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The most comprehensive listing of 6,000 Los Angeles Radio People, spanning the last 57 years, is now available just by clicking on your favorite personality. The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. Enjoy!  



(Carrie Underwood, Lon Helton, Brad Paisley, Wolfman Jack, Ed Salamon, Don Elliot, and Bob Moore

Ron Shapiro Exits HOT 92.3

(October 31, 2014) For over 15 years, Ron Shapiro has been the steady hand with the impressive rise and positioning of HOT 92.3 (KHHT) with his role as creative director and assistant program director. Ron was notified this week that the company was going in a different direction in the imaging department. Not only has Ron been with HOT since Day One, but he was with the prior format, “Mega 92.3.” Before HOT, Ron spent seven years as production director at KIIS/fm.

Ron grew up listening to 93/KHJ in Southern California. His early career was at ABC Watermark, Cutler Productions and the Thousand Oaks / Catalina Island / Riverside trimulcast “Lite 92.7/fm,” where he was program director.

The news of Ron’s departure spread like wild fire, and many of his colleagues responded on Facebook:

  • “Ron is one of my best friends and he is one of the nicest people in the world,” wrote Paul Mahler. “Their loss will for sure be somebody’s gain! Godspeed Ron.”

  • Jesse Torrero wrote: “Ron is the best and the last of one of the guys that was around when the old timers were doing it."

  • “Ron is not only incredibly talented, but did you ever know a nicer guy?” Jeff Schimmel asked.

You can reach out to Ron at: ron@format3000.com

Morning Dew. Morning drive ratings from the October ’14 Nielsen PPM: 


1.   Bill Handel (KFI)
  Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)
3.   Omar y Argelia
  Valentine (MY/fm)
      Alex El Genio Lucas
ick Helton/Vicky Moore (KNX)

Persons 18-34

1.       Big Boy (KPWR

2.       Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)

3.       Omar y Argelia (KLVE)

4.       El Bueno, La Mala, y El Feo (KSCA)

5.       Carson Daly (KAMP)

Persons 18-49

1.       Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)

2.       Kevin & Bean (KROQ)

3.       Omar y Argelia (KLVE)

4.       Big Boy (KPWR)

5.       Alex El Genio Lucas (KLYY)

Persons 25-54

1.       Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)

2.       Alex El Genio Lucas (KLYY)

3.       Omar y Argelia  (KLVE)

     Kevin & Bean (KROQ)

5.       Don Cheto (KBUE)

LARadio Rewind: October 31, 1986. KIIS morning man Rick Dees hosts the first Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios in North Hollywood. Every October since 1973, Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park had been transformed into Knott’s Scary Farm, hosting an annual Halloween Haunt featuring monsters, werewolves, macabre decorations, fog machines and live shows. To boost its typically low autumn attendance, Universal Studios decided in 1986 to emulate Knott’s and stay open late on Halloween to host a Fright Night. The park was decorated with corpses and cobwebs. Rick Dees introduced live shows featuring zombies, monsters and voodoo practitioners. Dracula, King Kong, the Wolfman, the Mummy and the Creature from the Black Lagoon roamed the park scaring guests. The event was renamed Halloween Horror Night and was held sporadically until 2006, when it became an annual event. (LARadio Rewind meticulously prepared by Steve Thompson)

Hear Ache. Will Tim O'Brien drop me an email at: db@thevine.net ... 100.3/The Sound is being honored by the Brits as Radio Station of the Year by the readers of Classic Rock. This is the British magazine that's bringing their big annoual awards show to Hollywood next month.



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** Fan of Healy

“Ah, yes, the one, the only, Jim Healy. 5:30 p.m. was a magic time, Monday thru Friday. What a masterful 15 minutes and later 30 minutes. No one ever owned a time slot so completely before or since . . . even non-sports fans listened.

The fastest telegraph key ever.” – Rick Howard

** On Air with Ryan Seacrest

“Not all of Dick Clark’s attempts at expanding his range on television were that successful. His first two times he hosted a game show [The Object Is and Missing Links ... both aired in 1964] didn’t last very long.

The Object Is ran 13 weeks and Dick’s hosting gig on Missing Links lasted 9 months.

Next attempt at hosting a game show, The $10,000 Pyramid, was the big hit.

By the way, the entire run of The Object Is [65 shows] exists.” – David Schwartz

** Love Mason & Ireland

“I live in West Covina, and the sports station I listen to most is KSPN. I’m 61, but I don’t listen to the commercials, I listen to what the guys, especially my favorite sports broadcasters Mason & Ireland.” – Wayne Thompson

** Producer of New KKGO Morning Show

Ted Lekas  is a very smart man and is the best for that job at KKGO I have worked with him for many years at KABC and I wish him all the best. He did a great job with the Mark & Brian show and many other shows at KABC. All the best to Debra Mark also, I have worked with her as well at KABC.” – Leon Kaplan, the Motorman

** Danny Gans Exposed

“I couldn’t help but notice the Danny Gans shirt Donny Osmond was wearing in the photo with Ron Oster. My husband and I knew Danny. Chuck hired him as an actor on an MOW and I participated in Danny’s black belt test at the Fred Villari studio in Montrose.  He was going for his first degree and I happened to be a third degree, so I got to help make his life miserable. He was a heck of an athlete – he played minor league baseball, having been drafted by the Chicago White Sox until an Achilles tendon injury ended his career.  

Danny was a remarkably talented entertainer. His one-man show in Vegas was astounding. Each of his many impressions was impeccable and he not only did spoken voices but sang as so many different performers that I have no idea how his voice held up night after night. His sudden death in 2009 was a sad shock. He and his family deserved many more years together.

I had to take a moment to tip my hat to a classy, thoughtful, immensely talented man. Apparently Donny knew and appreciated him too. How fitting that Danny is remembered and honored.” – Lisa Bowman

** The Art of Selling Sports Radio

“I'm still going to keep my distance from the personal-injury attorneys and body sculpting, but you presented a concise explanation of how targeting a very specific demographic brings in big revenue for sports-talk stations despite their low overall ratings.” -David Bernhart, Burbank 

The Art of Selling Sports Radio

(October 30, 2014) Dave Bernhart of Burbank is a longtime subscriber to LARadio. He is not in the radio business but loves reading about it. He posed a question earlier this week regarding the low ratings of L.A.’s sports-talk stations:  “I have heard those who work in that format say it’s not about the ratings, that sports radio can be successful and make money in other ways,” wrote Bernhart. “As a non-pro, I’d enjoy becoming a little more educated on how this works. At the very least, our local sports outlets aren’t suffering from a lack of commercials.”

Bob Scott is the perfect person to answer this question. He has a great background selling spots, packages, and brands on sports radio. He worked at ESPN back east and for many years at Sports KLAC.

Sports stations are not about ratings, because sports radio is really about “narrowcasting.” Sports stations target men 18 –54 who are avid sports fans. That immediately eliminates most women, most kids and retirees, and probably about 50% of the men who are in the target demo. Those who fit the target tend to have similar lifestyles, income levels, buying habits and listening habits.

As a result of this, advertisers who need to reach these men can use a sports station to reach an extremely well targeted, fully engaged and responsive audience, with little waste. What is more valuable to an advertiser – a million listeners who have the station on as background noise, some of which are interested in the advertiser’s product, or half a million fully engaged, glued to every word listeners, most of whom would be interested in the product?

Also, sports radio is a “talk” format, where the personalities do a lot of endorsements, and the spots don’t interrupt the format as they do on a music station. When the personalities do the spots, they sound just like programming. For example, listeners to KLAC will attest to the fact that some of the most entertaining programming on the station are the spots that Petros Papadakis does for attorney “Sweet” James Burgener.

While music stations are judged by advertisers based on the ratings points that they deliver, advertisers on sports station are driven by results. This is ultimately why good sports stations tend to develop long term advertisers, while music stations are fueled more by transactional business. Most listeners to sports stations can easily tell you which products each of the personalities endorses because they are fully engaged when they listen and because so many of the advertisers have been on the station for years. Obviously, this would not be the case if advertisers weren’t getting a good return on their investments.

A great example of the responsiveness of the sports radio audience is the “radiothon” that KLAC does every year for the Paralyzed Veterans of America. When this tradition began seven years ago, the station’s listeners donated $30,000 to the Paralyzed Veterans. Last year, they donated $143,000 in seven hours. This is a great example of why sports stations don’t need to be ratings leaders to prosper.

Baseball in Play. George Green, former longtime general manager at KABC has an interesting old story. “It was 1991.  Peter O’Malley, Merritt Willey who was the marketing manager for the Dodgers and I were negotiating a 5- year renewal for KABC,” said Green. “Peter O'Malley being the great business exec that he was always put another station against us. Usually, it was KFI who were still smarting from their loss of the Dodgers back in 1974. This time it was Norman Epstein who was the general manager for KLAC and KZLA. Norman, being Mr. Creative, offered the Dodgers a lot of money, and offered the Dodgers 49% ownership in KLAC.  And the kicker was Norman was going to change the call letters to KLAD.  So, Greg Ashlock, you weren't the first one to make that offer. Happily, Peter decided to stay at KABC Peter O’Malley but along came a new gm for KABC who managed to piss off Peter O’Malley and they left KABC in 1996.”

On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Ten years ago when American Idol was on fire, 20th Century Fox and Ryan Seacrest Productions produced a one-hour variety show hosted by Seacrest. The syndicated show aired on many Fox stations across the country, including FOX/Channel 11 in L.A. The show lasted about five months and like Teflon, the failure of the show (sources claim $10 million was lost) never stuck to Ryan and he continues to flourish with numerous successes.

Part of the review of On Air with Ryan Seacrest: "... a slick yet mind-numbing exultation in all things entertainment, where being allowed to meet Ben Stiller is cause for tears and high-pitched wails."


RichBroRadio Remains on Air. Perhaps it is a form of buyer’s remorse, but once Rich Brother Robbin decided to shut down his Internet Oldies station, he felt awful. As one approaches retirement or semi-retirement, life should become simpler. We should feel good about our decisions.

Rich lives near the beach in San Diego. At the age of 70, he takes daily walks along the sands at Ocean Beach and tends to his 12-Step activities. His Internet Oldies station wasn’t supposed to give him grief or interrupt the serenity of his less-than-frantic life. Rich earlier announced he’d shut down his station on Halloween.

“I realized I just couldn’t do it,” emailed Rich. “Deep down the site means too much to me and [according to the daily emails], to those who listen. You all know who you are, and I'm grateful to each and every one of you, onward and upward!    “

He’s in the process of simplifying his Internet life, but all of the magic at RichBroRadio.com will remain.

Hear Ache. Jerry Lewine was looking for Richard C. Shipley, long a resident of the Ventura who worked at KVEN-Ventura in the 50s and 60s. Jerry reports that Shipley died on June 13, 2014, at his home in Camarillo, at age 79.

LARadio Rewind: October 30, 2000. Steve Allen dies of heart failure following a traffic accident. He was 78. Allen was the son of vaudeville entertainers Carroll and Isabelle Allen, who used the stage names Bill Allen and Belle Montrose. Carroll died when Steve was a year-and-a-half old. Steve learned to play piano and tell jokes and began touring with his mother. He became an announcer at KOY in Phoenix and worked his way up to music director. He moved to Los Angeles and worked at KFAC, KMTR, KNX and KHJ. In 1953, Allen began hosting Tonight, a new late-night program on WNBT in New York. A year later, the program went national on NBC. Allen was replaced by Jack Paar in 1957. In early 1965, Allen and his wife, Jayne Meadows, hosted a morning show on KHJ. Allen wrote more than 8500 songs. His most well-known is This Could be the Start of Something Big. Allen also wrote 53 books, hosted I’ve Got A Secret on CBS, hosted Meeting of the Minds on PBS, and starred in the 1955 movie The Benny Goodman Story. On a 1958 telecast, Allen is joined by Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme and Ann Sothern in a performance of This Could be the Start of Something Big: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05pU6l4PEJw


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** Give Sam Rubin a Break

“I remember back many years ago – suffice it to say Sam Rubin gave me some moral support at a time I needed it, and when I wasn’t hearing it anywhere else.  We’ve never met, but I feel like I’ve known him ever since.

As well, his response to the ‘non-troversy’ was indeed unique and well thought out. Let’s give him a well-deserved break, shall we?” – Greg Hardison

LARPs Bubblin' Under Best of 2014 List 

(October 28, 2014) Every year LARadio invites working LARadio People to vote for the Best On- and Off-Air LARP of 2014. This is always interesting to see who peer groups think is best. The list of the top 10 has been revealed but there are plenty of people who were nominated that are featured in "Bubblin' Under the Top 10" and tied for 11th. Here is another list of those ‘Bubblin’ Under the Top 10.'


(Uncle Joe Benson, Jillian Barberie and John Phillips, Pat Prescott, Bryan Suits, and Doc on the Roq)

Joe Benson (mornings at 100.3/The Sound)

Jillian Barberie and John Phillips (noon to 3 p.m. at KABC)

Pat Prescott (mornings at KTWV, the WAVE)

Bryan Suits (9 a.m. - noon at KABC)

Doc on the Roq (newsman on KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show)


(Mike Kaplan, Mike Sherry w/Alice Cooper, Howard Freshman, Cyndee Maxwell, and Michelle Kube)

Mike Kaplan (program director KYSR)

Mike Sherry (producer of Joe Benson Show at The Sound)

Howard Freshman (marketing director, KFWB and KNX)

Cyndee Maxwell (former web editor, KFWB)

Michelle Kube (executive producer of Bill Handel Show)

Go See Cal. It seems that for my entire lifetime, I saw Calvin Coolidge “Cal” Worthington on the tv, pitching a panoply of new and used cars. He died last year at the age of 92, at his ranch in Orland, California. But for decades, the one-time KXLA (later 1110/KRLA) Country disc jockey was the iconic pitchman.

In 2002, the LA Times ran a front-page story about Cal. Some highlights from the article:

  • During the 1970s energy crunch, Cal sold motorized pogo sticks.

  • When one of Worthington’s trademark cowboy hats is auctioned for charity, the bids are higher if people think Spot relieved himself on it.

  • Cal dislikes the car business, which is why he also operates 10 ranches, including a 1.2 million-acre spread in Nevada.

  • He used to pilot his Learjet to the various cities in his empire – Houston, Phoenix, and Seattle – and tape tv ads on location. Now, he stands in front of a green wall at his Northern California ranch.

  • Spot, who was officially retired in the late 1980s, is seen only in vintage clips that are spliced between shots of gleaming Dodges and Fords.

  • He penned and sang his 26-stanza, “Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal” jingle.

  • The original commercial with “my dog Spot,” in 1971, was a spoof of two competitors, Ralph Williams and Fletcher Jones. Williams had taken to the airwaves with a German shepherd named Storm, and Jones appeared on tv cuddling puppies from the pound.

  • Some of the ‘Spot’ commercials features a tiger, camel, elephant, alligator, frog, penguin, anteater, porcupine, bear, lizard and Shamu the killer whale, which Cal rode bareback at Sea World.

  • Worthington put car dealership advertising on the map.

  • Worthington met his third wife, Bonnie Reese, while she was working at KZAP-Sacramento.

LARadio Rewind: October 29, 2007. After eight months as a classical music station, KMZT-1260 (“K-Mozart”) reverts to its original KGIL call letters and launches a talk format anchored in mornings by Michael Jackson. Syndicated programming fills the rest of the day. In April of 2011, the station would bring back the KMZT call letters and the classical music format. Since going on the air in 1947 as KGIL, named for general manager J. Gilbert “Gil” Paltridge, the station has had several formats and call signs. It has been KJQI, KNNS, KJAZ, KSUR, KKGO and KMZT and has played big band, adult contemporary, adult standards, show tunes, Beatles, oldies, jazz, country and classical, in addition to having an all-news format for two years. Saul Levine’s Mount Wilson Broadcasters, owner of then-classical KKGO/fm, bought KGIL in 1992. KMZT’s announcers include Nick Tyler, John Santana and Gary Campbell. KMZT can be heard online at http://kmozart.com/programming/listen/ (LARadio Rewind is meticulously prepared by Steve Thompson)

Cable News. Telling headlines from MediaBistro.com on October ’14 ratings at the cable news outlets:

Calendar Girl. Raqc appeared in the 2006 edition of the Ladies of LARP Calendar. She has new news. SBS Spanish Top 40’s KXOL launches a new morning show with Raqc and Nachin.  

"We are excited to provide our loyal audience with the only morning radio show in Los Angeles that represents young Latinos; a show they can relate to in content, language and culture,” said SBS vp of corporate sales and vp/West Coast market manager Bill Shadorf.  

“We are very fortunate that Raqc and Nachin are back home at MEGA 96.3/fm,” said SBS consultant Juan Carlos Hildalgo. “They represent the new generation of U.S. born Latinos that retain a strong connection to their cultural roots. The duo speaks to an audience that has a unique ability to combine, switch and mix English and Spanish effortlessly and naturally. This will certainly be an entertaining morning show designed specifically for young Latinos in L.A.” 

Raqc, born Raquel Cordova, originates from Riverside. She began her radio career in 2000 in Palm Springs, as a morning show co-host. 

Ignacio Sandoval, better known as Nachin, is a radio personality born in Mexico and raised in Boyle Heights. “Started from the bottom, now I’m here” is Nachin’s favorite quote, as he knows firsthand what it is to evolve through life. 

Bet on Harvey. Bob Harvey, most recently sports anchor at KFWB, just landed a job with Gaming Today out of Las Vegas.

“Today was my first day on the job and they ran my NBA preview on the front page,” emailed Harvey. “They are all nice people and very professional and I envision writing for them a long time. They run both a website and a newspaper publication. They've are fixtures in the Las Vegas gaming scene and have been for many years.” He is also picking up hundreds of hits per day at Bob Harvey Sports.


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** Advice for Sam Rubin

“I know a part of Sam Rubin that many don’t. He has saved lives. I’ve seen it, and there’s no debate about it. He has a social conscience that goes beyond his role of entertainment journalist. I won’t embarrass him by going any further, but suffice to say, I know whereof I speak. Sam spoke the best about his physicality. He is what he is, and he’s popular beyond the dreams of many competing entertainment journalists.

This is one of the perks of popularity. My advice to Sam is succinct and focused ... ‘fuck ‘em.’” – Richard Stellar, Social Media / Collaborative Marketing Specialist

** Size Matters

“I have very seldom felt the need to reply to something I’ve read…but this one got me all riled up!  xoE

I LOVED the response from Sam Rubin!  What a class act. I hope his comments open doors and start conversations. There are too many young people growing up thinking that if you aren’t a size 0, then you don’t fit it, you can’t be popular, and you won’t grow up to live happily ever after. What a crock.

Thank you Sam Rubin, for championing a cause that’s all too seldom discussed.” – Elizabeth McDonnell

** Sports Revenue

“Regarding the low ratings of L.A.’s sports-talk stations, I have heard those who work in that format say it's not about the ratings, that sports radio can be successful and make money in other ways. As a non-pro, I’d enjoy becoming a little more educated on how this works. At the very least, our local sports outlets aren't suffering from a lack of commercials.” – David Bernhart, Burbank                               

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