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LARP CSI Star Debuts New Album 

(May 18, 2010) Robert David Hall is best known here as a LARP who worked at KNX/fm during its heyday. On an international scale, Hall is best known as the actor who has played the head pathologist for the past ten years on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. On June 1 he will be known as a Country singer with the release of his first album, Things They Don’t Teach You in School.

With a career spanning more than two decades, the 62-year-old television and film actor has appeared as a guest star on such high profile tv shows as West Wing, LA Law, The Practice, and Touched by An Angel. But David has also been a musician his whole life, making the release of his debut album the culmination of a lifelong dream.

Dave grew up in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area. He came to the Southland when he was 14. “I was a fan big-time of KFWB. The jocks were like little god-heads," said Dave. After graduation from UCLA, his entrance into radio was almost a fluke. "Acting is an obsession, but I always knew I wanted to perform music."  

He played music, loved music and was a musician. When he was 27, he was playing in an Orange County club when the owner of KORG asked if he had any radio experience. He fibbed and was soon doing overnights. A year later Dave was driving his Volkswagen when a drunken truck driver with two loads of cement crashed into his car, and the gas tank exploded, trapping him in his car. He lost both legs and within six months was walking on artificial legs.  

Hardly a year after the accident, KNX/fm pd Steve Marshall offered Dave the position of music director, prompting him to say ‘Life Can Be A Dream...Sh-Boom,’ - an example of how he punctuates his conversations.

His brother provided the inspiration to do this album. "What inspires you to finish something can sometimes be tough. My youngest brother got liver cancer, he's fighting it pretty well right now, but he looked me in the eye and he said, 'Why don't you just finish these songs?' He really got me off the dime." 

Dave has been optimistic at every turn of a challenging life. “You keep the dream alive, whatever it takes."

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Ladies of LARP Calendar in 2007

Early LARadio was dominated by men. In the 70s women began to find an important place - on and off-air - in creating the rich history of LARadio. In 2007, we saluted the women in LARadio with a calendar that included the names of the LARP who were having birthdays that month. Calendar was sponsored by Mt. Wilson Broadcasting. You can access it at this link.

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