The most comprehensive listing of 6,000 Los Angeles Radio People, spanning the last 62 years is now available just by clicking on your favorite personality. 
The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. 


(Sam Rubin, Ellen K, Michelle Visage, Bill Drake, Gary Theroux, and Bob K)

New Boss at 88.5/fm 

(June 26, 2019) KCSN looked for a new general manager and found him – already at KCSN. California State University, Northridge has named Patrick Osburn as its new boss, replacing the retired Sky Daniels. Osburn will be in charge of 88.5/fm at KCSN-Northridge and KSBR-Mission Viejo (Saddleback College).

Patrick joined KCSN in 2017 and had been serving as its director of business development. He has spent more than 30 years in the radio industry, with 20 years at Triple A stations.

After receiving a Business / Marketing degree from San Diego State University in 1985, his career transitioned into media sales and management. “I have sold for and managed sales departments for small, medium, and large publicly traded organizations as well as Public Media,” he wrote on his LinkedIn account.

“As the industry and technology has evolved, I now create, sell, and manage multi-platform solutions for sponsors. I have vast experience in sports sales and marketing, News-Talk-Sports formats, as well as several music formats. I have also had success creating content, which included building channels of distribution, and monetizing the projects.”
In other news: Larry Levy, administrative assistant in the International Studies & Languages Division at Pepperdine University, sent along a link to a classic aircheck from Michael Horn. Mike was hosting his CRN Digital Talk Radio show with the legendary Sweet Dick Whittington and the late Scott St. James as guests. Sweet Dick set some parameters for being a guest. He said he would not talk about Bruce Jenner, who traded in her Olympic Gold medal for a mother of pearl necklace. Take a listen to fun Talk radio here. They also talked about regular caller, “Suicide Bob” who called every week with a different problem … James Holzhauer, the recent 2 million-dollar winner on Jeopardy, is playing in his World Series of Poker debut currently in progress in Las Vegas, giving a partial part of any winnings to charity ... Former KOST personality from 1971-73, Ira David  Sternberg thought he might participate in two categories: “He will probably win” and “Ways to spend Jeopardy money.” … The family of the late Dick Enberg has his La Jolla estate on the market for $9.8 million. Records show Enberg paid $850,000 for the property in 1999. Enberg, who died in 2017 at 82, had a career that saw him win 13 sports Emmy awards in addition to being honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Basketball Hall of Fame and National Baseball Hall of Fame. He had deep ties to Southern California and provided play-by-play and analysis for the UCLA Bruins, Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Angels … KFI’s John & Ken are soliciting daily homeless experiences for a new feature … Michelle Visage, mornings at HOT 92.3 from 2002-05 and pictured in the above gallery, subs for Larry King on his tv show, available on Hulu and RT America.

Corporate.FM is a Must-See Documentary

(June 25, 2019) If you love radio and care about its future, Corporate.FM is a must-see documentary. “The radio industry… is an example of an industry that was doing pretty well, and they gutted it.” This documentary deserves your look-see. The “they” is the private equity industry, which provided the financing to large companies to go on the epic buying sprees that resulted in today’s enormously consolidated commercial radio landscape.

The film debuted six years ago at the Kansas City Film Festival, it’s now available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Investigative reporter Josh Korman does a great job explaining how the radio business made a major shift from local ownership to corporate consolidation in the documentary Corporate.FM.

The opening scenes in the documentary explains the power and strength of local radio. “The power of radio is that our neighbors are listening to it at the same time, and together we create a critical mass of support at the local level.”

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 is the bugaboo in the story.

In simple terms, the filmmaker presents a simple picture of how ownership deregulation cost hundreds, if not thousands of jobs by shifting away from local emphasis in radio sales and programming to a more McDonaldization centralized point of decision making.

Live and local seems to have all but disappeared. Corporate.FM streams on Amazon Prime and it’s a must-see, even if you are experiencing the story firsthand and know the ending. Click the artwork to watch the trailer.

In other news: Congratulations to former KFWB programmer Greg Tantum on 41 years of wedded bliss … Did you happen to see that Elliot Field, the last original on-air jock at Top 40 Color Radio/KFWB just turned 92 this week? He wrote a great book, Last of the Seven Swingin' Gentlemen … Last week KABC’s Jillian Barberie and John Phillips were talking about the movie openings last week. Jillian went on and on about Toy Story 4. John was silent but sparked when chatting about Child’s Play and Jennifer Tilly. “I’d rather see Chucky getting lucky.”
KRLA Sunday LA Times Calendar ad from June 23, 1980 from David Grudt's personal collection ... Fun promotion!

Muhammad Takes Over Programing at KJLH

(June 24, 2019) Compton’s only local station, KJLH, has a new programmer. Jamillah Muhammad will now oversee radio programming and marketing. She will be reporting to Market Manager Elston Butler at the Urban AC owned by Stevie Wonder.

Muhammad has an impressive resume that includes stints in Charlotte at WPEG (Power 98) and Urban AC WBAV (V101.9). She also programmed Radio One Urban AC WMMJ (Majic 102.3) and Gospel WPRS (Praise 104.1) in Washington until 2012. Earlier in her career, Muhammad programmed WKKV (V-100)-Milwaukee and WMXD (Mix 92.3)-Detroit, plus duties as apd/md of WVAZ (V103)-Chicago. She also served as program director for the Premiere-syndicated “The Sweat Hotel with Keith Sweat.”

"I am extremely excited to join the KJLH family as the new operations manager," said Muhammad. "With my passion for radio, serving the community and improving brands, I know we can lead this heritage station to success!" Concurrent with Muhammad’s arrival, Aundrae Russell continues at KJLH as the station’s new Community Relations Director.

In other news. Larry Gifford, former pd at KSPN has been promoted to National Director of AM Radio for Corus Entertainment. “Super excited to work with great talk radio stations across Canada. And we get to stay in Vancouver,” said Larry … Sad to learn that Jim Pike, co-founder and lead singer of The Lettermen, one most popular vocal groups of the 1960s, has died from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. He was 82 … Christina Applegate, KPPC’s Bobby Applegate’s daughter scored big with the first season of Dead to Me and earns a second season. Dead to Me is one of the best ever offerings on Netflix and the writing is superb … Following a routine blood test, Kenny Noble was told he needed a sonogram of his liver. “The sonogram (which was kind of weird BTW, lol) revealed a gall bladder filled to the max with stones. Doctor urged removal asap,” said Kenny on Facebook. He’s having surgery today. Wish him well … Saul Levine emailed to say that KSUR will go back to original 50s to 70s Oldies. On another note, later this week KKJZ will expand its coverage when KKGO will carry jazz on its 105.1 HD 3 channel. “This will increase coverage of KKJZ to a whole new audience in the West Valley and the Inland Empire.” … Congratulations to Pam Baker on celebrating ten years with Entercom/CBS Radio.

Nostalgia Sunday - 10 Years Ago Today

Tim Conway, Jr. is Rollin' on the River

(June 23, 2009) Tim Conway, Jr. has uprooted from Southern California (Seal Beach and the San Fernando Valley), where he has spent his entire life, and moved to a suburb of Portland, Oregon. “I’m sitting on the Columbia River talking with you,” Tim said the other day. “I come back on the weekend to work at KNX on Saturday and KFI on Sunday. If you buy far enough in advance it is $69 one-way, so it’s just like commuting.” (Photo: Tim with his wife Jennifer and daughter Sophia)

Tim had been doing nights at KLSX for well over a decade until CBS Radio/LA flipped the FM Talk station to Top 40 AMP Radio on February 20. This transition was perfect timing for Tim and his wife and daughter to pull up stakes. He’s been up in Oregon for six weeks and loving it. “We built a three-bedroom, three bath, two-story townhouse, which is about 1,700 square feet. The house is about 20 feet from the Columbia River. My wife’s grandmother built the one next to us. We bought the property, which goes out in the water about 30 yards so we can put a dock out there. The property, building the house, all the furnishings and appliances inside for $204,000. You can’t do that in L.A.” 

Tim said that every bar in Oregon has six video poker machines. “That’s how they pay for the sales tax. There’s no sales tax in Oregon. When I registered my car in California it was $600 a year. Up here it is $61 a year. No sales tax is great. You buy a $99 pair of pants it costs $99.” 

“I just ordered an ISDN line,” said Conway, “and I’m going to get a Zephyr and do some shows out of here.” Soon he will be doing both his weekend shows from his home in Oregon. What if a full-time slot opens at KFI? “I talked to Robin Bertolucci about doing half down there and half up here and she was pretty cool with that.” 

Tim said there was a casino right across the river that he can almost see from his back porch. It was suggested that if he ever comes home sopping wet and it hasn’t been raining, his wife will know that he swam across the river to the casino. “That would be quite some explaining to do,” admitted Tim. 


  • “I’ve heard that a lot of people have almost been rear ended by Richard Simmons.” (Stephanie Miller, KTLK)

  • “We don’t know who to root for in Iran, do we? We just want them all to die, or maybe not die.” (Don Imus, KABC)

  • “Can you imagine going to cancer wards as Miss California and saying to the kids, ‘When you get better you’re never going to look like me, no matter what.’” (Bill Handel, KFI)

  • “I really do love my Shamwow but you can’t put it in the dryer. When you do they’re just rags.” (Lisa May, KROQ)

  • “Congratulations to our old network. They have acquired Joy Behar to replace us at 9 p.m.. I’m sure that she’s going to be great and I wish her all the luck.” (Glenn Beck, KGIL)

  • "L.A. has to take one for the team. We're going to have to keep Villaraigosa for the good of the state of California. We elected him twice so we're going to have to live with the consequences." (Doug McIntyre, KABC)

New Market Manager. Bob Visotcky is the new Market Manager at 92.7 JILL/fm effective July 1st. “We`re an Orange County based Adult Contemporary station that reaches from San Juan Capistrano to Simi Valley and targeted to women 30-45 with a 37-year-old female as the bulls eye. We just launched an extensive bus board campaign throughout Orange County. Our goal is to be a full service station and will add personalities shortly.”

Bob worked for AMFM from 1994-2000 and was the market manager for the Denver and LA clusters. At Jammin' Oldies (KCMG) he increased station revenues from $7.4 to $28.5 in three years. 

Prayers for Cocker. Gary Cocker, former jock at KIQQ, KTNQ and KFI in the 1970s, needs your prayers. He has an advanced case of pancreatic cancer. 

Lane Quigley, ex-KUSC Announcer,
 Recovering from Heart Attack

Lane tells the story

I’m happy to report that I am currently feeling well and recovering from a heart attack suffered on June 11, although I will need to undergo additional medical treatment.

Here is the full story of what happened, and what lies ahead for me.

About a month ago, I noticed a red mark on my left hip that appeared to be a spider bite or a bug bite of some kind. The bite did not hurt or itch, but I would notice it daily as I got dressed. Although this bite had nothing to do with my heart problems – as you will see – it probably saved my life.

In early June, I started experiencing some mild neck and upper back pains. These began while I was spending the day having to use my laptop in an uncomfortable position. I’ve had similar pains from similar situations on previous occasions, so I thought nothing of it.  Over the next several days, the pains would come-and-go, sometimes severe and then disappear. Other than being a little more tired than usual (which I attributed to not sleeping well due to the back and neck pain), I was experiencing no other typical heart attack symptoms – no chest pain or tightness, no shortness of breath, no pains in my arms, no sweating.  I remained fairly active over the following week, doing things around the house and playing with my grandkids, and other than the continuing neck and upper back pain, I did not feel anything unusual. 

Nevertheless, as it turns out I was in the process of having a heart attack. Despite the fact that my last physical six months ago showed that I considered was a low cardiac risk (blood work showed low cholesterol levels and normal C-Reactive Protein readings), and despite the fact that I followed a heart-healthy lifestyle (never smoked, not overweight, rarely ate fried foods, never added salt to foods, rarely drank, took CoQ-10 daily, etc), I developed a clot in one of the major arteries of the heart.  [As I later came to find out, even though my blood flow had low cholesterol levels, over the years cholesterol has been creating plaque in each of my major arteries]

The upper back and neck pain was persisting, and I was becoming more fatigued.  I thought perhaps that innocuous-looking bug bite might have caused some sort of an infection that was causing the pain and fatigue, so I made an appointment to see my internist.

The doctor doubted the relationship between the bite and the pain, and initially he thought the pain sounded like typical symptoms of a pinched nerve.  However, I am incredibly fortunate to have a thorough doctor who looked beyond the obvious.  He started asking me to describe the pain in more detail, and I mentioned that at its worst, the pain extended into my jaw.  The doctor immediately had his assistant perform an EKG in his office, at which point the doctor realized I was having a heart attack and called the ambulance to rush me to the Hospital.  The doctor also called a cardiologist, who was waiting for me in  the Emergency Room once the ambulance arrived.  A short while later, I was in surgery. (Lane with his grandson Sawyer on Father's Day last Sunday)

I truly owe my life to my internist, Dr. Wallman. Had he not gone the extra step and taken the EKG, I’d have been a goner.

One of my major coronary arteries was totally blocked, and had been blocked for some days. The cardiologist performed angioplasty to resolve the clot and inserted two stents in that artery to restore blood flow.  Unfortunately, the deprivation of blood caused a certain amount of blood tissue to die.  Once that happens, dead tissue does not revive.  However, a limited amount of heart tissue that appears dead may have only been “stunned” and now that blood flow has resumed, some of that may revive.  We will know in a couple of weeks how much, if any, of the tissue fits in this category.

A healthy heart will ordinarily pump-out about 60% of its total blood content with each heart beat (this is called the Ejection Fraction).  After my surgery, an echocardiogram determined that my Ejection Fraction was 30%.  I will undergo another echocardiogram later this month to see if that figure goes up.  The higher the better, but many people can function with little or no trouble at 30% or less (
Rick Ward tells me that he has been functioning fully for several years at 28%.)

I will likely be undergoing further procedures. Two other major arteries are 75-80% occluded. That needs to be addressed. There is a small chance that medication can dissolve some of the build-up, and I’ve begun taking those meds.  They will know within a few weeks if that is working. If not, then I will need to undergo more angioplasty to clean out those arteries.  That may require two arthroplasty procedures, although it may possibly be accomplished in one.

I spent four days in the hospital, now I am at home with instructions to take it easy. I am feeling better than I have in years (probably because I’ve got better blood flow). I knocked on death’s door, but fortunately it was locked. My prognosis is good, and I'm happy to report that I’ll be continuing to host “The Memory Lane Show” on, and more importantly I will be around to renew my LARadio subscription next year

Email Saturday - 6.22.2019

** Northern California Radio

“Thanks for re-visiting Detroit and WDRQ. Loved your story. That's one I had never heard.

I watched the Northern California Radio video when Dr. Don Rose choked up I did too. What a talent and KFRC what a station.” – Mike Butts

** 80s Music on K-SURF

“I’ll preface this by saying I’m an LARL [L.A. Radio Listener], not an LARP. K-Surf’s Facebook page is lighting up with negative feedback on their addition of 80s music. I’m only 32 and prefer the 50s and 60s tunes that they started out with. Not only that, plenty of stations in L.A. already play music from the 80s.

K-Surf was unique. Not anymore.

I hope that, at the risk of sounding like the late Bill Drake, ‘The backlash just keeps on coming.’ Here it is:” – Joey Schwartzman

** Portrait of My Love

Greg Hardison's tribute to Steve & Eydie moved me! So sad to read about Steve's Alzheimer Disease. Several times a month I go to You Tube to replay some of Steve & Eydie's television and concert appearances.

In my opinion, they were, unequivocally, THE finest, most consummate live performers of my time. Eydie and Ella remain my two, all-time favorite female singers. Steve's phrasing and the quality of his voice are second only to Sinatra. Donn Trenner, the 91-year-old former musical director to Steve Allen, Ann Margaret, Nancy Wilson and others also worked with Steve & Eydie. Donn, now director of The Hartford Jazz Orchestra, speaks glowingly of Steve & Eydie; both as performers and persons. 

Thanks for publishing Greg Hardison's tribute.” - Bob Sirkin

** Craig “Sea” Carpenter

“I had to write when I saw Craig ‘Sea’ Carpenter’s pic in your column this week. When I first started part-time at KFXM in 1978, he was the afternoon jock. Great, high energy delivery. He sounded major market to me.

Sadly, he left shortly thereafter and I never heard anything more about him until today!” - Neil Young

** Newman’s Business

"I barely remember Jim Newman from the ‘NFB’ all-News experiment at KMEX/34, but then it came and went so quickly ...

But I do remember, when the AP Radio Network started in 1974, him being the first anchor of their hourly ‘Business Barometer’ financial and stock market reports. [I was with KOVA - now KFYV - in Ventura County then; we were one of the charter affiliates of APRN.] Link is to Clarke Ingram's ‘History of UHF Television website, where I am content coordinator and have written a fair amount of the content personally.” - K.M. Richards

** Nathan’s News

"Great to see the piece on Nathan Roberts. I enjoyed working with him at KCOP in the '80s and was happy to hear his voice on KNX after missing him in this market for a number of years.

Nathan's always been one of the smoothest pros on the air.” – Mitch Waldow  

Nick Cannon Looking for Love 

(June 21, 2019) Have you heard the new Power 106 morning show, hosted Nick Cannon? He plays lotsa Hip-Hop music with E-Man in the mix but when the music stopped the other morning, Nick talked about love and finding love.

Now here’s a guy who was married to Mariah Carey for six years. Got to be tough to find a date? Nick was pretty clear on what he is looking for. “I don’t want love unless it’s that old school 90s love. There’s a lot of slippin’ and slidin’ for me but it is too wet. I’m getting out of the pool. I’m done.

Nick declared. “I don’t think this generation knows what love is.”

Nick took some calls with callers trying to convey what works for them. “Remember when the songs were about problems like my girl left me, my dog died? That was real love.”

Perhaps you have a love match for Nick?

Stab Myself
. In 1971, I was the general manager of a Bartell-acquired fm property in Detroit that we named WDRQ (formerly WDEE/fm). There was a void in the marketplace for a news/talk station. It was chancy because we were the first in the country to try this on fm.

One of my marketing efforts was with the morning Detroit Free Press. LARadio reader Tony Martin wrote me recently with a copy of an August 14, 1971 column by Charlie Hanna in the Free Press.

Tony loves to discover nuggets with on-line archives. I had forgotten about it.

Charlie wrote: “The thing I like about WDRQ/fm, I said to Don Barrett, general manager of Detroit’s newest radio station, ‘is that the listener is not bothered by a whole lot of commercials.’ Whereupon Barrett picked up the table knife by his plate and pantomimed placing the pointed end precisely in the area of his own heart. Barrett was attacking the prime rib on his plate with zest as he said, ‘We’re going to knock WWJ [stodgy all over the place format owned by the afternoon Detroit News] radio out of the third place within 18 months.’

What if you don’t?

‘We’re going to knock WWJ out of third place within 18 months,’ he repeated. Later he said that thus far they have 20 accounts on the air.”

The Detroit Free Press story brought a smile to my face. I was only 28 at the time and fairly dramatic with the faux stabbing of the heart. I knew it would go into the story and make for some fun copy.

To launch WDRQ, I commissioned Art Vuolo to produce a 6-hour History of Detroit that we would run continusly the weekend before a Monday start. It was narrated by our morning news anchor, Richard Mock, a giant at KCBQ-San Diego. Click the DRQ artwork to listen.
Northern California Radio

Dave Beasing Has Another Sound In Him 

(June 20, 2019) Sound That BRANDS, the Los Angeles-based podcasting studio specializing in branded audio content for national advertisers, is teaming up with Emmis Communications for a round of funding that will allow rapid expansion. “At Sound That BRANDS, our motto is ‘Be the content, not the interruption,’” said Dave Beasing, ceo of Sound That BRANDS and a veteran media consultant. 

"With Emmis’ support, we'll grow quickly, producing audio that is not only entertaining and informative, but builds brand loyalty.” Previously, Beasing was the pd for The Sound / 100.3 for a decade.

“We’ve monitored the early stages of global brands telling audio stories through branded podcasts that dramatically enhances loyalty and preference,” said Emmis chairman/ceo Jeff Smulyan. “Sound that BRANDS has already become a leader in branded podcasting and is uniquely positioned to work with marquee brands to build episodes that make you laugh, feel and think in a way that reinforces the brand. Dave is a great audio storyteller, and we look forward to helping him accelerate Sound that BRANDS' growth.”

Major brands like Trader Joe's, Facebook, Smead, Tindr, General Electric and McAfee have recently produced branded podcasts.

Fast Company has called branded podcasts, “the ads that people actually want to listen to.” According to survey data released by Edison Research, podcast listenership is booming, as 32% of Americans aged 12 and older say they have listened to a podcast in the past month. Of those, 54% say they are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts. Sound That BRANDS is seeking motivated talent for several key roles, including VP/Revenue and Brand Partnerships. Former KPWR svp / gm Val Maki is heading the search. Interested parties should apply confidentially on the company's website, 
In other news: Joey Reynolds, a distinguished veteran from numerous high-profile stations over the decades, including KMPC, KRTH and KMGG in L.A., acknowledges that the Year of the Women last season was black. “What about age?” asked Joey. “Isn’t it our turn?” I suggested to Joey that our time for acknowledgement seems to be when we die. Get in line …  Jeff Penfield, interim program director, is leaving KCSN (88.5/fm) after six years for KERA and KXT-Dallas. Expect a major announcement from KCSN soon …David McCullough’s book The Pioneers knocked Howard Stern Comes Again out of the top spot on the LA Times bestseller list.
The Day the Music Burned - - New York Times Magazine

New King of CBS 

(June 19, 2019) Gayle King, better known for being Oprah’s best friend, will certainly see her fortunes turn as she becomes the new lead anchor for CBS This Morning. Gayle was featured with a cover story in the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Following graduation from college in 1976, Gayle was hired as a production assistant at WJZ/tv in Baltimore and it was there she met Oprah, who was an anchor. That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

A pragmatist at heart, when looking for a journalism job in the mid -70s, she targeted stations in the 20th through the 30th markets, not the top 10. “I asked to speak to the assistant of the news director and would introduce herself by saying, ‘I’m 22, I’m black. I don’t have a lot of money, so I don’t want to send resume reels if you don’t think I have a shot. I knew if they already have two black women, they’re not hiring me.’”

She spent decades in local news – in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Kansas City, and Hartford where she spent 18 years at CBS affiliate WFSB. Gayle hosted a radio Talk show on Sirius and Westwood One that was heard on KTLK (1150 AM) in 2010 and 2011. She received the American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Award for Outstanding Radio Talk Show.

King’s favorite song is Walkin’ on Sunshine. “Winfrey needles her that she needs to ‘take her yellow-colored glasses off.’ But there’s little chance of that. Definitely not now,” according to the THR article.

In other news: Lisa Worden, ALT 98.7 (KYSR) program director, will be presented as MUSEXPO "International Music Person of The Year" award during a special VIP Awards Gala Luncheon on in the spring of 2020. Other LARPs who have received the award include Kevin Weatherly, pd at KROQ and Jimmy Steal, longtime pd at Power 106, who is now at WTMX-Chicago … Congrats to KKJZ pd Mike Johnson on 12 years of wedded bliss … Johnny Wendell, veteran of KFI and KEIB, has a new gig. “So, as I was being interviewed at KPFK, I was sitting with the program director and general manager and about to launch into why they should hire me when this woman bursts in and says, ‘is this Johnny Wendell, the Johnny Wendell? I thought I recognized your voice, guys we gotta have him here, he's a legend!’ End of pitch. Hired. Serendipity like that has never ever happened in my life,” Johnny wrote on his Facebook page … Think being a reporter is a stressful life? Robert Feder posts a compelling experience with a Chicago journalist … Those connected with the Internet version of KNX/fm (, a popular format in the 1970s, celebrated the legacy of the station over the weekend. Pictured In the gallery photo:  Kevin SpeaksRick ShawCraig "Sea" Carpenter, Andy MarsPat Veling. Also attending but not pictured: Chris AmesDouglas Brown, and Steve Marshall.

LARPs in the TALKERS Heavy Hundred

(June 18, 2019) Every year TALKERS Magazine publishes the list of the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Host in America. About one-third of the list consists of either previous or current talent heard in Los Angeles.)

Coming up with any list is tough and subjective. TALKERS publisher acknowledges the difficulty of culling through thousands of talk show hosts across the country. The editors “painstakingly compile this super-list that is drawn upon a combination of hard and soft factors.”

They evaluate the Talkers for: courage effort impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent, and uniqueness. “We acknowledge that it is as much art as science and that the results are arguable.”

Here are the Los Angeles Radio People who appear on the 2019 TALKERS Heavy Hundred:


11. George Noory
12. Ben Shapiro
15. Lars Larson
18. Hugh Hewitt
19. Jim Bohannon
20. Michael Savage
21. Armstrong & Getty
22. Bill Handel
24. Doug Stephan
27. Sebastian Gorka
28. John & Ken
33. Dennis Prager
34. Michael Smerconish
35. Larry Elder
37. Stephanie Miller
40. Kim Komando
43. Michael Medved
44. Todd Schnitt
45. Tim Conway, Jr.
54. Clark Howard
58. Terry Gross
87. Heidi Harris
91. John Batchelor

Shot Out of Power Cannon 

(June 17, 2019) The ratings in LARadio show Adult Contemporary, Hot AC, Top 40/M, and Classic Hits lead the mornings. Spotify and other music services indicate Hip-Hop is number one with their subscribers, though currently the stations offering this music is not tops in AM drive. Yet there has been competition. A few years ago, iHeart swooped Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander from Power 106 (KPWR), his home for many years. He’s now the morning man at REAL 92.3 (KRRL).

Now the new owners of KPWR are making their move in the morning. “Nick Cannon Mornings – Power 106 #1 for Hip-Hop” will debut this morning and will be heard daily on the Meruelo station from 5 – 10 a.m. Cannon is a tv / radio host, comedian, actor, producer, rapper, writer, philanthropist, children’s book author, and social activist.  

“Nick is the quintessential entertainer and content creator who will take our media game to the next level,” said Otto Padron, president/coo of Meruelo Media, “His tremendous success across television, film and music is testimony of his unique talent, work ethic and impeccable reputation. Nick is the absolute right talent to start our mornings on Power 106 – this is an incredible match and we’re fortunate to have him on our family!”  

Cannon said, “Power 106 is one of the most substantial fixtures in our Hip Hop culture that has proven time and time again that they are #1 and not going anywhere! Los Angeles is used to star players joining star franchises! I’m just honored for the opportunity to make our community and Culture proud. All I can say is it’s Ncredible!”  

Power 106 pd, E-Man said, “Nick Cannon is that fresh sound we were looking for on Power 106. Nick is an incredible entertainer who embodies Hip Hop, pop culture, comedy, and community all in one! We are very excited to have him on our team.” Cannon is the host and executive producer of Fox’s #1 hit tv show, The Masked Singer, as well as the creator, host, and executive producer of MTV's Wild ‘N Out, which will begin production on its 15th season later this year. Wild ’N Out’s YouTube channel has amassed almost 5 million subscribers since its official launch approximately 6 months ago.

In other news: Dave Cooke reached out to welcome Bob McCormick to Texas. “Dave hired me in 1974 to come to KFRC-San Francisco from the midwest. Quite a game changer for me (photo in gallery above).” … I love Facebook on Mother’s and Father’s Day. To see photos and read the stories of the role parents played in your life is illuminating ... The Eric Weiss Agency has partnered with John Wiley & Sons on the production and distribution of “For Dummies: The Podcast,” hosted by NBC daytime star Eric Martsolf. 

The iconic WPLJ-New York ended a 48 year run recently. The video, on a standard DVD, is available at It runs 95.5 minutes and is priced at just $20 plus $4 shipping and handling. 
Click the artwork to see a preview. Art Vuolo, Radio's Best Friend, produced the reunion.

Email Saturday, 6.15. 2019

** Worked with Newman Beginning in 80s

“Along with so many others, I was shocked and saddened by the passing of Jim Newman. I had talked to Jim a few weeks ago, that booming voice and huge laugh still very evident! He had told me about a fall he had taken and he had suffered a broken hip and was using a walker, but I sensed no loss of energy from Jim, nor his sense of humor. I told him I would swing by and pick up some sandwiches and come visit and schmooze. That was not to be, unfortunately.

I first met Jim and worked with him in the early 80’s and our friendship never waned over the years. Never a dull time with Jim. Early on, I was producing a financial special Jim was hosting and we were in New Orleans at a conference when in walks Warren Buffett, who was the wealthiest man in the world at that point. He and Jim embraced and carried on like old buds. Years later, Jim had me write and produce a project for Columbia Records Special Products on the Manhattans, an r&b group. Kind of a musical documentary on the group. Jim voiced it, and they released it as a Columbia Records album … and I was listed as ‘Producer.’ Some people actually thought I had produced an r&b album!

To echo the thoughts of others, Jim was a ‘mensch.’ A gentleman. A real pro who knew the financial world inside and out. I’ll miss his stories. I’ll miss his friendship. I’ll miss his kindness. He was an original.

Thanks for everything Jim!” – Arlen Peters

** Gentleman Jim

“So sad to hear about the passing of Jim Newman. I absolutely adored him! He was such a gentleman, smart and witty, and just a kind soul. He introduced me to dim sum in Chinatown, shared some inspiring stories about the business, encouraged me to listen to his favorite classical albums, and loved chatting about the Theatre.

A class act!” – Pam Baker

** LARP Passings

“I know I share your feelings about the deaths reported in your column. I can’t add anything to Alan Oda’s fine story about Jim Newman. He was a true gentleman.

Thank you too for mentioning Lew Klein. Lew was an instructor at Temple University when I went there in the mid-50s. He was also a pioneer in tv having started at WFIL/tv several years earlier. As pd by then, he was able to get us into the station once a week [Thursday afternoons] for a production class with real equipment at a real station. Next to us, in the big studio, they were feeding the network American Bandstand.

Lew also had a radio connection. When the Philadelphia Inquirer spun off the stations [ABC bought channel 6] Lew was part of a group that bought WFIL/fm and it became WIOQ. He was active at Temple til the end.  It’s a cliche but he will be missed.” – Bernie Alan Canter (Class of ‘59)

** Huntin’ with Gregg Hunter

“There were so many nice things written about Humble Harve after his passing and I just wanted to say a few words about another LARadio personality who passed recently, Gregg Hunter.

Gregg was on the old KIEV/870 where he held court in the late hours. The station under the Beatons was a very different one, so there was a lot of room for old fashioned local radio which is what Gregg did. I will admit that I was not a regular listener but enjoy jumping around the dial as much as possible to see what is going on. On the occasions that I heard his show, it seemed like the kind of radio that was very intimate with the listener. Gregg called his listeners ‘cousins’ and treated them all like his family.   On the several dozen times I heard his show, I recognized some of the same callers who spoke with Gregg with love and affection. He didn’t talk much politics, as that tends to separate people and Gregg was all about bringing people together.  

Gregg had guests that ranged from show-biz types to celebrity psychics. He had done celebrity interviews for years at the Brown Derby and often played some of those that lent themselves to more of Hollywood’s golden age. This endeared him even more to what seemed like an audience of the over-fifty and beyond crowd. He did a weekend show called The Weekend World of Entertainment, which made me chuckle as one never really thought of anything worldwide when they were listening to KIEV.

Gregg talked about the coffee shops around Glendale that he frequented. Being a resident in Glendale for years I knew them to be not the large chain places, but the small and somewhat run-down places that dealt in very personal service where you knew everybody’s name and all about their kids and grandkids, which was very much like Gregg’s show.  

I know that once or twice Gregg booked himself into Jax Bar in Glendale with a pianist or combo. He gave his listeners a live performance of standards from the great American songbook. I didn’t attend these shows but from what I remember his listeners saying when they called, they loved it and were very appreciative of the chance to meet the man behind the voice they listened to each night.  

After the station was sold to Salem, Gregg gave his last show. I made a point to listen and he greeted his audience with a huge ‘HELLO COUSINS.’ You could hear the professional ‘all smiles’ broadcaster through what must have been a sad evening.

I honestly don’t know if there ever was a place for a show like this in a city as big as Los Angeles but the Beatons kept him on the air for many years. I know that his audience must have loved them for doing so as much as they loved Gregg.” - Gary Gibson, Montrose

** Humbleness

“Had to laugh that John Sebastian tried to make himself a hero in hiring Humble Harve at KZLA. ‘Hurting’ for a gig? Kind of a cheap shot. Harve told me JS was a nut, he would schedule meetings with Harve only to emphasize that, in Sebastian’s opinion, Harve was giving the call letters out wrongly ‘it's K-ZLA not KZLA.’ Finally, Harvey had enough and quit. He was the greatest night jock ever in LA, bar none, and one of the top five Top 40 jocks in history.” – Wade Collins, Hermosa Beach  

Track 10:

  • Kenny Noble (KZLA)
  • Nicole Sandler (103.1fm)
  • Lenore Kingston (KFWB Purely Personal)
  • Terry Foster (KHJ)
  • Jerry Trowbridge (KZLA)
  • Don MacKinnon (KFWB)
  • George Putnam (KPLS, 2002)
  • Freddy Snakeskin/Elvira (KROQ)
  • Don Herbert (KFWB News)
  • Ken & Bob (KABC Jingle)
  • KLSX Classic Rock Marathon
  • Warren Duffy (KDAY)
  • Sie Holliday (KRLA)
  • "World Famous" Tom Murphy (KRLA)
  • Roger Collins (KFI)
  • KABC/fm ID
  • KROQ Jingle
  • Poorman/Richard Blade (KROQ)
** Putnam Ahead of Time?

“Click track 10 George Putnam (KPLS, 2002): His comments, wow ahead of his time.  

And the passing of Humble Harve, sorry to hear. Last time I saw him I was the MC and introduced him up to the stage. It was a music show at a location in Chino.” – Chuck Wilder (CRN Talk)

** Death of Bo Leibowitz and More

“I was looking for news of the death of Bo Leibowitz, the jazz dj at KCRW Saturday mornings, when I thought of your web site and wondered if you were still around. Yes, you are!

I started listening to Bo several years ago when I would get up early to go somewhere on a Saturday. It is a habit of mine to turn on the radio for music. I always had the set tuned to KCRW, especially on the weekends. I would be waiting for Morning Edition to start, so the radio would be set for that channel. Occasionally, I would just wake up, for no reason, early on a Saturday and listen to Leibowitz with his selection of jazz tunes. Very enjoyable and I learned a lot.

I normally would listen to KLON [now KKJZ] for my jazz stuff, but Bo was the exception for me. There are no other standalone jazz show on Los Angeles radio. It is becoming rare to listen to such an experienced jazz expert. He will be missed.

Elroy Downs
 has been doing the show for a couple of months without mentioning the status of Mr. Leibowitz. It looks like he will be the new de facto host of the Saturday morning show. He is a good choice, as I am familiar with him from KKJZ.

Looking around the site, I was saddened to learn of the death of Humble Harve. As if the loss of Mr. Leibowitz wasn’t enough, this happens. I remember Harve from KHJ. He sure was a character. Little by little, our AM radio past is slipping away.

I had a subscription for your website some years ago and I remember when you discontinue the subscriptions. I figure you were going to retire and turn off the LARadio site. Imagine my surprise when I typed in the URL and saw the web site pop up with the current news. I guess you couldn’t stay away from doing the site.

Wow, I see you moved to a wonderful beach area, Avila Beach. I hope it is quiet for you. As for me, I retired and decided to move away from Huntington Beach after 29 years of living there. The changes there were unwelcoming and I wanted a slower lifestyle. In 2013, I moved to Joshua Tree, and just love it here. It is somewhat rustic and the environment can be harsh at times, but I enjoy it.” – Dan Ramos, Joshua Tree

** Jazz Greats

“KBCA from 1960 to 1989 [call sign KKGO adopted in 1978] is considered by most Jazz authorities to be the finest jazz programmed station that ever existed. It had an air staff that can never be duplicated, including Chuck NilesJim GosaRick HolmesSam FieldsJai RichTolly StrodeRichard LeosGerald WilsonLarry Van Nuys, and more.

KKJZ 88.1 is currently America’s Number One Jazz Station.” – Saul Levine

** Steve Lawrence Illness

“I am very sad to learn about Steve Lawrence being cursed with Alzheimer’s. Luckily, I got to know Steve and his wife Eydie Gorme 30-odd years ago, while working with Ray Briem at KABC. They were certainly two of the nicest people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. They always made time to come visit me in the control booth, before each in-studio shot with Ray. 

On one such night circa '92, they mentioned an upcoming live show at the Sundome just outside Phoenix. I casually mentioned the fact that my mother had recently bought a home in Sun City West, less than a mile from the venue. Before I could take a breath, Eydie turned to their assistant and told her to arrange two front-row tickets for my mom at will-call the night of their show. Of course, mom went, taking a friend along. She and Eydie exchanged notes, and my mother was quite taken with Eydie’s obvious sweetness. Years later, she was still telling me how much she enjoyed Steve & Eydie’s performance. Steve lost his precious Eydie back in 2013. Two years ago my mother lost her own relatively brief struggle with Alzheimer’s.

This disease is truly a cruel, evil curse. I can only hope and pray that Steve's journey is as easy as it can possibly be, as he faces what he must. And it certainly bears repeating, that Steve and Eydie were two of the finest, classiest people I ever knew in my entire life. – Greg Hardison

** Word Usage Chart

“That word usage chart was amazing. That’s what happens when the pajama boy – snowflakes – everyone must get a trophy crowd infiltrates the media.

Good for Jhani Kaye!! I have spent some time with him and like him a lot! – Mike Butts

** Word Use

“Cool to see the New York Times word usage data. Love to see how these two over exposed adjectives would look: Awesome Epic As radio fades...” - Douglas Brown

** Ray Lucia Experience

“The years I was working on the Vegas strip I used to listen to Ray Lucia. He was so compelling that I called him off-air to discuss engaging him as an advisor. He asked me about my finances and my business, then dropped the name of a game show host he claimed to be advising. He didn’t know I knew the guy. I called the host, and he’d never heard of Ray. That was the only red flag I needed.

Slippery bastard.” – Randy West
** 80s Oldies

“Wondering why massive 80s hits by Cameo, Shalamar, Atlantic Starr, Junior, the S.O.S. Band, New Edition, etc. are missing from many of radio’s so-called 80s formats. WTF? No, it’s not ‘disco’ grandpa.

Someone who’s brilliant over at TuneIn’s ‘80s Hits’ is spiking them in along with the GoGos and Night Ranger, and it sounds damn good!” – Christina Kelley

The Phrase That Pays

(June 14, 2019) When media people get together, they tell stories. Martoni’s in the 60s and 70s used to be the media watering hole. Over the years, add Nickodell’s, Le Petit Chateau in North Hollywood and radio reunions. Warren Cereghino was a tv news assignment editor at KTTV for many years, news director at KTLA/Channel 5, and worked at KNBC/tv. He used to be in radio.

A recent cartoon at LARadio triggered a moment 60 years ago when he risked his job to spontaneously, and very irreverently, skewer an on-air promotion at KBUZ-AM in Phoenix. Warren’s story:

“KBUZ's owner turned the station upside down in the Fall of '58 when he brought in three former Mc Lendon guys, one of whom was Bob (Doc) Holliday, to give it a McLendon-type sound. Bob went on vacation over the Christmas-New Year's period in 1958-59 and the pd told me, the college-boy weekend man, to fill in for Bob. The station had a hokey on-air promotion called ‘The Phrase That Pays.’ The log called for it to air at :15 after the hour throughout the day. Holliday's shift was 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This was the day after Fidel Castro's revolutionary army had driven Fulgencio Batista out of power and out of Cuba. These little ‘phrase that pays’ entries were things like ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ The jock would read an intro announcing the name and hometown of the winner of that hour's $5.00 cash prize. [Five bucks then would be about $43 today.] After announcing the winner, the jock pushed the mike filter button to emphasize the phrase. At 10:15, I said that the winning phrase that hour was from 'Fulgencio Batista, somewhere in exile, whose winning phrase is ‘sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes you're rained out’ into the record that had been flying on the turntable.

An hour later, I read: ‘this hour's winning phrase comes from Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba: ‘if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.’ Five minutes later the pd burst into the control room and yelled ‘you're mocking our promotion.’ I nodded agreement. He said I would be fired immediately and he'd take the board if I did it again.  I'd had my fun; I behaved myself after that. Holliday heard about it and told me he thought it was funny.”
In other news: Services for Jim Newman will be held tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. at St. Victor's Catholic Church, 8634 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood … Congratulations to Phil Hulett on 37 years of wedding bliss … Lew Klein, a broadcast pioneer who helped create American Bandstand, died at 91 … Condolences to Dave Gyurina on the loss of his youngest child, Marc. “He passed away in our new home in Cedar City and we couldn't save him. He was a very sweet, private, sensitive and loving young man. I am completely heart-broken, my soul is crushed and our world has caved in on us. Without the rest of my family coming together, I don't think I could deal with this. I will always love you dearly Marc” … How long is long when you talk about holding a job? Kevin Gershan is celebrating 40 years with CBS. He’s currently producer of Entertainment TonightJason Bentley is stepping down as KCRW music director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic … Sad news about singer Steve Lawrence. He has Alzheimer’s … ESPN is shutting down its Spanish-language radio business. Thirty-five lose their jobs. ESPN Deportes’ tv and digital will continue to operate. … Condolences to Nancy Cole on the loss of her father. “I was with him last week, when I flew to Phoenix to get him into a nursing home and I was on the phone with him today when he passed. I asked the nurse to put the phone to his ear, told him I loved him and he was in God's hands. He passed seconds later. Go with God, dad. You were the best.”

Financial Guru Jim Newman Dies at 86 

(June 13, 2019) Jim Newman was more than just a voice heard twice an hour offering financial news, he was an admired journalist once described by a former U.S. Treasury Secretary as “an extremely capable and thoughtful member of the Fourth Estate.” Newman died this past Tuesday at the age of 86. He was an on-air presence for over three decades.

Newman arrived at KFWB from ABC / Group W’s Satellite News channel where he was Business Week Magazine’s tv correspondent. Prior to that, he was heard on both the NBC and CBS Radio Networks.

In the early 1970s, Newman started the first all-news television programming on a UHF station. “It laid the ground work for CNN, which prospered over cable a few years later.”

Born in Oklahoma, he received his B.A. from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri and attended the London School of Economics. Newman received numerous awards, including the prestigious Janus Award for Excellence in Financial Broadcasting and the Overseas Press Club Award for International Business Reporting. Locally, he was a two-time winner of the Los Angeles Press Club’s “Business News Reporter of the Year” and has three Emmys for TV reporting.

“Growing up in Los Angeles, my dad listened to KFWB ‘News 98’ in the car at all times,” said KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin. “So I heard Jim Newman for years before I ever met him. The power and eloquence of his radio reports always left an impression on me, and then to discover that off-air in real life he had the same extraordinary qualities that I admired on the air was a real treat.”

Newman offered live financial updates from the Pacific Stock Exchange first on KFWB, then on local television. “You can’t overstate the value that Jim brought to all of us on the air and off the air on the KTLA Morning News,” said Rubin. “Here we were – this very ragtag group trying to find our way – and suddenly the very credible Jim Newman was added to the mix as our business reporter live from the Pacific Stock Exchange.”

After seven years at KTLA, Newman switched to KABC/tv in 1999. “He was (always) immaculately dressed with a tie and matching handkerchief,” said John Brooks, retired KFWB street reporter. He remembered when Newman would laugh “in that booming voice” and proclaim “Brooks, cut your hair and get a real job!” Brooks was one of many who recalled Newman was a “true gentleman, supportive and helpful with his colleagues…he was so generous with his time. When I needed explanation about something fast, his door was open at the Exchange.”

Lysa Barry, whose media company coordinated news about medicine for KFWB said Newman “was my Uncle Jim…a classy, sweet, humble and gentle man…a walking example of what broadcast history was, with class.”
KTLA reporter Eric Spillman admired Newman the journalist, but added Newman “enjoyed the finer things in life, such as classical music, thoroughbred racing, and good restaurants,” noting the business reporter was a great patron of the arts. “I recently saw him at a reunion. He was the same bon vivant I remember,” said Spillman.

Former KFWB anchor and part-time KABC anchor Ken Jeffries also recalled Newman was a true connoisseur of music. “He hosted Friday nights at the Hollywood Bowl…one night, he mentioned my name from the stage! It was a thrill.” Jeffries said Newman appeared last month at a retirement party for former KFWB Executive Editor Bill Yeager on May 7. “I saw him a few weeks ago. He was using a walker but he had the same booming voice he’s always had,” said Jeffries, who then reiterated what many said about their departed colleague:

“Jim Newman was a class act. RIP.” (Story written by LARadio senior correspondent Alan Oda)


#1 on LA Times Best Seller List - Howard Stern Comes Again

LARPs Nominated for 2019 Radio Hall of Fame

(June 12, 2019) The nominations are out for the 2019 Radio Hall of Fame, with many LARP among the nominees. There are six categories and 24 nominees. Four of these categories will be voted on by a panel of nearly 1,000 professionals.

Two of the categories – Music Format On-Air Personality and Spoken Word On-Air Personality – are nominated by the Radio Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, but voted on by listeners nationwide. The voting by the public commences July 15.

LARP nominees include: Longstanding Local/Regional (20 years or more): Bob Rivers, Seattle; Charles Laquidara, Boston.

Active Network/Syndication (10 years or more): Coast to Coast AM (Host, George Noory (bottom right); The Glenn Beck Program (Host, Glenn Beck); Intelligence for your Life (Host, John Tesh); The Kim Komando Show (Host, Kim Komando, bottom left).

Active Local/Regional (10 years or more): Kevin and Bean (Kevin Ryder, Gene "Bean" Baxter (top right)

Longstanding Network/Syndication (20 years or more) -- The Jim Rome Show (Host, Jim Rome) The nominees voted on by listeners and the HOF nominating committee include: Music Format On-Air Personality -- Sean "Hollywood" HamiltonLon Helton, The Mark & Brian Show (Mark Thompson, Brian Phelps (top left), Ryan Seacrest.

Spoken Word On-Air Personality: Stephanie Miller

The 2019 Radio Hall of Fame 2019 inductees will be announced on August 5.  
Buckets of Money. In 2012, Ray Lucia was a big advertiser at KFI. Bill Handel, the second biggest endorser of products among LA broadcasters, was a huge fan of Lucia and frequently co-hosted Buckets of Money weekend seminars. But then the SEC accused the talk radio host and investment counselor Lucia, of misleading investors to think that his strategy helped retirees "generate inflation-adjusted income for life."

When the charges were looked at objectively, Handel believed they were without merit, Bill said in a phone conversation at the time. Due to federal regulations, there are restrictions on what Bill can and cannot say, e.g. whether he invests with Lucia, but his unwavering support for Lucia was evident.

“I listen to Ray’s advice. I continue to listen to Ray’s advice. And I will listen to Ray’s advice.”

Bill was unwavering in his support of Lucia, with Clear Channel (now iHeart) / KFI continuing to air his seminar appearances. Yet SEC regulators felt otherwise. The Commission ordered Lucia and his firm to pay hefty fines for making what the SEC considered inaccurate claims. Lucia was fined $50,000 and his company was fined $250,000. Additionally, Lucia's advisor registration was revoked by the judge.

SEC banned him from associating with an investment adviser, broker or dealer, revoked his license and that of his former company, and slapped both with a fine.

All this becomes part of today’s news, as Ray Lucia announced he is retiring from broadcasting after his last program on June 28. “The Ray Lucia Show” debuted on KFMB-AM in San Diego in 1990. “I have spent decades telling others how to enjoy their retirement years, and it was time to listen to my own advice.” Strangely enough, Lucia’s woes with the SEC were not mentioned in many of the industry stories this week.

In other news: KABC’s Jillian Barberie announced her radiation schedule on her Twitter account. “I start next week. Every day for six weeks. I’ll be done end of July and looking forward to a new beginning! Can’t wait to put this journey behind me. #breastcancer” … Don Parker, former program director at KCMG (“Mega 100”) is iHeart’s regional vp of programming for San Francisco / Sacramento. His duties have been expanded to include general manager for iHeart’s Pride Radio. “Pride Radio has grown significantly over the years and has the ability to reach both a local and national targeted audience across multiple markets through its audio, digital, social and live event assets,” said Don … Dave Mason is the latest to get caught in the Entercom downsizing. He joined Sunny 98.1 (KXSN / San Diego) two years ago, “but economies and expenses vs. revenue are affecting the industry everywhere. I'm (obviously) no exception,” Dave explained on Facebook. He had a run at K-EARTH a few years back. “If anyone needs a squeaky old guy to do some voiceover work, please don't hesitate to let me know.” … Ira David Sternberg, formerly with KOST in the 1970s, is now a blogger in Las Vegas. He said a Pahrump brothel is hosting an adult prom for clients who want that high school feeling. “Wouldn’t it make more sense for the brothel to host a backseat experience?” asked Ira.   

Jhani Kaye Earns MVP Honors in Latest Ratings 

(June 11, 2019) The just released Nielsen Audio PPM for May '19 6+ Mon-Sun, 6a-12mid reflects not much variation from month to month for most stations. #1 KOST is up three-tenths of a point, as is #2 K-EARTH. The biggest jumper within the Top 10 is KBIG (MY/fm). Country KKGO fell to its lowest level in the last half year. The two sports stations - KLAC and KSPN are virtually deadlocked. KLAA, the Angels station is not listed.

1. KOST (AC) 6.3 - 6.6
2. KRTH (Classic Hits) 5.5 - 5.8
3. KTWV (Rhythmic AC) 5.0 - 5.2
4. KBIG (Hot AC) 4.1 - 4.5
5. KCBS (JACK/fm) 4.2 - 4.0
    KIIS (Top 40/M) 4.0 - 4.0
7. KFI (Talk) 3.7 - 3.9
8. KXOL (Spanish A) 3.1 - 3.2
9. KLAX (Regional Mexican) 3.3 - 3.1
10. KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 3.0 - 3.0
11. KLOS (Classic Rock) 2.8 - 2.9
      KPWR (Top 40/R) 3.0 - 2.9
13. KNX (News) 2.8  - 2.8
      KRRL (Urban) 2.8 - 2.8
15. KRCD (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.6 - 2.7
16. KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.5 - 2.6
17. KAMP (Top 40/M) 2.3 - 2.4
18. KPCC (News/Talk) 2.3 - 2.3
19. KKGO (Country) 2.6 - 2.2
      KYSR (Alternatie) 2.3 - 2.2
21. KROQ (Alternative) 2.0 - 1.9
      KUSC (Classical) 2.3 - 1.9
23. KSCA (Regional Mexican) 1.8 - 1.7
24. KBUE (Regional Mexican) 1.7 - 1.6
      KJLH (Urban AC) 1.5 - 1.6
26. KKLQ (Christian Contemporary) 1.6 - 1.4
27. KSPN (Sports) 1.1 - 1.3
28. KDAY (Rhythmic AC) 1.1 - 1.2
      KLAC (Sports) 1.3 - 1.2
30. KCRW (Variety) 1.1 - 1.1
31. KEIB (Talk) 0.8 - 1.0
32. KRLA (Talk) 0.8 - 0.9
      KXOS (Regional Mexican) 1.3 - 0.9
34. KFI Stream (Talk) 0.7 - 0.8
      KKJZ (Jazz) 0.9 -0.8
36. KFSH (Christian Contemporary) 0.8 - 0.7
      KWIZ (Spanish Variety) 0.7 - 0.7
38. KABC (Talk) 0.5 - 0.5
       KDLD (Regional Mexican) 0.5 -0.5
       KFWB (Regional Mexican 0.5- 0.5
       KKLA (Religious) 0.4 - 0.5

In related news: Randy West took a look at the ratings sent out to readers of LARadio yesterday and he enthused: “The Jhani Kaye legacy. I kid him most times I see him, but Jhani modestly laughs it off. Fact is, he was pretty much the architect for each of the top three LA stations.

1. KOST (AC) 6.3 - 6.6

2. KRTH (Classic Hits) 5.5 - 5.8

3. KTWV (Rhythmic AC) 5.0 - 5.2

I don't know any other market where any single programmer has left such a legacy," Randy concluded … Ira Lawson had another response: “Wow. News stations are nowhere to be found in the Top 10.” … Phil Harvey was equally impressed with the top numbers: “Impressive top four numbers. Especially KOST.”

Ashley Paige Syndicates The Ranch from Simi Valley 

(June 10, 2019) Ashley Paige is one of those perky morning personalities you may remember from "Lite 92.7fm," or co-hosting with Peter Tilden during KZLA’s foray with Country music. She split her co-hosting four years at the succeeding Country outlet, KKGO, sharing the mic equally between Shawn Parr and Ryan Fox.

Since 2015 Ashley has been doing mornings at KWSV, a non-commercial Country station at 99.1, based in Simi Valley. The station has the moniker The Ranch, where she is partnered with Brad Abrell. He is a Los Angeles based on-camera actor, voiceover actor and radio host, with past on-air duties at WMMO-Orlando, and WZTA-Miami.

Despite the fact The Ranch is a non-comm, the duo has been honing their skills and it is paying off. “About a year and a half ago we decided to nationally syndicate the show thru Envision Networks,” emailed Ashley. “We now have 10 affiliates across the country. They are various formats and the stations just pick up the content of our show. It’s great because we still have the ability to tap into the local Los Angeles talent. There are so many actors, comedians, and personalities that can come into the studio but still be part of our affiliate family.” Last week Ashley and Brad had Wink Martindale in studio. “What a blast!” enthused Ashley.

In 2010, Ashley and her husband opened East Coast Pizza Company in Simi Valley.

In other news: Frederick M. Dolan, professor of Rhetoric, Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley is looking for any information about KHJ radio in the second half of the 1940s. “My father, Mike Dolan, was there and looking for pretty much anything there is to know about him, but especially in any recordings of broadcasts that may exist.” You can reach Fred at: … Neil Ross continues to be aggressive in the marketing of his book, Vocal Recall. He just did Kiff Vandenheuvel’s “All over voiceover” podcast. Here’s the link … Wendy Williams, former personality at KDAY, seems to generate as much publicity off air as she does on her syndicated tv show. Her son Kevin Hunter was arrested recently following a physical altercation with his father. Wendy filed for divorce after more than 20 years of marriage. She received a lot of press when it was learned that she was living in a sober living residential facility … What TMC classic had this line: “I’d like to run barefoot through your hair?” … Scott Lowe, former Y107 personality is now with Post Modern ALT 92.3 (WNYL) in New York … Jason Insalaco came across an incredible New York Times word graph. Below check out radio (2nd to the bottom right) … An article in The Guardian about the disappearance of rural radio stations has been all over social media this weekend. Read it here.

Books written by Los Angeles Radio People:


Archives Summer 2019 Passing Parade: Humble Harve; Gregg Hunter; Bo Leibowitz; Cheryl Whitaker; Murray Westgate; Revenue changes for LA stations

Archives April/May 2019: Passing Parade: Chuck Cecil; Brad Messer; LARPs win AllAccess Awards; Series on Podcasting; Bob McCormick exits California; Bob Eubanks dazzles telling Beatles stories; Ken Levine on podcasting; Mark & Brian reunite; Past and present music intersect; Mighty 1090 not so mighty; Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Radio Station - Nothing; J Cruz cruises to iHeart; KLOS sold to Meruelo; Ralph Lawler signing off; Talaya's Last Ride on The WAVE; Looney thoughts on LARadio; Steve Swenson to Tennessee NPR; New days for KCRW; Charlie Van Dyke reflections; Dave Hull returns to radio; Mark & Brian reunite; Money winners for 2018; Kat Corbett exits KROQ; Jim Rondeau to Northwest; Uncle Russ; Perry Michael Simon's essay on weekend news coverage; Dan Patrick health scare; Kevin Klein joins KROQ; Fight on for 'ol SC; Emily Valdez new KNX anchor; Erica Farber Woman of the Year; Rick Dees' cookbook; Tim Conway, Jr. loses his father; Thom Tran to MC Army event; Dave Zorn's book will make your heart go pitter-patt; KXOS Movin' to Meruelo; George Green looks in rearview mirror; Howard Stern doing what he does best; Melinda Lee out of the kitchen and busier than ever; Nathan Roberts comes out of retirement to join KNX; K-SURF flashes back to the 80s; Radio Santa Ana on the Air; Gamble for New York Radio Personalities

Archives 1st Quarter 2019: Passing Parade: Sylvia Chase; Eva Ross Kilgore; David Horowitz; Richard Kimball; Super Dave Osborne, Harvey Mednick; Bruce Williams; Let's Go Trippin' with Dick Dale; Larry Van Nuys jumps into the (K)Surf; KABC shuffles line-up; LARP who died in 2018; Art Laboe set for PPB honor luncheon; Jaime Jarrin honored; Marketing lesson from Fiji Water Girl; Cindy Dole out styling; Saul Levine essay on his 105.1/fm beginnings; How will a recession hurt the radio biz?; Update on KFI reporter Hanna Scott; Series to preserve radio archives; Golden Night; 1,000 homes on site of KLOS/KABC; Video in cars; Jimmy Steal to Chicago; New head of Southern California Public Radio; Celebrating Scott St. James; Laughs are on Phil Hendrie; Afternooner like no other; Art Laboe honored by Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters; Wendy Williams show postponed indefinitely; KNX vet Diane Thompson set to retire; Delilah tells all; Motown at 60; Martoni's; Steve Harvey and Mo'nique in kerfuffle; It's news to Steve Gregory; Auspicious start for 88.5/fm; Triplets 10-year anniversary; How Pete Weber made the hockey team; We Will Rock You; Randy Keith is the piano man; Triplets partner in hope; History of Gary Theroux; New news from Diane Thompson; John Batchelor reveals he has cancer; Bean announces in leaving KROQ morning show; Actor Sal Mineo was a LARP; Sky Daniels retires from 88.5/fm; Ask Dr. Ruth; USC broadcast rights; Buzzards return to Hinckley, Ohio; Nancy Plum's new book; Elaine Perkins perks up the news; Podcast with Passion

Archives 4th Quarter 2018: Classic win for K-EARTH; Ellen K doubles down; Rachel Maddow profile; Imus lawsuit thrown out; Jeff Baugh's book; Gary Thompson was at right place, at the right time; Don Elliot reports from NAB/RAB Radio Show; Rocio Rivera gets more time at KFI; Johnny Gunn's new book gets dressed down; New life for KNX/fm; Passing Parade: Scott St. James; Hal Pickens, Ed Crook, John Lyle Campbell, Mike Parker, Dave Roberts; Bill Dudley plays a record; Invisible LARP; RJ Curtis hits jackpot; LA Times beats up Charley Steiner; KBIG begins with Poole; 93/KHJ gets benched; Allie MacKay's Journey; Al Wisked Away by Dallas;What did music stations talk about during World Series; Heaven is in Your Mind; Brother John source material; Gary Moore stands up for cancer; Jillian Barberie diagnosed with breast cancer; What's in your berry bag, Wolfman?; Flash! Bohemian Rhapsody is a Smash!; Mornings growing at 870/KRLA; Another Southern California Inferno; Ingraham transitions to podcasting; Nobody knows anything; Casey Kasem counts backwards to 48 Hours; Jim Hawthorne would have been 100; Best Broadcaster ever!; Wink a heavenly treasure; 2018 rearview review; Scott St. James remembered; Bob Cole to hell and back; VO artists sing for kids; KLAC raises 1/4 $; Highest paid radio people; Doug McIntyre is set to leave KABC after 22 years; Wally Clark falls; Vic the Brick feelin' you; KABC, By George Green; Art Vuolo's farewell party

Archives 3rd Quarter 2018: Anniversary of AT 40; Passing Parade: Ed Schultz, Johnny Morris, Fred Beaton, Dave Zorn; New Role for Kelli Gates; Art Laboe is One-of-a-Kind; Savage as Supreme; Vic the Brick is Feelin' You; Rita Pardue a thing of Senior beauty; Marcellus Wiley jumps team; Doug Dunlap has the keys to happiness; Highest paid LARP; Martoni LARP Noms; Former KIIS GM retires; Sad Sage Sylvester story; Carlucci, voice of Russia World Cup Games; Is there a Smart Radio? Springsteen on KMET; Is podcasting for you?; Rick Dees slated for Yucapia station; Time for a Southern California Radio Hall of Fame; National Radio Day; Big Boy makes unwanted news; Judging Amy Lewis; Jim Rome lookig for LARadio home' K-SURF adds morning personality; What keeps Kevin LeGrett up at night? Alex Cohen moving to new Specrum; Silver celebration at NBC Sports Radio; Jo Jo Wright takes his KIIS show to Beijing; Paxton Quigley, armed and strong with a new radio show; Mt. Rushmore of sports; Neil Ross pens new book; Highest paid radio people; Looney looks to add game show host to eclectic career; Burt Reynolds apologizes with a twinkle; Traffic reports won't be so Rosie (Wedel); Voice of Trojan basketball headed for Thunder; the night Elvira spent with Elvis

Archives 2nd Quarter 2018: Michael Benner's new book; Brian Beirne in concert; KNX celebrates 50 years; Uncle Joe to Townsquare; Amp says Yes to Yesi; Click and Clack to automotive Hall of Fame; When is an Oldie Not an Oldie? Passing Parade - Mark Morris, Bill Watson, Dex Allen, Dick Orkin, Bill Jenkins, Don Bustany, Arnie McClatchey, Mark Morris, Roger Collins, Art Bell, Mike Walker, Frank Bresee, Warren Duffy, John Mack Flanagan; 3 LA stations in revenue Top 10; NAB nominations and voting; Kimmel in People; Ted Leitner diagnosed with cancer; PPM re-issue issue; Lady LARPs of Grace; Dick Biondi out of WLS after six decades; 6-minute commercial load too much; Purely Personal with son's graduation and daughter's marriage; Len Chandler songs for Credibility Gap; Alfonzo Ortiz @KNX; THR award to Harvey; Stern cut and he's not happy; 2 LARPs on Time list of 2018 Most Influential; Ladd is back and Tribe thrilled; Larry Gifford diagnosed with Parkinson's; Is Savage being set-up; Walker needed for pd; Good Time Steve Mitchell to Georgia HOF;  LARPs nominated for HOF; Marriage of Alexandra Barrett; Lyon Queen; David Viscott king of psych Talker; Debunking myths of a dj; New day for Sue Fruend; Adam Carolla is driven to buy; Is the Bloom off the rose?; Paul Newman's cars; One of a Kind LARPs Series with Jim Ladd, Jim Healy; K-EARTH's Locks of Love excellent promotion; Good Day LA crew reunites at KABC; Baseball ratings; Jersey Boys interruption; Rita Wilde interview; LARPs inducted into Radio Hall of Fame

About the Publisher of, Don Barrett

As publisher of, Don Barrett chronicles radio news and lists 6,000 people in Los Angeles who work or have worked in radio in the past 60+ years. Barrett is a historian of contemporary Los Angeles radio history and author of Los Angeles Radio People, published in 1994. He published a second volume of the book a year later, along with the launch of a daily website column.

In 2013, he started as the radio columnist for the Orange County Register.

Barrett's Southern California roots (Santa Monica) include a bachelor's degree from Chapman University (Man of the Year, 1964). He also earned a master's in psychology. He spent 10 years in radio working as a disc jockey, program director and general manager (W4-Detroit and WDRQ-Detroit).

He launched KIQQ (K-100) Los Angeles in the early 1970s.

In the mid-1970s Don joined the motion picture business, working as a marketing executive at Columbia, Universal, and MGM/UA. Barrett was part of the marketing team that released E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Back to the Future, Thelma and Louise, Rocky and James Bond movies.

He also represented a number of films at the Cannes Film Festival.

He was the first recipient of TALKERS Magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award. Don has been honored with an honorary Golden Mike and Special Recognition from the Society of Professional Journalists. 

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