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(Mark Thompson, Billy Bob Thornton, Malibu Dan, Lars Larson, Ron Jacobs, Maggie McKay, Paul Lowe, Frogman Tommy, Scott, Jeremiah Bullfrog, and Dona Dower) 

AMP Radio’s Carson Daly Voted #4 Best On-Air LARP of 2014

(September 2, 2014) The countdown continues - LARadio continues to reveal the Top 10 Best On- and Off-LARP of 2014. There were dozens of Los Angeles People who voted this year, and all of them are currently working in LA Radio. They know best as they recognize their peer group.

Coming in #4 Best On-Air LARP is Carson Daly, morning man on AMP Radio. He's up one from last year. In 2010, Carson reteamed with pd Kevin Weatherly, his boss at KROQ in the 1990s before Carson went on to a successful tv career. Carson has served as host of MTV’s Total Request Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, the annual New Year’s Eve Times Square broadcast on NBC, and the host of the surprise NBC blockbuster, The Voice, now in its seventh season. This year he has become a regular on NBC's Today Show.

Carson joined evenings at KROQ in the summer of 1996 from afternoons at KOME-San Jose. He left “K-Roq” in the fall of 1997 for MTV Live, the precursor to TRL.

Growing up the youngest of two children in Santa Monica, Carson loved music, but he had thoughts about becoming a professional golfer. He also flirted with the idea of becoming a priest. In 1992, he received a partial golf scholarship to Loyola Marymount University and studied theology for a semester. His mother hosted a tv talk show in Palm Springs, and Carson landed a local morning internship at KCMJ.

When he got to MTV, he told Teen People, “When I got on the air they were like, ‘We can clean you up a little bit. You take off the baggy pants, take off that stupid T-shirt, take the nose ring out, dye your hair from blue back to black. We can find an all-American boy in you.’ They asked me what designers I liked, and I didn’t even know any. I don’t shop. I’ve never bought a pair of pants, ever.” Carson has been parodied on Saturday Night Live. Jimmy Fallon, playing Carson, has introduced himself with the line, “I’m Carson Daly, and I’m average in every way.”

Carson Daly

Some comments from those who voted for Carson:

CBS Triathlon Participation. CBS/LA’s Ralph Stewart, pd at KTWV, is one of 64 people making up the CBS team in The Nautica Malibu Triathlon on September 14th. “Last year the event raised a million dollars for Children’s Hospital and it looks like we’re on track to do the same this year,” said Ralph. You can check out the team by clicking the photo. Click on any of the team member names and it takes you to their personal pages, which are quite open for worthy contributions.

Hear Ache. iHeart streaming of KFI is still running promos for Lisa Ann Walter’s cancelled show … A short documentary about the arcane world of voiceover stars Bill RatnerBeau WeaverMelissa Disney, and Ben Patrick Johnson. Watch the video at http://vimeo.com/55505545 ... August '14 ratings will be sent to subscribers this afternoon.

Willard Exits KSPN. The tease at 11:45 a.m. offered on 710 / AM last Friday was “Mychal ThompsonMark Willard, and we have an announcement to make.” After the ESPN / L.A. (KSPN) midday hosts returned from a commercial break, Willard remarked, “I don’t like you’re all gathered around staring at me.”

“Today is my last day.  I am really…” then an extended pause from an emotional Willard. “I’m going to miss having you drive me crazy every day,” said Thompson, his on-air partner for the past three years. Willard countered with “the worst part about this I won’t be able to do that remote in the Bahamas with you” (Thompson is a native of the Bahamas). After thanking several on-air colleagues, Willard said “most importantly, I want to thank you, listening to the radio. The connection through the speaker is real, it’s personal, and thank you very much.”

Later, John Ireland remarked how Willard “knew this was happening for the last several weeks, but if you listened to any of his shows, you’d never know what was going on, even this morning at 10.” Steve Mason remarked that the 710 personalities were really a fraternity, “and the fraternity will continue, but it won’t be the same.” The midday duo sent off Willard with the old English phrase “hail fellow, well met.” (Story reported by LARadio senior correspondent Alan Oda)

Rewind 95.9 in Ventura/Oxnard (70s and 80s music) flipped to Old School “Jammin’ the 805” area code with rhythmic oldies

Kabateck DiesJoseph "Jack" Kabateck, veteran sales executive, died August 15. He grew up in West LA and attended University High. After a stint in the Army, Jack graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunications. Jack produced early tv shows, including Criswell Predicts, featured years later in the film Ed Wood.

He left tv production to sell air time on radio, which would become his business and career for the next sixty years. He spent more than twenty years with Westinghouse Broadcasting as the West Coast sales manager before starting his own company, Western Regional Broadcast Sales, representing radio stations up and down the coast right up until his passing.

“Jack was a wonderful person – a genuinely kind and decent person,” said Bob Fox. “I saw him about a year ago at a PPB luncheon and when he saw me, he broke into a big smile.”

LARadio Rewind: September 2, 1965. In anticipation of moving their home games from Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium) to a new stadium in Anaheim in 1966, the Los Angeles Angels owner Gene Autry changes the team’s name to the California Angels. The Angels had joined the American League as an expansion team in 1961. The team would become the Anaheim Angels in 1997 and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2005. Autry had become principal owner of KMPC in 1952 and Angels baseball was heard on KMPC from 1961 to 1996, returning to the station from 2003 to 2007. Autry retired from show business in 1964 after a 35-year career that included 93 Western movies, the Melody Ranch radio series (1940-56), a television series and the recording of more than 600 songs. He is the only person to have five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for radio, television, recording, motion pictures and live theater. Autry died on October 2, 1998, at age 91.


Email Tuesday

We GET Email …

** Best Angels Announcers

“I disagree with the email from Courtney. Victor Rojas is one of the best young play-by-play announcers in broadcasting. I watch all the tv games. The guy is GOOD.

I had 22 years on the air before Angel home games. Dick Enberg and Don Drysdale were the best.” – Roger Carroll

** A Prequel and Follow Up to Thursday’s LARadio Rewind … 

“Christmas, 1976, program director, Jimi Fox signed on The NEW Ten-Q.  A Top 40 station with a great line up of jocks, Joe NastyWillie BRich Brother RobbinBeaver Cleaver [a.k.a. Ken Levine], going head-to-head with 93/KHJ.  

Top 40 AM radio listeners hadn't totally shifted to FM [K-100, KMET, KLOS], YET!  By late ’77, having departed 93/KHJ, I was playing the ‘home game,’ and while listening to The Real Don Steele on Ten-Q, I called in for a contest. I won. Subsequently, aside from Don, I was the only other voice in an exciting :90 second ‘Winner Promo’ that ran every hour for 7-10 days. 

A week or so later, I met Jimi Fox when I dropped by Ten-Q to pick up my winnings and I applied for a job with him that day.  Jimi departed the station a few months later, and new pd, morning man, John Driscoll hired me.  

During my time at KTNQ AM and KGBS/KHTZ/fm both the AM & FM shifted into a position to be sold. I would do my daytime 10-3 p.m. shift on Ten-Q and host the nighttime 10-1 a.m. slot on Country KGBS/KHTZ/fm as Country Dave

Some of the other jocks at the two stations during this time were Nancy Plum, Charlie TunaMachine Gun KellyRon Martin-Country pd, Jack Armstrong & the Gorilla, Andy Barber [now in Tulsa], and Boyd R Britton [news director], better known today as Doc on the Roq.  

KTNQ, Ten-Q was finally sold.  From the very same control room [in a former mortuary] on Western Avenue in the mid-Wilshire district, I was the last jock on Ten-Q, as it flipped to Spanish during my shift, at noon, July 31, 1979 and 4 seconds later I became the very first jock on the former Country K-Hitz, which switched to an Adult Contemporary format.  

[sidebar]  While at Ten-Q, during that sale posture, one of my on-air moments was quoted on KMPC the very same day by Gary Owens. He was airing nearly 22 commercial minutes an hour during his afternoon drive-time show.  Gary: ‘While out driving today I was listening to another LA radio station, it’s was a little after 10 this morning, and the host of the program said …’ between now and 3 this afternoon I have only 2 minutes of commercials to air so call me now and let me know when you’d like to hear them in these next 5 hours.’ Gary went on just before slamming into a stop set. ‘Can you imagine missing out on all the gems.’  For days after hearing what he had quoted of mine, I changed my listener request by always adding his name … So Gary Owens or any other Ten-Q listener. 

I’ve always been a big fan of yours, Garish … so thanks for listening.” – Dave Sebastian (Williams)  

** The Death of the Station Manager

“This was a great piece.  One might add the once invaluable concern broadcasters had to have in order to obtain license renewal. Those very efforts resulted in much of what Wayne Ens suggested was now missing.” – Chuck Southcott

** Another Death of the Station Manager Observation

“Selfishly speaking, I couldn't agree more.  We built a community inside the radio station.” – Bob Moore

** Station Manager Death

“At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I agree with Mr. Ens. Local radio cannot be done successfully by remote control. The distant execs and bean-counters seem to rely more on stat-rooted faith and hope than on common sense.” – J.J. Johnson 

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