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HOT Mornings Get WILD Personality

(August 1, 2007) Victor Zaragoza, most recently weekends at KYLD (“Wild 94.9”)– San Francisco, will be taking over mornings at Hot 92.3 (KHHT/fm) on August 13. Diana Steele and Rico Banana, who have been working mornings, have exited the station. Two others (Damon Knight, Vanessa) connected with the morning show will be reassigned. 

“Numbers number one,” responded HOT pd R Dub when asked why the change. “Mornings have been consistently underperforming. Personally and professionally I love Diana and Rico to death and they are two of my favorite people in the business but we just had to try something different. We’re going in a completely new direction, not only with a host but the mornings are going to be put together very differently,” said R Dub when we caught up by phone yesterday afternoon.

The HOT pd said the station will be 100% more listener focused. We’ll be a lot more active in the community. To put it in a sentence, less BS and less the standard morning show clichés that every morning show in the country does. We asked the listener what they want and they said they want a relatable talent who is their friend in the morning and a lot of music, but for the most part it will be a one-on-one relationship with Victor.” 

Mexican born and California raised, Zaragoza started his career by co-anchoring the news for a Spanish radio station in the Bay Area and went on to be a jock in Arizona and Texas, as well as San Francisco. He has worked all dayparts. Victor has been the sideline reporter for the Oakland Raiders football games and will continue for all home games. R Dub did not know if Zaragoza will continue in that capacity. 

In an internal memo to the advertising community, general sales manager David Howard wrote: “After conducting a major research study our audience told us that they wanted a host that was more relatable to them, their needs, and the community. Based on this criteria and the fact that Hot 92.3's audience comp is over 50%  assimilated’ Latino, we are proud to offer the only Latino morning drive personality in ‘General Market’ radio. We are beyond confident this will generate huge gains for both the radio station and our advertisers.” 

HOT afternooner Renee Taylor is sitting in during morning drive this morning.


Cleaning out the Garage on a Sunday

For 25 years, LARadio has tracked thousands of personalities
who have entertained us in the Southland from 1957-present.
These are snapshots of each on-air personality –
where they came from, where and when they worked in Southern California,
and where they are now.

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LARadio with Pictures


Jim Coniff, Dave Stone, John Hart


Jackie Olden, Ted "Thrasher" Prichard, Bryan Schock, Mike Stark, Lisa Stanley, Gary Bryan, Joe Mantegna, Samantha Stander


Tom Brokaw, Jeff Baugh, Tom Bernstein, “Sweet Dick" Whittington, Ed Krovitz, Bert Pegram, Tawn Mastrey


Nick Federoff, Victoria Easley, Dave Van Dyke


Ed MacKay, Joe Buttitta, Karl Malone


Sharon Dale, Charlie Van Dyke, Lara Scott


Goodfellas, Jhani Kaye, Bruce Chandler, Debbie and Ray Padden 


Bill Handel, Stan Spero, Gene Autry, Chuck Blore, George Wilson, Tom Mosher 


Brian Phelps, Mark Thompson, Dan Avey, Ally Avey, Ellen K


Don Tracy, Tyralucia, Karen Adams


David G. Hall, Wally Smith, Jason Bentley


Alan Mendelson, Ace Young, Joe Collins, Ashley Paige, Bob Miller


Doug McIntyre, Marc Germain, Wolfman Jack, The Real Don Steele, Clarence Barnes

Joe Cipriano, Neil Ross, Randy Thomas, Shadoe Stevens, John Leader, Hudson Hott, Liz Kiley


Chuck Blore's best selling book, Bill Ballance, Blore, and Chuck talking about Al Jarvis, America's first dj

Don Barrett, Elliot Field, Chuck Blore at Musso & Franks
LARadio Day at Museum of Radio & TV: (standing) Chuck Cecil, Chuck Blore, Bill Ballance, Dave Hull, Gary Owens,
Jimmy O'Neil, Earl McDaniel, Carol (Robert W.) Morgan ...Seated: Al Lohman, Don Barrett, Sweet Dick Whittington 
Ted Sobel, Chuck Blore

Crys Quimby, Ed Mann, Chubby Checker, Brian Beirne


Geoff Witcher, Ted Sobel, Joe Cala, Randy Kerdoon, Shaune McNamara Steele, Powermouth Patty Lotz


Joe Pyne, J.J. Johnson, Saul Levine


Bryan Suits, Megan Holiday, Ted Stryker, Larry Elder



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More Funnies

For 25 years LARadio chronicled the news of Southern California radio and the personalities who populated it. Alan Oda was editor for much of that time. With the closing of LARadio he opened a weekly blog, mostly about radio at ayodaradio.blogspot.com After 25 years, LARadio came to an end in  2020.

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Ladies of LARP Calendar in 2007

Early LARadio was dominated by men. In the 70s women began to find an important place - on and off-air - in creating the rich history of LARadio. In 2007, we saluted the women in LARadio with a calendar that included the names of the LARP who were having birthdays that month. Calendar was sponsored by Mt. Wilson Broadcasting. You can access it at this link.

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