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You Won’t Believe How Much the Highest-Paid Radio Show Hosts Make Every Year

(September 18, 2018) The headline certainly was titillating because Americans have always been fascinated with what other people make. put together its list of radio personalities and what they earn from a variety of sources. All salary figures courtesy of and Forbes.

Almost all personalities on the list are currently on LARadio or have been. FromRush Limbaughto Ryan Seacrest, these are the highest-paid radio show hosts in the U.S. today. Commentary originated at
15. Harry Shearer - $300,000

Harry is probably more famous for his voices onThe Simpsons or as the bassist for hard-rocking fictional band Spinal Tap. But he’s also the longtime host of Le Show, which is syndicated on NPR.

14. George Noory - Salary: $500,000

George Noory isn’t a household name, at least not in the same way as the folks we’ll meet a little further down the list, but he’s still one of the highest-paid radio personalities. Being on the radio is good for Noory’s bank account. He makes $500,000 a year and is worth about $2 million.

12. Colin Cowherd (TIE) - $2 million

Colin’s syndicated radio show reaches every corner of the country. Like a lot of the people we’ll discuss on our list, Colin Cowherd has a variety of broadcasting jobs, including radio. He’s appeared on ESPN tv in the past, but his nationally syndicated radio show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, is how he makes most of his money. He earns about $2 million each year.

9. Mike Golic (TIE) - $5 million

Even if it’s not quite as dramatic as athletes transitioning to multiple movie roles, Mike went from NFL pro to one of the highest-paid people on the radio. He’s co-hosted ESPN’s nationally-broadcast morning sports talk show since 1998, first with Mike Greenberg and then with Trey Wingo.

9. Dan Patrick (TIE) - $5 million

Dan used to host SportsCenter on ESPN for years, and he also hosted The Dan Patrick Show on ESPN radio. He left ESPN but kept the radio show, which is nationally syndicated and tv simulcast and makes him one of the richest and highest-paid radio personalities in the U.S.

8. Tom Joyner - $9 million

You might not know Tom’s name, but he’s on the air seven days a week and reaches 70% of the U.S. population via Reach Media, the company he started. He has a net worth of $40 million and earns $9 million a year from hosting, which definitely makes him one of the highest-paid radio hosts in the country.

7. Michael Savage - $10 million

Conservative pundit Michael is one of the highest-rated and highest-paid radio show hosts in the United States. Westwood One broadcasts The Savage Nation across the country and pays Savage $10 million a year for his efforts.

6. Laura Ingraham - $15 million

Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham makes some controversial comments — such as attacking the NFL for donating money to social justice causes — and she’s well-paid for it. Between writing books and hosting her tv and radio shows, she makes $15 million per year.

5. Glenn Beck - $16.5 million

Glenn used to be all over Fox News Channel, but he left and went his own direction, and it’s paying off big time. He founded Mercury Radio Arts, which includes the website The Blaze, a publishing wing, and Beck’s radio program. All told, he makes $16.5 million per year, according to Forbes, making him one of the highest-paid radio show hosts in the United States.

4. Sean Hannity - $29 million

Fox News Channel host. Author. Radio personality. Sean’s resume is very similar to Glenn Beck, the man we just discussed. The only difference is Hannity is still with Fox. Between his tv and radio talk show duties, he makes $29 million per year.

3. Ryan Seacrest - $65 million

Is he hated? It depends on who you ask. Is he prone to awkward moments on camera? Sometimes. Is he among the highest-paid radio show hosts? There’s no doubt. Even though he’s famous for his tv gigs, Seacrest’s iHeartRadio show accounts for the lion’s share of the $65 million he makes every year.

2. Rush Limbaugh - $77 million

Rush is a bit of a Renaissance Man. Sure, he’s the star of the highest-rated radio talk show, per Talk Stream Live, which accounts for the bulk of the $77 million Forbes says he earns every year. But he’s also an author, including children’s books, and sometimes appears on tv, too.

1. Howard Stern - $95 million

The man who knows how to get Donald Trump to open up about his shocking behavior is the richest radio show host we’ve ever seen. Even if you count only his $80 million Sirius XM radio salary, he’d still be No. 1, but he’s also a co-host on America’s Got Talent, where he makes $15 million a year.

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"A total pro. Great community involvement and the guy did show prep 24/7. In his earlier days Charlie used to carry a notebook everywhere and jot stuff for his shift. Hell of a nice guy.

You remember this lunch, Don. [Tuna seated far right] Good time in Northridge." - Randy West

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"Worked with Charlie for about 5 years. He was a great guy." - Kevin Stern

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"I miss him." - Nancy Wilson

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