I like this the best. I've always thought of myself as a morning man." Robert has also hosted a number of syndicated radio shows, including "Record World" and "Robert W. Morgan's Special of the Week," which was syndicated by Watermark. While at "Magic 106" his morning partners were Joni Caryl and St. Louis sports guy Scott St. James, who moved to "Magic" from KMPC. By 1992, all the "Boss Radio" fans were listening to "K-Earth 101" and Robert's morning move to the Oldies station seemed like a seamless decision and a very comfortable fit. In early 1994, Robert was inducted into the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame. In 1993 he received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "Unfortunately the Star is in storage until MetroLink finishes construction on Hollywood Blvd." In late May 1997, Robert announced that he had lung cancer, perhaps due to being a two-pack-a-day smoker for 35 years before quitting in 1996. In an emotional on-air statement he said he was taking some time off work to fight the disease full time. He retired from KRTH on January 9, 1998, with a three-hour on-air tribute from the Museum of TV & Radio broadcast live. Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, who announced that a city street will be named after Morgan, was part of the festivities. Robert was presented with a replica of the Hollywood Boulevard Star that bears his name. On hand: Dick Clark, Chuck Blore, Coach John Robinson, Ernest Borgnine, movie critic David Sheehan, and Let’s Make a Deal’s Monty Hall. Industry peers including Gene Chenault, Ed Arnold, Frank Terry, Bill Ward, Ken Levine, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Jay Coffey, Bill Pearl, Sharon Katchen, Bobby Ocean and Charlie Tuna. The event was MC’ed by Joni Caryl and Gary Owens. Robert passed away May 22, 1998. He was 60.


(Pictured: A.J. Martin; Catherine Moreau; Burr Middleton; and Rex Moore)

Morgan, Scott: KEZY, 1969-76. Scott is a principal in the Morgan/Frey Ad Agency in Fountain Valley.
Morley, Russ: KEZY, 1991. Russ is pd at WRMF-West Palm Beach.
Morrell, Gary: KNX; KFWB, 60s & 70s. Gary died in 1991.
Morris, Barney.
Morris, Felicia: SEE Poetess
Morris, Gary: KLAC, 1985. Unknown.
Morris, Hal: KRHM, 1959. Unknown.
Morris, Johnny: KGFJ, 1983-95; KACE, 1994-2000; KYPA, 1996-97. Johnny works swing at KACE.
Morris, Mark: KMDY, 1983; KNAC, 1983-84; KKLA, 1984-88; KACE, 1990-92; KMPC, 1991-92; KLSX, 1992-97; KJAZ, 2000. Mark works morning drive at all-Jazz, KJAZ.
Morris, Steve: KRTH, 1986-90; KKGO/KGIL, 1996-97. Steve is an actor appearing in local theatre productions works weekends and part-timer for the Adult Rock format at Westwood One.
Morrison, Bob: KHJ, 1974-76 and 1977; KIIS, 1978-79. Bob is news director at Dallas-based USA Radio Network.
Morrison, Mike: KSCA, 1994-97; KCRW, 1997-98. Mike is in the music business.
Morrison, Rod: KEZY, 1998-99; KXMX, 1999. Rod works at KMMG-Albuquerque.
Morrow, Bruce: KGBS, 1965. Unknown.
Morse, Kenny: KRLA, 1998-2000. Kenny hosted a traffic and general topic talk show on KRLA weekends until March 2000. He's active on the Internet.
Mosher, Tom: KIQQ, 1984-89; KGIL/KMGX, 1991-92. Tom founded Barzman & Mosher Advertising in Encino.


(Pictured: Pete Moraga; Steve Marshall; and Lee Marshall)

Moshontz, Chuck: KLOS, 1982-95; KSCA, 1995-97; KLOS, 1998-2000. Chuck left KLOS in the fall of 2000. He's now a family therapist.
Moskowitz, Peter: KUSC. Last heard, Peter was working at WJHU-Baltimore.
Moss, Pete: KEZY, 1966; KACE, 1971; KGBS, 1972-73; KFOX, 1975. Pete was last heard broadcasting in Bull Head, Arizona.
Moss, Ray: XERB, 1967-68. Unknown.
Moss, Terry: KFOX, 1975-76; KHJ, 1982-83. Born William Moss in Rochester, New York, Terry played the very last Top 40 record on KHJ before they went Country. During the 1980s Terry owned and edited Galaxy, a music and news tidbit sheet for disc jockeys. He also generated Cheap Radio Thrills, a personality production package. He spent time in Las Vegas on KDWN partnered in the morning with Pete Moss (no relation) as "the Dawn Busters." He also worked Country KSON-San Diego. In the mid-1980s, Terry was part of Transtar's Country format for a few years before moving on to Unistar and Westwood One. When he left the Southland he moved to a ranch in Durango, Colorado, then back to Las Vegas. Terry spent his final year in Dallas and passed away on October 15, 1994, at age 47. He asked for donations to AIDS research programs in lieu of flowers. Radio friend Dan O'Day said: "Terry was one of the best, most natural radio personalities ever. Wonderfully creative in the production room. Terrific guy."
Motley Fool: KFI, 1998-2000. David and Tom Gardner host financial show on weekends at KFI.
Mottek, Frank: KNX, 1992-2000. Frank is a news anchor at KNXNewsradio and appears on KCBS/Channel 2 News.
Mountain, Johnny: KABC, 1979. Johnny is a weathercaster at KABC/Channel 7.
Mountain, Red: KDAY, 1972; KROQ, 1973. Last heard Red was running a chain of radio stations in East Texas.
Mouzis, Bill: ABC, 1950; KHJ, 1951-77; KABC, 1978-79; KMPC, 1980-90. Bill is studio engineer/mixer and technical director.
Mr. X: KHJ, 1975. Unknown
Mulholland, Russ: KMPC, 1948-49. Unknown.
Mulhurn, Shawn: KJOI, 1976. Unknown.
Mundy, Greg: KTWV, 1993-94. Born Greg Partsch, he grew up in Rancho Cordova near Sacramento. Before the "WAVE," Greg worked at KSJO-San Joe, KNDE and KFBK-Sacramento and programmed KPOI-Honolulu. In the mid-1970s he joined the David Forrest Agency promoting concerts. The production assistant and on-air talent died at age 39 on June 29, 1994, in a boating accident.
Murphy, Bill: KJOI, 1974. After "K-Joy," Bill became a news anchor in Oregon and later in San Francisco.
Murphy, Dave: KIIS; KPWR, 1986; KNX/FM/KKHR/KODJ/KCBS, 1986-97. Dave started in San Bernardino with two Top 40 stations, KFXM and KMEN. Unknown.
Murphy, Duff: KUSC, 1995-99. Duff is an attorney by day, and opera buff on Saturdays at KUSC.
Murphy, Frank: KPWR, 1992-93; KROQ, 1993-96; KLOS, 1996-99; KLYY, 1999. Frank conducts Producer workshops and is involved with ComedyWorld.Com as a producer and talent.
Murphy, Gayl: KROQ, 1977-80; KWST, 1980-81; KLOS, 1981-95. Gayl is a comedian appearing in clubs around the Southland.
Murphy, John: KIIS, 1992-93; KZLA, 1993-95. John recently left KKRZ-Portland.
Murphy, Mary Ellen: KYSR, 1994. Unknown.


(Pictured: Matty; Jeff March; Hal Murray; and Don McCulloch)

Murphy, Tom: KBLA, 1967; KFWB, 1967. Last heard, Tom was working in San Diego.
Murphy, "World Famous" Tom: KRLA, 1971; KGIL, 1976-77; KIIS, 1977-81; KPRZ, 1981-85; KIIS, 1985-86; KFI, 1987-88; KJQI, 1993; KGRB, 1994-95. Tom works for DMX programming.
Murray, Don: KIQQ, 1980-84; KHTZ/KRLA, 1984-85; KYMS, 1986-87; KNOB, 1984-88. Don works mornings at KIDD-Monterey and runs the "Voice Shop," a voiceover and production company.
Murray, Hal: KFWB, 1961. Hal arrived in the Southland from KDWB-Minneapolis as a temporary strike breaker and returned to Minneapolis "kicking and screaming." He has passed away.
Murray, Tom: KMAX, 1995. Tom has been a long-time prime-time tv sports anchor and appears on the Fox Sports Network.
Myers, Bob: KJQI/KOJY, 1993-94; KGIL, 1997; KKGO, 1997-2000. Bob received his bachelor's degree at the University of Dayton and works swing at Classical KKGO.
Myers, Chris: Chris is a national sports broadcaster. He joined the Fox radio network in the summer of 2000.
Myrow, Rachael: KPCC, 2000. Rachael is a reporter at KPCC.


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