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(Lisa Osborn, Mickey Laszlo, Elliot Field, Bob Moore, Elliot Mintz, Bob Dylan, Mimi Chen, Eric Weiss, Shelly Wade, and Heather Cohen)

Pat Prescott Answers the Proust Questionnaire 

(May 27, 2015) Pat Prescott hosts the morning show at KTWV, “The WAVE.’ She started at the station as Dave Koz’s co-host on April 15, 2001. Over the years she has been teamed with Brian McKnight and Kim Amidon.

This morning we gain some insight into the LARP veteran as Pat Prescott answers the Proust Questionnaire:

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Sleeping every night without an alarm clock and not waking up until my eyes just won’t stay closed any longer

What is your greatest fear? After seeing the trailer for San Andreas, earthquakes!

Which living person do you most admire? My Mom.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Procrastination.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Selfishness.

What is your greatest extravagance? Le Labo Candles; they’re $65 each!

What is your greatest regret? That I didn’t save more money.

What or who is the greatest love of your life? Reggie Jackson (not the baseball player).

On what occasion do you lie? To keep from hurting someone’s feelings.

When and where were you happiest? Right here, right now.

What is your current state of mind? Gratitude.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would be taller and drop dead gorgeous.

Which book had the most influence on you? Skill With People by Les Giblin.

How would you like to die? Peacefully in my sleep.

Where would you like to live? Southern California.

What is your most treasured possession? My Grandfather’s gold pocket watch.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? Working for nearly 40 continuous years in radio, most of that time in the top 2 US markets.

What do you like most about yourself? That I honestly care about other people.

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? Myself; wouldn’t change a thing.

What is your motto? More hugging, less mugging.

60 Minutes Lunch. Les Moonves, president/ceo of CBS, told The Hollywood Reporter a fun story about having lunch at Michael’s in New York City with 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace.

He was 89 or 90 at the time. I wanted to thank him for all he had done for CBS. We’re having a nice talk, and I’m about to pay the bill, and he said, ‘Don’t you have something you want to tell me.’

And I said, ‘No.’

He said, ‘I thought you were calling me here to fire me.’

I said, ‘Mike! You were at CBS for your entire life. You’re here for as long as you want to be.’


What’s Your Name? AFTRA-SAG is changing its name to SAG-AFTRA effective June 1st. “Do you think there’s a story in that?” wondered Michael Benner.

“Are screen actors superior to TV & Radio people now? If not, why bother with the name change affecting credit union accounts, credit and debit cards, health insurance policies, retirement and pension accounts, webpages, email addresses, business cards, stationary, etc. 

Really? Seems odd to me.”

LARadio Rewind: May 27, 1948. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios puts KMGM on the air at 98.7 fm. The station went off the air in 1953. Arthur and Jean Crawford, owners of Crawford’s of Beverly Hills Record & Hi-Fi Store, purchased the transmitter and studio, then in 1954 launched KCBH, which initially operated for eight hours a day with announcer/engineer Marvin Collins playing records obtained from the Crawfords’ store. He would later work at KPOL, KRLA and KFI/KOST. Crawford eventually erected a new transmitter and studio and converted the original KMGM studio into a home. After a brief time as KJOK, the station became beautiful music KJOI in 1972. By 1990, the instrumentals had been dropped in favor of adult contemporary vocalists and the call letters were changed to KXEZ. Two years later, the station became modern adult contemporary Star 98.7 KYSR. In 2008, the format changed to alternative rock and KYSR is now known as ALT 98.7. The morning show is hosted by Jeff “Woody” Fife, Renae Ravey, Greg Gory and Jason “Menace” McMurray, who had worked together at Live 105 KITS in San Francisco from 2006 to 2009.

How Much is That Doggie in the Window? Five years ago we launched an enormously successful series, You and Your Dog.

Mike Butts, former morning man at KIQQ (K-100) in the 1970s, lives near Boston now and shares his two dogs, Nikki and Bella. Mike is a big animal lover and you can check out his website by clicking his photo.

You are welcome to send a photo of You and Your Dog.

Hear Ache. After 41 great years in California and one of the earliest Top 40 women jocks, Shana has decided to move back to Detroit. You can still reach her at: BareFootEnt@hotmail.com ... About 6 months ago, doctors found a tumor on Brian Roberts' right kidney. "It's grown since then and I'm having it removed tomorrow morning. I should be down for a few days," Brian said on his Facebook page.



Email Wednesday

We GET Email …

** Sports Radio

“In Tuesday’s column, David Alpern points out that KFWB’s digital display comes up as ‘KWFB.’ He then goes on to speculate that this mistake might impact awareness and recall and may contribute to their poor ratings. While this would have been true under the diary system, PPM's have eliminated the need for listeners to be aware of call letters. As long as they know to tune in 980 AM, the meter will record their listening. 

KFWB’s rating challenge comes from the fact that the L.A. market cannot support three sports stations. Since they were last to the market and have talent mostly unknown to L.A. listeners (except for Fred Roggin and Jim Rome), it’s hard for them to win listeners from KLAC and ESPN. 

In addition, their two competitors have the rights to LA’s marque franchises, with the Dodgers on KLAC and the Lakers on ESPN. While the Clippers are certainly on the rise, 29 years of mediocrity cannot be overcome in a couple of years. The fan base for Clippers basketball is still just a fraction of the base that the Lakers and Dodgers attract. This was clearly exhibited when the Clippers were advertising special ticket offers for playoff games!  Since both the Dodgers and Lakers both have long term deals with their radio stations, I don’t anticipate any change in the fortunes of KFWB in the foreseeable future.” – Bob Scott

** Spell Check

“The transposition of the ‘F’ in the HD radio screen display story of KFWB this morning reminds me of Paul Drew at KHJ ordering his personalized plate. It arrived fresh from the prison stamper as ‘KHF.’

One of the jocks put a note on his windshield suggesting that he keep it as a monument to his mediocrity.

Anybody know ‘the rest of the story?’

Maybe it just died right there.” – Don Elliot

** KCSN Memories

“How wonderful of you to honor Wolfgang Schneider on the anniversary of his passing. I was Wolfgang’s program director for about five years [1993-97], and I would like to say first-hand what an honor he was to work with. He had a natural sense of programming, timing, and loyalty to his listeners. He was ever-humble about his success, and ever-gracious to everyone around him. This was returned many times over by his listeners, who consistently lit up the phones during The American Continental Hour’s pledge drives.

His program was by far the most successful show on the station from a financial point of view. But that’s not the point – the real story is in the enthusiastic comments of the listeners who called in and wrote to the station, year after year after year. A true tale of listener loyalty. I won’t deny that among Wolfie’s playlist was some of the corniest music I’ve heard on the radio, certainly by today’s standards. I mean, how many polkas does it TAKE? But the overall package that was Wolfgang Schneider and his KCSN radio show exuded class.” – Jared Charles Kliger

** First White L.A. dj to Play Black Music On a White Station?

“It was before my time and place, but was it not Hunter Hancock on the old KPOP?” – Greg Hardison

** Captain Buffoon

“It might be interesting to find out the whereabouts of Captain Buffoon. He was one of the best jocks I’ve ever heard and was stiff competition for us when Randy Kerdoon and I worked at KPGA in Pismo Beach in 1978.

I think his real name is Harry May and he may be in Bakersfield.” – Ken Jeffries 

Former KPOL Newsman Dies

(May 26, 2015) In 1961, Edmonde Haddad began a 23-year run as a newsman at KPOL. He later became an executive of the World Affairs Council. Edmonde died May 7, at the age of 83.

He was born in Los Angeles on July 25, 1931 and attended Hollywood High School. In a diverse career journey, Edmonde served in the Air Force, performed light opera, and graduated with a B.A. in Telecommunications from USC. He was awarded a CBS News Fellowship by a selection committee that included Edward R. Murrow. He worked at CBS Radio while earning an M.A. in Public Law and Government from Columbia University.

During his time at KPOL, Edmonde was honored by the American Political Science Association for distinguished reporting of public affairs receiving two Golden Mike awards.

As President of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Emonde welcomed distinguished speakers from around the world – politicians, diplomats, writers, heads of state, and royalty – and moderated lively question-and-answer sessions. He led the Council’s diplomatic tours throughout Europe and Asia, and was one of the first Americans to visit China after diplomatic relations were restored, developing a lasting affection for the country. He loved attending conferences on international relations at Wilton Park, England.

From 1987-88, Edmonde functioned as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy in the U.S. Department of State. He was appointed by then-governor Gray Davis to the Commission on Hate Crimes, a nine-member panel chaired by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher and former California governor George Deukmejian. Emonde was a member of PEN, the organization for writers, and the author of Look to the Rainbow, a book of poetry and political and social commentary.

A memorial service will be held at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, 3590 Grand View Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066, on Saturday, June 6, at 11 a.m.

LARadio Rewind: May 26, 1997. KIEV (now KRLA) begins carrying Doug Stephan’s syndicated weekday morning show. Born in 1946 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Stephan studied broadcasting at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio, and worked at campus fm station WHEI. He later hosted programs at WJAR in Providence and at WBZ, WJIB and WXOK in Boston. In the 1980s, Stephan managed Boston’s all-News station WEEI. In 1988, he began hosting Good Day USA for American Radio Network. He eventually took over ownership of the program and renamed it Doug Stephan’s Good Day. In the 1990s, Stephan promoted the program by working airshifts at several stations, including KABC, KMOX in St. Louis and WCKY in Cincinnati. He produces Good Day USA at his home studio on his dairy farm in Massachusetts. It is now heard on more than 300 stations nationwide. One of Stephan’s frequent co-hosts is Molly Paige, formerly heard on KCBS/fm, KPFK and KABC. Stephan also hosts the Saturday-Sunday Good Morning Weekend program and the weekly Talk Radio Countdown show which features the week’s ten most-discussed topics. Locally, Stephan is now heard on Newstalk 920 KSPI in Palm Springs.

Transposing Call Letters. David Alpern turned on his car radio and was offered the opportunity to listen to the Beast at KWFB. “Radio station marketing, as in any form of branding, requires attention to detail,” wrote Alpern. “Here is how someone at KFWB (The Beast 980) has input their digital display identity. It’s a small typo (flipping the F and the W), but does potentially impact ever so slightly awareness and recall. With enough additional mis-steps like this, it is not a far leap in understanding how the station has not yet managed to climb out of the cellar of LARadio’s ratings.”


Kasem Case. While Casey Kasem was the question on Friday’s Jeopardy, a Los Angeles judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge Casey’s wife with elder abuse or neglect in connection with the death of the radio personality.

Casey died last year after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease and dementia as his children and wife of 30 years, Jean, battled for control of his medical treatment and life, according to a story at KABC/TV.  

Kasem’s children from his first marriage had accused his wife of neglecting and abusing their father. But the Deputy District Attorney concluded that Jean Kasem had made “continuous efforts to ensure that Mr. Kasem was medically supervised.”

The prosecutor noted that Casey had longstanding health issues that made it impossible to prove neglect or abuse played a role in his death. To be criminally negligent, the prosecutor noted, there needed to be evidence of more than ordinary carelessness or inattention.

Casey’s daughter Kerri Kasem said in a statement, "My family is very sad to learn the Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey has decided not to file charges against Jean Kasem. We did everything we could to save my dad at the end of his life, including getting an emergency court order for conservatorship. But we were too late. My father’s second wife Jean had done everything she could to keep our father from us while not providing the quality care that he – and every other senior in our society – deserves."

Elliot Field's Writing Again. Elliot Field’s first book, published last year, was Last Of The Seven Swingin’ Gentlemen.  He’s just released a second book, called Purely Palm Springs

After his heady days as one of KFWB’s original Seven Swingin’ Gentlemen, Elliot then had a successful stint at WJR-Detroit, where the flame-thrower signal reached listeners up and down the East Coast. Elliot says he was still anxious to return to California. He accepted an offer to launch a new station in Palm Springs. Not only did he complete the task, but he also moved into public service and politics, enjoying full immersion in Palm Springs’ colorful social life.  

In his new book, he shares gossip about colorful people and fascinating times.  Anita Garner edited, with design by Steve Bradford (www.developyourbook.com) Print and eBook versions available at Amazon by clicking the artwork.


Email Tuesday

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** Morgan Star

Robert W. Morgan, simply the best.

The segment with Rams coach Ray Malavasi will never be forgotten.” – Fred Wallin, Sports Byline

** Casey Kasem Court Ruling

“HEADLINE: [tmz 5/22/15] ‘Casey Kasem’s Widow Won’t Face Elder Abuse Charges’

It was expected really, but what a blow for Kerri and Casey's other children. It makes my heart ache and my eyes tear up. There’s no way in HELL Casey’s life should have ended this way. It adds a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Gold Bricker!’

How in the whole world could anyone who loved their husband put his dead body through months in a funeral home in Norway, let alone not having it embalmed? I know I’m rehashing old news, but this is probably the latest class offering in GBU [Gold Bricker University].

Casey was such a nice guy. We crossed paths with him a couple of times and he was always friendly, grateful, helpful ... a real gentleman.

God bless Casey, God bless!” – Alan F. Ross

** Branding/Imaging Voice of K-EARTH Exits After 26 Years

“I was really bummed out to hear that Charlie Van Dyke was NOT renewed by KRTH-101. But then again, I don’t consider that station an Oldies station to me anymore. I guess now, they can go ahead and become a 90s, 2000s, and today station! To those in their 40s, the 90s WERE oldies! HAHA!” – Randy Tivens

** Motown History

“A question for you LARP historians …

We saw the Motown the Musical at the L.A. Pantages yesterday. It was great fun and brought back quite a few memories. Here’s the question: who was the first white L.A. dj to play African-American music on a white radio station? I was guessing B. Mitchell Reed on KFWB when it became Color Radio in the ’50s, but then I seem to recall hearing Sam Cooke tunes on the old daytimer KDAY 1580. I think the dj was Tom Clay.” – Jeffrey Freedman

** Long Live (Central) Coasters

“Your recent note regarding Santa Barbara inspired me to share a few thoughts about Central Coast radio in California between 1976 to 1984.Perhaps I sound dated, but to me it’s the power contained in history. And with gratitude I’ve a narrative to share. 

I know you worked at KNEZ radio in Lompoc. I did too. My first on air job was at a Country music station, KKOK-Lompoc. Allow me to digress momentarily. I was 20-years old when I was hired. Months later when I turned 21 at midnight I drove to the mini-mart to buy my first beer six pack. And of course I was carded by the clerk. What a cheap thrill, huh?

Back to KKOK. We didn’t say the call letters on the radio, instead we would say, ‘Good Country.’ There I worked with Todd Thayer, Jack’s son. Jack was the head of one of the NBC radio network divisions. 

I also worked at KATY-San Luis Obispo, and KUHL-Santa Maria. And these were all AM stations. What a magnificent time to be a young dj, a news and/or sportscaster, just to name a few station jobs. It gave many of us the opportunity to be live, on the air, learning our craft. Most station’s there were on the air for 18 or 24 hours. KKOK was a daytimer. The dominant on air talent was KSLY-San Luis Obispo’s Captain Buffoon  A talented morning dj who was not only was fabulously entertaining, but he was an extraordinarily creative, analog, multitrack production man and voiceover talent.

Living and working on the Central Coast was a major part of my life. I’m grateful for that experience.” – Bob Smith, Vaughn, New Mexico 

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