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The most comprehensive listing of 6,000 Los Angeles Radio People, spanning the last 57 years, is now available just by clicking on your favorite personality. The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. Enjoy!  



(Lara Scott, Liz "Rugburns" Fulton, Jhani Kaye, Ed Mann, Mark Halburn, Erik Estrada, Chris Douridas, and Doug McIntyre) 

Chris Roberts Retiring as Bruin Play-by-Play

(March 6, 2015) For over two decades, he’s been the radio voice of the UCLA Bruins. Wednesday night, during the final Bruins’ regular season game at Pauley Pavilion, Chris Roberts was honored during halftime, after 23 years as the UCLA football and basketball radio play-by-play man.

Chris is retiring after this year’s NCAA Tournament. After the game, the tribute continued as a few hundred friends, relatives and co-workers gathered at the Pavilion Club to bid Chris farewell. Former colleagues Jhani Kaye and Bruce Chandler were among the attendees. 

“Interesting to note that in the early 70s, Chris was the midday personality at KFXM in San Bernardino,” emailed Bruce. “The three of us in the photo go back so many years as friends.  By the way, what better way to end so many years of broadcasts than with the win the Bruins notched against crosstown rivals, the USC Trojans.” “It was a wonderful occasion,” added Jhani. “The entire stadium was giving Chris a standing ovation. And I was especially proud of him having been a former Bruin myself.” (Photo: Jhani Kaye, Chris Roberts, Bruce Chandler)

The Alhambra native was born Bob LaPeer (the street in Beverly Hills is named after his grandfather) in Alhambra in 1954. Chris played football, basketball and baseball at Baldwin Park High and baseball at Cal Poly Pomona. He began his broadcasting career at KCIN-Victorville, then KREO-Indio and KWOW-Pomona where he announced high school and junior college sports. He changed his named professionally in 1970 when there was a name conflict at KFXM.

In the late 1970s he announced Cal Poly Pomona baseball, later Chris would do play-by-play for Cal State Long Beach baseball for 10 years until the school dropped the sport in 1991.

While on the air doing overnights at KOST, Chris prepared a sports report for morning drive live on sister station KFI. He eventually became sports director and covered the Los Angeles Raiders while KFI had the broadcast rights for the NFL team. He called his KFI and KOST sportscast “Athletic Briefs.”

When KMPC went all-sports programming, Chris became an important part of the station’s on-air presentation. He left KMPC when the station changed formats in 1994. Besides broadcasting, Chris has a second career in real estate. He owns income property and also works as a broker for a Glendora.

During his career, Chris has worked for KUTE, KJOI, KFAC, KGIL/fm, KGGI, KFI/KOST, KMPC and XTRA.

Cooper Retired. Glenn Cooper (top right) retired from KSPN this past May. 

“My position was in sales, selling the Lakers, USC Trojans, World Cup, the NY Jets, NY Knicks, Dallas Mavericks, and the Bulls,” emailed Cooper.

“I was the lead person in bringing the USC Trojans over to KSPN from Sporting News Radio (1540 The Ticket), when their contract was up.  Prior to working at ESPN LA / 710, I was with Sporting News Radio selling USC Trojans at the time for five years, along with the Galaxy and Chargers.”

Glenn also worked at XTRA Sports 1150 (KXTA) and KLAC. “My retirement includes travel, riding and training our horses, and enjoying my family and grandchildren. It was a nice ride.”

Palm Springs Radio. Dale Berg reports that since the New Year there have been a few changes on the radio dial out in Palm Springs. “The first happened with CBS KEZN 103.1,” emailed Dale, who hosts 969theoasis.org, “rebranding itself as Sunny 103. Then last Friday two stations flipped! Marker Broadcasting’s Smooth Jazz KJJZ 102.3 flipped to Q102.3 Classic Rock, and the Morris Communications Crush 103.9 flipped to Easy 103.9 claiming to be ‘The Perfect Blend.’ If you like Bob Dylan, Barry Manilow, and Chris Botti on the same station then The New Easy 103.9 is for you. By the way Jim Fitzgerald ‘Fitz in the Morning’ from KJJZ has now moved over to Easy 103.9 doing mornings.”

Hear Ache. The FCC has approved the sale of KTYM-AM 1460 Inglewood to IHR Educational Broadcasting. The group also bought KHJ-AM 930 last year, which is currently broadcasting Catholic programming … Tommy Hawkins, ex-KABC and KKJZ, will appear at the 10th annual Sports Leadership Conference in June as the Keynote Speaker … Former KFI personality Scott Ellsworth is hosting an online jazz and standards show at www.ScottsPlace.org. Scott does the show live every Saturday and Sunday from 6 until 10 p.m. All shows are archived and available for listening anytime ... Mike Nolan returned to KFI yesterday with John & Ken to talk about the Harrison Ford's plane crash landing. This morning Bill Handel had Mike on to talk about the seriousness of the crash ... Adam Carolla was on with KLAC's Dan Patrick this morning to talk about his new movie, Road Hard ... Big Boy appeared on the KTLA/Channel 5 Morning News yesterday. He was delightful and charming. Click the artwork to see his appearance to promote the new morning show at Real 92.3.

LARadio Rewind: March 6, 2014. Paul McCartney phones KCSN program director and afternoon host Sky Daniels. The former Beatle was in Los Angeles to shoot a video for Early Days, a track from his new CD, New, and several friends told him that KCSN was playing the CD. He phoned the station to say thank you and wound up doing an hour-long interview. He talked about his Grammy awards, his touring band, an upcoming film project and the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance in the United States. McCartney’s album entitled New peaked at #3 in the US and the UK, and reached the top ten in 17 countries. KCSN is one of 32 stations reporting to Billboard’s Adult Alternative Songs radio airplay chart. Daniels has programmed KFOG, KISW, KMET, WLUP and WWWW and has been with KCSN since 2011. His interview with McCartney can be heard at http://www.kcsn.org/listen/archive.php?file=Paul_McCartney_2014_03_06&path=livesessions

Last KFWB Jock Standing. John Hart has been a long-time fan of the Top 40 days of KFWB. He befriended them all and hung out at the station when it was on Hollywood Blvd. His mother was president of the Joe Yocam fan club. John eventually interviewed them all and his experiences with the “Seven Swingin’ Gentlemen” would make for a great book.

Afternoon great Elliot Field (l) is the last of the original KFWB jocks. And he did write a book about his experiences at the iconic station and his life. John traveled to Palm Springs to visit.

“Elliot Field was one of my all-time favorite radio personalities from the glory years of KFWB, Color Radio during the late 50s to the mid 60s. Elliot is just as sharp, witty, and thoughtful as he was on the air years ago. My wife Kathy and I had a wonderful conversation with Elliot about those years, his subsequent work in Detroit and back to So-Cal relocating to Palm Springs in the late 60s.”

John continued: “Elliot with his ‘Field Frolic’ dominated LA radio during afternoon drive time. Chuck Blore, pd of KFWB during that era, made the right decision in placing Field on in the afternoons. Ranked as one of the nation’s top djs during that period, he truly entertained his listeners as individuals, not as a vast audience.  He provided numerous characters who interacted with him on the air, most notably, ‘TEX.’ Using an Ampex machine in his booth, he convinced young listeners like Don Barrett and myself that he was actually broadcasting poolside on top of the station’s roof. Despite a life-long issue with polio, he continues to be active, and recently published The Last of the Seven Swingin’ Gentlemen, a chronological story of his life. Kathy and I look forward to his next book and another visit when in Palm Spring again.”   


Real Hiring. An assistant program director is the first hire at the new Real 92.3. Abdul “DJ A-OH” Hashem has joined the Hip Hop ’n’ r&b station as apd and on-air personality. He will join the station from 103.5 The Beat in Miami, where he has served as an on-air pd since October 2013. In addition, he has also serves as an iHeartMedia Urban Brand Coordinator.

Prior to that, DJ A-OH was part of the programming team at WGCI/fm-Chicago. "I am thrilled to join the Los Angeles team at REAL 92.3," said DJ A-OH. "I'm thankful for the opportunity to further my career within the company under the leadership of Doc Wynter, Andrew Jeffries and Greg Ashlock. LA radio just got REAL!"

"A-OH is a first round pick," said Doc Wynter, svp of Urban Programming, iHeartMedia. "We are excited to bring his talents to Los Angeles for Real 92.3."

Funnie. (thanks to Timmy Manocheo)

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** Fox News

“A Nancy Plum email without a shot at Fox News? Did hell freeze over?” – Craig Daniger

** That’s A Lot of Bull on KNAC

“Seeing the KNAC (the KnaC) logo was, as the late Gary Owens would intone, quite a memory flogger. I don't actually remember the bullfights, probably because it was shortly after I moved up one floor from the 12th floor studios of KNAC to the KFOX facility on the 14th floor at the International Tower [there was no 13th, even though in those days the building was quite happy to have a street address of 666].

KNAC was trying anything and everything in those days just to keep the lights on. The Switzers [Bob – the gm/ce, and wife Jean – the pd] had left the scene after the stockholders had enough of their domestic differences. Unlike KFOX which tore the walls out and built a real studio complex with Egmont Sonderling’s money, KNAC just took over a three bedroom apartment, put the studios in the second and third bedrooms, the wire machine in the linen closet and the gm in the master bedroom. So whenever Jean threw him out of their house, he could seamlessly transition to his office [I remember seeing his dirty underwear on the floor more than once during their rough patches].

KNAC, in its bossa incarnation, was second only to KFAC AM&FM as being the least appropriate place for bullfighting in the greater LA area...talk about cognitive dissonance! They pitched themselves as a class act, and tried to go after the beach communities being a playground of well-healed elite who liked the bright international flavor of the product A&M was then having great success with.

Bosso Rio, Brazil 66, Baja Marimba...the whole gamut of effete-almost-Mantovani was the format core. I can only imagine the intro. ‘The sophisticated sounds of Sergio Mendes and Walter Wanderley will continue, right after we bring you the soundtrack and play-by-play of the torturing and killing of a few animals.’” – Jerry Trowbridge

**Gary Owens Show File from Thursday’s LARadio

"A friend of mine taped some Los Angeles radio for me back in 1973. I have a Gary Owens Show on KMPC from Saturday, June 16, 1973. The hour and a half recording is unscoped except for some newscasts and the Bobby Winkle Show at 5:30 p.m. The tape used was a five inch reel of tape. Unfortunately, my friend used a tape that had been used to record four songs. He and a group of people are amateur musicians. There were two songs per side with a short stretch of leader tape separating the two songs. The leader tape happened to record two commercials (side 1 and side 2) that were both voice only. If one didn't know about the leader tape you would swear these were short commercials.

Download the following files:  Gary Owens Part one:  https://app.box.com/s/iz1e6noqtpo9fq3006lu36mguev1yua8 and Gary Owens Part two: https://app.box.com/s/rwmwh97xnfkovzjsocx8nzfen01567xq

Also included is a Clark Race Show, KMPC June 5, 1973.  This recording is also unscoped.  That link is here: https://app.box.com/s/5t2mog8xmuot04qqo94zed9fn2fr4srs Please enjoy.” – Mike Feymer

** I’ll Have a Scoop of Sports

“Once again, you got the scoop, reporting on the new morning show at KSPN, and the move of Mike and Mike to KLAA, weeks before the changes were officially announced. Occasionally, quality journalism can emanate from an Internet-only news source. You exemplify the concept.” – Jared Kliger    

Joy at iHeartMedia

(March 5, 2015) In the biggest move of this young year, iHeartMedia has snatched the heart and soul of KPWR – Power 106 – by acquiring Big Boy for mornings at its new Hip Hop and r&b station, KRRL, Real 92.3. Last month, the station flipped from Urban AC Hot 92.3 to Real 92.3. The move isn’t without controversy. Emmis Radio – parent company of Power 106 – attempted to preempt Big Boy from making themove. Emmis even agreed to match iHeartMedia’s offer of $3.4 million, a significant increase from his previous salary of $1.45 million, Emmis also filing suit against Big Boy, citing breach of contract.

After initially issuing a restraining order, a preliminary injunction was lifted on Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, freeing Big Boy to travel to the other side of the radio dial.  

“You can’t say Hip Hop in Los Angeles and not immediately think of Big Boy,” said Greg Ashlock, president of Southern California, iHeartMedia. “He’s authentic. He’s passionate about the music with tight artist relationships. And, most importantly, he’s connected with Los Angelinos. This is a major coup for us here at iHeartMedia/Los Angeles, and a big win for the LA Hip Hop audience.” ( Photo: Jason Ryan, Andrew Jeffries, Big Boy, John Ivey, Doc Wynter and Michael LaCrosse)

“You can’t imagine how psyched and ready I am to show my listeners – my family – what we’ve got planned at Real 92.3,” said Big Boy. “iHeartMedia 100 percent gets what I’ve been doing for over 20 years and together we’re going to take it to the next level. Love and gratitude to my listeners. You all mean everything to me and I’ll see you real soon.”

Big Boy started his radio career in Los Angeles and quickly became a West Coast icon known throughout the music industry.  He has been named Personality of the Year four times by Radio Music Awards and eight times by Radio & Records magazine, and received three Marconi Awards from the NAB for his exceptional talent. A multimedia powerhouse, Big Boy has also made multiple movie and television appearances and also released a personal biography, An XL Life: Staying Big at half the size.

“What else can I say -- this isn’t just huge, this is Big!,” said Doc Wynter, iHeartMedia’s svp of Urban Programming and pd of Real 92.3.  “Since Day 1, Real has been delivering the ultimate experience 24/7 to LA’s Hip Hop and r&b fans – and now, with Big Boy leading the charge, there’s no reason Hip Hop fans would want to be anywhere else.”

"Big Boy is not just a great talent – he’s the voice of the neighborhood in L.A.,” said Andrew Jeffries – iHeartMedia’s svp of Major Markets. “His joining Real 92.3 makes it clearer than ever that iHeartMedia is the home for the best talent in the business. We are thrilled to have him aboard – and our listeners will be too.”

Is Big Boy's salary the largest for morning drive? In a subscriber newsletter we will discuss morning salaries and packages - from Rick Dees (thought to be the first million dollar man) to Mark & Brian to Kevin & Bean to Bill Handel to Ryan Seacrest.

Improbable Sports on Radio. If you think it is difficult to understand how hockey and soccer can be viable play-by-play broadcasts, K.M. Richards dug up an old ad.

“It's a newspaper ad from June, 1968 promoting the telecast of a bullfight on KMEX/34 with an English translation on KNAC/105.5 (here comes Long Beach again).  This would have been only about a year and a half after KNAC changed call letters from its original KLFM.”

Hear Ache. For the last half dozen years, Art Vuolo, a huge fan of radio, travels from Detroit to Southern California for a luncheon during the holidays that this year included an eclectic group:  Joel Denver, Bob Moore, Kris Erik Stevens, Wally Clark, Jack Silver, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Joey Reynolds, Shadoe Stevens and many more. Art and Randy West put together a movie starring the stars. You will feel like you are there.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcqlcuISiRU Dan Kearney, market head for CBS/LA, is still interviewing candidates for the program director position at KNX … Don Berns died of a heart attack on March 1. His biggest success was in Buffalo, but he passed through the radio hallways in San Diego … KNX takes a comprehensive look at the “gluten-free movement,” with more and more people claiming medical benefit from going gluten-free, that has spawned an industry promoting countless gluten-free products. The one-hour special will air at 10 a.m. this morning … Bruce Scott posted at KFI a commercial done by Gary Owens when he joined the station at: http://www.kost1035.com/onair/bruce-scott-46866/gary-owens-la-tv-commercial-13254391/ … The former Doc on the ROQ (Boyd R. Britton) emailed to say that if getting fired wasn’t enough, an old sore on his big toe has been diagnosed with Gangrene. He’s had to stay off his feet. “Good time to not work,” emailed Boyd. 

Pond’s Wife. Lynda Pond has added further information about the tragic accident that happed to LARP veteran, Bob Pond. Scroll down this page and you can read the original story.

“The fact is Bob was so severely injured at the time of the collision, (he was a pedestrian and he was hit by a truck) that the doctors told me he should've died at the scene, but with his tremendous will to live he survived. Among his numerous injuries, the two that are causing the most trouble are a broken rib that punctured his lung causing respiratory issues that are not improving. Additionally, he suffered a traumatic brain injury which is the reason he’s unable to speak, move, or make any positive progress. He is awake, but does not seem to have any awareness of his surroundings or his condition. He’s already had one brain surgery. At this point it has not had any positive effect. However, the doctors tell me that brain injuries sometimes heal better than other traumatic injuries, and all we can do is keep waiting and hoping. It is very painful to see him in this condition because he was so full of life. All prayers and good wishes will be gratefully appreciated. I thank you for keeping his friends informed about his condition. I have not been able to access his Facebook, because I don't have the password, so I know some people are thinking the worst, but now at least they can find out what actually happened to Bob.”

Bob could use your help and his family set up an account where you can do that at: http://www.gofundme.com/l9zltw Lynda Pond can be reached at: pandashark@aol.com

LARadio Rewind: March 5, 2014. Former KMPC dj Geoff Edwards dies of complications from pneumonia at age 83. Born in Westfield, New Jersey, Edwards began in radio in 1952 at WOKO in Albany. From 1959 to 1964, he worked at KFMB as co-host of the afternoon show and host of an evening jazz program. He later jocked at KHJ and KFI and from 1968 to 1979 worked the 9-to-noon shift at KMPC. Edwards also worked as a travel writer and hosted ten different tv game shows, including Jackpot, Starcade, Chain Reaction and Treasure Hunt.

He returned to KFI in 1987 but was suspended in February 1989 after refusing to promote Tom Leykis's planned destruction of recordings by Cat Stevens, who had become a Muslim and changed his name to Yusuf Islam. Leykis said the destruction would be “payback” for Stevens’ support of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s death sentence against The Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie. Calling the destruction “fascist,” Edwards wound up resigning and was replaced by the syndicated Rush Limbaugh show. As it turned out, on March 8 at a vacant lot in Compton, Leykis drove a steamroller over 200 Cat Stevens records to “send a message to Cat Stevens and the Ayatollah that we do not endorse murder.” Edwards' final radio job was KSUR morning host in 2003.  (LARadio Rewind is meticulously prepared by Steve Thompson)

Carolla’s New Movie. After his movie and television career has run dry, Bruce Madsen (Adam Carolla) is forced to go back on the road playing one dingy comedy club after another, spending endless nights in budget hotel rooms and always flying coach. Amidst trying to revitalize his career, rekindle his love life and put his daughter through college, Bruce knows one thing for sure – he must get off the road. ROAD HARD is the story of that journey.

The movie starts tomorrow at: Sundance Sunset West Hollywood, 8000 Sunset Blvd



Funnie. (thanks to Scott St. James for this morning's funnie)

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** AM Stereo at KHJ

“Regarding Diane Thompson's note about KHJ’s AM Stereo. I went to a press conference in 1979 hosted by Tim Sullivan, KHJ’s general manager. He had two things to talk about.

First, he introduced a new dj, Rick Dees, who was going to restore KHJ to the prominence it once held. Well, O.K. I didn’t know or really care about Rick Dees.

I was there for the second announcement. Tim also revealed that KHJ was going to be the first station in the market to broadcast in AM Stereo! They were going to use the Kahn/Hazeltine system, which was the one you could hear by using two different radios, both tuned to KHJ, but one set a little low on the dial and the other just a little high. So I went out and got two identical radios and set them up according to the instructions. 


There was no stereo in the music that I could hear. I even hooked an oscilloscope up to the radios, with one of them set to move the dot up and down and the other left and right. This meant that not only could I not HEAR any stereo, I couldn’t SEE it either. Frustrated, I called up Bob Kanner, KHJ’s chief engineer. I told him about all my efforts, and asked what I was doing wrong. ‘Oh, THAT,’ he laughed. ‘Tim Sullivan wanted to be the first in L.A., so we set up a cart machine out at the tower.  We only play ONE stereo song a day, at midnight. We play it from the transmitter.’ So I guess you could ‘say’ that KHJ was the first with AM Stereo.

If you wanted to stay up until midnight with your two mistuned radios, hoping to catch that ONE song as it went through!” – Mike Callaghan

** Perfect Picker in Oscar Voting

“Wow, I’ve never been perfect at anything but I want to thank the Academy for selecting a bunch of pictures nobody ever saw which kept this race from being a popularity contest. If it had not snubbed Jennifer Aniston and Clint Eastwood this perfect score would have been much harder to register.

I’m happy for all the winners, especially Wes Anderson who did such a marvelous job, for all those on Birdman and above all am very happy Boyhood did not win big. Boyhood was a film about 10 years too long. LOL.

As I sit here with my Tamiful by my side, I wish to share this honor with the other three folks who also had perfect scores. The bad thing about having the flu is the loss of work, especially on such a big news day. The only positive is I’ve lost six pounds in 48 hours. My doctor said we caught it early so I’m good to go but it does take something out of you.” – Bob Brill

** Bummer About Lisa May

“I noticed Ron Foster was mentioned in a post from Brad Martini Chambers. I worked with Ron at KAFY and this was fairly early in my career. He was my biggest fan and always offering encouragement and telling me I could do things I hadn't even thought about doing. The bonus was he was a blast to work with, always pleasant and always fun.

Now I can’t believe CBS cannot find the money to keep Lisa May on KROQ as she was an integral part of the show. I have no idea if there were behind negotiations that went on or if someone back east just decided, okay we can save a bundle if we cut news and traffic. 

I don’t even live in LA anymore but I am super bummed about this. I will stream the show just to hear how it sounds without her cheerful voice. I will be visiting LA this month, not really sure how to visit all my radio friends – maybe I will just show up at some restaurant one night and see if anyone I know wants to stop by and say hi.

Save some of that So Cal sunshine for me.” – Nancy Plum    

Big Boy Ruling
(March 4, 2015) For 18 years, Kurt Alexander helmed mornings at urban KPWR (Power 106). Alexander, better known by his moniker as Big Boy, was recently lured by an offer of $3 million per year to move across town and help launch the new KRRL (Real 92.3).

Big Boy was slated to be the star of the new iHeartMedia urban station, formerly Old School r&b KHHT (Hot 92.3). Almost immediately, Emmis Radio – parent company of Power 106 – sued Big Boy for breach of contract. Emmis sought no less than $5 million in damages in the lawsuit filed on February 3, as well as preliminary and permanent injunctions. A week later, the Los Angeles County Superior Court issued a temporary restraining order, keeping Big Boy from making the switch.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. On March 3, the court denied the preliminary injunction filed by Emmis, which now allows Big Boy to join what’s now a direct rival for his former station. Following the ruling, Emmis issued this statement:

While Emmis is disappointed with the Court’s ruling and will evaluate our legal options, we are pleased with the Court’s indication that damages are an available remedy at trial. Emmis remains resolute in continuing to protect our legal rights and committed to the continued success of Power 106. (Thanks to Billboard.com for photo)

New PD at KLOS. It may be the continuing heat generated from the success of rival 100.3/The Sound which led to a change yesterday at heritage rocker KLOS. Keith Cunningham is the new program director for the local Cumulus station. Cunningham will also have corporate responsibility as a Format Captain for Cumulus Radio.

Meanwhile, Derek Madden, the station’s former program director, moves to Cumulus Minneapolis, where he has been named pd of KXXR/fm. Madden will also continue in his role as Corporate Programmer, Rock & Alternative for Cumulus.

Cunningham joins Cumulus from iHeart Media, where he was vp of programming for iHeart’s seven-station cluster in Seattle. Prior to that, he was a Broadcast Media Consultant for Jacobs Media, where he supported and consulted with more than 20 radio stations from across the country including: KNRK/Portland; XTRA (91X)/San Diego; KNDD (The End 107.7)/Seattle; and KXRX/Salt Lake City. Cunningham also has extensive experience as an on-air talent coach, working with talent across all formats. In addition, Cunningham previously held posts for iHeartMedia in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Denver.

Mike McVay, Senior Vice President, Programming for Cumulus said: “Keith is the latest great programming mind to join Cumulus. We’re excited at the opportunities created by Derek’s promotion and Keith’s arrival.”

Cunningham said: "When my parents told me I could do anything I wanted in life, I thought that was just parental B.S. I guess I was wrong. Cranking classic rock all day at the legendary KLOS and helping other great Cumulus brands IS my dream job. Thanks to John Dickey, Mike McVay, Troy Hanson, Val Garris and Paul Anderson for clearing the path."

 LARadio Rewind: March 4, 2006. KGO morning host Ronn Owens and KFI afternoon hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou are honored by Radio & Records magazine as news/talk local personalities of the year. Accepting the award, Chiampou thanked Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa, Archbishop Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Crips gang leader Stanley Tookie Williams and other newsmakers whose troubles had provided fodder for the John & Ken show. John & Ken first teamed up in 1988 at WOND in Atlantic City. They later worked at WMGM/fm and at WKXW in Trenton before coming to KFI in 1992. They did mornings at KABC, 1999-2000, then returned to KFI in 2001. John and Ken support the death penalty and are opposed to illegal immigration, tax hikes and government employee labor unions.

In August 2006, they were named to the Los Angeles Times’ list of the 100 most influential people in Los Angeles.

Born Ronald Lowenstein in 1945, Owens has been at KGO since 1975 and his program was simulcast on KABC in 1997-98. His 9 a.m. to noon program consistently had more listeners in San Francisco during KGO’s unprecedented run as the Bay Area’s most listened to station for 27 years through 2010. After graduating from Temple University, Owens started in radio in 1968, working in Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, and Philadelphia before arriving at KGO. In the 1980s, Owens provided commentary on KRON/tv. He authored the book Voice of Reason: Why the Right and Left are Wrong in 2004.  

Funnie. Courtesy of Steve Harvey (LAObserved.com)

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** GoFund Bob Pond

“Thanks to your story and link about Bob Pond, I went to the GoFundMe page today.

Holy **** –  it’s been up for a month and they had raised all of $165? That’s pathetic. What happened to Bob Pond could happen to anybody, any time they step off a curb and some crazy person hits and runs.   

We have help for the poor and the rich never need it, but the people in the middle can get smershed. Not much one person can do to help people in the Pond family’s situation, but I donated, even though I’m just a radio fan and I never heard Mr. Pond in my life. I hope the real radio people come forward with some help for these folks.” – Janice Jacobson, Culver City

** Dust-Up at KROQ

"I enjoy your column and had to write after the appalling way Kevin & Bean (esp. Bean) treated Lisa May after all her years of helping them become radio leaders. 

If this is how they treat a friend, their enemies should look out. Instead of dumping traffic and finding a new way to use her, they dumped her and replaced her with a young blonde, then claimed innocence. How insulting and bogus.

KABC and KFI aren’t much better. KABC did a bait and switch by promising us Dr. Drew and instead we’re stuck with his porn loving dumb friend whose show is unlistenable and has no place in day time. If it's Dr. Drew’s show he should be there. Then they hire Dennis Miller who quits on the air and is replaced by tapes from someone who’s not even local. And KFI dumped Lisa Ann Walter who had a strong point of view and content worth listening to.

What's that I hear on L.A. radio? The sound of women turning off their radios and tuning into Satellite. Thank you for letting me express my frustration.” – Stefanie Brown, Los Angeles    

Bob Pond Injured in Hit and Run … Needs Our Help

(March 3, 2015) Bob Pond, veteran of KGBS, KPPC, and KPOL in the ’60s and ’70s, is in need of our help. Bob was involved in a serious accident on October 2, 2014. “In a very strange series of events, he was injured in a hit and run last October and we were just able to definitively locate him in late January,” wrote Lisa Miller, Bob’s niece. “Long story short, due to HIPPA and changed phone numbers over the years, it was extremely difficult to get any information on his condition or whereabouts,” Lisa continued. "His Facebook page shows the concern and chronicles what his friends/family went through trying to find him.”

In a search for Bob, she came across LARadio and his photo. Lisa lives in Leander, Texas. “I am writing to see if you might be any help in raising awareness of his serious accident and the gofundme campaign that we started for him. I was hoping that the folks in the radio world might be willing to help get the word out about his condition and his need.  He has had a severe head injury and is unable to speak.  His medical bills are astronomical and his wife and he did not have proper financial powers of attorney, so she is unable to access assets to take care of bills, his house, etc."

Born in 1937, Bob arrived in the Southland after functioning as pd of KRDS-Phoenix. He worked at KPPC (started as a relief jock) as Bobby McGee and Bob McGee and KPOL. “I started as a rock jock in 1957, while going to Arizona State at KPHO-Phoenix,” said Bob when he was interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People.

“Upon getting a marketing degree in 1963, I headed for Tinsel Town to get into advertising and ended up on morning drive at KPRO in Riverside, under pd Ralph Lawler [now doing basketball play-by-play on tv]. In nearby San Bernardino, Bill Watson was programming KMEN until he went to program KHJ with Bill Drake in 1964.”

 "In October 1968, I returned to Phoenix as om at KRDS, a 250 watter at 1190, against Buck Owen’s 50,000 watt KTUF AM & FM. We went from #32 to #5 and were #1 Country with a fake-Drake format. I returned to L.A. in 1972 and again worked with Ron Erwin at KPPC as a jock, under Bernie Alan, until they changed to KROQ. I then worked at Capital City's KPOL AM/FM until 1976. The fm became country KZLA and the AM eventually went foreign language. After twenty years of being a radio bum, I got a real estate license and have been selling houses in the San Fernando Valley ever since. That was a career move I have often regretted. I was a vacation-relief engineer at KRTH in 1981 and KABC in 1984 and still try to keep abreast of my first love – radio.” If you want to help Bob: http://www.gofundme.com/l9zltw

CBS Sales Head to Cumulus Chicago. Peter Bowen’s last day at CBS/LA was yesterday. He is moving to Chicago to be vp/market manager for the Cumulus Media Chicago Cluster, which includes News/Talk WLS AM 890, Classic Hits WLS/fm 94.7, Classic Rock WLUP/fm 97.9 and Alternative Rock WKQX/fm 101.1.

Bowen worked for 16 years in Chicago as senior vice president/gm at WBBM and WJMK and as vice president/director of sales for CBS Radio’s Chicago stations.

He was well liked during his time in Los Angeles. In 2013, making his debut on the Best Off-Air LARP of the Year list, Peter was voted #7 by his radio peers. As svp at CBS/LA, he oversaw sales for all six CBS owned and operated radio stations in LA, which include KROQ, KAMP, KRTH, KNX, KTWV and KCBS (JACK/fm).

Some of those who voted for Bowen in 2013 had offered these comments:

“Great leader, inspiring, funny and motivational.”
“With the addition of Peter to the L.A. market, he has brought a breath of fresh air to the office. New energy, new ideas, and a great attitude.”
“The fact that KNX beat KFI in revenue has got to be due in part to his leadership.”
“A pleasure to work for him. Great leader.”

On his departure, CBS/LA market manager Dan Kearney said in an internal memo: “We will miss Peter’s leadership, courage, stability and fantastic relationships both inside and outside of our building.  However, let’s congratulate him on a great opportunity for him professionally and personally. 


Morning Sports. KSPN made official what we reported two weeks ago that Kelvin Washington (r) and Travis Rodgers (l) are hosting the earliest live sports station in the market Los Angeles, from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. “The station’s powerful digital presence has been strengthened with the last two hours (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.) heard exclusively on digital platforms – ESPNLA.com and the ESPN Radio app, a first for the station,” according to a press release. 

Kelvin “K Dubb” Washington joined KSPN in October 2014. Rodgers, a native of Arcadia, hosted The Travis Rodgers Morning Show on KLAA 830 and will continue to host Travis Rodgers Now on Yahoo! Sports Radio.

Scott McCarthy, vp/gm of KSPN said, “ESPN’s mission is to serve sports fans, anytime and anywhere, and we at ESPN/LA are thrilled to continue advancing that mission in Southern California. With the new morning show, we will bring even more great local sports audio content to the radios, computers, and mobile devices of LA-area sports fans."

ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike (Greenberg & Golic) will now be heard in the Los Angeles market on KLAA 830 AM weekdays from 5 a.m. – 9 a.m.


Hear Ache. Marty Bender, former KROQer, is helming the programming at newly christened WSHE-Chicago … Josefa Salinas began a prayer circle for Paul Mahler. “He’s one of the best Tech minds in radio,” wrote Josefa on her Facebook page. “Paul lays in very serious condition. Paul was never one to take good care of Paul. Like most of us, when he started feeling bad he ignored all the signs. Today he is fighting for his life."  …  Andrew Harms is joining KYSR (ALT 98.7) as assistant pd/music director and afternoons. He replaces Trey Morgan. “When a guy who lives the life, talks the talk and can string a sentence together that means something special to our audience arrives on your doorstep, you take that opportunity and grab them,” said pd Andrew Jeffries. Harms had been lending some behind the scenes help and we are thrilled to bring his talents onboard.” ... KFWB is the new home for the LA Galaxy.

LARadio Rewind: March 3, 2008. KGIL drops the two-hour syndicated program of psychologist Dr. Joy Browne and the first hour of Portland-based Lars Larson's conservative talk show and begins carrying Lou Dobbs’ new syndicated program from 1 to 4 p.m. Dobbs had worked in radio in Yuma and was a news reporter at tv stations in Phoenix and Seattle before joining CNN upon the news channel's launch in 1980. He hosted Moneyline and eventually became a CNN vice president. Dobbs spent 28 years with CNN and now hosts a program on Fox Business Channel. He has provoked much criticism for his anti-immigration views and his insistence that President Obama was not born in the United States. KGIL went on the air in 1947 and has had several different formats and sets of call letters. The talk format lasted from October 2007 until August 2009. The station is now classical KMZT K-Mozart 1260 and simulcasts on 105.1 HD2.  


Email Tuesday

We GET Email …

** WKRP in LA

“Just catching up and saw Jerry Hahn’s recollections of KLFM – a real WKRP operation without the personalities.” – Mark Sudock

** Sensitive Toward Lisa May Issue

“Another great issue. Thank you! Sensitively done about Lisa May and have no worries that she'll be landing on her feet.

I don’t know why I haven’t subscribed before. I would always want to help out and do my part to support such a delightful and appreciated report like LARadio ... guess I’ve finally come to my senses.” – Laurie Allen, Go Country  

** Kevin & Bean Turmoil

"As usual, you did an outstanding job getting in depth into the KROQ on-air changes.

I have to say though, the explanations from Kevin & Bean are hollow and nave. You thought you had control of the way the exit was going to be handled? You didn't know management would do it the way HR was going to mandate? Really?

Just because you still wear shorts to work, doesn't mean you cant put on your big boy pants and deal with reality sometimes. You have had a successful run in LA for more than 20 years and I have been a listener all along. But that also means you have been around long enough that you should have known better.

Another character voice was not what was needed to refresh the show. In fact, it is actually time to retire some of the 'shtick.' The guests and the interviews and the entertainment reports are still solid. Go with what works and don't try to force-feed things that don't." - Tony Siracusa    

Death Threats, Rape Threats and Vicious Emails at KROQ

(March 2, 2015) Death threats, forewarnings of rape. Sounds more like a reality tv show than radio. The drama started when Lisa May was fired from her 24-year job doing morning traffic on the Kevin & Bean Show at KROQ. Within hours it was announced that former KTLA/Channel 5 Morning News at-large feature reporter Allie MacKay would be joining the popular duo, the negatives on social media started with a flurry. The timing and execution of the hiring and firing was poorly done.

Kevin & Bean, along with their program director Kevin Weatherly, have been contemplating ways to jump start their morning show with a fresh, new approach. They looked at the features currently airing and determined that their listeners no longer went to the show for traffic and news. This meant the elimination of Lisa, who did the traffic, and Doc on the ROQ (Boyd R. Britton), who did news. Kevin & Bean even brought in entertainment reporter and character voice master Ralph Garman to see if he agreed.

“It seemed like a chance to change things up on the show, forcing us to go in a new direction and to reinvent the show a little bit,” said Ralph when three segments on Thursday’s show were devoted to this subject. “I supported their decision.” On social media, Garman got much of the blame for the way things came down. “There has been an enormous amount of vitriol and anger that has been dumped on all of us on the show, especially Allie who all she did was accept a job that was offered her. For her to get death threats, rape threats and the names she’s been called on line, it hurts my heart to think our listeners are every capable of that.” (Photo back row: Garman, Bean, Kevin - front: Weatherly, Lisa)

For starters, the management and Kevin & Bean could have managed Lisa’s termination much better. Everyone seems to be an agreement on this point. Once the decision was made, it happened so quickly that the morning guys were caught off-guard admitting they were like a deer in headlights. Once the staff all agreed, Bean thought an orderly transition would have been to personally tell her, have her say farewell to her fans of almost a quarter of a century. But nothing of the sort happened that way.

Lisa works for one of the traffic services, not KROQ or the parent company, CBS/LA. The traffic service paid her salary in exchange for inventory on KROQ. Once the decision about Lisa was made, she was told of her termination the next day, in fact, she had already been pulled from what would have been her final day on the air. “It was a shock,” said Kevin & Bean. “We didn’t want any of this to happen this way. We have a relationship where we were going to give her a heads up if something bad was coming.”

The guys were surprised, maybe even nave to think they would be able to orchestra Lisa May’s departure. “She was treated poorly,” said Kevin. “In this business, management doesn’t like to give the microphone to someone who has been let go. It kind of happens, then we talk about it after they’re gone, which is difficult for everyone, especially the listeners.”

Kevin & Bean were told they couldn’t even be in the room when Lisa was told the news. “They told us it would be illegal. Maybe it was arrogant to think we were in control. We didn’t realize that lawyers and HR would take over. Nobody wanted to be sued. It doesn’t matter even if it was one of us. It doesn’t matter. It’s a big business and these situations get taken care of by lawyers.”

Everyone may have done this dismissal by the book, but after 24 years, it was truly an inhumane way to jettison someone from their job, taking this to a whole new level. Listeners don’t distinguish what a traffic service offers versus what’s KROQ originated programming. Lisa was an integral part of the morning show, and Kevin & Bean admitted to this a number of times on Thursday morning. While the pair was debating ways to reinvent the morning show, they kept coming back to what a wonderful addition to the morning show at Allie MacKay would be. Allie had subbed for Ralph Garman a number of times last year and they all seemed to get along.

“We saw Allie (l) as a way to challenge ourselves to go in a different direction,” said Kevin. “Allie is into sports. We haven’t had sports for a long time.” Kevin said it wasn’t comparing Lisa and Allie. “We just needed to freshen things up to stay relevant.”

In the continuing saga of “how not to transition on-air people,” Lisa was told she was gone from the morning show, nothing was said on the air, then Allie shows up and nothing is really said about introducing her to the audience. It all sounded very awkward and tentative to the listener. “Listeners thought we threw Lisa overboard for someone who is a younger and hotter,” said Bean. “No offense to Allie, who’s lovely but I’ve spent so much time trying to convince people that she’s not that young and not that hot,” quipped Bean. “She a beloved personality in the Southern California market who has been on radio and tv for twenty years in this town who is very bright and very smart who deserves a chance. We’re excited to have her here and we think it’s going to be great.” But the venom and vicious comments on social media took a toll on everyone. Ralph ended blocking some emailers because he just couldn’t take the negativity. And Allie MacKay didn’t escape the attacks for the situation – because no one said anything, she also got the blame. But Bean defended Allie on Thursday.

“There are people who are making a judgment after a few days and determine it sucks. I can’t get my head around that. I don’t understand that mentality. But I understand it was poorly done so there is resentment going in with Allie.”

Kevin added, “It was done poorly with Lisa, which hurts. We did not handle this well with the listeners on many levels.”

“Give Allie time to earn your hate,” said Bean. “Allie is blameless. It is hard enough to start a new job but to put up with what she has put up with, I am ashamed of our listeners. It has been brutal.”

The guys explained that all shows change. When listeners didn’t go to KROQ for surf reports anymore, Kevin & Bean dropped the feature and the person who provided those reports. “We understand why you’re angry. The fact you care so much is a tribute to who Lisa is. We understand why you’re angry, we handled this situation poorly.”

Bean added: “We’ve had a good track record of being people on except for a couple of sport guys. I just wish people had more confidence in us.”

McIntyre to WABC-New York. In addition to Doug McIntyre’s morning show on KABC, starting Wednesday, at 5 p.m., WABC-New York adds “Right Now with Doug McIntyre,” to the station’s line-up. This new hour-long talk show will focus on the most important stories and personalities in New York.

“As a native New Yorker, McIntyre brings with him a deep understanding of the tri-state area's most pressing issues and how they relate to the national headlines of the day,” according to a Cumulus press release. In 2000, Doug created the hugely successful "Red Eye Radio" in 2000, first as a one-time post-election recap and then as a local overnight show in Los Angeles, expanding to become a nationally syndicated program in early 2010 with 77 WABC as one of its flagship stations. McIntyre also previously hosted “Talking the News” on 77 WABC starting in 2009, a weekday morning show that aired before “Imus in the Morning.”

Aside from his radio career, McIntyre spent over twenty years as a screenwriter and producer, working on hit television series including Married…With Children and the critically-acclaimed PBS series Liberty’s Kids, which earned him a Humanitas Prize nomination for Excellence in Television Writing. McIntyre is also a columnist at The Los Angeles Daily News, a contributing writer at a number of outlets and a published author (Cheap Advice). A frequent guest on television, Doug has appeared on shows hosted by Bill Maher, Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Reilly and hosted his own segment on CNBC’s The Dennis Miller Show.

Doug will be doing the afternoon show from his Calabasas studio. “This is a real homecoming for me and I am genuinely thrilled to be returning to 77 WABC,” said McIntyre. “There is no more dynamic and insane city on the planet than New York. The tri-state area is like a nation unto itself, with its own politics, its own culture and its own sense of humor and I look forward to highlighting the city’s unique stories again.”

Hear Ache. KFSH’s Delilah got married two years ago, to someone she had known for almost a decade. “We live in separate states, he lives and works in Oregon and I am in the Pacific Northwest, so we only get to see each other every other week or so,” emailed Deliah. “It is probably the thing that will keep us strong though. I don’t know many 61-year-old men who want to be raising a house full of six kids, many who were adopted. We are doing amazingly well. Thank the Lord! We live in a crazy, crazy world where things are changing by the minute, but in the midst of the changes, there is so much beauty and joy, much of my energy is focused on the six that I have at home, my youngest is only 6. She has a disease called Myasthenia Gravis, I was able to get her out of Africa when she was almost 4 and get her here for medical attention. She is doing very well. So between the kids, my work with Point Hope, oh, and that little radio show, I am kept very busy … Nancy Bond, a familiar and distinctive voice who delivered the traffic news for years is now working retail at a Hallmark store in Irvine. “I really like it, but still miss radio,” said Nancy … Paul Mahler is in the hospital and battling an illness, according to his friend Kevin Gabbay. “He’s one of the best guys on earth whom I've known for 23 years,” Kevin posted on Facebook. Kevin and Paul started working at KIIS when they were 18 years old. “Praying for you every second Paul, and know you will make it.”

LARadio Rewind: March 2, 2011. The 47th annual three-day Country Radio Seminar begins at the Nashville Convention Center. Charlie Cook is one of six inductees into the Country Radio Hall Of Fame. Jim Duncan, veteran of KSON, KFOX, KLAC, KHJ, KZLA and XETRA, was among the nominations. Cook began in radio in 1972 at WSDS in Ypsilanti. He later worked at stations in Denver, Wheeling and New York. In the early 1980s he was program director of KHJ and KLAC. He later served as vice president of programming for McVay Media, Westwood One and Cumulus Media. Cook also programmed Go Country KKGO, 2008-11. He now manages five Cumulus stations in Nashville and serves as program director of WSM and WKDF. The other Country Radio Hall Of Fame inductees in 2011 were Portland dj Lee Rogers, Kansas City dj Dale Carter, West Terre Haute dj Barry Kent, Oklahoma radio station owner Bill Payne, and the late Dene Hallam, who had programmed several country stations including WHN, WWWW and KKBQ. (LARadio Rewind is meticulously prepared by Steve Thompson)  


KIIS Gets New Image. Miles Hlivko joins KIIS as the new Imaging Director. He comes to the Southland from WMMS-Cleveland. According to a press release, “Hlivko will use his unique writing abilities and production skills to produce KIIS/fm's sound, maintaining day-to-day imaging updates and working closely with promotions and programming. He will also work with the “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” team on all aspects of the show’s imaging. 

“We had a ton of great applicants from some of the best imagers inside and outside of iHeartMedia, but Miles stood out above the rest,” said John Ivey, svp of programming and pd at KIIS. “He is one of the best producers and writers out there right now, so I had to have him at KIIS.”

Scientology. When Tom Cruise got married to Mimi Rogers in 1987, he joined Scientology, perhaps because his new wife was a second generation member. Her father has been one of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s original disciples.

The marriage was over in three years, she claimed later in a Playboy interview. Cruise wanted to become a monk. Rogers told Playboy, “He had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument. My instrument needed tuning.”

Funnie. Eleven people were hanging on a rope, under a helicopter in flight, 10 men and 1 woman. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all, so they decided that one had to leave; otherwise they were all going to fall. They weren't able to choose that person, until the woman gave a very touching speech.

She said that she would voluntarily let go of the rope, because, as a woman, she was used to giving up everything for her husband and kids or for men in general, and was used to always making sacrifices with little in return.

As soon as she finished her speech, all the men started clapping . . . (Thanks to Scott St. James for today’s funnie)

Email Monday

We GET Email …

** You Can Bank on Robin’s Traffic

Robin Banks is a traffic reporter heard on at least KFI. Is anyone else as impressed as I am with her delivery? As an example, whenever she introduces the Orange County part of the report, she has a different description for that reporter or traffic. She constantly uses different phrases to describe the traffic.

Way to go Robin! Keep it up and your will be the next incarnation of Mike Nolan.” – Sterrett Harper, Burbank

** Johnny B Back

“I, for one, am very pleased to hear the news that Jonathan Brandmeier will be returning to L.A. radio. Although he was not in the Los Angeles area during his initial success as an on air personality, and was here for but a few years or so, I consider him as one of the best on air people in L.A. history. He’s quick, hilarious and intelligent. I also look forward to his biting cynicism.” – Timmy Manocheo

** Jonathon Brandmeier Delayed

Jonathon Brandmeier at ten o’clock at night? Is there a more clueless radio station than KABC right now?” - JP Myers

** Potpourri

"Why God sends rain to Mexico and not the Middle east. Too, too funny. Thanks for the daily smile! 

And to Lisa May, your work is a matter of record now and it was flawless as far as I’m concerned but could we get back to the important stuff in life now … some golf!  I’ll be at the first tee waiting for you.” – Jeff Baugh

** Long Beach Stations

“Huh? What did he want to do, be able to walk into a Long Beach street-level storefront with a studio window and pet the disc jockey?


The studio is within the required radius. The FCC made that rule for a very good reason. There is a hidden axe to grind there somewhere but I just don't see it.

They also make rubber meat still for sale at the Disneyland joke shop for people with time to kill. Get a life, people!” – Don Elliot

** City of License

“I think Steve Propes needs to get over his fixation with cities of license (COL).  In a market this size, the COL is virtually meaningless. But if he wants to get picky, here are a few more examples:

And here’s a nice bit of irony: TV station KSCI/18 changed its COL from San Bernardino to Long Beach close to two decades ago.  Their studios are on Bundy Dr., on the other side of the 405 freeway from Saul's facility on Cotner Avenue.

I could come up with more, but I think I’ve made my point.” – K.M. Richards

** Two Radio Stereo “It's been a long time but I remember in the 50s if you wanted stereo you could put an AM radio on one channel and an fm radio on the other channel. I think it was sponsored by the Gas Company. It was the Classical music station, KFAC . You had stereo, but it was dependent on the clarity of each station at your location.” – Bob Hughes

** AM Stereo Review

“Nice story by Alan Oda on AM stereo. My future wife Laura won that Sony AM stereo receiver from KHJ in September or October of 1983. She had to sing the 93-KHJ jingle over the air to get the radio, and I still have a cassette she recorded of that contest. 

We also got a KHJ T-shirt and I believe it had ‘The Boss Is Back’ printed on one side of the shirt. I think we still have it stored somewhere.  At the time, I loved listening to all those AM music stations, mostly KRLA, KFI, KHJ, XETRA-690, etc. They all sounded great in stereo to my ears. 

Sure wish the FCC had acted to choose a system for AM stereo as they did for fm stereo and color tv.

As for the Steve Propes article on Long Beach radio, a minor mistake is in there. KNX is the oldest radio station in Los Angeles, not KFI. KNX was licensed a few months earlier than KFI, in early December of 1921 as KGC. The station changed call letters under the same license as KNX in May of 1922. KNX even goes back to September of 1920, if you count the original owner's time playing music over his Hollywood ham radio station. KFI was licensed in March of 1922 and first went on air April 16, 1922.” – Jim Hilliker, Monterey

** Ron McCoy Remembered

“I ran across this clipping in an old copy of the Capitol Records News from May 1951. I worked with Ron McCoy at KGIL in 1979-80. He was such a nice, congenial, jovial gentleman, always with a smile on his face and an evil glint in his eye. He loved kidding me about my regular trips to Turkey, Texas for the annual Bob Wills Memorial Festival.” - Cary Ginell


** Passing Parade

“The list of Casey Kasem, G. Edwards, Lee Marshall, Earl McDaniel, John Darin, Brady, Lee Baby Simms, Bob Shannon and now Gary Owens. First off, sad to hear about Bob Shannon passing away recently, as we lose another super talent. I met Bob three decades ago, while he taught an improv class at Saddleback College, unfortunately the class got cancelled after three weeks, due to a low minimum class enrollment requirement. But those three weeks were superb enough to get to know Bob and his compassion for this crazy business. It also felt like we had learned enough for one semester in those three weeks with all his stories and valued feedback. His personality was so contagious that you couldn't wait for class the following week to hear a story or two and what the next fun assignment in class was gonna be. I lost track of him thru the years, but I just recently got in touch with him through Facebook, and just two weeks before his sudden passing, we were discussing a film project to quite possibly begin a pre-production process sometime later when he was finished shooting his current film project in Pennsylvania. Very saddened and condolences to all of his family, including his son-in-law Mike, who I used to work with, when I was with the Ducks in the 90s. R.I.P. Bob and keep on shining up there in the sky.

I was on my way to the UCLA baseball game a few Fridays ago, when I heard the sad news of my friend and legendary voice man Gary Owens passing away. Gary was indeed a terrific talent. He was the Vin Scully of radio on-air personalities. I met him through my father during my first year of college and I was breaking in the business. Along with his many attributes to the industry, Gary was the main VO man for Knudsen yogurt in the early 80s and my dad was representing Knudsen products, through his company Jerseymaid, and they met at a dinner meeting. My dad mentioned my career goals of getting into the business to Gary. Then I received this phone call the next morning from a very familiar voice and I was thinking this couldn’t be Gary. I guess my dad wasn’t pulling my leg that he met the legend, who I followed, not just on the radio, but as the voice of one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons Space Ghost and of course, Laugh-In. Why would he be calling a 19-year-old to offer advice? But that was the kind of guy he was, always there to lend a hand to up and comers. When I started out in the radio biz, he always kept in touch with a quick phone call to check in and say hello. Also through the years, while keeping in touch, he’d ask how my progression was going, etc. He was always enthusiastic to chat and share some great stories, including ones about the VO biz. In fact, It was Gary who persuaded me, along with Tom Clay to move into that realm of the industry and I owe them both for the priceless tips and knowledge on how to survive in the over-saturated VO world. We worked together a handful of years during the annual Hollywood Stars game at Dodger Stadium. I know at times he wasn’t feeling super well, but he still had that vibrant energy and caring feeling for his work and he made everyone feel good around him. It was always such a treat to see him and chat with him and share a few jibes. His energy, compassion and zest for life were infectious. He was one of a handful of important influences in my life and I'm sure many others. I know he was battling his ills for many decades, but always bounced back and never isolated his ills on anyone. He was always bright and positive about everything regardless of how his health was. My prayers and thoughts go out to his wife Arleta, his children and surplus friends and THE MANY he influenced in the industry. His super one of kind tonality will be missed but never forgotten. Now they can hear him shout out with a hand cusped over one ear, ‘From Beautiful Downtown Heaven.’ R.I.P. Gary O.” – Mike Carlucci  

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