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The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. 


(Pat Boone, Suzanne Ansilio, Kevin & Bean, and Jimmy Kimmel from his days at KROQ)

Email Saturday, 10.19.2019 

** Kingsley Assisted Radio Career

“Some people may say that Gene Autry was the greatest cowboy of them all. In my heart, I will tell you, it was Bob Kingsley. He passed away this morning at 80 years young. Bob did more for my radio career than I could ever put in writing. I will miss him more than I can say.

This is a very sad day. Rest in Peace, my dear friend.” – Jeffrey Leonard

** Kingsley’s Journey

“As you know I have been fighting an infection with my knee replacement from June 1 of last year. Due to my physical limitations, I had to turn down the opportunity to spend an evening with Lon Helton and Bob Kingsley & his wife Nan. When I first moved to LA from San Diego to work at R&R as Country Editor, Bob Wilson took me to a lunch with Watermark’s Tom Rounds. He asked if I was interested in hosting a Country countdown show using our music charts. I was so overwhelmed by my new job and doing two weekend shows on the radio, I turned him down. I told he surely could find someone more qualified for the job. He did – it was Bob Kingsley.

Over the years, every time I saw Bob, I joked about getting my cut of his earnings for turning down the offer. Bob was not only the kindest gentleman, he always had a special smile and laugh. He was kind to everyone he met. The Country Music industry has lost one of the best. My life was made better by knowing Bob. I wish Nan and their families my sincerest condolences on the passing of a true legend. Rest in Peace, my dear friend. Much love.” – Judy & Jim Duncan

** More Kingsley Love

“My condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Bob Kingsley. Bob was humble and unpretentious.” – Phil Harvey

** Kingsley’s Drive

“Re Bob Kingsley – A thousand years ago I was the music director of WMTS-AM, the Nashville affiliate for American Country Countdown. Even though our studios were in Murfreesboro, about a 40-minute drive from Music City, Bob made the effort to drive down and meet with us, and graciously voiced several drops for us. A True Gentleman, and a consummate professional.  Sending thoughts of swift and complete healing.” – Bill A. Jones
** Client Call

“Very sorry to read about Bob Kingsley’s passing. Had the pleasure of working with him at KGBS during its country music period. We spent many a Thursday night at the Palomino Club putting on the talent night contest. Here’s Bob (bottom left), KGBS morning man, Joe Nixon (bottom right) and myself (top left) at the grand opening of a Der Weinerschnitzel restaurant. Don't know the names of the two Weinerschnitzel's executives (two coatless men).” – Tom Bernstein

** Seratti a Hustler

Bruce Seratti was one of those radio sales / marketing people you always remembered because he was a hustler without being a huckster. He was bright, engaging, always smiling and loved to leave you with a funny story or an outrageous joke. A gentle man.” – Ed Ziel

** Seratti Set Stand for Excellence

Bruce Seratti worked with me for many years at KZLA / KLAC during the ’80s and early ’90s. He was an expert in his field of promotional marketing for the grocery and food industry. He wasn’t the first, but he set the standard of excellence in his field. He was well respected, ethical and a gentleman. His daughter, Jeri also worked at the stations as well and was very professional like her dad.” – Norm Epstein

** Stern Perspective

“My view of the contemporary Howard Stern is quite different than the fawning that the elite Hollywood glamour crowd showers upon him.

I used to listen to Howard back in the KLSX days and then followed him to Sirius when he promised a ‘revolution’ on the radio landscape. However, it wasn’t too long before we all realized we had been suckered. Once he received his $100 million paycheck, he seemed to stop relating to his audience. Frequently the conversations turned into stories about his endless luxury vacations. I could just hear Robin Leach featuring a segment on Howard Stern. How do you think a truck driver or a cop on the beat in NY could relate to this?

What made things worse is that his revolution quickly turned into a four day a week gig and now into a three day a week gig while Sirius continued to charge listeners seven days a week. I imagine it must be tough running a revolution from the beaches of a luxury resort. Then he started to create his new persona and bleach away any of his past and perhaps his funniest skits since they were no longer part of his born again, politically correct version. He even went to the extreme of renaming his whack packers to less offensive names.

He truly had transitioned into the elite snowflake that he had battled and despised for all his earlier years. I stopped listening and subscribing to him five years ago and frankly haven’t missed it at all. I don’t miss his tales of endless vacations with similar elites like woke millionaire Jimmy Kimmel or his daily disdain for being on the air. I look forward to him ending his show. It's better for him to vanish into irrelevance just like many of the hypocritical crowd have done once they’ve destroyed the legacy that made them the hit they were, then ignoring the crowd that put you them there.” - Steve Chang, Venice

** Evil Woman

“Getting in the car after my Monday morning physical therapy session [I’m on the tail end of a snapped Achilles tendon recovery], I fire up the 1958 Ford's AM radio and head off to work at the studio. After the usual 20-second wait for the vacuum tubes to warm up, out of the speaker comes ELO’s Evil Woman, courtesy of K-SURF. I always had a soft spot for Jeff Lynne and Co., but there’s also just something about hearing a 44-year-old favorite coming from a 61-year-old receiver. With a smile on my face, I turned up the radio and headed to The Shop.” – Bruce Barker

** Voice Belies Body

“That picture of J. Paul Huddleston was very familiar to me as I included it in my UHF History website article on the defunct KCHU/18 in San Bernardino, where the late JPH was the original news director a few years before KHJ.

What a commanding on-air presence, and no one seeing him would have believed that voice came out of that person, as is so often the case in radio.” – K.M. Richards
.... thanks to Norm Garr

When You Wish Upon a Star...
(October 18, 2019) Disney is reinventing itself. You wouldn’t think it had to. The brand is solid. I bought the stock at $20. It’s now $131. Public loves the theme parks. Public loves the animated movies. But chairman Bob Iger sees the future.

Through the complexities of streaming, cable cutting, and changing tastes, he’s betting the farm, well at least the newer version of Tomorrowland, on streaming. Iger’s launching Disney+, an attempt to break free from the cable TV shackles that have kept his business earthbound. Disney has suffered from the loss of 7 million subscribers in two years with ESPN defections.

Iger is after streaming leader Netflix and its 152 million global subscribers. Disney has divorced itself from being a content provider to Netflix. Only time will tell if his crystal ball is crystal clear. Wouldn’t it be nice, as the Beach Boys once sang, if radio had such leaders, willing to take a chance with new programming and new technology? Entercom just announced that will now have the ability to pause live programing. Hasn’t this technology been available for decades with tv hard drives going back to TiVo in the nineties? Wonder what’s next as our local clusters are in budget hell preparing for 2020?
 She SaidGloria Allred makes headlines again with the lead story in the Calendar section of the LA Times. She has represented dozens of women who have sued powerful men for sexual harassment but the Times story contends that her reputation as a feminist crusader has come under scrutiny. In the just-released book from two New York Times journalists, She Said, they raise questions about whether the attorney truly had her clients’ best interests at heart. Fascinating read.

Hear Ache. One industry veteran observed there are lots of new podcasts every day. At this rate there will not be enough people to listen … John Bunnell died last week. He was the son of long-time KFXM general manager Bob Bunnell. John was around KFXM all of his life, working in sales and other needed positions. The elder Bunnell passed away back earlier this year, on August 12 … Al Anthony checked in from Knoxville. “We moved here when my wife diagnosed with a terminal condition, Scleroderma,” emailed Al. “She wanted to be here for the birth of her first grandchild. Now there are five. Back in 1998, she was expected to live between two and seven years. She is now doing OK and still kicking. Thanks to a wonderful study I got her into at UCLA at that time, she started to plateau some and a little better as time went on. There is no cure or treatment, just a lot of pain, no remission.” Al concluded: “So sad what has happened to our radio industry. I attribute much of it to deregulation which allowed the proliferation of that monster, Clear Channel.” … Wendy Williams received a Star on Hollywood Boulevard. You can hear her speech by clicking on her photo up top … Howard Stern continued to cherry pick outlets to promote his book. On his visit to Ellen DeGeneres he proposed to kiss Ellen so everyone would forget the photo of her with George W. Bush at a baseball playoff game. Headlines screamed that Ellen liked Bush. Howard snuck a kiss … Speaking of Howard, Michael O’Shea, a station owner who formerly was with 710/KMPC, has answered the question of whether Howard can retire next year or will he keep on working. Click the photo of Howard and Ellen to read O’Shea’s assessment.

Tomorrow, Email Saturday is filled with tributes to Bruce Seratti and Bob Kingsley. In Nostalgia Sunday from 7 years ago, the importance of mentoring. On Monday Bob Kingsley's dear friend and agent provides some insight on the Country Radio King.
Full page ad for KLAC promoting the failed MOR format, LA Times, Wednesday, October 15th, 1969
From David Grudt's personal collection

Radio HOF Member Bob Kingsley Dies

(October 17, 2019) The world of Country Music Radio is mourning this morning. Bob Kingsley, a national Radio Hall of Fame Member whose voice was synonymous with Country music, died at his home in Weatherford, Texas while receiving treatment for cancer. He was 80.

One of broadcasting’s most beloved and iconic figures, Kingsley was a mainstay on radio for 60 years. His dominance in the Country format began in 1978 when he took over as host of American Country Countdown after four years as the show’s producer for one of radio’s founding syndication companies Watermark, founded by Tom Rounds.

In 2006, he and his wife and business partner Nan Kingsley established Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40, produced by their own KCCS Productions, still running on more than 320 stations.

Kingsley received many of broadcasting’s top honors and was named to the Country Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1998 and the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016. He is the namesake and was the first recipient of the Bob Kingsley Living Legend Award, presented each year since 2014 at the Grand Ole Opry House and benefitting the Opry Trust Fund. They were among the many fruits of a career built on a simple premise. "I love the music and the people who make it," he once said, "and I want our listeners to have as much insight into both as I can give them, and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible."

Bob's love for radio and music dated to his childhood, when polio kept him in bed and in near isolation for a year. “I would listen to the radio,” he said, “and certain shows became really important to me. It was complete escapism and entertainment. I didn't realize the imprint it was making, but it obviously stayed with me."

At 18, Kingsley joined the Air Force and served in Keflavik, Iceland, where he jumped at a chance to become an announcer on Armed Forces Radio. That experience and his love of Country music would carry him to legendary stations like KFOX, KGBS, KFI, and KLAC in Los Angeles, and to his role as the voice of Drake-Chenault’s Great American Country format, used by hundreds of Country radio stations. His role as host of American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley made him a household name. He supplemented the weekly countdown with Christmas specials.

A celebration of life will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 1pm at the Country Music Hall of Fame’s CMA Theater. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made in Kingsley’s name to the Country Music Hall of Fame’s All For The Hall campaign or the Grand Ole Opry Trust Fund.
"LARRY MCKAY: Me in 1979 (and 1982) I was Dr. Buss’ 1st (SHOWTIME) p.a. man at the Forum in Inglewood.
Lakers won two NBA Titles In 3 years." - Larry McKay

Molly Turns a Paige in Her Broadcasting Career 
(October 16, 2019) Molly Paige has made one of the critical pivots in her News/Talk career. She worked at KABC, KIBB, KRLA, KCBS/fm (Arrow 93), and KPFK. Molly was part of NBC News Radio, based in Washington, DC. Molly has joined AllAccess as the West Coast Net News editor.

She's taking over the daily duties of Jeff Silberman, who passed away last week. “I am really pleased that Molly has joined us for this important role at AllAccess,” said Joel Denver, president/publisher at AllAccess. Joel cited her resume, which included Classic Rocker KTYD-Santa Barbara, Country KHAY-Ventura and America in the Morning. She was part of the on-air staff at Classic Rocker KGON-Portland and part of the News team at WOAI-San Antonio.

And while in Jakarta, Indonesia, she helped start the first local American Jazz station, Radio Trijaya.

Hear Ache. KFI’s Chris Little was feeling grateful the other day tweeting a greeting to David G. Hall who originally hired Little. Chris has gone on to hire many LARP who have landed on national news platforms … How do you get fired when working in radio? Here are some recent stories: ...KYSR’s Woody will host the third annual iHeartRadio ALTer EGO in January at the Forum. Performances include Billie Eilish, The Black Keys, blink-182, The Lumineers, Rex Orange County and SHAED … Congratulations to Kevin Carter and Steve Resnick on their 10-year anniversary publishing the RAMP.

Bruce Seratti Dies

(October 15, 2019) Bruce Seratti, a marketing and promotions manager for a number of stations – KDAY, KMPC, KPOL, KHJ, KRTH, KIQQ, KZLA, KGBS, KMET, KLOS, KGIL and KMGG - died August 25, 2019, of congestive heart failure. He was 83.

Basil Russell Seratti was born on January 28, 1936 in Baraga, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. As Basil turned into a young man, he became known as Bruce, the name that stuck with him throughout his life.

In 1943, when Bruce was seven, the family moved to Chula Vista, where Bruce completed his schooling. After high school, Bruce enrolled at San Diego State.

One of his daughters, Jeri Seratti, is also involved in radio. She is married Carl Goldman of KHTS in Santa Clarita.

Bruce began his career in the produce business, but soon found his niche in radio sales. His first job was at KOGO Radio in San Diego, handling sales and marketing at the radio station and eventually their television station. In 1966 the family moved to Northridge, after Bruce landed a job at the iconic radio station KABC. He created radio promotions for many of the local grocery chains and other major brands.

As the grocery and radio business consolidated, Bruce shifted to Spanish radio and television, working for Lieberman Broadcasting, taking his same marketing expertise into Spanish broadcasting, creating promotions with the Spanish grocery chains and brands from Mexico and South America trying to break into the lucrative Southern California market.
For fun, Bruce took his expert skiing skills and became a passionate volunteer at Mountain High with their ski patrol. His kids and grandkids became avid skiers at a very young age, although most preferred to avoid the tough instruction of their dad and granddad.

His passion for skiing continued through retirement, expertly skiing down the challenging “Cornice” at the very top (11,053 feet) of Mammoth Mountain on his 80th birthday.

Bruce remained active in his final years, jogging, daily workouts at the gym and continuing to volunteer at the Senior Center. He took many trips to Mammoth, Tahoe and the annual Monterrey Jazz Festival which he attended for 40+ years. 

KCLU for a Quarter of a Century
(October 14, 2019) Non-com KCLU radio from the campus of Cal Lutheran University, celebrates broadcasting for a quarter of a century with events in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks.

The celebration will kick off with a live edition of the NPR show Ask Me Another at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, October 19 at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, according to the Thousand Oaks Acorn. The show will feature host Ophira Eisenberg, the music of Jonathan Coulton and trivia and puzzle games played in front of an audience.

The five-time Grammy Award winner Michael McDonald will be a special treat.
A live taping of the NPR Politics Podcast will take place at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, October 19 in the Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Four NPR political reporters will discuss the latest on the 2020 presidential campaign. Audience members will get a behind-the-scenes look at how the podcast is made and the opportunity to ask questions.

The events commemorate KCLU’s debut October 20, 1994, when it began broadcasting from a tiny studio inside a residence hall on the Thousand Oaks campus of Cal Lutheran University. Mary Olson, who helped launch the station as its director of marketing and development, became general manager in 1996.

KCLU began as the only public radio station headquartered in Ventura County and now broadcasts additionally in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The station’s local news coverage has garnered more than 300 journalism awards through the years. News director Lance Orozco has received five national journalism awards and been named the Associated Press small-market reporter of the year in the western United States 11 times.

Along the Watchtower. “I am a researcher from The Netherlands, who writes books about Jimi Hendrix. I am writing you as a last attempt to solve a mystery. I have some photos of Jimi Hendrix at a radio station where he is being interviewed. Supposedly, these photos were taken in Los Angeles, possibly in the Wilshire Blvd area, in September 1968. Some sources say they were taken at the KPPC offices. Other sources have KMET, or KHJ. I hope you can help me, and tell me where they were taken, and if any of the other people in the photos can be recognized where I put the red arrows.” - Ben Valkhoff, The Netherlands,

Email Saturday, 10.12.2019
** Kingsley a Good Guy

“I’m so sorry to read about Bob Kingsley’s cancer diagnosis. He is one of the best guys in the industry. I first met him in 1972 when I was pd of the Armed Forces network in the Panama Canal Zone. We aired his daily AFRTS radio show and he accepted our invitation to come to Panama to do public appearances for our audiences [both on the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the Isthmus]. 

He was a gigantic hit with all the GIs and their families, and a delight to escort. We continued our relationship when I became the AFRTS Director of Programming in Hollywood. I wish him well and pray that he beats the bladder cancer, as other friends of mine have.” – Gerry Fry

** Country Music Legend

“Thank you for letting us know about Bob Kingsley. He is a true gentleman and Country music legend for all he has done. When [twenty some years ago] I dedicated 80s Ladies by KT Oslin to my best friends after one of them passed away, he selected the dedication but I missed it when I had to work.

When I let him know I appreciated the selection, he sent me the CDs of the show so I could hear it. A kindness that I’ve never forgotten. That is the beauty of radio people, the ones who live the stories behind the music and share it with the rest of us. Thank you for continuing to celebrate them and keeping us abreast of radio yesterday and today.” – Julie T. Byers

** Stern Animal Lover

“Saving animals is a side of Howard Stern that I truly am grateful for and his wife is awesome for all she does.

Nor-easters here for days. Wet winds yuck. I pray you are all safe and have your power.” – Mike Butts, Boston, 

** Stern Double Ask

“Gotta wonder if Howard Stern asked his first wife, Alison, to divorce him again, would she say YES?” – Timmy Manocheo

** Dodgers Feeling Blue

“I am a rabid, bleed Dodger Blue, Dodgers fan. Fred Roggin has it right. On the other hand, Steve Mason is dead wrong. Yes, Kershaw screwed up, but who put him in that position? Dave Roberts did! This is on Roberts and nobody else. He should have brought in Maeda. The Dodgers should put Greg Maddux on retainer and have him move into Kershaw’s house and teach him how to pitch with his reduced stuff. Rant over.” – Bob Whitmore

** Klap for the Doctor

“Just as an addendum to Mike Seeman’s praise of Dr. Robert Klapper. The good doctor helped me avoid surgery after completely shattering a kneecap some years ago. He’s also a very talented sculptor. A true renaissance man.” – Ira Lawson

**LARP Qualifier

“Just got done reading Janice Dean’s Mostly Sunny. What a fun read! Janice is known primarily as a Fox News meteorologist, but she got her start in Canadian radio. She was also part of the Don Imus Show [and hated it] for a few years. Since Imus’ show was on in LA, does she ‘qualify’ as a LARP?” – Brian Perez

** Art Gilmore’s Passing

“I saw you reported the death of Art Gilmore. I had missed that. I can only say when I’m on the treadmill at the gym 3-4 times a week normally, I go for a half hour and I always watch 1950’s/60’s tv shows on my phone during my workout. 

Highway Patrol
 is one of my regulars and of course, the booming voice of the narrator, Art Gilmore. My podcast is doing well. We could always use more downloads. The ‘Kramer and Brill Fantasy Football Podcast’ is a weekly [new every Tuesday] hour long podcast co-hosted by me and former Chicago Bears Quarterback Erik Kramer. Erik is a friend and a great co-host. He still holds some Bear’s passing records. You can get it wherever you normally get podcasts, iTunes,, Stitcher, Libsym but the easiest way is to go directly to our website Please check out my Award Winning Short Film Sundown, a western starring Eric Heisner and Al Burke. You can see it on Vimeo.” – Bob Brill

** Voice Sampling

“The voice on the automated system for Discover reminds me so much of Casey Kasem! I wonder if they’re using voice sampling nowadays?” – Andrew Schermerhorn

A National Proposal 
(October 11, 2019) Howard Stern invaded Hollywood this week. His radio show on SiriusXM emanated from their new studios, with Howard’s show certainly putting a spotlight on the festivities.

His on-air guests included Jennifer Anniston (a first-time appearance), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Adam Levine, Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogan, and Demi Moore.

Wednesday night Howard surprised his wife of 11 years, Beth Stern, with an impromptu proposal during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Howard, 65, recalled that while on a recent vacation with Kimmel, he decided he wanted to propose again to his wife. When he suggested it to Beth, however, she wasn’t on board with the idea. “She always says no. She thinks it’s jinxed,” Howard said. “It’s so great when I propose to my wife, she gets embarrassed.”

During his Kimmel appearance, Howard asked Beth to come on stage and got down on one knee. “Darling, you know you have given me the best years of my life. I love you so much. You do so much for animal rescue. You know how I feel about you,” he told Beth. “I’m going to say to you now in front of all my best friends. My sweet love will you marry me again?”

She said yes.
Storytellers. Los Angeles Radio People are great storytellers. The good ones tell a good story in 17 seconds or 17 minutes. They have wined and dined with major celebrities and been invited to once-in-a-lifetime events. But sometimes the stories are simple and touching.

Mike Lundy distinguished himself from the 1960s through his programming position at KGIL that ran for a decade and ended in 1992. He has also been with KFI, KDAY, KGBS, KFWB, and KOST.

During much of Mike’s time on LARadio, Dick Whittinghill was reigning supreme in morning drive for 29 years on 710/KMPC, the Station of the Stars. Mike lived in Dick’s neighborhood for many years.

“I had met him and seen him at church, but didn't know him,” wrote Lundy. “One day I was shopping at our long-gone old Ralphs. I spotted him down one aisle. I chose not to bother him in a moment of his private life. However, as I shopped down the next aisle a smaller, older woman came toward me as she pushed her cart. She stopped me and asked if I could help reach an item on a higher shelf. Of course, I gladly did.  Not knowing me from Adam, she said ‘Could you please reach that honey for me. You know, ‘Whit’ likes his honey in those little bears.’ I put the honey in her cart and we went our separate ways. I love the fact that she presumed I, or anyone, would know of whom she spoke when she referred to ‘Whit.’ One of life's nice little moments.”

Do you have a story to tell? We would love for you to share one at, just send it along to 

Country Giant Steps Down Due to Cancer

(October 10, 2019) Longtime syndicated Country radio giant Bob Kingsley has announced he is stepping away from his show for health reasons. Kingsley disclosed that he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, according to

Bob launched his radio career in 1958 with the Armed Forces Radio Service in Keflavik, Iceland. Upon returning to his native California, he became a disc jockey at KUTY-Palmdale in 1961, subsequently working at stations in Las Vegas, Tijuana, and Oxnard. Following a series of Southwest radio jobs, he arrived in the Southland to start at KGBS.

In Billboard's Radio Response Ratings in 1967 and 1968, Bob was voted “Most Influential Country Personality.” In October 1968, KGBS changed from Country to Hot 100 and Bob was part of the lineup. Later at KFI Bob did the all-night shift, offering Country music while the rest of the day was MOR. He also spent time at then-Country leader KLAC.

He has been affiliated with ABC Radio Networks’ American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley since 1974 when Casey Kasem and Tom Rounds hired Bob to produce their new syndicated series, American Country Countdown. In 1978, Bob began a 28-year run as host; during that time, he received 16 consecutive “Network / Syndicated Program of the Year.”

In 2006, Kingsley left Countdown to launch Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 with his wife and partner Nan. He has received three Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) / Country Aircheck awards, the CRB President's award and the “Grand Ole Opry Living Legend Award.” 
In a Billboard Magazine profile, Bob talked about being enamored with the history and roots of Country music. He tries to include that passion and knowledge into the show, while still balancing those elements to keep it focused on current country music. In addition to the Countdown, he also produced Bob Kingsley with America’s MusicMakers, an ABC program.

“I try to leave people with a real picture of the stars who make the music. Whether it’s a chart newcomer or Garth Brooks, when the listeners hear their record, I want them to think, ‘That’s the singer Bob Kingsley told us about.’” In 1998, Bob was inducted into the Country Hall of Fame. In 2016, Kingsley was elected into the National Radio Hall of Fame in the “Music Format On-Air Personality” category.

Enough Said

Newest LARP

(October 9, 2019) The newest LARP from Meruelo Media’s “Cali 93.9 #1 for Reggaeton y mas” (KLLI) is Mexican Superstar, Angelica Vale. Angelica (known as “La Vale”) brings a 40-year career in theater, film, tv and radio that includes the starring role in the wildly popular Spanish language version of Ugly Betty, which became one of the highest-rated tv series in the United States.  

She has voiced many animated films, including the Oscar winning Spanish language version of Disney’s animated theatrical film Coco. Angelica is currently the leading star of Univision’s midday drama series, “Y Manana Sera Otro Dia Mejor” (Tomorrow is a New Day) and co-stars in the new Netflix anime series, Seis Manos. Angelica was born in Mexico City and is the daughter of legendary actress and “La Novia de Mexico” (Mexico’s Sweetheart) Angelica Maria.

“I’m thrilled to host middays on Cali 93.9. In addition to loving this music, I can’t wait to connect with listeners. I am a working mother, wife and daughter. I understand the challenges of juggling schedules, car pools and family obligations. This is a passion project for me; I love radio, I love LA and can’t wait to be on-air every day.”

Another Weedy OneSteve Weed, a veteran of KIIS, in the seventies and early eighties is retiring. Most recently, he was head of programming for iHeart in Central California. “It’s been an incredible journey, from weekend shifts while in college at UCLA, right up to today” said Weed.  “I’ve spent my entire working life doing the one thing I love, never holding a job outside of radio.” He said that after 50 years in radio that he had a secret, “I would have done it all for free!”
Hear Ache. A new “podfading” statistic: Apple Podcasts say they remove podcasts from their directory with technical problems that violate rules or manipulate charts. So, how many have they removed from Apple Podcasts over the last 90 days? 23,460 according to data from podcast analytics and attribution company Chartable - that’s 260 a day … Bob Gowa said it was great to hear these words “but I'm in no rush to hear them again. ‘Wake up Bob, you have a new shoulder. Starting to feel human again...almost!' … iHeartRadio’s Bob Pittman made a strong statement at the recent NAB RadioShow: “Podcasting is radio’s birthright.” … Wendy Williams (ex-KDAY) will receive the 2677th Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her award is in the television category, not radio. 
...from Dave Grudt's personal LA Times ad collection dated October 6, 1969

Kevin Ross Celebrates 10 Years on the TV Bench 

(October 8. 2019) Kevin Ross, briefly worked Saturdays on AM 710/The Zone before being promoted to weekends on then sister station 790 KABC. He is currently celebrating his 10th Season on the daytime syndicated program America's Court with Judge Ross.

Kevin’s tv career catapulted into national exposure by Byron Allen of Entertainment Studios. Just Google Allen’s name to be duly impressed. Kevin, the former Los Angeles Superior Court judge, has been presiding over cases since 2010 while also serving as one of the show’s executive producers. Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Legal / Courtroom Program,” America’s Court is now the fifth longest running court show behind Judge JudyPeople’s CourtJudge Mathis, and Divorce Court.

There are two Kevin Ross’s who worked in Los Angeles Radio. Another Kevin Ross publishes and is a former radio personality who jocked at KGFJ, KKBT, and KACE.

Ross the judge left terrestrial radio in 1999 after being elected to the municipal bench in Inglewood. Prior to America's Court, he had reignited his radio career on the Internet platform  

Hear Ache. Condolences to AllAccess and former R&R colleagues on the loss of Jeff Silberman. He died last week following complications of congestive heart failure. He was 66 … Vicki Cox saw an interesting headline, “Man faces assault charges after police say he spayed officers with insecticide” … Dianna Jason of Meruelo noted that long-time Los Angeles Radio Account Executive, Linda Sanchez, has died. “She was loved by the entire market. Linda worked at KBIG, KZLA, Go Country and most recently at SBS. She called on Susan Richey (McDonalds), Alicia Nelson and many more,” emailed Dianna … Former KLAC Sports talk personality JT The Brick, a.k.a. John Tournour, is joining SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports channel to host the late-night show.  

Power Kerfuffle

  (October 7, 2019) Nick Cannon is a busy guy. He will have a daytime tv talk show after subbing for Wendy Williams and getting the attention of the industry. Most recently Nick was added to the Power 106 (KPWR) morning show for new owners, Meruelo Media. But for how long?

A recent kerfuffle between Cannon and controversial radio host, Charlamagne tha God brings the question into play. Charlamagne believes Nick will bail from his Power morning show as pressure to make his daytime tv talk show a hit, according to the Nick responded to the charge by calling him a “friendly hater.”

Cannon responded, “Charlamagne been hatin’ on me since day one. But I’m here to prove everybody wrong. I love radio. I love this morning show, and I’m not going anywhere regardless of what jobs that I get, ‘cause you guys are my family.” Charlamagne posted on Instagram: “I’m willing to take small wagers that I’m right…matter fact I’m not placing that bet because Nick will stick around just to prove me wrong.” If both were looking for publicity, they got it. But Charlamagne may have a point, not for being spread too thin.

LARadio is littered with celebrities who have attempted early morning radio, only to find out that the medium is tough. Think George LopezSinbad, and Danny Bonaduce.
Radio Ladder. Now here’s a morning talent who lasted almost 30 years in drive time. In a 1978 LA Times profile of Dick Whittinghill, 29-year veteran at 710/KMPC said at the time of his retirement that he enjoyed the money and did the morning show because “it’s more money and I can get away early for golf every day.” He hung out daily at the Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake.

“The disc jockey,” he once said, “is the lowest rung on the show business ladder. There’s no talent required for this whatsoever. Believe me. I should know, I've been doing it long enough.”

Dick continued, “I don’t believe in ratings and surveys. The way you know you’re doing well is to look at your log; if you have a bunch of commercials in there, you know you’ll be back the next day.” He valued the friendships with his sponsors and advertisers: "I play golf with some of the fellows. Cadillac has been with me about the longest.”

Dick made a commitment to never tease the sponsors. His show had something for everyone.

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