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(Jerry Doggett, Vin Scully, Ross Porter, Lara Scott, Rich Capperela, The Real Don Steele, and B. Mitchel Reed) 

“Howard Stern is Disgusting, Vile and Untalented” – Art Linkletter 

(November 30, 2001) For more than 60 years, Art Linkletter has delighted audiences on radio and tv. Wednesday night, he delighted a packed house at the Museum of Television & Radio’s Mitchell Theatre. He sat with Barbara Dixon, vp and director of the Museum for a 90-minute “Conversation with Art Linkletter.” Many subscribers to were treated to hearing a gracious gentleman talk about his humble beginnings when he was abandoned by his parents as a young boy in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and adopted by the Linkletters, a couple in their late 50s who were moved by a newspaper account of the abandonment and took Art into their family. Turns out Art grew up as a preacher’s kid and thought originally he would be a schoolteacher. 

“Art was incredibly inspiring and thought provoking in his observations on the radio and television industries' evolution over the past 60+ years that he has been intimately involved,” emailed Randy West, one of many LARP in the audience. “From local radio announcer in San Diego in the 1930s to his involvement in CBS' Kids Say the Darndest Things in the year 2000, this guy holds the record for the longest career in broadcasting. And it obviously wasn't luck that brought him his success and longevity. This guy has an amazingly sharp and creative mind that is especially inspiring considering that he will soon celebrate his 90th birthday.

As the host of one of the country's first ‘man on the street’ interview radio programs that was possible at the time only by dropping a heavy microphone and wads of cable out of the studio window, his innocent amazement regarding the technical achievements that allow multiple news remotes to share the tv screen and cross-talk in real time helped to give perspective to our evolution. Just his recollection of running the board and reading local spots and IDs between 15 minute and 30 minute network shows at a local radio affiliate was an important insight into our history.”

Randy continued: “As the creator of several successful shows, some that spanned decades, Art also pioneered just about every format that is a staple of programming today. He pretty much invented the tv ‘magazine’ idea, and filled segments with the entertaining precursors of everything from To Tell The Truth’s picking the real soda jerk from the two impostors, to the elaborate stunts that foreshadowed the birth of the reality shows that are ubiquitous on the tv networks today. And he did them all as simple segments on larger hour-long shows; some of the segments I can only assume were first created as little more than time killers as he filled up to 8 hours a week of radio/tv simulcast.

While his conservative views are certainly controversial with the LARP readership on the ‘trash’ that is being celebrated in our industry today...mentioned were Howard Stern, The Sopranos and Sex in the City. I have to credit the man for his well-supported opinions, and have to marvel at his wide and intimate knowledge of contemporary programming. He obviously listens to and watches shows that he does not enjoy simply to be aware of the industry's offerings. How many of us can say that?

While an enthralling speaker whose use of the ‘ahhhh’ and ‘ummm’ crutches totaled less than a dozen over a 90-minute extemporaneous presentation, clearly Art Linkletter's greatest gift is his sincere enjoyment of people. He always made them the stars of his various program ideas from House Party to the show's segment that spawned Kids Say the Darndest Things. The success, he said, was that we are all people-watchers, and we are interested in how other people react to circumstances we have been in, or can imagine ourselves in.

The greatest lesson for me was his firmly stated, sage observation about interviewing and sharing a microphone with ‘civilians’ that I can only paraphrase, ‘If you ask people questions about themselves and actually listen to their answers, instead of using them to your advantage as simple elements in a programming segment, they will unfold for you.’ I'm off to try that today as I warm-up the audience at Weakest Link,” concluded Randy. 

Near the end of the 90-minute Conversation, Art launched into raunchy programming. “And then there’s Howard Stern who does the most disgusting, the most vile, and the most untalented stuff on the radio. He gets famous people to come on his show and wants to know if they’ve been masturbating recently. This is not funny. This is not clever. It’s just shocking. It’s the old stuff of boys writing dirty words on the wall,” said Art.

John Crowley had a favorite moment Wednesday night: “One of the many memorable moments Art Linkletter graciously shared involved being fired by a man who turned out to be his last employer. What could have been a career-ending humiliation instead turned into a new opportunity for him to make his own ideas into shows. With confidence and a work ethic like his, it's no wonder his legend extends for 60+ years in broadcasting,” emailed John.

“It was one of the most inspirational evenings I've ever spent!” emailed Alan Ascher, a subscriber who was part of the group Wednesday. “I'm not in broadcasting, I'm a musician - but the lessons to be learned from Mr. Linkletter were more about LIFE than broadcasting. It was great to see him looking so well and his mind being so SHARP, for someone who has to be near 90 years old. A very humble, wise, talented man with so much to say and the ability to say it. Those don't often go together. 

LARPs in the audience Wednesday night included: Jed the Fish, Anne Litt, Stew Herrera, Bobb Lynes; Barbara Sunday, Don Elliot, Helen Jones, Larry Tremaine, Randy West, Brad Pomerance, Phil Harvey, and Lee Cameron.

Dis ‘n Dat. From Steve Harvey’s “Only in L.A.” column in the LA Times: “On Wednesday, KFWB held its latest ‘Business Breakfast,’ offering ‘survival tips’ for small businesses during the recession. The location sort of summed up the economic climate: the House of Blues.”…Mr. KABC was relaying the story about the dwarf in Florida who hosts a talk show and is complaining about dwarf tossing. “His only claim to fame is that he’s three foot two and he gets to host a morning talk show in Tampa. These are my peers who are trying to overturn dwarf tossing. That’s when I remember what I do for a living.” …..A caller asked Mr. KABC if he got his job at the station because of his big Jack In The Box head?…Three weeks ago KROQ moved into the KRTH building. “I frequently use the bathroom here,” said KROQ morning man Kevin Ryder, “and the bathroom has not had soap since we’ve been here. I have to walk down the hallway to the KRTH toilet to wash my hands.”…KFI Sunday morning’s Kevin Mitnick, who hosts the Dark Side of the Internet, talked last week about the new shooting gallery computer bin Laden game. Bin Laden is in a liquor store and every time you score a kill in the desert, or an air strike is successful, a slurpee spills all over bin Laden…Karel thinks there are too many “K” names in Afghanistan. “It’s either a STAN or a K,” remarked the KFI weekender…Mark & Brian’s giveaway gift this month on their KLOS morning show is a CD of personal answering machine messages. Wonder if one of the messages is Ho, Ho, Black Ho?…KZLA has sent a press release to all media that the station is going Black on Monday. KLZA pd RJ Curtis had “no comment” on what the tease was all about? Black music? Clint Black? As an answer to KOST’s all-Christmas music, maybe KZLA is going all-(Clint) Black music till Christmas?…Heard KKBT’s PJ Butta playing ‘N Sync music last night. Must be the eggnog...Rodney Bingenheimer on the 'ROQ has been an institution at KROQ since 1976, playing new music, imports, L.A. bands, punk rock and a phone call from a London correspondent for an update on the British music scene. 

Lawyer Loops. Bean was detailing the dilemma with the 50,000 CDs of the KROQ that had to be destroyed because one cut wouldn’t clear legal. “The management of this radio still blows,” said Bean. Trip [Reeb], is the enemy of fun. We normally put out our album without asking for permission. So now he’s forcing us to go to everyone and say, ‘We’re gonna take your song, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and destroy it. And we’re gonna put out a version called, ‘I’ll Punch You in the Face for Christmas.’ And then we have to say to them, is that alright? And you know what they say oddly enough? No, it’s not alright. Now we’re into this big legal thing. They threaten to sue us. We tell them it’s for charity. How could you possibly sue us? It’s just $5 a CD. They’ll go away. Don’t worry about it. They told us not only we couldn’t do it, but we would have to physically destroy 50,000 CDs and re-master without that song on it. We had to change the artwork. Change the disk. You don’t ask for permission. We’ve done it for 12 years. We’ve never had to ask permission. We always flew under the radar. Our fans get it. They put it away. And nobody knows the difference. That’s what’s so frustrating about this place. And the song isn’t even that good. We can play it on the radio, but can’t sell it.” The CD is now set for December 11. 

STAN Expert. Ted Rall, a former weekend talk show at KFI, has been called into action because of his incredible knowledge of Afghanistan. He’s been reporting from the action for the Clear Channel AM stations and his segments are sponsored by The Jewish Center of Southern California. Ted's reporting from Afghanistan through December 21. In addition to the daily reports, Ted is going to host the entire four hours of the Bill Handel show on Monday December 3. Bill's got the day off and Ted will host the show live. 

Hear Ache. KTWV’s Dave Koz has begun his rather grueling Christmas tour, knocking out 26 dates across the country in 31 days. “This our makes for some interesting logistics to keep him on the air every morning at the WAVE,” emailed Ralph Stewart. “In some cases, he is setting up remote gear in hotel rooms. Next week he will do a show from the Rock & Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland via isdn line. California wouldn't have an energy crisis if we could come up with a way to tap him,” wrote Ralph…KXTA’s Tony Bruno was talking about the high-salaried teams in baseball and sometimes money isn’t everything. “Getting the big money ticketed guys is not good for baseball. I would take less money, like I did with this job, for the best opportunity.”…KIIS’ JoJo Wright has a toe fetish and the station created a sales/marketing event. You take a picture of your toes and bring it to JoJo while he is doing a remote at the Glendale Galleria and you win cool prizes. Nice sales energy…KABC’s Dan Avey ventured that Britney Spears was busy and couldn’t make the Hollywood Christmas Parade this year. He said that Marion Ross from Happy Days and Florence Henderson filled in…Chris Carter is broadcasting his Breakfast with the Beatles on KLSX Sunday morning live from the Sun Theatre in Anaheim…A winner winning tickets to the KROQ Christmas concert from Jed the Fish yesterday afternoon let out a weird kind of yelp to which Jed responded, “That was a dildo in the refrigerator kind of yeah.”…Was listening to the Hour of Osama bin Laden yesterday afternoon on the John & Ken Show at KFI. Ted Rall is an amazing correspondent from Afghanistan. Ted had to flee Afghanistan for his personal safety and was calling from a neighboring country. Stimulating stuff, but the pair break at 5:24 and don’t come back until 5:35. Waiting eleven minutes sure is asking a lot of the listener…What’s the difference between Osama bin Laden and a pair of Levis? asked KIIS’ Rick Dees. “Levis only have one fly.” 

Gate Up. Response to the new subscriber-based has been very encouraging. Only a handful of grousers. One said I was crazy to go from $3.95 (which he didn't pay) to $36. He said he would read me for free every Sunday in the OC Register. Now, let's see, the Sunday Register is $1.25 times 52 weeks. Seems like 365 issues of for $36 is a lot less than 52 issues of the Sunday paper for $65 where he is getting my column for "free." Go figure…Under the headline “Another Free Radio Site Bites the Dust,” we have come to the attention of the New York City radio message board and many have plenty of comments about One suggested that if I had only set up a Message Board, then this site would have been successful. If you are interested in reading what the New Yorkers had to say:…You all who are reading represent the core of supporters to this site. I’ve made the commitment for another year despite those complainers who use the site for self-promotion but refuse to subscribe. They use your password to gain access…Ed Berger from Fullerton College and AirWatch America was the first email I received Tuesday morning when the site became accessible only to subscribers. “I can hear from my office window the weeping, wailing and crying over the switch to the subscription-based service this morning,” emailed Ed. “I suspect you're getting a lot of emails today, most probably commenting on how greedy you must be, how the Internet is supposed to be free, your parentage, etc. Ignore 'em. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who want someone to work for them for free [obviously being in education and radio, I run into a lot of them]. You have performed a great service to the Southern California radio community, and you deserve to be compensated for it.  Hang in there, and best of luck with this.” Thanks Ed…You’ll read some interesting responses on the subject in Email Saturday tomorrow. 

Ink Hogan. In the upcoming Radio Ink cover story, John Hogan, Clear Channel’s coo ranked his performance after only a few months on the job: "My performance has been to establish some specific expectations in terms of what we are going to do to increase our sales intensity, to increase the size of our sales staff, to re-direct our sales effort. I think I have done an OK job in terms of thinking this stuff up. As a company, our team has done a better-than-average job in executing." The Radio Ink Web site said that Hogan admitted that the Clear Channel upper management team needs to do a better job of meeting and establishing relationships with advertisers. 

Funnie. Lite 92.7fm's Brian Roberts was talking about the incident during a soccer game in Spain when following a score, a teammate bent down and bit the crotch of his teammate. The Federation is looking into the act. Ashley Paige asked Brian if the player had anything to say after the biting incident. "He didn't know the other player was Jewish," quipped Brian.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Leigh Ann Adam, Mike Butts, Dick Clark, Joe Huser, Bob K, and Lon McQ

LARP: When you are just looking to escape from the day-to-day "stuff" of life, 
is there a particular movie, piece of music, a special place, a favorite book, 
a memory or a ritual that gives you calm and peace?

Dwight Arnold (formerly of KCXX, Y107, KMZT and KJAZ- now OM/PD of KKBS in Oklahoma): I listen to the music of David Sylvian. 

Jack Hayes (talk radio consultant): My escape is my boat. OVER SCALE is a 41' Chris Craft motor yacht and we love to take 'her’ to Avalon for four or five days at a time. It's a wonderful, special place. At sunset I love to play one of my favorite CD's, the John Williams version of Roderico's Aranjuez mon Amor. I'm a very lucky guy! 

Doug Tracht, the Greaseman: When things drive me nuts, nuts, nuts, I grab my copy of  Tuesdays with Morie. Suddenly, life's annoyances don't seem so bad and I squeeze my honey a little closer. 

Harvey Kern: Amidst the personal and universal chaos, trials, and tribulations these days, my favorite special place is the Getty Center in Brentwood. It is a privilege to be there often and serve as a docent (volunteer), opening the eyes of visitors from throughout the world to the architecture, vistas, and gardens...and of course the precious art in the J. Paul Getty Museum.  The gardens, water features, and unbelievable vistas provide calm, restful moments--it's downright therapeutic. Best of all, it's FREE. Please bring your family and join us high up on the hill--at the Getty! (THE GETTY CENTER)

KLAC and the Lakers – a 30-Year History Together
“Chick Hearn Never Mailed It In” – Exec Producer Frank Polak

(November 29, 2006) KLAC and the Lakers are celebrating 30 years of a broadcasting partnership. Frank Polak has been with the broadcast operation longer than anyone else at the station. Twenty seven years ago, Frank left KMPC’s Sports Wire (remember the infamous Webster 8-3000 number for scores?) to produce the Laker broadcasts. “I wasn’t planning on staying very long,” remembered Frank, as we talked on the phone recently. “I was going to build up some money and get out of town – and that was 27 years ago.” 

Frank’s job has changed little over a quarter of a century. As the producer he is in the control booth directing everything connected with the broadcast – the announcers, commercials, and timing. He’s the traffic cop who directs all elements of the radio broadcast. 

“My first night was the Lakers first game in Dallas,” remembered Frank, “and it was the same night the old KHJ went Country. After the game, we went into a production room at the old Metromedia Square building that had an AM tuner and listened to the format change at nine o’clock. KHJ segued out of Rock and went into Country. The last song was Mac Davis, Rock And Roll [I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life]. I think the first song might have been Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys by Willie and Waylon.” 

When Frank started as Lakers producer in the 1980-81 season, the pre- and post-game shows were televised with Chick Hearn and Keith Erickson. They would sit there with a simple two-shot or they did a stand-up. After the game they did a two-shot from the broadcast table and that was it. But by Frank’s second season, KLAC started Laker Line on Sunday nights only. “When there was no game, Chick would come in and do six to seven o’clock. Even with our Country format and our auto race coverage, we got just as many calls when he came in and did the show in studio as when we did the game.” 

Having Laker Line once a week was a small step for KLAC, since the call-in show affected the station’s revenue. At the time, the station would get two and three Arbitron shares, still one of the top stations in the market. 

But by the start of the 1982 season, the decision was made to broadcast Laker Line before every home game. It was a big success. “There’s always trepidation when radio stations make programming changes that affect revenue. Will it work? Will people respond? They did. The Lakers were doing very well as they were defending champions,” remembered Frank. 

When Frank started at KLAC, the Country station was going through a number of transitions. Bill Ward, the popular general manager, had been promoted to president of Metromedia. The veteran morning man, Dick Haynes (at the Reins), had fallen ill. Replacing Ward as general manager was Don Kelly, who came in from WIP-Philadelphia. “Dick Haynes died the Thanksgiving weekend of the year I got there. Kelly had to deal with a funeral and for someone he really didn’t even know,” remembered Polak. “Haynes had been off the air for several months.” (Picture: Frank is an avid fisherman)

“In 1983, Kelly retired and they brought in a guy who worked at about 25 radio stations and has worked at about 30 more since – Al Brady Law. Before Kelly left he fired Don Langford as pd and brought in Charlie Cook, who had been running KHJ. Charlie lasted about a year and a half and then Phil Hall came in as pd and a sales guy, Chris Beck, from Denver where they all had been working.” 

Frank has high praise for Laker broadcasting icon, Chick Hearn. “He was the ultimate pro, even to the end. Chick was the easiest guy to work with because there was never an issue about anything he did in terms of his job. If I asked him to come in and cut commercials and I said I needed you at eleven o’clock, I would come in at 10:30 and he would already be in the lobby going over copy and getting ready. To his last days, he was still the hardest working guy on the crew. Given his condition, that’s saying something. This guy never mailed in a show and there were a couple of times when we thought he wasn’t going to make it. One time in San Antonio, I’m guessing he had food poisoning. Susan Stratton (producer/director of KCAL 9 Laker broadcasts) saw him sitting in the stands by the press table before a game and he didn’t look good. She thought he might be having a heart attack. Turned out it was something he ate. He disappeared for an hour and a half. They couldn’t find him and she was worried he was passed out somewhere. A half hour before the show, he comes out wearing a $500 suit with the pocket square, picks up the mic like nothing happened.” 

Chick had laryngitis a couple of times and had to abandon his play call at half time. “He never mailed it in," said Frank. "He put his butt on the line every night. I’ve worked with temperamental people who will double cross you, as quickly as looking at you. He never once said he was going to do something and then failed to do it. If he said we’re going to record the pre-game show at four, you better be in studio with tape going because he was sitting there ready to go. I love a guy like that because you can always count on him – that to me is a pro. He was always ready. He made my job really easy.” 

Chick favored radio. “He always had a soft spot for radio – more so than television, which rankled the tv people more than a little,” said Frank. 

Stu Lantz was Chick’s broadcast partner for 15 seasons. Did Stu ever want to be top banana? “Stu is very comfortable doing what he does. I never, ever, got the feeling that he wanted to take over the #1 chair. A couple of times when Stu filled in for Chick, I think he realized this isn’t something you learn overnight.” 

After Chick died, Paul Sunderland and Joel Myers came in for a season of radio broadcasting. Frank has high marks for the current play-by-play Lakers announcer, Spero Dedes. “He is a rare talent. Every once in a while colorman Mychal Thompson gets tied up in a conversation during the game and starts doing play-by-play and if it isn’t just one guy shooting a jump shot, Mychal kinda gets his feet tangled up. And Spero jumps in and you hear how smooth and easy it is for a guy who does that full-time. Spero is not only an extremely capable broadcaster and very, very talented, but he’s polite, professional, and he’s just enjoying being here and I sure hope we don’t lose him.” 

When you think of the 30-year broadcast history between the Lakers and KLAC, you can’t do it without thinking of Chick Hearn. The two are so intertwined even though Chick died in 2002 at the age of 85. “Even when you know it’s coming, it still hurts,” said Frank. “It hit me like a ton of bricks because I worked every game with him for 22 seasons - I mean every minute of every game. We never so much as had a cup of coffee together. We never went anywhere. We never did anything. We never sat down to have lunch, but we just did every game.” 

The 30-Year KLAC/Lakers history continue tomorrow. 

John Brooks Boring. John Brooks, veteran KFWB reporter (since 1979), covered the boring story for the east side light rail system. (John is on left)

Salem Up. KRLA has amplified its coverage area, boosting its day time signal from 20,000 to 50,000 watts across the Greater Los Angeles area. From Santa Barbara to Laguna Hills, an additional 1.3 million listeners now have the opportunity to tune in to the conservative news and opinion programming at KRLA. "At 50,000 watts, we are excited that KRLA is now among the most powerful AM stations in Los Angeles. This signal improvement enables us to reach a broader audience well-suited to our programming strengths," says Salem/ Los Angeles vp/gm Terry Fahy.

GO Goes Country. Gary Owens will be part of the new KKGO 1260/540 Country format that launches as a simulcast on Friday. “I have freshly manured my boots so I look good for my weekend shifts [Saturday and Sunday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.]” said Gary. “Gene Autry gave me two Stetson hats when I worked for him. I’ll wear one of those on every show I do. It is a 10-gallon hat but I only have a 9-gallon head.” 

In addition to Owens on KKGO weekends, Gary Campbell will once again be heard in the Southland (he was on KZLA from 1983-2001). In addition to his work at Dial-Global's Mainstream Country format where he is 'John Lloyd,' Campbell is also heard on  KSON-San Diego Saturday mornings and and Sunday afternoon.


Enjoying a smoked turkey at a Thanksgiving gathering at the home of the Insane Darrell Wayne
Pictured: Funk, Timmy Manocheo, Brent Kahlen, and Darrell Wayne

Fresno #s. The Fresno Fall ’06 Phase 1 Arbitrend has been released: 

1. KMJ (News/Talk) 7.5 – 8.3
2. KOND (Regional Mexican) 5.4 – 6.5
3. KSKS (Country) 5.0 – 5.3
4. KBOS (Top 40/R) 6.9 – 5.2
5. KMGV (Oldies) 4.5 – 4.4 

LARP Rewind: November 29, 1950. ABC Radio debuts I Fly Anything, starring Dick Haymes as cargo pilot Dockery Crane. His sidekick, Buzz, was played by George Fenneman, announcer for Groucho Marx's quiz show, You Bet Your Life. Crane's secretary was played by Georgia Ellis, who would later play Kitty on Gunsmoke. Haymes had charted 21 top-ten hits, 1943-50, and appeared in several movies. I Fly Anything would last just one year.  

Born on November 29: Merle Travis (1917), Vin Scully (1927), John Gary (1932), John Mayall (1933), Meco (1939), Chuck Mangione (1940), Denny Doherty (Mamas & Papas, 1941), Jody Miller (1941), Felix Cavaliere (Rascals, 1944), Garry Shandling (1949), Howie Mandel (1955). 

Number one songs on November 29: Red Sails In The Sunset by Guy Lombardo (1935), Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley (1956), Turn Turn Turn by the Byrds (1965), Winchester Cathedral by the New Vaudeville Band (1966), Top Of The World by the Carpenters (1973) 

Smooth Concert. KTWV will present a special memorial? concert honoring the life of singer Luther Vandross and celebrating the release of  Forever, For Always, For Luther, Volume II. The concert will take place tomorrow night at Vault 350 in Long Beach with special performances by Patti Austin, Jeff Lorber, Ronnie Laws, Wayman Tisdale, Brian Simpson, Ray Fuller, Michael Lington, Everette Harp and many more. This special evening will be hosted by 94.7 The WAVE’s Morning Show hosts, Dave Koz and Pat Prescott. A portion of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to DIVABETIC and American Diabetes Association in memory of Luther Vandross, who suffered from Diabetes.

Hear Ache. Steve Parker will guest with KPCC’s Patt Morrison this afternoon between 2:30 and 3 p.m. He will be live at media days for the LA Auto Show … KMVN’s Rick Dees was going over Fred Bronson’s list of one-hit wonders. Besides I’m Too Sexy, Tainted Love and Who Let the Dogs In, the #1 one-hit wonder: Macarena by Los del Rio … Lyle Kilgore is home after knee surgery and rehab. He’s going up and down the stairs. “I'll never be on Dancing With The Stars, but that's ok! Many thanks to all the LARP who wrote, called and wished me well,” wrote Lyle … KROQ’s Kevin & Bean have been making the rounds signing the charity CD, Kevin & Bean’s Super Christmas. The morning pair predicted that they would sell more CDs than Kevin Federline did in his first week. And they did. Kevin sold only 6,000 units … Jon St. John is doing weekend fill at KRTH. He’s been a long-time voice talent in San Diego ... Darrell Wayne ( editor and ex-KROQ) does morning drive fill all this week at KVTA in Ventura (streamed at

LARP Photo Gallery

Eve and Ted Quillin vacationing in Hawaii

Funnie. Karnak Answer/Question from Mike Butts

The answer: Snakes on a plane.
Rip the Envelope
The question: How would you describe it if OJ Simpson, Scott Peterson and Robert Blake chartered a flight?

Happy Birthday:  Michael Benner, Tim Duffy, Henry Glenn, Mike Newport, Ross Porter, and Vin Scully 

LARPs: With the Presidential campaign not far away and no incumbent or VP running, it has been decades since this has happened.
Who would you like to see as the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate in the 2008 election and why? 

Mark Rocchio: I don't think either the Democrats or Republicans have a decent candidate in the wings. Both parties have done nothing but make a mess of this country and the world. What really needs to be done to find a decent presidential candidate, and I write this with all sincerity, is go to a foreign country like the Republic of Kiribati. Kiribati, as we all know, passed a law in 1995 moving the International Date Line to the east of their Pacific nation. And in doing so, the Kiribati's became the first people to see the first dawn of the New Millennium. And I think that in a country that has people with the intelligence and where-with-all to move the International Date Line, there's got to be one person smart enough to sit in the Oval Office and take the reigns of the most powerful position on earth. And if not, we're all in deep trouble. 


We GET Email… 

** All the Fish at Sea
“Re: ‘If the experts are correct that there will be no fish in the sea by 2048, what happens to KBIG's Charlie Tuna and KROQ's Jed the Fish?’ 

And don't forget Earl Trout from the old KDAY, not to mention Bobby Ocean!  

On our way back home from vacation, Teri and I spent a night in Salinas, where I taped some of the new KABL. A few months ago the original KABL dropped Adult Standards Saul Levine isn't alone! And 1460 in Salinas picked up the format. The station is known as ‘The Paisano.’ Dumb name, ain't it? Sorry to hear of Bryan Jones' death - WAY too young to die. I have one aircheck of him at 91X, from 8-21-93.” – Steve Thompson 

** Ladies of LARP Calendar
"Wow! Can you add Leah Brandon [pictured with John Ziegler] to the Ladies of LARP radio calendar???" - Dwaine Maggart, Moorpark

** KGIL Faux Aircheck
“In the early 60s, KDEO in San Diego was one of our stations where we knocked off KCBQ for the number one spot. Unfortunately, we could not sustain our dominance due to a much inferior signal from El Cajon at 1000 watts, directional. After pattern change at sunset we were barely perceptive at Pacific Beach, much like KSON. 

With regard to the Halloween tape – the little boy and the mean guy – we created that at KDEO, as I recall October 1962.  It has been around the world and back to us many times. It's amazing how a classic bit gets legs and continues on indefinitely. The little boy was none other than the incredibly talented Don Bowman who came to us from Texas. He was hired away from us by Crowell Collier, KFWB, KEWB, etc. and later went on to fame in Nashville, starting with Jim Reeves. 

The mean guy was played by our Mel Hall, one of the great voices in our industry. He spent many years in San Diego, both on radio and tv. 

Don MacKinnon, another great, was with us in San Diego, and as well was spirited away by KFWB. 

One more aside - I hired Morton Downey Jr. for KAFY- Bakersfield, which was his first California radio gig in 1962. It turned out to be a tumultuous endeavor. After many battles of the egos with Don Pietro, [who went to St Louis to become 'Johnny Rabbit,' one of USA's top jock] we sent him to KDEO where he almost got us all thrown in jail. After I fired him, his next stop was in Washington, DC working Sargent Shriver and the Kennedy clan.” - Al Anthony, Jewelry Television Network broadcasting out of Knoxville and former Director of Operations of the Tullis & Hearne Radio stations in the 1960's 

** Heard Faux Tape
“I wish I had that tape – heard it once at a KUSC staff meeting, probably in the fall of 1968 [the students still ran the station in the late afternoon and evening then]. It's the funniest parody of any kind I have heard before or since. Several of the KGIL on-air guys are on the tape. There was a take-off on a Burgermeister Beer jingle [you have to be my age to remember Burgie!]. To the tune of Roll Out the Barrel:  ‘Roll out the after glass...everybody loves a can bet your ass!’ The weather report on the tape went something like this: It's 45 in San Fernando, 48 in Northridge, and in Burbank, it's f---ing cold!’ 

Come on...somebody has to have a copy!” - Alan LaGreen

** Trick or Treat Aircheck
“I didn't recognize the description at first, but the Trick or Treat routine circulated around West Coast radio stations in 1963. It was absolutely hilarious! That part of the tape was alleged to have been put together by Don Bowman [former KEWB jock] who had also worked at Tullis & Hearn Broadcasting - the Bakersfield station, I believe. 

Don was later a country singer and the protégé of Chet Atkins at RCA Records.

At KLIV we had a dedicated jingle cart machine and used it in every stop-set. I put the ‘DING DONG, Trick or Treat’ edit on the jingle machine and our afternoon guy damn near killed himself getting out of the chair and back to the jingle deck before he realized he'd been had.

Good luck in finding about the rest of that tape.” – Jack Hayes

“His Wife Saved His Life” – Chick Hearn

(November 28, 2001) Laker announcer Chick Hearn told KLAC’s Michael Jackson recently that he was with Magic Johnson when Magic learned he was HIV positive ten years ago. “We had just arrived at our Salt Lake City hotel and at the desk I heard the girl say, ‘Mr. Johnson, there’s an important call for you.’ He went to take the call. I took my key and as I was going to the elevator, I saw him start for the front door. I asked him where he was going and he said he was going back to L.A. It was none of my business why and I didn’t ask. And that was the day he came home and saw Dr. Melmann and for the third time his tests proved he had HIV. 

“His wife saved his life when he went home that day to tell her about the disease. Her nickname is Cookie. He asked her if she was going to leave him? And she slapped him and said, ‘Are you crazy? I’m gonna stay with you.’ A few days later he held his press conference. It was the first time I did a television show and cried,” said Chick. 

“When he came out here he wasn’t allowed to have a spokesman if he was going to play for the Lakers. We had drafted him number one when Jack Kent Cooke owned the team. Mr. Cooke was very tough. Magic sat down with his father. I was there. Mr. Cooke took out a big yellow pad and asked, ‘What would you want if you played for our team? Shall I call you Mr. Johnson or Magic?’ Magic said, ‘Call me anything you want.’ Then Mr. Cooke asked his father, who worked in an auto factory in Detroit, ‘What would you want for your son if he played here?’ Mr. Johnson answered, ‘I’m not ready to answer a question like that.’ Magic interrupted. Mind you he was only 18 years old and he spoke up to one of the shrewdest and most brilliant men I’ve ever known. ‘I’ll speak for myself, Mr. Cooke.’ Cooke asked what he wanted. ‘Let me have that pad.’ So he wrote down this and that and he was writing down big numbers and he got through and Mr. Cooke said, ‘My God, Magic, that’s a lot of money.’ And the 18-year-old said, ‘Mr. Cooke, you are getting a lot of basketball player.’ And the contract was signed.” 

Dis ‘n Dat. KMPC (1540AM)  is set to join the live afternoon sports programming in the Southland. Chris Myers and Bob Golic will start a 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. show soon...Steve Harvey broadcast from the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Monday morning. He praised KKBT’s gm Nancy Leichter. “She opens up her airwaves to do these things for the community and it doesn’t bring in revenue to the station. A station is all about music and commercials. That’s how they make money, but we do a lot of things for the community because our heart is open to that,” said Steve…KRLA’s Mike Gallagher doesn’t have the stomach to play Taliban song parodies. “I think to do that minimizes the impact of what really is at stake,” said the 870AM morning man…KNX’s Geoff Nathanson is part of the broadcast team for the Bowl with Andre Ware on December 28th in Houston… reports that Paul Harvey, who has been voiceless for three months this year, is crediting God with healing him in order to broadcast an important message to Americans regarding the war on terror. "Americans, this is the testing time, and we are at our virtuous best," the 83-year-old journalist told the nation on his KABC program Thanksgiving weekend. "America is falling in love again with America." 

LARP Film Critic Promoted. David Poland, film critic and one-time host of a movie-related show at KABC, gets the ultimate job. He gets to program his own film festival. He’s named head of the FIU Miami Film Festival that celebrates 18 years. In addition to writing two columns on the Internet, David, 36, has served in recent years in roles ranging from editor-in-chief of Turner Network Television's Web site to consultant on the Bermuda International Film Festival to guest critic on Roger Ebert & The Movies. His coverage of the entertainment industry has appeared in such publications as Entertainment Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and many others.

"David's intimate, personal knowledge of both the motion picture industry and film festivals combined with his appreciation of what the FIU Miami Film Festival can be made him a perfect choice for this position," said FIU vp Dale C. Webb. "We look forward to his leadership as we reshape and energize this cultural treasure. David has both the experience and the film industry contacts to lead our efforts in putting together an exciting, engaging FIU Miami Film Festival for 2002, even though he'll be working on a shortened timeline." 

Do You Hear What I Hear? Clear Channel/LA chief Roy Laughlin is thrilled with all the talk about KOST? “Really think about it. Holiday music by some of the biggest AC artists of all time and tons of free promotion for it. Kind of like 9/11 for the news stations sideways except it is self induced. We all knew this would end up being the best free promotion in all of L.A. radio but it is surpassing even our initial expectations. This is a homerun! The in-house research is hugely positive,” enthused Roy.

”KOST is a legendary AC that will be back at the traditional AC game after the holidays, but in
the meantime, bring on the talk about the frequency - that is pure ratings. Just like anytime a competing radio station talks about Rick Dees, no matter the content, it is great for the station and him. [Note: In fact, the worse it is, the better it is for the ratings]. We market Rick as a guy that makes fun of himself. Any of those who attempt to make fun of him or KIIS on-air are supporting the core campaign. Try making fun of the Three Stooges and you will be the stooge.

Radio is a very simple business, but people cannot seem to remember that ‘The more you look, the less you see.’ The right answer is
always the first one that any common man knows. Holiday music for the Holidays, duh? Rule one in marketing, do not mention the competition to the public or you will forever be 2nd in the category as you will exist in their light not your own,” concluded Roy.     

Radio Stuff. KROQ’s Bean gave entertainment Ralph Garman an autographed copy of Danny Bonaduce’s Random Acts of Badness. “Oh, great, I always wanted to know about those transsexual hookers,” said Ralph…KLOS’ Mark Thompson asked Mick Jagger why he had succeeded on such a high level for 40+ years? “Whatever you say makes you sound like you have a big head. Oh, we’re fantastically talented makes you sound like an idiot. When you start off you tend to have a lot of luck. You’re in the right place at the right time with the right kind of music and attitude. We worked incredibly hard,” said Mick…On the Rick Dees Show the other morning at KIIS, the question was asked how many members of the Taliban does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, they don’t have any light bulbs in caves…KABC all-nighter Doug McIntrye is a Big Band/Pop Standards aficionado. He thinks KLAC’s Pop Standards format (pre-Talk/Sports/Infomercials) was doomed because of all the Johnny Mathis music…Conway & Steckler’s weekly feature, Stump the Monkey, featured this question to producer Malibu Dan. In what year was President Kennedy assassinated? Dan responded with, “It’s pretty simple. Was it 1968?” Tim told him it was Martin Luther King in ’68. Dan then guessed ’69. Tim told him that was the moon and the Mets. Next guess was ’64. Then ’59. ’60. ’61. ’62. ’63. Tim told him that was the year he was born. “That’s the way I’ll remember it. Tim was born. Kennedy was shot,” said Dan…Ian Whitcomb, former KROQ/KPCC personality and singer who sang the hit You Turn Me On in the mid-1960s, performs tonight at Gennaro's in Culver City…KPWR has a holiday line where you can tell Santa (Big Boy) what you want for Christmas. In the on-air promo, Santa asks, “What do you want this year? The new X-Box, some cash, Fabrege, maybe a can of Charlie Tuna?” 

In the Ghetto. While having lunch the other day with a veteran LARP, we commented on the once-great, now-fallen L.A. radio personalities. Many went to smaller markets and found a comfortable niche. After lunch, a disturbing email was waiting for me. Another LARP had died in relative obscurity. Between 1966 and 1971, Don Jaye worked in Southern California radio. He was gm at KCBH (later KJOI) and operations director at KDAY. Before leaving the Southland, Don hosted a variety show at KCOP/Channel 13. Don attended the University of Notre Dame before starting his radio career at WHOT-South Bend and then on to WSAI-Cincinnati and WJJD-Chicago. 

For more than a quarter century, Don raised thousands of dollars for Southern Nevada charities, but he lived his last decade, and died, near poverty and battling ill health. "Don had the biggest heart and would work hard to help anyone, even to the detriment of his own health and well-being," said longtime friend Ira David Sternberg, a journalist and fellow broadcaster. "He was always out in the community doing good work for good causes."

Donald Jaye Illes, a leading lay member of the Catholic Church and a member of the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame, died July 21, 2001, of respiratory problems. He was 63. A survivor of several heart attacks and two open-heart surgeries, Don was forbidden by his doctors from working at a regular job, so he threw himself into charity work full time, friends said. Since 1993 he lived on $670 a month from Social Security, $50 a month from the Department of Veterans Affairs and $10 a month in food stamps, all the while serving on the boards of three nonprofit organizations. He rarely complained nor sought praise, friends said.

"Don was a very humble man who never wanted publicity for all of the work he did," said the Rev. Peter Romeo of St. Peter the Apostle Church. "During his recuperations he was always very high spirited. He had the right attitude to survive and was highly motivated." Born November 25, 1937, in South Bend, Indiana, Don was an altar boy at a church at the nearby University of Notre Dame. He studied for the priesthood before serving in the Air Force and going into broadcasting.

Don, who was most proud of his several audiences with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, worked for a number of Las Vegas radio stations from the 1970s through the early 1990s, including KDWN, where he hosted a popular talk show.

More recently he was spokesman for - and member of - the Knights of Columbus and was involved with that group's efforts to provide burial services for a newborn boy abandoned inside a trash bag behind Harrah's hotel on May 21.

Hawthorne’s Archives. November 28

Hear Wax. KABC’s morning driver Dan Avey talked with Queen Elizabeth yesterday on her cell phone. Near the close of the show, Dan was heard telling the Queen that they were running out of time, but maybe she could be on tomorrow. Dan then gave out the Queen’s cell phone number. The Paul Harvey news cut him off in the middle of giving out the number…“Was there a greater comeback quarterback in the history of Monday Night Football than the Snake?” asked KXTA’s Tony Bruno…Paul McCartney, one of the biggest influences in Country music, guests with Peter Tilden this morning at KZLA…Frank Kramer, part of the Triplets at KLSX, was so annoyed at Survivor’s Silas, that he hoped one of the players would put oatmeal in his ear and a lion would come by and eat his ear off…A number of readers asked about Dr. Toni Grant after reading about her return to KABC last year in the One Year Ago feature Archive. Toni’s syndication deal fell apart and she’s currently living in Dallas…WABC-New York is unhappy with the absences of Art Bell and is temporarily replacing him with Michael Savage…Three stations in Dallas are all-Christmas, all the time…Jack London checks in from Las Vegas. Both the AC stations, ‘Lite 100’ from Infinity and ‘Sunny 106.5’ from Clear Channel started with the Christmas Music a week before Thanksgiving! Interesting trend,” emailed Jack….Butch Shomph, LARP Inland Empire correspondent, was listening to George Putnam’s first day back on the air at noon on KPLS. “George basically caught up on a lot of the issues he missed during his two months off the airways. He made no mention of KRLA or his former bosses, Salem Broadcasting, and regretted not being on the air September 11th. At one point, he wondered what the KPLS call letters stood for and decided they stood for ‘K-Put[nam]. In all, he was very happy to be at his new ‘50,000 watt powerhouse home,’ and is looking forward to another 25 years of Talkback. That would really be something.” 

Funnie. Former KHJ jock Big John Carter wondered why didn't we bomb the WAL-MART in Kabul? 'Cuz there's so many TARGETS over there!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Mickey Czegledy, Carolyn Hogenraad, John Majhor, and Lee Marshall

 LARP: When you are just looking to escape from the day-to-day "stuff" of life, 
is there a particular movie, piece of music, a special place, a favorite book, 
a memory or a ritual that gives you calm and peace? 

Paul Secrest (94.3 COOL RADIO Nights): When there is time for escape, I find the best thing to do is take advantage of family relationships. I’m very close with my mother and working so much on the radio I don’t get to see her as much. On my weekends I spend time with my family and find that is the most relaxing and back to reality escape for me. 

Rich Cartter Hulston: For real calm, my wife and I like to head to Cambria on the California Central Coast. Pine trees, ocean, and a very relaxing little town that's not that far away, but it can seem like miles away! Great views, nice people, and great restaurants. And it's very quiet at night-something that you may not know you've been missing until you experience it! 

Freddy Snakeskin (ex-KROQ): I put on an old tape of Dennis the Menace. (But only ones with Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson) 

Casey Bartholomew (ex-KFI, now New Jersey 101.5) I have a 19-month-old toddler. So, while the words are familiar, you need to refresh my memory. What exactly is this "calm" and "peace" that you speak of?

Mornings Have Broken

(November 27, 2013) Familiar voices at the top of the morning ratings for November '13 Nielsen ratings. KLAX's "El Mandril" continues at the top of the chart in all demographics, with a solid #2 in all demographics from KROQ's Kevin & Bean.

Persons 12+

1. Ricardo "El Mandril" Sanchez (KLAX)
2. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)
3. Bill Handel (KFI)
4. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)
5. Gary Bryan (K-EARTH)
Persons 18-34

1. Ricardo "El Mandril" Sanchez (KLAX)
2. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)
3. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)
4. Big Boy (KPWR)
5. Don Cheto (KBUE)
Persons 25-54

1. Ricardo "El Mandril" Sanchez (KLAX)
2. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)
3. Valentine (MY/fm)
4. Don Cheto (KBUE)
5. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)
Comrex For Sale. Ira Sternberg has a Comrex Hot Line for sale.

“I have one, but have not used it for remotes in a few years," emailed Ira. "Most stations either use ISDN or the Internet. There are a few stations that still use it.”

If interested, contact Ira at:

NASH Up Late for Parr. Shawn Parr has been a regular voice on Country radio stations in the Southland for years. Part of his journey has been doing morning drive, most recently at “Go Country,” KKGO. asked Shawn what can be expected of his new national nighttime show for Cumulus’ NASH/fm.

“They want a morning show at night so, as far as content, that’s what we’ll be doing. It just won’t be at four in the morning, which is a welcome relief after so many years. And it’s going to be very listener-interactive. I’m not sure they totally understood my work ethic and how excited and high-energy I am. If you combine OCD, ADHD, and a seven-year-old kid who’s had too much candy at Halloween, that’s kind of where I come from. But the coolest part is being in the middle of that Nashville vibe with the artists at your fingertips, and to be able to do it nationwide and with the NASH brand. Cumulus is so excited about what they have and what they want to do with it. To be on the ground floor of something that’s going to be so incredibly huge was just a no-brainer.”

Rugbycast. KFWB’s Bill Seward (r) is back from Greensboro, North Carolina, where temps and wind in the 20's made it challenging at USA Rugby's College 7's National Championships on ESPNU. The men's show airs tonight at 7 p.m. The women's show is Thanksgiving morning at 10 a.m. (Photo: Seward and Brian Hightower multitasking as the wind made the rosters levitate.)


Funnie. A man was driving down the street, in a sweat, because he had an important meeting and couldn’t find parking. Looking up toward heaven, he said, “Lord, take pity on me. If you find me a parking space, I will go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life and give up drinking.” 

Miraculously, a parking space appeared. 

The man looked up again and said, “Never mind. I found one.” (from Esquire’s monthly feature, Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman)


We GET Email …

** Life Moves On

“I enjoy reading you in the Orange County Register. I have been getting the OCR for years at our beach house. The paper reminds me of the LA Times when our neighbor Otis Chandler ran the paper. We stopped the LA Times a long time ago when the Tribune bought the paper.

My life has changed getting the double whammy the loss of Beverly and our son Steven. I am the widows catch on the Peninsula I have been told, but I am not interested. Beverly and I had almost 58 years together the best time of my life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.” – Roger Carroll

** KABC Changes

“Once again KABC management continues to prove that it has no interest in ratings. It continues to prove that its only aim is to remain at the bottom of the ratings book.

Honestly, the incompetence of KABC management makes the managers at seem like geniuses. First they fired Larry Elder and then the re-hired him. They did the same with John Phillips with no effect on ratings. Then they brought in mumbling Geraldo. So now, predictably, Geraldo is gone and now they decided to bring in KFI’s rejects. 

 I found it amusing that Bryan Suits proclaimed he would beat Rush Limbaugh. Having listened to Bryan a few times, all I can say he stands no chance of beating Rush.” – Steve Chang, Venice

** Political Hitman Roger Stone Cuts and Runs on L.A. Radio Talk Show

"Politics aside, I never interviewed an author without at least skimming the book to get salient information. A disagreement over a quote from the book is meaty. Throwing out a book you haven't opened from an author booked to appear on the show is just plain rude.

Don't move in circles just because you know the way." - Geoff Edwards

** Day JFK Died

“I read your excellent article on remembering the day JFK in today's (Nov. 23) Orange County Register.

I went to work for Melvin Belli in 1979 just after taking the Bar exam. Although I am an attorney, I am also a writer, and Mel was looking for someone to assist him in the revision of his landmark work, Modern Trials, which was published in 1954. I worked directly for Mel and not the firm, writing books, articles, and speeches for him, and accompanying him to various tv and radio appearances. He often asked me to dinner at 'the house' - a four-story mansion in the ritzy Pacific Heights area. 

My office was directly below his and there was a spiral staircase connecting our two offices, so I heard everything that went on in his office. It was quite an experience. When he was in town, Mel and I would go to lunch together to talk about how the revision of Modern Trials was going, discussing other books and articles, etc. He rarely reminisced about the old days; he was always looking to the future. But once in a while, when he had had a little more of the grape than usual, he would relax and regale me with stories of past cases, trips, etc.

He didn't like talking about the assassination of JFK, but did talk about defending Jack Ruby. He said that Ruby was as crazy as a loon and he tried to prove insanity at trial, but he was about twenty years ahead of his time in the standards that should apply to prove insanity.

Anyway, while I enjoyed your story immensely, I was surprised to learn that Lee Harvey Oswald had said he wanted Melvin Belli to defend him. Mel never mentioned that to me. May I ask where you found that information? I want to add it to my Melvin Belli file I keep? By the way, I'm sure you know that Ruby was convicted by a jury but the conviction was overturned on appeal [which was handled by another lawyer]. Before the trial, Mel had asked for a change of venue, saying the people of Dallas could not be fair and impartial. The appellate court overturned the trial court's denial of the motion and ordered a new trial in a different, more distant venue.

Frankly, I don't think it would have made any difference on the outcome. Ruby, as I'm sure you know, died in prison of brain cancer while awaiting his retrial. I think the brain cancer affected Ruby's judgment and may have contributed to his act. If you could tell me where you found the info on Oswald's request to be defended by Melvin Belli, I would greatly appreciate it. The summer before I started law school, I read his autobiography My Life on Trial and I wished that I could go to work for him. Sometimes wishes come true. It was a great experience working for him and I learned a lot about high profile cases and dealing with the media. I still miss him dearly.” - Allen P. Wilkinson, Attorney at Law, Laguna Woods  

Is There Oil Under KABC/KLOS?

(November 26, 2013) For as long as I’ve been around the southern California media hallways, there has always been the speculation that there is oil under the land that houses KABC, KLOS and the transmitter site. Well, now that questions have been posed because of the proposed $90 million sale of the property by Cumulus, the speculation has surfaced once again.

Is there oil at the radio station site? Bob Moore, former general manager, said, “I always heard there was oil under the site, but never saw anything in writing.  Interesting.”

George Green spent 35 years at the facility. “No oil reserve that I am aware of,” emailed George. “A large area of ground wires surrounds the towers.  Ask Norm Avery how much of the acreage is unavailable for building structures.”

Norm Avery has been the director of engineering for almost 25 years. “I'm not aware of any geological study that may have been conducted that would confirm or refute the presence of petroleum at the KABC-KLOS site,” said Norm.

Could a new owner pump oil there? “City of LA could better answer the zoning question,” concluded Norm.

Geraldo Status. Cumulus released a press release explaining that Geraldo is giving up his syndicated show (heard on KABC from 10 a.m. to noon) and concentrate on a local show for WABC-New York beginning January 1.

“The show will focus on the most-talked-about topics involving the nation’s largest city – everything from social issues to politics. Rivera will also continue his fight against unemployment by broadcasting live from upcoming ‘Put Americans Back to Work’ job expos and events hosted by Cumulus. “For the last four decades, in war and peace I’ve been chasing the news around the world,” said Geraldo.

“But there’s a universe of stories right here in my hometown.  Energized and excited by this opportunity, I’m taking our show to the four corners of the five boroughs.  I’ll be on the streets and in the face of lawbreakers and newsmakers, ready with a hot mike and a helping hand.” 

Cumulus coo John Dickey added, “We are excited that one of the most recognized and respected names in media will be sharing his perspectives on New York issues and supporting local causes that matter most to listeners in one of our top markets.”

November '13 Nielsen Audio Monthly PPM 6+ Mon-Sun 6a-Midnight.

 1. KIIS (Top 40/M) 5.4 - 5.4

2. KBIG (MY/fm) 5.3 - 5.3

3. KAMP (Top 40/M) 4.4 - 4.3    

3 (t). KPWR (Top 40/R) 4.2 - 4.3

5. KRTH (Classic Hits) 4.2.- 4.2

6. KLAX (Regional Mexican) 3.9 - 3.6

7. KOST (AC) 4.2 - 3.6

8. KROQ (Alternative) 3.3 - 3.5

9. KFI (Talk) 3.4 - 3.4     

 9(t). KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 3.6 - 3.4  


TMZ Report. Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo – the biggest star on Spanish radio – forced his employees to watch him defecate, pee in bottles, and subjected them to endless sexual abuses ... so claim former workers, according to a story at

TMZ obtained a letter 6 ex-employees sent to Piolin’s lawyer, claiming the radio host:

Forced several employees to watch him defecate
Regularly peed  into bottles in the studio
Grabbed his erect penis through his pants and rubbed it on employees
Routinely exposed himself and called male employees “f**gots.”
Grabbed employees’ genitals and insisted they “liked” it
Bit people

“As we previously reported, Piolin sued the six employees for extortion, claiming they demanded roughly $5 million or they’d go public with their lurid allegations,” according to TMZ.

Hear Ache. If you are a Beatles fan, you will have much to be thankful for on Thursday. Chris Carter, host of KLOS’ Breakfast With the Beatles will present five hours of all Beatles music from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Yeah, yeah, yeah! … Tom Rounds launched and marketed American Top 40, the original countdown show with Casey Kasem. Tom now owns Radio Express, the world’s leading supplier of entertainment programming to radio outside the U.S. He debuts two new branded countdown programs on 35 radio stations in 17 sub-Saharan African countries.


Grand Theft Auto V was featured in a front-page Arts & Books section of the Sunday LA Times
The faux frequency was tuned to Rebel Radio and a familiar voice, Power 106's Big Boy 

Funnie. The local news station was interviewing an 80-year-old lady because she had just gotten married for the fourth time. The interviewer asked her questions about her life, about what it felt like to be marrying again at 80, and then about her new husband's occupation.

"He's a funeral director," she answered. "Interesting," the newsman thought. He then asked her if she wouldn't mind telling him a little about her first three husbands and what they did for a living.

She paused for a few moments, needing time to reflect on all those years. After a short time, a smile came to her face and she answered proudly, explaining that she had first married a banker when she was in her early 20's, then a circus ringmaster when in her 40's, and a preacher when in her 60's, and now in her 80's, a funeral director. The interviewer looked at her, quite astonished, and asked why she had married four men with such diverse careers. She smiled and explained, "I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go." (Thanks to Chris Bury, Pasadena for today’s funnie)


We GET Email …

** What the World Needs Now is Tom Clay

“It's hard to believe it has been eighteen years since my mentor and close friend Tom Clay, went to heaven – all the times in Detroit at W4, and KWIZ in Santa Ana, and his Lip Service on Sunset in Los Angeles. 

You are missed my friend.” – Gary Lane

** KABC Changes

“Hiring Bryan Suits sounds much better than having Geraldo for two hours, mostly NY-based, but liked John Phillips hour, all when I could catch it, of course.  Hope Bryan can come up with enough material to meet the time slot demands, but we shall see.

KABC weekend programming is spotty but Motorman is pretty steady for one show.” – Robert Guevara, Eagle Rock

** Suits Against Rush

Bryan Suits is a different breed of cat. He should wait until he beats Rush Limbaugh, then take praise. I will kiss his ass at Sunset and Vine at noon if he beats Rush.” – Roger Carroll  

Top 3 Stations in November '14 Owned by iHeartMedia

(November 25, 2014) KIIS/fm, KOST, and KBIG (MY/fm), all owned by iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel), finished the November '14 PPM rankings 1, 2, 3. "It's an early Thanksgiving celebration," emailed Greg Ashlock, market chief for iHeartMedia/LA. "We've always been blessed with great brands and talent."

Six months ago, KFI had made a precipitous drop in cume to well under a million listeners to around three-quarters of a million. Month by month the News/Talk station has made steady increases. "For KFI, I'll simply say, 'I told you so.' :) The staff works really hard at staying timely, relevant and stimulating. It was such a matter of time before the numbers corrected," concluded Ashlock.

The numbers look really impressive for Bonneville as KSWD (100.3/the Sound) continues to make steady increases. Six months ago, The Sound had a 2.9. This month the Classic Rock station was up to a 3.5. When asked for a comment on the numbers, program director Dave Beasing said succinctly: "Great team, great company."

The Nielsen November '14 PPM ratings for Persons 6+, Mon-Sun 6AM-Mid

1. KIIS (Top 40/M) 5.3 - 5.3

2. KOST (AC) 4.1 - 5.2

3. KBIG (MY/fm) 5.3 - 4.7

4. KPWR (Top 40/R) 4.5 - 4.3

5. KRTH (Classic Hits) 4.2 - 4.2

6. KAMP (Top 40/M) 4.1 - 4.0

7. KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 4.0 - 3.9

8. KFI (News/Talk) 3.5 - 3.6

9. KSWD (100.3/The Sound) 3.2 - 3.5

10. KCBS (JACK/fm) 3.2 - 3.1

11. KNX (News) 2.9 - 2.9

12. KLAX (Regional Mexican) 2.9 - 2.8

      KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.6 - 2.8

14. KBUE (Regional Mexican) 2.5 - 2.6

      KHHT (Hot 92.3) 2.2 - 2.6

      KRCD (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.3 - 2.6

      KROQ (Alternative) 2.8 - 2.6

18. KLOS (Classic Rock) 2.4 - 2.5

19. KSCA (Regional Mexican) 2.4 - 2.3

20. KTWV (Urban AC) 2.2 - 2.1

      KYSR (Alternative) 1.9 - 2.1

22. KKGO (Country) 2.1 - 2.0

23. KPCC (News/Talk) 2.2 - 1.9

24. KUSC (Classical) 2.0 - 1.7

      KXOL (Spanish AC) 1.6 - 1.7

26. KCRW (Variety) 1.0 - 1.4

      KFSH (Christian Contemporary) 1.4 - 1.4

28. KHJ (Regional Mexican) 1.1 - 1.3

29. KDAY (Rhythmic AC) 1.4 - 1.1

      KSPN (Sports) 1.0 - 1.1

31. KSSE (Spanish Contemporary) 0.9 - 0.9

32. KJLH (Urban AC) 0.9 - 0.8

33. KABC (Talk) 0.7 - 0.7

      KEIB (Talk) 0.6 - 0.7

      KKJZ (Jazz) 0.7 - 0.7

      KRLA (Talk) 0.6 - 0.7

37. KLAC (Sports) 1.0 - 0.6

      KWIZ (Spanish Variety) 0.8 - 0.6

39. KFWB (Sports) 0.2 - 0.3

      KTNQ (Spanish Talk) 0.3 - 0.3 

Haven’t seen this one before. K-EARTH is giving away a parking spot for Black Friday at the Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks



Record Promoter. The world of record promotion is a colorful one at best. When a record company wants an aggressive push on a particular artist or song to get coveted airplay, they turn to the record promotion person. If there isn’t one on staff, they hired freelancers to conduct stunts, trot the artists around to the different radio station and do what is necessary to secure airplay.

Don Graham (l) has been the best for over 50 years. Not only an affable guy you like to be around, but he is someone who has a heart as large as all outdoors. We learned of his special relationship with Jack Roberts, former producer at CRN Digital Radio.

Scott St. James told the story at Graham’s 80th Hawaiian-themed (Don's wife Robin used to sing with Don Ho) birthday party earlier this month at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. For Scott, he hadn’t prepared to say anything at the luncheon but was so moved by the outpouring of love for Don Graham, he took the microphone. “I wasn't asked to stand up and speak,” recalled Scott. “I don't think anyone was. Walking to the middle of the room was an impulsive move on my part and what I said was off the top of my head.”

Scott St. James, Brad Martini Chambers, Mike Horn, Saul Levine, and Roger Carroll

Jack Roberts died earlier this year and being alone, he didn’t have anyone to turn down when his health challenges required hospitalization. Scott and Jack would talk for hours during his last few months as Roberts was getting closer and closer to ‘death's door.’

Bobby Hart (I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight + Monkees hits), Dandy Don Whittemore, James Darren (Goodbye Cruel World + Gidget movies), Mike Horn and Chick Watkins

“Jack told me about the many times that Don Graham carried him to Don's car because Jack had to go back to the hospital and the many times (among other things) that Don would chew out a doctor or doctors if (in Don's view) Jack wasn't being treated properly,” continued Scott.

Don Graham, Jerry Sharell, James Darren, Robin & Don Graham, and Scott St. James

“I heard lots of things like this from Jack and we talked at length about most of those things. I recalled Jack saying to me that he had lived as long as he did because of Don Graham.”

Supermouth Challenges. Larry Supermouth Huffman has had a tough couple of years. “After three weeks in a coma, almost two months in a hospital and two skin grafts, I’m now walking without a cane and with a brace,” emailed Larry.

His two most recent skin grafts on his ankle were made using bovine material. “The only problem is that from time to time I find myself saying ‘Moooo…’” His problems started two years when his trainer had him do an exercise that he shouldn’t have done.

His voice is still usable and is available for voiceover work. You can reach Larry at:

LARadio Rewind: November 25, 2011. Kojo Antwi and Flavour Nabania perform at the first-ever All African Thanksgiving Concert at the Forum in Inglewood. The audience included many KPFK listeners who had won tickets during Nnamdi Moweta's Radio Afrodicia program. Born in 1958 in Nigeria, Moweta studied filmmaking in San Francisco and has worked as a dj, news commentator, boxing promoter and event producer. In 1983, he hosted an eight-part KPFK series on the history of rap music. Since 1995, he has hosted Radio Afrodicia, featuring interviews and the music of African and Afro-Caribbean musicians as well as other musicians who are influenced by African sounds. Among the artists played are Hugh Masekela, Manu Dibango, Bamboo, Osibisa, Baaba Maal, Bebe Manga, Richard Bona, Tony Allen, King Sunny Ade, Blitz the Ambassador and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The program airs from 4 to 6 pm Saturdays. KPFK is at 90.7 fm and simulcasts on 99.5 in Ridgecrest, 98.7 in Santa Barbara and 93.7 in Rancho Bernardo.

Hear Ache. KFI's Steve Gregory has been in Ferguson, Missouri covering the grand jury proceedings in the police officer killing of Michael Brown. Steve almost became the story. "He's OK," emailed KFI news director Chris Little. "Steve got caught near some gunfire. Hit the ground a couple of times by his car to take cover. Somebody shoved him from behind and another guy snatched Steve's phone from his hand. He had a backup phone...he's always prepared." ... KNX is running a one-hour special on the Ferguson grand jury ruling at 10 a.m. this morning.

Ryker Voice. Malcolm Ryker worked at Pure Rock KNAC twenty years ago. He’s now the voice and production director for over 20 iHeartMedia stations, including his home base in San Diego, Star 94-1 and KGB.

Malcolm got a degree in radio and tv at Arkansas State. The first rock station he worked for was KWLN-Memphis. Growing up he listened to z-Rock in Dallas. “It was crazy, heavy, and freaky,” said Ryker. “Lee Abrams believed in true theater of the mind in a hard rock satellite format.”

Malcolm is a member of La Jolla Lutheran Church. "I find Christ gives me some balance to this whack Rock N Roll/Hip Hop close to the fire world we live in,” revealed Malcolm in an AllAccess interview.

Fascinating fact from Malcolm: “I sold some Bud back in college a long, long time ago. I am a radio lifer.”

Biggest Loser. Look like a princess and feel like a queen is the way one bride-to-be described what she was looking for in a wedding dress. She had lost 180 pounds on The Biggest Loser, and former KFI Talker Jillian Michaels came to support her on Say Yes To the Dress. While trying on dresses, Jillian surprised the upcoming bride with the news that she was picking up the tab for the dress as a way to congratulate her for losing all the weight. When the bride screamed after hearing the news, Jillian told her not to worry that she was rich.



We GET Email …

** Dr. Toni Grant Before Dr. Laura

“I noticed in reading the Jim Richards account regarding the firing of Bill Ballance, he neglected to mention that Dr. Toni Grant was a long-time contributor to the Ballance program, offering her psychological take on many of the issues that were presented on the program.  A few years later, when I partnered with Bill in syndicating his radio show, he shared bitterness regarding how he felt she ‘took’ his show.

Incidentally, one of our affiliates was KLBJ in Austin, Texas.  When the show was canceled, someone mentioned to me that Lady Bird Johnson was the one who didn't find Bill funny and demanded the show end on her station.” – Chuck Southcott

** Memory of Steve Bailey

Steve Bailey was a good friend. He came from Salt Lake City radio and worked ABC as a summer relief announcer staff. At the end of the summer the summer guys were laid off. Steve worked for a very short time at NBC/TV. When my orders for two years active military duty came, I suggested Steve as my replacement. When ABC laid off 11 announcers, including Steve, one of the best things that happened for Steve was being hired at KMPC.

Steve and I had lunch one day at the LA Country Club. We entered the dining room and sitting at a table was Gene Autry, Bob Reynolds Bob Forward and Stan Spero. Autry got up, walked over to me and said, 'we would like you to come to work with us at KMPC.' I did not know any one at the table except Bob Forward. I knew he was Vice President at ABC/TV because I dated his secretary. Bob left ABC/TV when Autry and Bob Reynolds bought KMPC. Forward created the music, news and sports format. When we met later to talk contract with my attorney, Beverly (my wife) could not believe how much money I was offered. I was making a very good salary at ABC and thought I would be at ABC the rest of my career

Looking back in time, ABC forced me to be a dj three hours every day on the ABC radio network then 3p to 6p on KABC. Luck being at the right place at the right time.” – Roger Carroll

** Saul Levine on The End of Radio

“This is a Post Script to my comments to ‘The End of Radio’ discussions. Traditional radio is confronting some very significant competition from various audio sources. I believe it is simplistic to assert that radio is now approaching its end. That alleged end date is open to some very complex issues and interpretation.

In the past, radio has reinvented itself when facing competition for listeners. Traditional radio is a very healthy medium at the present time. I am confident that traditional radio will be around in five years, and longer. The status of radio in ten, twenty or thirty years is something I would not venture an opinion.

Concerning web based audio services calling themselves ‘radio’ is absolutely ridiculous. Radio is a branding term that has been around for nearly 100 years. It is foolish for any of us in the radio industry who love the medium to glibly call the web based audio wanna-bes radio. It demeans the service that has been a major component in keeping the USA the wonderful nation that it is. And bringing so much happiness to so many people.

Abe Lincoln confronted this type of thinking when he said ‘Calling a cow's tail a leg does not give the cow a fifth leg’" - Saul Levine 

A Time to Be Grateful and Thankful 

(November 24, 2006) The Thanksgiving holiday kind of nudges us into a reflective state of thankfulness. Year after year the traditions of the family dinner may vary slightly, but old habits die hard. If families split – seemingly for good reasons at the time – traditions and memories get tested. We attempt to integrate new customs into a reconstituted family, trying to be in two or three places at the same time within the extended family. 

I have much to be thankful for in 2006. I died in 1980 and paramedics brought me back to life, and since then I treat every day as a bonus day – one not to be wasted.  

My oldest son, Don, Jr., spent a week out here in June as a surprise to my daughter Alexandra who graduated from Hart High School in Valencia. Don, Jr. just moved from Naples, Florida to Chicago. He’ll be spending his first Thanksgiving in his new Windy City environment. Brrrr! (Don Barrett, Alexandra, Don Barrett, Jr., and Tyler)

Alexandra arrived last night from the University of California Santa Barbara, having just completed another set of freshmen midterms. She’s completely healed from her earlier ordeal with her tooth, for which many of you shared with us your advice and encouragement. 

Tyler, my 19-year-old, comes up from San Diego tomorrow where he is in his second year of college. He is vacillating between continuing college and becoming a poker pro at Texas Hold’em. He envisions himself at the final table at the World Series of Poker on ESPN. It should be an interesting conversation over turkey legs and mashed potatoes. We can lead our children to water, but we certainly have no power on whether they drink from the fountain of experience or dig their own new hole. 

As a parent, we know that our kids find their own way, not our way. I find my role as one who leads by example to the best of my ability. I keep the door open for communication with my kids and attempt to avoid making judgments. Not always an easy task. 

I am blessed today. I am fortunate to have friends from growing up in Santa Monica in the 50s, to colleagues in my early days of radio in the 60s and 70s, and a new set of friends from my years as a marketing executive with the movie studios. And for the past 10 years, a new world opened back up with Many of you have been supporters from day one. I am truly thankful for all of that and you. 

Cramer’s Final Bell. Financial guru Jim Cramer, currently heard locally at noon at KNX, will be leaving radio December 1. Sandwiched inbetween Bob McCormick’s “Money 101” and the Business Hour with Frank Mottek will now be an hour of news anchored by Ron Kilgore and Diane Thompson. 

KFWB’s Christopher Ames Commentary 

I'll have a double Viagra with a Cialis chaser.

I'm Christopher Ames with today's comment.

Yeah, I'm feeling kind of impotent these days. You would too... if you were almost a hurricane. Happened last week, first time ever for me. Tropical storm Chris stirred up and what it stirred up in me was testosterone. I mean, I didn't want anybody to get hurt ... but when you give a guy a chance to be a hurricane? Something really ... I don't know ... masculine kicks in. So there I was, in the uncomfortable position of rooting for a big storm. I know, I know, Katrina, Rita, disaster ... I should be ashamed of myself. And I am. But I gotta tell you ... when Chris petered out, so to speak, I was pretty disappointed. And when it degraded to a ... "tropical depression" ... well, I learned just how appropriate that term was. So close... so far.

INSERT: Brando from On the Waterfront: "I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody. Instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it"

Pass the potency potions please.

Smooth Jazz Glides to #1 in Phoenix. The Fall ’06 Phase 1 Arbitrends for Phoenix have just been released: 

1. KYOT (Smooth Jazz) 3.9 – 4.6
2. KFYI (Talk) 4.8 – 4.5
    KNIX (Country) 4.5 – 4.5
    KOOL (Adult Hits) 5.0 – 4.5
5. KESZ (AC) 3.9 – 4.4  

Hear Ache. Austin Hill will be filling-in at KFI for John Ziegler over the Thanksgiving Holidays … The Michael Richards incident at the Laugh Factory provided a perfect opportunity for KNX’s Bob McCormick to play some of the best comedy bits of all time from Abbott & Costello’s “Who's on first?” to Mel Brooks’ “Two Thousand Year Old Man.” Bob also played bits from Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Foxworthy and Lucy.  “These bits reminded me how the great comedians do it,” said Bob ... KOST started its 24/7 holiday music last Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. with Barry Manilow's White Christmas ... Bill Handel is having 36 guests for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow ... Joe Benson's "Off the Record" this Sunday night at KLOS will feature the music of Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale, as well as conversation with the two legends. 

Williams Sister LARP Connection. The name Gary Bookasta surfaced the other day. Gary launched KROQ in 1972. Along with his mother, Laura Williams Bookasta, he created the L.A. nightclub The Hullabaloo at Sunset and Vine. Gary’s mom died of Alzheimer’s disease earlier this month. She was 88. With her sister, Laura Williams co-founded the singing Williams Sisters and was discovered by Bing Crosby at the age of 15.


Adam's Complaints. The other morning at KLSX, Adam Carolla was talking about the dump button that is used to delete obscene words wasn't working and someone got fired when something was aired that shouldn't have aired. Adam then went on to say that program director Jack Silver is inconsistent on who he wants to protect and others who he would fire without much provocation. "Frosty, Heidi & Frank have some negative things about this show and Jack has done nothing to stem that tide," said Adam. "They've slowed down over the last few months. We've gotten to know them and all's fine now, but there's a history of ambivalence when it comes to stepping up for this show."

Temptation to Spike Schweppes Plugs with Gin. From The Hollywood Reporter, Tuesday, November 25, 1958: 

 “With two radio stations in the U.S. already airing hard-likker [sic] blurbs without any repercussions from the FCC, it became known that Schweppes has asked stations here to accept blurbs to the effect that ‘Schweppes is a wonderful mixer – for gin or vodka.’ 

Some stations have taken the business, but in broadcasting the blurbs they have chopped off the message at the word ‘mixer.’ Schweppes apparently isn’t objecting, and continues to pay the freight.

Cliff Gill, KBIG vp and member of NAB Radio Code committee, says NANB continues to oppose accepting hard likker blurbs, although there is much recent pressure within the industry to known down the traditional barriers. KLAC owner Mort Hall says, ‘It’s just something we don’t do. I think we’re crazy; we won’t even air words like gin or vodka. Hmm.’” 

Tullis & Hearne Broadcasting Rules. "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi  

Al Anthony, former national pd and director of operations, Tullis & Hearne Broadcasting (KAFY, KEZY, KDEO, KFXM, KARM, KVEN, KDUO), adopted the Gandhi strategy in all of his California rating contests. “It seems all the top rated stations we took on, looked at us and said, ‘Man, they sound terrible!!  So as we 'Tom Sawyered' our way in with innovative enthusiasm, logical  programming and an ever changing playbook, as well as the will to win. We won every California market we challenged!” enthused Al.   

“When any of our station's staff relaxed, some also eventually fell by the wayside! My motto was 'Don't ever stop looking over your shoulder; outthink and out run them!' You see, it wasn't about voices or any individual jocks; it was about enthusiastic entertainment carried forward from show to show projected by some predictable and some unpredictable upcoming surprises that kept the listeners locked on the dial, virtually never disappointed! 

Anthony concluded: “Oh my God, how greed, big money and bad government [FCC, etc.] has taken our booming, volatile broadcast industry and flushed it!!! Notwithstanding our own complacency and self satisfaction in not recognizing the threats as they loomed upon us.”

KGO Big Announcement. "So I just heard an ad saying that KGO-AM (810), the Bay Area's most-listened to station has an announcement November 27 of a big change coming," wrote Brad Kava in the San Jose Mercury News. "Any speculation or informed sources? I'm clueless so far, but plan to ask around. Are the hosts going to start wrestling on tv? Are they actually going to have a fulltime woman host? Is Rush Limbaugh taking Bernie Ward's slot? Is Karel going mainstream? What's your theory??"

LARP Photo Gallery

From Bill Earl's Boss Blog: Pictured are three KRLA dj greats who were brought back to jock shows from the mobile studio in 1981: Dave Hull (wearing red shirt), Dick Biondi (w/dark curly hair), and Rebel Foster (w/beard). Click here: "BOSS" COOL STUFF! ... "B"CS!: Three KRLA DJ Greats REUNITE In December 1981 

Funnie. Nancy Plum sent along things that sound dirty at Thanksgiving, but aren't: 

LARPs: With the Presidential campaign not far away and no incumbent or VP running, it has been decades since this has happened.
Who would you like to see as the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate in the 2008 election and why?

Helen Jones: The only candidate I could get excited about for the Presidency would be Wesley Clark.

Wesley Clark came from middle class beginnings to work his way up to the top of his class, not only in high school and college, but he has excelled in everything he has attempted to do. He
is a five-Star General. He knows all of the leaders around the world and maybe he could mend the fences George Bush tore down.

On top of that, he is a very nice man that doesn't act like a cowboy that just got off his horse and is swaggering towards the nearest watering hole.

Wesley Clark has dignity, has class, yet he is very humble. Something that has been lacking in the White House for many years. Wesley Clark has my vote, should he run.

Dawna Kaufmann: I can't wait to support and vote for Hillary Clinton for U.S. President, on the Democratic ticket! Patty Murray or Evan Bayh would make fine Veeps. For Republicans... eww, who cares?  

Mitch Krayton: Dem – Hilary Clinton. She would shake things up and be the first woman to rule the White House from the Oval Office. And Bill would make a great First Gentleman.

Rep – John McCain. War vet and POW with great sensibilities. Even after being slandered by his own party, he stuck with his Senatorial duties and spoke his own mind instead of the party sound byte. 

Leslie Marshall: Well, I would love to see Hillary, but as a Vice Presidential Candidate. I would love for Gore to run again and John Edwards, but as President not Vice. Although I am a fan of Joe Biden, I think he lacks charisma and that southern twang America seems to love. That's for the Democrats.  

On the Republican ticket, I don’t want John McCain to run because I feel he has a good shot at it! I would prefer Frist, Cheney, George Allen or Karl Rove because they would all be certain to lose because they have too many skeletons in their closets! 

Doc on the ROQ: Republican:  Dwight D. Eisenhower (we were happy!)
Democrat:  Samuel Tilden  (he was robbed!)


We GET Email… 

** Where Do I Go For Adult Standards?
“Say it isn't so that KKGO's standards music is history! I thought its mix of earlier singers [i.e., Sinatra] and newer singers [i.e., Diana Krall] was wonderful. I am depressed by L.A. radio, which, it seems, won't continue to program any decent listening music. I love sports, but, current sportstalk hosts' screaming also had me turning off. What should I do now - go to Satellite radio?” - Patricia Savery, North Hollywood   

** Adult Standards Commitment to Return
“At one time, between 1260/540 and Fabulous, there were close to 400,000 Southern California listeners tuning in each week to The Great American Songbook, America's Greatest Contribution to the Arts. Now, while we've lost our radio home, we have a solution at home and work - - a 24/7 radio station that just happens to come through your computer instead of a traditional radio. We have a broader, more exciting playlist, and while the station is currently unhosted, as our audience grows and we raise the required investor capital, we'll build our studios in Sherman Oaks and start bringing back the airstaff.  

The Standard Media Corp, operators of, which grew out of Fabulous Radio, is committed to bringing our music back to the radio, not only here in Southern California, but across the country. We see and hear it everywhere, from Tony Bennett in Vons commercials, Michael Buble in Starbucks commercials, Rosemary Clooney in Martha Stewart/KMart commercials, and the list goes on. Our goal is to find a home on an FM or HD2 channel, complete with live, contemporary personalities who know and love this music...and who will host fun parties, concerts, festivals and events here at home, and in entertainment meccas around the country.  

We did it at Fabulous Radio and we'll do it again. Join us at Even on a computer, it’s radio, and it's free, as radio should be. 

Oh, by the way, it might not be so bad listening on your computer at work. If you want a more ‘normal’ listening experience at home, there are new WiFi radios on the market - table top radios, alarm clock radios, and even receivers you can plug into your home entertainment system. We listen to on speakers in our backyard and the computer isn't even turned on. We have info on the WiFi radios on our Web site.” - Brad "Martini" Chambers, 

** Old Fart With a Razor Blade
“I remember when radio news reporters had cassette recorders. When we got back the cassette was dubbed onto reel to reel, then edited using a grease pencil, slotted splicing block, with a single edge razor blade. After editing the spliced tape was dubbed to cart for the actual broadcast. This all had to be done in time for the next news cast.

Then again I worked once with an old transcription cutter where you had to watch the cut with a microscope. You also had a camel hair brush to guide the chip away from the needle. If the lathe was properly adjusted the chip was actually a continuous strand of acetate that you piled up at the center of the blank.

Yes, I am a certified old fart.” - Norman Moore, North Hollywood 

** Memories from KABC/KFWB
“Your site brings back many wonderful memories. Like Jack Hayes I was also young as an ABC network radio and tv announcer. When Don MacKinnon left KABC for KFWB, ABC West Coast pd Dresser Dalhstead told me I was going over to radio from tv to replace Don in KABC afternoon traffic and play records. I played records on the radio when I was 15 years old at WFMD, but now I was a network announcer.  I don't play records. His response, ‘get your ass over to radio and play those records or you ain't gonna be a network announcer. I became a dj and also did an ABC network radio show.  

Then the best thing in my broadcasting career was when Bob Forward offered me a job at KMPC, which was the most enjoyable 22 years in my life working for Gene Autry and the best group of radio people in the broadcasting business. Don going to KFWB started a whole new career for me.” – Roger Carroll 

** Bob Allen’s Life Saver
”Seems hard to believe but it's been one year since the doctors and surgeons at UCLA Medical Center saved my life. My operation was called a pericardiectomy. which is when the paracardium or sac around your heart is removed.  

Mine was extremely infected and inflamed and was causing complications affecting my liver as well. They almost thought they were going to have to do a heart transplant do to my heart stopping on one side after the initial operation, but by a miracle of God the heart started again. 

I was in ICU at UCLA from November 7, 2005 for about 2 weeks until they moved me to a regular room and was finally discharged on Thanksgiving day!!  Jeff Rollins, one of our Dial-Global [Westwood One] Adult Standards announcers picked me up in his BMW convertible on a beautiful warm Thanksgiving day and we headed up to Lake Elizabeth for a big feast with one of our engineers and his family. And, I'm heading up there again Thursday this time on my own for the festivities!

I had no appetite for almost 2 years due to my condition and lost quite a bit of weight as I continued to do so at my stay at UCLA. Now, I want to eat EVERYTHING in sight and my cardiologist is telling me to BACK OFF!!! I had to make room though for a belated birthday dinner which I celebrated with my cousin this past Sunday at Lawry's in Beverly Hills. It's my favorite restaurant in LA.

Many thanks as well to my co-workers as they raised funds to help me out at the beginning of the year while I was waiting for disability to kick in. I still have the get-well card signed from the likes of Jeff Gonzer, Bruce Chandler, Tony Scott, Gary Campbell, Rob Edwards and many others sitting on top of my entertainment center, that card still means a lot to me! We really have a great staff at Dial-Global! And, I'm really excited about being back on in LA through our Mainstream Country format on 540 & 1260!

Also, a big thanks to Bill Powers for updating everyone about my condition last year.

I've just finished going through some extensive physical therapy as well to correct a foot problem that was the result of the surgery and lying on my back for so long. I'm trying to get out now to walk and ride my bike since finishing the therapy. And I want to get out on the tennis court and start hitting some balls again.

All in all I won't soon forget what I went through and I can't recommend enough what a wonderful facility UCLA Medical Center and its doctors are. HEY, and they're on the AFTRA health plan!!!

Now, if someone out there can just turn me on to a good engineer that'll help get this ‘popper-stopper’ off my cane!!! (Photo)

It's great to be alive and I really DO have a lot to be thankful for!” - Bob Allen

              Publisher of - Don Barrett

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