For 25 years, LARadio has tracked thousands of personalities who have entertained
us in the Southland from 1957-present. These pages were never meant to be a life-time resume/bio but rather a snapshot of each on-air personality –
where they came from, where and when they worked in Southern California,
and where they are now.

If you are on the listings, please update and make corrections as needed.



                                                              New Radio Blog

And the best news of all is that senior LARadio correspondent Alan Oda is writing a weekly blog, mostly about radio

Alan has had his own love affair with radio and you’ll get a unique perspective every Tuesday on his view of radio. He’s already written about Dave Hull, the “Hullabalooer,” KNX’s former KFI news anchor Ronnie Loaiza, KGBS and Sweet Dick Whittington.



Final Curtain for


After 25 years, LARadio came to an end in October 2020
Read the final column by clicking the above curtain 



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