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Bill Brown Found 

  (November 28, 2017) It takes a village to update LARP in the Where Are They Now section of this website. Ray Randolph wrote recently that former KMPC and KHJ newsman Bill Brown died March 25, 2016, at the age of 76, after battling Alzheimer’s Disease.

Born on August 17, 1939, Bill was the youngest newsman at KMPC before being at the launch of “Boss Radio” KHJ. He got started in radio in his hometown of Paris, Illinois while a junior in high school. Bill went to Indiana State and worked for two Terre Haute stations. In 1960, Bill followed his brother who was in aerospace to Southern California, attendeding the Don Martin Broadcasting School. The school had a placement service, and Bill was hired as an apprentice to work the Angeles baseball games. “The biggest thrill of my life is when I flipped the switch for my first newscast at KMPC. My adrenaline pumped for the next three years.”
Bill and his wife purchased a station in Lexington and eventually returned to Paris, Illinois, where he managed a station for years. Bill designed a custom weather service on the Internet. His L.A. career included working for KABC television. Among his most memorable news experiences was covering the Charles Manson trial, where he actually got a personal interview with Manson.

In other news: A few of you were surprised that Steve Dahl was bold-faced (indicating he is a LARP) in my disco story yesterday. Steve’s career success is certainly associated with Chicago radio but he did spend some time in the seventies at KPPC and KKDJ … Stan White was part of our marketing team on Can’t Stop the Music. “I recall the night when we were in San Fran at a warehouse for some filming. You guys set me up with this dancer and I was supposed to kiss her. I did,” remembered Stan. “I came back to the table and you guys were laughing out of control. Why? It was a gay dancer dressed in costume as a young woman.” … In an interview with The Coloradoan, ESPN Radio host Mike Golic said he was angry and disappointed his 18-year show with Mike Greenberg came to an end. “I had no clue. Zero. When I went into see the bosses, I thought it was to talk about the next deal since our contracts were ending.” Yesterday, Golic launched a new show with Trey Wingo on ESPN Radio.  

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