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Nadel, Roger: KNX, 1976-89; KFWB, 1996-2000. Roger is general manager at KFWB.
Naftaly, Keith: KKBT, 1993-95. Keith is with Arista Records.
Nahan, Stu: KABC, 1986-95. Stu is seen at sporting events in Southern California.
Naimo, John: KRKD, 1962-70; KIIS, 1970-73; KFAC, 1973-76; KABC, 1976-99. Captain Jack will retire from KABC soon.
Nardone, Mike: KLXU, 1988-2000; KKBT, 1993-96; KXLU, 1998-2000. Mike hosts "We Came From Beyond" on KLXU on Sunday nights and is a record producer.
Nash, Kevin: KKBT, 1997-2000. Kevin works late evening at The BEAT.
Nasty, Chuck: KIIS, 1994-96; KLSX, 1997-98. "The Nasty One" is working morning drive in San Diego.
Nasty, Joe: KTNQ, 1976-78; KPWR, 1987-88. Joe works morning drive at WOCL ("Power 105.9")-Orlando.
Nathanson, Geoff: KFOX, 1982 and 1984-87; KDAY; KLAC, 1990; XTRA 1990-92; KNNS, 1996; KNX, 1997-2000. Geoff reports sports at KNXNewsradio.
Navarette, Reuben: KMPC, 1994-95. Reuben writes for the Arizona Republic and is a talk show host at KFYI-Phoenix..
Navarro, Richard: KNOB, 1981. Richard has an active voiceover career.
Nave, Milt: KALI, 1965. Unknown.
Naylor, Jerry: KRLA, 1960-61; KDAY, 1964-65; KLAC, 1973-83. Jerry co-founded the Cavaliers (Last Kiss) and sang lead for the Cricketts following Buddy Holly's death. Since 1993, Jerry has been retired and is now living in McMinnville, Oregon.


(Pictured: Art Nelson; Nasty Neil; Gene Norman; Jim Newman)

Neal, Howard: KFI/KOST, 1987-99. Howard opted to leave his post as general manager of KFI and KOST when AMFM, Inc. acquired the two Cox stations in late summer of 1999.
Neil, Nasty: KMET, 1983-86; KNAC, 1986-95. Neil is part of the radio world on the Internet.
Nelson, Art: KFWB, 1961-62; KLAC, 1973-82; KMPC, 1982-87. Art died of Parkinson's Disease October 15, 1999, at his home in Hemet. Art had been suffering with the disease for the past 12 years. He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Nancy. Art started in radio as a 16-year-old broadcaster at a 250-watt in his home town of Corsicana, Texas. He worked for Gordon McLendon at KLIF-Dallas during the glory years and went on to dj at KEWB-San Francisco and WJJD-Chicago. The "Silver Fox" was 73.
Nelson, Bob: KKHR/KNX/FM, 1973-88. The former general manager of the CBS stations is a broadcast consultant for International Media Group, Inc. (KSCI/TV and KIKU/TV in Honolulu).
Nelson, Carl: KJLH, 1980-99. Carl hosts an early morning talk show on KJLH called "The Front Page."
Nelson, Don: KMGG, 1985-86. Don is director of marketing for San Diego-based Directions in Radio.
Nelson, Jan: KRLA, 1977-80. Jan, who worked news, public affairs and as Hitman No. 5, is a parish liturgist and cantor in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, and has also taught music in Catholic schools.
Nelson, Sandy: KIEV, 1959. Unknown.


(Pictured: Geoff Nathanson; Roger Nadel; Chuck Niles and Chuck Nasty)

Nelson, Terry: KFI, 1979. Terry left KYMX-Sacramento in 1997. Unknown.
Nelson, Tyrone "Boogie": KKTT/KGFJ, 1977-85. Last heard, Tyrone was working for the Good Guys in the Beverly Center.
Nemo, Doc: KROQ, 1977-78. Unknown.
Nesbitt, Bill: KWIZ, 1984-86; KEZY, 1990-93; KYSR, 1993-95; KACD, 1995; KLAC, 1999. Bill works middays at Big Band KLAC and he is operations manager.
Nevada, "Outrageous": KPPC, 1970-71. Susan Carter writes for television.
Nevins, Biggie: KFI, 1973-84. Biggie was born and raised in Brooklyn. When Cox Broadcasting bought KFI in 1973, he was brought in to program the station. Biggie was a winner of the Gavin Award for program management. When he arrived at KFI, he told Don Page of the LA Times, "We're very research minded. We intend to find out exactly what our audience likes. Basically, I can tell you that KFI will remain middle-of-the-road." He was elevated to national pd and then abruptly fired in 1984. Within a few months of leaving KFI, Biggie was moving into a new residence in Malibu when he suffered a fatal heart attack. John Rook talked about Biggie in a 1995 interview: "God, I miss him. He's still one of my closest friends, even though he's been dead for 10 years. Shortly before his death, he told me, 'If I die, I've done all that I've wanted to do.' How prophetic. He was a lovely person. He was cremated in L.A. and his ashes were flown to New York but never arrived. Through some mishap they found him in Milwaukee. Biggie would have roared!"
Newell, Peter: KPOL/KZLA, 1972-79. Last heard Peter was working in Plymouth, Michigan.
Newman, Harry: KBLA, 1965-66; KBBQ, 1967-68; KLAC, 1970-84. Harry retired in late 1995.
Newman, Jim: KFWB, 1994-99. Jim is financial editor at KABC/Channel 7.
Newmark, Phil: KPWR, 1986-91. Phil owns Newmark Communication in Toluca Lake.
Newport, Mike: KLON, 1993-99; KCRW, 1999-2000. Mike is operations director at KCRW.
Newton, Todd: KIIS, 1997. Todd hosts an overnight satellite show for SupeRadio. He is the voice of E! Entertainment and hosts game show Hollywood Showdown on PAX/TV.
Niagara, Joe: KPOP, 1959; KBIG, 1960-62. Joe works at WPEN-Philadelphia.
Nicholaw, George: KNX, 1967-2000. George is general manager at all-News KNX.
Nickell, Tricia: Tricia works for MetroTraffic Networks.


(Pictured: Kenny Noble; George Nicholaw; Joy Nuell; and Eric Norberg)

Nickson, Nick. Nick broadcasts the LA Kings on radio.
Nicole, Lauryn: KPWR, 1994; KACE, 1994. Unknown.
Niehaus, Dave: KMPC, 1966-76. Dave lives in Bellevue, Washington with his wife Marilyn. They have three children.
Niles, Chuck: KFOX, 1956; KNOB, 1957-65; KBCA, 1965-79; KKGO, 1979-89; KKJZ, 1990; KLON, 1990-2000. The premier jazz dj works afternoon drive at all-Jazz KLON.
Nix, Ed: KVOE/KWIZ, 1950-62; KEZY, 1962-73; KWIZ, 1973-86. Ed lives in Anaheim and is retired.
Nixon, Joe: KXLA, KRKD; KGBS, 1966-67; KIEV, 1967-74; KFOX. Joe died February 2, 1995, of leukemia at age 70.
Noble, Kenny (Cortes): KZLA, 1978-79; KFOX, 1980-81; KWST, 1981; KHTZ, 1981-85; KFI/KOST, 1985-86; KLSX, 1986-87; KACD, 1995-96; KOST, 1996. Kenny left morning drive at WFLC-Miami in early 2000 and is doing fill-in in Seattle.
Noble, Wendell: KABC, 1960-61. Unknown.
Nolan, Mike: KORJ, 1975; KFI/KOST, 1986-2000. Mike broadcasts traffic reports from his fixed-wing plane in both drive times at KFI and KOST.
Norberg, Eric: KMPC, 1972-75. Eric runs a music research firm for Adult Contemporary stations and publishes the weekly Adult Contemporary Music Research Letter.
Norell, Adrienne: KLIT, 1992-94; KXEZ, 1995-96. Unknown.
Norman, Gene: KFWB, 1944-52; KLAC, 1952-58. Gene has five publishing companies and several of his albums have been nominated for or won Grammies.


(Pictured: Jane Norris; Joe Niagara; John Naimo; Todd Newton)

Norman, George: KLAC, 1959. Unknown.
Norman, Pat: KRTH, 1985-91. Pat ran KFRC-San Francisco in the 1970s. The "K-Earth" gm died of a brain tumor.
Norman, Phil: KNX, 1959; KBIG, 1968-69. Phil passed away in the late 1980s.
Norrie, David: KMPC, 1991-93; XTRA, 1994-95. The former Bruin football quarterback worked the UCLA games on the radio. He also works in real estate for CB Commercial.
Norris, Jane: KFI, 1991-97. Jane works middays at Talker WHAS-Louisville and is syndicated..
North, John: XTRA, 1960-65; KLAC, 1965-70. Following a stint as marketing director at Western Pest Control, John is now doing freelance tv production.
Norton, Duke: KLAC, 50s & 60s; KBIG, 1967; KLVE. Duke was one of the "Big Five" djs at KLAC. He broadcast the all-night show from a window at Wallichs Music City at the corner of Sunset and Vine. He was a former teacher at the KIIS Broadcasting School. Duke passed away in the late 1980s.
Novak, John: KFOX, 1973-75; KWIZ, 1975-89. John does voiceovers and works with the Hunter-Barth ad agency in Orange County.
Novak, Lisa: KWST, 1979. Lisa works in the D.A.'s office in San Mateo County
Novak, Mike: KIQQ, 1973-74. Mike lives in San Diego.
Novak, Mimi: KXEZ, 1990-92; KODJ/KCBS, 1993-98. Mimi left "Arrow 93" in 1998.
Nuckols, Joe: KYPA, 1996-97. Joe is wirth TAN Marketing in Asheville, North Carolina.
Nuell, Joy: KFWB, 1969-84. Joy is director of marketing for APA Travel Center in Beverly Hills.


(Pictured: Joe Nasty; Stu Nahan; Linda Nunez; and Mike Novak)

Numan, Human: KIIS, 1999-2000. Human Numan started working KIIS weekends and swing in late 1999.
Nunez, Linda: KNX, 1990-2000. Linda is co-anchor of morning drive news at KNX and has won AP's "Best Radio News Anchor Team" in California for four consecutive years.
Nunez, Rick: KGFJ, 1986. Unknown.
Nye, Louis: KLAC, 1959-60. Louis is a comedian/actor.


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