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Fred Roggin in the Middle of Carson Stadium

(June 29, 2015) Local sports talk is usually about local teams – the Dodgers, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Kings, the Ducks, the Bruins, the Trojans, et cetera. Yet for two decades, there hasn’t been anything said about a Los Angeles NFL team – that’s because there’s been no pro football team in L.A. for two decades since the 1995 departure of the Rams and the Raiders to St. Louis and Oakland respectively.

Several proposals to overhaul the Coliseum have gone nowhere, and plans to build a stadium in Downtown L.A. have been all but abandoned. Callers to local sports shows express their skepticism of professional football ever returning to Los Angeles. But earlier this year, two projects have offered something more tangible than in the past. St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke already owns land in Inglewood and stated he’s committed to building a stadium there. Meanwhile, the Chargers and Raiders are proposing a joint venture to build a facility in Carson.

Fred Roggin, longtime sports anchor at KNBC/tv, is also the midday sports at the relatively new all-sports KFWB, now known as “The Beast 980.” He’s been providing daily updates on the NFL’s possible return to Los Angeles. Roggin has featured many interviews with individuals involved in stadium negotiations, including Mayor James T. Butts of Inglewood, and Mayor Albert Robles of Carson. Back on April 23, Roggin served as the invited special guest host for the Inglewood “State of the City” meeting, where the proposed stadium was presented and discussed. Then last Tuesday, Roggin was asked to emcee a Town Hall meeting in Carson, billed as the opportunity for the Chargers and the Raiders to present to the community what was happening for their stadium proposal. The latter didn’t go as planned. For one thing, there were no representatives from the Raiders organization. Mark Fabiani, Special Counsel to the President of the San Diego Chargers was present, but declined to address the gathering from the stage. Additionally, a video presentation – previously shown to NFL owners – was supposed to be shown at the meeting, but it didn’t happen.

The next day, Roggin had an on-air conversation with Carson Mayor Robles. In posting the podcast, KFWB described the interview as “highly contentious,” adding “Roggin took the Mayor to task for not playing the video presentation of the stadium plan at the Town Hall meeting last night. Mayor Robles had promoted the never-before-seen-video on The Beast 980 leading up to Monday night’s event and even told NBC 4 in Los Angeles that video would highlight the evening — despite knowing that it would never be shown.” Here’s the link to the interview: http://thebeast980.com/2015/06/23/fred-roggin-calls-carson-mayors-excuse-for-not-playing-stadium-presentation-video-b-s/ 

But there was more to be said. Former San Francisco 49ers executive Carmen Policy is now working for the Raiders and Chargers to spearhead the building of the Carson stadium. KNX sports anchor Randy Kerdoon interviewed Policy on Wednesday to find out more about what had transpired on Tuesday night on Carson, though Policy himself was not in attendance.  

When contacted by LARadio.com, Kerdoon summarized his conversation with Policy. “The conversation live on KNX 1070 was pretty much run of the mill when I asked him to explain what went wrong with the Carson Town Hall meeting on Monday,” said Kerdoon. “Then, live on KNX 1070, Mr. Policy brought up concerns that a ‘proponent of another project … a proponent of another situation that was not ... of the partnership of the Raiders or the Chargers was going to be present and actually was going to serve as the MC’ (insert sound of needle scratch on record here).  Wait, what?” Kerdoon said, “I knew Fred Roggin had mentioned he was asked to emcee on his Beast 980 show, so I followed up with Mr. Policy, asking if he was saying that if Roggin wasn’t there, would the event would have gone on as originally planned. (Policy) said it would…and he (Policy) would have probably have been there. And the rest is radio is history.” The interview with Policy is also posted online:  http://thebeast980.com/2015/06/24/whoa-reason-carmen-policy-didnt-show-at-carson-meeting-we-should-not-be-engaged-in-a-beauty-contest/ 

When contacted by LARadio.com, Roggin disagreed with Policy’s comments. “It’s inaccurate. The only statement I ever made is the developer in Inglewood said on our show that we’re building the stadium, no matter what. anyone at the Carson site said. I have no vested interest in this, I only report on what I’m told. Anyone who confuses that to state I have a preference is inaccurate,” said Roggin. 

“Carmen Policy wouldn’t know me if he was standing next to me. He receives his talking points from Mark Fabiani. Mark is a political strategist. His job is to create chaos and divert from the facts. For whatever reason, they haven’t been able to deliver on what they had promised. They’ve made me the villain.” Roggin said he is unsure the Chargers have any true interest to stay in San Diego. “The Chargers walked out of negotiations with (San Diego Mayor) Kevin Falcouner, stating he wasn’t competent enough to handle negotiations…this is Standard Operating Procedure for the group from Carson.”

“It’s comical to think that the story would become about me. I am not the story, I have never been the story, I report the facts. In no way is this about me, and I won’t let it become about me.” After a day on his show talking about Policy’s comments, Roggin’s next show was dominated by conversations about the draft pick for the Lakers. “The story (about me) went away quickly. It was interesting to have it.” (Story by Alan Oda, LARadio Senior Correspondent)

Who Helped Make You The Person You Are Today?

There are a significant number of Los Angeles Radio People who have been helped by a mentor – a parent, coach, teacher, troop leader, religious leader or all-purpose lifesaver. A mentor encourages positive choices. We asked a number of LARP to share with us their mentor and how he or she helped them get to where they are today. 
K.M. Richards


 I think anyone in this business who didn't learn from listening to the pros who went before them probably didn't last long.

Three such professionals stand out in my memory.  I've told all three personally of their influence on my work so this shouldn't embarrass any of them:

1.  Wink Martindale.  Listening to him on KMPC in the 1970s (sorry, Sir Winston, but I was born too late to hear you before then) taught me the value of show prep, especially being knowledgeable about the artists on your playlist.  A quick snippet of an artist bio worked into a frontsell or backsell is relatively easy if you're prepared, and sounds so much better than the stock title/artist announcement.

2.  Charlie Tuna.  I've lost track of the number of stations I've heard Charlie on, but the one thing that stands out is his quick-wittedness.  The unplanned and unpredictable events during a shift are what take a mediocre air talent down (at least for the moment) but I have yet to hear Charlie be unable to react to them.  If I learned show prep from Wink, I learned there's more than just show prep from Charlie.

3.  Don Elliot.  The best production guy on the planet, in my not-so-humble opinion.  He was doing things with a splicing block and razor blade (remember those, kids?) in the 1970s that rival what we do with Adobe Audition and the like today.  I also learned from Don that striving for perfection means that when you get so close you can't really improve what you have, you've still done a much better spot than an "it's good enough" philosophy would have created.

Three great talents, to whom I am forever grateful for teaching me just by doing their jobs well.

Jeff Baugh

Airborne Reporter

The one name that will always, without any thought or effort come tumbling out of my mouth when it comes to saying thank you .... is Jeff Wyatt. Being offered a job at Metro Traffic at a crucial time in my life and later in life than most I might add, really was a blessing and didn't come easy. It was Jeff that started me off in the correct direction.

Learn from someone that knows what they're doing and you've got a shot at succeeding. Like any great coach he'd always ask me what I thought about it all instead of telling me, say this or that.  "Who do you think is listening to you, what are they doing?" "Don't you think someone stopped on the 405 at Sunset knows that traffic's stopped at Sunset!" "Tell them something that can help them!!" Learn your audience!!!  It goes on and on, I could talk about it for hours. I had the incredible good luck to meet and know Jeff Wyatt at the beginning of my third act career.

There are a few others: Ken Beck, Tammy Trujillo, Chris Claus, Bill Yeager, Carol Breshears, Don Fair, David G. Hall and you Mr. Barrett...who actually taught me what the word grateful really means. By the way...get off the 405, use Sawtelle!!

LARadio Rewind: June 29, 1960. KPOP changes call letters to KGBS, after owner George B. Storer. The station had gone on the air in 1925 as KFVD, licensed to the McWhinnie Electric Company in San Pedro and broadcasting with 100 watts of power at 1450 kHz. KFVD moved to a succession of different frequencies before settling in at 1020 kHz in 1941. In 1955, KFVD became KPOP, "The Popular Station." The airstaff included Art Laboe, Hunter Hancock and Earl McDaniel. After becoming KGBS in 1960, the station aired a country music format and later aired talk and top-40 before switching back to country. In 1976, KGBS became top-40 KTNQ with John Driscoll hosting mornings and The Real Don Steele hosting afternoons. KTNQ is now 50,000 watts and has been Spanish language since 1979. On July 4, 2012, Univision launched a Spanish-language news/talk network, Univision América, on KTNQ and eight other stations (in Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and Texas). WQBU/fm in Garden City, New York, joined the network in 2014. (LARadio Rewind is meticulously prepared by Steve Thompson)

Claudia Rubio Voted #8 Best Off-Air LARP of 2015

Claudia Rubio is the programming assistant for K-EARTH and The WAVE. For many years she has tied for 11th and just bubbling under the Top 10 Best Off-Air LARP in the annual voting. Her colleagues love her, as you will read below. Claudia comes in 3* as Best Off-Air LARP of 2015.

A graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz, she worked for four years at the Salvation Army. In 2002, Claudia joined CBS/LA and has been behind the scenes with KRTH and KTWV for over a decade.

Claudia Rubio

 Comments from some of those who voted for Claudia:

  • "Claudia is the glue that keeps it all together at both K-EARTH and KTWV. Without Claudia, the cogs in the wheels would not turn properly. Plus, she makes the mundane fun, too. Is also very funny when doing on-air bits on K-EARTH."

  • "This is a lady who works for two radio stations, K-EARTH and The WAVE. She is so very helpful to the on-air staff. Don't know what we would do without her."

  • "She runs the WAVE and K-EARTH like a well-oiled machine. She juggles SO many responsibilities and is truly a sweet, talented, organized, hard-working and compassionate person."

  • "The woman who holds the 2nd floor of the CBS Radio building together."

  • "As coordinator for K-EARTH and the WAVE, Claudia has her platter more than full every single day. She caters to the many personalities and tasks at hand with aplomb and never lets things fall through the cracks. She's also produced flawless live broadcasts from Hawaii and hopped right on the air at K-EARTH when asked, and did a hilarious segment with the morning show that people are still talking about. Hail Claudia!"

USO Comedy Festival. More than a dozen celebrity comedians are set to support the men, women and families of the U.S. Armed Forces during the 2nd Annual Radiothon and Comedy Festival for America’s Troops on Wednesday, July 1st from 6 a.m.-10 a.m.  The event will be hosted by K-EARTH 101’s Gary Bryan and broadcast live on K-EARTH from the Laugh Factory, with cut-ins on KNX. It will also be streamed live on LaughFactory.com. Many of the comedians who have supported Bob Hope USO and our troops over the years, such as Paul Rodriguez, Dom Irrera, Tom Arnold, Kevin Nealon, Gabriel Iglesias, Richard Lewis and Tom Dreesen will receive awards from Bob Hope USO to honor their support. 

An audience full of service members will be on hand at the Laugh Factory Hollywood to enjoy the event that will feature a special live comedy show with more than a dozen top comedians as well as surprise celebrity guests.  In addition, Laugh Factory will hold a benefit comedy show to support Bob Hope USO and the troops on Wednesday, July 1 at 8 p.m. 

Bob Hope USO supporters and Radiothon listeners can make secure credit card donations online any time at www.bobhopeuso.org, $10 donations by texting “BOB” to 27722 or by sending checks made out to Bob Hope USO at 203 World Way, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90045.  Donations to Bob Hope USO can also be made by calling in during the Radiothon at 1-844-876-0101.

LARadio Archives (1968)

Frazer Smith Hosts New Podcast. PodcastOne is launching The Fraze & Bentley Podcast, hosted by radio personality, actor and comedian Frazer Smith, and actor, magician and comedian Jim Bentley. The duo is serious about comedy, but it's all fun and games as they invite podcast regular and burlesque dancer Harper Rose to the mic each week, in addition to a myriad of their famous friends. Smith and Bentley stated, “We view being part of the PodcastOne network as a very big deal. The quality of their lineup, the audience they reach and the gazillion dollars that they’ve promised to make us is very exciting.”   


  • "When I was a goofy little kid growing up in Maumee, Ohio, I could have never imagined that I would wind up on tv in Los Angeles. God has been really good to me.” (Steve Mason, KSPN) 


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** Memories of Bob Morrison

“I was thinking about Bob Morrison, and reading all the tributes to him. At KHJ, in the all-about-me days, he was one of the good guys. Solid, a real eye for news, and a gentle spirit. He was faith-driven, and I bet he's up there at the Pearly Gates, microphone in hand, talking about clear skies, and the latest in angel news. RIP Bob.” - Eva Kilgore

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“We found Michael Benner’s statement on ‘Talk Radio Hysteria,’ to be brilliantly perceptive.” – Don Graham

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