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5 Years Ago Today 

The Real Don Steele Voted Best LARP of All-Time

(January 29, 2018) The Real Don Steele was voted Best LARP of All-Time by the subscribers to LARadio.com. The iconic Top 40 dj with many stations, including 93/KHJ, has always been a fan favorite.

Hundreds of readers of LARadio had 60 different favorites and they are listed below in no particular order. Stan Ecklund of Redondo Beach nominated Pat "Paraquat" Kelley. "To myself and many others, he was KMET, and listening to an old 'Fish Report' can still bring a smile to my face. But the way he has handled the challenges life has dealt him makes me respect the man all the more."

Eric Norberg, former pd at 710/KMPC, was one of the many who voted for Gary Owens. "He was truly a brilliant ad-libber when he was really under pressure, or really mad about something. When Roger Carroll, who followed GO, was delayed in a traffic jam, Gary was annoyed because he didn't want to do extra on-air work. But, he worked without notes or anything planned, and was just brilliant!"  Jeff Gehringer added: "He made the imagination of radio part of your mind. There has been no one funnier and no one kinder."

Craig Daniger nominated KABC's Doug McIntyre. "I've listened to him the longest."

Brad Cramer was one of the many who voted for Vin Scully, "the one and only 'Voice of Summer' in Southern California."

Lara Scott, middays at K-EARTH, gave the nod to Rick Dees. "He was one of the reasons I started making 'deejay tapes' for my mom when I was a kid. I listened every week in my little town in Florida and tried to do what he was doing."

In nominating Cleve Hermann, John Brooks said: "Cleve could make me laugh with a sports report and cry with an obituary."

The following were nominated as All-Time LARP: 

Gary Owens
John & Ken
Bob Crane
Mimi Chen
Lohman & Barkley
Doug McIntyre
Vin Scully
Dr. Demento
Michael Jackson
Pat 'Paraquat' Kelley
Bill Drake
Wink Martindale
Wolfman Jack
Johnny Grant
Emperor Hudson
Casey Kasem
Rich Boerner
Dick Whittinghill
Charlie Fox
Art Laboe
Jim Ladd
Jim Healy
B. Mitchell Reed
Humble Harve
Noel Confer
Uncle Joe Benson
Ken Cooper
Robert W. Morgan
Chick Hearn
Rick Dees
Larry McKay
Robert David Hall
Red Blanchard
Bobby Dale
Sweet Dick Whittington
Charlie Van Dyke
Barbara Barri
Rita Wilde
Gene Norman
Dave Hull
Charlie Tuna
Skip Weshner
Dick Haynes
Hudson & Landry
Dan Ingram
Roger Christian
Cleve Hermann
Shawn Parr
Jimmy O'Neil
Tom Clay
John Gentri
Johnny Magus
London & Engleman
Shotgun Tom Kelly
Click and Clack
Bobby Ocean

Dave Randall
Kevin & Bean



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