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Beatles, Breakfast, and Bob

(August 19, 2014) Former 1110/KRLA personality and Beatles concert promoter Bob Eubanks appeared with Chris Carter on KLOS' Breakfast With the Beatles last week.

"My time with Bob Eubanks was a BLAST," emailed Chris. "Not only did Mr. Eubanks explain how he booked the Beatles twice at the Hollywood Bowl (`64 & `65) and Dodgers Stadium in `66, he told some great stories about owning The Cinnamon Cinder teen clubs in the sixties, booking Bob Dylan in `65, The Newlywed Game, picked some of his fave Beatles songs and even plugged his current webpage!"

Carter concluded: "Bob will be back on stage this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl along with his former KRLA mate Dave (The Hullabalooer) Hull to introduce the Beatles 50th celebration starring ringmaster Dave Stewart."

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Owen Murphy to Program All-Sports KFWB

(August 18, 2014) Sports radio veteran Owen Murphy has been named program director for KFWB and its new, all-sports programming lineup which will launch in September. Murphy programmed the ESPN outlet in Seattle from 2009-10. He previously worked in Bristol, Connecticut as a producer for ESPN Radio, notably on the Mike and Mike in the Morning and as executive producer of The Dan Patrick Show. More recently, Murphy has been working as a talent coach and sports radio consultant for several hosts across the country.                                

KFWB has slowly been making hiring announcements beginning with current sports broadcasters Bill Seward, Bob Harvey, and Ted Sobel will be staying on with the new format. Last week, the station announced that Jim Rome will be on from 9 a.m. to noon. And then today’s announcement of a new pd.

“I cannot adequately express how excited I am to be part of a team that is going to serve the Los Angeles sports radio audience in a manner never before heard,” Murphy said.  “Having Jim Rome as a centerpiece of the station’s new lineup is a thrilling base to build upon for the passionate sports fans of Southern California."

“Owen has built great relationships with some of America’s premiere sports talents,” said Diane Sutter, Trustee for KFWB Asset Trust. “He has a unique perspective and will provide a fresh approach for sports radio fans in L.A.”

Owen, who resides in Seattle with his wife and two daughters, is in the process of relocating to Southern California.

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