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Ibarra, Roberto: KLYY/KSYY/KVYY, 1999-2000. Roberto left his programming duties at "Viva 107.1" at the Big City trimulcast in the summer of 2000.
Ickes, Larry: KXEZ/KJOI, 1989-96. Last heard, Larry was working at KKSF-San Francisco.
Illes, Bob: KUSC, 1968-72. A Los Angeles native, Bob worked at KUSC while a student. He hosted NewsThing, and the Saturday night DimeBag Show. With Jim Stein, Bob co-hosted the Stein & Illes Show heard Saturday nights from 1969 to 1972. Bob and Jim went on to a network TV writing/producing partnership for 25 years, winning 2 Emmys (Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin). They revived their radio show at KIEV/870 in 1992. Bob hosted a new show “Funny is Money” on Shokus Internet Radio in the late 2000s.

IMPEMBA, Mario: KMPC/KRLA/KLAC, 1995-2001. Mario was the color commentator for the Anaheim Angels. He went on to a successful run with the Detroit Tigers.

He got his radio start at the campus station at Michigan State. “I was more interested in writing, but I didn’t react well to deadlines. At Michigan State I saw a flyer advertising opportunities to work for the campus radio network, so I jumped at the chance to get some experience.”

Born in Detroit, Mario graduated from a suburban high school in 1981. He graduated from Michigan State in the fall of 1985 with a B.A. degree in telecommunications. During college he was a sports reporter and did play-by-play of MSU men’s basketball, baseball and hockey. For the next 10 years he broadcast sports in the minor leagues.

Imus, Don: KGBS, 1972; KLAC, 1996-98; KRLA, 1998-2000; KPLS, 2001-03; KCAA, 2003-15; KABC, 2007-11. Don's syndicated show was heard live from New York on KABC until late 2011. His syndicated show was with Cumulus until WABC-New York dropped the I-Man at the end of March 2018.

INGELS, Marty: KIEV, 1997-99. Marty Ingels was raised in Queens, New York and went on to a career of comedy and acting. He died October 21, 2015, at the age of 79, from a heart attack.

He was married to Shirley Jones, the Oscar winning actress. The two met at a party at actor Michael Landon's home, ater which Ingels pursued her tenaciously. After Marty and his wife went through a painful, yearlong separation, they arranged to meet for a reconciliation session at their therapist’s office. Marty, a compulsive comic who had a brief tv and film career but never entirely left the stage, entered wearing a big hat and playing a trombone. “Well, looks like you haven’t changed a bit, Marty,” the therapist said. The couple got back together, and remained happily married. He was her biggest fan. "He often drove me crazy, but there's not a day I won't miss him and love him to my core," the actress said when she announced Ingels' death.

He was a raspy-voiced, bug-eyed comic actor who co-starred with John Astin in the early-1960s sitcom I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster. Marty guested on Murder She Wrote, the new Burkes Law, Young & The Restless, Baywatch and the Cosby Show.

His radio show on KIEV (870AM) ran on weekends.

Ingle, Laura: KFI, 2002-05. Laura is a reporter for Fox News.
Inglis, Sheri: KRTH, 1987-89; KFWB, 1990-98. Sheri lives in South Africa. She and her husband operate a safari business near Kruger National Park.

INGRAHAM, Laura: KPLS, 2002-03; KRLA, 2003-08; KGIL, 2008-09; KFWB, 2009-12. Laura's syndicated show was part of the NewsTalk format at KFWB until early 2012. In late October 2017, she started her own show on Fox News, the Ingraham Angle. She also does a daily radio show, distributed via Norm Pattiz’ Courtside Entertainment Group.

In person, she looks like a coed late for her classes at San Diego State instead of one of those bright young ladies dotting the talk show wars. She graduated from Dartmouth College, where, in the mid-1980s, Laura was editor of The Dartmouth Review. She worked as a speechwriter in the final two years of the Reagan administration and then graduated from law school at the University of Virginia. She successfully took her bar examination in San Diego. Laura was a clerk in the Supreme Court of the United States for Justice Clarence Thomas. For three years, she was a white-collar criminal defense litigator for a Washington DC law firm.

When she moved into the media world, she worked at MSNBC and CBS, where she contributed on-air commentaries for the weekend evening news.  Her father was a career worker at Pratt & Whitney, a company that manufactures engines for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft, space propulsion and power systems. Laura’s mother was a waitress. The youngest of four children, she has three older brothers. “When I was born, my parents were so happy they had a little girl. But I was a tomboy. I loved to play basketball, baseball and other sports,” she enthused during a break in her program while being interviewed on KPLS.

Insalaco, Jason: KFI, 1993-95; KLSX, 1996-2005; KFI, 2009-12. Jason owns and operates The Kelton Agency, a full-service residential and commercial real estate brokerage. Jason is a licensed broker and attorney.  
Ireland, John: XTRA, 1994-99; KSPN, 2005-07 and 2008-17. John partnered with Steve Mason on KSPN until November 2007. He rejoined Mason at KSPN in June 2008. In the summer of 2011, John was named one of the Lakers announcers.
Irey, Thomas: KLFM, 1963-65; KJLH, 1965. Thomas worked at "All Rock, Little Talk" KLFM in the early days of Southern California fm radio. He was the first sports play-by-play broadcasters at KJLH.


 (Sheri Inglis, John Ireland, and Jason Insalaco)

Irvine, Bob: KNX, 1968. Bob was the first news director at NewsRadio KNX. He is retired and living in Carmel.
Irvine, Jeff: KWIZ, 1988. Jeff is working in South Carolina.
Irwin, Lew: KPOL, 1955-62; KRLA, 1964-69; KLAC/KMET, 1969; KDAY, 1970-72; KNX/fm, 1987 and 1989-90. Since 1992, Lew has published Studio Briefing, a daily digest of entertainment industry news. He enjoyed much success with his 2013 book, Deadly Times.
Isler, Mark: KABC, 2006-08; KRLA, 2011-15. Mark joined weekends at all-Talk KABC in late Spring of 2006. He had done fill-in in 2005. He's now doing a weekend show at Salem's, KRLA.
Ismael, Rob: KFI, 1996-97; KABC, 1997-2001; KRLA, 2001-05. Rob is staff coordinator for KRLA and provides imaging for KRLA and KTIE.
Ivenk, Mike: SEE Mike Fright


(Don Imus, Lew Irwin, and Laura Ingle)

IVERS, Irv: KHJ, 1969-72; KIQQ, 1972-73. Born in Montreal, Irv started his radio career in Quebec and Bermuda. He came to the U.S. to work in sales at KFRC-San Francisco and KHJ where he was appointed station manager in 1971.

In 1974, following the successful launch of "K-100," Irv joined Columbia Pictures as head of advertising. He spent the next 20 years in senior executive marketing jobs at MGM/UA, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. In the early 1990s Irv decided to return to his native Canada and moved to Toronto to head up Astral Communications.

 He died in November 1996 at the age of 57. His death was due to complications following surgery to remove his spleen 10 days prior. The publisher of LARadio.com hired Irv to run KIQQ and when Irv joined the motion picture business, he offered a unique opportunity to follow him. There wasn’t a sweeter, more decent human being than Irv. God bless him!

Ivey, John: KIIS/KYSR, 2001-04; KIIS, 2004-18. John joined KIIS as pd on July 9, 2001 from "KISS 108"-Boston.

 In the first currency Portable People Ratings (September ’08 6+ Mon-Sun 6A-Mid) KIIS/fm was #1. Not just #1, but on top by a country mile. John was the man responsible for the huge numbers and was rewarded with a multi-year contract. What were his feelings after getting here from seven years at KISS 108 in Boston? “Disbelief. And in some ways still is. I still can’t believe I’m driving in here every day.” 

When John arrived the station was being programmed by a young man who was beset by personal problems, who has since passed away. “The station definitely was not on top of its game,” said John. “The format wasn’t at its peak and the station probably wasn’t at its peak. There was a mature staff that was in kind of a funky cycle. It was right at the tail end of the Britney-In Sync era and other formats were just beginning to rear their heads so I got here just in time for Power 106 to kick my ass,” John laughed.

A few months after John started at KIIS, he was given the additional duties of programming STAR 98.7.  At that time, Ryan Seacrest was doing afternoon drive. “I’m very proud of Ryan and everything that he’s accomplished. He was my little afternoon guy at STAR when I started. Right from the beginning in our first meeting he told me his goal was to be a morning man in L.A. He wasn’t doing American Idol at that point.” 

John holds a full staff meeting of the entire programming department quarterly. In 2008, he said: “I always like to point out that we are all in the same position. I’m from Kentucky. Julie [Pilat, music director] is from Seattle. Ryan’s from Atlanta. Ellen K’s from Indiana and we’ve worked all of our lives to get here – bit, scratched, clawed – and we understand the gravity of the radio station. We love it and can’t believe we’re here and we’re not going down on our watch. That’s the kind of team we’ve got here. We understand that.” 


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