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(Charlie Tuna, Talaya, Gary Bryan, Lisa Stanley, Samantha Stander, Bob Malik, Michelle Roth w/son David, Larry McKay, Collette and Keith Smith, and Tonya Campos)

Sophie Makes a Perfect Flip 

(June 25, 2007) Radio junkies around the country – and more specifically in San Diego – were burning up the phone lines and inundating each other with email on Friday chronicling an impending change at KSCF, 103.7/fm. The change was significant on a number of levels. Rumors of a number of formats, including 60s and 70s Oldies were guessed. A format flip would also have significance that the FREE/fm brand/format, launched across the country in 2005, was almost gone, except in Los Angeles at KLSX.

 Thursday night, Chris Carmichael announced at that the new format at 103.7/fm would indeed be Oldies and renamed K-SURF. He even surreptitiously found the artwork for the new K-SURF at a mysterious Internet link. carried Chris’ story on Friday. But veterans in San Diego smelled a rat. Things were not adding up to a switch to Oldies. But at 3 p.m., the station abandoned FREE/fm and became an Oldies station. The first tip that it may have been a ruse was that the imaging guy was a ‘puker,’ a description of the 60s jock who talked from the back of his throat in an overly animated way. 

Thursday night, Chris Carmichael announced at that the new format at 103.7/fm would indeed be Oldies and renamed K-SURF. He even surreptitiously found the artwork for the new K-SURF at a mysterious Internet link. carried Chris’ story on Friday. But veterans in San Diego smelled a rat. Things were not adding up to a switch to Oldies. But at 3 p.m., the station abandoned FREE/fm and became an Oldies station. The first tip that it may have been a ruse was that the imaging guy was a ‘puker,’ a description of the 60s jock who talked from the back of his throat in an overly animated way. 

Then at 5 p.m., 103.7/fm became “Sophie,” an Adult Contemporary radio station featuring an eclectic mix of today’s popular adult contemporary, alternative music catering to the 18-49 year old, active adult with a hyper-target towards women 25 – 35. Sophie will feature artists like John Mayer, The Killers, Maroon 5, Amy Winehouse and Snow Patrol, along with favorites from the recent past like U2, Dave Matthews Band and Green Day.

The man behind the change was Charlie Quinn, vp programming for CBS Radio’s for 11 AC formatted stations and operations manager for CBS Radio in San Diego. Charlie was transferred from Nashville to KyXy (96.5/fm) and 103.7/fm when it was The Planet (KPLN), a Classic Rock station eight years ago. At that time, the property was owned by AM/FM. "When AMFM sold to Clear Channel; it was one of a handful of stations that couldn't legally be assimilated into Clear Channel's purchase. They had to spin it. Infinity bought it, which was Viacom which later separated the broadcast division, renaming it CBS," said Quinn by phone yesterday.

There are only two CBS stations in San Diego, KyXy and KCSF. "We're the small guy. We have one monster powerhouse with KyXy [pronounced - 'KICK-SY,'] which has been a market leader for years." Charlie hopes to build synergy between KyXy and the new Sophie format. "The inside joke in the building is that we are calling it the WOW factor - the Wall of Women." 

When asked about a radio void for women in the market, Charlie responded: "I think we're realistic about 103.7’s opportunities. We've looked at multiple formats in the past and I don't think there’s a huge hole in the marketplace for anything. I don't think there is anyone who can come in and do much of anything right now that will move to the top of the ratings in the marketplace. We had to find a radio format that would be cost effective and at the same time was going to be a good match for KyXy. We hope to package the two together to benefit both financially, but we're very realistic about our expectations.  We’re aiming at a very specific life group. It's an image that we're trying to build for a radio station to be popular, probably with a smaller cume, a higher quarter hour and much greater listener loyalty." 

In the recent past, CBS Radio corporate appeared to have a very tight hold on programming decisions. With new management in place and with Dan Mason as the new president of CBS Radio, that philosophy seems to have changed, giving the local executives much greater autonomy. Quinn explained: “A very popular phraseology is – sales managers will manage sales, general managers will manage the radio properties, and program directors will program the radio stations and we’re going to do it with the minimum amount of corporate involvement from New York.” 

Quinn has an interesting take on the FREE/fm format. "It was something born as an idea to try and roll out a different kind of format. There was somewhat of a template in place that migrated similarly with all of the radio stations which had not previously been in the talk format. They tried to develop and keep them on message. It was believed that for the first couple of years of this new format that it needed some centralized control to remain on message. And I think that's true. But in doing that we lost some aspects of localism with this format." 

Charlie thinks people in San Diego have a chip on their shoulder about things appearing to be coming from Los Angeles. He offered this as an explanation as to why it didn't work to carry much of the KLSX programming. "We were in the process of attempting to localize FREE/fm but unfortunately we were running out of time and funding. We had to do something to monetize the station. The mandate was given to make something happen quickly so the decision was made." 

Even with personalities like Tom Leykis making San Diego appearances, for some reason the format just didn’t get the traction and numbers that CBS/San Diego needed. “These people were not in our town talking about what our people were talking about,” said Charlie. He said it felt very nationalized. “Appearances in town were not enough to turn that particular image around. It’s like any radio station. You could probably do any format and there’s going to be some loyal, small core of people who are with you through thick and thin. But you’re always trying to reach out and connect with the largest possible audience, and build a radio station that can move that bar with the ratings. We felt that we could draw 500-1,000 people at any event for Leykis, we just couldn’t get the 150,000 we needed to move the ratings.” 

How did the Sophie format come about? "I've been really fortunate to have the opportunity to get in front of people who ultimately would make decisions on what would happen with this radio station. We felt strongly that it would be a poor decision to pair KyXy, which is already an Adult station, with a second station catering to a much older and less sought after audience with advertisers. We needed to look at where the future was. We had the chance to get in front of Dan Mason and plead our case for a radio station with a focus on the next generation of radio user. Our plan is to take the battle to the iPod user and suggest they, 'leave the iPod at home, we're going to build something in the image of tomorrow's listener.' We're going to build something that is pro-active. We're really reaching out to find new bands and new music before it becomes mainstream. We're willing to take on some risk with that because we think there's an audience there. Sophie is proof that CBS Radio is investing in the future of terrestrial radio as well as digital media." 

While Quinn was orchestrating this format change, rumors were starting to circulate about this flip. He needed some breathing room to complete the change without tipping off the competition. “The message boards were lit up like crazy speculating on the different format possibilities for 103.7. Probably from all the vendors we’ve been dealing with and the people we’ve been purchasing services from to get this radio station together, a couple of people starting getting close to the truth – really too close for comfort for me. About three days before we launched the radio station, Ken Leighton [San Diego Reader] called and wondered if we were going to be doing the ‘Alice’ format from Denver. At that moment I figured that I had to do something that would create a roar of anticipation heading in another direction and try to push back these questions about the ‘Alice’ format before someone else tries to dilute this launch and move in us. Chris Carmichael at was the first person to pick up on my dis-information campaign that included a fake logo. I also made phone calls reaching out to Oldies disc jockeys in the region asking for favors. Chris ended up being the recipient of the fastest draw basically in getting this dis-information out.” 

Charlie admitted that he had a lot of harmless fun with this dis-information campaign. “I knew there were some Oldies personalities that had relationships with Clear Channel. I knew that if I could strategically ask some questions, it would get back to them and create more confusion.” 

A brief history: 103.7/fm was a Beautiful Music format in the late 70s when the call letters were changed from KOZN to KJQY, “K-Joy.” In the mid-1990s the station played Classic Rock as KMKX (Rock Mix 103.7) and a year later became KPLN (“The Planet”). In the fall of 2005, the station became FREE/fm, bringing in much of its programming from KLSX. In the past year and a half the station has attempted to localized the station under the programming direction of Jim Daniels, formerly a talk show host at KLSX. 

Peter Schwartz, vp/market manager, CBS RADIO San Diego, said in a prepared statement: "It's a pleasure to work with so many talented people to help launch San Diego's next great radio station. ‘Sophie’ promises to build a relationship with its listeners focused on the personal connection they have with their favorite music. Their feedback will drive the soundtrack of the station and help us to deliver what’s ‘Now, New and Next’.”

Movin’ Moving to Boost Signal. “The FCC has given us permission to build stronger antennae boosting our signal for all of Valencia and the Santa Clarita Valley,” Rick Dees told his ‘Movin’ 93.9/fm’ morning audience last week.  

“They okayed this six to seven months ago,” Rick continued. “Then you go through planning and zoning and then you go through the city. Then the city says what size is your antennae. And they say, what size is the concrete pad where you’re going to put the antenna. How much does the pad weight? I’ve never seen so much bureaucracy in my life. You should be listening to the phattest, strongest signal in the world, you’re not but you will. My prediction is the red tape has stopped.” Rick thinks the signal boost will go into effect by mid- to late-July.

KDAY Signs Up. KDAY has entered into a multi-year agreement for Arbitron’s radio ratings services that includes the Portable People Meter starting in January 2008.

"The Arbitron PPM documents higher than previously thought audience exposure to radio commercials and larger weekly radio audiences for advertisers," emailed KDAY gm Roy Laughlin. "We believe that PPM will lead the way for radio to move beyond the 7% of the marketing pie that the medium historically has garnered. According to PPM research,92% of the larger weekly radio audience remains listening after 6 radio commercials."

Roy continued: "As for 93.5 KDAY/93.5 KDAI specifically, PPM tests reveal the average Hispanic radio listener tunes into 6 stations a week vs 3 historically reported in the diary. This increased tune in list will, in my opinion, create a stronger competitive audience rank for L.A. radio stations appealing to Hispanics beyond the top 3 recall radio brands in the diary, [i.e Hip Hop has big appeal with Latinos in L.A. but in the recall diary method most of the TSL among Latinos went to Spanish Language stations. We believe Hip Hop and KDAY/KDAI specifically, will grow in relative audience strength in an L.A. PPM world vs a recall diary world)."

"With the summer 07 survey,The 93.5 KDAY/93.5 KDAI synchrocast innovation is approaching the one year results anniversary from the addition of Steve Harvey and a 70% signal improvement," continued Roy. Additionally, this Summer will be the first one in L.A. with Radio One out of the Hispanic friendly Hip Hop format and in the Urban AC format. As one of the few independent owners in the #1 radio market, we believe a commitment conversation via a fresh 3 year PPM agreement with Arbitron along with our deal to air the top rated Radio Morning show in the Top 10 markets combined, Steve Harvey, until 2010 was an important side benefit message to our annual advertisers.

Laughlin concluded: "Finally, Arbitron is rolling out the PPM simultaneously in Riverside with Los Angeles in January. We believe the PPM will be great news for Riverside radio revenue and specifically our Riverside station KWIE Wild 96.1. Market #26, Riverside is home to one of the fastest growing populations in the US. [But Riverside has one of the lowest radio revenue to population equations as it is Market #52 in revenue due to the belief that L.A. radio 'spill listenership' covers Market #26?] We believe that with Riverside as the #10 Hispanic market in the US will also experience significant TSL pattern changes when the PPM is introduced this January. The Diary Recall method currently supports the idea of heavy L.A. radio station 'spill listenership' in Riverside. We believe that PPM  will  show that this is not the case. As a result, the suppression of radio revenue to population equation for Riverside radio stations will change as well. I see an entire new market opening to many L.A. advertisers as they begin to realize these 1.5 million+ Riverside residents in Market #26 are within driving distance and are more effectively motivated via the radio stations with towers in the Riverside area with the PPM information in hand. It is a hypothesis at this point but more on this in the next press release..."

NAB Host On OC Station. Syndicated host Glenn Beck, mornings at Arte Moreno’s KLAA, will host the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show during The NAB Radio Show this fall in Charlotte. Beck is heard on more than 270 radio stations. 

Beck's radio career began at 13, when he won a local radio contest that eventually led to a part-time job. In 2001, he made his talk radio debut on WFLA-AM Tampa, where he took a program ranked 18th in the market to first within his first year. Shortly thereafter, The Glenn Beck Program went national, debuting on 47 stations in January 2002.

Beck's career expanded to television in 2006 when he joined CNN Headline News. His hour-long program, Glenn Beck, offers an unconventional perspective on the news of the day and has enjoyed substantial ratings growth in several different audience demographics.  

Riddle Solved. “On Friday, my friends Bob Wilson and Don Elliot passed along your announcement on the passing of my Boss Jock friend Frank Terry. Frank was one of the great identifying voices and styles in the initial years,” emailed Sam Riddle. “While saddened with the news, I continue to read your other articles and comments about other deceased LA radio greats. It brought back memories of my many days and experiences with Robert W, Don Steele and one of my first radio friends, Roger Christian.”

Sam continued: “I also read and totally enjoyed the article on your beginnings in LA Radio with your mentor Earl McDaniel. What a great story to which anyone in those early days of exciting radio can relate. Mine started in Texas to L.A. Thanks for the memories and even more thanks for your continuing coverage and news of the Best Days in LA Radio!” (Thanks to John Hart for photo of Sam Riddle hugging Wink Martindale from the mid-1960s)


  • “Keep combat losses in context. Every wounded is tragic but we’re hardly being bled to death. In fact, we’re doing just fine on the scattered battlefields where we are confronting Islamic militants and jihadists of one stripe or another. We are hurting them a lot more than they are hurting us.” (Captain Dale Dye, KFI)

  • “90% of the dudes who do gay porn are not really gay. They’re like straight guys.” (Brian Whitman, KLSX)

  • “Kobe is a very, very selfish ballplayer. He got what he deserved. One player can’t win a championship. Don’t you find it surprising how players like Derek Fisher, Robert Horry, and Rick Fox never came to Kobe’s defense. Does that tell you something?” (Leo Terrell, KABC)

  • “Billy Dean is back in the studio. 2003 was the last time he was in the studio making an album. New album will be in stores by fall.” (Robin Banks, KKGO)

  • “Essentially the Beatles music is not licensed for anything and they have the longest running career. Bono appeared in Entourage. It made me puke.” (Bob Lefsetz, KLSX)

Hear Ache. Rich Brother Robbin paid tribute to the late Frank Terry by playing his Boss Radio jingle every hour at … Jeff Jacobs of Vancouver noticed the birthday note for The Turtles' Howard Kaylan. “There is a hilarious [well, it would be funny if it weren't so tragically true] YouTube video of Howard and Mark talking about their problems with managers over the years: … Chris Bury of Pasadena read with interest Mark Levin’s wish that 24 should air all year long. “ If 24 was on all year long, would it be called 24/7/365?” wondered Chris … Of all of thousands of records that ever made the Pop charts, there is only one where the title and the song and the name of the artist are Pop music palindromes – SOS by ABBA, according to KOST’s Mark & KimJimmy Kimmel rested at home over the weekend following an emergency appendectomy late last week … While KSPN’s John Ireland is on vacation, former Star 98.7 afternoon drive host Jason Pullman will co host the Big Show with Steve Mason this afternoon at 3 p.m. Tomorrow, ESPN Fantasy guru Matt Berry sits in ... KLOS' Jim Ladd has written an amazing 5-part series called, 'The Summer of Love.' Part one airs tonight at 9 p.m. with each succeeding part following through the end of the week at 9 p.m.

Hey There Vagina. Kevin & Bean’s Psycho Mike wrote and produced a parody of the current hit, Hey There Delila with a song called, ‘Hey There Vagina.’ The song has been one of the most requested songs on KROQ. is reporting that there have been no listener complaints, but lawyers have told programming to drop the song.

LARP Rewind: June 25, 1942. Mutual Network debuts It Pays To Be Ignorant, featuring "a board of experts who are dumber than you are and can prove it." The program was a spoof of Quiz Kids and Information Please. Host Tom Howard asked questions of panelists George Shelton, Harry McNaughton, and Lulu McConnell, such as "What animal wears horse shoes?", "In what season do we get spring fever?", and "What does a truck driver do for a living?" Prizes were minuscule. The series moved to CBS in 1944, then to NBC in 1951, when it ended its run. Joe Flynn hosted a syndicated television version in 1973-74. 

Born on June 25: Peter Lind Hayes (1915), June Lockhart (1925), Eddie Floyd (1935), Clint Warwick (Moody Blues, 1939), Carly Simon (1945), Ian McDonald (Foreigner, 1946), Jimmie Walker (1947), Phyllis George (1949), David Paich (Toto, 1954), George Michael (1963), Mario Calire (Wallflowers, 1974). 

Number one songs on June 25: Love Is Mine by Enrico Caruso (1912), Sleepy Lagoon by Harry James (1942), Coming Up by Paul McCartney & Wings (1980), Step By Step by New Kids On The Block (1990), Do I Make You Proud by Taylor Hicks (2006).

LARP Photo Gallery

Idol KOSTing. Kelly Clarkson, most famous of all American Idol winners or participants, drops by KOST to meet pd Stella Schwartz (l)

Funnie. A 62-year-old grandmother from Douglas, Arizona was caught handling 214 pounds of marijuana and will spend three years in prison. Prosecutors say she was handling the pot to help support her out-of-control bingo habit. (Stephanie Miller, KTLK)

Happy Birthday: LaLa, Larry McKay, and Ray Rhodes

LARPs: Where Are You Going for Summer Vacation? 

Powermouth Patty Lotz: Had a laser face peel, you know, to look prettier? My face looks like raw meat. Don't think you want to see the ‘vacation’ pix.   

Dana Michaels (the former dj/newscaster who went over to the dark side and now works for the State): I'm going to Alasdair Fraser's Sierra Fiddle Camp! [I never would've expected to do that, since I don't play fiddle.] Alasdair Fraser is the well-known director of the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, an outstanding [and large] Celtic music band that includes guitars, percussion, stand-up basses, mandolins, bagpipes, cellos, and keyboards to back-up the 100 or so fiddlers. I'll be playing guitar and percussion there. 

My parents couldn't afford music camp when I was a kid, so I'm doing it in middle-age.  You're never too old for a good musical experience! 


We GET Email… 

** Follow Your Heart
“I have wanted to write to you since your Father’s Day piece. Your invitation for comments related to the site's future has made my sending a note to you even more of a priority. 

I have nothing to add to your own evaluation of the potential future for – instead, I want you to know how much I admire and respect you. 

When we were first introduced by Art Vuolo during your days in the corporate corner office, I got a positive vibe from you. But I have since come to know you and have

learned about your personal journey; it's a story that has touched me deeply.   

While I have successfully fought my own personal demons, I have never taken a fraction of the journey you have. But I've traveled the road far enough to have an appreciation for the depth of character, honesty and spiritual enlightenment you have reached. You have risen to face the challenges of caring for your parents as you have, with grace and dignity. When you write about your children I can feel the love. And I respect all of the dedication you have had over this past decade with LARadio. You have had the courage and conviction to follow your heart, your instincts, and your interest, seemingly fearless of the financial realities. 

Whatever you do with the site, know that you have served our community well, and have facilitated some minor miracles for our brethren. 

I hope you continue to follow your heart. And I hope that you know that you have been an inspiration to at least one devoted reader who has enjoyed the personal stories as much as the industry news.” – Randy West 

** Love and Hookers
“Interesting email/comments in reaction to your thot of shutting down Too bad love does not translate into money, unless you're a hooker.” – Earl McDaniel 

** Moving With LARadio
“I've depended on LARP practically from the beginning and can't imagine a day without visiting your site. Around the time you started, I had moved to Baltimore where I worked for a few years for Infinity, but kept tabs on L.A. and the Inland Empire via LARP, so I never felt really detached from the area. Returning here felt kind of seamless because I just continued to keep daily tabs on L.A. radio. Through the years visiting here I've met and made friends with some very wonderful people, something that would not have happened were it not for LARP. Simply put, played a very big part of enriching my life far more than the subscription price.

You charge a very modest fee for the terrific site you give to us each day, but if you have to charge more for it, I'd gladly pay for it even though I'm on a fixed income. You have no idea how much it frosts me when people whine and use that old ‘the Internet should be free’ thing, or else they use somebody's password for free access to the site. These same people wouldn't do their jobs for free, yet they think Internet sites like this shouldn't cost a dime. Incredible!

I'd certainly like to see you stick around and not hang it up, but at the same time, you need to have some quality time for what's left of your years and relish the thought that even for a finite decade you've done more good work than you could have ever imagined.

I hope continues, even if only for another year.” – Bill Powers 

** LARadio is A Unique Window
“Here’s what your site means to me as a listener and long-time subscriber: 

  • Wonderful anecdotes from the quickest, most articulate and consistently clever entertainers in existence, radio people;

  • Explanations of why a personality suddenly disappears from the airways, otherwise impossible for an outsider like me to obtain;

  • Open, serious, honest discussion of local and national radio issues that are unavailable elsewhere;

  • An inside view of an industry that is even more bizarre than my own field;

  • Perceptive and interesting contributions from Mark Ramsey, Ken Levine, Alan Oda, Mary Beth Garber, and many others;

  • And of course, the often invisible but ever-present encouragement and kind guidance of Don Barrett as conscience, confessor, and father-figure for the local radio scene, with all the baggage that entails.

Whatever its flaws and disappointments for you, this site is a unique window on the world for me and many others. I’m grateful for your efforts and I selfishly hope that you will continue.” – Karen Martin, Los Angeles

** Frank Terry a Great Talent
“Wow! I was truly sorry to hear about Frank Terry. I didn't know him in Los Angeles but we did meet several times when he decided to move to San Francisco. 

I always thought Frank was the least impressed of anybody I ever met with what we do for a living. A GREAT air talent - but just one of the guys. One of the good guys.

I'm reading too damn many obits of friends lately. Maybe a moratorium for a while? My thoughts and prayers are with Frank’s kids.” – Jack Hayes 

** Follow the Money
“Re: the article you sent out over the weekend [Talk Radio Study Demonstrates Misuse Of Public Airwaves] and yet Air America goes Bankrupt. 

Go figure. 

Thanks for listening to my mini-rant  :-)” – Dan Thom 

** Corridors of Formats
“I'd like to laugh at this if it weren't so serious. [Talk Radio Study Demonstrates Misuse Of Public Airwaves] As from the beginning of time, dollars dictate formats, explaining why we don't have many Disco or Beautiful Music stations currently. Taking this one step further would dictate 4 hours of classical, 4 hours of Nortena, 4 hours of hip-hop, 4 hours of Jazz, 4 hours of News/Talk and 4 hours of Korean on every station daily to reach parity.

Progressives need to be able to fund their own format, or the format is not viable [read profitable]. Dictating format percentages stomps all over the 1st amendment. I think even the ACLU will agree with me [for the first time ever].” –
Bob Hastings

Morning Has Broken - Top 5 + Top 25 EL
May '16 6a-10a

Persons 12+

1. Omar y Amelia (KLVE)

2. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)

3. Bill Handel (KFI)

    Ellen K (KOST)

5. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)

     Valentine (KBIG) 


7. Gary Bryan (KRTH)

7. (tie) Pat Prescott (KTWV)

9. Vicky Moore/Dick Helton (KNX)

12. Big Boy (KRRL)

14. JACK/fm (KCBS)

15. Woody Show (KYSR)

17. Carson Daly (KAMP)

17. (tie) Heidi & Frank (KLOS)

19. Mark Thompson (100.3/The Sound)

19. (tie) KPCC

22. J Cruz (KPWR)

23. Graham Bunn (KKGO)

25. Steve Harvey (KJLH)

Persons 18-34

1. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)

2. Woody Show (KYSR)

3. Omar y Amelia (KLVE)

4. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)

5. El Show del Mandril (KXOS)

6. Big Boy (KRRL)

7. Carson Daly (KAMP)

8. Valentine (MY/fm)

11. J Cruz (KPWR)

12. Ellen K (KOST)

12. (tie) Heidi & Frank (KLOS)

15. Pat Prescott (KTWV)

17. JACK/fm (KCBS)

18. Gary Bryan (KRTH)

21. KPCC

24. Graham Bunn (KGGO)

25. Mark Thompson (100.3/The Sound)

Persons 25-54

1. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)

    Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)

3. Omar y Amelia (KLVE)

4. Valentine (KBIG)

    El Show de Mandril (KXOS)

6. Woody Show (KYSR)

7. Gary Bryan (KRTH)

8. Big Boy (KRRL)

12. Pat Prescott (KTWV)

12. (tie) JACK/fm (KCBS)

14. Ellen K (KOST)

15. Heidi & Frank (KLOS)

16. Carson Daly (KAMP)

18. Bill Handel (KFI)

19. KPCC

20. Mark Thompson (100.3/The Sound)

21. J Cruz (KPWR)

22. Vicky Moore/Dick Helton (KNX)

22. (tie) Graham Bunn (KKGO)

KOSTING the Night Away

(June 7-8, 2016) AC KOST remains #1 in the just released May '16 Monthly PPM 6+ Mon-Sun, 6a-12mid:

1. KOST (AC) 5.3 - 5.4

2. KBIG (Hot AC) 4.8 - 5.1

3. KIIS (Top 40/M) 5.1 - 4.9

4. KTWV (Urban AC) 4.4 - 4.7

5. KRTH (Classic Hits) 4.9 - 4.6

6. KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 3.6 - 3.8

7. KCBS (JACK/fm) 3.5 - 3.6

     KRCD (Spanish Adult Hits) 3.4 - 3.6

9. KYSR (Alternative) 3.2 - 3.3

10. KNX (News) 3.1 - 3.2

11. KAMP (Top 40/M) 3.3 - 3.1

       KRRL (Urban) 3.2 - 3.1 

13. KFI (Talk) 3.2 - 3.0

14. KROQ (Alternative) 3.1 - 2.9

15. KLOS (Classic Rock) 2.4 - 2.6

      KPWR (Top 40/R) 2.6 - 2.6

17. KSWD (Classic Rock) 2.4 - 2.5

18. KLAX (Regional Mexican) 2.5 - 2.2

      KSCA (Regional Mexican) 2.3 - 2.2

20. KKGO (Country) 2.2 - 2.1

21. KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.0 - 2.0

       KXOS ( Regional Mexican) 2.1 - 2.0

23. KBUE (Regional Mexican) 1.6 - 1.8

24. KXOL (Spanish AC) 1.9 - 1.7

25. KCRW (Variety) 1.8 - 1.6

      KPCC (News/Talk) 1.4 - 1.6

27. KUSC (Classical) 1.7 - 1.5

28. KJLH (Urban AC) 1.2 - 1.3

29. KLAC (Sports) 1.0 - 1.2

      KWIZ (Spanish Variety) 1.2 - 1.2

31. KDAY (Rhythmic AC) 1.1 - 1.0

32. KRLA (Talk) 1.0 - 0.9

      KSPN (Sports) 0.9 - 0.9

34. KKJZ (Jazz) 0.7 - 0.8

35. KABC (Talk) 0.7 - 0.7

      KFSH (Christian Contemporary) 0.7 - 0.7

      KSSE (Spanish Contemporary) 0.6 - 0.7

38. KEIB (Talk) 0.5 - 0.4

      KLAA (Sports) 0.4 - 0.4

40. KTNQ (Spanish Talk) 0.2 - 0.3

41. KKLA (Religious) 0.2 - 0.2



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In 2013, he was the radio columnist for the Orange County Register.

Barrett's Southern California roots (Santa Monica) include a bachelor's degree from Chapman University. He also earned a master's in psychology. He spent 10 years in radio working as a disc jockey, program director and general manager (W4-Detroit and WDRQ-Detroit).

He launched KIQQ (K-100) Los Angeles in the early 1970s.

In the mid-1970s Don joined the motion picture business, working as a marketing executive at Columbia, Universal, and MGM/UA.

Barrett was part of the marketing team that released E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Back to the Future, Thelma and Louise, Rocky and James Bond movies. He also represented a number of films at the Cannes Film Festival.

He was the first recipient of TALKERS Magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award. Don has been honored with an honorary Golden Mike and Special Recognition from the Society of Professional Journalists. 

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