For 25 years, LARadio has tracked thousands of personalities who have entertained
us in the Southland from 1957-present. These pages were never meant to be a life-time resume/bio but rather a snapshot of each on-air personality –
where they came from, where and when they worked in Southern California,
and where they are now.

If you are on the listings, please update and make corrections as needed.



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And the best news of all is that senior LARadio correspondent Alan Oda is writing a weekly blog, mostly about radio

Alan has had his own love affair with radio and you’ll get a unique perspective every week on his view of radio.



Final Curtain for


After 25 years, LARadio came to an end in October 2020
Read the final column by clicking the above curtain 


Ladies of LARP Calendar in 2007

Early LARadio was dominated by men. In the 70s women began to find an important place - on and off-air - in creating the rich history of LARadio. In 2007, we saluted the women in LARadio with a calendar that included the names of the LARP who were having birthdays that month. Calendar was sponsored by Mt. Wilson Broadcasting. You can access it at this link.

* Calendar Kelley Girl

“I'm delighted to be included with such a distinguished list of LARadio women, but it's my husband who's tickled by the fact that he's married to a calendar girl. The calendar is being prominently displayed at his offices, where all can see it.” – Sandy Kelley


Radio with Pictures  


 Kara Ukolowicz, Amy Sugarman, Stephen Baldwin, Valentine; Pat Duffy, Harold Austin; Mark Wallengren, Kim Amidon


The Real Don Steele, Johnny Grant, Brian Beirne, Robert W. Morgan; Francis Gary Powers; Stu Nahan


Tommy Jaxson, Randy Kerdoon; James Tuck, Laraine Herman, Julie Chin, Vicky Moore; Capt Max Schumacher


Big Boy; Mike Butts; Lynn Anderson Powell, Julie/Rick Dees, Wally Clark


Jeff Baugh, Rhonda Kramer; Don Elliot, Paul Liebeskind, Ron Shapiro, Paul Mahler, Christina Kelly,  Chris Leary, Paul Freeman, Tom Mitchell;
Gary Bryan, Lisa Stanley, Bob Malik

Chuck Blore, George Wilson, Mel Hall; Lisa Shearer, LaRita Shelby, Denise Smith; Earl/Ellie McDaniel


Stephanie Edwards, Bob Eubanks; Andy Ludlum, Richard Rudman, John/Fran Brooks; Dan Avey, Dave Stone


Tommy Lasorda, Gary Moore; Cleve Hermann; Ringo Starr, Nicole Sandler


Johnny Hayes, John Newton, Bob Eubanks; Dave Hull; Ken Phillips, Dick Clark, Kari Clark, Jhani Kaye

KKBT's Oscar Joyner, Sue Freund, Tom Joyner, Tom Calococci; Tom Bigby; Terry Saidel, Brian LaBonge, Tom Bernstein, Barbara Masterson,
Carol Shook, Mike, Mike Adachi, Lynnette Haywood

KMET 2007 Reunion - Back row: David Perry, Phil Gonzales (Raoul), Cynthia Fox, Rick Scarry, and Jim Ladd
Seated: Pat "Paraquat" Kelley, Sam Bellamy, Bob Griffith, Hugh Suratt, and Jeff Gonzer; Chuck Hayes, Lee Hacksaw Hamilton, Henry Hyde; George Wilson, Ron Alexenburg 

PJ Butta; 1260 K-Mozart thanks; Bob Hamilton, Chuck Berry 

Leslie Marshall; Huggy Boy; Gary Miller, D'Marco Farr


Howard Stern to Sirius; KKBT's John Salley, Bobby Holiday, Mary J. Blige, Mark Keene, Ananda Lewis; George and Betty Nicholaw 


2009 Remote with KFI's Terri-Rae Elmer, Ken Champiou, John Kobylt; KROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer (2017);
Former longtime site of KABC/KLOS on LaCienega

KIIS' Ryan Seacrest running with his dog, Georgia; KSWD/The Sound Airstaff:
Uncle Joe Benson, Cynthia Fox, Mimi Chen, Mark Thompson, Rita Wilde;
Humble Harve








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