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    Kars 4 Kids Under Investigation Again

    (June 14, 2017) Two years ago, LARadio disclosed a number of state organizations that were investigating KARS-4-KIDS, which was advertising on a number of LA stations. The jingle is tough to forget with repeating the phone number: 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS. There is a new report from the Minnesota Attorney General who "found that KARS4KIDS raised $3 million from Minnesota donors, but only spent $11,600 on charitable programs for Minnesota residents from 2012 to 2014," reports KMSP (FOX9)-TV. 

    The report says a, "compliance report found that KARS4KIDS does little direct charitable work itself. Instead, it acts as the fundraising arm for OORAH, INC., a New Jersey charity whose mission is to promote Orthodox Judaism among children. OORAH’s two largest programs are summer camps and tuition assistance. Two-thirds of the participants in those programs are children from New York and New Jersey. As of March 2015, only three Minnesota children have participated OORAH’s programs." FOX9 adds, "Nationwide, KARS4KIDS raised more than $87.8 million from the sale and scrapping of donated vehicles from 2012 to 2014. Of that $87.8 million, KARS4KIDS donated more than $40 million – or over 90% of its actual expenditures on charitable programming – to OORAH."


For 25 years, LARadio has tracked thousands of personalities
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Jim Healy, Al Franken, Steve Futterman


Scott Ward, Kix Brooks, Lee Douglas, Steve (Fredericks) Liddick, Mariah Carey, Jimmy Reyes


Larry Woodside, Gary Bryan, Lisa Stanley, Bean, Jed the Fish


Barbara Blake, Pat Prescott, Barbara Blake, Jamie Young-Eke, Maggie McKay, Deborah Howell, Pat Prescott
Barbara Blake, Jamie Young-Eke, Maggie McKay, Pat Prescott


Kerri Kasem, Casey Kasem, Michael Crozier, Lisa May, Sioux-z Jessup, Dona Dower, Tori Signal)


Molly Paige, Tommy Hawkins, Lisa Bowman, Mike McVay 


Allan Hotlen, Gary Garver, Sam Phillips, Kat Corbett


Norm Epstein, George Green, Howard Stern, Richie Sambora, Jon Bon Jovi, Gary Franklin

Bob Wilson, Jonathan Serviss, James Tuck, Laraine Herman, Dick Helton, Diane Thompson, Shelby Hartman, Jane Monreal


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Dave Koz, Steve Edwards, Tom Patterson, Ed Ziel, Chuck Southcott, Bob Miller


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Rick Cutler, Rebecca and Larry Gifford, Mark Austin Thomas, Kaci Christian

Jim Carson, Joni Caryl, Bill Ward, Bill Drake, Jerry Dunphy, Pete Turpel, David Foster, Harvey Kern 


Stan Bohrman, Brian Phelps, Mark Thompson, Greg Tantum, Victoria Easley, Pete Demetriou


Jed the Fish, Paul Olden, Don Barrett, Ben Stein 


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For 25 years LARadio chronicled the news of Southern California radio and the personalities who populated it. Alan Oda was editor for much of that time. With the closing of LARadio he opened a weekly blog, mostly about radio at After 25 years, LARadio came to an end in  2020.

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Ladies of LARP Calendar in 2007

Early LARadio was dominated by men. In the 70s women began to find an important place - on and off-air - in creating the rich history of LARadio. In 2007, we saluted the women in LARadio with a calendar that included the names of the LARP who were having birthdays that month. Calendar was sponsored by Mt. Wilson Broadcasting. You can access it at this link.

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