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3 Years Ago Today


Howard Stern Doing What He Does Best

(May 21, 2019) Howard Stern is the master of all things marketable and promotable. Especially himself. He’s got a new book, Howard Stern Comes Again. The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” and former KLSX morning man has carefully cherry-picked the crème of the crop in media outlets to once again get headlines.

The Hollywood Reporter (thanks to THR for use of the artwork) gave him the cover along with eight, count ‘em EIGHT, pages of copy and pictures. Whether you think he is making big self-reflections on his life and career or attempting to sell a book, he knows how to generate buzz.

Regardless of what you think, he’s thinking about the hourglass, “and the sand emptying.” He paints in his spare time and the author concludes, “Still it’s hard to imagine the guy who regularly sneaks onto Twitter to gauge listener reactions is really ready to hang it all up. His eyes, which have been darting around the studio for the past hour-and-a-half, suddenly settle on the microphone hanging high about his desk: ‘To walk away from what I’m good at? I don’t even know that I have it 100 percent right yet. And maybe there’s more to explore…’”

Hear Ache. Speaking of Howard Stern, he created more headlines recently with a feud over heated disagreement over comments Wendy Williams made about him on her talk show. Apparently, they have since mended their friendship. She claimed that Stern had lost his edge and was “so Hollywood,” to which he responded by calling her a “jealous bitch.” The pair seem to have called a truce. Howard regrets his comments made toward the former radio personality turned talk show host. “That was me at my worst. I thought she was saying that I was a piece of s— and I sucked. But as [I hear it] now, I don’t see it as an offense at all.” … KPFK’s Bill Gardner was playing the Top 25 r&b songs from the early 1950s on his Saturday Rhapsody in Black program. The top 10 included the two Annie (Had a Baby and Work With Me) songs, along with Chords’ Sh-Boom. The number one song was 60-Minute Man by the Dominoes … LA Magazine has a delight story about “Secrets of the Chateau” by Hailey Eber. Details are contained in a new book. The storied hotel has only 63 rooms, which is more than that on one floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt. The author was asked to recount the most surprising thing in the research. “Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate got pregnant there and left because Sharon didn’t want to bring a baby back to a hotel. A pregnant Tate was later brutally murdered by the Manson family in Benedict Canyon.”


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**  "Many thanks for reprinting Ken Levine's story about Robert W. Morgan. I miss him too, just about every day.

Don't know if I ever told you this: sometime around 20 years ago Metro Traffic moved into the KRTH building on Venice Blvd., while I was wrapped up in the weekday-morning shift doing traffic and sidekick-stuff on God knows how many stations within 100 miles. Three or four weeks later, RWM was hired to do mornings on KRTH, down the hall. Everyone of course had heard about his infamous temper, and you could cut the tension in the building with any butter knife, once he finally signed on.

At the time I sported hair down a little past my shoulders. One morning when I was somewhat out of sorts for whatever reason, Robert and I each turned a corner down the hall from each other. This marked the fourth or fifth time he had seen me and muttered something about a 'long haired hippie freak.' This time I barked back, 'Yeah, I keep it long for gorgeous young women, not for old washed-up AM djs.'

So as soon as I got that out, and started thinking, 'O shit what have I done? Robert kinda' smirked his way around the corner back toward the KRTH studio.  About an hour later, I was in my Metro booth, and heard a knock at the door. I opened it, and there stood Robert W. Morgan in the flesh, handing me a stack of paper, saying: 'Here are some bits I know I'll never get to. Perhaps you can use some of 'em on your reports.' Needless to say I was fully dumbfounded and bumfuzzled by this Legend, who had no reason to give me the time of day!  I can't recall whether I even said "thanks", much less anything else.  I could only think about the mornings I'd catch snippets of his KHJ gig while cutting 1st Period PE back in High School. All I soon knew was, after that, we became very good friends, and I quickly grew to love the guy. We remained that way until he passed in 1998, and as I said, I still miss him on a daily basis. I certainly count my getting to know Robert W. the way I did, as one of my greatest accomplishments in life!" - Greg Hardison

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Teresa Strasser, Ralph Garman, Kevin Klein

Arrow 93 Reunion 2019
Front row, Left to right: Robert Negrete, Maggie McKay, , Chris Taylor, Diane Thompson, Tom Patterson, Tim Suing
Back row: Mike Zara, Stacey Dockray Zara, Sioux-Z Jessup, Rick Sietsema, Jackie Herek, Ryan Doyle


Justin Turner, Vic the Brick Jacobs, Terry Anzur, Lisa Foxx 

Delilah, Jorge Jarrin, Shelly Wagner, Bernard Pendergrass, Rick Monday


Phyllis Chase, Jeff Pope, Kevin Legrett


Greg Habell, Sandy Kelley, Magic Matt Alan 


Robert W. Morgan, Brian Ping, Rick Thomas


Michael Savage, Humble Harve, Randy West, Scott St. James, Maria Sanchez 


Jim Thornton, Jeff Young, Adam West, Ralph Garman


Pete Arbogast, John Chin, Stephanie Miller, Geoff Nathanson


Don Mac, Claudia Marshall, Earl McDaniel  

Shaune McNamara, Jhani Kaye, Kevin Weatherly, Pat Prescott, Talaya Trigueros, Mike Sakellarides, Kim Amidon, Samantha Stander


Helen Borgers, Mucho Morales, Brian Roberts, Rob Newton 


Gerry Cagle, Sandy Stec, John Phillips


Rachel Maddow, Petros Papadakis, Emily Valdez


Bill Earl, Alan Freed, Margaret Carrero


Clark Race, Mike Butts, Bill Handel 


Rollye James, Sandy Kelley, Humble Harve 


Kitty Felde, Nick Roman, Carson Schreiber, Sam Benson, Bob Wilson


Jo Kwon, Len Weiner, Steve Jones


Paul Freeman, Gary Lycan, Mary Beth Garber, Al Michaels



Ellen K w/son Calvin, Steve Kindred, Michael Benner


Howard Stern, Matt Lauer, Rich Buhler, Ed Pyle, Bob Mayfield


Ian Whitcomb, Cliff Winston, Phil Hendrie


Joe Reiling, Don Martin, Robin Bertolucci, Damon Knight 


Steve Gregory, Dave Sholin, Bob Hamilton, Jim Pewter

Bob Koontz, Brian Phelps, Lori Koontz, Keri Tombazian, Craig Powers 


Pam Baker, John Bassanelli, Little Richard, Brian Beirne, Beata Murphy


Seena, Kevin McKeown, Dennis Prager 


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